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         Latin Americans Teachers Resources:     more detail
  1. Latin for Americans: Teacher's resource guide 3 by B. L Ullman, 1990
  2. Latin for Americans: Teacher's Resource Guide, Volumes 1 & 2 by B. L. Ullman, 1990
  3. Teacher's resource handbook for Latin American studies: An annotated bibliography of curriculum materials, preschool through grade twelve (UCLA Latin American Center reference series ; v. 6) by John N Hawkins, 1975
  4. Teacher's Resource Guide 2 (Latin For Americans Second Book) by B. L. Ullman, Edith M. . A Kovach, 1990
  5. Latin for Americans Level 2 Teacher Classroom Resources
  6. Latin For Americans, WORKBOOK 2, Second Book (TEACHERS RESOURCE GUIDE 2) by Stille Peet, 1990
  7. Latin America and the Caribbean from a global perspective: A resource guide for teachers by Pedro R Bermúdez, 1991
  8. The Latin club by Lillian B Lawler, 1987
  9. Mayans, Aztecs and Incas Thematic Unit by LINDA LARSEN, 1996-04-01
  10. Workplace English as a second language curriculum guide [for] Juno Lighting, Inc (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:425287) by Paula Garcia, 1996

1. Biography Collections: Special Collections
Australians and New Zealanders. latin americans, Hispanics, latinos of information and resources about women's experiences in world history. For teachers, teenagers, parents, and
Special Collections: African Americans
African American Biographies from the Handbook of Texas Online
African-American Experience in Ohio
American Memory, Library of Congress
African-American History and Culture
An online lesson plan for Mr. Nurse's 7th grade class, including many links to biographies and other references. An interesting site with good design.
African-American History Through the Arts - Coral Gables Senior High School School
African American History Website
A loving production of Roger Davis and Wanda Neal-Davis, the site links to dozens of good brief biographies, with particular attention paid to the Civil Rights era.
The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
African American Odyssey

African-American Pamphlet Collection
Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress
African American Women Writers of the 19th Century
NY Public Library's Schomburg Center presents another outstanding online collection. Complete texts of about 20 biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs from the period are available here. Highly recommended.

2. World Languages: Lesson Plans And Teaching Resources
resources and Lesson Plans for World Languages Who Are the Arab americans? An activity developed after the events of September 11 page designed for 712 latin teachers, complete with lesson
Resources and Lesson Plans for World Languages
This page was last updated February 15, 2004.

T his site contains resources for teaching and learning about American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, ... Swahili, and Swedish as well as links to cultural and historical resources. Click on one of the topics in the site index to find what you need, or click here to find out which 10 languages are the most widely spoken in the world today. Site Index: Sites with Resources and Lessons for Multiple Languages, Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, ...
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to access the National Standards in Foreign Language Education.
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for search engines from virtually any country in the world.
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3. Articles And Lesson Plans
latinTEACH resources. ARTICLES, LESSON PLANS, AND BOOK REVIEWS Fundraising Ideas for latin teachersby latin teachers. Tired of the latin I with latin for americans by Rose Williams
What's New Join Latinteach Archives
3rd Declension Loan Words
Meredith Jackson's imaginative idea for helping students remember nominative
and genitive third declension stem changers as well as increasing English vocabulary.
2001: A Latin Odyssey
Details about Meredith Dixon's FREE collaborative self-study Latin course!
AP Catullus Key NEW
From Bolchazy Carducci, this detailed poster correlates Benita Kane Jaro's novel about
Catullus, The Key, with the AP Catullus syllabus, providing opening lines from each poem
as well as its number in the Catullan corpus. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.
Or click here for an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
A Few Things I Learned As A Beginning Latin Teacher by Sharon Kazmierski
Enriching Your Program with a Latin Club by Sharon Kazmierski
Helpful hints for the teacher who would like to start up a club program.
Expectations Hand-Out for Latin 1 by Carol Pobst.
A wonderful first day handout for Latin class, outlining goals, expectations and classroom policy.

