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1. Intellectual Property Law And Technology: Copyrights, Trademarks & Patents (tm)
Authors, Distributors and Users , and related links Fair Use in the Digital age USCLibraries Kuester); Findlaw Comprehensive Resource on law, legal issues, etc
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Intellectual Property
Patents Trade Marks
Trade Secrets
... Law and Intellectual Property Why care about intellectual property rights? Why care about intellectual property rights? Isn't it something of interest to the birds... or maybe the attorneys? If you said 'Yes', think again!! Consider the internet provider in Lithuania or the one person startup in Canada who download the contents of your site onto their servers, change the headers, and are deriving commercial benefits from that content. Consider the professor in California or the faculty staff member in the UK who believe that they have all the justifications for copying your publication without attribution or authorization since they are using it only for non-commercial teaching purposes. How about the research lab director at a large northeastern United States university who firmly believes that he is right in making physical copies of your online content on their server for their testing purposes?

2. Financial Services In An Electronic Age: Some Emerging Legal Issues
Financial Services in an Electronic age Some Emerging legal issues. By Alan Gahtan and and general common law principles. Governments have a number of concerns related to the use
Financial Services in an Electronic Age: Some Emerging Legal Issues By Alan Gahtan and Jeff Graham - June 1997 Technology is facilitating the creation of new approaches to service delivery and permitting the introduction of new electronic products. For example, a number of major Canadian financial institutions are now offering financial products and services through the Internet. In many cases, their competitors are scrambling to catch up. Some financial institutions view the Internet as an alternative product delivery channel. For others, including the new Citizens Bank of Canada, a subsidiary of Vancouver Savings Credit Union and ING Direct, the trust company subsidiary of ING Bank (Netherlands), the Internet is a primary delivery channel. No proprietary software or private communication network is necessary. Customers can use industry standard Web browser software and must arrange their own access to the Internet through an Internet service provider. The conduct of financial transactions through the Internet is not likely to displace other more traditional channels anytime soon. However, financial institutions appear to be drawn by two factors. The first is the lower transaction costs associated with transactions conducted electronically as opposed to their branch networks. The second attraction is the demographics of customers who are interested in using the Internet to access financial services. One American study projected that with respect to the banking industry, each Internet customer is likely to be 50-250% more profitable than the average banking customer.

3. EFF "Legal Issues And Policy Cyberspace And The Law" Archive
Amendment Questions in the age of Electronic Networking", article J. Loundy, "Elaw legal issues AFFECTING COMPUTER INFORMATION Heels, "The legal List law-related Resources on the

4. EFF "Legal Issues And Policy: Cyberspace And The Law" Archive
1991 bibliography of computerlaw related materials, especially Amendment Questionsin the age of Electronic J. Loundy, E-law legal issues AFFECTING COMPUTER
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EFF "Legal Issues and Policy: Cyberspace and the Law" Archive Last Updated Thu Mar 13 10:41:40 PDT 2003
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"Access Rights All Power to the Sysop?", article by David Johnson. Excerpt: "Some enlightened sysops will create mechanisms by means of which users can participate in making rules and overseeing their enforcement. Will those sysops prosper in preference to others who act less accountably? Will the existence of checks on arbitrary exercises of raw power help to keep other, external, regulators at bay?"
"The Coming Jurisdictional Swamp of Global Internetworking (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Anonymity)", by Douglas Barnes. Overview of several reasons why anonymity on the Net is a good idea, and a look at the many ways in which a foreign jurisdiction can exercise authority over citizens of other countries.

5. Related Readings: Legal Issues
legal issues. The Case Against Bernie S .com. New Copyright law in Canada. Copyright Licensing agency Ltd. Reassessing the law Review in the age of Cyberspace " Bernard J
Legal Issues The Case Against Bernie S
Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

Coalition for Networked Information

Copicat Project
The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy

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6. IPL Teenspace
restrictive laws, includes stories of agerelated discrimination, and http// site a brief explanation of legal issues, such as
This collection All of the IPL Advanced You are here: Home TeenSpace Issues and Conflicts Law ...
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Resources in this category:
ActionBioscience ActionBioscience aims to "promote bioscience literacy." It contains peer-reviewed articles related to seven bioscience challenges such as biodiversity, the environment, genomics, biotechnology, new frontiers in science, evolution, and education. Many scientific articles are available.
Americans for a Society Free From Age Restrictions "ASFAR is an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the legal civil rights of youth. ASFAR fights the voting age, curfew laws, and other laws that limit the freedom of young people." The site describes various age-restrictive laws, includes stories of age-related discrimination, and includes ways to add stories, and to join the Society.
Children's Rights Law Materials

