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41. Programming In Java Training (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
Programming in java Training (Introduction, intermediate, Advanced) from BVG. thefirst disc, I found the second disc was all about java script instead of java
Programming in Java Training (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
Programming in Java Training (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced)
from: BVG
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Release Date: 11 February, 2002
Media: CD-ROM
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98 Customer Reviews Average Rating: 2.00 Rating: This is confusing!! I originally bought this CD Rom course from a local shop, and, once I had worked my way through the first disc, I found the second disc was all about Java Script instead of Java! The label on the front of the disc stated Java, and so I thought the content was the same. This will teach me to buy from anywhere else than Amazon! As far as the discs are concerned, the topics are presented logically and simply, even though the American presenter tended to slow down when spelling out the URLs. All in all, a strange experience, as I wanted to learn about Java Script, anyway! Rating: OK for a basic overview I'm not sure it's worth £12, but for something less it's not bad way to get an overview. Mick Weston's overview is spot on, plus it worth adding it only covers Java 1.1 not Java 2. Quite a few differences.

42. DeveloperWorks XML Technical Library Articles
javaML A markup language for java source code, Introductory, Charming Python Dynamicsof DOM, intermediate, 12 Jul 2000, Dare to script treebased XML with Perl,

43. Java For Bioinformatics [Sep. 24, 2003]
using HTML parsers, direct database access, and intermediate databases with java isfacilitating academia s transfer from scriptbased development to
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Java for Bioinformatics
by Stephen Montgomery Bioinformatics challenges developers to create widely distributable tools that elucidate biological relationships. The principal value of these tools is measured in the contribution they provide to research biologists. Furthermore, as the amount and nature of available data increases, bioinformaticians are forced to provide rapidly evolving tools to their user communities. Java has allowed bioinformaticians to rapidly develop user-friendly, cross-platform applications that are accessible to users at all levels of computational ability.

44. Jax Java Page
Pnuts is a script language based on java written Technology Development is IBM s hotbedof java at Hursley IBM JDK intermediate updates are posted to ftp.hursley
RCFB Top Page
Jack Woehr and his associates provide Java project mentoring services ... visit SoftWoehrDotCom
Jax Java Page
This Web page is provided as a public service for those seeking more information about Java and related technologies. A hyperlink on this page doesn't mean I endorse or even that I have tried any products or services referenced by that link.
Looking for FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter
Looking for SoftWoehr Java Class Libraries for JTOpen
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45. September 2000 – August 2001 CGI Atlantic
2001. C. intermediate. 2. Current. HTML. intermediate. 3. Current. java script. intermediate.3. Current. VB script. Advanced. 2. 2001. SQL. intermediate. 1. Current. OpenGL.Junior.
Trevor Flynn 340 Connaught Street, Apartment 8 Fredericton, New Brunswick LANGUAGES: English, French (Spoken, Read) WORK EXPERIENCE:
September 2000 – August 2001 CGI Atlantic
Consultant: Designed, developed and maintained numerous in-house and contract systems using VB6 and Access. Developed systems allowed for standardization in documentation as well as easy and efficient language translation. Involved in all stages of the development process. Designed program graphics and icons. Wrote program user manuals. May 1999 - May 2000 Gilbert, McGloan, Gillis (Law Firm) Network Administrator: Researched, purchased and maintained hardware, software and networking equipment on site (50+ nodes). Implemented onsite mail/web server, permanent Internet connection, and protective firewall. Designed and maintained firms professional web site. September 1998 - December 1998 New Brunswick Library Service Technical Analyst: Connected all 63 provincial libraries within a specified timeframe to an online cataloguing and circulation system. Trained and supported of each library and regional office during and after implementation. Significant amounts of travel was included. June 1998 - September 1998 New Brunswick Department of the Environment Responsible for installation and management of network software and hardware. Designed an asset-tracking database using Microsoft Access. Submitted a proposal for the need for virus protection, citing specific software recommendations.

