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         Journalism The News Writing:     more books (100)
  1. The student journalist and writing the new journalism (The Student journalist guide series) by Joseph M Webb, 1977
  2. Writing the News: Print Journalism in the Electronic Age by Walter Fox, 1977-05
  3. Teacher's manual, The student journalist and writing the new journalism (The Student journalist guide series) by Samuel N Feldman, 1977
  4. Evaluating programed news-writing instruction (Journalism monographs ; no. 21) by William E Francois, 1971
  5. Post-War American writing: A study of new journalism of Capote, Mailer, and Wolfe (Series in English language and literature) by Suresh Chandra, 1991
  6. Associated Press Guide to News Writing: The Resource for Professional Journalists by Cappon, 1999
  7. News Reporting and Writing 7e & Journalism Simulation CD-Rom by Missouri Group, Brian S. Brooks, et all 2001-10-11
  8. Convergence Journalism: Writing and Reporting across the News Media by Janet Kolodzy, 2006-04-28
  9. Online Journalism: Reporting, Writing, and Editing for New Media (with InfoTrac ) by Richard Craig, 2004-05-17
  10. Broadcast Journalism: An Introduction to News Writing (Communication Arts Books) by Mark W. Hall, 1987-02
  11. The Practice of Journalism: A Guide to Reporting and Writing the News by Bruce Porter, Timothy Ferris, 1988-01
  12. News Reporting & Writing 7e with Journalism Simulation CD-Rom and Workbook for: News Reporting & Writing 7e by Brian S. Brooks, Missouri Group, et all 2001-10-12
  13. Broadcast news writing (Grid series in advertising and journalism) by G. Paul Smeyak, 1983
  14. News Reporting- Writing Across Media (J102 & J203 Courses) by Reynolds school of Journalism, Reno University of Neveda, 2004

1. Writers Book Mall - Journalism, Journalists, And News Writing
journalism, Journalists, and news writing. You re at a party. Someone askswhat you do. Grant writing. journalism and news writing. Sports writing.
Updated - 100+ magazines for writers New - 75+ electronic dictionaries and dictionary software for writers of all kinds Have a look at our Dreamweaver page, where you'll find software, downloads and over 120 books! New - Posters of famous (and less famous) writers, suitable for framing (or just covering the wall!) New - Links for Writers
Journalism, Journalists, and News Writing
You're at a party. Someone asks what you do. You say you're a writer. Most likely, your interlocutor will think you write novels. But the second choice is probably that you're a journalist. Journalism, whether print (in newspapers, magazines, trade journals), in broadcast media (television and radio), or online really comes down to getting the story and telling it well. And while most journalists are not rich, journalism is one of those writing jobs that do actually pay on a regular basis.
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Books and magazines on journalism, journalists, and news writing

2. Journalism/News Writing
Discussion Forums / Forums for Writers / writing / Freelance writing writing Forums. journalism/news writing ( Moderator Yvonnecs) Discussions about journalism and news writing. Pages1

3. Silicon Valley - Dan Gillmor's EJournal - Help Me With 'Making The News'
and tomorrow's) communications tools are turning traditional notions of news and journalism in new directions following what Doc and I were writing. During the remainer of Nacchio's
INSIDE SV.COM Dan Gillmor's Column Good Morning Silicon Valley Tech Test Drive SV 150 ... Executive salary survey
April 11, 2003
Help Me With 'Making the News'

posted by Dan Gillmor 11:29 PM
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Dear Readers: I'm working on a book, and invite you to be part of it. NOTE: I've already received a tremendous number of responses. All are interesting. Many are long and deeply thoughtful. Several of you have suggested that we make this more interactive, by setting up a discussion board. That's in the works. Stay tuned...
To that end, I hope you will become a part of this book, too. You can start by reading the outline below. My publisher, , agreed that this was a good idea.
How can you join the project? Please tell me
Note: I'm aware that my outline is very light on Iraq war ideas. I'm studying this in real time and expect the new journalism of this war to inform the book in a big way. Again, I encourage your thoughts.
OK, here goes:
Making the News
What Happens to Journalism and Society When Every Reader Can Be a Writer (Editor, Producer, Etc.)

