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         Japan Economic & Business Statistics:     more books (100)
  1. An Empirical Investigation of Stock Markets: The CCF Approach (Research Monographs in Japan-U.S. Business and Economics) by Shigeyuki Hamori, 2003-09-30
  2. Japan Today Online 2005 by Eusebio Espinosa de Godos, 2005-05-03
  3. Outbound Tourism of Japan: Market Profile (World Tourism Organization Market Intelligence and Promotion Section Madrid, December 2000 Special Report, Number 6)
  4. INDUST GROUPINGS JAPAN 98-99 (Industrial Groupings of Japan) by 1999 13ed, 1999-06-01
  5. Demystifying Japan's economic recovery: a tale of its structural reform.: An article from: Business Economics by Jun Kurihara, 2007-07-01
  6. The 2006 Japan Economic and Product Market Databook by Philip M. Parker, 2006-12-11
  7. JAPAN STILL UNDERMINING ASIA'S POTENTIAL.(poor economic performance): An article from: Market Asia Pacific
  8. Japan insured loss may top $5 billion. (1995 Kobe earthquake): An article from: National Underwriter Property & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management by John Jennings, Lisa S. Howard, 1995-02-06
  9. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Semi-milled or Wholly Milled Rice and Broken Rice in Japan (World Trade Report) by The Semi-Milled or Wholly Milled Rice an, Broken Rice Research Group, et all 2001-01-05
  10. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Rice in the Husk or Husked in Japan (World Trade Report) by The Rice in the Husk or Husked Research, The Rice in the Husk or Husked Research Group, 2001-01-05
  11. One Hundred Years of Economic Statistics: A New Edition of Economic Statistics 1900-1983 Revised and Expanded to 1987 : United Kingdom, United State by Thelma Liesner, 1990-02
  12. The 2007-2012 Outlook for Business Software in Japan by Philip M. Parker, 2006-09-28
  13. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Dairy Products and Birds' Eggs in Japan (World Trade Report) by Dairy Products and Birds' Eggs Research, The Dairy Products, et all 2000-12-29
  14. The 2000 Import and Export Market for Meat and Meat Preparations in Japan (World Trade Report) by The Meat and Meat Preparations Research, The Meat, et all 2000-12-29

1. Economagic: Economic Time Series Page
The best economic data site with over 100 000 series. Users have the ability to make their own custom charts, XY plots, regressions, and get data in excel files, or in copy paste format for Federal Reserve, Philadelphia Third Federal Reserve District, business Outlook Survey Bureau of Labor statistics. US Civilian Bank of japan and economic Planning Agency of japan
Econo magic .com: Economic Time Series Page Browse Data Titles Books Charts Excel ... Change Defaults
Browse Data Collections
Over 100,000 data files, with charts and excel files for each Collection
Browse by Region Browse by Source

2. Statistical Resources On The Web/Economics
Natl economic, Social Environmental Data Bank. statistics on business, crime, and United States, Canada, japan, and Australia. Main economic Indicators, Historical Indicators
Statistical Resources on the Web
Comprehensive Economics
Frames Index No-Frames Version Last updated on January 17, 2004 Comprehensive Sites Business and Industry Cost of Living
Federal/State Finances
Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Summary data on national income and product accounts (GDP) and balance of payments (trade)
  • More detailed data appears in STAT-USA and Dept. of Commerce Economic Data (below)
Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Press releases on employment and unemployment, earnings, employment cost index, consumer prices, producer prices, productivity, collective bargaining, and union membership
  • Time series on employment, prices, and productivity
  • The Data option under the main web page is arranged by various retrieval options; these options are subdivided by subject
  • Use the Search option for a subject approach to various retrieval options
  • Web pages which combine all retrieval options include
  • BLS Handbook of Methods
    • History and methodology of labor force, employment, earnings, productivity, safety, and price index data
    • Available in HTML or Adobe Acrobat format
    Business and Economics Numeric Data (Schankman)
    • Extensive annotated bibliography and links to government and non-government data sources
    • Analyzes the contents of web sites, such as the Census Bureau

