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21. UW Libraries - Government Publications - U.S. Documents - Legislative Branch
Includes extensive information links about the us Congress, Congressional internet services, legislative branch support agencies, miscellaneous Congressional
The United States Legislative Branch
The United States Congress

Congressional Agencies

The Legislative Process
Other Sources of Congressional Information
The United States Congress
Congressional resources at the University of Washington Libraries

A service of the Library of Congress. Includes extensive information on legislation and congressional committees, as well as links to congressional websites. This is a good place to access the differrent versions of a bill as it makes its way through Congress.
The U.S. House of Representatives

The U.S. Senate
Information about members of Congress - click on the "Members" link. (From CIS Congressional Universe - UW Only Congressional E-Mail Addresses and Web Sites (From the University of Michigan Library Documents Center) Congressional District Maps (From the Congressional Direectory
Maps can be accessed about 3/4 down the page; each state is one page.
Congressional Agencies
The General Accounting Office (GAO)
The Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was abolished in 1995 but a Legacy page provides a complete collection of all OTA publications.

22. Legislative And Executive Branches
the President is the head of the federal executive branch. sign or veto (reject) laws passed by the legislature. over a wide range of agencies and departments
June 10, 2004 Site Search
Supreme Court

Court of Appeals

District Courts

Online Records

Quick Links Directories Child Support Job Postings Site Guide Accessibility Legal Glossary Search Quick Links include other sections of interest not otherwise accessible from the main page.
Site Contents
Branches of American Government Separation of Powers
The governmental system of the United States uses separation of powers checks and balances
Role of the Judicial Branch
Role of the Legislative Branch
state legislature
Iowa General Assembly There is also a national or federal legislature
Role of the Executive Branch Return to For Students Main Page Home Supreme Court Court of Appeals ...
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23. U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Active Legislation
Corporate tax relief for us manufacturers ( Jumpstart Our Business Intelligence agencies, FY2004, HR.2417, PL.108177. legislative branch, HR.2657, PL.108-83.
Active Legislation THOMAS June 7, 2004 This list is updated at least weekly when the Senate is in session.
Click on the section you would like to see:
Agency Authorizations
Program Authorizations Appropriations, FY04 Appropriations, FY05 ... Legend
Active Legislation Listed by Subject or Popular Title in Alphabetical Order
B C D ... J K L M N O ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z A Abortion, "partial-birth," prohibit S.3 P.L.108-105 African-American History Museum, establish H.R.3491 P.L.108-184 Agricultural assistance ( including drought assistance; 117 Stat. 538-547 ) H.J.Res.2 P.L.108-7 AIDS, assistance to Africa H.R.1298 P.L.108-25 Airline industry, financial assistance ( includes unemployment; 117 Stat. 604-609 ) H.R.1559 P.L.108-11 Amber Alert, enhance ( part of the PROTECT Act; 117 Stat. 660-667 ) S.151 P.L.108-21 American Dream Downpayment Act S.811 P.L.108-186 "Anti-Spitzer" amendment SEE: State attorneys general . . . Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, designate a portion as wilderness S.543

24. U.S. Senate: Reference Home > Virtual Reference Desk > Agencies
Bibliography on Resources on the Presidency and Federal agencies (pdf). If you are seeking general information on the Senate, the legislative branch and process
Home Reference Home Virtual Reference Desk
Agencies Agencies are governmental organizations that include Cabinet-level departments, independent bodies, and task forces. Some agencies in the executive branch make rules and regulations, which are published in the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations . Under the Congressional Review Act of 1996 , the Senate can disapprove agency rules and regulations by passing a joint resolution with the House.
Find an Agency
Home Pages Home Pages by Agency Acronym Current Cabinet Members (pdf)

Rules and Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations Federal Register How to Use the Federal Register Review and Comment on Federal Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation. Each title is divided into chapters which usually bear the name of the issuing agency. The Federal Register is a legal newspaper published every business day by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). It contains Federal agency regulations; proposed rules and notices; and Executive orders, proclamations and other Presidential documents.

