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         Latin Americans Media:     more books (100)
  1. Latin American Media: Guidance and Censorship by Marvin Alisky, 1981-11-30
  2. Tropical Kitsch: Media in Latin American Literature and Art by Lidia Santos, 2006-07
  3. Latin American Media Dictionary by Sandra Marina, 1997-01
  4. The 1999 National Hispanic Media Directory PT. 3: Latin American Media by Octavio Nuiry, 1998-11
  5. Latin American media: A pan-regional perspective by Roland Soong, 1995
  6. Media Power in Central America (History of Communication) by Rick J. Rockwell, Noreene Janus, 2003-04
  7. Talking to themselves: The search for rights and responsibilities of the press and mass media in four Latin American nations (IIE research report) by Craufurd D. W Goodwin, 1995
  8. Latin American Literature and the Mass Media (Hispanic Issues, Volume 22) by Debra Castillo, 2000-11-08
  9. Latin American Advertising, Marketing and Media Sourcebook by Euromonitor PLC, 1995-01
  10. In quest of the paraphernalia of modernity: Commonwealth Caribbean mass media : paper presented at Latin American Studies Association, Sixth National Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March 25-28, 1976 by John A Lent, 1976
  11. The New Latin American Cinema: A Continental Project (Texas Film Studies Series) by Zuzana M. Pick, 1993-11
  12. Newsrooms in Conflict: Journalism and the Democratization of Mexico (Pitt Latin American Studies) by Sallie Hughes, 2006-06-28
  13. Latin American Television: A Global View by John Sinclair, 1999-02-18
  14. Cinema and Social Change in Latin America: Conversations With Filmmakers (Institute of Latin American Studies)

1. Latin America, Mexico, And The Caribbean: Videotapes In The Media Resources Cent
General Overviews. Mexico. Central America. Caribbean. South America. Chicano/latino Studies. Spanish History, and Culture/Spanish and latin American Literature. Spanish and Portuguese Language Cinema ( Cuba, Nicaragua Video/C 2816. The americans latin American and Caribbean Presence in the U.S. Southern CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries. media Review Digest ( UCB users only

  • General Overviews
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • Caribbean ...
  • Spanish and Portuguese Language Cinema (for films by Latin American film makers or set in Latin America)
  • General Overviews/Miscellaneous
    The people of South and Central America and the Caribbean reflect on their lives, their history and societies in this series. This look at contemporary Latin America examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. 60 min. ea.
  • The Garden of Forking Paths [Argentina] Video/C 2808
  • Capital Sins [Brazil] Video/C 2809
  • Continent on the Move [Mexico] Video/C 2810
  • Mirrors of the Heart [Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic] Video/C 2811
  • In Women's Hands [Chile] Video/C 2812
  • Miracles Are Not Enough [Brazil, Nicaragua] Video/C 2813
  • Builders of Images [Puerto Rico, Brazil, Nicaragua] Video/C 2814
  • Get Up, Stand Up [Colombia, Jamaica, Panama] Video/C 2815
  • Fire in the Mind [El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua] Video/C 2816
  • The Americans: Latin American and Caribbean Presence in the U.S. [Southern California, Miami, New York City] Video/C 2817
  • Video Librarian
  • ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries
  • Media Review Digest (UCB users only)
    Alonso's Dream
    Alonso lives in the Highland of Chenalho, where his community is filled with conflict due to the standoff between the Zapatista National Liberation Army that is demanding equal rights for the indigenous people of Mexico, and the Mexican Army. The film focuses on the impact the revolution and paramilitary violence have had on the daily lives of Mayan peasants in Chiapas, Chenalho and Acteal, Mexico. Directed by Daniele Lacourse, Yvan Patry. 2000. 71 min. Video/C 7897
    country or region; click for latin American focus. Independent media Center. Noncorporate global access to scholarly research on Chicanos/Mexican americans. Coverage begins in the
    LA GUIA, Internet Resources for Latin America, Molly Molloy Molly E. Molloy, This new version of LA GUIA is still under construction! I have made links back to some sections of the previous version when appropriate. See document.write("Page last updated on "); document.writeln(document.lastModified); Border Studies InternshipGeorge Mason University, Summer 2004, Students will have the opportunity to intern with organizations in the New Mexico/Texas/Chihuahua border area and participate in academic seminars and site visits to Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua City and Cuauhtémoc, Mexico. In addition, students will see the border through the perspective of the U. S. Border Patrol, the Mexican Consulate and the U. S. Consulate in Cd. Juárez. Walking and driving tours will allow students to feel what it is like to live in the border region.
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    Current Events Links
    Latin American Directories Subscription DatabasesLatin America Subscription DatabasesGeneral ... La Busqueda en Espan~ol
    Selected current events