4. Latin America
resources on the region of latin America and the cultures of the latin American people. Mexicans, Chicanos, and/or Mexicanamericans. Brasilia's Home Page information for students and teachers about Central America presented by PBS. latin America - country and subject
Latin America
Altiplano of southern Peru - photo
American Governments on the WWW
- select by country
The Azteca Web Page
- information especially for Mexicans, Chicanos, and/or Mexican-Americans
Brasilia's Home Page
- info about Brazil's capital
- virtual tour
Caribbean Cuisine
- from
Caribbean for Visitors
- from
- explore the Caribbean
Celebrating Christmas in Mexico
- cultural celebrations
Central America (World Communities)
- links to Middle American countries and info
Chiquita Kids - Learn It!
- information for students and teachers about Central America Cuba - virtual tour Cubanet: Cuba News - non governmental information from Cuba Cultures of the Andes - Culture Quest World Tour - North America (includes Mexico) - from Internet Public Library Culture Quest World Tour - South and Central America - from Internet Public Library Dominican Republic - lots of information from Easter Island Home Page - photos of giant statues and other information Easter Island Home Page - more than 80 links to information Easter Weeks in Mexico - a two week celebration of Easter El Canal de Panamá - The Panama Canal Explore Galapagos - from Discovery Channel School Historical Maps of the Americas - 26 from the PCL Map Collection Iguazu Falls Page - Greatest Places Interactive Central America Map - countries, capitals, and more

5. Foreign Languages, Federal Resources For Educational Excellence (FREE)
Cultural Arts resources for teachers and Students features resources and best time when millions of americans joined a just cause than 5 000 resources on latin America consisting of
Site map You will be forwarded immediately to the new FREE page you requested. Search resources
Help with Search
New Resources More For Students What is FREE?
Subjects: Arts Educational technology Foreign languages Health ... Vocational education

6. Education World® - *Arts & Humanities : Linguistics / Language Arts : Foreign L
teachers, as well as text, language and civilization links. Classics at Madison Resource List List of Classics resources with Ullman's latin For americans, First Book, a

7. Web Resources For Latin Teachers
Study Guide to Wheelock by Dale Grote, Course Materials from his own classes. latin for americans from Glencoe, publisher, includes teacher resources.
Web Resources for Latin Teachers compiled by Trudy Harrington Becker
Virginia Tech
Classical Studies Program
November 2002

Classical Organizations and Associations American Philological Association (APA) National organization of college and university and high school classicists, focus more on scholarship American Classical League (ACL) National organization of college and university and high schools classicists, focus on teaching Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) Largest regional classical organization, covering from Texas to Virginia American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) National organization of foreign language teachers The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) National association of ancient (western) art historians and archaeologists State Classical Organizations: Classical Association of Virginia
Links to other State Organizations

Pedagogical Links National Junior Classical League (NJCL) National organization overseeing state and regional classical leagues for high school students The National Latin Exam (NLE) Annual Latin exam for middle and high school students The Medusa Mythology Exam Annual mythology exam for middle and high school students The Official AP Latin Website Collegeboard Testing's guide to AP Latin exam The On-line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics an exceedingly busy site (to read), and often slow to load, but full of all kinds of resources

8. Spanish/Bilingual Resources--Dunagan Library
Hispanic americans History Literature for K12 This site is now an resources for Students teachers of English as a Second Language latin American Studies.
J. Congrad Dunagan Library: Spanish/Bilingual Resources
ESL/Bilingual Resources
Latin American Studies
Spanish/Pennisular Literature
Latin American Literature ...
Other Sites of Interest
ESL/Bilingual Resources
Latin American Studies
Spanish (Peninsular) Literature

9. Primary & Secondary Education In Latin America - LANIC
Primary Secondary Education. This page is designed to provide resources for parents, educators, and students. Hispanic americans in resources/Geography University of NebraskaLincoln latin
This page is designed to provide resources for parents, educators, and students. You will find resources for language, history, and geography classes, among others, as well as many for native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. There is a vast range of resources on innumerable subjects that could be of use to students, parents, and teachers at the secondary education level. Where advanced students need more in-depth information, please visit the appropriate country or subject page or pages on LANIC . The Site Map contains alphabetical lists of the country and subject pages, and the Countries page lists countries by region: Caribbean, Central America, South America, and North America.
Regional Resources
Country Resources