4. American Journalism Review
Media Companies. RESOURCES. journalism Awards. journalism Orgs. Media Monitors. Reporters' Tools. writing Aids. Media news Online. AJR CONTENT
Search AJR for : All Books Bylines Columns Features Free Press Letters Wednesday, June 09, 2004
NEWS SOURCES Newspapers Magazines Television Networks Television Affiliates ... Media Companies RESOURCES Journalism Awards Journalism Orgs Media Monitors Reporters' Tools ... Media News Online AJR CONTENT Current Issue AJR Archives State of the American Newspaper AJR INFORMATION About AJR Submissions Guide Media Kit Reprints ... Letters to the Editor
June/July 2004 issue
Features Columns Free Press Books Bylines ...
"We Mean Business"

In the wake of Jayson Blair, Jack Kelley and numerous other instances of fabrication and plagiarism, the nation's newspapers are scrutinizing their operations and stiffening their defenses against ethical lapses.
By Jill Rosen
and Deeper?
That's the ambitious goal NPR has set for itself as it continues to evolve into a primary source of news. Its audience and endowment have grown dramatically, as has its roster of foreign correspondents. But some fear the heightened emphasis on breaking news will come at the expense of depth and innovative programming.
By Lori Robertson
The Expanding Blogosphere
Political blogsonline journals featuring commentary, often highly opinionatedhave rapidly become a presence in the campaign landscape. Now some established news organizations are hiring established bloggers or creating their own. How much impact does this instant punditry have on mainstream political reporting?

5. SNN In The Classroom - Journalism Toolbox - News Writing
writing the lead and angle involves making some difficult A news writer must sortthrough the facts that The late Walter Steigleman, a journalism teacher in
How to Write a
Great News Story

with Lawrence Surtees Sections: The News Story "Whammy" Nature of News Body of the Story Reporting Ending Types of News Stories Qualities of Good Stories Organization of A News Story A Writer's Voice Starting to Write: The Lead Tips The Angle What is a News Story ? News writers produce news stories. They are called "news stories" because they tell stories about ACTUAL PEOPLE, PLACES, EVENTS and THINGS. Yet a news story is different than traditional stories, such as legends, fairy tales and other works of fiction. Those stories are usually much longer and are organized very differently. The job of a fictional story is to entertain and those stories can afford to deliver their main point at the end of the story, which is often why they begin with the phrase, "Once upon a time. . ." A news story is almost the opposite. It is immediate and often delivers perishable information that may change moments later. It must compete with many other stories for a reader's or listener's attention, so it contains it's punch line in the very first sentence. But a news story is different than other types of non-fiction writing because of "news". If you read something and say to yourself, "I know that", then what you're reading probably is not news and can be considered a historical fact.

6. The Write News Writing, Publishing And Internet News
The Write news(TM) writing and publishing news The latest news. in the publishing. and writing worlds Resources. Sitemap. Submit news. Other Resources. Classifieds. journalism Resources .

7. Journalism 201, News Writing
journalism 201, news writing, Spring 2003. Instructor Betsy PowellMullen Room 500, Ryland Hall MWF, 10251115 am Phone 270-3502
Journalism 201, News Writing, Spring 2003 Instructor: Betsy Powell Mullen
Room 500, Ryland Hall
MWF, 10:25-11:15 a.m.
Phone: 270-3502 (w), 270-2499 (h) What to expect
News Writing is a fun and fast-paced course. You will learn the fundamentals of gathering, organizing and writing news stories. You will learn to do this on deadline as you would in a professional setting. This is a challenging course, but you will become a better writer.
*what news is
*how to interview
*how to research story information
*how to write succinct leads
*how to write, and rewrite, concise and logical news stories *how to avoid common usage and grammar problems *how to avoid bias and libel Texts *Reporting for the Print Media, by Fred Fedler (seventh edition) *The Craft of Interviewing, by John Brady *The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White (latest edition) *The Associated Press Stylebook *The Richmond Times-Dispatch *The Collegian *A good dictionary Attendance ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY . Journalism is a fast-paced, deadline-driven business. You can fall behind quickly, even if you miss only one class. This also means you must come to class on time. Three late starts count as an absence. Think of this as good practice for those deadline pressures.Unexcused absences mean zeroes on assignments and quizzes. Call me in advance if you know you will not be in class. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and complete the assignments on time.As added incentive for a perfect attendance record, I will drop your three lowest writing grades if you miss no classes. If you miss only one class, I will drop the two lowest writing grades.Six or more absences mean you automatically will fail this class.

