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         Journal Writing:     more books (100)
  1. Life Path Journal: Personal and Spiritual Growth through Journal Writing by Luci Shaw, 1992-12-17
  2. Writings: A Woman's Personal Journal (Parchment Journal)
  3. Family Message Journals: Teaching Writing Through Family Involvement by Julie Wollman-Bonilla, 2000-08
  4. Moleskine Large Sketch Book Writing Journals Book (Moleskine Notebooks and Calendars)
  5. A Walk Between Heaven and Earth: A Personal Journal on Writing and the Creative Process by Burghild Nina Holzer, 1994-05-31
  6. Writing from the Source by Allison Price, 1999-05
  7. Moleskine Small Info Book Travel Writing Journals Book (Moleskine Notebooks and Calendars)
  8. Writing Tides: Finding Grace and Growth Through Writing by Kent Ira Groff, 2007-06
  9. The Way of the Journal: A Journal Therapy Workbook for Healing by Kathleen Adams, 1998-04-12
  10. Me Writing Journal Do Unto Others
  11. Open Your Heart with Writing: Mastering Life through Love of Words (Open Your Heart) by Neil M. Rosen, 2007-08-01
  12. Praxis, Journal of Writing and Building, Issue 4: Landscape by Amanda Reeser, Ashley Schafer, 2002-10-01
  13. Courage: Every Day (Every Day Journals)
  14. Bliss: Writing to Find Your True Self by Katherine M. Ramsland, 2000-10

121. West Coast LINE
A journal of art, writing and cultural critique, from Western Canada. Samples from current issues, a call for submissions, subscription information, and backissues.

122. Slurry Magazine - Spring '04
journal dedicated to new writing and art from emerging creators.
Welcome to the
Spring Edition of
Slurry Magazine.
Music: Mashups
Peter Axelrod


Music: House
Matt Craske

DJ Eldon

Photography: Brad Farwell Ohm Mixed Media: Marina Tsesarskaya Jaret Vadera Painting: Counsel Langley Poetry: Doug Tanoury Maurice Oliver Design: Jake Watling About the Visit the Archives: Spring 2003

123. I N N E R V O X
One college girl's personal journal and other creative writing, kept online for the sake of personal expression and in hopes of reader feedback.
[[[[under massive construction. Check back in 2005.]]]]

124. More Than Donuts
Rants, raves and writing from the daily journal of a twentyeight year old woman living in New York City.
So I'm in a bar called Bar watching perhaps the three
most important heart-pounding minutes of one horse's
life-Thoroughbred Smarty Jones-previous underdog go
for the Triple Crown. Being of superstitious nature,
I convince myself that all Smarty needs me to do to
help him win is to grip my beer tightly, sit on the
edge of my seat, hold my breath and think only the
most positive of thoughts. 'Go Smarty go!"
My plan was going smoothly until out of nowhere a bad
breathed tool in a yellow shirt pulled up a seat to my left and proceeded to spew negative comments towards the TV for the last crucial remaining minutes of the race, "Ain't gonna happen. No way. No way in hell. Not gonna do it. No way Smarty will pull it off. Ever. Nope. Not happening. See....see...Hell no. See... see...SEE!!! AWWWHAHAHAHA! Done! Loser. See-what did I tell you?!!!" Poor Smarty. I felt his pain. The deflated mood in the bar aside from this one man flashed me back to a most unpleasant time-my sixth grade piano recital where I was to perform a complicated number against my will titled, 'China's

125.       ;   The Headlights Are Beacons On The Highway                
Contains writing, online journal, digital imagery, as well as hosted sites and interactive projects.
hello : domain info quiet : study of a girl dress : semi-daily lifelog kaleid : portfolio of sorts adieu : good-bye, darling .com