25. Legislative Branch
Index Search Home Page Executive branch legislative branch Judicial branch Other State Quasi agencies us Congress Federal Offices. legislative branch.
Legislative Branch
Rhode Island General Assembly
Legislative Information

26. Wisconsin Statutes Table Of Contents
13. legislative branch. PDF; 14. Constitutional offices and interstate bodies. PDF; 15. PDF; 758. Judicial branch agencies and committees. PDF. The Family. 765.
Unofficial Text from Updated Database of
As updated through 2003 Wisconsin Act 136
Statutory changes effective prior to March 2, 2004 are printed as if currently in effect. Statutory changes effective on or after March 2, 2004 are designated by NOTES.
(Only Printed Volumes are Official under s. 35.18 (2), Wis. Stats.)
The following list provides links to all of the Chapters of the Wisconsin Statutes. Each underscored number and title is a link to that chapter in Folio format. The underscored "PDF" following each chapter title is a link to the chapter in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to view them. Click here to download a free copy. PDF is best for printing and viewing. Text looks like the official version, but searches can only be performed in single chapters. Folio is best for searching. Text doesn't look like the official printed version. Chapters are listed here under subject matter heads, corresponding to the former Titles, which were eliminated in the 1979 session of the Wisconsin Legislature. Searching by chapter titles for the desired subject matter is not a dependable method for finding all applicable law unless you know the book well, for the specific item you are looking for may not be in the chapter you select.

27. Tour The US Legislative Branch - Tour The White House And Stay Informed With The
The legislative branch consists of very few agencies, but they are The us Government Printing Office (GPO) prints, binds, and distributes the printed and
Tour the US Legislative Branch
Our first stop on our tour through the Legislative Branch will have to be the two houses that make up Congress. The House of Representatives WWW homepage present the same information, but obviously one looks better than the other. From the House WWW page, you can check on the current legislative activity through The Legislative Process . If the bill you were looking at is coming up for a vote, find out when through the day's Schedule . Also available through the House web page are the full text documents of the Declaration of Independance and the Constitution of the United States with Forward, Historical Notes.
The second of the houses is the Senate homepage. Through the Senate Web site, you can view the directories of Senators, their email addresses, and the Senate positions they hold. For those curious about how the Senate works through all of the bills, you can learn about the Senate Committee System and their names. For the history buffs, you can learn about the History of the Senate and the Senate's Legislative Process which differs from the House's.

28. Maryland General Assembly - Legislature
Maryland Manual OnLine - GENERAL ASSEMBLY. 1-800-492-7122 (toll free) web http// legislative branch. agencies. Budget. Calendar.
1-800-492-7122 (toll free)
    Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. President
    State House
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Michael E. Busch Speaker
    State House
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    State House Dome, Annapolis, Maryland (Annapolis Illustrations Collection, MSA SC4314-1-1, Maryland State Archives).
    Caucuses ...
    Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Senate President
    Michael E. Busch
    House Speaker
  • 29. Maryland State Government
    the budget unchanged requests from the legislative and judicial in determining what programs and agencies to fund Also within the Judicial branch are the State
  • Executive Branch
  • Legislative Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Organizational Chart State House (view from Rowe Blvd.), Annapolis, Maryland, 1998. Photo by James Hefelfinger (Hefelfinger Collection, MSA SC 1885-763-3, Maryland State Archives).
    Maryland government is based on a written compact known as the Constitution of Maryland . The State has had four constitutions, each containing a declaration of rights - the State's bill of rights. Maryland's first constitution was adopted during the Revolutionary War in 1776, the second in 1851, and the third in 1864. The fourth and present constitution was adopted in 1867. It consists of a declaration of rights , the Constitution proper, and those amendments ratified to date. The source of all power and authority for governing the State of Maryland lies with its citizens. The Constitution's Declaration of Rights makes clear "That all Government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole; and they have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their Form of Government in such manner as they may deem expedient." (Art. 1) While responsibility for promoting the public interest is vested in specific officers and agencies of State government, actual governing authority remains with the registered voters of Maryland. To vote, a citizen must register with the
  • 30. Bowdoin College Library - Government Documents
    of federal governmentexecutive, legislative and judicial The Executive branch of us government centers departments and multiple independent agencies report to
    government documents united states Introduction Maine ... GovDocs Home
    United States
    Jump to: Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch By Subject By Branch
    The U.S. government disseminates information extensively through the web. Contained in this section are links to some of the major pages from the three branches of federal governmentexecutive, legislative and judicialand sets of links for a few subject areas. For comprehensive access to all U.S. federal government web pages, try the Federal Web Locator or the Government Information Exchange Executive Branch The Executive Branch of U.S. government centers around the office of the President. Cabinet level departments and multiple independent agencies report to the Chief Executive.
    The White House
    Department of Agriculture
    Department of Commerce

