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41. University Of Iowa Libraries. Government Publications Department. U.S. Governmen
us Federal Government agencies Directory, from LSU, is a comprehesive listing of agencies It is organized by type of agency and is searchable legislative branch.
Government Publications Department
United States Government Information Sources
As a regional depository library, we receive all documents designated as depository items by the United States Government Printing Office.

42. Library Of Congress, US Legislative Branch
legislative branch and link back to homepage. us Congress legislative agencies Information Sources. United States Congress. House
Home Page News Entertainment Cars ... Related Sites Related Sites
The related sites section of the Statesman Journal's Oregon Legislature site is provided as a public service. The page below is in the domain of the listed organization. To return to the Statesman Journal, click on the Legislature link or on your browser's back button. U.S. Congress Legislative Agencies Information Sources
United States Congress
House of Representatives Senate Directories Biographies Election Statistics The Capitol Building
Library of Congress
Home Page
American Memory Architect of the Capitol General Accounting Office
Home Page
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
Congressional Budget Office
H ome Page Publications Cost Estimates Office of Compliance Government Printing Office
Home Page
A-Z Resource List Office of Technology Assessment National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare ... Issues, Legislation, Campaigns

43. Canadian Government Legislative Branch
Canadian Government Sources legislative branch. Bills; Private Member s Bills; Progress of Legislation; Canadian Provinces us Federal agencies us Federal
Canadian Government Sources
Legislative Branch
The Evergreen State College, Daniel J. Evans Library, Government Documents/Maps
Mailstop L-2300, Olympia, Washington, 98505 phone: (360) 867-6251, fax: (360) 866-6790

44. Legislative Branch
us Constitution us Code Public Laws Statutes at Large . Congressional Publications legislative agencies . General legislative branch Resources . Branch.htm

U.S. Constitution
U.S. Code Public Laws Statutes at Large ... General Legislative Branch Resources United States Constitution via GPO Access via via U.S. House of Representatives Back to Top United States Code via U.S. House of Representatives via U.S. Government Printing Office, GPO Access via Cornell Legal Information Institute Back to Top Public Laws via GPO Access via U.S. National Archives Back to Top Statutes at Large via American Memory (Library of Congress) Back to Top Congressional Publications via GPO Access via Thomas Back to Top Legislative Agencies via LSU Libraries Federal Agency Directory via Thomas (Library of Congress) Back to Top General Legislative Branch Resources Thomas, Legislative Information on the Internet (Library of Congress) GPO Access (U.S. Government Printing Office) Back to Top

45. WU Libraries Government, Etc.: Legislative Branch Sites
The list below is only a partial listing of all the federal legislative branch agencies and their websites. For a complete listing, look here. us House of
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WU Libraries Government, Etc.: Legislative Branch Sites
Subject librarian : Barbara Rehkop
Office Hours : Consultation by Appointment 935-7465
Link to Federal Government page U.S. Government Organization Manual
Confused about which agency reports to which department? Ever wonder what an agency's mission is? Or when it was authorized? This is the place to start! Olin also has the latest print copy in Reference at call number JK421 .A3. Federal Agencies Directory (Louisiana State University)
The list below is only a partial listing of all the federal legislative branch agencies and their websites. For a complete listing, look here. U.S. Blue Pages
'Welcome to the Federal Government Blue Pages Listings website! Our new and improved site provides an easy and fast way to search our listings by state, city, area code, agency or service, and keyword.' From the General Services Administration.

