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41. Legal Links
Academic Advising Liability · 2 Items Advising legal issues a Primer; Alabama ·1 Items Education and law. EEOC · 8 Items DOL EEOC - age Discrimination; EEO
Legal Links for College and University Attorneys Compiled and maintained by Bill Woodward Please send comments, corrections, additions, etc. to This site is not connected with, authorized by, sponsored by, nor approved by the University of Alabama System or the University of Alabama in Huntsville in any way and makes no representations of any affiliation with either. These links are arranged by categories. Any category with an entry reflecting the number of entries can be collapsed by left clicking on the category description and expanded by left clicking on that description again. Clicking on a link under a category will take you to a table entry which restates the entry's name under the heading "Subject" and has a corresponding entry entitled "Document" on the right. Under the Document heading will always be a link which you may left click on to go to the location. In many cases, under that link will be a short description of what is available at that link. Above the "Subject" entry will be an entry "Top" which returns you to the link from which you came. It may also contain entries for "Next" and "Previous" which allow you to navigate through the table entries without returning the category listing. All of the links and descriptions are on a single page. While this makes the initial download take longer, it allows you to

42. Right To Privacy In The Workplace In The Information Age
challenge to our legislators, judges and legal system requiring to the new technologyor the old law does not whether the newlycreated privacy issues may be
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Click Here to Order Right to Privacy in the Workplace in the Information Age
As traffic on the "information superhighway" continues to explode a number of substantive questions about the use and abuse of these information networks arises. One issue of primary concern is whether the current law provides adequate protection for the individual's right to privacy in the workplace from threats posed by computer technology, electronic eavesdropping, video and sound recording equipment, and databases filled with personal information. What are the ramifications for an employees' right to privacy in the workplace? Does an employer have the right to search an employee's computer files or review the employee's electronic mail ("E-mail")?
The Right to Privacy
The right to privacy plays a unique role in American law and society. Privacy, although not explicitly protected by the Constitution, is considered a core value by most Americans. It has also taken on multifarious meanings so that it no longer conveys one coherent concept. Privacy rights, guaranteeing an individual's right to a private life, find their authority in the Constitution, state constitutions, federal and state statutes, and tort law judicial decisions.
When the framers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they specifically addressed that day's most pressing privacy fears: (1) that government would search one's home whenever it desired and (2) the quartering of troops in the home. The framers, however, were unable to address future changes in technology and the myriad of privacy concerns that have evolved as new technologies permeated their way into our society. Therefore one must ask whether the law protecting the right to privacy has evolved with the new technologies to ensure the vitality of the Fourth Amendment.

43. Answer A Question
legal advice, but general information related to legal issues commonly encountered Thissite is subject to these legal terms and conditions employment law forums.

44. Multimedia & Software Law Publications
The update incorporates 97 taxlaw changes and estimates of may be of utmost relevanceto Digital-age publishers, hoping for Multimedia - Top Ten legal issues
Featured articles cover six areas. Last updated: 3 April 2000 Guides and Industry Reports for Entrepreneurs and Investors Software Distribution, Exporting, and Licensing Electronic Commerce Intellectual Property: Watching Significant Trends Telecommunications Law
Content here could be your richest resource for business on the Internet, as all sorts of new laws continue to address the on-line frontier. NEWS TIED TO PUBLICATIONS: first It would be illegal to crack through encryption technology or digital wrappers around material to prevent copying. Historically, it was a crime only on misuse of information by illegally copying and redistributing a work. A ccess YOU MAY REQUEST FOR AN Y ARTICLE BELOW.
Electronic Commerce
Global Electronic Commerce At The Millennium: Legal Issues Electronic Commerce: On-Line Contracting Issues An Introduction to Hot Issues in Electronic Commerce
Guides and Industry Reports for Entrepreneurs and Investors
Guide to Starting a California Corporation Legal Aspects of Entering Foreign Markets: Pitfalls and Safeguards Legal Strategies for Striking Deals for the Software Industry
'97 tax-law changes and estimates of costs
Legal Environment for Broadband Interactive Services Multimedia and the Superhighway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake?