    3. New California Media Content
    Complete NCM Ethnic media Directory. Milosevic Arrest Thrills latin americans. El Pais, July 16, 2001 While many latin americans agree that the timing of Milosevic's handover to the
    NCM Content Ethnic Press NCM Home African African - American Asian ... Contact NCM TV
    New California Media - The New America Now
    NCM Network Profile
    El Andar
    The Latino magazine for the new millennium
    Complete NCM Ethnic Media Directory
    Milosevic Arrest Thrills Latin Americans
    El Pais, July 16, 2001
    While Serbs living in Spain demonstrated against the handover of Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague's for trial for war crimes, throughout Latin America the reaction have been of satisfaction.
    While many Latin Americans agree that the timing of Milosevic's handover to the Hague coincided to the deadline for Yugoslavia receiving financial aid from the West Yugoslavia received a $1.1 billion US commitment in aid within forty-eight hours of Milosevic's arrival in the Netherlands that, for the first time, a former head of state would face trial was seen as a victory that could only occur with an important precedent: the request by Spain for the arrest of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
    Legal moves to make Augusto Pinochet accountable for his actions while president of Chile galvanized both the rule of law and challenged the impunity with which leaders on the world stage have acted. It was the case against Augusto Pinochet by, what Christopher Hitchens has called, the "splendid activism" of the Spanish judiciary that prompted the House of Lords in England to confirm the principle that "sovereign immunity" does not apply for crimes against humanity.

    4. Internment Of German Americans In The United States During World War II
    Internment, arrest, deportation, and exchange of German americans wartime treatment of U.S. and latin americans of German ancestry for serious sections containing Personal Stories, Images, media Coverage and Congressional Action, by clicking
    World War II - The internment of German American civilians This is the homepage of Arthur D. Jacobs, Major, USAF Retired; Researcher: Internment in the United States during World War II, December 7, 1941 - July 1948 This web site contains research materials on the wartime treatment of U.S. and Latin Americans of German ancestry for serious researchers, students and persons seeking general information
    The World War II experience of thousands of German Americans, to most, is an unknown. During World War II, the U.S. government and many Americans viewed German Americans and others of "enemy ancestry" as potentially dangerous, particularly immigrants. The government used many interrelated, constitutionally questionable methods to control persons of German ancestry, including internment, individual and group exclusion from military zones, internee exchanges, deportation, repatriation, "alien enemy" registration, travel restrictions and property confiscation. The human cost of these civil liberties violations was high . Families were disrupted, if not destroyed, reputations ruined, homes and belongings lost. By the end of the war, 11,000 persons of German ancestry, including many American-born children, were interned.

    5. Latin Americans In The USA
    latin americans in the USA. by María L. TrigosGilbert. April 30, 2000 media or from a layman. I know that the ones living in North America may feel a lot of sympathy toward the latin americans
    Latin Americans in the USA
    by María L. Trigos-Gilbert April 30, 2000 Since the USA became an independent nation from the British Empire, many Latin Americans have seen the USA like a living alternative (from those days to the present time). Those living alternatives cover the political, social, and financial arenas. Many of the Latin Americans, who live in the USA, have considered their native nations’ obsolete and repressive systems toward the human right of living in dignity. The Latin Americans sense of dignity starts with the right to live, to get educated, to have a reasonable home (house), and medical service. All these rights are necessities that should be given to anybody from any country without a second thought. This isn’t to say that the government should provide everything, whether the Latin American or North American politicians. Yet some Latin American countries lack political, social, and financial stability; therefore, this is why the USA has become an alternative to have a better quality of life. The USA has offered more of a balance and stable democracy to native and nonnative Americans. The previous sentence isn’t according to observations, but according to what many Latin Americans feel toward the USA that certainly is a good feeling coming from people from different Latin countries. This is why many Latin Americans have the USA their home or place of residence. Medical Service for Latin Americans, like Water in a Desert

    6. Chicano/Latino Studies Videotapes In The Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley
    Traces the origins of latin music from Spain and Africa to music developed in Cubaand examines how North americans began to media Review Digest (UCB users only

