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21. Dan's Lighthouse Page - Links
Photographs Expedition Journals gulf coast lighthouses The Lighthouse National MaritimeInitiative Homepage us Lighthouse Laws Knots All lighthouses Known to
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Lots of Lighthouse Links
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U.S. Lighthouses
International Lighthouses Lightships Lifesaving Links ...
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United States Lighthouses

22. Charts - Navigation & Safety
The us coast Guard Historian s Office lighthouses, Lightships Aids to gulf coastlighthouses (lighthouses of the coast of the gulf of Mexico), Introduction.

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society

Introduction Imray Imrays are the oldest nautical publishing house in Europe
Introduction The Lightship Swiftsure ex Relief #83 (Preserved in Seattle)
Introduction Lighthouses of Greece
Introduction The National Maritime Initiative's Inventory of Historic Light Stations (US)
Introduction The US Coast Guard Lightship Sailors' Association (Preserving the traditions and history of an era that spanned 1820 to 1983)
Introduction The Lightship Port (Devoted to the history and lore of lightships and lighthouse tenders)
Introduction Lighthouses of Australia Introduction Canadian Lighthouses (Information and links) Introduction Jack's Lighthouse Links Introduction Kenilworth Press (Cardstock lighthouse model kits) Introduction New Zealand Lighthouse Stamps Introduction Pete's Lantern Room (About 350 original images of Lighthouses from all over the world) Introduction Sonoma Gifts and Collectibles (Lefton Lighthouse sculptures) Introduction The Corporation of Trinity House Introduction National Lighthouse Center and Museum (Featuring the lighthouses of New York harbor, Staten Island, New York)

23. LookSmart - Directory - Lighthouses
images of the lighthouses located along the gulf coast of Texas. Tell us how we redoing. the Zeal community and help build the lighthouses Directory Category
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Lighthouses - Find photos and information about lighthouses located in Texas.
Directory Listings About
  • Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Brazos River Light
    Features vintage photos and a brief history of this lighthouse in Velasco, Texas.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Galveston Jetty Lighthouse

    Read about this Galveston, Texas, lighthouse built in 1916 and lit in 1918. See a photo of it toppled after a storm in May 2000.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Half Moon Reef

    Furnishes a photo of this Port Lavaca, Texas, lighthouse, built in 1858. Also see a photo of it when it was still a working lighthouse, before 1935.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Lydia Ann Channel Light

    See a 2000 photo of this lighthouse in Port Aransas, Texas, and review a brief history dating from 1851.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Matagorda Island Lighthouse
    View a 1998 photo of this lighthouse on Matagorda Island in Texas, and study its history dating from 1852. Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Point Bolivar Lighthouse Features a 1998 photo of this lighthouse in Port Bolivar, Texas, with a brief history dating from its establishment in 1852. Check out the vintage photo, too.
  • 24. LookSmart - Directory - Lighthouses
    color photographs of lighthouses along the gulf coast of Louisiana Tell us how we redoing the Zeal community and help build the lighthouses Directory Category
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    YOU ARE HERE Home United States Local Louisiana Statewide ... Travel
    Lighthouses - Find information and photos of lighthouses located along the coast of Louisiana.
    Directory Listings About
  • Gulf Coast - Bayou Bonfouca Lighthouse
    Features an old black and white photo of this lighthouse in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, with a history dating from 1847.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - New Canal Light

    See a colorful 1998 photo of this New Orleans lighthouse established in 1838. Also see a photo of it from across the water.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Pass Manchac Lighthouse

    View a 1999 photo of this Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, lighthouse, as well as a vintage photo when it was a working lighthouse station.
    Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Port Pontchartrain

    Presents a 2001 photo of this New Orleans lighthouse built in 1839, and details on where it stands today.
    Lighthouse People, The - Louisiana
    Contains color photographs of lighthouses along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Maritime Heritage Program - New Canal Light Features a photo of this Louisiana lighthouse near New Orleans, as well as relevant statistics.
  • 25. Lighthouses: FAQ
    When were the first lighthouses built in the us? destroyed twentythree lights alongthe gulf coast and killed the What is happening to lighthouses at present?