46. BookShelf: Java
Essential java script for Web Professionals Dan Barrett, et al / Textbook Binding Ajava Programming Introductory and intermediate Training Course
Published in 2000 New Books for 2001 Current Hot Books
Editor's Choice:

47. Intermediate E-Commerce
2, intermediate HTML Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) - Forms - XML. 3, java scriptsto process form data - java script Object, Attached Code, Functions, Event
Intermediate e-Commerce
Local Key Hemis Key Base Key Credit Points Lecturer Dr Mark Xu Coordinator Dr Mark Xu Delivery Mode Campus - Semesterised Release Status A Materials Normal Level Notional Study Hours Standard Hours Scheduled Activities Lecture = 12 Practical Workshop (computer laboratory) = 12 Min Student Numbers Max Student Numbers Prereq Named Introduction to e-Commerce (U08172) Postreq Named None Coreq Named None Excluded Combinations None Dependancies None Prereq Statement None Ass Weight Exam Ass Weight Con Ass Weight Other
To develop students skills in using IT tools relevant to enhance the construction and the design of e-Commerce platform To develop students knowledge of the main technical issues that underpins the operations of e-Commerce activities To develop students knowledge of administrating the e-Commerce website To develop students knowledge of the connectivity between the internet and the corporate database
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this unit, students should be able, at threshold level, to: Build a website that can be used to support real case e-Commerce transaction by using a number of tools relevant to the design Identify the critical issues in designing, updating the website for support e-commerce transactions

48. * Training Registry Trainers Consultants Speakers Classrooms Management Courses
Beans, Threads, Networking script) Institute for Technology Training and ExcellenceOnsite; java Programming (beginner, intermediate, advanced levels
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  • 49. Edward Samuel Rasalam MS (ECE), MS (CS)
    system to send manufacturing data to SAP using intermediate Oracle and C, Pro C,C++, ASP, JSP, java Servlets, java, VB script, java script, Oracle Forms
    Edward Samuel Rasalam MS (ECE), MS (CS) 472 Mimosa Grove Crossing, Tucker, GA 30084. Ph: 770-595-9520 (Cell), 770-279-2020 (Home) E-mail: URL:
    Professional Overview
    • Successful careers in Software Development and Systems Analysis and Design. Five years of experience in Web Programming, Client / Server, Mainframe and Database Design and Software Development. reduced production cycle time by 30%, increased profit by 15% for Optical Fiber Cable manufacturing, and coded a Product Tracking System that reduced scrap by 45%. IEEE Computer Society Atlanta Industry Chapter Secretary from 1999 – 2000; Vice-Chair from 2001 – 2002 and Treasurer since 2003.
    Professional Experience
    Lucent Technologies/OFS May 1999 to date
    Responsible for Requirements Management, Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation (including coding in C, Pro C, C++, ASP, JSP, Java Servlets, Java, VB script, Java script, Oracle Forms, HTML, Unix Shell scripts and JamWeb Sybase and Oracle table design and SQL optimization).

    50. ACCU Reviews: Inside Java Script
    Inside java script by Bill Bercik Jill Bond Not Recommended. ISBN 1 56205 5933 Publisher New Riders Pub. User level Beginnerintermediate I read, but I

    Home Page
    Reviews Main
    Book Review
    Not Recommended ISBN: Publisher: New Riders Pub. Pages: 660pp+CD Price: Categories: javascript Reviewed by Christer Loefving in C Vu 10-3 (Mar 1998) 'User level: Beginner-Intermediate' I read, but I pity the poor beginner who has to start the study of JavaScript with this book. The code often seems to be more written by a beginner than for a beginner and JavaScript's language features are explained in a confusing order. For instance, the authors first describe how to call member- functions of the example-object 'beer' and after that they tell you how to create the object itself. Throughout the pages there are a lot of notes called Note, Did you know... and Jargon . This can be a nice feature, but not two or three of them on the same page. Their main purpose seems to be to waste space, maybe to make the book look impressive in the bookshop. More than one third of the 660 pages cover 'JavaScript programming reference', a 'JavaScript quick reference', the appendix and index. I think this is too much for a title not described as mainly a reference. The book's greatest value is the chapters about Internet Commerce (LivePayment) and building an intranet with Javascript, which maybe can offer something for the more experienced user. However, for the purpose of learning JavaScript from scratch it is useless.

    51. Textbooks And ISBN's - Coleman College
    and Development, Cashman, java script Complete Concepts Programming Language, Farrell,java Programming Comprehensive, COM392, intermediate Programming with C and
    Coleman College Textbooks and their ISBN's for the May 2004 term
    Course Course Title Author Book Title Edition ISBN Accounting Dansby College Acounting Managerial Accounting Tracy The Fast Forward MBA in Finance Accounting, Mastering Inventory Dansby College Acounting Accounting, Mastering Inventory Meyer Mastering Inventory Management Information Systems I Oz Management Information Systems Internet Applications and Development Oliver Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours Management Information Systems II Oz Management Information Systems Advanced Internet Applications and Development Cashman Java Script Complete Concepts and Techniques Introduction to UNIX System Administration Frisch Essential System Adminstration Introductory Java Programming Language Farrell Java Programming: Comprehensive Visual Basic Database Programming Connell Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Beginning Programming with C Aitken Teach Yourself C in 21 Days Intermediate Programming with C and C++ Aitken Teach Yourself C in 21 Days Intermediate Java Programming Language Horton Beginning Java 2 Perl Programming Wall Programming Perl Object-Oriented Programming with C++ Johnsonbaugh Object Oriented Programming in C++ Advanced Java Programming Language Falkner Beginning JSP Web Development

