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U.S. coast Guard History. Our first lighthouses were actually given to us by Nature In the east it borders the Atlantic Ocean, in lenses, fuels, architecture, and famous lighthouses of the Atlantic coast
[text only] NOTE: Due to the size of this file and the variations in the capability of printers, the USCG Historian’s Office recommends that you print this "Teacher’s Lighthouse Resource" piecemeal. Printing this file several pages at a time will result in a finished product of higher quality and in a format that more closely resembles that on the screen. LIGHTHOUSE RESOURCE FOR GRADES K -4 THE SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES RELATE TO VARIOUS DISCIPLINES - ART, SCIENCE, LANGUAGE ARTS, MATH, HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY. GOALS 1. To familiarize children with lighthouses as aids to navigation. 2. To have students gain a basic understanding of lighthouse operation and the evolution of lighthouse technology. 3. To make children aware of the historic role of lighthouses and their current status. 4. To teach children the properties of light and how these are employed to enhance the effectiveness of the light signal. The Story of the Lighthouse Many, many years ago (thousands of years to be more exact), people lived m a very primitive wayboth hunting for and growing their own food (there were no supermarkets in those days, no stores at all!). Eventually they decided to explore the water in a boat to find out what the sea had to offer in the way of food. And, what did they find? They found fish and all kinds of other seafood: clams, mussels, scallops, oysters, lobsters, crabs, etc. During the day they could find their way back to the landing place by looking for a pile of rocks that had been left there.

2. Lighthouse Art Gallery
Meet the Artist ~~ Contact us ~~ Product FAQs ~~ Lighthouse Links. east coast lighthouses beautiful example of Victorian architecture, and a design used for other lighthouses Coast

3. History Books - East Coast Lighthouses A Postcard Book
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4. Fine Art Photography Prints And Murals Of Beaches, Lighthouses, Highway 1, Bridg
Contact us. GALLERIES. BEACHES. OLD CARS. BRIDGES " " PIERS. lighthouses. BUILDINGS has been photographing architecture and scenics for on the east coast exploring New England
About Us....
4x5 view camera
We are a group of photographers who share a passion for photographing unique and visually stimulating places. Our photography is slow and deliberate. We work specifically with large format 4x5 view cameras. Many so called fine art photographers methods consist of running around with a 35mm and "machine gunning" off a dozen or so rolls and hoping for the best. We study, we wait.....many times hours for the best light. Somedays on an outing we may only shoot one piece of film. That's our philosophy. After three decades of shooting along the California coast, our passion has generated a web site and soon a book about Highway 1. Our work has been based along the coast but now features many areas beyond California......
Ronald Moore has been photographing scenics and architecture for over 35 years. He is a graduate of the Dayton Art Institue where he learned his basic skills. After graduating, Ronald formed his own photography studio (RMA Photography Inc.) and began photographing architecture around the world. He has worked with architects such as Leo Daly, William Pereira, and Tony Lumsden. His work has been published in many national publications such as Architectural Record and Architectural Lighting.

5. Architecture Links: Architects Journal Colleges Forum Alumni Hostory east coast Greenway - http Landscape architecture in Yorkshire us lighthouses - http//

6. Ultimate Savers - Architecture - Lighthouses
Games, Get Paid to Take Surveys. Contact us. Vote for this site! HELP! Amazing lighthouses American Screen Saver. east coast lighthouses. Lighthouse Brigade.

7. Shutterbug: West Coast Lighthouses
by all means start with the us Lighthouse Society web One, however, east Brother Island Lighthouse in San and its environment, the lighthouse as architecture
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Guided By The Light Joseph A. Dickerson, April, 2001
Point Pinos Lighthouse is located in Pacific Grove and is surrounded by a golf course, making access difficult. It is open to the public at certain times, but I never seem to be there at the right time. This shot was true serendipity. I found a hole in the fence and then the light happened right on cue.
Getting There
Cabrillo Point is just a short drive from Mendocino but there is a bit of a walk from the highway to the lighthouse. It is currently undergoing restoration.