46. KSU Libraries - Government Publications - Federal Agencies
Supreme Court of the United States Supreme Court from Cornell Law School. us Court of Appeals. legislative branch. (back to the top) Support agencies.
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Government Links
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... Local Starting Points Online Databases Online Periodicals Popular Titles Reference ... Subjects Special Topics Census Legislation Statistical Sources Class Assignments Seasonal Topics Terrorism UMich Terrorism FAS 2003 Budget New Links Homeland Security Bicentennial Real-time Streamflow ... Agencies
Agencies Executive Branch Judicial Branch Legislative Branch
Executive Branch
Office of the President
Executive Agencies

47. U.S. Federal Sources This site links to information for consumers from many federal agencies and is us legislative branch A Library of Congress Internet Resource Page.
U.S. Agencies and Government Search Tools Search Engines Useful Sites home = UIUC subscription
These sites, in general to specific order, all try to provide general access to the vast array of government information on the Internet. They vary in the approach they take and their organization. The descriptions below may help you determine which is most appropriate for your particular use.
SuDoc List of Internet Titles
A list of links to federal government publications online, by Superintendent of Documents Classification, which organizes federal publications by issuing agency. SuDoc numbers have not been assigned to links for which the associated web pages do not have SuDoc numbers or a comparable print publication. Agency homepage, overview, or gateway-type web pages which in turn organize other pages on the agency's website are listed first. Statistical databases are also listed.
GPO Access
Search for a broad range of U.S. government information. GPO Access includes the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications , which is a searchable index of government information in print as well as electronic format.
Federal government website that provides the public with easy, one-stop access to all online U.S. Federal Government resources, including a search engine, directory by topic, and directory by department. Maintained by the

48. US Government Branches
Executive Selected Independent agencies QuasiOfficial agencies California City of legislative branch OF GOVERNMENT. is currently represented in the us House of
Caltech Library System
Government Documents Coordinator
Millikan Library, 5th floor 1-32
Jim O'Donnell

Documents Librarian
201 North Mudd, 100-23
Government Information Resources Frequently Used Resources


LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT Tips for Contacting Your Local Elected Officials (from VoteSmart California's 27th Congressional District (Caltech's District) is currently represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by Adam Schiff California's 28th Congressional District is currently represented by David Dreier Thomas This source includes the Congressional Record beginning from the 101st Congress, Congressional Bills and Laws beginning from the 93rd Congress, and Roll Call Votes. U. S. Senate Senator Feinstein Senate Website Senator Boxer Senate Website U. S. House of Representatives Library of Congress American Memory Website ... CyberCemetary (archive of defunct U.S. Government websites) UNTexas National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) VP Gore GPO ACCESS Gateway (GPO) Multi-Database Search Federal Depository Library Program : information and basic documents Back to Top JUDICIAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT Citizens Guide to Understanding the Judicial Branch of Government by Circuit Court Judge (Ret.) Arthur M. M. Ahalt. (1997) Prince George's County, Maryland

49. GPO Access Home Page
legislative branch agency keeping Congress, Federal agencies and the American public informed through the production and distribution of Federal information products.
Site Search:
GPO's Services The U.S. Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government. A-Z Resource List . Comprehensive list of official Federal resources available on GPO Access Locate a Federal Depository Library . Locate and use publications at a local library. U.S. Government Online Bookstore . Securely buy official Federal publications online. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government . Learn about the Federal Government from Ben Franklin. Other GPO Services . Print, design, contracting, and other opportunities. Help . Search our online knowledge base or contact us directly. GPO Access Resources by Branch Legislative Resources
View All

Congressional Bills

Congressional Record

Public and Private Laws
United States Code
Executive Resources
View All

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Presidential Materials
Judicial Resources View All Supreme Court Web Site GPO Access Resources by Topic Select a topic.

50. FirstGov -- Federal Government
The legislative branch of the federal government consists of which makes our laws, and agencies that support The judicial branch hears cases that challenge or
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in Federal Only All States One State Advanced Home About Us Site Map ... more
Federal Government
The American system of government is established by the United States Constitution , which provides for three separate but equal branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial.
Together, these branches make, execute and interpret the laws that govern our country.
  • Learn More About the Federal Government A-Z Index of All Government Agencies Provide Feedback and Comments to Government

  • To get to an organizational directory by the three federal branches, choose from the following branches and organizations. To learn more about government agencies, search the United States Government Manual
    The executive branch is responsible for executing and enforcing the laws of the land. The power of the executive branch is vested in the President White House Executive Office of the President Executive Departments ... and more
    The legislative branch of the federal government consists of the Congress, which makes our laws, and agencies that support Congress.

