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         Lewis & Clark Expedition:     more books (100)
  1. Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book by Peter F. Copeland, 1984-01-01
  2. The Journals of Lewis and Clark (Lewis & Clark Expedition) by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, 1997-04-30
  3. The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Join the Corps of Discovery to Explore Uncharted Territory (Kaleidoscope Kids Book) by Carol A. Johmann, 2002-10
  4. Lewis and Clark on the Trail of Discovery : An Interactive History with Removable Artifacts (Lewis & Clark Expedition) by Rod Gragg, 2003-05-31
  5. The Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Biographical Roster of the Fifty-one Members and a Composite Diary of Their Activities from All Known Sources (Lewis & Clark Expedition) by Charles G. Clarke, 2002-06-01
  6. The Salish People and the Lewis and Clark Expedition by Salish-Pend d'Oreille Culture Committee, Elders Cultural Advisory Council, et all 2005-06-01
  7. Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 8 Volume Set
  8. The Lewis and Clark Expedition (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events 1500-1900) by Harry William Fritz, 2004-04-30
  9. The Lewis and Clark Expedition (Landmark Books #15) by Richard L Neuberger, 1951
  10. The Bird Woman Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition by Katherine Chandler, 2004-06-30
  11. The Essential Lewis and Clark (Lewis & Clark Expedition) by Landon Y. Jones, 2002-03-01
  12. The Great Expedition of Lewis and Clark: by Private Reubin Field, Member of the Corps of Discovery by Judith Edwards, 2003-09-01
  13. Lewis and Clark among the Indians (Bicentennial Edition) (Lewis & Clark Expedition) by James P. Ronda, 2002-06-01
  14. Those Tremendous Mountains: The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by David Freeman Hawke, Meriwether Lewis, 2003-04

1. Lewis And Clark | PBS
May 24, 2004 Think you can lead the lewis and clark expedition? Site MapThe Corps of Discovery didn t always know where it was going. You can.

June 10, 2004

Want a summary of the Lewis and Clark expedition? Then check out our timeline.
Inside the Corps
Enter the world of Lewis, Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery.
Native Americans
Indian tribes already knew the lands that Lewis and Clark discovered. The Archive Follow an expedition timeline and maps, or read the journals of the Corps. Into the Unknown Interactive Trail Map Follow Lewis and Clark on their journey through 11 states, with journal entries, Native American history, and events to celebrate the expedition's bicentennial. Classroom Resources Explore the significance of the expedition using lesson plans and activities. Living History Listen to expert historians give their thoughts on the expedition. A Forum with Ken Burns

2. Lewis & Clark Internet Archive
Internet archive of lewis and clark web sites compiled by Jay Rasmussen. are related in some manner to the lewis clark expedition. They are included without much regard to Ledger Independent Online lewis clark expedition pays soggy visit to Vanceburg
Compiled by Jay Rasmussen
me of new or changed URLs.
For first time users or those with questions , please check my featured sites page.
Finally, I encourage all (newcomers and long-time fans) to join the , the or your state's Bicentennial Council!
What's New
Included in this section are recent additions, either new sites or recently found but existing sites and sites that have received a noticeable overhaul or update. They are also included in the main archive list, but are featured here for ease of use. Previous "What's New" pages can be accessed from the main archive list.
1800's Newfoundland Dog(JPEG Image, 733x517 pixels)
Adventure Caravans - Travel Adventures, Airguns, etc. History American Journeys, brought to you by the Wisconsin Historical Society Inc. - Articles on Antique Arms Collecting and Collectibles

3. Lewis And Clark @
by Rosalyn Schanzer for the book How We Crossed the West The Adventures of Lewisand clark, published in This great American expedition will face them all
Parents: Home Kids Home NG Kids Magazine NG Explorer Classroom Magazine ... Kids News
Much of the artwork in this online feature was created by Rosalyn Schanzer for the book How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark , published in 1997 by the National Geographic Society.
ild rivers. Rugged mountains. An unknown continent to explore. This great American expedition will face them all. And they need your help on this incredible adventure.