7. CareerJournal | Legal Concerns -- Legal Issues Related To Jobs And Careers
The law gives EU member countries until 2006 to draft and enact Up until now, mostEU countries have addressed agerelated workplace issues only in
Negotiation Tips Career Indicators Hot Issues Options ... legal concerns
Growing Older May
Cost You Your Job
By M aureen M inehan Too old. Too slow. Too stodgy. Too stubborn. Do any of these phrases apply to you? If you're over the age of 45, your employer may think they do, even if you don't. Throughout Europe, negative stereotypes of workers in their mid-40s and beyond affect the ability of a significant portion of the population to find and keep work. "Older people's skills and experience are going to waste because many employers discriminate against them," says Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern England, a London-based nonprofit organization representing the interests of older Britons. Could this happen to you? Unfortunately, the answer may be yes. Joan Fyfe says she never imagined that her age would prevent her from working, but that's just what happened. Ms. Fyfe, a former quality manager for a British manufacturing company in her fifties, says she was one of eight employees terminated when the company needed to cut costs in 2000. Of the eight, two were 49 years old and six were over 50, she says. When they questioned why they were selected for redundancy over employees with less experience or skill, the group was told they were "too old," Ms. Fyfe says. Ms. Fyfe says she's still astounded by her situation. "Age discrimination is a common phrase, but when it happens to you, it becomes much more real," she says.

8. Prevention Pathways Online Courses - At Any Age, It Does Matter
At Any age, It Does Matter Substance lawyers Inquiries; Visits by law Enforcement;Responding legal issues related to Internet Pharmacies; Conclusion; References;
@import "../style_courses.css"; This site looks best when viewed with a 5.0 or higher browser, but will work in any browser. Why should you upgrade? CONTENTS Table of Contents
  • Overview Recognizing Alcohol Misuse and Abuse in Older Adults ...
    At Any Age, It Does Matter:
    Substance Abuse and Older Adults (for Professionals)
    Table of Contents
    Module 1: Overview
    Module 2: Recognizing Alcohol Misuse and Abuse in Older Adults
    Module 3: Alcohol and Aging
    Module 4: Diagnosing Alcohol Problems in Older Adults
    Module 5: Recognizing Other Forms of Substance Abuse
    Module 6: Prevention and Early Intervention Strategies
    Module 7: Treatment
    Module 8: Outcomes and Cost Issues in Alcohol Treatment
    Module 9: Legal and Ethical Issues
  • 9. Legal Gambling Age - Only Gamble
    wa state state chart state old age pension uk g45964.surinkuk_html legal issues relatedto online gambling legal issues related News and Links for UK law

    10. Computers And The Law
    the law Review in the age of Cyberspace law and the Internet Emerging legal issues by Daniel J law Lists by Lyonette LouisJacques law-related listservs and
    Internet Law Library
    Computers and the law
    Internet Law Library Home Page Your Comments Please!

    Your Institution

    11. Legal Counsel For The Elderly
    Try other sources first to refine searches on elder housing issues. vast site is morethan a legal resource but Elder law, Advocacy and Other agerelated Sites.
    A University of Alabama Law School Clinical Program funded in part by West Alabama Planning and Development Council Advance Health Care Decisions Powers of Attorney and Living Trusts Wills, Trusts, Estates Guardianships and Conservatorships ...
    Identity Theft
    Alabama Links State of Alabama (Alaweb)
    Directory and links to all state government agencies and other state resources: Area Agencies on Aging
    There are 13 AAoAs in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Senior Services site includes a list of regional governmental planning agencies and AAoAs, with their Directors, addresses and access numbers. Alabama Bar Association
    The state bar can provide the names of members of the Elder Law Section and other specialty sections. The Bar also has a Lawyer Referral Service for residents who need legal advice and do not know an attorney. Telephone 1-800-392-5660, or on the web:

