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         Journal Writing:     more books (100)
  1. The Book of Self-Acquaintance: A Guided Journal (Guided Journals) by Margaret Tiberio, 2000-11
  2. Paperblanks: Smythe Sewn Faux Old Leather Wraps, Embossed, Lined by Paperblank Book Company, Blank Journals, 2002-02-10
  3. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith, 2007-06-05
  4. Keeping a Journal You Love by Sheila Bender, 2001-04-23
  5. Life Path: Personal And Spiritual Growth Through Journal Writing by Luci Shaw, 2004-10-30
  6. Things That Tick Me Off!: A Guided Journal (The Guided Journal Series) by Joan Mazza, 2000-12
  7. I Might Be Nothing: Journal Writing by Lara Gilbert by Lara Gilbert, 2004-06-17
  8. The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit: 52 Ways to Find Your Soul Voice through Journal Writing by Janell Moon, 2002-04
  9. The Way In: Journal Writing for Self-Discovery by Rita D. Jacobs, 2001-04-01
  10. Communicating With Myself: A Journal by Jacquelyn B. Carr, 2001-06
  11. March Daily Journal Writing Prompts Grades K-2 by MARIA ELVIRA GALLARDO, 2005-05-31
  12. October Daily Journal Writing Prompts by MARIA ELVIRA GALLARDO, 2005-03-17
  13. Notes from Myself: A Guide to Creative Journal Writing by Anne Hazard Aldrich, 1997-12
  14. The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself by Lucia Capacchione, 2001-11

101. Index To The Journal Of African Travel-Writing
Includes travelogues, memoirs of time spent in Africa, fiction, reviews of materials about Africa.

Enquiries Contents Texts
"This is a Web site promoting a print magazine of the same name. The articles include travelogues, memoirs of time spent in Africa, fiction, reviews of materials about Africa, all excellently done. Only a few of the articles are available online, but they are well worth a visit. The site says its general aim is to publish good writing, and it certainly has succeeded. Recommended." The Civilized Explorer "The Journal of African Travel-Writingabsolutely wonderful site w/excellent poems and substantial articles. Must go." Cyber Oasis Included in Digital Librarian, a librarian's choice of the best of the Web.

A journal based at the University of Memphis, offers annual cash awards for both original, unpublished short stories (maximum 7,500 words) and poetry (maximum 2 pages). Closes March 1. Entry fees $12 and $5, respectively.
River City Writing Awards in FICTION and POETRY-2004
Sponsored by the Hohenberg Foundation
NOTE : Contests (both fiction and poetry) are not theme-specific
    First Prize: $1,500
    Second: $350
    Third: $150 CONTEST RULES 1. Any previously unpublished short story of up to 7,500 words is eligible. Simultaneous submissions are permitted. If accepted elsewhere, however, we ask that they be withdrawn from the contest immediately. No money will be refunded. 2. All manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and be accompanied by a cover letter. The author's name should NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript itself. 3. NEW DEADLINE: All submissions should be postmarked by March 15th, 2004.
    4. All manuscripts should be accompanied by a $12.00 entry fee . This fee initiates a one year subscription to River City. River City will publish the prize-winning stories. 6. Winners will be notified in June 2004. 7. Contest results will be published in the Winter 2005 issue of River City.
    NO manuscripts will be returned
    First Prize: $1,000

103. Lily - Padding Around The Pond
Personal journal site of university student with poetry and other writing as well as random hilarity.
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spoons, spooning, and running around naked... A day in the life

Incessant Babble

you don't have to love me
... bloggers
Rate me! Love me! Rate me! Love me!

104. File Not Found
A journal in Transpersonal Psychology, presenting creative writing (rather than academic research studies) from students and faculty of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and other writers in the field.
File Not Found
The requested object does not exist at the specified location. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it.

105. Petroglyph A Journal Of Creative Nature Writing
Biannual publication by the University of Utah. Subscription information, back issues, and submission guidelines.