8. Journalism 201, News Writing
journalism 201, news writing. Instructor Tom Mullen, 6496108/270-2499 Room 500,Ryland Hall, TR 945 to 11 am,
Journalism 201, News Writing Instructor: Tom Mullen, 649-6108/270-2499
Room 500, Ryland Hall , TR 9:45 to 11 a.m.,
Writing news stories is fast-paced, demanding work. You will find out why in this course and learn how to do it well. If you apply yourself, you will be a better writer by the end of the semester. This is a challenging course because of skills required to be a good writer and my standards of grading your writing. I will grade your work closely, and I urge you to pay close attention to comments I make on your stories. Please let me know if you are not clear about something I've said. Communication is vital to success in this course.
Never forget this: Never assume. At the bookstore You'll need to get:
*Reporting for the Print Media, by Fred Fedler (seventh edition)
*The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White (third or latest edition)
*The Associated Press Stylebook
*The Craft of Interviewing, by John Brady
*A good dictionary
*Some reporter's notebooks and legal pads.

9. Journalism For Journalists
Online indy news Rocky style Canadian online news site The of a two-part reportinto writing for free new role of blogs in British politics and journalism.

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10. Poynter Online
Tue, May. 18. Ethics In Television news. By Bob Steele Best newspaper writing 2003. Clergy Abuse Tracker. Convergence Catalog. Interactive Color Tool. High School journalism Guide
Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Ask and We'll Tell By Trevor Brown
A J-school dean urges news organizations to grill schools about students' integrity as well as their grades.
Nicole Sarsfield/Poynter
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  • Mon, Jun. 7
    The Blog-Only News Diet

    By Steve Outing
    Fri, Jun. 4 Nowhere to Hide By John Hatcher Wed, Jun. 2 Writing Tool #8: Seek Original Images By Roy Peter Clark "Newspapers should spend more time examining their own failings, both internal and external."

    11.'s Daily News -- WRITING/JOURNALISM
    news INTERNET/DOT COM news. writing/journalism news. MORE news CATEGORIESBOOK SCRIPT DEALS writing/journalism news SCREENwriting

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    12. Journalism 2: News Writing
    news writing. Text writing and Reporting news (A coaching method) CaroleRich, University of Kansas Week 1. Text Chapters 1, 2 and 27.
    News Writing
    Text: Writing and Reporting News: (A coaching method)
    Carole Rich, University of Kansas

    Week #1. Text: Chapters 1, 2 and 27. Lecture: Reporting and writing process, changing concepts of news, job opportunities, internships.
    Week #2. Text: Chapters 3 and 4. Lecture: Basic news story; story ideas.
    Week #3. Text: Chapters 5, 6 and 7. Lecture: "Nose for news", listening, note taking.
    Week # 4. Text: Chapter 8. Interviewing techniques
    Week # 5. Text: Chapters 9 and 10. Lecture: Lets write some stories, leads, nut graphs.
    Week # 6. Text: Chapters 11 and 12. Lecture: Body building, story structures.
    Week #7. Text: Chapters 13 and 14. Lecture: Storytelling techniques, the art of brevity.
    Week #8. Text: Chapters 16 and 17. Lecture: Accuracy and libel, ethics. Week #9. Text: Chapter 18. Lecture: Multicultural sensitivity Week #10. Text: Chapter 20 and 21. Lecture: Obits; Covering speeches, press conferences and meetings. Week #11. Text: Chapter 23. Lecture: Covering crime stories Week #12. Text: Chapter 24. Lecture: Covering disasters and tragedy (ethics)