10. Lesson Plans
Retanet resources for Teaching About the Americas. teachers can access over 65 lesson plans dealing with latin America, the Caribbean and culture studies.
Lesson Plans
Teaching Strategies
Lesson Plans
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange Elementary School (K-5). 50 lesson plans for primary grade students.
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange Intermediate School (6-8). 80 lesson plans appropriate for grades 6-8.
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange High School (9-12). 95 lesson plans suitable for the high school level.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange Elementary School (K-5). 36 miscellaneous lesson plans for students in grades k-5.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange Intermediate School (6-8). 25 miscellaneous lesson plans for the middle school.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange High School (9-12). 14 miscellaneous lesson plans for the 9-12 grades.
Afghanistan:Land in Crisis. Afghanistan: Land in Crisis, presented by National Geograpic.Com., features news, background, online activities, teachers' guides, lesson plans, a regularly updated interactive map, photos, and a message board.
Africa. Based on a PBS broadcast, the site includes: Africa for Kids where Fimi, a youngster from Nigeria serves as the guide to a variety of fun activities for elementary level students; Photoscope where older students can look at contemporary Africa in five photo essays; and Africa Challenge where students can show how much they know by playing a game. Also featured is Teacher Tools with four units on Africa.

11. LADB: A News And Educational Service On Latin America
LADB also offers free lesson plans about latin America designed for secondary school teachers, and a teaching materials and resources database on our RETANET
HOME About LADB Subscription Info NotiSur ...
(Formerly EcoCentral)


(Resources for Teaching about the Americas) OAS
(OAS Collaboration) OAS
Click here to give your opinion to the OAS on what democracy means, as they develop an Inter-American Democratic Charter.
Welcome to the Latin America Data Base on-line news service! LADB is the first Internet-based news service in English about Latin America, publishing in-depth coverage of Latin American affairs since 1986. LADB's professional journalists produce three weekly electronic news bulletins about Mexico ( SourceMex ), Central America and the Caribbean including Cuba ( NotiCen ) and South America ( NotiSur ). These are available on this website or by e-mail with a subscription. LADB's searchable archive of over 24,000 articles since 1986 is updated weekly. You can try a search for free. Archive access and news bulletin subscriptions are separate. Both are available for individual users and multi-user or domain-wide access. LADB also offers free lesson plans about Latin America designed for secondary school teachers, and a teaching materials and resources database on our

12. Languages In Latin America - LANIC
Indígenas de latinoamérica Archive of Indigenous Languages of latin America, AIILA or Foreign Language Lesson Plans and resources for teachers; I Love
This page contains links to resources for those interested in Latin American languages. If you are looking for study abroad sources, please see our Language Programs page. For more reference sources, particularly dictionaries, please see our Reference page. For additional resources related to indigenous languages and cultures, please visit our Indigenous Peoples page. For links to lesson plans and other language instruction materials, take a look at the page, particularly its Language Instruction section.
Mapuche Language
Mayan Languages

13. EspanOle! Pagina Principal
and teachers of teachers and students, including AP language test resources, a dedication to the AP test readers, learning activities, and a special section for Hispanic americans Need
THE On-line Resource for Students and Teachers of Spanish!
Language Refranes Resources Literature ...
Hi, and welcome to this site, created by Susan Seraphine-Kimel , proud to be Florida's 2001-02 FAATSP Spanish Teacher of the Year . I am on the faculty at Astronaut High School , Titusville, part of the Brevard County School District . I am also pleased to be the founder and sponsor of the of La AP Central-College Board website and I am pleased to be the consultant/tutor for Optimnem online language learning. Hola y bienvenido a este sitio, creado por Susan Seraphine-Kimel Colegio Astronaut Optimnem Headquarters for la here. Everything about the Spanish language for teachers and students, including AP language test resources, a dedication to the AP test readers , learning activities, and a special section for Hispanic Americans await you. Hundreds and hundreds of the best-loved SPANISH REFRANES , alphabetized. Need resources? Search engines, dictionaries, translators, money converters, Spanish web cards, pen pals, Spanish chats, on-line Hispanic schools, all newspapers and magazines, holidays, bullfighting, amusement parks, animals, and all about

