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         Literature Reviews:     more books (100)
  1. Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner.(Book Review): An article from: World Literature Today by Ronny Noor, 2004-09-01
  2. Lineation: Review of literature 1942-1952 (Geological Society of America. Supplement to Memoir 18) by Ernst Cloos, 1953
  3. The problem oriented system: A literature review (Nurse planning information series) by Effie S Hanchett, 1977
  4. HISTORY OF SCIENCE: An Annual Review of Literature, Research and Teaching, Volume 6 by A. C. & HOSKIN, M. A. CROMBIE, 1967
  5. Outlines of fourth year English literature for reviews;: Supplement to "Outlines of three years English literature for reviews." by Nathaniel Morris Fine, 1919
  6. Shadow Lines: Austrian Literature from Freud to Kafka.(Review): An article from: The Modern Language Review by Judith Beniston, 1999-07-01
  7. History of Science: An Annual Review of Literature, Research and Teaching. VOLUMES 1, 2, 3. by 1962
  8. Surface Coating: A Literature Review (Pira Reviews of Pulp & Paper Technology) by Ken Beazley, 1996-12
  9. General and Synthetic Methods: A Review of the Literature Published Between January 1991 and July 1992 (General and Synthetic Methods)
  10. Children's Literature Review: Excerpts from Reviews, Criticism, Amd Commentary on Books for Children and Young People (Children's Literature Review)
  11. Social Movements in India: A Review of the Literature by Ghanshyam Shah, 2004-07
  12. Literature, Gender and Politics during the English Civil War.(Book review): An article from: Renaissance Quarterly by James Loxley, 2006-09-22
  13. The 1890s: Australian Literature and Literary Culture. (book reviews): An article from: Australian Literary Studies by Ian Syson, 1997-05-01
  14. Per Petterson. Out Stealing Horses.(Book review): An article from: World Literature Today by Jan Sjavik, 2008-01-01

81. Social Development Home Page
An outlet for research, literature and book reviews, debates and commentary concerning child social development from lifespan, crossspecies and cross-cultural perspectives.

82. Welcome To Ireland Literature Exchange
Dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Irish literature in translation. The site features book reviews.

83. Covington Library Teen Bookgroup
Provides a place for teens to write book reviews, chat, or discuss the latest literature.
web hosting domain names email addresses
As featured in the Seattle Times, read the article here.
Start Reading and Reviewing the 2005 BBYA booklist! A complete list can be found here. Go here to submit your reviews!
The meeting on 5/19 was a much larger one as many of the after school actives plaguing the book club have ended. Many of the BBYA books are being read, yet I have not received a single review. Unfortunately Emily had to leave during the meeting, so Rochelle once again assumed control. Georgia also stopped in briefing us on the new teen library candidates. The summer is sure to be full of some great new books and crazy discussion -Matt
After reading one of these books why not submit a review?! Send in your reviews for whatever you read!
What is where on the web site:
Chat and message board are in the Member Area , calendar of meetings and special events in the Calendar , book review form Review A Book , book reviews for titles that begin with a number (i.e. 1984 or 16 Varieties of Gazelle) are in Numerical Titles , other sections are organized alphabetically: Titles A-H Titles: I-P Titles: Q-Z Click here to post on our Message board!

84. NESTA Futurelab - Literature Review In Thinking Skills, Technology And Learning
REPORT 2 literature Review in Thinking Skills, Technology and Learning A Reportfor NESTA Futurelab Rupert Wegerif, School of Education Open University AIMS

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research intro

literature reviews


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Literature Review in Thinking Skills, Technology and Learning
A Report for NESTA Futurelab Rupert Wegerif, School of Education Open University AIMS AND PLAN The purpose of this report is: • to clarify what is meant by thinking skills and their relationship to technology • to identify the role of ICT in promoting thinking skills • to produce guidelines for the development of digital learning resources to support the teaching and learning of thinking skills • to evaluate the general direction of research in this area and how this should inform educational practice. The use of new technologies is often linked to the development of thinking skills or ‘higher order thinking’. This review will explore some of the claims that have been made in this area and summarise the useful findings that emerge from research. There is a range of different approaches to understanding thinking skills and learning, each one of which has an impact on how the relationship between thinking skills and technology is conceptualised. The first part of the review explores the literature about teaching thinking skills and their relationship to technology. The second part focuses more on technology, exploring claims that have been made about the relationship of information and communications technologies to the development of thinking skills. This report has been designed to enable both rapid identification of the key findings and in-depth exploration of the literature.

