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         Japan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures In Japan by Aimee Major Steinberger, 2007-11-21
  2. Japan Today!: A Westerner's Guide to the People, Language and Culture of Japan by Theodore F. Welch, 1998-01-11
  3. Confucian Traditions in East Asian Modernity: Moral Education and Economic Culture in Japan and the Four Mini-Dragons
  4. Vanishing Japan: Traditions, Crafts, & Culture by Elizabeth Kiritani, 1995-06
  5. Teach Yourself World Cultures: Japan (Teach Yourself) by Helen Gilhooly, 2005-04-26
  6. Pictorial Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture: The Soul and Heritage of Japan by S. Gakken, 1987-10
  7. Compellence and the Strategic Culture of Imperial Japan: Implications for Coercive Diplomacy in the Twenty-First Century by Forrest E. Morgan, 2003-11-30
  8. Japan in the Days of the Samurai (Cultures of the Past) by Virginia Schomp, 1998-09
  9. Japan: The Culture (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Bobbie Kalman, 2000-12
  10. Japan: Culture, Education, and Change In Two Communities by Theodore Brameld, 1968
  11. Off Center: Power and Culture Relations Between Japan and the United States (Convergences: Inventories of the Present) by Masao Miyoshi, 1998-08-19
  12. The Japanese Have a Word for It: The Complete Guide to Japanese Thought and Culture by Boye Lafayette De Mente, 1997-10-11
  13. The Culture of Japan As Seen Through Its Leisure (Suny Series Japan in Transition)
  14. Seeking the Self: Individualism and Popular Culture in Japan (Worlds of East Asia / Welten Ostasiens / Mondes De L'extreme-Orient) by Satomi Ishikawa, 2007-07-31

61. ThinkQuest : Library : Japan
Fourth graders write about the country, its people, its history, and its culture.
Index Asia Japan
In the Japan web site you will find out lots of important information. This web site will teach you about current Japan and everyday jobs. You will also find out the instruments played in ancicnt Japan and what they did for art like calligraphy. Also, Japanese numbers 1-10 and Japanese language. Another fact is the Japanese religion and how Prince Gatama started the Japanese Bhudaist religion. You will also learn about the history of geishas and samuris and Japanese architecture. All in all, we hope you will learn a lot from of information. Visit Site 2000 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

62. Japanese Culture And Daily Life Series
These hot springs, and the presence of many fast flowing rivers with clean water, have influenced the development of japan s bath culture.
After returning from a trip abroad, the first thing most Japanese want to do is eat a good meal ( with rice, of course ) and take a long bath. Japanese are fond of soaking in the tub. According to one survey, 88% of Japanese said they liked taking baths.
In a Japanese bath, an extra-deep tub is filled to the top with very hot water, in which you sit submerged up to the neck. Most people spend about half an hour in the bath every night. Most children take their baths with their father or mother until they are in the upper grades of elementary school. The family tub is an important place for parent-child communication.
Why did Japan develop its particular style of bathing? One answer might be the climate. Japan's summers are hot and humid, and its witeres are cold. Hot baths wash the body's sweat off in the summer and warm the body up in the winter. Another answer might be Japan's volcanoes. Japan is famous for its number of volcanoes, many of which are still active. In many places, hot water bubbles up from underground. These hot springs, and the presence of many fast flowing rivers with clean water, have influenced the development of Japan's bath culture.
Japanese use their baths not only to get clean but to maintain their health by warming themselves up and stimulating their circulation. Because the body is washed outside the bath, the bath water stays clean and deeply refreshing. In the hot springs or the public bath, everybody bathes in the same water, creating an unclothed companionship that facilitates amiable communication. In a bath, you can relax, recover from exhaustion, rid yourself of stress. No wonder Japanese love their baths.

63. MU MU Travel Tips In Japan
Basic travel tips on money, eating, culture and business for firsttimers to japan.
Last Update 06/06/2004
Jump to Japanese

Here are several travel Tips you may had better to be aware of.
I started Blog regarding "What's new in Japan?"

