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  1. Dictionary of business terms: Containing definitions of terms, phrases and abbreviations relating to accounting, banking, bonds, brokerage, business law, ... trusts, and other branches of business by C. Martin Alsager, 1932
  2. A 1930-33 based model for evaluating states' branch banking laws in the U.S.: An article from: Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business by Mohammed Zebib, 1996-06-01
  3. Vermont Branch Captive Law Put To First Test.: An article from: National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Dan Lonkevich, 1999-08-30
  4. The Business of the Supreme Court: A Study in the Federal Judicial System (Library of Liberal Thought) by Felix Frankfurter, James M. Landis, 2006-10-20
  5. Agents agree to work with banks on bill; law would allow interstate branches, limit insurance sales. (insurance agents to work with regional banks): An ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Steven Brostoff, 1992-05-18
  6. Negotiating Flexibility: The Role of the Social Partners and the State
  7. United States Justice System and National Police Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2007-02-07
  8. Minneapolis law firms colonize Iowa. (Faegre & Benson; Dorsey & Whitney law firms expand; open branches in Iowa): An article from: Business Record (Des Moines) by John Chesser, 1991-03-18
  9. American and foreign stock exchange practice, stock and bond trading, and the business corporation laws of all nations, together with local regulations, ... branches or agencies in foreign countries by William John Greenwood, 1921
  10. Myanmar Justice System and National Police Handbook (World Strategic and Business Information Library) by USA International Business Publications, 2007-02-07
  11. Taxation of Branches and Subsidiaries in Western Europe Canada and the USA by Stefan N. Frommel, 1975-10
  12. EC law blocks service by ins. branches. (European Court; Int'l Market Report): An article from: National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by Cynthia Crosson, 1990-07-09
  13. A Treatise on Commercial Law and Business Forms; Designed As a Practical Text Book for Use in All Schools in Which the Commercial Branches Are Taught and As a Book of Reference for the Busy Man
  14. Branch responsibilities and benefits (includes relevant By-Laws, "good standing" protocols, and best practices).: An article from: Peace and Freedom by Gale Reference Team, 2007-09-22

1. Middle Eastern Law - Ali & Partners
Each of these business forms is discussed in permitted to establish wholly owned branches and representative UAE (Article 314 of the Commercial Companies law).

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2. - United States - New - Library - Society - Law - Branches Of Law - Bus
A great resource for United States New - Library - Society - law - branches of law - business law. Find the web s best sites, add

3. - United States - New - Library - Society - Law - Branches Of Law - Bus
A great resource for United States New - Library - Society - law - branches of law - business law - Incorporating - Guides Reference.

4. LookSmart - Directory - Branches Of Law
a copious collection of information on business law, including business structures, taxes maintains this bibliography of resources on this branch of law.
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  • 'Lectric Law Library - Business Law Lounge
    Discover a copious collection of information on business law, including business structures, taxes, hiring and firing, and regulations.
    American Immigration Law Foundation

    Nonprofit organization works to increase public knowledge and understanding of immigration law. Peruse educational resources and related links.
    Criminal Law

    Presents links to topics including civil rights, remedies and controlled substances.
    FindLaw - Health Law

    Directory of health law includes legislation, government resources, organizations, publications and mailing lists. Intellectual Property Law Server Comprehensive directory conveys news, articles and links about intellectual property. Partake in surveys, get event info and enter into forums. Legal Information Institute - Constitutional Law Guide presents the US and state constitutions, the text of significant federal and state court decisions, and constitutional documents from other countries.
  • 5. Middle Eastern Law - Ali & Partners
    Chamber of Commerce. Oman law. DOING business IN OMAN. I. ENTERING THE OMANI MARKET. The Commercial Code of Oman (The Code) (Royal Decree No. that should be taken into account when calculating the corporate income tax of Omani branches of foreign corporations