    12. Copyright Law In The Digital Age
    and link to other sites related to copyright issues. three phrases generate constantquestions to legal experts. In the Copyright law, provision was made for
    Apogee Photo Magazine
    by Michael Fulks
    The popularity of the Internet, along with advances in digital imaging and desktop publishing, has raised many issues among writers, artists and photographers. Appropriation of intellectual property by pirates can now be accomplished with ease and anonymity. A wealth of information and images abound on the Internet that can be copied with a keystroke onto a hard drive. From there, the use of purloined property is limited only by the imagination. Image manipulation software makes it easy to modify an image obtained from another's website. And desktop publishing software makes it possible to take the product of another's research and use it in a newsletter, magazine article or website in a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, knowledge of the law can protect you and your work to some extent. It can also help keep you out of legal trouble by updating you about the rights artists and writers have over the use of their materialsif and when you are tempted to use something you did not create. In the discussion that follows, please remember this article is

    13. Suffolk University Law School : Advanced Legal Studies
    how does copyright law fit into our digital age? limits the First Amendment placeson copyright law. These issues and related issues regarding what constitutes

    14. The Haworth Press Online Catalog: Product: 'Law Library Collection Development I
    of legal information available and its costs continue to soar. law Library CollectionDevelopment in the Digital age deals with these and other issues related

    15. Legal Research On International Law Issues Using The Internet
    legal Research on International law issues Using the Harvard University law School Library International legal Studies law Library ( see also related Guide to European legal Databases
    State Bar of California, International Law Section
    Teleseminar Series: January 22, 1997 Session ( Updated 24 June 2003
    Speakers: Lyonette Louis-Jacques Guy Alvarez
    Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet
    Lyonette Louis-Jacques
    Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law
    University of Chicago Law School, D'Angelo Law Library
    Table of Contents
  • International Law Conferences/Events Calendars
  • Publishers and Vendors
  • Databases
  • Library Catalogs ...
    Sample Pages
  • 16. Related Readings: Legal Issues
    Legal Issues The Case Against Bernie S
    Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

    Coalition for Networked Information

    Copicat Project
    The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy

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    17. Canadian Constitutional Documents
    of a law, or any other legal questions, please Parliament Hill making the ConstitutionAct, 1982, law. representatives to conferences on issues related to them
    Canadian Constitutional Documents
    A Legal History
    Quota pars operis tanti nobis committur? - Seneca Memory - A practical quality which allows us to weigh what has already been done against what might be done now. Memory is therefore a key to responsible action....Romanticism is a fantasized version of the past. Unpleasant events and personal or national failures are erased, while comforts and successes are exaggerated. Or wrongs may be exaggerated and comforts and successes erased. On either side romanticism is intended to energize false hopes. In its most exaggerated form it denies the relevance of memory and constructs free-standing abstract ideologies. - John Ralston Saul what's new at this archive, the last modification having been made on 27 November, 2001 (always check what's new first!!), or go to the top of the archive
    These documents are provided as a service to Canadians and others interested in Canada, who regularly travel the net and who are curious in regards to, "what the fuss is all about." This "collection" is merely here for reference only. If you have a legal question regarding the constitutional validity of a law, or any other legal questions, please consult a lawyer.

    18. Age Discrimination Law
    be regulated by similar state antiage discrimination laws. lawfully discharge workersas a age-neutral cost and the general public with legal issues, and to
    Bringing Experts and Attorneys Together ExpertLaw ExpertLaw Library Employment Law
    Age Discrimination Law
    By Aaron Larson
    The Law Offices of Aaron Larson

    September, 2003
    Important Notice
    Please note that this is only an introduction to age discrimination law. If you believe yourself to be a victim of age discrimination, please consult with an attorney to have your claim fully evaluated. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination due to your age, you may be able to secure relief under state or federal law. Please note, however, that age discrimination protections are based upon allegations that an employee or applicant suffered discrimination for being "too old for the job". It is ordinarily legal to discriminate on the basis that somebody is "too young for the job". The ADEA also extends protections to employees, against retaliation for filing age discrimination charges, for participating in an investigation or litigation under the ADEA, or for testifying in related proceedings.

    19. LII Law About The Death Penalty
    LII An overview of death penalty law with links to key primary and secondary sources. law About . . . defendant's age is a factor for the sentencer to consider. For more details see the Cornell law School Death the Death Penalty. legal issues. Race Class Bias

    20. School Law Issues
    about the major employment laws affecting schools Disabilities Act (ADA), the AgeDiscrimination in informative sources on legal issues related to employment.

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