Please visit my Blog also
Other BLOG if you have an interest in.
What's New in Japan

Here is an interesting


Guess What
... Culture
Negative Question
-How to Use Chopsticks -Visiting a Japanese home Foods -Sushi -Edamame -Ramen ... Money -First day in Japan -Tips in Japan -Bills in Japan -Tax in Japan -Receipt -Money sense Survival -Handkerchief -A box of Matches -Watch your head -No Power in your room -Tissues -Earthquake Information -Transportation -Temperature -Electric Voltage -Water -Accommodation -Telephone Business -Business Card -Kaizen -Enkai -No Smoking Sightseeing Navigator Links Many links about Japan Index -Word Index Search Word in my Homepag e Search this site powered by FreeFind Link This page is link-free but please link my site from this top page only. It would be great if you could send an e-mail. when you link. E-mail

64. ZNet Japan Focus
Contains articles on Japanese society, government, politics, and culture, as well as Japanese viewpoints of events in the world.
Japan Focus is part of ZNet's Asia Watch . Another ZNet Japan site is Japan Watch Japan Focus presents writings about Japan, Japan in Asia and the world, as well as Japanese and international perspectives on contemporary Japanese politics, economics and society. It offers translations from Japanese and Japan Focus originals. Dates listed below are those when the article was posted at Japan Focus. Surnames of East Asian authors are indicated by underline Readers are referred to the Japan Focus home page
for additional materials on modern and contemporary Japanese politics, economics
and society, Japan in the world, and war and peace in the Asia Pacific.
Japan Focus Articles - By Date By Author By Topic
About Japan Focus

65. Joi Ito's Web: Japanese Culture Category Archive
t translate well in japan 1258 JST » japanese culture Movies. japan, however, built a great deal of its culture during the backdrop of an agrarian society.
Japanese Culture Category Archive May 30, 2004 Garbage day in the village
10:35 JST
Japanese Culture Joi's Diary
May 30, or 530. 5 3 can be read "gomi" in Japanese which means garbage. So what does May 30 mean in our village? Garbage day. This morning, I participated with most of the village in picking up trash and junk around the village. Along one of the roads, there was an area that was clearly being used as an illegal garbage dump by many people. There were mufflers, car batteries, toilets, beds, bicycles and even a car dumped there. We spent the morning hoisting this junk out of the mud and carrying it in trucks to a location where the local government would come and collect it for us. There were many children helping out as well. Hopefully this annual garage day will help educate them not to dump trash by the road. I got a chance to meet more of my neighbors so it was nice. I still have a hard time remembering everyone's name but sharing this massive chore with the whole village was quite a bonding experience. These village chores are called gyoji and there are many others including trimming hedges and trees, cleaning common spaces and fixing roads.

66. Japanische Botschaft
Located in Vienna and accredited to Austria, Macedonia and Slovenia. Includes information on visas, culture center, and guide to japan, studying in japan, plus relations with the countries of accreditation. In English and German.
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67. Queer Samurai Japan For Gay/Lesbian Teens And Youth
History, literature, culture and selfhelp for gay youth.
Japanese/nihongo/ÆüËܸì Japanese History For Gay Men Introduction to Queer Japan Nihonshoki ... Search engines and websites
Queer Samurai Japan for Gay Youth
Hello! This is a gateway to Japanese queer stuff mostly for gay youth.
Gay and lesbian people like us are all over the world in fact.
They are your friends, teachers, and neighbors.
Unfortunately, people are not always free to let their sexuality be known.
Please have fun and just enjoy my page.
If you are lesbian or bisexual, you can go to Lesbian and Bisexual pages
Drop me a line at

Since SEPTEMBER 14, 1998

Last updated May 23, 2004. I'm so sorry I've got to worry about myself and I don't have time to spare for the updates. I'm sorry I'm off line for an unspecified amount of time. See you around! My Room: HELLO Search Engines Media watch
YOUTH CONTENTS below Introduction to Queer Japan Japanese History for Gay Men Nihonshoki Man'yoshu ... Save yourself My condolences to those directly touched by the attacks on 11 September 2001. I share in the pain of those cast in harm's way and the grief of those who mourn the loss of loved ones. My thoughts go out to the victims of Tuesday's tragedy and their families and friends. Perez depicted intimate relationships between two people whether man and woman, two women and two men. The entire concept of a relationship and sentiments between two people is brought to light. In each painting there is an evident contrast between shade and light. The color red is central to his paintings and consistently symbolizes masculinity, passion and dominance.