45. Article 2B Issues: Meeting The Information Age
Part 2 describes several issues that merit special attention 2B assumes that a roleof contract law is to produces a preference for background legal rules that
ARTICLE 2B ISSUES: MEETING THE INFORMATION AGE Raymond T. Nimmer Draft Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) provides a template for modern commercial contracting involving information and related intellectual property rights. It contemplates a new article of the UCC dealing with licenses of information and software contracts. Part 1 of this memorandum provides background on the project. Part 2 describes several issues that merit special attention. Part 1: Evolution and Themes This project began at the recommendation of an ABA Study Committee. A subsequent study committee of NCCUSL proposed a separate article of the UCC. In 1992, representatives of the software industry objected. A second study committee was appointed. Later, a Special Committee on Software Contracts was created. This Special Committee was folded into the Article 2 Committee. The Article 2 Committee concluded that it should develop a "hub and spoke" concept for Article 2 under which licensing and sales would be treated in separate chapters of revised Article 2, both chapters being subject to general contract law principles stated in the "hub" of the revised article. During this period of discussion, industry groups concluded that treatment of contracts affecting their industries within the UCC was

46. Legal Issues
required of all foreigners over age 20 who is promptly notified by Korean law enforcementofficials of the Embassy cannot assist with legal representation, we

American Citizen Services

Non-Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas

Consular Home

Most Popular Services
U.S. Passports

Report of Birth

Child's First Passport

Adding Passport Pages
... Map and Hours Services Notarial Services Vital Records Tax Information Social Security ... Emergency Evacuation Living in Korea Driving in Korea Teaching English Korean Pension Dual Citizens ... Useful Links/Addresses
Legal Problems Encountered by American Citizens in Korea Consular officers are not lawyers, and are not permitted to give legal advice. We suggest that a competent attorney be consulted when legal problems arise. A list of local attorneys who speak English is available below. However, we offer this web page as an overview of local law, as well as a source of information on common problems and concerns.
U.S. military personnel and dependents covered by the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) should refer to their military legal assistance offices for information.
U.S.-Korean Law Differences

47. Law & Legal Issues: Maryland Law - Subject Guides - Enoch Pratt Free Library, Ba
provides answers for how long it takes to obtain a license, where to obtain a license,what are the age requirements and law legal issues Maryland law

48. Suffolk University Law School : Advanced Legal Studies
Title Practical Copyright issues in a Digital age. Developments in Publishing; RecentLegal and Business Sixth Annual High Technology law Conference Managing

limitations relating to age and gender related issues Critial examination of commonlaw cases relating to the beginning and end of life - legal concept of
Status: VALIDATED Level: 3 Credits: 20 Supervisor name Anjilay Ungoed-Thomas Catalogue entry Recent legislation has made some effort to clarify issues related to when life begins and ends but it also created further controversy, thus encouraging further debate. The question of who receives treatment is addressed in common law but even the courts are hesitant in influencing these decisions. The aims of this module are to provide opportunity for the students to be more critically aware of legal developments relating to the beginning and end of life and to examine, analyse and evaluate legal provision that informs healthcare decisions. Other restrictions or requirements Pre-Requisite IPH3149 or eqivalent experience Aims Recent legislation has made some effort to clarify issues related to when life begins and ends but it also created further controversy, thus enforcing further debate. The question of who receives treatment is addressed in common law but even the courts are hesitant in influencing these decisions.
The aims of this module are to provide opportunity for the students to be more critically aware of legal developments relating to the beginning and end of life and to examine, analyse and evaluate legal provision that informs healthcare decisions.