8. Award For Best Screensavers :: Screensavers Category
Adams was commissioned by the us Department of Colorful signs and fantastic architecture from many east coast lighthouses Screensaver ver.2.0 date200403-24,
SCREEN SAVERS CATEGORY Animals Animated Art and Graphics Beautiful Women ... Movie Music Nature Patriotic People Places ... Tools and Editors TV Underwater Vehicle Our Award: Screensavers from
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9. »»Reviews For Lighthouses««
to lighthouses in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida s east coast. husband and I, on our quest to photograph every lighthouse in the us, found it
Lighthouses Reviews
Related Subjects: Europe Oceania
More Pages: Lighthouses Page 1 Book reviews for "Lighthouses" sorted by average review score: Great Lakes Lighthouse Tales Published in Paperback by Avery Color Studios (01 July, 1998) Authors: Fredrick Stonehouse, Frederick Stonehouse, Fred Stonehouse, and Various Amazon base price:
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Well-researched and entertaining This book is thoroughly enjoyable.
Frederick Stonehouse has obviously spent a great many hours researching the lighthouses, lightships, keeps and wrecks detailed in this book. He also has a great deal of affection for his subject. The book contains an encapsulated history of the lighthouse service at the beginning, which sets the historicval context of the tales that follow. These range from factual accounts from logs to anecdotal stories from survivors' relatives, taking in a lighthouse hymn on the way. The tales are sometimes a bit dry, and can seem like lists of ships wrecked and the places of wrecks, and Stonehouse's style sometimes seems amateurish. But this does not dampen his enthusiasm for the topic nor his knowledge. A great read. I must mention the illustrations, which are a mixture of photographs, drawings, and diagrams. These have obviously been sought out with the utmost care by the author, another sign that he knows his subject. They would benefit from better reproduction as some seem smudged and details are blotchy on some. Another requirement (in the next edition please!) would be for five pages of the book to be used for maps of the great lakes showing the positions of all the lighthouses.

10. Personal Web Page
These contain measured drawings, photographs, written historical and architectural information for us sites dating from the lighthouses of the east coast.
Government Information on Lighthouses
Responsibility for and eminence of lighthouses has been the responsibility of the federal government since 1789. The federal government at that time took the responsibility of colonial lighthouses from the states and Congress made appropriations for necessary funds. This began the U.S. Lighthouse Service. The administration for this Service switched hands between the Treasury Department and the Commerce Department many times before being consolidated by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. He combined the Lighthouse Service with the Coast Guard where it has remained. Coast Guard employees rarely man the lighthouses at this time, but it is still an important part of the service's heritage and history. This is a guide to the information the government holds on lighthouses as well as to the sites they sponsor for lighthouses on the East coast.
Sources for Information
National Park Service Within the National Park History Program, lighthouse information is abundant in the National Maritime Initiative. It was established to preserve America's maritime heritage. This site has 6 main directories for lighthouse information. Maritime Resources Here you can find lighthouses and light ships within the National Park System listed by state. Each lighthouse or ship is clickable to take you directly to that site.

11. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: The World's Lighthouses, Lightships & Lifesaving
and preserve, among others; lighthouses, lightstations, lightships The Shining Sea Foundation of east Boston hopes to us coast Guard District map; us coast Guard
The WWW Virtual Library:
Information categorized by subject. See also other subjects . Please mail the maintainer if you know of related WEB information not in these lists. Notes:
  • For your convenience, a trail of significant adds/changes to this index by date has been incorporated into the Selkirk Lighthouse "What's New" page.
  • As of 3/15/96, additions, corrections and major maintenance to this list and/or items on it will be prefaced by the icon for easier identification. This field covers:
    Lighthouse Organizations
  • 12. Early Classic Brick Towers
    Fire Island Light us coast Guard photo. distinctive gallery design unlike its east coast contemporaries War, two more early classic lighthouses, originally quite
    Early Classic Brick Towers, 1850-1869
    American lighthouse construction made little progress from 1820 to 1852, while Stephen Pleasonton, the Fifth Auditor of the Treasury, was the superintendent of U.S. lighthouses. To save money, Pleasonton limited all new lighthouses to a maximum height of 65 feet. The old-style masonry lighthouses of the period share a bluntly conical design, with broad bases and narrow tops designed to hold a small "birdcage" lantern with an Argand lamp, a lighting technology dating from 1781. By European standards, U.S. lighthouses were embarrassingly inadequate and obsolete. Ship captains and ship owners complained continually about the lighthouses being too short, too dim, poorly located, and often out of service altogether. Congress approached the problem by involving military engineers, first as inspectors of lighthouses and then as consultants on their design. In 1847, Congress directed that six proposed lighthouses be designed and built by the military instead of by Pleasonton's contractors. The resulting transition from old-style to classic design can be seen clearly at Sankaty Head in Massachusetts. Sankaty Head Light was built in 1850 under the direction of Benjamin F. Isherwood, who became the chief engineer of the U.S. Navy during the Civil War.