    Cool Stuff
    Lighthouses: FAQ
    Source: The United States Coast Guard Our first lighthouses were actually given to us by Nature. Sailors sometimes used landmarks such as glowing volcanoes to guide them. In the Ancient World, trading ships were eventually built enabling navigators to sail long distances to buy and sell goods. In the days of wooden ships with sails, the wind and waves could easily push them against the rocks and wreck them. And so, the need for lighthouses as warning signals arose. Today we call people who study (or are interested in) lighthouses pharologists. The name comes from that famous lighthouse. What is a lighthouse? It is a tower with a bright light at the top, located at an important or dangerous place regarding navigation (travel over water). The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a navigational aid and to warn boats of dangerous areas. It is like a traffic sign on the sea. Do all lighthouses look alike? Although we often think of a lighthouse as a tall, white conical tower, there are many, many variations of design. Depending on its location, it might be tall (where the land was very flat) or short and squat (where there was a high cliff or rocky coast). It could be square, octagonal (with eight sides), conical (like an ice cream cone upside down), or cylindrical (like a very fat pipe). When the lighthouses were built, they were constructed with whatever materials were most readily available. They were designed to fit the local geographic and climatic conditions. Some are made of stone; others brick, concrete, wood, steel, cast iron, and even tabby (a mixture of shells, lime, sand and water).

    26. The Lighthouse People
    At that time, lighthouses all over the gulf coast were put out The Island was blockadedby us Naval ships The keeper, on his way to the lighthouse, was arrested
    Lighthouses Seldom Seen
    Round Island Mississippi Being Rebuilt.
    All these photos can be ordered, use the state # (ME12) for example
    and the A, B or C , if there is more than one
    AFTER THE STORM - OCT. 1998 O n the 19th of September, 1998, Bob and I were in Pascagoula, Mississippi at the invitation of one of the members of the Committee to Save Round Island Lighthouse, Margaret Meiselbach. The committee had formed not too long before and were just getting their information together as to what they hoped to accomplish and how they hoped to accomplish it. They had already had a donation of rip rap dumped out in the water to form a breakwater to protect the lighthouse, so the work had started, all to no avail. M argaret had arranged for a boat to take us out to Round Island so that we could shoot the “before” photos. That was meant to be: before the restoration. We had been there five years before and photographed Round Island Lighthouse and now, we were shocked to see that the water was lapping at the base of the lighthouse. It truly needed restoration and preservation. We had a great boat trip out on a gorgeous day. Tropical Storm Hermine was moving in and I kept thinking about an old story I’d heard about some people going out to Round Island to photograph it and caught in a sudden squall off the Gulf, they drowned.

    27. The Lighthouse People
    It took us near an hour to get to the boat launch at Fort Pike and a by the late DavidCipra, who is considered THE expert on lighthouses of the gulf coast.
    Lighthouses Seldom Seen West Rigolets, Louisiana
    All these photos can be ordered, use the state # (ME12) for example
    and the A, B or C , if there is more than one
    West Rigolets, Louisiana
    I f you drive along Highway 90 in Louisiana, stop and take a look at Fort Pike, an old Civil War Fort. And when you leave Fort Pike going east, you'll cross the bridge across the Pearl River. As you cross, look over your left shoulder and off in the distance on the west side of the river, you will see the outline of a small lighthouse. It's not one of those tall towers, but a little square house with the tower in the middle of the roof. It's the West Rigolets (Rigolay) Lighthouse.
    B uilt as a guide to vessels entering the Rigolets, the lighthouse was finished in 1855. It is a small building, with the light originally just 30 feet above the lake. The Rigolets are channels connecting Lake Ponchartrain to Mississippi sound. This little lighthouse went through hurricanes and storms and guided ships until 1945 when it was discontinued. During the Civil War, the keeper was murdered. Although no one ever discovered "who dunnit", he was the only lighthouse keeper known to be killed at his post during the hostilities. From the time it was discontinued, the lighthouse was more or less left to rot.
    T he first time we tried to see it, we could only see the lighthouse from the bridge. We had thought we could drive to it, but that turned out to be impossible. We looked around for a marina or someone with a boat. At that time the area seemed almost deserted and we were not able to get out to the lighthouse.