3. Statistics Information Site, Economic And Social Research Institute
Apr.26, 04, business and Investment Survey of Incorporated Enterprises c) 2004 economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office, Goverment of japan.
Notice Owing to regular maintenance of electric facilities, this site is scheduled to close from 12th June 9:30 (JST) to 13th June 22:00 (JST). The 2nd Preliminary Estimates: Real GDP in the first quarter of 2004 was 1.5%(at an annual rate of 6.1%) higher than that in the previous quarter. Figures (Jun.09,'04) About Site This site is Statistics Information Site of ESRI. When you want to go to the top page of ESRI, please click here E-mail Service Register your e-mail address and you will be notified every time a new item is registered in the category of your choice.
If you want to be notified every time new data is registered on the Website, please click here Information Site Information Site Map Past Entries L I N K Cabinet Office Quality-of-Life Policy What's New Jun.09,'04 The 2nd Preliminary Estimates of National Expenditure Jan.-Mar.2004 Jun.04,'04 Indexes of Business Conditions April 2004 Jun.02,'04 Outline of Business Outlook Survey May.19,'04 Indexes of Business Conditions March 2004, Revision of the Preliminary Release May.13,'04 Orders Received for Machinery in March 2004, Forecast for Apr.-Jun. 2004

4. Organisation For Economic Co-operation And Development
Bienvenue à l'OCDE, une organisation internationale qui aide les gouvernements à répondre aux défis économiques, sociaux et de gouvernance posés par une économie mondialisée. in the US, UK and japan. He says activity Steel, Tourism, Intangibles, Productivity, business Structures, SMEs Shortterm economic statistics. Social and Welfare statistics
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Help/FAQ MyOECD Fran§ais Building Partnerships for Progress
This sub-site Whole site More Search options
Browse OECD Home About OECD By Topic By Country ... By Department
Find Statistics News Releases
Resources for Journalists
Government Officials

Online Services Online Bookshop Online Library E-mail Alerts MyOECD
Opportunities Job Vacancies Calls for Tender Forum 2004 Sponsorship Statistics Portal About
What's new The OECD Statistics Brief - Latest Issue: N. 8, June 2004 - Comparison of Household Saving Ratios: Euro area/United States/Japan 09-Jun-2004 Despite the existence of well-developed international standards for national accounts, namely the System of National Accounts 1993 (SNA 93), in practice international comparisons are not as straightforward as they might appear. This study examines the comparability of household saving ratios for the euro area, the United States and Japan. OECD Quarterly National Accounts - First Quarter 2004 07-Jun-2004 Gross domestic product in the OECD area rose by 0.9% in the first quarter of 2004, the same growth rate as in the previous quarter, according to preliminary estimates.

5. Japanese Economy
statistics Bureau economic and other data. Nikkei Net Web site of the leading japanese business newspaper. Bank of japan Official web site.
Home Economy Search this site Related Pages History
Japanese Yen
International Relations
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The Japanese economy is one of the strongest in the world. Only the USA has a higher GNP. The Japanese currency is the Yen Exports : Japan's main export goods are cars, electronic devices and computers. Most important single trade partner is the USA which imports more than one quarter of all Japanese exports. Other major export countries are Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Singapore. Imports : Japan has a large surplus in its export/import balance. The most important import goods are raw materials such as oil, foodstuffs, and wood. Major suppliers are the USA, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Australia. Industries : Manufacturing, construction, distribution, real estate, services, and communication are Japan's major industries today. Agriculture makes up only about 2% of the GNP. Most important agricultural product is

6. Economics And Business In Japan
economics and business in japan. Resources at Duke and Beyond. Dictionaries, Bibliographies, economic statistics. Directories, Company
Duke Perkins Library East Asian Collection Japan
E conomics and B usiness in J apan
Resources at Duke and Beyond
Dictionaries Bibliographies Economic Statistics Directories ... Kristina Kade Troost, PhD
Librarian for Japan and Korea
Perkins Library