106. A Journal Of Proactive Bliss
A genderqueer FTM's site devoted to feminist radical queer writing and activism.
A Journal of Proactive Bliss
Wield fiercely the power to disbelieve

Paradigm Media and Pop Culture ... Ego There is a place where words are born of silence
A place where whispers of the heart arise.
Jalaluddin Rumi
A Journal of Proactive Bliss was born
of a desire to find reflective space,
where truth would rise of its own insistent will,
and form words. Want to read yet more of my brain droppings?
Check out my my Livejournal at
Thanks Giving - November 28, 2003
"The Pacific is west and the Atlantic is, uh..."
- November 27, 2003 Security threats, airport mishaps and a right proper Eid dinner - November 26 Getting ready for California - November 25, 2003 Counting the hours - November 5, 2003 Happy Halloween, Mr. Cecil's and trick-or-treating - October 31, 2003 Lose a brownie point! - October 31, 2003 Back then - October 30, 2003 I want to marry Mark R. and have his baby - October 28, 2003 My big, bad mood

107. Gnome: The Online Journal Of Underground Writing, Volume 2, Issue Number 4.
An online journal of alternative literature from some of the best underground writers around.
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Volume 2.4 ~ Spring 2001 Coral Hull - Featured Poet
other excellent work by: Richard Kostelanetz
Daniel Crocker

Taylor Graham

John Sweet
Thomas Michael McDade

"Suicide Contest" winners:
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Please support our sponsors - support the arts and they will support you. Submissions Contact Archives Message Board ... Merchandise Gnome: the online journal of underground writing is a publication of Asterius Press - John C. Erianne, editor. This Small Press 'Zine site is owned by John C. Erianne next previous list ... FastCounter by LinkExchange

108. WPA Journal
Menu. Return to the WPA Homepage. WPA writing Program Administration journal of the Council of writing Program Administrators. WPA
Welcome About WPA Policy WPA Journal ... Sitemap Menu WPA: Writing Program Administration
Journal of the Council of Writing Program Administrators WPA: Writing Program Administration publishes articles and essays concerning the organization, administration, practices, and aims of college and university writing programs. Possible topics include the education and support of writing teachers; the intellectual and administrative work of WPAs; the situation of writing programs, within both academic institutions and broader contexts; the programmatic implications of current theories, technologies, and research; relationships between WPAs and other administrators, between writing and other academic programs, and among high school, two-year, and four-year college writing programs; placement; assessment; and the professional status of WPAs. The journal is published twice a year: fall/winter and spring. To subscribe, join WPA.

109. Bear's Research, Writing & Editing Service
Provides writing and editing assistance for academic research and journal articles.
Since 1985 Academic Services include: Consultation for design and development of a research plan Consultation for chapter organization and writing Statistical analyses Consultation for interpretation and presentation of statistical findings Preparation of reference pages Writing assistance Editing Services are tailored to your needs and to the format required (including APA, Turabian, MLA, and others) by the educational institution or journal. Business Services include: Copy writing Public relations materials, including press releases Website content Consultation for design and development of a research plan Statistical analysis Consultation for interpretation and presentation of statistical findings Writing assistance Editing Sharon Lynn Bear, Ph.D. at Home
Contact ...

110. FINDING AMERICA By James Q. Jacobs
A three month journey from Oregon to Panama and back. A realtime-written mixture of history, anthropology, politics, war and all the things I didn't know were going to happen next.
© 1997 by James Q. Jacobs
"...the skins of animals were there only dress.
They were poor, they possessed nothing,
but they had the nature of extraordinary men. "...their hearts were troubled; they were suffering greatly;
they did not have food; they did not have sustenance;
they only smelled the ends of their staffs and thus they imagined they were eating;
but they did not eat when they came. "It is not quite clear, however, how they crossed the sea;
they crossed to this side, as if there were no sea;
they crossed on stones." Popul Vuh, Ancient Histories of the Quiche Maya. Finding America is a book-lenght journal of my travels from Oregon to Panama and back. It was written in the moment, and that writing characteristic has been preserved during editing. While traveling, not even I knew what would happen next, and my percecptions of events, no matter how much altered later, are preserved in the writing. If you would like to travel for three months, hitchhiking, exploring, discovering, all from the comfort of your armchair, put on your backpack and join me.
You may print one copy of this book for your reading pleasure.