4. Lewis And Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Inc.
The mission of the lewis and clark Trail Heritage Foundation is to stimulate public appreciation of the lewis and clark expedition's contributions to America's heritage
The mission of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation is to stimulate public appreciation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition's contributions to America's heritage, and to support education, research, development, and preservation of the Lewis and Clark experience. With membership in all 50 states and several foreign countries, and chapters along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and elsewhere working to promote the story and protect the trail, we are the largest and oldest organization dedicated to the story of Lewis and Clark. We are no longer making any substantial changes to this site. Look for the new site in July. If you have any questions, please contact Development and maintainance of this website is funded by the National Park Service Challenge Cost Share Program.

5. Lewis And Clark Trail Bicentennial - Re-live The Adventure Of Lewis And Clark Al
lewis and clark and the Corps of Discovery make their historic expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Historical account of lewis and clark and the Corps of Discovery along the lewis and clark Trail.

"E-Learning Vignette"
About Us Online Shopping Home ... Search the Trail
  • Discovery Expedition 2004
Travel the Trail What's New Lewis and Clark Trail Online Virtual Tour Eastern Legacy Trail
Click on the map for the area you want to explore,
s croll down to visit communities on the Lewis and Clark Trail,
Or take an Online
We invite you to
"Re-live the Adventure"
on the Lewis and Clark Trail. Featured Official Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Products
  • Bicentennial Journal Set
    Bicentennial Office Set
    Bicentennial Golf Set - Navy
    Bicentennial Golf Set - White Bicentennial DVD Collection Bicentennial Coin Medallion
on the Lewis and Clark Trail. Eastern Lewis and Clark Trail Caroline County, Virginia Washington DC - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Philadelphia - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ... Chinook
Lewis and Clark Trail maps on this web site were provided courtesy of the National Park Service GPO 1991-557-779

6. National Geographic: Lewis & Clark
Get our best information features about the lewis clark expedition acrossAmericajournal entries, maps, historical photos, drawings, and more.

Site Index Customer Service Shop MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer GUIDES: Adventure and Animals and History and Maps and News Photography Travel For Kids For Students For Teachers Complete Site Complete Site Index Subscribe Shop
When Thomas Jefferson dispatched Lewis and Clark to find a water route across North America and explore the uncharted West, he expected they'd encounter woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt. What they found was no less surprising. See it all on our journey: journal entries, historical photos, drawings, and more.
Commemorative Book by Stephen E. Ambrose The new anniversary edition of Lewis and Clark: Voyage of Discovery includes breathtaking National Geographic photos.
on DVD

Watch a preview , find out where to see the movie download wallpapers , and
Have you followed in Lewis and Clark's footsteps? Tell your tales from their trail.
Photos and online extras highlight this
See photos, a map, and more

7. Lewis & Clark
lewis and clark Bicentennial Commemoration portal with historical facts, expedition journal entries, and listings of where to eat, sleep, shop, and have fun along the trail.
Enlarge Map
Gateway State Wyoming 200

Bicentennial Big Sky Montana .US

Provided by Prestholdt Bicentennial Calendar
April 3, 1804
Buy the Prestholdt Bicentennial Calendar at

The 2004 calendar is now available!

Trail Information

History, Heritage
Trail Legacy Events more Lewis and Clark trail... ... Expedition AudioTour
Power Links The Edify Group Discovery History Channel ...

8. Lewis And Clark - Idaho
Official Idaho Corps of Discovery Guide traces the expedition through Idaho and Montana. Includes maps, guided trips, package tours, attractions, Sacajawea and Native American information.
Contact Us
On August 12, 1805, an advance party of the Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed Lemhi Pass into present-day Idaho, the homeland of Sacajawea (Sacagawea).
With vital assistance from Sacajawea's people, the Lemhi Shoshoni, the Corps of Discovery crossed over Lost Trail Pass back into today's Montana, only to face the formidable Bitterroot Mountains of north central Idaho. Rescued from starvation and befriended by the Nez Perce Indians, they recuperated, entrusted their horses to the Nez Perce and continued on their epic journey, in cottonwood canoes, to the Pacific Ocean. Browse our Lewis and Clark maps, learn the oral history of Sacajawea, and travel the Lewis and Clark Trail in Idaho on your own epic path of discovery.
learn about the expedition
plan your trip projects and programs Idaho tourism

9. Lewis And Clark Education Center
The National lewis and clark Education Center engages educators in a dynamic understandingof The lewis and clark expedition (18031806) and the nature of the

View Lewis and Clark Animation

Events Calendar ...

