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  1. A new case for Joyce's Dubliners.(Book review): An article from: English Literature in Transition 1880-1920 by Maria McGarrity, 2007-06-22
  2. Diffusion of Innovations in Health Service Organisations: A Systematic Literature Review (Studies in Urban and Social Change) by Trisha Greenhalgh, Glenn Robert, et all 2007-03-09
  3. Guide to Women's Studies in the Outdoors: A Review of Literature and Research with Annotated Bibliography by Nina S. Roberts, 1998-11-17
  4. Children's Literature Review
  5. Children'sLiterature Review Cumulative Title Index (Children's Literature Review)
  6. Anthology of Modern Palestinian Literature. (book reviews): An article from: The Journal of the American Oriental Society by Issa J. Boullata, 1993-10-01
  7. Classics of Fantastic Literature: Selected Review Essays (Borgo Literary Guides,) by Robert Reginald, 2007-02-05
  8. Chaucer as Children's Literature: Retellings from the Victorian and Edwardian Eras.(Book review): An article from: Christianity and Literature by Karen D. Youmans, 2006-06-22
  9. Realism and Representation, Essays on the Problem of Realism in Relation to Science, Literature, and Culture.: An article from: The Review of Metaphysics by Raymond Woller, 1995-06-01
  10. Conrad the impressionist.('Conrad and Impressionism') (book review): An article from: English Literature in Transition 1880-1920 by J.H. Stape, 2002-09-22
  11. Ten English authors for young adults.(Children's Literature)(Skellig)(Postcards from No Man's Land)(Eva)(Goodnight, Mr. Tom)(Book Review): An article from: World Literature Today by Kathy Howard Latrobe, 2005-01-01
  12. Contributions Toward Evidence-based Psychocardiology: A Systematic Review of the Literature
  13. Yasmina Khadra, The Attack.(Book review): An article from: World Literature Today by Michele Levy, 2007-05-01
  14. Matthew Pearl. The Dante Club.(Book Review): An article from: World Literature Today by Roland A. Champagne, 2003-07-01

61. All Reviewed Children's Books
Grades 4 7. Read the reviews. Pick up your copy Today! This document is fromCarol Hurst s Children s literature Site at http//

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In Plain Sight
Here's a look at the California Gold Rush from the point of view of those left behind.
Grades 4 - 7. Read the Reviews Pick up your copy Today! The 2002 Caldecott Winner!! The Three Pigs Pick up your copy Today! You can help fund this site at no cost to you! If you shop at bookstore use This Page each time you enter More information Teaching PreK-8 Magazine Subscribe now for only $14.97 (US rate). Any editions listed to the right (such as "paperback") will link you to Bookstore where you can purchase the title. Search Books Music Classical Music DVDs VHS Video Games Electronics Software Kitchen
Children's Books
All Reviewed Children's Books
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    Featured Books
    These are books which have teaching ideas and related books and resources in addition to the reviews.
    Travel books
    List of books Carol uses on the road for her workshops.

62. Michigan Teacher Network--English/Language Arts Education
Offers K12 language arts teachers 350+ reviews of Web resources correlated to Michigan curriculum standards, including reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speech, journalism, and literature.
categories Arts Education Assessment Items Best Practice Informatio... Career Education and Emp... Early Education Education Clearinghouses Educational Leadership Educational Technology Educator Learning English Foreign Languages Health, Fitness, and Lif... Math Media Centers/School Lib... Michigan Education Online Forums Organizations Parents and Community Periodicals School Services Science Social Studies Special Collections Special Education Technology Instruction Select a collection... Resource database PD Events database
Resource Subcategories:
See Also:
English/Language Arts Education
Content This section contains descriptions of over 850 Web sites on English/Language Arts Education. Use the links in the left side bar to browse the collection by topic.

