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         Journal Writing:     more books (100)
  1. Moleskine Large Squared Notebook Writing Journals Book (Moleskine Notebooks and Calendars)
  2. The Well Being Journal: Drawing upon Your Inner Power to Heal Yourself by Lucia Capacchione, 1989-04

141. TESL-EJ Main Page
Introduction, information on submission and subscription, index of articles by author and titles, access and editorial board.
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Search WWW Search Your browser does not support colored backgrounds in tables. Please consider upgrading! About TESL-EJ Introduction to TESL-EJ Subscription information Submission procedures Submission Tips ... New media received for review Access Berkeley (USA) Server
U.C. Berkeley College Writing Programs Kyoto (Japan) Server
Kyoto Sangyo University As of June 2002, the following two sites are no longer being maintained. Volumes 1-5 may still be accessed through them. Melbourne (Australia) Server
La Trobe University, Grad School of Education Bremen (Germany) Server
University of Bremen About access to TESL-EJ The Conference Watcher Index Index by Author Index by Title Volume 7 Number 1 June 2003 Number 2 September 2003 Number 3 December 2003 Number 4 March 2004 Volume 6 Number 1 June 2002 Number 2 September 2002 Number 3 December 2002 Number 4 March 2003 Volume 5 Number 1 April 2001 Number 2 September 2001 Number 3 December 2001 Number 4 March 2002 Volume 4 Number 1 July 1999 Number 2 November 1999 Number 3 May 2000 Number 4 December 2000 Volume 3 Number 1 November 1997 Number 2 March 1998 Number 3 September 1998 Number 4 January 1999 Volume 2 Number 1 March 1996 Number 2 September 1996 Number 3 January 1997 Number 4 June 1997 Volume 1 Number 1 April 1994 Number 2 August 1994 Number 3 March 1995 Number 4 June 1995 ... Information about this host site

142. - Always Bitter, Always On.
writing, photography, art, prose, and journal of a screwed up, self reflexive, 20 year old. And a bunch of other junk too.

143. Journal
journal. writing eloquently of creating a text that breaks rules, serving as a sampler of possible choices, she employs elements from a wide range of
Hemphill's first law John Brockman, and the Edge Foundation, asks: " What's your law? I think mine is this: Those who are closest to a problem or need are the most ready, accountable, and equipped to address that problem or need. If we institutionalized this simple axiom and provided those closest to our problems and needs with power and resources necessary to address them we could begin to rebuild an efficient and effective society from the smallest unit up. Continue reading "Hemphill's first law" Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0)
Kurzweil's Notion of Accelerating Intelligence
I've been having a lot of fun lately with's visual thinking tool . It caused me to think about tetherball Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0)
The War of Desire and Technology in the Mechanical Age
Here are some thoughts on Stone's 'The War of Desire and Technology in the Mechanical Age'. Is that not the longest title in history? Let's use WDTMA. WDTMA is assigned reading for one of my modules at EGS . It was published back in 1996 - a long time ago considering its focus on virtual systems. What a meandering mix it was to explore navigating through a handful of entertaining, sometimes strange anecdotes, complex issues of identity, multiplicity, sexuality, and the power of technologists to shape our future. Here is a brief summary from Amazon In this witty, far-reaching, and utterly original work

144. Gary Earl Ross And The Writer's Den
Writers' resume with contributed articles about writing at the bottom.
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Gary Earl Ross and The Writer's Den
The Writer's Den
A site for writers, teachers, and lovers of good writing. . .
Fiction, poetry, and commentary by established and emerging authors. . .
Professor in the Writing Program, State University of New York, Educational Opportunity Center at Buffalo.
Member of Just Buffalo Literary Center: Board of Directors and Writers in Education program.
Adult workshops: What If ...Introduction to Writing the Short Story; The Face of Fiction; Desire By DesignWriting Erotica; Strategies for the Writing Life.
Lecture topics: creative writing, classic murder cases, adult education, urban education, film history, writing strategies for teachers and parents, workplace writing strategies.
Award-winning author of 140+ short stories, poems, articles, and public radio essays, as well as The Wheel of Desire and Other Intimate Hauntings, Shimmerville: Tales Macabre and Curious

145. Index Of /
Devoted to writing and art. Includes Pen and Ink Writer's journal and essays, poetry, fiction, ezines, e-zine reviews and a multi-cultural collection.
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NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
Index of /
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146. Hexadecimal Rainbow
The journal of a sixteen year old female who loves anime, reading, writing, and web design. It operates on the principle that colors reflect moods, as will the colors of the journal entries.