Web Site hosted by Corporate Technology Group
An EOS Education Project Program

10. Discovery Expedition Of St. Charles
Students. Journals / Photologs. lewis clark Boat House and Nature CenterHome of the Discovery expedition. In the News. Our Replica Boats.
Bicentennial Update: Boats proceed from Arrow Rock to Glasgow, Mo. Read Meriwether Lewis' 2004 Bicentennial journal entries Bicentennial update hotline:
MISSION CREW INFO EDUCATIONAL ... CONTACT US The Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, Missouri is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rediscovering the legacy of Lewis and Clark. We promote education and the study of American history and heritage through discussions and living history demonstrations. Bicentennial Schedule Broadcast Schedule
Lewis and Clark Then and Now: Linking the Trail to America's Students
Home of the Discovery Expedition In the News Our Replica Boats
Designed by McClain Creative Contact the webmaster

11. Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail (National Park Service)
lewis clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan, Washburn, ND Visitor Center. Open All Year. Memorial Day through Labor Day 9 AM to 7 PM. Labor Day to Memorial Day 9 AM to 5 PM to fund the expedition shortly before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. lewis clark were ordered to
Open All Year
Memorial Day through Labor Day 9 AM to 7 PM
Labor Day to Memorial Day 9 AM to 5 PM
Open All Year
Memorial Weekend-September 30 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.daily.
October 1 - Memorial Weekend 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tues. through Sat. and 12-5 Sun.
The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Hartford, Illinois Visitor Center
Open All Year
Fee Information
Information on how to certifiy a trail site for federal recognition.
Current Grant Program Information Find the latest information about Corps of Discovery II. Home Accessibility Activities Education Programs ... Special Events Designation National Historic Trail - March 21, 1978 ParkNet U.S. Department of the Interior FOIA Privacy ... FirstGov

12. Jefferson's West: Thomas Jefferson And The Lewis And Clark Expedition
expedition Timeline. lewis and clark Gift Items; Related Links; SelectedBibliography; Online Study Resource for Teachers and Students.
Home Thomas Jefferson
Logo of the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial
Select a category Agriculture Architecture Science Streaming Video
Remarks from the Commencement Ceremony
Calendar of Events
Jobs Press Room

13. UVa-HSL
Information and online exhibits from the University of Virginia Health Sciences Library.
The Claude Moore
Health Sciences Library
1300 Jefferson Park Avenue
P.O. Box 800722
, VA 22908
For comments and suggestions about this page:
Last Modified: Friday, July 11 2003
of the University of Virginia
About This Site

14. Discovering Lewis & Clark
in 1993, and online since 1998, is a hyperhistory in progress, focusing on issues,values and visions relating to the lewis and clark expedition, its prelude

Click Here
for a Non-Flash version. From

15. Pomp - The True Story Of The Baby On The Sacagawea Dollar
This ebook tells the story of the baby born on the historic lewis and clark expedition who would grow up to explore the American West.
Chapter 1 Table
of Contents
About ...
the Author
Coming Soon!!!
Picture Gallery E-mail us
with your
and questions Special thanks
to Randy'LTeton
The True Story of the Baby
on the Sacagawea Dollar An E-book for Kids by Liz Sonneborn
In 1805, Pomp and his mother Sacagawea traveled across the western United States on the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition. But that was only the beginning of his adventures. As an adult, he toured Europe with royalty, blazed new western trails as a mountain man, survived a bear attack while scouting for the U.S. Army, and became one of the first Americans to catch "gold fever" during the California Gold Rush. To learn more about Pomp, go to Chapter 1.

16. :: Introduction
Clicking on any still image or highlighted word will lead you to another level ofinsight into the significance of the lewis and clark expedition in American
VIAs (we pronounce it VEE-ahss), Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) entity.
is supported mainly by grants. For details, see "Credits," under "Communication" in the navigation panel on the following page. elcome to . This is a progressive Web site, currently containing more than 1,400 pages, which is increased by one or more new episodes each month. For the most recent updates, see "New This Month" on the following page. The centerpiece of is a nineteen-part synopsis of the expedition's story by historian Harry W. Fritz , illustrated with selections from the journals of the expedition, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files. Clicking on any still image or highlighted word will lead you to another level of insight into the significance of the Lewis and Clark expedition in American history, and in contemporary life. You can also navigate through by using the "Discovery Paths" or the "Journal Excerpts" menus, or through the interactive map which is accessible from the following page. The word-search utility can be used to find references anywhere in the text.