  • Latin America/Mexico/the Caribbean
  • The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity
  • Chicanos/Latinos in Film and Television: A Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
    A La Brava: Prison and Beyond.
    Considers the ideas and experiences of two Chicano prisoners in Soledad Prison in California. Probes their motivations, ambitions, and insights and discusses their struggle for political, emotional, and cultural survival inside and outside of prison. 54 min. Video/C 56 [Stored at NRLF]
    Abandoned: The Betrayal of America's Immigrants
    Looks at the most recent wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States and at the personal impact of new immigration laws, focusing on the severity of current detention and deportation policies. Legal residents find themselves torn away from their American families and sent to countries they barely know while political asylum seekers are kept for years in county jails that profit from their incarceration. 2000. 55 min. Video/C 7695
  • Bullfrog Films catalog description
  • Accordion Dreams
    A documentary featuring yesterday's and today's accordion players that define Texas Mexican Music. The arrival of the European button accordion to Texas and its merging with traditional Mexican songs gave birth to an explosive new sound, from lively polkas to smooth waltzes, an exhilarating musical style that is rapidly gaining fans worldwide. This program also looks at today's young accordionists who have expanded this musical style to include rock, blues, and pop. c2000. 57 min. Video/C 8428
  • 7. A Meta-Analysis Of Gender Differences In Consumer Behavior
    latin American media Marketing Articles. This page contains latin American research data from various primary data sources, including a number of major surveys. These reports were prepared exclusively for Zona latina. 1996) Extract from the book latin America media A PanRegional Perspective to Comparison of News media ( 6/7/1997) A comparison of how latin americans use newspapers, radio
    This page contains Latin American research data from various primary data sources, including a number of major surveys. These reports were prepared exclusively for Zona Latina . You are welcome to use these data in your articles and presentations as long as you indicate the source. SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION MULTIMEDIA INTERNET PRINT MEDIA RADIO ... MAFALDA
    Search WWW Search

    8. Kent State University - Libraries And Media Services - Ethnic Heritage Studies -
    Provides subject and country directories to information on latin America and latin americans Updated 04/04/2003. Libraries media Services. Kent State University

    Return to the Ethnic Studies main page
    Ethnic Heritage Studies - Latin American and Latino/a Resources
    Andanzas al Web Latino

    An excellent place to begin investigating Latin American and Latino websites, bulletin boards, political, cultural and economic organizations, research collections, and online publications. Azteca Web Page

    Provides links to information for and about Mexicans, Chicanos, and Mexican-Americans. The Borderlands Encyclopedia

    A growing collection of resources for use in education on and about the Mexican-American Border Region. BUSCOPIO

    A Spanish language directory of international search engines that allows you to search by country then type of search engine. Coloquio: Revista Cultural A Hispanic cultural magazine published monthly in the Spanish language in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan area.

    9. Latin Ameicans Building Websites
    latin americans Building Websites. Traditional broadcast media (that is, televisionand radio) are based upon technologies that limit the number of available
    Latin Americans Building Websites Traditional broadcast media (that is, television and radio) are based upon technologies that limit the number of available media outlets and which may require considerable operational resources and capitalization. Print media are in principle unlimited, although at one point certain governments have regulated the availability of newsprint as a means of suppression dissension; still, print media may also require considerable operational resources and capitalization. These conditions have led to rise of an oligopoly of media powers that may have anti-democratic tendencies at times. The Internet revolution was hailed as a democratic revolution. The cost of setting up a website is relatively low. Sites such as geocities, tripod, fortunecity, cjb, starmedia, aol and others have enabled Internet users to set up personal or commercial websites easily for minimal costs, or even for free. In this article, we wish to ask which Latin Americans have gone ahead to create and maintain their own websites. We will cite some survey data from the TGI Latina study. This study was conducted in seven Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela) during 2001. Out of all the survey participants, there were 11,750 persons who said that they have used the Internet in the last 30 days. Among these persons, 6.2% said that they frequently engage in the activity of creating/maintaining websites. These efforts may range from a simple personal page to being a team member of a large corporate team, and the technical skills may show just as much variation.