111. The Center For Journal Therapy
A gathering place for those who know the power of writing for growth and healing.
Home Kathleen Adams The Power Of Writing Contact Us
Center for Journal Therapy
Grant Street Mansion
1115 Grant St. #207
Denver, CO 80203
Voice: 888-421-2298
Denver metro: 303-986-6460
Fax: 303-985-3903
Email: contact@ What's New? Subscribe Mission and Vision Contact Us
Welcome... from Kathleen Adams, Founder/Director
In 1985 I had the good sense to answer the door when my destiny came knocking, and since then my passion some might say my obsession has been journals and their people. I teach, write, consult, facilitate and speak about journal therapy and its many applications for holistic mental health. The Center for Journal Therapy is a gathering place for those who know the power of writing for growth and healing. Books audiotapes national workshops and a worldwide network of Certified Instructors make learning easy, affordable and fun. Our electronic mailing list gives you up-to-date information on workshops, conferences, trainings and intensives. And if you or your organization wants to sponsor a workshop with me in 2004, please let us know What's New:
Professional Training
Section Updated!

112. Writers In The Mountains Home Page
Local writers group in the Western Catskills (Delware County, New York). Workshops include journal, Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, as well as advanced workshops where manuscripts are critiqued.
ABOUT WIM NEWSLETTER WORKSHOPS EVENTS ... AREA LINKS You may click on the links above or on any underlined word or phrase on any page of this web site to get more information! WELCOME TO OUR WEB SITE! Centered in Delaware County, in the heart of the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York, Writers in The Mountains offers classes, workshops and lectures throughout the year to writers at all levels of experience.
BEGINNING APRIL 17, 2004 April has been designated as National Poetry Month: a time to celebrate our poets, poems, and poetry. In an effort to bring this celebration to adults and kids of our region WIM is proud to present Poetry in Motion, a dynamic series of seminars and workshops focused on different aspects and styles of poetry. Our goal is to take the mystery out of poetry and explore its value as a means of emotional expression and as a tool for improving personal writing skills. For full details on each event click here!

113. Writing Progress
Rob Vagle's writing journal.!FA!9B!B31F6E24B9F1/RVagle/WritingProgress/

114. Journal Of Second Language Writing Online
An international quarterly journal focusing on second language or foreign language writing theory, research and pedagogy. Includes comprehensive table of contents, complete abstracts of articles, information for authors, and awards.
Ilona Leki and Tony Silva
Subscription Information

Join JSLW Mailing List

Symposium on L2 Writing
The Journal of Second Language Writing, a refereed journal appearing four times a year, features theoretically grounded reports of research and discussion of central issues in second language and foreign language writing and writing instruction. Areas of interest include:
  • personal characteristics and attitudes of L2 writers L2 writers' composing processes features of L2 writers' texts readers' responses to L2 writing assessment/evaluation of L2 writing contexts (cultural, social, political, situational) for L2 writing any other topic clearly relevant to L2 writing and/or writing instruction
In addition to feature articles and dialogues, each issue of the JSLW includes an annotated bibliography of recent scholarship in second language writing.

115. Novel Advice Home Page
A monthly ejournal on the craft of writing. A compendium of research resources and a member-participation critique forum.
. . . devoted totally to the craft of writing
Click HERE for The Best of Novel Advice
and editing of your work in progress
To be notified of new site features
NovelAdvice has been providing premier support for writers since April, 1997. Check out our flagship Cyber-Journal writers' magazine, our broad range of writing courses, and our lively message board, open to all visitors. Main Message Board Stats The NovelAdvice Cyber-Journal is THE most comprehensive monthly journal on the craft of writing anywhere. Each issue contains between 12and 16 articles on various aspects of writing and publishing. Click HERE to to see current and recent issues.. MORE A Resource Area, including publishing information A Moderated, Membership-only Critique Board A continually Updated Bookstore
Want to recommend NovelAdvice to a friend? Click here.