50. MurthyDotCom : Family-Related Immigration Issues
Can Do For You At The law Office of petitioning relative regarding the documentationrequirements and legal issues. Posted Oct 25, 2002 INS issues Policy on
Nonimmigrant : The U.S. has provisions for certain visa holders to bring dependents (their spouses and children) on accompanying visas. These dependent visas do not allow for the same privileges as the primary visa or status. Family-Based Immigration ranges from bringing in immediate relatives of U.S. citizens (spouse and minor, unmarried children and parents) to "preference" relatives in several categories (unmarried sons and daughters of green card holders and U.S. citizens, married sons and daughters of citizens, and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens).
What We Can Do For You : At The Law Office of Sheela Murthy, we can consult with you on your options and help you to plan ahead. We can advise both the beneficiary and the petitioning relative regarding the documentation requirements and legal issues. We can prepare and submit the necessary paperwork for the USCIS and Department of State. We can also help in preparation for the USCIS or consular interview and, if you are in our local area, one of our attorneys can represent you at the interview.
I-485 Processing Times Vary
Posted May 28, 2004

51. Indian Law - India Legal Issues - Foreign Marriage - ShaadiTimes
legal issues. Give Notice If a man who is Indian, a bachelor, above the age of twentyone Refusal And Appeal If the marriage is prohibited by any law in force in
Select Country Australia Bahrain Canada China France Germany Indonesia Italy Japan Kenya Kuwait Malaysia Philippines Qatar Russian Fed. Saudi Arabia Singapore Thailand UAE UK USA Others
A relationship and wedding portal by
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Legal Issues
Marriages of citizens of India outside India
The Legislation has made provision for Indian Citizens to marry in countries outside India, by enacting an Act called “The Foreign Marriage Act 1969’’. The rules of the Act are as below:
Give Notice
If a man who is Indian, a bachelor, above the age of twenty one, living in a foreign country or on a foreign ship which is in the territorial waters outside of India, desires to marry a spinster girl either Indian or a foreigner, not being a girl within the degree of prohibited relationship (related by blood) and if both man and woman are neither idiots or lunatics and are capable of giving valid consent to marriage, they may give Notice of their intended marriage to such “Marriage officer” appointed by the Central Government in the Country of their residence. The Marriage Officer may be Diplomatic representative in the Embassy or High Commission or Consulate as the case may be.
To Whom And How
The Notice is to be given in writing in the specified Form One of the parties to the intended marriage should have resided in that place (country - city) for at least thirty days prior to the Notice of marriage. The Marriage Officer shall have such notice published in his own office and in India and the country in which the parties are ordinarily resident.

52. ITPRC - Miscellaneous
on legal issues in the information age; International Journal Bytes A publicationof the law Firm of Ford, LLP Periodic updates of legal issues affecting the
Miscellaneous Links Search The ITPRC:
Career Management
Book Sites

Job Databases

Job Boards

Training and Certification

Data Link

Content Networking

... Wireless Operations ISP Resources Network Management Network Security Other Guides Humor Link of the Week Miscellaneous Newsletter Archive Auctions/Market Places/Buyer's Guides

53. YSC - Teenage Drinking Legal Issues
The legal blood alcohol level was reduced, and penalties were failed to notice isthe developing law or perhaps has decided that persons under the age of 21
of Upper St. Clair Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania YSC Home Page Parenting Resources - Drug and Alcohol Page USC Home Page Teenage DrinkingYou Can't Afford It We have all seen the public service billboards along the highways with the message "DUIYou can't afford it." Most of us have long since received and understood the message as to the costs and consequences of driving under the influence, which derive from a governmental effort in the early 1980's to reduce the incidence of drunken driving. The "legal" blood alcohol level was reduced, and penalties were made more stringent, and in some aspects, mandatory.In earlier times, an arrest for driving while intoxicated was often reduced to "reckless driving" at the magistrate level. This is no longer the case. A related phenomenon that many of us may have failed to notice is the developing law or perhaps specter of civil liability for underage drinking. Our state government has decided that persons under the age of 21 are incapable of handling alcohol.While we should accept this determination and protect our children out of a sense of love and concern for their safety, sometimes we are motivated by the "bottom line." Accordingly, we need to be aware of what items, including potentially "big ticket items" may go into establishing that ultimate economic cost. Considerable impetus for civil liability came from a 1983 Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision involving an 18-year-old driver who had attended an employer-sponsored Christmas party where alcohol was furnished.The 18-year-old consumed alcohol, and on his way home from the party, caused a motor vehicle accident.The employer was held to be civilly liable for monetary damages resulting from that accident on the basis of Pennsylvania law, which makes it a