    13. Maryland Lighthouses
    in the harbor entrance about 2 miles east southeast of Owner/site manager us coast Guard Another rather neglected lighthouse, this station has interesting late
    Maryland Lighthouses
    Maryland has at least 26 lighthouses, including one replica of a historic lighthouse at Baltimore and a facsimile lighthouse built near Annapolis. In addition, one historic lightship is preserved in Maryland. By my count, 16 of the lighthouses are active. All the lighthouses are on the Chesapeake Bay or its tributaries; Maryland's short Atlantic coast has no light stations. The two sides of the Bay are known in Maryland as the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore. In the early nineteenth century John Donahoo built a dozen stone or brick lighthouses on the upper Chesapeake. Six survive and two are still active. Maryland is also famous for its cottage-style screwpile lighthouses, although only four of these picturesque buildings remain. (In 1900, there were 45 cottage screwpile lighthouses on the Chesapeake.) Phil Payette's website on Virginia lighthouses documents half a dozen Potomac River screwpile light stations where the original foundation remains; these stations are included below. A group called St. Clements Hundred is working to build a reproduction of Donahoo's 1851

    14. South African Lighthouses
    Please feel free to send us your comments. the coast and then travel up the east coast to Durban Our first seven lighthouses are situated in the Western Cape
    home lighthouses links shop contact about
    Welcome to Lighthouses of South Africa
    brought to you by "The Lighthouse Company" Starting with seven lighthouses we will work our way around the coast and then travel up the East Coast to Durban and onto the Mozambique border. Our first seven lighthouses are situated in the Western Cape, one of the nine provinces of South Africa: West Coast
    Cape Columbine

    Robben Island

    Green Point

    Cape Point

    South Coast

    Danger Point

    South-East Coast
    Seal Point
    Cape Recife The Hill Great Fish Point ... Hood Point We trust you will take in these romantic architectural structures of yesteryear and keep in touch with us as we progress on our journey with The Lighthouse Company. Don't forget to visit our Secure online shop Sign our GuestBook Read our GuestBook [ GuestBook by FastCounter by bCentral click the image below to vote for this site!

    15. Coast Guard General History Bibliography
    U.S. coast Guard History. Resources in the east Carolina Manuscript Collection Preserving Historic lighthouses An Annotated Bibliography Naval and coast Guard Academies architecture A
    COAST GUARD HISTORY A BIBLIOGRAPHY Note: Due to the tremendous size of the full bibliography, we have divided it up into the following sections and added each to their appropriate web-pages (click on the specific bibliography to access it): General Bibliography
    Table of Contents
    (click on specific section of the general bibliography you are interested in): 2) THE HISTORY, ADMINISTRATION AND ORGANIZATION OF THE: A) U.S. Coast Guard (and any combined service studies) B) U.S. Revenue Marine / Cutter Service C) U.S. Coast Guard Reserve / Women's Reserve click here for Auxiliary ... Steamboat Inspection Service / Bureau of Navigation 3) PUBLICATIONS ON PERSONNEL: A) Biographies B) Education and Training EQUIPMENT COAST GUARD COAST GUARD "CURRENT" EVENTS,
    DEVELOPED AND/OR UTILIZED BY THE COAST GUARD A) ... Technology Please note that the publication referred to as "The Bulletin" hereafter is the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association's The Bulletin.

    16. Lighthouses Of Australia Inc Bulletin 4/2003 - August 2003
    the long awaited sequel to Annette Flotwell s east coast Trip Part 1 swimming pool model that was before us if the base of the original lighthouse hadn t Aug 03.htm
    No 4/2003 - August 2003 Lighthouses of Australia Inc Bulletin PO Box 1597 Geelong VIC 3220 Australia In this Issue
    Letter from the Editor Features
    • Annette Flotwell's East Coast Lighthouse Trip: Part 2 LoA Committee member profile - Ian Clifford ... Contact Letter from the Editor Welcome to the August Bulletin, edition 4/2003. After now having prepared my fourth Bulletin, the process is getting easier. Whilst the amount of work involved in preparing the Bulletin is significant, the satisfaction of being involved, hearing about all the things going on with Australia's lighthouses, and then publishing the news so that everyone can read about it is very rewarding. The Bulletin will return to a monthly publication schedule, and with this issue, has reverted to the original title "Bulletin", rather than "Bulletin/Prism". Prism will continue to include major stories and historical recollections by former lighthouse keepers and so on, whilst the Bulletin will tend to be more news-oriented. Prism is a printed newsletter forwarded only to members - join Lighthouses of Australia now to receive it.