    28. Gulf Coast Lighthouses
    shopping system provided by gulf coast lighthouses. of Designs in Pack 20. St.Johns Lighthouse. 86 x 81 mm (3.41 x 3.21 ). PRICE SHOWN IS us CURRENCY.

    29. Gulf Coast Lighthouses By Laurence Parent: 2004 Wall Calendar
    Back to Previous Page. Learn more About us! See why we are gulf CoastLighthouses by Laurence Parent 2004 Wall Calendar, TEXT ONLY.

    30. Special Collection: Lighthouses Of The U.S.
    A lighthouse listing by state from the us coast Guard lighthouses of Other RegionsBooks. gulf coast lighthouses Florida Keys to the Rio Grande (1998) by Bruce
    Special Multimedia Collection:
    Lighthouses of the United States
    Lighthouses are romantic and mysterious, and have long been the stuff of legends. These are the stories of many magnificent and historic lighthouses of the United States, of their legends, their stories and their keepers. We also offer travel guides and a special section devoted to lighthouses of the Great Lakes. Books and websites that serve as guides to lighthouses often include brief histories as well as current travel information.
    General Lighthouse History and Guides: Books American Lighthouses: A Comprehensive Guide (1998) by Bruce Roberts and Ray Jones: This guide is organized by region, and then by state within the region. There are over 450 lighthouse entries, each of which includes a small photo and a brief history and description. The best part of the entry is the "travel information," which describes how to get to each lighthouse. Legendary Lighthouses (1998) by John Grant: As they note in the introduction of this book (a companion to the PBS Legendary television series), lighthouses "speak to people on many levels." They attempt to address some of those levels here by offering a blend of photographs, histories, and interesting stories. There is also a website (also called

    31. Learning Center - Along The Coast - Living On The Edge
    By 1880, the us Treasury Department had developed a lighthouses serve to tell marinersabout their proximity to shipwrecks along the East and gulf Coasts and

    32. Exploring The History And Culture Of The Mississippi Gulf Coast
    The history of Mississippi’s gulf coast is tied to the sea. a 62 foot structure,is among the earliest cast iron lighthouses built in the us and today
    Exploring the History and Culture of the Mississippi Gulf Coast:
    A Preview to the SC/MLA 2004 Annual Meeting Present day the bright neon lights from casinos and hotels recreate the glittery glamour of Vegas along the beaches of the Mississippi Coast. Upon closer look behind the lure of non-stop casino action, entertainment and restaurants, the Mississippi Gulf Coast The rich heritage of the antebellum South is reflected in the stately mansions looking out to sea from the landside of Highway 90, winding along the Mississippi coast. Foremost among those open for tours year-round is Beauvoir the final home of Jefferson Davis, a Mississippi native and president of the Confederate States. On the estate is the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library . At 119 Rue Magnolia is the Magnolia Hotel built in 1847 and the only remaining pre-Civil War hotel on the Mississippi coast. Fort Massachusetts guards the Coast while park rangers guide tourists and history buffs through its battlements. Ft. Massachusetts, 12 miles out in the Gulf, is a relaxing ½ or full day trip.