63. Books Literature
online texts of American literature Crevecoeur, de Tocqueville, Henry Adams, Mark Twain and more .com Books Book reviews and much more literature related features from Salon
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  • - Read any one of thousands of classic books free at this site. The archives include the works of Shakespeare, religious and historical documents, children's fairy tales, Greek and Roman classics, and books by famous American authors of the 19th century.
  • A Short History of the World - by H.G. Wells, 1922 - "Wells’s two-volume Outline of History published in 1920 was the first general history constructed on an evolutionary, sociological, and anthropological basis. It was immensely popular and set the basis for this Short History, which Wells created 'to meet the needs of the busy general reader, too driven to study the maps and time charts of that Outline in detail, who wishes to refresh and repair his faded or fragmentary conceptions of the great adventure of mankind.' "
  • ALEX - A Catalogue of over 1800 Electronic Texts on the Internet
  • Absolute Shakespeare - Online resource for William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre. Also includes study guides, quiz and a timeline.
  • 64. Gay Literature -- Books, Magazines, Poetry, Fiction, E-zines, Shopping, Lesbian,
    Includes extensive bibliographies, reviews, author list, and links to works online.



    Book Reviews

    Contact Us

    Welcome to Gay Literature!
    Check out our book reviews!

    100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels
    Visit our new bulletin board!!

    Here you will find links to books, magazines, e-zines, poetry, bibliographies, short fiction and shopping of interest to the gay, lesbian and bisexual community. Please browse through the options on the left.
    We welcome suggestions and new links. If a link is no longer working, let us know. You can contact us at

    65. JSTOR: Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR)
    Chinese literature Essays, Articles, reviews (CLEAR) in 1978 (first issue in 1979), Chinese literature Essays, Articles, reviews (CLEAR) remains today the only Western
    Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR)
    JSTOR Coverage: Vols. 1 - 22, 1979-2000
    JSTOR Collections: Please read JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use before you begin. Search This Journal Browse This Journal
    Journal Information for Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR)
    Publisher Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) Moving Wall Established in 1978 (first issue in 1979), Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) remains today the only Western-language journal devoted to Chinese literature. CLEAR is published annually with support from the University of Wisconsin and Washington University. Each issue contains five-seven essays and articles on various aspects of traditional and modern literature and about the same number of detailed reviews, all in English. Scholarly notes and brief notices of books also appear in many issues. One index (v. 1-7) has appeared. ISSN
    Journal description provided by CLEAR Pre- and post-digitization work on this title was completed by Suzie Cunningham, JSTOR Production Technician.

    66. Children's Literature Themed Reviews
    African Americans American Symbols Ballet Baseball The Beach Book Adventure ToursBook Corner by Sharon Levin Books set in the Washington DC metropolitan area

    African Americans

    American Symbols


    Young Adult Books

    Updated 5/10/2004

    67. ARCHIDO Archives For Drug Related Literature
    Provides database, bibliographies, reviews, and links.

    68. Arts And Letters Daily
    Daily report of news in art and literature. Includes reviews of new books, essays and articles.
    Arts and Letters Daily is having server problems today.
    Click here
    for a temporary location for the page.

    69. Home
    A research site maintained by the University of Puerto Rico English department. Includes biographies, bibliographies, and book reviews related to writers and scholars from the Caribbean.
    This page last modified on Tuesday, July 17, 2001

    70. Frieze
    Contemporary art, literature, and architecture. Includes the Frieze 100 the hundred best shows around the world, artists' projects, a German language area, news and reviews.
    The Snow Show
    Ruutinrannanpuisto, Kemi
    Rob Young As sculptural materials, snow and ice are most commonly encountered as some form of kitsch: snow hotels, caviar-stuffed ice swans and so on. In Kemi and Rovaniemi, neighbouring Finnish towns at the cusp of the Arctic circle, Lapland tat abounds: this is the epicentre of Scandinavia's Santa... Sean Landers
    Andrea Rosen Gallery
    Sean Landers On Sean Landers' first visit to the Medici Chapel, what impressed him most were cartoons by Michelangelo scrawled on to unfinished plaster walls. Landers saw more humanity in this minor form by the great master than in anything else there. The doodles, half-animal half-human amalgams, provided... Jan De Cock
    Galerie Luis Campaña
    Amanda Coulson In The Production of Space (1974) Henry Lefebvre credits the Bauhaus movement with the emergence of the awareness of space: Paul Klee, while teaching at the Bauhaus in Dessau, claimed that artists do not show space but rather create it. Such a statement certainly holds true for the work... Gail Pickering
    Matt's Gallery
    Tom Morton Three days before a competition body-builders begin a regime of 'carbohydrate depletion', banning starchy stuff from their plates. This has two effects. The first is to leech fluids into their muscles (up there on the podium a millimetre more on the abs or tibs means the difference between...