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    7. Directory | Business | Law | Branches Of Law Submission Page - Add URL
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    8. Resource Center - Comparative And Foreign Law
    the government, legal professonals, and researching Indonesian law and business legislation online executive, judicial and legislative branches, areas of law from banking to tax
    Navigation Advanced Search Law Pro Links LLRX Buzz LLRX Top 10 Meta Links Newstand Research Guide Resource Centers - Document Delivery - Comparative and Foreign Law - International Law - Intranets/Knowledge Management - Marketing - Search Engines Editor Sabrina I. Pacifici Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Mirela Roznovschi , co-editor
    International Law Resource Center
    LLRX Articles Links Books ... News LLRX Articles Algeria Argentina Asia Australia ... International Commercial Arbitration: Locating the Resources (Revised) - by Jean M. Wenger
    Published May 24, 2004
    Jean M. Wenger's comprehensive guide provides references to print and online resources representing over three dozen areas, including: Major Works and Publications, Treaties and Conventions, Arbitral Institutions, Specialized Arbitration, and Locating Literature and Resources. International Trade in Agricultural Products: A Research Guide - by Lee Peoples
    Published April 11, 2004
    Lee Peoples' guide on researching international agricultural law includes documentation and links on intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, treaties and agreements, dispute resolution, customs, tariffs, domestic trade law and policy, and statistics. Legal Protection of Cultural Property: A Selective Resource Guide - by Louise Tsang
    Published April 11, 2004

    9. Galaxy Directory : Forensic And Law < Branches < Psychology < Social Sciences
    Galaxy Social Sciences Psychology branches Forensic and law Find local law at Find local business listings at, the

    10. Case Law School
    legal discipline, tax law informs an entrepreneur's choice of business entity, the structure administrative law and policy, and the interaction of all three branches of government

    For Prospective Students


    Career Development

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    Raymond Shih Ray Ku , Professor of Law and Associate Director, Center for Law, Technology, and the Arts
    read more

    Case Law Professors Help Iraq Train NDW Iraqi Judiciary
    Forty-eight defense attorneys from Iraq risked their lives as they traveled by twos in unmarked cars as protection against sniper fire along the war-torn route to the Baghdad airport to reach their flight to the United Arab Emirate of Dubai. At the end of their journey, they were met by Melissa Waters, a visiting professor at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law. read more Law School Commencement It is the day that all students look forward to after years of hard work and dedication: graduation. On Sunday, May 16, 2004, proud parents, family members, and friends congregated on the Case School of Law campus to celebrate as the Class of 2004 received their diplomas. read more Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Launches Summer Study Abroad Program In June 2005, Case School of Law, together with Washington University School of Law, will launch the Summer Institute for Global Justice at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

    11. AMNews: Nov. 10, 2003. Band Of Brothers Branches Out In Business ... American Me
    Band of brothers branches out in business. business Pitch. Making sidelines pay Doctors who branched out Names Ronald law, MD, Dennis law, MD, Christopher law
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    American Medical News
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    Band of brothers branches out in business
    Four physician brothers join to develop a variety of extra partnerships.
    By Katherine Vogt AMNews staff. Nov. 10, 2003. Making sidelines pay
    Doctors who branched out beyond running their practice tell why they did it, how they did it, and what you should know before you do it. Contribute Names: Ronald Law, MD, Dennis Law, MD, Christopher Law, MD, Jeremy Law, MD Specialties: Cardiology (Ronald), general and thoracic surgery (Dennis), plastic surgery (Christopher), orthopedic surgery (Jeremy). Location: Denver. With this article See related content Businesses: Global Pacific Properties Inc., a real estate operating company that owns, develops and manages commercial properties. A second business, Holiday Creations Inc., makes seasonal products such as holiday lights and ornaments. A third business, Four Brothers Entertainment, owns The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, a theater. Revenues: Global Pacific has a net worth of more than $100 million. Dr. Ronald Law declined to provide exact figures about Holiday Creations, saying only that it has annual revenues of "many millions of dollars."

    12. Lex Mundi: Doing Business In Argentina Argentin.htm
    InterAm Database. National law Center for InterAmerican Free Trade. LEX MUNDI. DOING business IN ARGENTINA. Prepared by. Marval, OFarrell Mairal. Argentina. NOVEMBER, 1995 In the past, branches were more heavily taxed than subsidiaries; currently, both branches and SAs are subject abides by the law in the day-to-day business. In the case
    Subscription Information Documents on Demand User's Guide NLCIFT Homepage ... Email us InterAm Database National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade LEX MUNDI DOING BUSINESS IN ARGENTINA Prepared by Argentina NOVEMBER, 1995 The information contained in this publication is given by way of general reference only and is not to be relied upon. No responsibility will be accepted by the authors or publishers for any inaccuracy or omission or statement which might prove to be misleading. You are advised to seek your own professional advice before proceeding to invest or do business in Argentina. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. THE CONSTITUTIONAL AND POLITICAL SYSTEM II. RECENT POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC DATA III. THE FOREIGN INVESTMENT REGIME A. International Treaties B. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction C. Argentine Foreign Investment Law 1. Major Considerations 2. Monetary Policy and Foreign Exchange D. Investment Protection and Promotion VI. INVESTMENT CORPORATE VEHICLES 1. The Sociedad Anónima ("SA") V. THE TAX REGIME