14. CLAS @ Chicago > Outreach > Online Teacher Resources
works with secondary teachers, educational specialists, and scholars to make accessible resources and curriculum materials about latin America, the Spanish
Resources produced by CLAS: Resources on Other Websites: Consortium of Latin American Studies Program (CLASP) - CLASP promotes all facets of Latin American Studies throughout the United States. Its programs range from the stimulation of research activities and the funding of professional workshops, to the encouragement of citizen outreach activities, and the development of classroom teaching aids.
The particular mix of CLASP-sponsored programs has varied over time, always with the aim of promoting teaching and research on Latin America at all educational levels. To this end, CLASP sponsors workshops at national conventions, develops curriculum materials, and actively promotes increased public and private funding for Latin American Studies.
The CLASP site provides links to programs for the following languages: Kaqchikel Maya, Yucatec Maya, Maya Language and Culture Immersion in the Guatemalan Highlands, Nahuatl, Aymara, Bolivian Quechua, Intensive Quechua, Intensive Portuguese, Beginning Brazilian Portuguese, and Portuguese in Brazil.

15. FLTEACH WWW Resources
Mexico is for teachers interested in latin America and the Caribbean. This site contains several databases of lesson plans, resources, teacher partners, links
F oreign L anguage T eaching F orum
WWW Resources for Language Teachers
Many other WWW resources are available for foreign language teachers. We have grouped together a number of Collections put together by FL colleagues so that we don't all have to reinvent the wheel. You will also find a number of essential General FL Resources . Finally we have listed a few favorites language specific sites in a variety of languages: Chinese German French Italian ... Return to FLTEACH main page.
Collections of WWW FL Resources
Media : The BRS Radio Directory includes an international section. Links to live radio on the Internet from many different countries and in many languages from COMFM. Links to live television on the Internet from many different countries and in many languages from COMFM. Links to live radio on the Internet from Worldwide Radio. The International News Link is another good source for online newspapers around the world.
News and Newspapers Online
is a service from the U. of North Carolina..
The NewsLink site has many world-wide links to on-line newspapers as well as other media. ABYZ News Links includes geographically organized world-wide links to a selection of on-line newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations.

16. Latin American Resource Center (LARC)
program, designed to help teachers respond to with increased knowledge, appropriate resources, energy, and Copyright latin American Resource Center, LARC
Latin American Resource Center "Fostering Education and Community Building in the 21st Century" DIALOGO - CONEXION TM The rapidly changing social and demographic environment of North Carolina is creating significant challenges for the state's teachers, students, and parents. In particular, immigration from Spanish-speaking countries is transforming North Carolina's communities and schools, creating a culturally and linguistically diverse social landscape that holds both new conflicts and new opportunities. North Carolina's teachers are working hard to adjust to these changes, but they often lack adequate resources, time, and skills to meet the challenges of a multicultural, multilingual student population. The DIALOGO - CONEXION TM , is a paid professional development program, designed to help teachers respond to these changes with increased knowledge, appropriate resources, energy, and creativity.

17. Biography Collections: Special Collections: Latin Americans, Hispanics, Latinos
the US and Canada of latin American heritage Group Free resources The Mexican-American War Memorial in Matamoros Mexico Student Teacher Resource Center What
Special Collections: Latin Americans, Hispanics, Latinos
[Including people of all the Americas south of the United States, of the Caribbean, and of the U.S. and Canada of Latin American heritage.] Although many excellent resources are certainly available in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages of the region, I cannot honestly evaluate them due to my limitations in those languages. Regrettably, all links point only to English language Web pages.
Alamo de Parras
The Untold Story of the Alamo's Early History
The Amazon Throne: The Orleans-Braganza of Brazil
Arts and History: Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture
An outstanding collection of Mexican resources, actually many individual sites in one. Browse sections on all aspects of art, culture, and history for informative content and many fine images. Look to the literature section for a large biographical dictionary of authors, but more biographies from Mexico can be found throughout this large site. Spanish/English.
Aztec Rulers - Aztecs of Mexico
Barrio Life Arte

El Boricua
A monthly bilingual cultural publication for Puerto Ricans.