    71. SAGE Publications - Language And Literature
    International journal covering the latest developments in stylistic analysis, the linguistic analysis of literature and related areas. Subscription information, editorial board, introduction to the journal and association, online sample copy, table of contents, reviews, indexing and abstracting, notes for authors and advertising details.

    72. Contemporary Literature
    Links to book reviews, interviews, and literary essays.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Literature: Contemporary Home ... Literary Glossary zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Fiction Reviews Nonfiction Reviews Authors First Chapters ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Literature: Contemporary newsletter. Search Literature: Contemporary From Mark Flanagan
    Your Guide to Literature: Contemporary
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    Book Review: Drop City by T.C. Boyle
    T.C. Boyle
    's ninth novel is nothing short of the satirically evocative fare we've come to expect from the master storyteller.
    It is 1970, and a down-at-the-heels California commune devoted to peace, free love, and the simple life has decided to relocate to the last frontier—the unforgiving landscape of interior Alaska—in the ultimate expression of going back to the land. Armed with the spirit of adventure and naïve optimism, the inhabitants of "Drop City" arrive in the wilderness of Alaska only to find their utopia already populated by other young homesteaders.
    Read Andy Lasda's review of Drop City by T.C. Boyle.

    73. The Medical Literature On The Safety Of Home Birth
    36(4)21520, 1991 Jul-Aug. This article reviews the literature on birthsettings for women with low-risk pregnancies. Methodological
    [Fetal Monitoring and Episiotomy] [Midwifery Today]
    This page is maintained as a public service by Changesurfer Consulting. Please direct all comments, additions or amendments to J. Hughes, at:
    The Safety of Home Birth
    Home birth can be a safe option for 90% of mothers, with appropriate prenatal care and attendant personnel. It makes both financial sense and medical sense for state laws to permit home birth attended by midwives, for insurers to reimburse for home delivery, and for hospitals and obstetricians to provide medical back-up. Obstetricians need to take their blinkers off and learn to cooperate with folks who want to deliver in their own homes. Macfarlane A, McCandlish R, Campbell R.
    Choosing between home and hospital delivery. There is no evidence that hospital is the safest place to give birth.
    British Medical Journal. 2000 Mar 18;320(7237):798. Olsen O, Jewell MD.

    74. Film, Music, Literature, Cyberplace
    Includes film reviews, message boards, chat room, and images from various films.
    var nEditorialCatId = 371; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Film, Music, Literature, Cyberplace What's New Join Now Message Board Pictures ... Recommend This Group to a Friend Film, Music, Literature, Cyber Realm, Reviews, Art. New Messages View all Cannes Film Buzz 2004
    The Cannes film festival is set to open in a few days with Quentin Tarantino as Jury President, and Kathleen Turner will be a juror. Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 which is...
    Kill Bill: Volume 1

    Kill Bill features Uma Thurman as the Bride, and David Carradine as Bill. The movie is about Uma Thurman’s attempt to obtain vengeance after being shot in the head by Bill. K...
    21 Grams

    The plot in 21 Grams centers around a car accident that brings the lives of Christina (Naomi Watts), Paul (Sean Penn), and Jack (Benicio Del Toro) toge...
    Lost In Translation

    Lost in Translation is a film about two Americans who become involved in a relationship while staying at a Tokyo hotel. Bill Murray...
    Join This Group Recommend This Group Create Your Own Group ... Group Settings New Photos View all Sofia Coppola, Bad Education premiere, 5 12, 04

    75. Computing Reviews
    Secondary reference database of reviews in computing literature from the ACM. Limited information to nonsubscribers.