    13. CHAPTER 5 : Commercial Law
    or on foreign ownership, within limits set by law. the legal form of a foreign business entity roughly the foreign firm may establish branches in Switzerland.
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    CHAPTER 5 : Commercial Law
    I. Types of Business Entities Under the Swiss Code of Obligations, a business entity can be established using any one of the following forms :
    Limited Liability Company
    1) Corporation
    The corporation, which is the most popular form of legal entity in Switzerland, is formed under a company name that is followed by the words "Société Anonyme" or the abbreviation SA. It requires a minimum of CHF 100,000 of capital stock which is divided into shares. Transferability of shares depends on the type of shares issued by the corporation. Bearer shares may be transferred by conveyance of the share certificates. Shares registered in the owner’s name must additionally either be endorsed or assigned, depending on the provisions of the corporate bylaws. These provisions may set forth material restrictions on the transfer of registered shares, such as limits on total holdings or on foreign ownership, within limits set by law. The range of possible transfer restrictions is wider for non-quoted shares than for quoted shares. Shareholders are not personally liable for the corporation’s debts. The corporation may claim payments from shareholders only if, and to the extent that, their shares are not fully paid in.

    14. Invest In Germany: Business Guide To The Location
    branches are defined by national law as being “every fixed business establishment or installation that serves the purposes of an entrepreneur”.

    15. Invest In Germany: Economic Facts About The Location
    management, accounting system and ist own business assets. This obligation to register only arises for independent branches. in the eyes of the tax law, it is
    Business start-up General Legal aspects for foreign entrepreneurs How to register the new company Labour and residence law for foreigners Special conditions ...
    the current page.
    Business start-up

    There are a number of possibilities of investment in Germany for interested parties from abroad.
    Various possibilities of investment
    A point particularly worthy of mention here is the fact that there is no specific investment legislation in Germany. Foreign investors are treated in exactly the same way as German investors. The following forms of investment are particularly interesting:
    • founding of a company, either as exclusive ownership or with national and foreign partners purchase of an existing company purchase of shares in a company founding of a joint venture provision of funds for the companies, branch offices or business premises with investment resources or subsidies, or extending of loans.
    Legal forms
    All legal forms of businesses covered by the commercial law are available to foreigners when setting up a company in Germany. German company law distinguishes between companies limited by shares (limited liability companies, joint stock companies and partnerships limited by shares) and partnerships (general partnerships, limited partnerships, dormant partnerships). When founding or purchasing companies subject to German law, foreigners are subject to exactly the same regulations as German nationals.
    The most widespread corporate form in the Federal Republic of Germany is the limited liability company (GmbH). The legal foundation for this is the GmbH law. The GmbH is an incorporated company with its own legal corporate body. Its shareholders have a capital stake in the subscribed capital divided into original shares without having to accept personal liability for the company’s debts.

    16. Business Week Online: Personal Investing
    to head with smaller banks to compete for your business. ESign law), passed in 2000, is another law that is at their Web sites that they do in their branches.
    Online Banking
    Banks as supermarkets

    Account aggregation

    Electronic funds transfer

    Buying CDs online

    Money market mutual funds
    Brokerage accounts

    Banks as supermarkets The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 blurred the distinction between banks, brokerages and insurance companies. The law repealed major sections of the Glass-Steagall Act, a law passed in 1932 to keep financial institutions from consolidating their reach.
    As a result of the 1999 law, banks may acquire, establish or affiliate with brokerages and insurance companies to offer customers a wider range of financial services and products. In addition to loans and deposits, banks today offer brokerage accounts , insurance, annuities and other retirement investments. Because of their newfound reach, some of the largest of these institutions are referred to as bank supermarkets
    Whether your bank is one of these supermarkets or the same community bank you've been using for years, Gramm-Leach-Bliley is likely to continue to shape the landscape of banking, brokerage and insurance for years to come. Gramm-Leach-Bliley also took steps to protect your privacy. The law requires banks and other financial institutions to clearly disclose their