54. Untangling The Web--Disability Links
lesson plans, behavior management, teaching, inclusion, law, freebies, research frombirth to school age to acquire as they come up, legal issues, and other
Where can I go to get information about disabilities?
Untangling the Web
Your complete listing of disability information on the Web
Steven L. "Speed" Fullmer, Ed. D., age 48, died of cancer August 21, 1998. He was the founder of the award-winning Untangling the Web . As a Research Assistant Professor in the International Center for Disability Information at West Virginia University, he published scholarly research articles and book chapters. He was a world-class guitar musician. He is missed by his many friends and colleagues.
Charting the Course: Accommodating and Employing People with Disabilities
The 2004 Job Accommodation Network Symposium will be Monday and Tuesday, September 20-21, 2004 in Orlando, FL. This page was last edited on May 7, 2004 . Some web pages may not be available due to network traffic or may no longer be in operation.
Disability-Related Resources Menu
General Information Resources
These links are for sites that provide information on multiple disabilities or disability issues. These include organizations and vendors as well as personal pages.

55. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company - Tobacco Issues - Florida Tobacco Laws
can verify whether a person is of legal age to purchase but is not intended to providelegal advice or to be complete representations of state law, which may

56. Gilbert + Tobin Centre Of Public Law - Centre Home
Centre Director writes for the age, Courier Mail and the Sydney structural legalreform, such as human rights, Indigenous legal issues and electoral law.
imgBG = new Image imgBY = new Image imgBG.src="n_button.gif" imgBY.src="n_button2.gif"
The University of New South Wales Sydney Australia
Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law
Centre Home
Centre Home
People Industry Partners Projects ... Faculty of Law
** Visit our Bills of Rights Electoral Law International Law
and Treaty Resource Pages ** ** Visit our Terrorism and War Archive
of National Terrorism Forum**
N e w s
for a Forum on Australia's First Bill of Rights to be held on 1 July 2004 [PDF File: 630 KB] The 2005 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner will be held on Friday 18 February 2005 (brochure to follow) Submission made by Bryan Mercurio to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Free Trade Agreement Ben Golder writes in E Law on the Homosexual Advance Defence Submission made to Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters on disclosure of donations to political parties and candidates Devika Hovell writes in the Sydney Morning Herald on
Australia's legal obligations in relation to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners Centre Director appears before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee in its inquiries into the Republic and the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2004 Treaty Project Issues Paper No 3 now available on Native Title and the Treaty Debate: What's the Connection? [PDF file: 2 MB]

57. About Crime And Punishment
You are here About News issues Crime / Punishment. Jackson Additional informationand related articles Crime Abducted Atona Burnett age 4 Abducted Thursday
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Crime / Punishment Home Essentials ... MICHAEL JACKSON zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); Current Cases Past Crimes and Criminals Issues and Controversies Courtroom and Forensics ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Crime / Punishment newsletter. Search Crime / Punishment From Bill Bickel
Your Guide to Crime / Punishment
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Terry Nichols (Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator)

Jury deliberations for the penalty phase began today (Wednesday). Nichols could be sentenced to death, after being convicted last month on 161 counts of first-degree murder.
Wednesday June 09, 2004
Eric Rudolph
Citing the amount of information that needs to be studied, the defense is requesting that Rudolph's trial for the fatal bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama abortion clinic, currently scheduled to begin August 2, be postponed until June of 2005. The prosecution objects, arguing that because so much time has passed since the bombing (Rudolph, who will also eventually face trial for the fatal bombing at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, was a fugitive for over 5 years) three potential prosecution witnesses have already died.
Of course, the defense might be seeing this as a plus...