    33. Wess' BookLinks - Lighthouses
    the Lights Stories of us Lighthouse Keepers / by Chesapeake Bay Southeastern lighthouses Outer Banks to Cape Florida gulf coast lighthouses Florida Keys
    Lighthouses and the U.S. Lighthouse Service
    These books cover the U.S. Lighthouse Service and modern guides to American lighthouses.
    Click on any title to see reviews, pricing and ordering information.
    For lighthouse collectibles and other lighthouse related merchandise, try the Lighthuse Depot , 1-800-758-1444 fax 1-207-646-6255. They're catalog is bigger than their web site!
    Another, off-web source of lighthouse information is Shore Village Museum, 104 Limerock St., Rockland, ME 04841 1-2070594-0311 fax 1-207-594-9481. Ask for a copy of their newsletter with all kinds of current information and lighthouses.
    : The U.S. Lighthouse Service and Its Legacy / by Dennis L. Noble
    Guardians of the Lights
    : The Men and Women of the U.S. Lighthouse Service / by Elinor De Wire
    Guardians of the Lights
    : Stories of US Lighthouse Keepers / by Elinor De Wire
    Lighthouse Families
    / by Cheryl Shelton-Roberts, Bruce Roberts
    Legendary Lighthouses
    : The Companion to the PBS Television Series / by John Grant, Ray Jones
    American Lighthouses
    : A Pictorial History / by Jill Caravan Lighthouses / by F. Ross Holland

    34. Port Isabel - Texas Travel
    Region gulf coast. when Port Isabel served as a supply depot during the us/MexicanWa When lighthouses were built in the early days, people who manned them

    35. A Site One On The Internet Destination - Columnists
    Bob and Sandra Shanklin s List of all existing us lighthouses. It lists each lighthouseby state, with a be of interest to residents of the Greater gulf coast.
    A Site One on the Internet Destination
    Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time. Leo Buescaglia Stories about things we care about. Site One on the Internet presents stories about our towns and other interesting stories from around the world. Enjoy!
    Gulf Coast Books:
    "Living" With It, Not Dying Of It
    Despite a poor prognosis from physicians, Mobile, Alabama resident Bert Woodard has lived with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) for over 17 years. Instead of dwelling on dying, Bert has made a point of living. He has written a manual, "Living" With It, Not Dying Of It for others with ALS or other crippling, life-threatening diseases. Download the manual for free with Acrobat Reader!
    Didymus Tom Decker
    The ministry of Christ through the eyes of Thomas, the doubter. Relive with a fresh perspective the short period that forever changed the world. See also the other books and sheet music also available at
    Growing Up in New Orleans - Al Gottschall
    Mr. Gottschall uses letters (written to his daughter Anne) as his medium for telling his story of growing up in depression era New Orleans. The letters tell of his experiences spanning from boyhood in the 1930's through WWII and his career as a Naval officer on the Destroyer USS Mertz in the Pacific. Wonderfully nostalgic; a historical record of the times and the people.

    36. Lighthouse Resources
    Great Lakes and Atlantic coast. Chesapeake Chapter, us Lighthouse Society OfficialSite. The Selkirk Lighthouse. Lightheart lighthouses. gulf coast lighthouses.
    National Lighthouse Center and Museum
    Lighthouse Heritage - National Initiative Lighthouse Sites
    West of PCH Recommended Reading List ...
    The World's Lighthouses, Lightships and Lifesaving Stations
    extensive list and resource
    The American Lighthouse Foundation - Help Save our Lighthouses
    LEGENDARY LIGHTHOUSES SERIES ON PBS Lighthouse Links on the Web - a comprehensive list of Lighthouse resources on the web. Touted as one of the most extensive in existence. The WWW Virtual Library: Lighthouses, Lightships and Lifesaving Stations
    U.S. Coast Guard - Lighthouses, Lightships, and Aids to Navigation
    Lighthouses Around the World - Frames - Slow but excellent site Lighthouses of the United States listed by States Light House Digest - The International Lighthouse Magazine Rick's Electronic Lighthouse Magazine Links: Lighthouses and Lightships Lighthouses - Early History and much more Lighthouse Locator Lighthouse Organizations Phil's Lighthouse Guide Lighthouses of the United States (Lighthouses by Andy) Dan's Lighthouse Page - Divided into different categories. Includes US and International Lighthouse pages. Outstanding resource. A MUST SEE! John Eagle Photography - John presents some of the most spectacular photos around on the beautiful lighthouses of Ireland and the Irish coast line Of The Mountains Lighthouses - Collection of some beautiful lighthouse Photos by John B. Caddell

    37. BrownTrout Calendars | Gulf Coast Lighthouses 2004 Calendar
    gulf coast lighthouses 2004 Wall Calendar. FORMAT Wall. SIZE 12 x 12 . ISBN07631-6042-3. MSRP $11.99 us $16.99 CAN £9.99 UK $21.95 Aus $26.95 NZ.