    Bureau of the Census
    Department of Defense

    31. State Administrative Rules
    North Dakota legislative branch, Search, Century Code legislative Assembly legislative Council State of all rules of state administrative agencies, as that term
    Quick Links Choose one Information Center Legislative Assembly 59th (2005) Legislative Assembly Legislative Council Legislative Council Meetings State Laws State Agency Rules DiscoverND Information Center Info Links General Latest News Subscription Services State Laws Agency Rules Administrative Agency Rulemaking Notices Administrative Agency Rulemaking Hearings Administrative Code Legislative Links ... Agency Rules
    North Dakota Administrative Code
    Subscription Services The numbering system for the Administrative Code is a four-part number, with each part separated by a hyphen. The first part refers to the title, the second to the article, the third to the chapter, and the fourth to the section. Basically, each agency is listed in alphabetical order and assigned a title number, each division or major administrative area is assigned an article number, each subject area is assigned a chapter number, and each rule is assigned a section number. The decimal point system is used to designate material that has been inserted between two consecutively numbered items. The general authority source note refers to the specific statute authorizing the agency to adopt the rule. The law implemented source note refers to the specific statute implemented by the rule. In some cases, the general authority and the law implemented will be the same. In some cases, source references may be to federal laws or regulations, or to court cases.

    32. Government
    oldest federal investigative law enforcement agencies, was founded in 1865 as a branch of the Thomas legislative Information All about the us Congress
    Reference Resources: Government Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government for Kids Ben's Guide to U.S. Government Pages for Kids A GREAT site for learning about the United States Government; topics by Grade Level Ben's Guide to U.S. Government Pages for Kids - GRADES K-2 Topics include: Our Nation, Your Neighborhood, Ben's ABC'S, Symbols of the United States Government, Games and Activities Ben's Guide to U.S. Government Pages for Kids - GRADES 3-6 Topics include: Our Nation, Historical Documents, Branches of Government, How Laws Are Made, National versus State Government, Election Process, Citizenship, Symbols of U.S. Government, Games and Activities Ben's Guide to U.S. Government Pages for Kids - GRADES 9-12 Topics include: Our Nation, Historical Documents, Branches of Government, How Laws Are Made, National versus State Government, Election Process, Citizenship, Games and Activities, Glossary What is Government?

    33. Site Map
    Federal legislative branch Press Offices. Budget Tax Gates Budget News Updates; Budget Policy Analysis Organizations; Federal Budget agencies Resources; us
    site map NY Wired Home Search NY Wired Site Map
    NY Wired Home Page ... New York State Editorial Pages

    34. Career Center - Career Field - Government
    State agencies and legislators, us Government agencies about local government agencies organized by page, Statewide Offices, legislative branch, Judicial branch
    Career Field - Government
    Specialized Career Center Services


    Resources for Applying to Federal Jobs

    State and Local (City/County)
  • Working for Uncle Sam
    Specialized Career Center Services
    • Events - The Career Center offers many programs including workshops, panels and career fairs that are useful for students interested in careers in government. Search our Calendar for upcoming events.
    • CareerMail - Join the "Nonprofit/Government" mailing list for up-to-date resource, event, job and career information.
    • Counseling Drop-Ins - You may wish to see a career counselor to discuss career planning, internship and/or job search, either by appointment or during our drop in hours.
    • @cal Career Network - Can be used to connect with Cal alumni who are in your career field of interest, whether you are exploring career options or seeking advice about your job search.
    • Information Lab - The Information Lab has a reference collection of print materials on careers with the government - look for relevant titles in our indexes or in the Government section. You may also be interested in the Career Exploration, Internship, Job Search and Graduate School sections of our library.
    • Grad School Information - The graduate school section of the Career Center website provides information and tips.
  • 35. Millersville University, Ganser Library
    Millersville University Helen A. Ganser Library, Library Website Government Resources us Federal legislative branch legislative branch agencies.