    51. 1.¹ýÁ¦Ã³¿¡ ¿À½Å°É ȯ¿µÇÕ´Ï´Ù ¢Æ¢Æ¢Æ¢Æ¢Æ¢Æ¢Ã
    Examines legislative bills from the executive branch, and acts to protect citizens from infringements from administrative agencies.

    52. OMB Seal
    Interior and Related agencies, 20.0, 20.0, –0.1. Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, 140.9, 141.8, 0.9. legislative branch, 3.5, 4.0, 0.4.
    Site Search
    (Dollar amounts in billions)
    In billions of dollars: Receipts Outlays Deficit Gross Domestic Product (GDP) As a percent of GDP: Receipts Outlays Deficit
    (Budget authority; dollar amounts in billions)
    Dollar Change Discretionary budget authority: Homeland Security (non-Defense) Department of Defense Other Operations of Government Total, Discretionary budget authority Percent change by category: Homeland Security (non-Defense) Department of Defense Other Operations of Government Total, Percent change Supplementals: Homeland Security Defense and Other War on Terror Non-Defense, non-Homeland Total, Supplemental funding Total, Discretionary budget authority with supplementals Percent change by category with supplementals: Homeland Security (non-Defense) Department of Defense Other Operations of Government Total, Percent change *Less than $0.5 billion.
    (Budget authority; dollar amounts in billions)
    Growth Actual Estimate Average Cumulative Agency Change Percent Agriculture Commerce Defense Education Energy Health and Human Services Homeland Security Housing and Urban Development Interior Justice Labor State Transportation Treasury Veterans Affairs Corps of Engineers Environmental Protection Agency Executive Office of the President General Services Administration International Assistance Programs Judicial Branch Legislative Branch NASA National Science Foundation Small Business Administration Social Security Administration Other Agencies Total, Discretionary Spending

    53. Legislative Branch Resources On GPO Access
    Catalog of us Government Publications Locate Federal agency publications. Federal Agency Internet Sites Search Browse legislative branch Web sites.
    Resources by Topic Education Environment Social Programs Transportation Site Search:
    Ben's Guide
    to U.S.

    Home Page
    Legislative Branch Resources on GPO Access
    Lawmaking Process Congressional Materials
    Legislative Resources and Publications
    Additional Legislative Branch Resources ...

    54. Oklahoma State Government - Legislative Agencies
    Go to Oklahoma Home Page, legislative. Election Board, State. Ethics Commission, Oklahoma. House of Representatives. legislative Service Bureau.
    Legislative Election Board , State Ethics Commission , Oklahoma ... , Oklahoma State Go to Another Category: Agriculture



    Public Safety


    Return to Oklahoma Home Page

    55. The U.S. Legislative Branch
    United States legislative branch. This page has been replaced by http// You will be
    United States
    Legislative Branch

    This page has been replaced by:

    You will be taken there automatically in a few seconds. The Library of Congress Home Page
    Library of Congress Help Desk

    56. United States House Of Representatives - Government Links
    Accounting Office Center for legislative Archives, National Executive branch. Executive Office of the President s Cabinet (Federal agencies) Independent Federal
    Home Committee Offices Leadership Offices Representative Offices ...
    Legislative Branch
    The U.S. Senate Government Printing Office (GPO) Library of Congress (LOC) The Architect of the Capitol ... Center for Legislative Archives, National Archives and Records Administration
    Executive Branch
    Executive Office of the President (White House) The President's Cabinet (Federal Agencies) Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions FirstGov ... FedWorld
    Judicial Branch
    The Federal Judicial Center (FJC) The U.S. Supreme Court
    State/Local Governments
    Links to State/Local Governments
    U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 (202) 224-3121 TTY: (202) 225-1904