    76. - Books & Comics
    News and reviews of Star Wars books and comics.
    How would you describe Tim Zahn's return?
    Fantastic! Exactly what I expected!
    Pretty good. Couldn't have asked for much more.
    Average. Could have been better, but it'll work.
    Poor. This is Tim Zahn? I expected much more.
    Horrible! I'm ready to burn this book!
    Archived Polls

    This Poll Has Ended Cover to Cover: The Cestus Deception
    Friday, June 4, 2004 - 10:53 PM EDT by Chrono
    After a year of waiting, the second Clone Wars novel hits shelves, again in hardcover, making those fans that want to follow the series shell out even more money. The novel makes a few changes to the format from that of the first novel, Shatterpoint The novel includes: - 396 pages of written text - 82 Chapters - A Dramatis Personae, new to the Clone Wars series, but seen in the New Jedi Order, and the X-Wing novel series. - A 'Holonet News' preface - An Afterword, in which the author tells a bit about his experience writing the book, and thanking people who helped him. - The Clone Wars Timeline on the front and back inside covers - The same formatting in font size, and layout as

    77. Finnish Literature Forum
    An Internet magazine with Finnish essays, interviews, reviews, poetry and prose.
    Finnish Literature Forum FLF Essays


    The Finnish Literature Forum (FLF) is an internet magazine which aims at publishing high class Finnish fiction and literary essays, as well as essays on philosophy and literary criticism in English translations.
    FLF is linked to Electric Verse , a growing collection of poems in three languages - Finnish, Swedish and English - by contemporary Finnish writers.
    The purpose is to gradually build a multilingual discussion group on Finnish literature with direct links to as many writers of the review as possible.
    FLF is published by a group of magazines and publishers: the reviews Nuori Voima Books from Finland Ny Tid Kontur , the publisher and poetry association Nihil Interit and the cooperative society Katto-Meny
    The editors of the FLF are Peter Mickwitz and Janne Porttikivi
    Finnish Literature Forum is funded by the Finnish Library Association.

    78. Welcome To Literaturenet - Author Profiles, History Of Danish Literature, Litera
    A portal to Danish literature, featuring author biographies, text excerpts, history, press reviews and articles.

    79. Children's Literature: Ian Falconer
    Simon Schuster's interview with the author; reviews and awards.
    Ian Falconer A conversation with Ian Falconer, creator of Olivia Q: We know that the OLIVIA books are about your niece, but are there any autobiographical parts as well? If so, what?
    Of course. One always draws on one's own experiences as well. I was always a very busy childmaking things. Q: How did you decide to portray OLIVIA as a pig?
    Pigs are very intelligent creatures. They seem to have a more human quality than, say, chickenslike dogs. Q: Were you surprised by OLIVIA's enormous success?
    Yes. I was completely overwhelmed. Q: You have worked in a wide variety of artistic media, including set design, costume design, magazine illustration, and book illustration. What do you like best about creating children's books?
    I've always felt that children's books are for the most part condescending toward children and miss how smart children are. Their little hands and mouths may not be able to articulate what is going on in their sharp little brains. Writing children's books is an opportunity to express this, and it seems to be appreciated by both children and adults. Q: Olivia's family plays a supporting role in both books. Are any of the characters in Olivia's family based on your own family?

    80. NativeWeb Resources: Literature
    Bibliographies, reviews, and links to past and contemporary native authors.

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    Resource Center
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    Resource Database
    Visit NativeWeb's Book and Music Center for additional resources. Literature Sub-Categories:
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  • Speeches-Interviews Resources: 6 listings Name and Description Nation Location Hits
    Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers Pacific - South
    More sites on
    Indigenous Peoples' Literature
    John and Ali's Bona Fide Native American Literature and Poetry Club Pequot US - West
    Website to explore Native- American Literature and Poetry of and for today.
    More sites on
    Native American Literature
    Although it was the first American literature to be created, Native American literature has been the last to be recognized and, to some extent, is still waiting for full recognition. Beginning with its first thousand years of oral literature and continuing to the present time with writers in all the genre of literature, Native American is an important element in the literature of this country.
    More sites on
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