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         Japan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Fanning the Flames: Fans and Consumer Culture in Contemporary Japan (Japan in Transition)
  2. China and Japan (Cultures and Costumes,Symbols of Their Period) by Paula Hammond, 2003-02
  3. A Peek at Japan: A Lighthearted Look at Japan's Language and Culture by Florence E. Metcalf, 1992-02
  4. Being Modern in Japan: Culture and Society from the 1910s to the 1930s
  5. Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism (Twentieth Century Japan: the Emergence of a World Power, 8) by Louise Young, 1999-09-01
  6. Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion: The Creation of the Soul of Japan (Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture) by Donald Keene, 2005-12-16
  7. Wrapping Culture: Politeness, Presentation, and Power in Japan and Other Societies (Oxford Studies in the Anthropology of Cultural Forms) by Joy Hendry, 1995-04-27
  8. Culture and Technology in Modern Japan (Culture & Technical Modern Japan)
  9. Japan Unmasked: The Character and Culture of the Japanese by Boye De Mente, 2006-02-15
  10. The Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture: Gender, Shifting Boundaries and Global Cultures (Contemporary Japanese Society)
  11. Discover Japan: Words, Customs and Concepts Vol. 2 by Japan Culture Institute, 1988-01
  12. Takarazuka: Sexual Politics and Popular Culture in Modern Japan by Jennifer Robertson, 1998-07-21
  13. House and Home in Modern Japan: Architecture, Domestic Space, and Bourgeois Culture, 1880-1930 (Harvard East Asian Monographs) by Jordan Sand, 2005-09-06
  14. A Year in Japan by Kate T. Williamson, 2006-03-01

41. The Japan Foundation Toronto Homepage
Granting agency for Japanese arts, culture and education.
About Us Newsletter JF Library Japanese Studies ...
Utamakura Sites Exhibition, May 8 - July 8
The Japan Foundation, Toronto
131 Bloor Street West, Suite 213
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1R1
Phone: (416) 966-1600
Fax: (416) 966-9773 Updated weekly (Last updated June 8, 2004)
If this is your first visit to our website, please consult the Japan Foundation's Frequently Asked Questions. On the following pages, click on me to come back here! Please e-mail comments to

42. Japanese Culture - Royalty - The Imperial Family
Cultural japan Modern japan New to japan japan Omnibus japan Forum japan Gallery japan Store Search Vote at Topsites japan. The Imperial family.


Culture Quiz
The Imperial Family





Origami ... Modern Literature Calendar Festivals Annual Events Four Seasons Costume Kimono Footwear The Basics Popular Dishes ... Alcohol Search: Topsites Japan The Imperial family. From left: Princess Masako, Princess Sayako, The Emperor, Princess Mako, Prince Akishino, The Empress, Princess Akishino - holding Princess Kako, Crown Prince Naruhito. The Japanese Imperial family is the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world. The family's lineage dates back to the sixth century BC, though the title of Tenno (emperor) or Sumera-Mikoto (heavenly sovereign) was assumed by rulers in the sixth or seventh century and has been used since. The family crest (above) is the kiku , or chrysanthemum. The role of the Emperor (and occasionally the Empress - there have been 8 to date) has varied in importance. Considered a divine being until the end of World War II, the postwar Constitution made him the "Symbol of the state". He plays a largely ceremonial part in the life of the nation. Origins and early history According to the historical chronicles of ancient Japan, the Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters, AD712) and the Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan, AD720), the sun goddess

43. The Japan Times Online
By Angela Jeffs, The japan Times.

44. Endo Shusaku
Article by Philip Yancey, on Shusaku Endo's struggle to reconcile Japanese culture with the faith he could not renounce.
Endo, Shusaku 1923 - 1996
A descrption of Christianity in Japan would not be complete without including Japan's greatest Christian writer. Here Is Philip Yancey's article about the man and his works that helped inspire the novel "The Jesus I never knew"
    ARTICLE: Japan's Faithful Judas, Part 1
    Shusaku Endo's struggle to give his faith a Japanese soul.
    By Philip Yancey At one point in history, Japan seemed the most fruitful mission field in all
    of Asia. Francis Xavier, one of the seven original Jesuits, landed there in
    1549 and spent two years establishing a church. Within a generation, the
    number of Christians had swelled to 300,000. Xavier called Japan "the delight
    of my heart ...the country in the Orient most suited to Christianity." As that century came to an end, however, the shoguns' revulsion over the
    divisions among Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch Christians led to a change in
    policy. The shoguns expelled the Jesuits, required that all Christians
    renounce their faith and register as Buddhists, and began to harass any who disobeyed. The first executions soon followed, and the age of Japanese