    13. The Journalism And Films Of John Pilger
    TORTURE IS news BUT IT S NOT NEW writing in the Daily Mirror, John Pilger recallsthe news coverage of the war in Vietnam and how American atrocities and
    ITV2 TO SHOW A SEASON OF JOHN PILGER DOCUMENTARIES, BEGINNING JULY On Sunday 11 July, at 9 pm, ITV2 will begin an unprecedented season of John Pilger documentaries. Each will be introduced by John Pilger who will describe its impact and relevance today.
    The opening film is 'Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq', first shown on ITV in 2000, the only comprehensive filmed report on the devastating effect of the American and British-led embargo against Iraq during the 1990s.
    This will be followed by 'Inside Burma: Land of Fear' (1996), made under cover; 'Palestine Is Still the Issue (2002); 'Apartheid Did Not Die (1998); 'Japan Behind the Mask' ((1987); 'Vietnam: the Last Battle' (1995); 'Welcome to Australia' (1999); 'Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror' (2003).
    On 15 and 22 August, John Pilger, will be live in the ITV studio to answer viewers' questions by phone and email. The season will be extended during October with further showings of other Pilger documentaries at the National Film Theatre.

    14. NewsJobs.Net: Journalism Jobs, Writing And Editing Jobs In Print And New Media
    C. California Chicano news Media Association California journalism Job Bank JobsCox Enterprises Jobs Craigslist New York writing/Editing Jobs
    strMailAccount = "questions"; strMailDomain = "newsjobs"; strMailTopLevel = "net"; strImage = "";

    15. Program Descriptions: News Writing
    Post, The National Enquirer, and CNN — discuss editorial decision making anddefine news as it relates to journalism ethics and the news writing process.
    by Discipline Arts Education Foreign Language Literature and Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies and History or by Grade K - 2 College/Adult
    Covering both traditional and emerging journalism styles, this video instructional series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners provides the techniques for becoming a better writer. 15 half-hour video programs and coordinated books Broadcast Dates Buy This Video Reviews/Endorsements Back to News Writing 1. What Is News?
    2. Hard News Leads
    3. News Writing Language and Style
    4. Development and Organization of a Story
    5. Dealing With Sources

    Illustrates how to interview sources and work quotes into a news story. Larry King (CNN), Deborah Wilgoren (The Washington Post), and others demonstrate the interviewing process, touching on the use of paraphrase vs. direct quotes, the mechanics of attribution, the ground rules for using "off the record" comments, and other issues. 6. Good Writing vs. Good Reporting
    Considers the possibilities of conflict or compatibility between these two elements. Top reporters discuss essential issues such as accuracy, objectivity, fairness, and credibility along with the elements of writing that make a news story exciting, fun, and compelling to read. 7. Beat Reporting

    16. Broadcast Journalism - Television News - Fanshawe College
    news writing, newscasting news editing, interviewing, researching, TV video editing,TV newscasting, TV Production and practical Broadcast journalism experience
    Quick Links @school Accessibility CONNECT laptop programs FanshaweOnline Financial Aid Hire a student Jobs@Fanshawe Jobs for students Library - virtual Register for a CE course Retail Services Term grades WebCT
    Broadcast Journalism - Television News A One Year Post-Graduate Certificate Program Program Code: Campus Code LC LC - London September Admission Program Description
    The Broadcast Journalism - Television News Post-Graduate program is designed to prepare aggressive, creative and disciplined Broadcast Journalists for a career in Television News. The unique program focus is designed to train the news videographer. Program includes use of broadcast news gathering equipment, audio and visual, news writing, newscasting news editing, interviewing, researching, TV video editing, TV Newscasting, TV Production and practical Broadcast Journalism experience. The program includes an ongoing Internship at the New PL Newsroom in London, Ontario and Rogers Television. A two month Internship program in March and April can be completed in newsrooms across Canada. For further information contact Career Opportunities
    Graduates of the Broadcast Journalism - Television News program will work as television journalists, videographers, producers, editors, directors and writers.