85. Welcome To Write Away!
Creative writing and children's literature site for teachers and students aged 7 14. Includes writing competitions and exercises, author features, reviews and teachers' notes.
This site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 pixels CLICK TO ENTER

86. Belarusian Literature
Below are the links to some of our reviews, online archives andother Internet resources related to the Belarusian literature.
o III International Congress of Belarusianists
o Festival of Swedish and Belarusian Poetry
o F. Skaryna monument is opened in Prague New Books
o The list of top 100 Belarusian books of XX c. Vote now!
o The Belarusians (in 8 volumes)
o History of Book-Printing in Belarus
o The Old Belarusian Grammars
o ABM: Books about Belarus and by Belarusians Publishing Houses
o Belaruskaia Navuka
o Navuka i Tekhnika Periodicals
o Nasa Niva o Belarusian Linguistics o Comments and Dialogues o Draniki o Lighthouse o Na Rosstaniah Libraries o Belarusian Library Association o Belarusian National Library o Belarusian Agricultural Library o Belarusian Central Scientific Library o Vilna University Library o British Library o The Republican Scientific Medical Library of Belarus o The Francysk Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museaum(London) Museums o The Maxim Bahdanovich's Literary Museum o The Yanka Kupala's State Literary Museum o The State Yakub Kolas's Memorial-and-Literary Museum o The Mickiewiczes's estate-museum Bookstores o East View Publications o Krajavid o Ilgaris o

87. Movie Reviews: The Book-Lover's Guide To Cinema
Ratings and reviews of movies current and past by a graduate student in English literature.

88. Welcome To A World Of Imagination!
Provides book reviews and links to author homepages. Also links to other child's literature .
Welcome to a World of Imagination! "I love children's books, especially because I love children. There's nothing better than reading a book to a child and exposing that child to the imaginative world that a book presents." Children's Authors Children's Literary Links Biography Books, Books, Books Other links: Grandmother Books Interesting Topics for Older Readers Mystery Books Ursula Nordstrom ... Internet Safety for Children Things Worth Knowing
  • Olivia, my favorite pig, is still the reigning queen in kids books. She's still going strong, and I hope others have caught the same "Olivia" fever. If you have a little one starting school this fall, read Olivia Saves the Circus . She starts first grade and takes along her incredibly imaginative personality. Neil Gaiman has written an absolutely wonderful young adult book, Coraline . Make sure to take a peek at this interesting book during your next stop at the library or the bookstore.
    I simply have to mention this book compilation. If you like gnomes and wierd literature for kids, then it's time you met Tashi. I recently ordered this book after reading about it in

89. Please Sign In
Once registered, you will receive a Weekly literature Update alerting you tothe newest book reviews and journal literature in your areas of interest.

90. Underconstruction
A small, but nice selection of reviews of suspense, classic, and adventure literature.

91. Literature-review
a forum for reviews of previously published work in a field that is populated byscholars from diverse traditions, defines types of literature review, and its
Literature Review A critical literature review within a specific field or interest of research is one of the most essential, but also complex activities in the process of research. In order to proceed a more productive literature review, it is recommendable for reviewers to design a frame that consists of their research questions or purpose of the review. Thus, the internalized frame of research questions needs to be kept through the whole process of selecting resources, reading and writing about previous research studies chosen.
This site will provide useful information and Web links on methodology and tools for critical literature review in academic research. Search for Resources Critical Review of Literature Bibliography
1. Search for Resources 1) Online catalog/ Article databases/ Internet search tools: A. UIUC Search Databases

