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  1. Human Mosaic (Loose Leaf) & An Inconvenient Truth by Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov, Al Gore, et all 2007-05-02
  2. Albanien: Geographie - Historische Anthropologie - Geschichte - Kultur - Postkommunistische Transformation (Osterreichische Osthefte. Sonderband) by Peter Jordan, Karl Kaser, et all 2003-03-31
  3. Transcarpathia--bridgehead Or Periphery: Geopolitical And Economic Aspects And Perspectives Of A Ukrainian Region (Wiener Osteuropastudien, Bd. 16,)
  4. The Mountain West: Interpreting the Folk Landscape (Creating the North American Landscape) by Terry G. Jordan, Jon T. Kilpinen, et all 1996-11-04
  5. Human Mosaic, Mapping Workbook, Atlas & i>clicker by Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov, Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher, et all 2006-11-02
  6. Human Mosaic, Study Guide, Atlas, & Mapping Workbook by Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov, Mona Domosh, 2006-08-24
  7. Study Guide for Human Mosaic 9e & Premier World Atlas by Michael Kukral, Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov, et all 2002-09-26
  8. Digital Terrain Modelling: Development and Applications in a Policy Support Environment (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography) (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography)
  9. Towns and toponyms in the Old Testament with special emphasis on Joshua 14-21 (Coniectanea biblica) by Jan Svensson, 1994
  10. The Madaba mosaic map: With introduction and commentary by Michael Avi-Yonah, 1954
  11. Participatory Action Research In Natural Resource Management: A Critique of the Method Based on Five Years' Experience in the Transamazonica Region of Brazil by Christine Castellanet, Carl. F.Jordan, 2007-03-14
  12. Reading the Appalachian landscape.(GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW ESSAY)(The Upland South: The Making of an American Folk Region and Landscape)(Appalachian Folkways)(Extracting ... An article from: The Geographical Review by George Towers, 2006-04-01
  13. Memoir on the geology and geography of Arabia Petraea, Palestine, and adjoining districts: With special reference to the mode of formation of the Jordan-Arabah depression and the Dead Sea by Edward Hull, 1889
  14. Mountain Men: A History of the Remarkable Climbers and Determined Eccentrics Who First Scaled the World's Most Famous Peaks by Mick Conefrey, Tim Jordan, 2003-04-01

101. Matthew 3:13 "Then Cometh Jesus From Galilee To Jordan Unto John, To Be Baptised
Matthew 313 Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to jordan, unto John, to be baptised by him. The northern territory of Galilee consisted
Matthew 3:13 Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan, unto John, to be baptised by him. The northern territory of Galilee consisted of a heavy mixture of Gentiles and Jews. Its rich soils and valleys made it the richest farming district in the province. The cities of the Galilee were very Hellenized while the Jewish population was centered in the rural farms and villages. Many of Jesus sayings and aphorisms recall the imagery of the farming community of his childhood such as the "sowing and reaping" metaphors. It was the custom of villagers of the Galilee to join in the harvests to make extra income. Whether it be the "lilies of the fields" or the sparrows who neather "reap nor sow," Jesus' teachings paint a vivid picture of this agrarian rural community. Galileans were generally looked down upon by Judeans much like the people of rural farming communities in the American South by industrial northerners. The Aramaic dialect of Galileans was also noticeable by Judeans and another subject of derision. Galileans had a tendency to "drop their alefs" similar to the manner of dropping H's in Cockney English. This tendency is preserved in the Latinization of the name of Jesus' friend Alazar whom Jesus probably called `Lazar, hence "Lazarus." (Photo. Jack Kilmon)

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