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81. Java Tutorial - IT Services - Truman State University
http//, and how to create some niftyscripts for your basics, then move on the the intermediate/advanced section
Java Go to Web Home Tutorials Documentation Accessibility ... WebWorksWeek
  • The latest JDeveloper by Oracle is a good alternative to Visual Studio .NET. From Java comes Javascript.
    JavaScript is executed on client side, therefore no special server-side support is necessary. Several sites on Truman Network contain Javascript.
    Most Browsers execute the scripts correctly, but some don t.
JAVA JAVASCRIPT Free JavaScripts JAVA A Java Technology search engine The Source for Java Technology. A very comprehensive source for Java programmers. Very comprehensive - both beginners and advance. Links to sites which offer Java information and tutorials so you can learn how to program your own Java applets for your web site, and learn the Java language.

82. Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Anatomy Of The Microscope - Airy Patter
software in order to view our interactive java tutorials of the pattern parallel tothe intermediate image plane No images, graphics, scripts, or applets may be

Microscopy Primer
Light and Color Microscope Basics Special Techniques ... Home
The Galleries:
Photo Gallery
Silicon Zoo Pharmaceuticals Chip Shots ... Movie Gallery
Image Formation
Interactive Java Tutorials
Airy Pattern Formation
When an image is formed in the focused image plane of an optical microscope, every point in the specimen is represented by an Airy diffraction pattern having a finite spread. This occurs because light waves emitted from a point source are not focused into an infinitely small point by the objective, but converge together and interfere near the intermediate image plane to produce a three-dimensional Fraunhofer diffraction pattern. Interactive Java Tutorial ATTENTION Our servers have detected that your web browser does not have the Java Virtual Machine installed or it is not functioning properly. Please install this software in order to view our interactive Java tutorials. You may download the necessary software by clicking on the "Get It Now" button below.
This interactive tutorial explores the origin of Airy diffraction patterns formed by the rear aperture of the microscope objective and observed at the intermediate image plane. The figure on the left presents a diagrammatic illustration of a microscope optical train where a single lens (labeled Objective ) represents the microscope objective. Monochromatic light is emitted from a point source on an imaginary specimen (labeled point

83. Training For JavaScript Courses
Overview; ServerSide Scripts; ASP Architecture; IIS Objects; intermediate knowledgeor experience creating web pages of computer programming in C, C++, or java.

About Us

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Java Script Level One
Build Advanced Java Skills Now!
Learn how TechNow can help you achieve your career and education
goals with the information below or contact a Training Advisor today at
. To request more information via the web click here Overview This course provides an introduction to the JavaScript language using hands-on exercises. Students review HTML and use JavaScript to collect data with prompt dialog boxes, use JavaScript variables, use arithmetical operators, manipulate strings, create branching scripts, and use logical operators and looping. Students are also introduced to JavaScript functions.
Duration: 4 Days What You Will Learn Introduction to JavaScript Error Handling
  • Origins of JavaScript Why use JavaScript?

84. 3rd Year Java And Genetic Programming Projects
display PDGP progress, execution of intermediate and final LANGUAGES AND/OR OTHERSOFTWARE java software in domain may be required HTML, possibly cgi scripts.
3rd year Java and Genetic Programming Projects
Java based Genetic Programming Demonstration
Java based distributed Genetic Programming Demonstration
Parallel Distributed Genetic Programming Implementation
Evolutionary Computation (EC) is a field the main objective of which is to try and imitate reproduction genetics and natural selection to solve engineering problems such as optimisation, search and machine learning. Genetic Programming (GP) is an EC technique which allows the automatic evolution of programs that solve a given problem.
Java based Genetic Programming Demonstration
The project involves the demonstration of GP running over the internet. The system must support execution on a number of different computer types (eg PC, Sun, Alpha) running as Java applets within an internet browser such as HotJava. At least one demonstration GP problem (eg the Artificial Ant following the Santa Fe trail) must be solved. The system must be user friendly and especially be a "good guest" when run on remote internet hosts. The project must include graphical interfaces to display GP progress, execution of intermediate and final evolved programs. Possible extensions include GUIs to create or extend GP problems, including specifying function/terminal sets, termination criterion, fitness functions. Other features, such as saving GP populations, recovering from link or machine failures, may require code to be run as a Java application rather than applet. Unified source code supporting both application and applet are required.