    17. Lighthouses Of Australia Inc Bulletin 5/2003 - September 2003
    See also Annette Flotwell s east coast Lighthouse Trip Part 1 and contract to start painting the lighthouse the next The painter directed us to the right pub Sep 03.htm
    No 5/2003 - September 2003 Lighthouses of Australia Inc Bulletin PO Box 1597 Geelong VIC 3220 Australia In this Issue
    Letter from the Editor Features
    • Annette Flotwell's East Coast Lighthouse Trip: Part 3 The "Golden Age" of Australian lighthouses ... Contact Letter from the Editor Welcome to the September Bulletin, edition 5/2003. This edition is a little late due to family illness, but it has meant we have been able to include some last minute news about Deal Island and Jarman Island. In this issue, we conclude the story of Annette Flotwell's east coast lighthouse trip photographing our lighthouses for her lighthouse calendar, Lighthouses of Australia. Her journey continues southward from the Clarence River Lighthouse at Yamba in northern NSW to Burrewarra Point Lighthouse in southern NSW. I would like to thank Annette for providing LoA with such a great story and fabulous photographs. We have reprinted a fascinating story titled "

    18. Houses Software (
    of east coast lighthouses lighthouse, east coast, ocean, water of West coast lighthouses lighthouse, west coast About Contact us Advanced Search
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    Houses Software (29 products)
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    haunted houses
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    4 very unique Puzzle Games
    pc computer kidsafe ... Lighthouses Screensaver
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    Light houses Screensavers with Wallpaper.
    screensavers free screen saver ... International Lighthouses Screensaver
    FREE Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wall
    45 Images of International Light houses lighthouse lighthouses international greece ... East Coast Lighthouses Screensaver FREE Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wall 65 Beautiful Images of East Coast Light houses lighthouse east coast ocean water ... Great Lakes Lighthouses Screensaver FREE Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wall 50 Beautiful Great Lakes Light houses Images lighthouse michigan new york ohio ... West Coast Lighthouses Screensaver FREE Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wall 47 Beautiful Images of West Coast Light houses lighthouse west coast screen savers screen saver ... Mountainside Holdings Manage Rental Properties tenants tennants landlord factory ... Altix Soft The beauty of architecture around the world.

    19. Florida's History Through Its Places
    2story keeper s quarters of iron and wood. Oldest of 6 screw-pile lighthouses on the Florida east coast. Key West. FORT ZACHARY TAYLOR. us Naval Station.
    Monroe County
    Dry Tortuga Islands FORT JEFFERSON NATIONAL MONUMENT 68 mi. W of Key West. 1846+ . Massive ruins of the largest of a chain of 19th-century American coastal forts. Hexagonal structure encompasses 16 acres. Walls 8 feet thick, 50 feet high, brick. Used in the Civil, Spanish-American and both World Wars to control the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. Used as a military prison following the Civil War. Abandoned after World War II. Museum. Public. N.R. 1970.
    Florida Keys. OVERSEAS HIGHWAY AND RAILWAY BRIDGES Connects Florida Keys. 1912+. The 3 railroad bridges, now used as a highway, which span the major channels along U.S. 1 connecting Key West to the mainland, are among the few extant elements of the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway. These bridges were converted to vehicular use and incorporated into the federal highway program. Public. N.R. 1979.
    Islamorada SAN FELIPE SHIPWRECK 1526-1769, San Felipe was one of a fleet of merchant ships that sailed from Havana in 1733 bound for Spain. The fleet encountered a hurricane and was wrecked on the keys. Cargo was mainly organic, such as food, dyes, snuff. No evidence of bullion. Public. N.R. 1994.
    Key Largo.

    20. California Lighthouses - Visitor Guide - California Lighthouses
    still remain important and the us Lighthouse Society adopts Some are museums, the east Brother Light Station coast there are California lighthouses, each with
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Travel Western U.S. for Visitors Home ... What's Up this Month zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); A to Z Index Live Cams - Beach Cams Picture Gallery Maps ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Western U.S. for Visitors newsletter. Search Western U.S. for Visitors Point Loma Lighthouse
    Point Loma Lighthouse
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    Print this page Stay Current Subscribe to the About Western U.S. for Visitors newsletter. California Lighthouses - Resources California Lighthouses - Map California Lighthouses - Photos California Lighthouses - Guide Most Popular Nude Beach - California - Nude Beach Guide - California Nud... Disneyland Tickets Nude Beach and Nudism Guides California Road Map - Highways - California Road Map ... Beach Pictures - Southern California Beach Pictures What's Hot Catalina Island Avalon Photo Album - City Panorama Catalina Island Avalon Photo Album - Pleasure Pier Catalina Island Avalon Photo Album - Avalon Harbor Catalina Island Avalon Photo Album - Avalon Beach ... Adobe Building
    California Lighthouses
    from by Bridget M. Rohrer

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