    17. ...::: Dubai Development & Investment Authority :::...
    from the 51% law are available Where the law requires 100 In respect of foreign companies registering branches or a The seven legal structures for business are
    Home News Events Contact us ... Site Map
    Legal Structure for Business:
    The Commercial Companies Law which governs the operations of foreign business stipulates a total local equity of no less than 51% in any commercial company and defines seven categories of business organization that can be established in the UAE. Other requirements of the Law determine minimal capital contributions, the number of directors and shareholders and incorporation procedures as well as provisions concerning mergers and dissolution or conversion of companies. Exemptions from the 51% law are available
    • Where the law requires 100% local ownership; In free zones including Jebel Ali Free Zone; Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai International Financial Center In activities open to 100% AGCC ownership; Where wholly owned AGCC companies enter into partnership with UAE nationals; In respect of foreign companies registering branches or a representative office in Dubai;

    the limited liability company and the branch of a is in charge of the management of the business of the the corporation acts in accordance with the law and the
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    January 31, 2000 There are basically three kinds of legal entities by means of which commercial activi-ties can be carried out in Argentina: the corporation, the limited liability company and the branch of a foreign company. Other types created by statute will not be covered in this report due to its little practical use. 1. Stock company ("S.A.")
    The stock company ("sociedad anónima") is the most commonly used legal entity in Argentina for the development of all kinds of activities and businesses. Stock companies have the following principal characteristics: * Shareholders: there must be a minimum of two. They can be foreign companies, or individuals of any nationality or residence. Their liability is limited to full payment of the stock subscribed by each shareholder. * Shares: the capital is represented by shares. Shares must be nominative, non - en-dorsable and may or may not be represented in titles (the latter being uncertificated shares). Issuance and ownership of uncertificated shares arises from the records on the shares registry book. * Capital: a capital of at least US$ 12,000 is required. A minimum of 25% of such capital must be paid in at the time of incorporation, and the remaining within the next two years, if cash is paid in consideration for the stock. When the consideration for the stock is other than cash, the subscriptions must be fully paid in.

    is currently providing counseling to business people on branches and Representative Offices do not fall under this to be legal entities under the Russian law.
    Setting Up a Business in Russia
    August 2002 Author: Marina Parshukova, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Embassy Moscow Summary. The following report provides updated information on the business registration forms and procedures for foreign companies in Russia. Depending on the purpose of doing business in Russia, U.S. business people may open a branch of a company, accredit (register) a representative office, or set up a company. The report explains differences in the legal status of the above entities and describes the registration procedure for each. Contact information can be provided by CS Moscow on request. End summary.
    Basic Business Registration Issues
    Business registration in Russia is regulated by the following basic laws and Government resolutions:
    The 1999 Federal Law “On Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation”,
    The 1999 Civil Code,
    The August 8, 2001 Federal Law “On State Registration of Legal Entities” (entrepreneurs),
    The Russian Government Resolution No. 319 “On Authorized Federal Entity of the Executive Power, Providing State Registration of Legal Entities” of May 17, 2002, and
    a number of legal acts.

    A majority of the members constitutes a quorum for business, and an any board of law library trustees may establish and maintain branches of the law library
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    Article 1. Boards of Law Library Trustees Article 2. Law Library Funds Article 3. Duties and Powers of Boards Article 4. General Provisions
    There is in each county of this State a board of law library trustees, which governs the law library established for the county under the provisions of this chapter.
    6301. A board of law library trustees is constituted as follows:
  • In a county where there are no more than three judges of the superior court, each of such judges is ex officio a trustee; in a county where there are more than three judges of the superior court, the judges of the court shall elect three of their number to serve as trustees. However, where there are no more than three judges of the superior court, the judges may at their option select only one of their number to serve as a trustee, and in such event they shall appoint two additional trustees who are members of the bar of the county.Any judge who is an ex officio or elected member may at his option designate a member of the bar of the county to act for him as trustee.
  • In a county with no more than two municipal and justice courts the judges of such court or courts shall elect one of their number to serve as trustee. In a county with three or more municipal and justice courts the judges of such courts may elect two of their number to serve as trustees.
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