85. Java JavaScript Animations Scripts Applets Tutorials
javaScript World Archives, scripts, discussion, questions and answers. java TutorialsAdvanced. Baldwin s intermediate java Programming 30 more lessons to get
High Speed Web Hosting Starting at $5.95! Web Search: Results: Directory
Java Resources:
Animations Applets Bugs Chat ... More
Java Animations
Animate Multiple Applet
Multiple simultaneous animations, from Instant Java

Sun's JDK demo applet, handles most multi-image animation sequences
The Lake Applet

Wavy mirror image applet
The Ripple Applet

Wavy image applet
The Water Applet

Water droplets appearing in image
The Java Boutique
A collection of applets, Java news, links to Java resources, and more. Java Home Page Sun Microsystems JavaScript Planet Archive of JavaScripts. Infohiway Inc. Web Developer's Cut-N-Paste JavaScript, Perl, CSS and Plug-ins!
Java Bugs
Bug Parade Find bugs in Sun's implementations Java Spec Report Unofficial errata for the documents that specify the Java platform JBuilder 1.0 Known JBuilder 1.0 bugs. For unknown, submit MRJ Bug Database Official Macintosh Runtime for Java list or submit bug reports MRJ Bugs Unofficial Macintosh Runtime for Java list NetBeans Known NetBeans bugs. For unknown

86. Java Intermediate: Servlets
The following is a concise and comprehensive definition a servlet A servletis a serverside java replacement for CGI scripts and programs.
The goals of this lecture is to introduce the power of Java Servlets to perform a variety of server side applications based on the HTTP protocol including servlet internals, request and response, and session management. The slides are servlets.ppt Source: Here are some neat links: Anyone involved in web development or e-commerce applications has realized the need to generate dynamic web content. Whereas most web pages merely display static content, and allow clients to navigate through this content, there is a growing understanding that the power of the web involves interacting with clients. Interaction with the client could be something as simple as a search facility for site content, to something as complex as an electronic store. CGI the Common Gateway Interface is currently the most popular technology for creating dynamic web content. However, there are several real and potential problems with CGI which makes it desireable to find a better technology. CGI is not easily scalable to the traffic volume on the site, and CGI can also be memory-intensive. This is because with CGI, multiple processes are spawned (one process for each request). The multi-process approach also means that no state information can persist between requests. Additionally, the protocol for creating back-end connections (to databases, for instance), and calling of server-specific functions, need to be defined by the CGI script-writer.

87. Smartforce CBT Offerings
java USER INTERFACE PROGRAMMING. Using Action Scripts in Flash MX. Dreamweaver 4 –introductory MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 intermediate ACCESS; MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000
Smartforce/Skillsoft Server Table of Contents
Cd-Rom Requests
Following is a list of Smartforce/Skillsoft online courses available free to the UNT community. The Skillsoft e-learning company (at ) is a leader in the area of online computer training. You can request the compliation of a CD(s) for you/your classes with specific courses on it. These requests will be handled on a first-come-first served basis and there is no guarantee as to the length of time such requests will take. If you would like to request a CD, contact Claudia Lynch in the Computing Center. If you are at the UNT Health Science Center, please request these cds from Suzanne Gravois at Turnaround time on CD requests is currently (9/2003) about two weeks, although many topical training CDs (see below) are already compiled and can be duplicated more quickly if requested: Older courses: For a tutorial on how to use the cds of older courses Click here New e-learning (TM) courses: For a tutorial on how to use the newer course cds Click here

88. Microcomputer Program West County Evening Lab Schedule
to PowerPoint Introduction to Flash intermediate java. 22 630930 Adv. UNIXScript Files intermediate HTML intermediate Access intermediate VB.Net. 23. 26