126. City Journal Winter 2000 | Why The Boy Scouts Work By Heather Mac Donald
Heather Mac Donald, writing for City journal, provides a detailed history of innercity scouting and then argues that the position of activists trying to change the BSA is that furthering the gay-rights crusade takes precedence over helping inner-city children.
Winter 2000 F_menu(new Array('NavigationBar21', '../html/cj_editors.html','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_editors_Ns1_1.gif','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_editors_NRs1_1.gif')); F_menu(new Array('NavigationBar22', '../html/cj_archives.html','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_print_Ns1.gif','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_print_NRs1.gif','../html/new_and_newsworthy_archive.html','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_online_Ns1.gif','../assets/images/autogen/CJ_online_NRs1.gif')); Why the Boy Scouts Work
Heather Mac Donald email article respond to article print article F eeling dispirited about today's youth? Try attending a Boy Scout meeting. You will find a parallel universe to today's vulgar, sexualized youth culture, filled with gestures of sometimes unbelievable delicacy and a code of conduct as anachronistic as sixteenth-century courtiership. Take Harlem's Troop 759. Six boys, from tall to small, sit expectantly around a card table in the basement of a red brick church on Morningside Avenue. The gangly senior patrol leader, Osmond Ollennu, a tenth-grade son of Ghanaians, calls the troop to opening ceremonies ("C'mon, men, form a straight line!"), and Osmond's little brother leads it in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by four full-throated repetitions of the scout motto ("Be Prepared!") and one scout slogan ("Do a Good Turn Daily"). Then Osmond, who is the troop's second-in-command, announces inspection. While the boys stand quietly in line, he gently reties a neckerchief here, straightens a collar there, occasionally whispering a reminder in a boy's ear. The troop's leader, a dignified 18-year-old named Henry Lawson, inspects Ollennu in turn.

127. Help Mike And Treava
Young Canadian couple have large debts from credit cards and student loans. Site offers poems, creative writing and a journal.

128. LiquidMind.Net
Covers topics such as current events and daily life through journal entries, writing and photographs.
LiquidMind.Net Second-Hand Smoke A Receding Peace A pictorial of New York City after the fall of the World trade Center towers A poetry chapbook in electronic form about the Israeli-Arab conflict in Israel and the Territories. The Olive Sprig The LiquidMind.Net web site, with poetry, images and thoughts about the world around us.

129. Spork Issue 3.1
journal of innovative writing.
Issue 3.2 in production right now. Look for the new site in the next couple of weeks. Or so. And the new physical issue right after that. In the meantime this page could get a little ugly.
Past Issues 1.1 - 2001 (Summer) 1.2 - 2001 (Autumn) 1.3 - 2002 (Winter) 2.1 - 2002 (Autumn) 2.2 - 2003 (Spring) 3.1 - 2004 (Winter) ABOUT DATES It occurs to us that it is completely absurd to say that a book will be done at such-and-such time. Totally arbitrary. We never know what's going to happen, what we'll have available, whether we're going to have to work overtime for weeks on end and not have any time for bookmaking... any number of things get in the way. We're always working, but we're not working in such a way that we can have deadlines. What we're doing is too cool for arbitrary and stifling deadlines. Point yourself here for more information about what we're doing. JASON OTT: COASTER It's not out yet, but it's finally in the works. If you'd like to pre-order, or just want information, ask

130. Health - The Joy Of Journals
If you make it a chore, it will never work. In reality, one of the best facets of journalwriting is that you can abandon it.
Home Health Features Feel good now! Secrets of happy people. ...
See how one woman's journal-writing changed her life.

The Joy of Journals
by Sara Eckel
Dan Price is constantly meeting people who wish they kept a journal. Although they understand that having a personal log of their experiences would help them feel more in touch with themselves and capable of facing life's challenges, most have a difficult time sticking with their writing. Price, the author of "How to Make a Journal of Your Life," says that the biggest mistake people make is approaching "journaling" as a job and not a joy. "You have to connect with the passion of why you're doing it," he says. "Once you do that, you don't have to worry that you didn't write in it yesterday or all last week." Here, some ways to find the passion to keep on writing your journal: Don't force it. Record the good stuff too! Rose Offner, author of "Journal to the Soul," believes most people tend to write in their journal during difficult, trying times. Take note of the world around you. Go to the heart of the matter.