    10. Why Latin Americans See A US Hand Behind Every Coup |
    Because of the many times the US has intervened, the public frequently sees intervention where none exists. Venezuela No Such Thing As A ïGood Coup;Í U.S. A Prime Suspect Foreign media Reaction
    WORLD USA COMMENTARY LEARNING ... Text Edition Search:

    Letters to the Editor

    Dante Chinni

    Helena Cobban

    Pat M. Holt

    John Hughes
    Godfrey Sperling

    Features Columns:
    2nd Chapters
    Marilyn Gardner Economic Scene A Global Accounting ... Ruth Walker Commentary Stories: for 06/10/2004 Wooing Muslim Troops for Iraq Responsible Ads on Drinking China hums with change Stop the spread of America's red-vs.-blue political stain ... Letters to the Editor Most-viewed stories: (for 06/08/04) Antidote to 'Iraq is Vietnam' Worldviews: Reagan and Bush 'Roll up your sleeves. Let the work begin.' How the G-8 Summit passed Savannah by ... Opinion from the May 02, 2002 edition Why Latin Americans see a US hand behind every coup By Pat M. Holt WASHINGTON Beginning in the 19th century, Latin American political factions seeking to change their governments have sought support in the US. One of the most notorious examples is Cuba. When that island was still a Spanish colony, rebels seeking independence established a lobbying arm in the US. After Cuban independence, the "outs" continued to flock to Washington looking for help against the "ins." E-mail this story Write a letter to the Editor Printer-friendly version E-mail Newsletter Get all of today's headlines, or alerts on specific topics.

    11. More Of Latin America News - Media Monitoring Service By EIN News
    More of latin America Home. latin americans take tourism ideas home from Israel23 May 2004 1915; Iraq Soccer Loses to Trinidad and Tobago 23 May 2004 1914;"","splash_page", "fullscreen=yes,toolbar=no,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=yes,directories=no,location=no,left=0,top=0") Bookmark this page
    More of Latin America News EIN Home About Us Help Center Welcome to! Click here to login or join to read the news. More of Latin America Home June 9th, 2004 Your EIN Account Subscription options
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    12. HispanicVista
    English document into Greek with his left hand and latin with his Habit By Mark FitzgeraldA new survey of the media habits of Hispanic americans has both
    Our Point of View
    Nuestro Punto de Vista Celebrating Hispanic Heritage
    every day of the year.
    God Bless America
    Week of June 7 - 13, 2004 Opinion Mexico Auto Travel
    Front Page
    HVC EDITORIALS ... The Oaxaca Journal Carl J. Luna Domenico Maceri Raoul Lowery Contreras Gary Mendoza
    Immigration Issues


    Americas About Us HispanicVista COLUMNISTS
    A Tribute to Ronal Reagan By Peter Fontanes No matter what your political affiliation may be, one cannot deny the presence and influence that Ronald Reagan had on our country and in our Hispanic/Latino American community…Many involved and participating in the National Hispanic/Latino American Agenda Summit Conference are members of both parties. But then so was President Reagan, who was a registered Democrat before enrolling in the Republican Party and he was a union man to boot! During the last term of his presidency, he also said that Franklin Roosevelt was his favorite President.

    13. Print Media Reports On The Internment Of German Americans In The United States D
    Print media Reports on the Internment of German American Civilians in the United moreof the truth regarding the internment of German latin americans in the
    Print Media Reports on the Internment of German American Civilians in the United States during World War II
    Righting an old wrong
    This story was published in the, Sunday, December 14, 2003, by John Trumbo Herald staff writer, permissions granted. The Snow Prison, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck , North Dakota, by Martha Nakagawa, November 18, 2003 A wider view of internees' experience , by L.A. Chung, Mercury News, Feb. 11, 2003
    , by Ken McLaughlin, Mercury News, January 30, 2003
    Let us not repeat a WWII travesty
    , Karen E. Ebel, Concord Monitor October 1, 2001
    A father's tragic tale finds familiar voice
    , Sarah M. Earle, Concord Monitor August 12, 2001
    'Enemy Alien' exhibit offers lesson on excess
    , by Dennis Rockstroh, San Jose Mercury News, Dec. 07, 2002
    San Jose Mercury News article on German American internment
    June 27, 2001.
    The Other Camp
    The courage to be kind Unlikely WWII friendship echoes 50 years later: The courage to be kind, Mary Giunca, Winston-Salem Journal, May 24, 2001

    14. Plan Colombia Bleeds Into Neighboring Countries, By Sofia Jarrin-Thomas
    in the minds of many Ecuadorians, Argentineans, and other latin americans who have Prominentreporters from alternative media such as Tintají, Radio La Luna
    May 2004
    Volume 17 Number 5 LETTERS TO Z QUIDDITY
    Salvadoran Presidential Elections