    17. Hard News Writing (Kurtzman And Jerz)
    Inverted Pyramid In a straight news story, it s best to get the most important Andof course, the best way to write well is to read journalism Example.
    Hard News Story
    Resources Writing Journalism 14 Dec 1999; by Lori Kurtzman, UWEC Junior
    20 Apr 2003 updated by Jerz
    Hard news articles are written so the the reader can stop reading at any time, and still come away with the whole story. This is very different from an essay, which presumes that the audience will stick around to the end, and can therefore build to a finish. There is no need to put a "conclusion" on a news story. Each individual reader will "end" the story whenever he or she gets bored. A particularly interested reader will keep reading to the end. (See also: Fairly complex news feature Analysis of same story The Headline : Convey the general message in as many words as will fit (usually quite a small space). A headline should be informational, and can be clever, as long as the cleverness does not interfere with the information or earn groans from readers.

    18. PBS ALS - News Writing
    news writing Course overview. Stresses both traditional and emerging journalismstyles in broadcast and public relations writing, as well as print journalism.
    I want to... COURSES -Browse catalog -Preview -License -Report enrollments -Get faculty manual -Get course files/CD -Check rights OTHER -License live events -See adult ed titles -Become a member SATELLITE INFO -See feed schedule -Get tech support RELATED SITES -Go to PBS Campus -Go to LiteracyLink -Go to PBS YOU CONTACT PBS -Email PBS
    Questions? Send us an email!
    College-Credit Courses
    Course Listings
    News Writing Course overview Stresses both traditional and emerging journalism styles in broadcast and public relations writing, as well as print journalism. In addition, editorial and column writing are explored along with use of language, media ethics and media law. Delivery formats: Video (telecourse) Discipline(s): Journalism communications english critical thinking Rights available:
  • College-credit
  • College by cassette
  • Non-credit Ways to use:
  • As a course for journalism; mass communications majors
  • As a resource for improving writing skills
  • As a resource for professional development and continuing education Feed schedule: Not scheduled to feed First PBS release: Fall 1995 Production date: Producer: Berkow and Berkow
    From Annenberg/CPB Captioning: Closed captioned Course components:
  • 15 half-hour programs
  • Textbook
  • Student study guide
  • Faculty manual ... TOP Last updated August 11, 2003
  • 19. Basic News Writing - William Parks, Instructor Of Journalism - Ohlone College
    have shown that most people get their news from TV Your job is to write a short, punchy,informative who have grown accustomed to TV s sound bite journalism.
    skip to side navigation skip to main content William Parks
    Contact Information
    Course Information Basic News Writing
    Notes for J/101A

    Notes for J/155

    Monitor Newspaper Monitor Staff Manual
    Monitor-Current Issue
    Basic News Writing
    The ABCs of news writing are Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. The first and most important is accuracy a story can be creative and compelling, but if it contains errors, it is worthless. Actually, it is worse than worthless; a false news story undercuts the public trust necessary for the survival of a free press. Keep in mind that the First Amendment specifically protects the press from government control so that the public can receive accurate and unbiased information. The public needs unbiased information to make intelligent choices in the voting booth. This is critical to the process of democracy in our country. If the public loses faith in the accuracy and fairness of the press, loss of faith in democracy will soon follow. Always check numbers, spellings of names, who said what, and the other basic facts of any story. A reporter's job is to find out what is going on, then write a story that's interesting and informative. Accuracy always comes first. Second is brevity. Each word in your story should do a job. If not, take it out. Get to the point. Say it just once. Don't be redundant. Don't say "8 a.m. in the morning," since 8 a.m. is in the morning. Just say 8 a.m. Or say 8 in the morning. Remember the inverted pyramid style of writing. Put the most important fact in the lead. Hook the reader's attention. Explain the lead and then go on to the next most important fact in the second inverted pyramid. And then the next. Lead up to an interesting finish. Don't just stop writing when you run out of information.

    20. The Medical Journalism Club Of The University Of Calgary
    A club for budding journalists interested in writing about medical research and health care news. Provides information on job opportunities, committees and events.
          Hi! Welcome to the website of The Medical Journalism Club of The University of Calgary. This is a club which provides opportunities for its members to write real news articles in the health care and medical research fields. Accepted articles will be published in two of the university's newspapers: the Gazette and the Gauntlet as well as archived on this website. All monies collected by members for article writing will go towards a scholarship fund.
          The MJC will host a series of lectures and information sessions for undergraduate students interested in medical journalism, medical research and other related areas.
    Questions? Email us at Last Updated: 8 March 2001 You are visitor number

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