68. 404 File Not Found
HNet discussion group dedicated to discussing Japanese history, culture, religion, and society, including contemporary issues with subject overview, archives, reviews, resources, journals, links to related lists and resources, search, and subscription details. Japanese with English mirror.
home news about search ... contact us
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69. Culture Of Japan / “ú–{‚Ì•¶‰»
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Œ¾—t Ž©‘R —ðŽj Œš’z•¨ ... –@—¥ŠÖŒW
ŠÖ¼ƒfƒWƒ^ƒ‹EƒA[ƒJƒCƒu • —ðŽjŠX“¹
Œb”äŽõu ‰Œ‰Î‘å‰ï i’·–쌧’·–ìŽsj
•l¼Õ‚è i‰ªŒ§•l¼Žsj
ˆ¢”g—x‚è i“¿“‡j
–k‹ãB‚̍ՁEƒCƒxƒ“ƒg i–k‹ãBŽsj
•Ÿ‰ªŽs‚ÌÕ i•Ÿ‰ªŽsj
Rolling Your Own Sushi
  • ‚¨D‚ݏĂ«

    i “Œ‹ž—‰È‘åŠw‹ß‘ã‰ÈŠwŽ‘—¿ŠÙ j
    Shogi Page iPieter Stoutenj
    «Šû‚̐¢ŠE‚ւ悤‚±‚»I iŽR Œ’‘¾˜Yj
    Joseph Wu's Origami Page
    ANIME i‘–ì ‹M”Vj
    The MIT Anime

    70. Japan Whaling Assoc.
    Learn about the importance of whaling to the japanese culture, the history of whaling in japan, facts about whales and whaling, and details about the organisation.
    What's New JWA Newsletter updated
    JWA Newsletter updated
    JWA Newsletter updated
    Publication(ISANA) updated
    JWA Newsletter updated
    JWA Newsletter updated
    Related sites updated
    News articles updated
    Publication(ISANA) updated
    JWA Newsletter updated
    JWA Newsletter updated News articles corner addition JWA Newsletter updated Related sites updated Related sites updated Index Organisation Publication (ISANA) IWC in detail Media Release ...

    71. Pacific Press Service - Images Of Japan - Home Page
    Images of japan, including people, places, and culture. Also, showing photographers' portfolios and ordering information.
    IMAGES OF JAPAN is a collection of fine rights protected stock photography of Japan by Japanese and international photographers represented by Pacific Press Service (PPS). Our collection includes modern and historical photographs of Japanese people, places and things.

    72. Saq
    A. Temples and shrines, as centres of culture and destinations for pilgrimages When japan introduced laws against prostitution, many of these former brothels

    Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Q. What does the name of the famous hamburger chain, 'MOS Burger' mean?

    A. The 'MOS' in 'MOS burger stands for 'Mountain, Ocean, Sun'. According to the official MOS Burger web site, the mountain, ocean, and sun in the name symbolise the company's "infinite love" of both humankind and nature. MOS Burger's love of people and nature is "Grand and noble like a mountain", "Possessed of a spirit as deep and wide as the ocean", and filled with a "passion that, like the heat of the sun, never burns out."And you thought you were just getting a hamburger. If you can read Japanese, check out the MOS Burger Home Page at: Q. How come Japanese people slurp Japanese and Chinese noodles but not spaghetti?
    A. Jens Jenson was kind enough to write and inform us that:
    1) Noodles (SOBA and RAMEN) should be eaten while VERY hot in order to get the full flavour. When slurping, Japanese

    73. Association For Japanese Culture
    Specializes in doing school presentations on japan.
    Welcome to the Home Page of the A ssociation for J apanese C ult ure Studying about Japan? Our programs make learning about Japan Fun!! Come and Join our New Program "Medieval Japan and Samurai" click here.. What is A.J.C.? Our Location School Trip Programs ... LINKS ABOUT JAPAN