    36. Qango : Government: U.S. Government: Legislative Branch: Agencies
    Home Government us Government legislative branch agencies, Suggest a Site. Government, etc. If you would like to suggest a
    Chat Forums Free Email Personals Classifieds ... Help Qango Directory

    all of Qango only this category Options

    Government ... Legislative Branch > Agencies Suggest a Site Government, etc
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    Government U.S. Government ... Legislative Branch > Agencies Suggest a Site Home Suggest a Site Search ... Login

    37. Legislative Agencies
    branch. It is also responsible for administering Ohio s Lobbying Laws and exercises its powers and duties pertaining to legislative Agents, Executive Agency
    Use the links below to visit the web site of the legislative agency.
    Legislative Service Commission (LSC)

    The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC)

    The Office of the Legislative Inspector General (OLIG)

    Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR)
    Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB)
    Legislative Agencies
    Read a description of the legislative agencies:
    Legislative Service Commission
    Joint Legislative Ethics Committee/Office of the Legislative Inspector General Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review Legislative Office of Education Oversight ...
    Legislative Service Commission (LSC)
    The Ohio Legislative Service Commission (LSC) is a statutory agency created in 1953 to provide technical and research services to members of the General Assembly. Among its duties, the LSC is responsible for providing bill drafting, bill analysis, research, training, and other technical services to the General Assembly. It also maintains the Register of Ohio an Internet means of public access to proposed agency rules. As of September 2000, the Legislative Budget Office was merged with the LSC and is now known as the LSC Fiscal Staff. The LSC Fiscal Staff provides members of the General Assembly with state revenue and expenditure estimates, drafting of appropriation bills and amendments, fiscal notes and local impact statements, and general information about governmental fiscal issues.[ top
    Joint Legislative Ethics Committee/Office of the Legislative Inspector General (JLEC-OLIG)
    The Joint Legislative Ethics Committee (JLEC) was established to monitor compliance with Ohio's Ethics Law as it applies to the Legislative Branch. It is also responsible for administering Ohio's Lobbying Laws and exercises its powers and duties pertaining to Legislative Agents, Executive Agency Lobbyists, and their employers. The Office of the Legislative Inspector General (OLIG) is accountable to the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee and is responsible for the actual implementation of the provisions of the Ethics and Lobbying Laws. [

    38. - Access Government 24/7
    , Federal Government. · The White House Executive branch - Other Executive branch agencies/departments · us Congress - legislative branch - Senate - House
    Government 24/7
    Find the Facts Living in ...
    in Vermont
    Phone/Email Directory Calendar Press Releases ... Access Government 24/7 Branches of Government Executive Branch Attorney General (Office of)
    Auditor of Accounts
    (Office of)

    Lieutenant Governor

    Secretary of State
    (Office of)
    (Office of) Agencies/Departments of Executive Branch Legislative Branch Legislative Directory
    Find Your Senator by County

    Find Your Representative by District
    Vermont Statutes ... The State House Judicial Branch Supreme Court Superior Court District Court Family Court ... Environmental Court Local Government Vermont Towns Who's Who in Your Local Government Federal Government The White House - Executive Branch Other Executive Branch agencies/departments U.S. Congress

    39. U.S. Government Agencies - Vanderbilt Library
    than 7,000 federal executive and legislative-branch leadership and of Labor Statistics-principal us federal statistical agencies and international
    U. S. Government Agencies
    Executive branch departments Other agency-related sites
    Bottom of Page Government Information Home Page ... Political Science Home Page
    Executive branch departments
    Other agency-related sites

    40. Kimbel Library--Government Information: Federal
    legislative informationanything associated with the legislative branch of the Departments agencies. Census Bureau http// us demographic data.
    Government Information: Federal [ Federal ] International General Websites Reference Sources
    General Websites
    GPO Access
    National Contact Center of the Federal Citizen Information Center This is a one stop shop service. If your interested in federal government information just go to the 'Federal Directory' link.
    Federal Web Locator Allows users to quickly jump to any federal agency, office, or department. Offers "Quick jumps" to each branch of government. Includes a nice feature that lists all recently added links.
    FirstGov: The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal FirstGov is the official site for US Government information, services, transactions, transactions, and forms.
    THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet This is the source if you are looking for legislative informationanything associated with the legislative branch of the federal government. Look here if you need to find a legislator's e-mail address.
    [Top of Page]
    Bureau of Labor Statistics

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