147. Hotel Illness
journal, creative writing and philosophical thought. Also includes pages on cooking, literature, and music.
This site requires frames

148. Captain Kaya Styn
Daily journal and humor. Comedic interpretation of current events. Original writing and unique observations.
www.CaptainKaya styn .com Harsh Reality Insipid Fantasy f f f f f f Hear ye; here ye?... YE! My God given Organ of Delight: 8.3X5.7 Inch Rod Loco Pachuco! Burgler! Rubble Rubble More Massive
Dribbling Cock
Raphaelesque Neck, The perfection of the human form Noodle ART Three Blind Mice Conquest Head daily blumpy 3.15.02 Your favorite Blumpkin Classics! Please note: It is Illegal for any individual under the consenting age of 18 to look at my big dick; or for that matter girls who's boyfriends have small cocks.
Thank you,
The Captain My friend Dick-Love is having an artist viewing, for art, and of art. We, me and D , think love is the only viable emotion. Because love, even love of repulsive things, like dicks, show how united one can be about nothing. We hope to tranquilize life to one blanketing red, heart, emotion. Not red as in passion; but red as in the end; passivity and putrescencebland and two-dimensional and un-thinking...and always love. ...Nothing to temper the onslaught of love! And damn all who oppose. This is liberalism at its finest and most beneficial.. If you don't like it, adapt! What? We are not facists! Far from it...we are liberals! And you better fucking believe it; for your sake! Because positivity (aka Pato Banton) will lead the race forward, and displeasure must be tweaked at all costs into something artificial and more pleasing. I agree with D , and his art...which appears somewhere between the poorer efforts of the Mexican muralists and that stupid ex-coke addict kook who repetitively paints banal, ridiculously stylized angels.

149. Kay Marie Porterfield Home Page
Contains articles, annotated links, and book reviews about journal and memoir writing as well as information about how and why creativity heals. Email list.

Resources for Writers
Creativity Journal Writing Memoir Writing ...
Of The Web®
Live Your Creative Vision
Creative Growth and Healing
The creative process is a powerful, transformative tool for healing our minds and bodies, our relationships and our world. Each one of us carries this ancient medicine inside.
Kay Marie Porterfield, M.A.
Kay Marie Porterfield's creative nonfiction book in progress is supported by the Colorado Council on the Arts . The Colorado Council on the Arts and its activities are made possible through an appropriation from the Colorado General Assembly and federal funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Look for my personal essay, Koan, in Best Writing of 2003 from Writer's Digest
Learn more about my online class,
  • Ten Reasons to Try Flash Fiction Flash fiction isn't just a flash in the pan. These short, short stories that usually ranve from 50 to 1,000 words are turning up everywhere. What beganm as a literary experiment has turned into more
  • Creating Personal Shrines
    Personal shrinesserve as a way of deep journaling using images and symbols rather than words. more

  • The mindful, daily practice of creativity helps us to focus and still our fears in these uncertain times when confusion and chaos seem to assault us from every direction. Creative practice reveals fresh perspectives, renews our hope and helps us find the courage to continue in the midst of world.

150. CasaChristy Words
A place for the writing that doesn't belong in the journal; commentaries, rants, humorous pieces.

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CasaChristy Words
I write, you read.
Thursday, April 10, 2003
Arch-May Adness-May
We all got up to dance,
But we never got the chance
—Don McLean
I spent a lot of time this week watching basketball. In person. This is not something that I do normally, but I enjoy college basketball tournaments and was able to score many free tickets to this past week’s Missouri Valley Conference Tournament.
I’m a Saluki fan. This is because I graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and for no other reason. I suspect that if I’d gone to Creighton, I would be a Blue Jay fan. So, it seems like splitting hairs to be all jacked up over the fact that we (that is the Salukis) took a beating last night. Nevertheless, it was dismal.
It was dismal from the beginning. Creighton was 10 points into the game and die-hard Saluki fans were still standing, blocking my view, waiting for Southern (that’s what we Salukis call it) to score our first point. “Little Dudes In Front,” I said, “Whatever Mojo you think you’re sending to the team by staying on your feet Does Not Seem to be Working.”
They stared at me blankly. I’m pretty sure that all they knew from Mojo was that she made it to the Final Four on Joe Millionaire.