Duke University

Durham, NC USA
Last Update: 06/20/01

7. Business & Economics Numeric Data - Internet Resources
Bos' wonderful economic Time Series Page ( or the BCI data at Media Logic. business statistics University, and in japan, at Hitotsubashi University). Electronic
Subject Guide
Business Source EconLit LexisNexis Regional Business News ... BUS 3334
Marketing Research BUS 441 BUS 4422
International Marketing ECO 333 ECO 420 TRT 300 TRT 321 ... Statistical Resources in Print For convenient one-stop shopping for all your economic data visit one of following sites; for just US government data try Fedstats , listed further below AgEcon Search (University of Minnesota)
Awesome service providing keyword search for staff and working papers from several of the leading university and governmental servers concerned with agricultural economics. Either type in a search at the top for all databases or select specific institutions to search at one site. You may even browse many of the papers from each institution and download any item listed. AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center)
Good starting point for agricultural data. AgNIC provides a huge hotlist of statistics-rich Internet sites on topics related to agriculture. See especially their agricultural

8. Japan Links - A Selected List Of Informative Resources
business and market. Bank of japan statistics, reports on japanese economy, govornor s speech etc. Rich information. japan economic Foundation - provides bi
Help and Status info Japan Music Internet ... Computer
Japan Links
Need resources on Japan? This is a selected list of links to (mainly statistical and analytical) information about Japan in English.
Governmental and Public
Business and market
  • Bank of Japan - statistics, reports on Japanese economy, govornor's speech etc. Rich information.

9. Business: Demographic And Economic Statistics
business, Science, and Technology/Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland Oxford economic Forecasting's monthly review of economic conditions in the U.S., japan, Germany, France, U
Business Subject Guide:
Demographic and Economic Statistics
Central / Enoch Pratt Free Library
Directories and Manuals
Magazines and Newspapers

Demographic and Economic Statistics
Management and Development

Marketing and Advertising

International Trade

Financial Calculators and Converters

Demographic and Economic Statistics
Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Provides easy access to current Federal economic indicators produced by a number of agencies.
Maryland State Data Center
Detailed data for Maryland and its counties includes population, labor force, income, housing units, and school enrollment with projections to 2020.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, and Employment and Unemployment statistics searchable with a forms based query application. Updated CPI data is available monthly.
Census Bureau
Sources of statistical information on topics ranging from Aging to Women-Owned Businesses. Try:

10. - Economic Indicators And Analysis
economic indicators for over 40 countries and realtime data and analysis for the global economy. Commentary Forecasts. economic Indicators. Central Banks analysis, key statistics on income, migration, top employers, business/living costs Policyfor 5/17/2004. japan. GDPfor 2004Q1's Research Store
Detailed reports and data on countries, states, MSAs, industries, and more. FREE Indicator
Newsletter Stay on top of the economy with our FREE Economic Indicator Newsletter. Choose to receive either daily or weekly summaries.
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U.S. Metro Reports Dismal Market Hats, t-shirts, mugs, bags, and Greenspan Bobbleheads (ok, maybe just the other stuff) Get Your Gear Today Today's Economy Live commentary on the world economy, updated throughout the business day. Chinese May Industrial Output up 18.1% YoY Posted 8:55 PM ET Jun 9 Thai Monetary Policy Steady at 1.25%. Inflationary concerns are creeping in. Posted 8:03 PM ET Jun 9 New Zealand Monetary Policy: 5.75% (Actual), 5.75% (, 5.75% (Consensus)

11. Untitled Document
economic statistics. japan At a Glance, Official economic Reports. Key economic Indicators, Monthly economic Bulletin (EPA). Latest economic News Releases, business
Japan's Economy
Japanese Economic Statistics Japan At a Glance Official Economic Reports Key Economic Indicators Monthly Economic Bulletin (EPA) Latest Economic News Releases Business Activity Survey (MITI) ... IMF Reports on Japan Output Investment Business Inventories Capital Expenditure Click Business Confidence Survey Capacity Utilization Construction Spending GDP Fixed Capital Formation Click 4.1 Trends of Corporate Enterprises Industrial Production Financial Asset Holdings (Flow of Funds) PDF or Excel Machinery Orders Foreign Investment Click Balance of Payments Manufacturing International Investment Position Manufacturing by Sector Click GDP Trust Fund Accounts Prices Confidence Consumer Price Index Balance of Offshore Accounts Construction Cost Deflator Bank Lending Rates ... Business Outlook Surveys (MoF) (same as above) Income Commercial Lending Rates Bank Lending Click Principal Figures of Financial Institutions Consumer Confidence Surveys Compensation to Employees Click GDP