89. Selbstlernsoftware Der SUN Academic Initiative
toWeb Programming; A Developers Introduction to java script Programming;
Selbstlernsoftware der SUN Academic Initiative Studierende Internetnutzer Servernutzer Hochschullehrer ... Rechenzentrum
SUN Academic Initiative Program
Die RUB hat mit der Firma SUN eine Vereinbarung zur Nutzung des sog. SUN Academic Initiative Program (kurz SAI) getroffen.
Im Rahmen des SAI-Programms stellt SUN verschiedene Online Kurse zum Erlernen und Vertiefen der von SUN vertriebenen und entwickelten Software. Es finden sich darunter z.B. Kurse zu SUN Solaris, Java oder auch StarOffice.
School Identification Code
Eine Anleitung zur Anmeldung beim SAI-Programm finden sie in deutscher Sprache bzw. in englisch auf dieser Seite.
School Identification Code Weitere Informationen und Neuigkeiten rund um das SAI-Programm von SUN finden Sie unter
Derzeitiges Kursprogramm (Stand 15.03.2004):
  • Solaris[tm] 9 Operating Environment
    • Intermediate System Administration for the Solaris[tm] 9 Operating Environment
    • Java[tm] Technology
      • Fundamentals of the Java[tm] Programming Language
      • Java[tm] Programming Language
      • Java[tm] Practice Certification Exam
      • Object Oriented Programming with Java[tm] Technology
      • Web Component Development with Java[tm] Technology
      • Distributed Programming with Java[tm] Technology
      • Java[tm] Servlets: A Technical Introduction
      • Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform Overview for Managers

90. Decatomb Production Computer Sciences: Browse: Java Sites
a broken link More than 350 script archives! Intermediatejava Programming Tutorial - java Report a broken link

Online users:




And Or

See Listing

Sites : Searched Decatomb for: Java Sites Results of about JZV's Java Links Java Resources for news, information, and direct links to API docs. Java Index of applets, tutorials, documentation, code, and more. Java Direct links to Java applets of all types, Java tutorials, references, articles, and everything in between. JDC J2ME Tech Tips Java JDC J2ME Tech Tips is an electronic mailing sent to registered Java Developer ConnectionSM (JDC) members. Each mailing contains tips, techniques, and sample code on various topics of interest to developers using the JavaTM programming language. Java News, information, and discussions. J2ME Archive Java Information on developing applications and services, including related technologies such as the CLDC, MIDP, and KVM.

91. Bogdan Hodorog's Place
C++, 3, advanced, java, 3, advanced, C, 2.5, intermediate, XSL, 1.5, intermediate,Pascal, 1.5, intermediate, Shell Scripts, 1.5, intermediate, SQL, 1, intermediate,
home work about profile ... news last-update:1.07.2003 Bogdan Hodorog's Profile
Personal data First name: Bogdan Last name: Hodorog Availability: hours/week Birthday: Main Address: Str. Garii nr. 2
2637 Calan
Romania Address: Str. Mihai Viteazul nr.13A ap.10
1900 Timisoara
Romania Citizenship: Romanian
Studies Year Master degree in Computer Science Technical University -Timisoara Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering 2001(graduated) Technical University -Timisoara Highschool 1996(graduated) "Aurel Vlaicu" -Orastie
Languages speaking writing Romanian mother-tongue mother-tongue English fluent good Italian poor poor German poor poor
Programming languages Years Level Comment C++ advanced Java advanced C intermediate XSL intermediate Pascal intermediate Shell Scripts intermediate SQL intermediate Assembly Language junior LISP junior Prolog junior Parallel Languages junior Perl junior Python junior Smalltalk junior
Databases Years Level Comment Cloudscape junior
(programmer) PostgreSQL junior (administrator) Operating systems Years Level Comment Microsoft Windows advanced (user) UNIX/Linux intermediate (user) UNIX/Linux intermediate (programmer) DOS intermediate (user) Microsoft Windows junior (programmer) Tools Years Level Comment Adobe Photoshop advanced Intellij IDEA advanced JUnit advanced Together advanced Borland C/C++ intermediate CVS intermediate MS Visual Studio intermediate Jakarta Tomcat intermediate Apache Ant intermediate Inprise C++ Builder intermediate Emacs intermediate Lotus Notes junior IBM Eclipse junior IBM Visual Age for Java junior Inprise Delphi junior