    52. Resume: Ray Baars, Web Consultant
    4 years +. intermediate. Sybase. 3 years +. intermediate. java/java script.2 years +. intermediate. DHTML. 1 yr. intermediate. Flash 3. 3 mths. intermediate.
    Ray Baars
    Ray Baars Mobile: 07957 478318 Long time Web, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle, and MSOffice Developer. Extensive Internet / intranet experience including e-Commerce and personalisation. IT developer / Project manager since early 70's. Over 5 years in banking, and 5+ years multimedia experience. SQL Server skills up to DBA level. Early member of MS Site Builder program, and MS Developer Net. Visual Interdev / Visual Studio v6 2 yrs + Advanced Active Server Pages/IIS 4 years Advanced MS Site Server 2 yrs Advanced MS Transaction Server 2 yr Intermediate / Advanced E Commerce 4 yrs + Intermediate / Advanced 1 yr Intermediate 3 yrs + Advanced 3.5 years + Advanced 5 years + Advanced Access (all version to 97) + VBA 5 years + Intermediate Excel (all versions to 97) + VBA 6 - 7 yrs Intermediate / Advanced MHEG 5.0 1 yr Intermediate SQL Server 7.0 1 yr Advanced (DBA) SQL Server (up to 6.5) 5 years + Advanced (DBA) Oracle (up to 7.3) 4 years + Intermediate Sybase 3 years + Intermediate Java/Java Script 2 years + Intermediate DHTML 1 yr Intermediate Flash 3 3 mths Intermediate Ray has just recently completed the Rugby World Cup section of The URL is

    53. Global Impact, Inc.: Available Products Pg.5 - * Online Wholesale CDROM Software
    Tutorial java 2.0 template Tutorial java Basic Tutorial java script Beginning Tutorialjava script Advanced Tutorial java script intermediate Tutorial Linux


    Corporate Contacts

    Corporate Overview

    Corporate Policies
    Product Information

    eading distributor of software Available Products Page 5 OEM Bundles

    54. OSAP, OSAP - Federal Services Intermediate Level Course 2005: Hotel Information,
    Please see the Site Map or enable java script for your browser. Login. OSAP Federal Services intermediate Level Course 2005 Hotel Information.
    The new OSAP web site uses Java Script to enable better navigation of the site. Your browser, however, does not support javascript. Please see the Site Map or enable Java Script for your browser.

    OSAP - Federal Services Intermediate Level Course 2005: Hotel Information

    Hyatt Regency Atlanta

    265 Peachtree Street, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    FAX: 404-588-4137 Reservations: 800-233-1234 Rates: Reservations Deadline: Monday, January 3, 2005
    • Single $112 Double $137 Triple $162 Quad $187
    Information: Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the 1,260-room Hyatt Regency Atlanta was the first contemporary atrium hotel in the world, and is now one of the nation's premier convention and trade show facilities with 180,000 square feet of ballroom, exhibit, meeting and hospitality space. There is shopping and dining in the adjoining Peachtree Center complex. Hyatt is within walking distance of numerous business and cultural destinations including the Atlanta Market Center, the Georgia World Congress Center, and the Inforum. Also nearby are Underground Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park and a variety of historic attractions. The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is 15 minutes from Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, with an indoor connection to the Peachtree Center Station of the MARTA public rail system.

    55. OSAP, OSAP - Federal Services Intermediate Level Course 2005: Register, The Orga
    javascript. Please see the Site Map or enable java script for yourbrowser. Login. OSAP Federal Services intermediate Level Course.
    The new OSAP web site uses Java Script to enable better navigation of the site. Your browser, however, does not support javascript. Please see the Site Map or enable Java Script for your browser.