58. Division For Public Education Mission Statement Goal 2
public forums on cuttingedge topics and issues, along with on, and discussion about,the importance of law and its to, and understanding of, the legal system.
You currently do not have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.
The ABA website relies on JavaScript for display purposes.
To fully experience the ABA site, please enable javascript.
To stimulate public awareness of, and dialogue about, law and its role in society. Strategies a. To convene public forums and conduct annual commemorations and campaigns about law and the role of the legal profession in society. b. To publicize programs, resources, and recognition mechanisms to diverse public constituencies. c. To market effectively the ABA Division for Public Education's programs and resources to diverse public constituencies. d. To promote public awareness of the ABA's role in educating the public about law and legal issues. "A We need broad-based efforts to stimulate public awareness and engage citizens in dialogue about law and legal issues and the role they play in a law-based democratic society. Accordingly, public education about law is critical to effective citizenship and the maintenance of a free and democratic society. The American Bar Association has long recognized this. "Education," the great Swedish sociologist and economist Gunnar Myrdal emphasized, "has in America’s whole history been the major hope for improving the individual and society." The ABA’s commitment to public education about law is consistent with that insight. With the approach of the 21st century, the realities of the information age in which Americans live make the need for public education about law that much more compelling. To meet current and future challenges, the ABA seeks to capitalize on its strengths, build on its past accomplishments and current activities, and vigorously search out more effective ways to promote public understanding of law and its role in our dynamic and increasingly diverse society.

59. ALA | Copyright
legal principles and technological capabilities are constantly challenging each PIRATEAct. S.2237 amends Copyright law to allow the Copyright issues Site Map.
Washington Office


Civil Liberties, Intellectual Freedom and Privacy
... Issues
Congress Needs To Hear From You NOW! H.R. 107: Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act of 2003
H.R. 4077: Piracy and Deterrence and Education Act of 2004
Click on the "Action" button to go to learn more.
Last update: 24 May
  • (pdf file)
To get the text of Senate or House bills, go to the "Thomas" Web site:
], and enter the bill number in the Search window.
May 18, 2004:
AFFECT sends a letter to the sponsor of the UCITA legislation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Bill # 25-0198 was introduced by Sen. Lorraine Berry as part of an omnibus crime bill.
May 13:
testimony pdf file
March 31:
March 31: March 29:
ALA, ARL, AALL and SLA sent comments to the U.S. Trade Representative regarding the proposed U.S.-Andean Free Trade Agreement and the U.S.- Panama Free Trade Agreement. [See: Bi-Lateral Free Trade Agreements March 26: Sen. Biden (DE-D) introduced S. 2242, the "Anticounterfeiting Act of 2004," a bill that prohibits trafficking in illicit authentication features, counterfeit documentation and packaging that is attached to or embedded in a record, CD, computer program, motion picture or other audiovisual work or its packaging. This bill is the 2004 version of a similar bill introduced by Sen. Biden in 2003 (S. 731) and is supported by the motion picture and recording industries. March 25: March 2: Rep. Stearns (R-FL) and 18 co-sponsors introduced H.R. 3872, the Consumer Access to Information Act of 2004, a new version of database protection legislation. The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the alternative bill and unfavorably reported out H.R. 3261, the Database and Collections of Information Misappropriation Act that the House Judiciary Committee had already favorably recommended. [See ALAWON

60. Brace Therapy For Osteoarthrisis, Legal Issues In TBI Research, Prosthetic Fitti
active research project identifies and defines unresolved legal and ethical issuesin traumatic Areas of law impacting TBI research are advanced directives
Public release date: 28-Apr-2004
Contact: Judith LaVoie

410-962-1800 x 229
VA Research Communications Service
Brace therapy for osteoarthrisis, legal issues in TBI research, prosthetic fitting
The current issue of the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) covers an array of rehabilitation research from legal and ethical issues relevant to traumatic brain injury research to patient satisfaction and use of braces in treating osteoarthritis to a new liner classification system that will improve the fit of prosthetic limbs. Abstracts from the Third International Conference on Restoration of (wheeled) Mobility in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation are available on-line only. The conference highlights research on manual wheelchair propulsion, orthotics and FES-supported gait, and mobility-related secondary health problems that will help extend treatment and prognosis of SCI rehabilitation. Full-text manuscripts are available, free of charge, on-line at MANUSCRIPTS FEATURED IN VOL. 41, NO. 2 Advance in the development of a retinal prosthesis to restore vision, pg 113

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