    In Spain, A Bush Ally Pays the Price

    Plan Colombia Bleeds into Neighboring Countries

    The Death of HB 1191

    NED Targets Venezuela Sermonizing on the Sex Lives of Animals SHELTERS, INC Globalization from a Caribbean Beach ANTI-WAR ORGANIZING Tax Resistance OVERSEAS Americans Abroad, A Force to Reckon With? MARCH 20 Photo Extravaganza ANNIVERSARY Labor Notes Celebrates its 25th BIG PHARMA INTERVIEW Justice for Palestine JUSTICE Defending the Defense GREEN TIDE Plan War and the Hubbert Oil Curve FOG WATCH The United States as Torture Central TV-LAND The Passion of Donald BOOK REVIEWS DEAD ON ARRIVAL by Colin Gordon THIEVES IN HIGH PLACES by Jim Hightower Latin America Plan Colombia Bleeds into Neighboring Countries

    15. UNDP News Bulletins
    More than half of all latin americans54.7%-say they would opt for an leading academics,and other leaders from civil society, government, media, and the

    Printer-friendly version
    News Bulletins:
    News Bulletins Media Advisory Democracy in Latin America: Towards a Citizens' Democracy WHAT
    The Project on Democratic Development in Latin America, sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is launching its ground breaking report: WHERE
    Museo Pedro de Osma, Lima, Peru WHEN
    Wednesday, 21 April 2004 / 16:00 GMT / 12 NOON EST WHO
    Alejandro Toledo
    , President of Peru
    Mark Malloch Brown , UNDP Administrator
    Kofi Annan , UN Secretary-General - by video
    Elena Martinez , UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean
    Dante Caputo , former Foreign Minister of Argentina and Director of the Project on Democratic Development in Latin America Fernando Valenzuela , Deputy Director General, External Relations, European Commission SUMMARY The publication of Democracy in Latin America: Towards a Citizens' Democracy is the most significant UNDP initiative in the region in many years. Written by and for Latin Americans, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of the troubled state of democracy in the region, backed by three years of exhaustive research. In one of the most innovative aspects of this project, the report's authors conducted confidential one-on-one interviews about the state of the region's democracies with 231opinion leaders, including most sitting presidents and most living former presidents in Latin America. The report also includes two detailed indexes of democratic development in the region, as well as the results of public opinion surveys of close to 20,000 people in the 18 Latin American countries surveyed for the project.

    16. IOL : Latin Americans Want Money More Than Votes
    of respondents, and with the media, according to over twothirds of those questioned.The research - which took in all of continental latin America plus the

    17. Carolina Media Monitor
    latin americans are nostalgic for strongman rule (April 21st, 2004 by ltjohnso) UNITEDNATIONS, New York latin America has freed itself from the military coups

    18. Carolina Media Monitor
    Carolina media Monitor From Around the World to Chapel Hill. latin americans arenostalgic for strongman rule (April 21st, 2004 by ltjohnso) UNITED NATIONS
    Welcome to Carolina Media Monitor!
    Carolina Media Monitor: From Around the World to Chapel Hill
    Latest News:
    • EU Expansion (May 1st, 2004 by Koethe) On Saturday, Ten new countries join the world's largest trading bloc. Eight of the ten new EU members are former Soviet satellites. Categories: Eastern Europe Western Europe Indian Stock Market Dives After Exit Polls (April 28th, 2004 by abhineet) Exit polls that indicate a very close race between the National Democratic Alliance parties and Congress (I) and its allies sent the Sensex into its steepest nose-dive in 3 years. This comes despite a positive economic forecast based on all major economic indicators. Categories: Indian Subcontinent Re-polling in Indian Elections (April 28th, 2004 by abhineet) India's election commission has decided to re-poll in certain parts of five states after reports of intimidation and occupation of booths by partisans during the second phase of elections. Categories: Indian Subcontinent Scores killed in Thai gun battles (April 28th, 2004 by wenhui) At least 74 suspected militants have been killed in a spate of gun battles with Thai security forces in the Muslim south, the government said.

    19. Royce Carlton, Inc. - Speaker's Agency Bureau Keynote Speakers
    Journalism Justice Language Literature latin America The Law My Life NationalSecurity Native americans Nature Neurology New media NonViolence

    20. Search The KLVX Educational Media Center Catalog
    media Catalog Search Ethnic Studies Mexican and latin americans. 30item(s) were found (hint search may be revised at bottom of page) Studies - Mexican and Lat

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