    OSAP - Federal Services Intermediate Level Course

    Course Information

    January 24 - 27, 2005
    Hyatt Regency Atlanta
    Atlanta, GA
    Register Online
    1) Select Category for Registration US Federal Services Non-Military OSAP Members All Other
    Join OSAP
    for $100 and save on registration)
    2) Enter Registration Information Name Rank / Title (cannot be blank, please enter "None" if none) Service Office/Institution Address
    Please enter full address,
    city, state, zip code/postal code and country (if outside US). Telephone Day Evening Fax E-Mail Please check carefully, this is how we will contact you. Prof. Designation Nickname for Badge Home Site Map Request Membership Information OSAP P.O. Box 6297 Annapolis, MD 21401 USA (410) 571-0028 (Fax) Email

    56. RCS Limited
    Introduction. Delphi 2.0 Bundle, Delphi 2.0 intermediate. Designing Web Applications,Designing Web Pages. Semantics. java script, javascript Volume 2. -HTML-Java-Javascript.asp
    Search CBTs search fields: title description or, later on, click on the flags at
    the top right of the screen Sorry, the page you requested, has not been found. The above message is most likely caused by a request for a page that no longer exists - but a search engine or crawler might have still remembered it. Please do one of the following:
  • Please try the menus on the left to get to the information that you seek. More pages are available regarding ' CBT Course Details Let us know about the problems you are having via details on our ' Contact Us ' page or simply ' Quick Email Us
  • Thank you. RCS Newsletter

    57. Twenty-fourth Internationalization & Unicode Conference - Conference Program
    Software Engineers, Font Designers, Testers, Designers, script Enthusiasts, LevelBeginner, intermediate, Advanced Audience All. Web / java, scripts, Characters
    Day 1: Wednesday, September 3 Tutorials Characters / Fonts Session Plenary: 9:00 am - 9:50 am The Unicode 4.0 Tutorial: Part I - Core Concepts in Action Asmus Freytag - ASMUS, Inc., USA Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Audience: All Track A Track B Track C Web / Java Scripts Characters / Fonts Session TA1: 10:10 am - 12:45 am Web Internationalization: Standards and Practice Tex Texin - Xen Master, XenCraft, USA Yves Savourel - RWS Group, USA Session TB1: 10:10 am - 12:45 am An Introduction to Writing Systems: A review of script characteristics affecting computer-based script support and Unicode Richard Ishida - Internationalization WG Chair, W3C, UK Session TC1: 10:10 am - 11:30 am The Unicode 4.0 Tutorial: Part II - Fundamental Specifications Asmus Freytag - ASMUS, Inc., USA Level: Beginner Audience: Managers, Software Engineers, Systems Analysts Level: Beginner, Intermediate Audience: All Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Audience: All Characters / Fonts Previous session continues. Previous session continues. Session TC2a: 11:40 am - 12:45 am The Unicode 4.0 Tutorial: Part III - Unicode Algorithms

    58. Beginning JavaScript Tutorials
    javaScript tutorials which will help you use basic javascripts on your web pages, even beginners. This javascript tutorial section also includes links to other programming sites. Forums. FTP. Graphics. HTML. java. javaScript. Search. Directory. Contact CSS/DHTML. HTML/XML. java. javaScript. Webmasters intermediate/Advanced javaScript. This will cover some of the more
    Navigation Location Home Articles ASP/PHP CGI/Perl CSS/DHTML Forums FTP Graphics HTML Java JavaScript Search Directory Contact Privacy Link Us Developers ASP/PHP


    Webmasters Articles


    Reciprocal Links
    Web Links
    Information Forums
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    Contact ... Privacy Other Links Web Xpertz Beginning JavaScript Tutorials Learn the JavaScript Basics Learn the basics of JavaScript, and how to create some nifty scripts for your web site. Intermediate/Advanced JavaScript This will cover some of the more complicated parts of JavaScript such as rollovers, advanced strings, arrays, and more. Complete Tutorial List You want a complete listing of all the JavaScript tutorials here? Well, this is the place to find it. Formatting Numbers for Currency Display A guest article by George Chiang on how to format numbers for currency display. Y2K and Your Scripts A guest article by George Chiang showing how to deal with the Y2K issue. JavaScript Windows A guest article by Andy Scott on how to launch new windows with JavaScript.

    59. Java Scripts
    Use the following form to search through all 170 Downloads. These tutorials assistin helping beginners and intermediate programmers with writing java Scripts.

    60. Credit Card Validator - Java, Javscript
    for Prime number generation in java By Samir 33440 AM By vsim Level IntermediateUser Rating TITLE Credit Card Validation /TITLE script LANGUAGE=javascript

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