92. WDVL: JavaScript Tutorial For Programmers
WDVL is an free encyclopedia of java, HTML, javascript, cgi, dhtml, XML, perl, web design and domain name tutorials and resources. Active Server Pages. JSP/java Servlets. Microsoft SQL Server



Authoring ... Email a Colleague Active Server Pages JSP/Java Servlets Microsoft SQL Server Daily Backup Dedicated Servers Streaming Audio/Video 24-hour Support Click Here Hot Topics JavaScript HTML CSS DHTML ... XML
find a web host with: CGI Capabilities Cold Fusion Dedicated Servers JSP/Java Servlets MySQL Preinstalled CGI Scripts advanced search Developer Channel FlashKit

Java Boutique
Promote Your Website

Business Search
Promotional Items Digital Cameras ... Discount Hotel Rooms Developer Downloads International Internet Lists ... E-mail Offers
JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
Aaron Weiss July 12, 1998 This JavaScript tutorial is aimed primarily at those who have had at least some exposure to another programming language. It is not our purpose here to cover the basic concepts of computer programming, but rather illustrate the syntax and methodology of JavaScript. For its part, JavaScript is a rather basic language which conforms tightly to the core concepts of computer programming. Any background in programming, from Visual Basic to Pascal to C (which is far more advanced) is sufficient to readily understanding JavaScript. Those who are true novices at programming would be better off with any number of available books on JavaScript which take the time to explain both the specifics of the language and programming concepts in general.

93. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics
Topics in Mathematics. java and Other Interactive WWW Pages Leuven. TECHNOLOGY java applets. Groups15. ADD TECHNOLOGY java applet. The Lattice Theory Homepage Arithmetic, Intro Algebra
Topics in Mathematics JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages We have discontinued our regular listing of JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages and now refer our users to our listing of Topics in Mathematics where is it possible to search for specific topics. Items with the icon indicate Interactive WWW Pages and items with the icon indicate JAVA applets.The following is the result of doing a search using these icons with as the search term. The information conveyed by other icons is described below

94. Cookie Nest - Java Programming, Applets, Scripts, Downloads, Tutorials, And More
Services. java programming, applets, scripts, downloads, tutorials, and more.Cookie Nest java programming, applets, scripts, downloads, tutorials, and more
Welcome to Cookie Nest - Java Programming
Announcement: Java Store Opens!
posted Monday, November 24, 2003 12:33 PM EST
We would like to announce the opening of our Java Store here at Cookie Nest. We offer the latest and best java books and software at the most affordable prices! Choose from our wide selection below:
General Java Books
Beginner's Guides Books
Certification Books
Distributed Java Books ...
post a comment
Announcement: Java Reviews Galore
posted Monday, November 24, 2003 12:27 PM EST
We have added a large number of reviews of the latest java books and java software to our site. Take your pick from General Java Book Reviews Beginner's Guides Book Reviews Certification Book Reviews Distributed Java Book Reviews ... Visual J++ Book Reviews . We hope you enjoy this great new offering from us here at Cookie Nest.
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New Java Applet: MouseBloq
added Tuesday, November 18, 2003 9:58 AM EST
New Java Application: LinkChecker
added Tuesday, November 11, 2003 1:05 AM EST
New Java Application: WebLoader
added Tuesday, November 11, 2003 1:04 AM EST
New Java Application: Helicon System Analyzer
added Tuesday, November 11, 2003 1:03 AM EST