    57. U.S. Government Web Sites - Executive Branch Agencies
    outside of the scope of normal legislation, the agencies and QuasiGovernmental agencies Though not officially agencies of the Executive branch, these are
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About U.S. Gov Info / Resources Home Essentials ... Government Sales and Auctions zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); Government Jobs Business and Money Rights and Freedoms Auction and Sales ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About U.S. Gov Info / Resources newsletter. Search U.S. Gov Info / Resources U.S. Government Web Sites Executive Branch of U.S. Government More of this Feature The Three Branches
    Legislative Branch

    Judicial Branch

    Alphabetical Index

    Related Resources Congress Today
    US Military

    The Constitution

    Government Jobs

    Related Products Compare Prices - Buy Safely Online
    Books on US Presidents

    Books on Congress and the Government
    Videos About US Government Books About the US Constitution ... Books About Gun Control Executive Office of the President (EOP) The Executive Office of the President includes the White House and Office of the Vice President, plus offices which work directly with the President in preparation and implementation of major policy. For example, the Office of Management and Budget and National Security Council. Cabinet Level Agencies The agencies of the President's Cabinet were created by Congress and are assigned to oversee specific areas of top-level responsibility.

    58. U.S. Government Documents - Legislative Branch Resources
    734 C762 Butler Reference Indexes the us Serial Set in SuDocs number order, with agency index and JA 36 .I5 - Lehman Reference legislative branch Resources on
    U.S. Government Documents
    Legislative Branch Resources Guides Background Information Indexes, Abstracts, Full Text Bibliographies ... Public Interest/Research Groups
    This is a selective guide to resources at Columbia University Libraries and on the Internet, for conducting research on the U.S. legislative branch and Congress. Most of the items included are available in Lehman Library, either in the U.S. Government Documents collection, Lehman Reference, or the Lehman stacks. For other locations and titles, check CLIO
    Prior to 1976, government documents are mostly located in Butler Library and can be located through the Butler Card Catalog.
    Related guides:
    Congressional , including Campaign Financing , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/campaign.html
    How to Compile a Legislative History
    , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/leghis.html
    The Legislative Process
    , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/legproc.html Access Restrictions : available to current Columbia faculty, staff and students only.
    Congressional Collections at Archival Repositories
    The history of the U.S. Congress is documented in the official records of Congress, the private and personal papers of members of Congress, and many other sources. Official records and some personal papers are located in the National Archives at the

    59. Federal Web Locator - Executive Branch
    FedWebLoc legislative Judicial Executive Independent Quasi Comm Misc . Federal Executive branch. Federal Executive agencies Departments.
    The Federal Executive Branch
    FedWebLoc Legislative Judicial Executive ... Misc
    Federal Executive Branch
    Executive Office of the President
    The White House Office
    Office of Administration ...
    Federal Executive Agencies: Departments
    USDA DOC DOD DoEd ... The Graduate School, U.S. Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Services Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services

    60. Ben's Guide (9-12): Branches Of Government -- The Legislative Branch -- The Powe
    The Constitution grants Congress all legislative powers in the national to investigate and oversee the executive branch and its agencies, such as the
    The U.S. Congress:
    The Powers of Congress The Constitution grants Congress "all legislative powers" in the national government. Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution lists a wide range of congressional powers, including:
    • Coining money. Maintaining a military. Declaring war on other countries. Regulating interstate and foreign commerce
    Congress also controls federal taxing and spending policies—one of the most important sources of power in the government. The Constitution also gives Congress the authority to "make all laws which shall be necessary and proper," an implied source of power sometimes called the Elastic Clause hearings to air grievances of citizens. Congress also holds hearings on matters of general public concern. Sometimes members of Congress conduct these hearings to identify problems that create a need for new laws. In other cases Congress holds hearings to raise public awareness about an issue. There are, however, some congressional powers that are rarely used such as the ability to

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