131. .::a Writing Saga::.
Online journal chronicling a new writer's attempt to get published. Also offers two message forums and links to writing and publishing resources.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003
blah blah
Whitney Gallien Hedges
lost her wings at 7:40 PM
blah Whitney Gallien Hedges lost her wings at 7:39 PM Monday, June 30, 2003 Ah, the dreaded query letter. How can something so short be such a pain in the ass to write? Well, it's only incredibly important, after all. *grin* I mean, if an agent doesn't like your query letter, then you can forget about him or her ever asking to see your proposal/manuscript. It has to be short (preferably a page, no more than a page and a half). It has to "sell" your idea to the agent without relying on cliches, generalities, or an overabundance of self-promotion. So no "This book will sell millions, I promise!" lol I promise nothing. I'm developing a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach anyway. Not a good omen this early in the game. But anyway, it's written. I think. It's a little long (page and a half), but I had to set it up just right. I think it's good. I mean, I like it, and I'm very critical of my own stuff. I usually end up semi-loathing something I've written. So I take it as a good sign that I like this. Without further ado.... My Query Letter Is one of the most critically acclaimed independent music artists of our time a fraud...or a genius?

132. Kluwer Academic Publishers - Reading And Writing
An interdisciplinary journal focusing on the interaction among various fields, such as linguistics, information processing, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, speech and hearing science and education. Includes subscription information, aims and scope, indexing and abstracting. Online version available.
This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

133. JAC Online
A peerreviewed journal publishing theoretical articles on a variety of topics related to rhetoric, writing, multiple literacies, and the politics of education.
current issues archive reviews reviewed rolodex ... editors
is a peer-reviewed journal publishing theoretical articles on a variety of topics related to rhetoric, writing, multiple literacies, and the politics of education.
Editor: Lynn Worsham
Online: George Pullman
More about jac

interact ... subscribe This website receives financial and technical support from the English Department at Georgia State University

134. Rattapallax
A journal of international writing with CD featuring the poets reading their work.
FUSEBOX 3: Fusebox3 poems Audio: Article: The Age of MC Solaar. Football Poetry: Young Pilipino Americans edited by Barbara Jane Reyes Terror in Nigeria and Abroad National Young Writer's Festival (Newcastle, Australia) : Selections by Gabrielle Everall and Jill Jones. Reviews: Elaine Sexton's Sleuth / Mick Delap's River Turning Tidal / Sherry Fairchok's The Palace of Ashes Search for Books Select Book Entire Catalog Rattapallax Short Fuse Smoking Lovely English Emily XYZ Songbook Cicada Transcriptions of Daylight Lost Days A Small Song Called Ash... He Dreams of Waters I Want Your Chair Search for eBooks Select ebook Entire eBook catalog POeP!

135. Whimperbang: A Journal Of Contemporary Writing
journal of contemporary writing.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
current issue archives editor's desk ... masthead

136. Progress: A Writing Log
A writing journal.
A log of my writing, a place for me to record my small achievements, because sometimes in thinking of all the things I fail to do, I forget the little things I accomplish.
Archives? Guestbook? Writings
daily journal
fiction fan fiction poetry ... characters Places
Book of Enchantment
Disconsolate Lawful Good (Manon) ... Elfwood Library Current
trellis photo
: allergies
in character
: dreams
: i wish upon tonight
grape/gloss freewrite : drifting Others Narcissism Dreaming Ink Passing Glimmers ... Vignettes feeling blog girls in character scented // rain var site="s11manon" Progress: A Writing Log 6:33 PM : 1,122 words and counting. Pray for me. It's here if you want to look. Add a comment clix here? 2:24 PM : Egad. I do believe it's an Idea. Jamie , dear, this is my punishment for refusing to play sailorboys with you. Heh. Add a comment clix here? 11:33 PM : Half an hour of freedom left. Aieeeeeeee! I still have absolutely no clue what to write about. I don't think I have any novel-length plots in my head, hell, I have precious few plots, period. I have precious few characters that aren't borrowed, these days, and God, a fanfic novel would just be unspeakably nerdy of me. Blast. I really am crazy.