116. First Intensity A Magazine Of New Writing
An annual literary journal of poetry, prose, fiction, reviews, commentary, and art. Site lists current and back issues, as well as books available from First Intensity.
First Intensity #18 ANNOUNCING
FIRST INTENSITY #18, 2003 issue

45 contributors, 262 pages, perfectbound, $14. Available now. NEW WRITING by
Norman Lock, Dan Beachy-Quick, Theodore Enslin, Diane di Prima,
John Moritz, Lisa Cooper, Joseph Donahue, Barry Gifford, Monica Peck, Xue Di,
Theodore Kitaif, Susan Anderson, John McKernan, Lucy Bucknell, Phillip Foss,
Lisa Visendi, David Hadbawnik, Mark Scroggins, Tyrone Williams, Joseph V. Milford,
Catherine Imbriglio, Dallas Wiebe, Joshua McKinney, Mark Salerno, Judith Roitman,
Kenneth Irby, Cathleen Shattuck, Sean Mclain Brown, Judith Serin, Michael Boughn,
John Searcy
COVER ART by Colette Bangert TO ORDER First Intensity #18 Send $14 (+$2 p/h) to FIRST INTENSITY, P.O. Box 665, Lawrence, KS 66044 Subscription: $28 U.S. (two big issues; one per year). To order 2 or more copies, please contact Small Press Distribution (phone: 1-800-869-7553; email:; website:

117. On-Line Journal
you explore your own ideas, we will be participating with our paired class in an OnLine journal. The journal works on the principle that writing is best
English 100 - Section 8 (Spring 1995) MWF 1:45 - 2:50 p.m. Leslie D. Harris 18 Seibert Susquehanna University
Within the English Composition field, instructors are becoming more and more aware of the social nature of writing: that writers contribute their voice to an ongoing discourse (and discussion), rather than working in isolation. As a writer, you become part of a community of writers, exchanging your views with others. To help you develop a sense of being part of such a community of writers and to create an environment in which you explore your own ideas, we will be participating with our paired class in an "On-Line Journal." The journal works on the principle that writing is best learned as a collaborative activity, one in which you participate frequently. Your peers will serve as an audience on whom you can test and develop your ideas as your writing takes shape. Each student from both classes will receive all messages sent to the journal. As discussion topics arise, you will be responsible for participating by adding your written responses and questions to the on-going discussion.
As a first entry to the on-line journal, each student will post a personal introduction. Let your peers know the most important information about yourself. For example, you can tell us where you were born, what your major is, why you're attending college, how many siblings you have, what you think of your parentsany information that you think is important to understanding who you are as a person.

118. WHALELANE: Writing, Visuals & Hybrids
A literary journal of writing, the arts, and experimental hybrids which merge image and narrative.
Dear Readers and Contributors:
The editors are very sorry but Whalelane will no longer be published. We regret having to do this but for numerous reasons (time, finances, new jobs, projects, et cetera) it has become impossible to devote ourselves to the journal as we once were able to. We'd like to add an additonal apology to artists and writers whose work we accepted for the January issue; we wanted to inform you personally but severe problems with our server caused almost all of our previous files, including your email addresses, to disappear. We've tried to resurrect the old files but thus far haven't been able to. Informing you this way is not how we wished to do so, you and your work deserves better, so we apologize again and anyone with any questions should please email us at We thank all who have contributed, read, or supported Whalelane, it is very much appreciated. The magazine as well as all of the old archives will remain available for at least another year. Thank you again. Smudge
Christopher Barnes Topsy-Turvy
Christopher Barnes This Morning, A White Mare

119. Abstract Thoughts
The daily journal of a 20something geekgirl working in Silcon Valley. Dreams, occasional despair and lots of writing.
... of a geekgirl, gamer, poet, author, QA engineer and dreamer who is just trying to find her place in the world. LINKS Main
All About Me


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    120. Writing Scalable Applications With PHP
    HOWTO writing Scalable Applications with PHP Posted on Thursday, May 20, 2004 by PHP Security , appeared in the April 2004 issue of Linux journal and covered

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