92. Canadian Literature: A Quarterly Of Criticism And Review
A quarterly journal that includes an extensive list of reviews on Canadian books of all genres.
For forty-five years, Canadian Literature has explored and celebrated the best Canadian writers and writing. Each issue contains articles, poems and an extensive book reviews section. Canadian Literature welcomes submissions of articles, interviews, and brief commentaries on writers and writing in Canada, and of previously unpublished poems by Canadian writers. The journal does not publish fiction. This website contains the full table of contents of every issue of Canadian Literature resources calls for submissions subscription and advertising information and selected reviews and editorials from our pages. NEW: Click here to view a joint venture between Canadian Literature

93. -- Literature Essays, Resources And Community
Essays, links and analysis on classic literature authors and works, resources, reviews, prizes for submissions, and a growing literature community with forums, chat, and interactive features.
Start your day with a thought-provoking quote from the world's greatest thinkers and writers. Sign up to The Daily Muse for free. , part of the Classics Network of websites, is the internet's leading provider of information on texts generally considered to be worthy of scholarship. The site features essays, electronic texts, links and resources for hundreds of literature authors, in a dynamic, interactive environment. is overseen by an Editorial Team and maintained by a volunteer army of Experts See also: About the Classics Network Help Become an Expert BROWSE through authors by name or historical period. Information for each author includes a list of works in chronological order, sectionalised electronic texts, a biography, carefully reviewed links to related resources and a selection of user-submitted essays, reports and papers on individual texts. The DIRECTORY is a growing set of resources for literature study, organised by category. The directory includes links to other sites, books and journals, and other relevant resources. QUOTES is a database of more than 9,000 quotes from literature texts and by famous literary figures.

94. Science Fiction Index Page
Resource offering reviews of science fiction books, including analysis of Hugo and Nebula award winners, and exploring fantasy and SF literature set in Ireland.
Science Fiction
sf-related pages on this site: sf thoughts and links a check-list of sf and fantasy set in Ireland list of joint Hugo and Nebula winners meta-review of the 2003 Hugo nominees ... first time winners and gender balance Authors: Tepper / Bujold / Willis / Russell Pratchett / Martin / Gentle Simmons / Strugatsky / Lem / Wells / Brunner Zelazny ... Clarke / Aldiss / McDonald / MacLeod Reviews: Isaac Asimov, "The Bicentennial Man"
Greg Bear, "Blood Music"
Greg Bear, Darwin's Radio
Terry Bisson, "Bears Discover Fire"
Terry Bisson, "macs"
Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil Campaign
Octavia Butler, "Bloodchild"
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction

Mark Campbell, Pocket Essentials: Doctor Who
Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game
Arthur C. Clarke, The Fountains of Paradise Neil Gaiman, American Gods Neil Gaiman, Coraline Joe Haldeman, Forever Peace Joe Haldeman, The Forever War Frank Herbert, Dune Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon Nancy Kress, "Beggars in Spain" Ursula Le Guin, The Dispossessed Fritz Leiber, "Catch That Zeppelin" Barry B. Longyear, Enemy Mine Vonda N. McIntyre

95. CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide
Titles, reviews, discussion and excellent links to other sites relating to books for children and young adults. Compiled by David Brown of the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, University of Calgary. Searchable.

Doucette Index: Teaching with Children's Books

Search the Site

About the Site
Library of Links
CLWG Picks: Top Sites

Authors Online

Stories on the Web

More Links...

Lots of Lists
The Year's Best Books

US Awards
Canadian Awards UK Awards ... More Lists... Discussion Boards Readers Helping Readers Conference Listings
April 16, 2001 I'm back! Not that I've actually been anywhere. I just haven't been here. You know what I mean? Down to business. Here are some of the many many sites that I will be adding to the Guide in the next few weeks. Some of them are new, and some have been around for quite some time but neglected by me. BookMuse Kids' Corner - I really like this site for book discussion guides, and grade-appropriate reading suggestions. About Children's Books - Magazine-style web site with a new feature every week. Part of the About Network. Other "About Guides" not to be missed: About Young Adult Books About Kids' Books and About Language Arts for Kids Kidsreads and Teenreads - Book reviews of current releases. Teenreads seems to have a few additional features such as author profiles and is definitely worth a look.