    74. Japanese: Learn Japanese Language, Grammar, Kanji, Culture And More For FREE!
    Focusing on kanji, JLPT prep, grammar, culture, and much more all FREE! This page is dedicated to studying the culture of japan
    A country's language and culture go hand in hand. Sometimes a simple 'yes' or 'no' can have many shades of meaning based on the cultural understanding of the situation. This page is dedicated to studying the culture of Japan: History Channel's Library on Japan
    video list
    Tips for Foreigners coming to Japan
    add your tips! [Updated!]
    Tips for Foreigners living in Japan

    add your tips! [Updated!]
    A Look at Japan's Prefectures

    Animal Sounds

    speak Japanese to your cat! with sound
    Japanese National Holidays

    Post Office
    all about the Japanese Post Office Japanese Money everything you need to know! On the Sport of SUMO! sumo info SMAP or SPAM it makes you think... Kotowaza Find out your birth year Japanese Traditional Songs 3 songs so far Politeness A short example of the various levels of politeness NATTO The story of Clay's introduction to this traditional Japanese food Clay, A

    75. Living With Washi (Japanese Traditional Paper)
    History of paper, how washi is made and used in japan, Kansai's washi villages, and industrial uses of highperformance paper (kino-shi.

    A school exercise on Japanese history, culture, composition, and geography,
    The illustrated presentation to follow consists of sevety-seven images (with accompanying written narration) displayed over a series of forty-two linked screen "pages". It should take approximately thirty minutes to complete (depending largely on the speed of your modem connection).
    The material included in AN INTRODUCTION TO JAPAN covers four fundamental topics and themes:
  • basic information concerning Japan's physical setting and the influence of geography on the formation and growth of traditional Japanese culture;
  • the location and character of Japan's major urban centers;
  • the interplay between past and present everywhere apparent in contemporary Japanese life; and ...
  • the importance of keeping the nation's people in mind as the centerpiece of any study of Japanese culture and civilization. To gain the most from the presentation to follow, read through the terms and questions listed below. These will help you to organize the material discussed and to highlight the most important points made in the written narration. As you proceed, be sure to examine each image for visual information illustrating the point made in the accompanying caption; figure out why that particular picture, diagram or chart was included.
  • 77. Japanese Culture
    Cultural and art forms in japan are stylized and highly refined, emphasizing simplicity, elegance, and grace; these include theatrical performances, textiles
    Cultural and art forms in Japan are stylized and highly refined, emphasizing simplicity, elegance, and grace; these include theatrical performances, textiles, ceramic ware, and 'the way,' which includes the tea ceremony. Theatrical Performances The Way Textiles Ceramic Ware Other Pages of Japanese Culture

    78. English
    Daily travel report from japan with photos and interesting details about the culture
    Japan from a different angle Japanese manage to visit whole of Europe within five days. Japan being a smaller country we allow ourselves twice as long to tour Japan by train with backpacks and experience as much as possible. Not only are we interested in the main tourist attractions but also in daily life in Japan, in meeting people and their culture. In order to achieve that we will be staying at small family owned guesthouses, buddhist temples and private accomodations. We are reporting our experiences on a daily basis on this website. We would be very happy if you would accompany us on our journey.
    The content of this site including the photos is the property of the publishers. Copying, distributing or other use is only allowed with the written consent of the publishers. A link to the page: is encouraged. Home Deutsch English

    79. Key Aspects Of Japan
    These pages are based on the book titled Traditional japanese culture Modern japan by the same authors published in japan in 1993.
    to the Japanese Version]
    New Age Publishing Institute
    These pages are based on the book titled by the same authors published in Japan in 1993. The purposes of this online publishing are to update old data of the book, and to offer a chance to understand Japan and Japanese culture to the people worldwide. *Note:We can't directly answer questions about the items, but please feel free to email us your opinions and suggestion.
    Spirit Animal Social Life ... Festival
    S uggestions, comments?email:

    80. - Asia Online Search Engine
    Includes business links, people, jobs, and Japanese culture.
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