12. Economics And Business Resources--Furman University Libraries
Fortune. Government Finance statistics Yearbook. Harvard business Review. Interfaces. International economic Review. japan And The World Economy.
Economics and Business Administration Resources
Articles Title Description Factiva (formerly Dow Jones) Largest selection of news and current events sources online, including transcriptions of most all televison news programs, "20/20", "Nightline", etc., as well as radio programs such as NPR's "All Things Considered." Also Reuters News Service reports. Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe EconLit Corresponds to Journal of Economic Literature and the Index of Economic Articles, and covers journal articles, dissertations, chapters in books, conference proceedings and entire books. 1969-current. JSTOR A retrospective collection of electronic full-text of more than a dozen Economics journals from Vol.1, Issue 1. They cover up to as recent as four years ago Business Abstracts Full Text Covers 400 English-language general business periodicals and trade journals, plus the Wall Street Journal and the business section of the New York Times. Users can access citations via SIC codes. NBER-National Bureau of Economic Research Working Papers NBER researchers initially report their findings in scientific papers aimed at other professional economists in academic institutions, business, government, and the business media around the world. Nearly 500 NBER Working Papers are published each year, and many subsequently appear in scholarly journals.

13. Population Statistics Ireland, Demographics Ireland, Education Ireland - IDA Ire
japan, 23.5. 21.8. Prospects the 2002 Revision (latest available) At work by NACE economic Sector 000 Financial and other business services, 230.0, 12.6.
Search FAQs Contact Us Legal ... Quick Facts Search
developed by labyrinth Vital Statistics - Download the latest Vital Statistics PDF - January 2004
Information on economy, demographics, wages and salaries, utilities costs and foreign investment in Ireland.




"The key element in creating knowledge, we believe, is intangible assets such as expertise, insight, talent, passion, imagination, and persistence.
Investing in such abilities, we believe, is the best predictor of success Ireland could have. Ireland has a wealth of young talent ready to make science and engineering
the next great wave of Irish innovation,"

14. Statistics And Publications
linked to help you navigate through the Albeta business Outlook economic Outlook October 2003 43 pages major trading partners, such as the US, japan and the
Alberta Business Outlook Economic Outlook printer friendly
Economic Outlook
Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0) is required to view publications on this website. Earlier versions may not open these files. Alberta Business Outlook - December 2003 [ 22 pages ] Outlook for the Alberta economy, by sector, for the current year and the next. A discussion of the two major macro-indicators, Gross Domestic Product and employment is included. Sectors discussed: agriculture, energy, forestry, manufacturing, tourism and housing and non-residential construction. Updated semi-annually.
Note: Table of Contents headings are hot linked to help you navigate through the Albeta Business Outlook. Contact: Jan Reurink
Economic Outlook
- October 2003 [ 43 pages ] Overview of the recent performance and short-term outlook for the Alberta and Canadian economies and their major trading partners, such as the U.S., Japan and the European Union. Also includes submissions from Alberta's international offices and Economic Development's sector teams. Contact: Jan Reurink
Adobe Acrobat Reader (5.0)

15. BU Libraries | Pardee Management Library | Reference Collection | Economics
Island X HC107 .R4 C68 County business Patterns, Vermont X Maps and statistics X HC135 .P5 economic Survey of Industrial Production X HC445.8 .A1 R47 japan
Reference Collection: Economics
Location: Section 6 on the third floor of Pardee Library
Economic Statistics
American Forecaster Almanac X H61.4 .A44
Demographic Yearbook X HA17 .F49
Economist Guide to Economic Indicators X HA29 .E28
Creating Effective Graphs: Solutions for a Variety of Evaluation Data X HA31 .C74
Major U.S. Statistical Series X HA37 .U55 S77
Statistical Yearbook = Annuaire Statistique / Unesco X HA40 .C8 F64
Understanding the Census: a Guide for Marketers, Planners, Grant Writers, and other Data Users X HA201
Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970 X HA202 .B87
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book X HA202 .S84
Gale State Rankings Reporter X HA203 .G34
State Profiles: the Population and Cconomy of Each U.S. State X HA203 .S734 Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends X HA214 .S87 *Latest edition at the Reference Desk