17. National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemoration - Walk With Them And See What
Commemorating the legacy of the lewis and clark expedition of 18031806.

18. Lewis And Clark . Inside The Corps . The Corps . Sacagawea | PBS
Biography of the Shoshone woman who helped lewis and clark on their famous expedition.
Sacagawea Statue (Bismarck, ND)
Sacagawea turned out to be incredibly valuable to the Corps as it traveled westward, through the territories of many new tribes. Some of these Indians, prepared to defend their lands, had never seen white men before. As Clark noted on October 19, 1805, the Indians were inclined to believe that the whites were friendly when they saw Sacagawea. A war party never traveled with a woman especially a woman with a baby. During council meetings between Indian chiefs and the Corps where Shoshone was spoke, Sacagawea was used and valued as an interpreter.
Inside The Corps The Corps Site Map ... Send Feedback

19. Encyclopedia Of North American Indians - - Sacagawea
Biography of the young Shoshone woman who traveled with the lewis and clark expedition.
Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Maps ... World Civilizations Encyclopedia of North American Indians
Shoshone (Snake) interpreter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Sacagawea (Sacajawea, Sakakawea) was born in a Northern Shoshone village in the vicinity of the Lemhi River valley in what is today Idaho; it is likely that she was a member of the Agaiduka or Salmon Eater band of the Shoshone tribe. Around 1800, while her tribe was engaged in a hunting or war expedition east of their home territory in the Three Forks area of the Missouri River (Montana), she was captured, most likely by the Hidatsas from the Knife River village of Metaharta (North Dakota). Sacagawea was twelve to fourteen years old at the time of her capture. By 1804 she had become the property of Toussaint Charbonneau, a French-Canadian trader and trapper. In the winter of 1804-1805, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark wintered at Fort Mandan on the Missouri River in what is today North Dakota, where they encountered Charbonneau and Sacagawea. Before leaving Fort Mandan in April 1805 to continue their westward journey, Lewis and Clark hired Charbonneau as an interpreter, requesting that he bring one of his Shoshone wives with him. Charbonneau brought Sacagawea, who had given birth to their son, Jean Baptiste, on February 11, 1805, at the fort; the infant became the youngest member of the expedition. While much popular literature portrays Sacagawea as the pilot of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, her role as expedition guide has been greatly exaggerated. She was unfamiliar with most of the terrain through which the expedition traveled, and so could not have led the expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea's geographical knowledge was limited to the region near her homeland in the Three Forks area of the upper Missouri River; here she recognized landmarks and provided some direction to Lewis and Clark.

20. Lewis And Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Inc. - History
The History of the lewis and clark expedition. lewis chose a former army comrade,32year-old William clark, to be co-leader of the expedition.
The History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
written by
Irving W. Anderson
Past President of the
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Prelude: to May 1804
n 1803 President Thomas Jefferson won approval from Congress for a visionary project that was to become one of American history's greatest adventure stories. Jefferson wanted to know if Americans could journey overland to the Pacific Ocean following two rivers, the Missouri and the Columbia, which flow east and west, respectively, from the Rocky Mountains. If the sources of the rivers were nearby, Jefferson reasoned that American traders would have a superior transportation route to help them compete with British fur companies pressing southward from Canada. On February 28, 1803, the Congress appropriated funds for a small U.S. Army unit to explore the Missouri and Columbia rivers and tell the western Indian tribes that traders would soon come to buy their furs. The explorers were to make a detailed report on western geography, climate, plants and animals, and to study the customs and languages of the Indians. Plans for the expedition were almost complete when the President learned that France offered to sell all of Louisiana Territory to the United States. This transfer, which was completed within a year, doubled the area of the United States. It meant that Jefferson's Army expedition could travel all the way to the crest of the Rockies on American soil, no longer needing permission from the former French owners.

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