    38. BrownTrout Calendars | Gulf Coast Lighthouses 2005 Calendar 2005 Calendar
    gulf coast lighthouses 2005 Calendar 2005 Square Wall Calendar. FORMAT SquareWall. SIZE 12 x 12 . ISBN 07631-7255-3. MSRP $11.99 us $16.99 CAN £8.99 UK

    39. Oregon Sea Grant - Coastal Recreation & Tourism - Travel & Tourism
    WWW Virtual Library The World s lighthouses, Lightships and Lifesaving Stations;us Small Business Administration; What is a Bed Breakfast Inn? gulf coast.
    Marinas Recreational Boating Travel and Tourism Underwater Recreation Miscellaneous
    Whale watching off Seward, Alaska
    Travel and Tourism
    ... including resources on nature-based "EcoTourism" and the Bed and Breakfast industry;
    Tools of the trade
    Documents, projects and other useful information available on-line from Sea Grant programs around the country:
    Recreation/Tourism and Sustainable Coastal Communities
    from Minnesota Sea Grant, including information on:
    • Estimated economic impact of tourism activities Trends in Tourism Visitation - Duluth, MN 1980-1994 Survival in Cold Water
    USC Sea Grant's Guide to LA Beaches
      Clickable maps provide information in five languages on access and facilities for beaches in Los Angeles County. Internationally recognizable pictograms show recreational uses, beach features and amenities for beach locations, including lifeguard services and parking and information on weather and surf conditions. See also the USC Sea Grant Guide to Orange County Beaches.

    40. Lighthouses Calendars 2004 - 2004 Lighthouse Calendars
    gulf coast lighthouses by Laurence Parent 2004 Wall Calendar. lighthouses by DanielDempster 2004 Daily Boxed larger selection Free standard us shipping with
    Lighthouses Calendars 2004 Lighthouses Calendar
    Click here for more
    Free standard US shipping with first order. Enter FSCC4 at checkout.
    2004 Calendars Home page
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    Pacific Coast Lighthouses by Philip Wright 2004 Deluxe Wall Calendar Gulf Coast Lighthouses by Laurence Parent 2004 Wall Calendar Great Lakes Lighthouses 2004 Deluxe Wall Calendar Atlantic Coast Lighthouses 2004 Deluxe Wall Calendar Lighthouses 2004 Wall Calendar Lighthouses 2004 Wall Calendar Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses 2004 Wall Calendar Lighthouses 2004 Wall Calendar Lighthouses by Daniel Dempster 2004 Daily Boxed Calendar Click here for larger selection Free standard US shipping with first order. Enter FSCC4 at checkout. Purchase TWO or more calendars and get FREE Standard, USA domestic shipping. Select "Standard" Shipping Method during Checkout Step #2 (Shipping Options) Top 10 Calendars Mom's Plan-It™ 2004 Magnetic Mount Calendar German Shorthaired Pointers 2004 Wall Calendar ... 2004 Daily Boxed Calendar Top 5 Dogs German Shorthaired Pointers 2004 Wall Calendar Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2004 Wall Calendar ... 2004 Wall Calendar Top 5 Family Mom's Plan-It™ 2004 Magnetic Mount Calendar 365 Tiny Paper Airplanes 2004 Daily Boxed Calendar ... 2004 Daily Boxed Calendar Top 5 Humor Nuns Having Fun 2004 Wall Calendar The Far Side® by Gary Larson 2004 Wall Calendar ... More Top Lists

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