96. Index
Features book reviews, links, and articles regarding the depiction of gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters in literature.
Welcome to Mike's CNYGoose webpages! Est. 02.02.02 e-mail "as I am" & " Coming out to me" Top 10 Reasons for Marriage Equality ... Survey: "Exposure to Gay & Lesbian Characters in High School Textbooks & Literature" This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

97. H-Italy Discussion Network
HNet discussion group dedicated to offering scholars a central source for information in the field of Italian history. Features subject overview, archives, reviews, art and architecture, literature, museums and exhibitions, links to related resources, search, and subscription details. English and Italian.
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    H-Net Job Guide - May 29, 2004 to June 5, 2004
    H-Net reviews posted to the web 31 May 2004 - 07 Jun 2004 Bottai, Diario (Serneri) ... Bottai, Diario? "Ben Martin" Reviewer: Jeffrey Cole
    Author: Paul M. Sniderman, Pierangelo Peri, Rui J. P. de Figueiredo, Jr., and Thomas L. Piazza
    Title: The Outsider: Politics and Prejudice in Italy Reviewer: Stanislao G. Pugliese
    Author: Patrick Gallo
    Title: For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance Reviewer: Marta Petrusewicz
    Author: Don H. Doyle
    Title: Nations Divided: America, Italy, and the Southern Question Social Sciences Online Send comments and questions to H-Italy Editors
  • 98. UAH: Salmon Library - What Is A Literature Review
    1) Read several reviews of literature, paying attention to how they organizethem and how the authors make transitions from one topic to another.
    What is a Literature Review? A literature review summarizes, interprets, and evaluates existing "literature" (or published material) in order to establish current knowledge of a subject. It is not a book review, but a survey of a particular subject. The purpose of a literature review is to provide an overview of published research on a topic. This guide is a general outline of the steps in preparing a literature review. It is assumed that a library search has been performed or is about to be performed. Consult the Library guide," The Search Strategy," for helpful information in preparing a search on your topic. Be sure to check with your professor about instructions that may differ from this guide. 1. Introduction of the Literature Review
    • Describe the subject, topic, issue, or controversy.
    The description can be more general, because you are presenting a brief overview.
    • Present the specific research hypothesis, purpose of the research, or questions about the topic under consideration.

    99. SARGASSO
    Edited at the University of Puerto Rico. Publishes critical essays, interviews, book reviews, and some poems and short stories related to Caribbean theater, film, performance, and poetry and cultural analysis.
    A journal of Caribbean Literature, Language, and Culture Sargasso , an independent arts and literature magazine edited at the University of Puerto Rico, publishes critical essays, interviews, book reviews, and some poems and short stories. Sargasso particularly welcomes material written by the people of the Caribbean and/or about the Caribbean. Future issues will increasingly reflect the editors' interests in Caribbean theater, film, performance, and poetry and cultural analysis. Sargasso strives to make current studies in art, literature, and culture accessible to non-specialists. The prose should be clear, lively, and understandable to those not among the initiate. Essays and critical studies should conform to the style of the MLA Handbook . Short stories should be no more than 2,500 words in length, and poems should be kept to no more than twenty to thirty lines. All correspondence must include S.A.S.E. Mailing Address: Sargasso
    P.O. Box 22831
    University of Puerto Rico Station
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00931-2831

    100. Untitled Document
    Please note that the articles and reviews from the Canadian literature website maynot be the final versions as they are printed in the journal, as additional
    Upcoming Book Reviews Book reviews are put on the web as soon as possible after they are received by Canadian Literature so that our readers may remain up-to-date on current books Once the reviews are published, they are removed from this page and stored with the corresponding issue for the current year. Please note that the articles and reviews from the Canadian Literature website may not be the final versions as they are printed in the journal, as additional editing sometimes takes place between the two versions. If you are quoting from the website, please indicate the date accessed when citing the web version of reviews and articles. Last updated: April 28, 2004. Title #-A B-D E-G H-J ... X-Z

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