151. Writer's
WEAS is devoted to providing writing, journalkeeping and other resources for the writing and journaling community.
Welcome to
"One book..."
W E L C O M E ! Welcome to Writer's Eye Advisory Service ., opened in 1995, establishing an online presence in 1998. This site is devoted to providing writing, journal-keeping and other resources to the writing and journaling community. In addition the site provides the owner's individual articles covering a variety of subjects, as well as poetry.
Writing resources
include general resources, genre information, writing opportunities and links to writing communities.
I encourage you to subscribe to the National Journal Network , a lively and committed community developed for journal-keepers and diarists. This community offers a print newsletter covering a variety of topics related to journal-keeping and writing diaries, published every other month To join NJN please complete and mail the online application You will also find journal sites listserve sites online personal journal links and other special interest links , throughout the National Journal Network section.

152. Publish Kids
Allows users to submit writing or view work by others. Features stories, poems, journal entries, and essays. Includes a search engine of the submission database.
Where You Can Publish Your Work. Publish Kids Menu:
  • Home
  • View the Works
  • Submit Work
    The March 2004 entries have been selected. Check 'em out!
    Want to know what we do with your info?
    The Winter Edition is now complete. Thanks to all those who contributed! We have just purchased , so you will now be able to view your work from there as we phase out
    Search The Entries
    See the Publisher Favorites!
    Tweedy Flanigan
    Add Story
  • 153. RealityFuel - Like Red Bull For The Mind
    It's more than just a portal site for online journallers and fiction writers. Also includes journal prompts, collaborative writing projects, journal spotlights and a fun place to play.
    Fuel for Thought Fuel for Dreams Nightfall Reality on Pause ... Everything Else
    Reality Bites
    this is not reality
    A few short thoughts on a sense of imbalance.
    Reading In The Dark

    Widowsweeds for everyone!
    Still Frames

    ...this entry has to do with various kinds of work. And none of it is very long because I can't make my brain focus on one subject for a great length of time.
    Reading In The Dark

    I want my tee-shirt and I want it now.
    Auda's Journal

    D is for Drunk. My non-exciting night out.
    Awakened: Treading the Dawn
    Signature : "Mysteries in heaps of stone, twisted bits of metal, and exposed pipes." Still Frames It's like Emily Brontë died before she wrote the ending, and they had to bring in a pinch hitter to finish up, and the pinch hitter said "Oh, this won't do at all, I'd better make sure that everyone who's left alive at least finds true love and complete contentedness." Reading In The Dark He can run but he can't hide. Awakened: Treading the Dawn Butterfly Kisses : "As my feet hit the sandy soil, an explosion of tiny bright blue butterflies swirled up and around me, circling me, dancing about my feet, brushing against my face and arms, landing in my hair. There were hundreds of them-everywhere I looked, blue flashes of color in the air." Reading In The Dark Picnic Animal Reading In The Dark Kitty doesn't play that.

    154. Writer's Resource Will Return....
    Free market listings for writers to sell their poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short stories, poems, articles, any kind of writing. Plus journal reviews, paying markets.
    Please be patient... Writer's Resource and will return soon. Thanks, SS

    155. Descriptive Writing With Virginia Hamilton
    This learning activity helps students increase their skills in descriptive writing by following tips and suggestions from writer Virginia Hamilton. After reading about Hamilton, students write provide great opportunities for descriptive writing. Capturing an event through descriptive writing involves paying close attention I'll share some writing tips and guidelines that
    Scholastic Home About Us Site Map Search ... Customer Service
    Do you remember the day your brother or sister was born? Or how about the time your family took a special trip? What do you remember most about your favorite birthday party? Moments like these provide great opportunities for descriptive writing. Capturing an event through descriptive writing involves paying close attention to the details by using all of your five senses. In this workshop, I'll share some writing tips and guidelines that will help you use your powers of observation to write and publish your very own descriptive writing. "Descriptive Writing with Virginia Hamilton" was written in 2001. Scholastic regrets to inform users that Ms. Hamilton died on February 19, 2002. TM
    Read our var SA_Message="IC=Scholastic-Teachers-Online Activities-Learning_Activities-Writing_with_Writers-Descriptive_Writing"; var SA_ID="scholas;scholas";

    156. Boy Avoids World
    John is a musician and dykeidentified transboy in Indiana. Photos, online journal, writings on gender, and info about his music and CD.