95. JavaScript Menu By Web-Wise-Wizard: Right-Side Navigation - Java Script Menu
of specially tailored HTML link scripts that can Expertise. Novice. Some graphics andJava resources are Copyright © of
var downLeft=new Image(8,173);downLeft.src="/img/www/wwwDownLft.gif"; var downRight=new Image(8,173);downRight.src="/img/www/wwwDownRgt.gif"; var backAcr=new Image(8,173);backAcr.src="/img/www/wwwBackAcr.gif"; var wwwLogo=new Image(468,63);wwwLogo.src="/img/www/wwwLogo6.gif"; Dave Griffith's stunning Lake Effect. An Applet that you can apply to any photo
JavaScript Scripts: Right-Side Navigation
This fully functional navigation tool and would be an asset on any web page. It is cross-browser compatible and can create links to this window and to other windows and frames. It's top margin and background color can be set indepentantly and you can vary the number of links displayed. This is a follow-on from the 'Right-Side Navigation'
tutorial in the HTML 3.2 Section of Web-Wise-Wizard.
Tutorial Follow-On
display_navg_rs( Navg, 3, "#FFFFCC") This JavaScript tutorial is complimentary to the HTML 3.2 tutorial and we strongly recommend you study the HTML 3.2 tutorial before starting to study this JavaScript tutorial. The HTML 3.2 tutorial deals with the basic creation of this object using HTML only, wheras this JavaScript tutorial deals with creating the object dynamically. Creating it dynamically enables us to write a flexible, robust script that can be used time after time and can be located in a JavaScript library file. If there is a problem with HTML it is that it is a static language and if you wanted to implement a similar or common object many times over then it is likely that you have to rewrite parts of the script each time you want to implement it. This is both time consuming and prone to the introduction of errors in your script. It will also introduce the probability of a different 'look and feel' of similiar scripts across your site.

96. Scripting
Comments Free java scripts (over 600), DHTML scripts (31 and growing), and tutorialsfor both. New links to other resources make this page fresh daily.
JavaScript "Cut-n-Paste" sites - it's just that easy:
Comments: Free Java scripts (over 600), DHTML scripts (31 and growing), and tutorials for both. New links to other resources make this page fresh daily. Gamelan's JavaScript Directory
Comments: An indexed wealth of JavaScripts for you to cut and paste. Autoscripts for Web Designers and Developers
Comments: Featuring more than 176 FREE JavaScripts you can paste into your HTML! Plus some Cut-N-Paste Perl and CSS. They'll send you their e-newsletter if you give them your address. Tradepub
Comments: A commercial site dedicated to selling Practical JavaScript Programming , this site points to external articles, tutorials, and javascript examples. On my last visit, many of the links didn't work. Skip this one, folks!

97. The JavaScript Weenie - Free JavaScript Tutorials, Examples And Reference Materi
entire length of Aaron Prenot s cascading menu script. The guide is pitched at intermediateusers with a
If you can't find the answer to your question here, try Doc JavaScript where you can find biweekly columns and a new JavaScript tip every day of the week. You should also drop in at the JavaScript Source , a fine resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!
Find out in:
Amazing HTML

Site Map

WDJ Mailing Lists
Discussion: Web Development Web Marketing Web Jobs Ecommerce Windows Weenie NT Weenie Linux Drivers HTML - Beginners Advanced HTML Wacky HTML Java JavaScript Web Audio Dynamic Sites CGI ASP ColdFusion MS FrontPage Bill Bashing
WebDeveloper Network FlashKit


JavaScript experts/clowns may help and/or hinder you with these articles and opinions.
The JavaScript Weenie
Paige Turner is the JavaScript Weenie and hosts this fascinating resource. In addition to articles and opinion, we have discussion groups and mailing lists populated by rabid JavaScript proponents. With a bit of luck one of them or Paige herself will answer your perplexing JavaScript questions.
Join the New JavaScript Weenie Discussion List
Sign up for this new mailing list and join a community of JavaScript developers around the world in their search for truth. Paige and other experts are on hand to answer your JavaScript questions at any level.

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