18. Teaching ESL: English As A Second Language
Outstanding list of resources and Links. Teach English in latin America by Susan Griffith. Work in Chile ESL teachers Needed by Edward Carpenter.
Transitions Abroad Web Home Work Study Travel ... Living Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad
(ESL / TEFL Training and Job Placement) Programs for ESL, TEFL and TESOL ESL Articles on Training, Jobs, Experiences... Web Sites for ESL, TEFL and TESOL Publications and Resources for ESL, TEFL and TESOL ... Transitions Abroad
As the world rushes to acquire English, the new lingua franca of international commerce, diplomacy, and higher education, the bulk of teaching opportunities abroad are for English teachers.Your "credential" is simply being a native speaker of the English language. Some formal ESL training, whether in TOEFL or TESOL, is almost always a plus when you seek to teach English abroad. The ability to teach ESL may be all you need to obtain a job and a work permit abroad in areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe. Many other English teaching jobs exist around the globe, as detailed in our comprehensive and ever-growing list of articles, resources and web links. To learn more about the array of acronyms relating to this booming field, click here ESL Training and Job Placement Programs If you lack experience or credentials, you may want some formal study, often generically called ESL training, before heading overseas in search of an English language teaching position. Virtually all positions require only a bachelor's degree. However, candidates with advanced training and either a certificate in ESL or a master's degree in TESOL will have greater flexibility and command more pay. For the most current information contact the program directors. Organizations in more than one country are listed under

19. Portal For Work Abroad, Overseas Travel, Study Abroad And International Living.
potential teachers into a profession (teaching English as Alexa Hackbarth describes why americans are seeking tips and experiences from latin America to Japan.
Transitions Abroad Web Work Study Travel Living Explore Work Abroad International Careers Internships Abroad... Short-Term Work... ... Lodging Abroad Best From Abroad Link Central Resources Featured Programs Classifieds Publications Subscribe Browse Back Issues View Current Issue Our Books Join Us Write For Us Advertise Advertise With Us Web Listings About Us About Us Contact Us Add a Free Listing Add a Free Link ... Feedback For over 27 years, "the single most useful and important" guide to work abroad, study abroad, international living and independent travel overseas - Association of International Educators Travel Magazine May/June 2004 Work Abroad Book
The Guide to Learning, Living and Working Overseas
Focus : Travel, Work and Live in Latin America; Language Vacations; Short-Term Jobs and Volunteer Work Abroad; Independent Travel.
Browse 5 years of Back Issues , free!
The Guide to Finding Work Overseas

Covers all aspects of work abroad , including international careers short-term paid work abroad teaching English abroad (ESL jobs) volunteer work abroad ... obtaining work abroad permits and much more. Travel Abroad Book Travel Web Site Pick The Guide to Travel, Study, and Living Overseas

20. Glencoe World Languages Latin Teacher Resources - Professional Resources
The American Association of teachers of Spanish and The American Classical League The American Classical League stateby-state policies and resources, as well

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is dedicated to promoting the study of foreign languages and cultures as an integral component of American education.
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development is a unique international, non profit, nonpartisan association of professional educators whose jobs cross all grade levels and subject areas. In their diversity, ASCD's members share a profound commitment to excellence in education. Founded in 1943, ASCD's mission is to forge covenants in teacing and learning for the success of all learners.
The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO)

CALICO is a professional organization that serves a membership involved in both education and high technology. CALICO has an emphasis on modern language teaching and learning, but reaches out to all areas that employ the languages of the world to instruct and to learn.
The International Association for Learning Laboratories (IALL)

The International Association for Learning Laboratories, established in 1965, is a professional organization dedicated to promoting effective uses of media centers for language teaching, learning, and research.

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