137. K A I R O S: A Journal Of Rhetoric, Technology, And Pedagogy
A refereed online journal exploring the intersections of rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy. writing, learning, and teaching in hypertextual environments like the World Wide Web.
Douglas Eyman

James A. Inman

Cheryl Ball

Beth Hewett

Colleen Reilly

Joyce Walker

Charlie Lowe
REVIEWS EDITORS Rich Rice Gail Corso INTERVIEWS EDITORS Trish Harris Krista Homicz ARCHIVES EDITOR Jeff White COMMUNICATIONS EDITORS Anthony Atkins Erin Karper ASSISTANT EDITORS Matt Barton Leah Cassorla Shelley DeBlasis Toni Francis ... Deepa Sitaraman ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS Matt Barton Clancy Ratliff 8.2 Fall 2003/Spring 2004 Guest Editors: David Blakesley and Michael Kapper CoverWeb CoverWeb Introduction Madeleine Sorapure: Five Principles of New Media: Or, Playing Lev Manovich Victor J. Vitanza: Year Zero: Faciality: Redux ...! Features Anthony Ellertson: Some Notes on Simulacra Machines, Flash in First-Year Composition, and Tactics in Spaces of Interruption Interview Andrea Lunsford and Michael Leff: The Alliance for Rhetoric Society Interview by Beth Hewett Praxis Leslie Blair: Teaching Composition Online: No Longer the Second-Best Choice Ralph Wahlstrom: Approaching The Paideia: An Advanced Composition Model Reviews Libby Allison: Service-Learning in Technical and Professional Communication (Bowden and Scott) Valerie Balester: InSite: For Writing and Research™ Matthew Barton: College Writing Online (Moxley) Samantha Blackmon: Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet (Nakamura)

138. Kalamalka Institute For Working Writers
Based at Okanagan University College in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, the KIWW offers courses in commercial creative writing, operates the Kalamalka Press and the Kalamalka Review ejournal, maintains a digital archive, and sponsors events such as contests, conferences and workshops.
A signature program of the Kalamalka Campus of Okanagan University College KIWW News KIWW Home Kalamalka Press ... Contact KIWW According to the you are visitor number to this site. This page was last updated on May 28, 2001 by the KIWW Webmaster

139. Scraps & Scribbles: A Writer's Journal And Resource
Writer, Holly jahangiri's journal and weblog. Resources to help with the writing process.
Resources for Writers

Freelance Writing


Keyword Title Author Detoured down the gentle curve of a narrow shady lane, you hit a pothole in front of a quaint, old-fashioned roadside coffee house. You smell the dark, earthy aroma of rich, freshly ground Sumatra coffee and hear the din of poets, writers, and a rather odd assortment of folks who, like you, hit that same pothole in the road. The Welcome mat is comfortably worn and the crackling fireplace looks inviting. Make yourself at home.
- just click the link and register (it's FREE)! If you know of a site you think merits inclusion here, please write to me with the URL and I'll check it out. As always, this site is free. However, there are costs associated with maintaining any Web site, and donations are appreciated.
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140. Keeping A Reading Journal
The GMU writing Center Guide to Keeping a Reading journal. But keeping a journal as you read is one of the best ways of exploring a piece of writing.
The GMU Writing Center Guide to Keeping
a Reading Journal

You'll find many ways to read a text. But keeping a journal as you read is one of the best ways of exploring a piece of writing. With this process you integrate reading and writing, and find that you can interact with the work more fully. Take in every detail, every description. Try to avoid hasty analysis because it can prevent you from understanding the meaning of the novel as a whole. Remember, to analyze anything fully you must have a complete understanding of it.
  • Begin each new novel, play or poem without predetermined bias. If you decide in advance that all good art uses realistic settings and promotes your personal moral values, you close out the possibility of new experiences. You do not have to, nor should you, enjoy every work of literature that you read. But you should be willing to recognize that the imagination is limitless.
  • Read slowly. This suggestion can't be stressed enough. If you roller skate through an art museum you won't see the paintings.
  • Read with pen in hand. Underline key phrases, speeches by major figures, or important statements by the narrator. But don't limit yourself. Underline or highlight anything that seems important or striking. Take notes on ideas or questions (don't trust your memory). Write in the margins. Keep a list of the characters and/or major events on the inside of the front cover. Circle words used in special ways or repeated in significant patterns. Look up words that you don't know or words you think you know but seem to have a special weight or usage.
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