    157. WebRats - The Few, The Proud, The Scribblers
    A loose confederation of writers who maintain online journals about writing, reading, and a whole slew of other subjects.
    Greetings and salutations, True Believers! In the vein of the famous SFF.Net Not-A-Webring , the WebRats are a loose confederation of writers who maintain on-line journals about writing, reading, the fine art of llama herding, the search for decent Chicago-style pizza in Europe, and a whole slew of other subjects. Feel free to browse around and share the on-line side of our lives! Events: Melanie Fletcher
    (July) Paul Melko
    (July) Vera Nazarian
    (July) Karina Sumner-Smith
    Toronto Trek
    And now, introducing the WebRats:
    Jennifer Brozek - I live worlds inside my head. . .
    Stephanie Burgis
    - Writer, musicologist, and latte addict.
    Michael Carr
    - Utah exile, scribbler extraordinaire, and globetrotting fool.
    Shannon J. Clark
    - Rambles on many subjects from Chicago to writing to technology
    Jerry J. Davis
    - Looking for an optimistic seeing-eye dog. Dayle A. Dermatis

    158. Smart & Lazy Webring -- Home
    A place for effective online journals where writing reveals, rather than burdens.
    To be a member of this ring, your journal must possess certain qualities.
    It must be smart:
    • It must be updated at least three times a week. Special consideration may be given to sites that update less frequently, if we believe the content to be extraordinary.
    • It must have been going for at least six months. This will convince us that you are serious about this journaling thing, and not apt to quit two days after you submit your site to the ring.
    • You must use punctuation. Capital letters at the beginnings of sentences, periods at the ends, apostrophes where necessary, the whole bit.
    • As of 6/6/01, weblogs will no longer be accepted in this ring. Weblogs are great, but this ring is specifically for online journals. Sorry.

    It must be accessible by the lazy:
    • It must not have pop-up windows. We are too lazy to continually close them.
    • It must be legible. We are too lazy to strain our eyes.
    • You must use navigation links ("Back" and "Next" or some such) between entries. We are too lazy to go hunting around your site to find the next or previous entry. DiaryLand applicants, please take note.

    add your site to the ring
    Or, you can:

    159. Read Aloud: The Hatchet - Journal Topics
    journal 1 Ch. 1, 2, 3. The emergency situation; I couldn t help but throw up; I thought I was going to die. journal 5 Ch. 13, 14, 15.
    BCHS English Language Arts Read-Aloud Resources Hatchet
    by Gary Paulsen
    Date of Publication:
    Puffin Books
    Price: $4.95 (Cdn)
    A Newbery Honor Book, An ALA Notable Book, and Booklist Editor's Choice Synopsis: Gr. 5-8. Thoughts of his parents' divorce fill Brian Robeson's head as he flies in a single-engine plane to visit his father in the Canadian wildreness. When the pilot suffers a massive heart attack and dies, Brian must somehow land the plane by himself and then, left with only clothes he is weraing and a hatchet he received from his mother as a parting gift, Brian must put thoughts of his past behind him and try to figure out how he can stay alive... Journal #1:
    • My memorable airplane ride The Secret I didn't want to cry in fromt of everyone After awhile, I caught on The long silent drive home The going-away present Luckily, I knew a bit of first aid

    160. Kryanna's Journal
    A teenaged girl offers writings and chat room transcripts that show how difficult and weird teenaged life can be.
    entries friends calendar Kryanna userinfo livejournal userinfo calendar livejournal calendar return to sender i haven't lived here in along time. if you haven't got my new address then we were never meant to be. and it was by my own choice to leave you behind.
    -Michelle navigation viewing most recent entries

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