16. BusinessJeeves.Com Asia Business And Economic Statistical Data
JETRO) Census Bureau of japan Good economic Thailand Bangkok Bank economic statistics Bank of Export statistics Thailand business statistics Thailand Board
Search Page Discussion Forums
Brunei Darussalam
Brunei Country and Statistical Information
US Department of Commerce International Trade Association Statistics on Brunei
Cambodia National Institute of Statistics
Cambodia Trade Statistics

Cambodia Public Health Statistics

Cambodia Ministry of Tourism Statistics
CIA World Factbook on Cambodia
Statistics China
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Economic Statistics
Hong Kong Department of Census and Statistics

Hong Kong Trade Statistics (HKTDC)
Reserve Bank of India Statistics
Census India

Ministry of Finance Budget Data

Statistics India
Central Bureau of Statistics
Indonesia Central Bureau of Statistics Bank of Indonesia Statistics IMF's Economic and Financial statistics on Indonesia Indonesia Import and Export Statistics ... CIA World Factbook on Indonesia
Statistics Bureau of Japan Bank of Japan Economic Data Japan Economic Planning Agency Japan External Trade Office (JETRO) ... Census Bureau of Japan - Good economic and labor statistics
Korea (North)
CIA World Factbook on North Korea
Korea (South)
Bank of Korea Bank Of Korea Economic Statistics Ministry of Finance and Economy Statistics
CIA World Factbook on Laos UNICEF Statistics on Laos US Trade statistics with Laos
Malaysia Department of Statistics Bank Negara Malaysia Economic Statistics Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry Statistics Malaysia Timber Council's Economic and Timber statistics

17. U.S. Business Reporter - News, Analysis, Research , And Strategy In The World Of
Industry statistics Marketing statistics economic statistics Financial statistics, International Editions. UK business Reporter. japan business Reporter.
Home My Account My Calendar Credits ... Contact Us
Date: Document.Write date U.S. Business Reporter - The Digital Research Tool of Business. Search for Site Map Powered by Metrome Resources Business Reference Channels FastMail by USBR Received Periodic Updates of U.S. Business Reporter by E-Mail. Email: Subscribe Now... Newsletter... USBR Everywhere USBR Press USBR Mobile USBR Web TV USBR Education ...
Financial Ratings
Industry Research

Industry Composites

Industry Forecasts

Industry Statistics
Industry Archives
Research Guide How data is compiled ? How ratios are compiled ? Forecast Methodology More... ...
Stock Archives
Tools and Analysis The MBA Dictionary Custom Dictionary Spreadsheet Toolbox: Financial Tools Marketing Tools Investment Tools Power Tools: Custom Search New
Economic Research

Federal Finance
Financial Markets Monetary Aggregates ... Money,Stock, Bank

18. International Economics & Business
Pakistan; japan (economic Planning Agency of japan); Country Reports on economic Policy and Trade Development Trade Law - business - Institutions - statistics
Resources for International Economic Development

on the web for information about business in japan the Ministry of Finance, the economic Planning Agency External Trade Organisation, and japan’s statistics

countries, United States, Canada, japan, and Australia; Primary economic data (industrial production, prices statistics since 1974; business, association and
Statistical Resources on the Web
Foreign and International Economics
Frames Index No-Frames Version Last updated on May 25, 2004
Africa Business Network (IFC)
  • Basic economic and investment data for individual countries in Africa
  • Guidance on investment procedure
Agency for International Development
  • Budget request arranged by country with country economic information included in rationale for development funding request
  • Further editions available through its Publications List
Asia in the World Economy
  • Annotated regional and country links
  • Subjects include business, economy, government, the press, and society
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
  • Organization of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development
  • News releases and the full text of major publications
  • Member nation profiles include brief descriptive information and extensive links to economic and business web sites
Asia Recovery Information Center (Asian Development Bank)
  • News monitors economic developments in Indonesia, Malayasia, Republic of Korea, Philippines and Thailand
  • Monthly and annual economic indicators (GDP, foreign exchange) and social indicators (poverty line)

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