45. Japanese Festivals Culture
See . japanese culture. Favorite Links that capture the essence of japan from culture, shopping to recipes. Sign our Guest book. See japanese culture.
About Japan
The land and People

Pictures that capture the richness of Japanese Culture Experience ....
Japanese Life
Feel ....
the textures of Japan
Explore ....
Japanese Gardens See ....
Japanese Culture

Favorite Links

that capture the essence of Japan from culture, shopping to recipes
... Sign our Guest book
turn your speakers on to listen to beautiful japanese music while viewing See Japanese Culture The Japanese culture is very unique from exotic festivals and foods to traditional art and historical temples. Japan is mecca of folk art from beautiful dishes and lacquer ware to delightful porcelain dolls. Take a glimpse of japanese culture and art. Festivals and cultural events are deeply rooted and observed in Japan. Some of the most well known festivals mark the changing of the seasons. The cherry blossom festival celebrates the day of sprin while the colorful "Obon" festival (Buddhist all souls' day) marks the height of summer. In May, "boys day" festivals now called children's day is a joyful spectacle as colorful flying carp banners are flown.

46. Slavoj Zizek
Geert Lovink interviews Zizek in 1995 on the subject of Japanese culture and media.
InterCommunication No.14 1995 Feature Japan through a Slovenian Looking Glass
Reflections of Media and Politic and Cinema Slavoj Zizek
Geert Lovink
Go Japanese GL : You have been to Japan. What's your opinion on the technological culture in this country? SZ : First I must say that I don't have my own positive theory about Japan. What I do have, as every Western intellectual, are the myths of reference. There is the old, right wing image of the Samurai code, fighting to death, the absolute, ethical Japan. Then there is the leftist image, from Eisenschtein already: the semiotic Japan. The empty signs, no Western metaphysics of presence. It's a no less phantasmic Japan then the first one. We know that Eisenschtein for his montage of attractions used Japanese ideograms.
Then there is Bertolt Brecht as an exception. He took over elements like sacrifice and authority, and put it in a left wing context. Here in the West, Brecht was seen as someone introducing a fanatic eastern morality. But now there's in Suhrkamp Verlag a detailed edition of his 'Jasager' and his 'Lernst ke.' They discovered that all those moments the Western critics perceived as remainders of this imperial and sacrificing Japan, were indeed edited by Brecht. What they perceived as Japanese was Brecht.

47. Hempen Culture In Japan
Research about the history of hemp cannabis in japan. Traces many uses from Neolitic to modern times. Fiber properties and uses. Library of articles.
See also:
Hemp pictures
Hemp Library main index
The following article has been published internationally, first in the July 1997 issue of the Journal of the International Hemp Association (The Netherlands), then in the August 1998 issue of Cannabis Culture (Canada). There are many small images to see along the pages here, but to go right to image gallery Hempen Culture In Japan Introduction

Hemp comes to Japan

Hemp in Japanese history
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48. Japanese Culture
In ages past they brought civilization to japan and heavily influenced the culture, which calls for respect. But today, they re, um, Communists!
How to tell if you're Japanese
by Hirofumi Nagamura One in a growing series of counterparts to my How to Tell If You're American page. Hirofumi is a freelance translator who lives in Kobe, Japan. He also teaches English at a juku or study academy... a favorite after-school activity in Japan is more school. He picked up his English in the U.S., where he lived for several years of his childhood. He's also interested in programming, linguistics, and classical music.
Pronunciation guide : The consonants should be pronounced as they would be in English. The vowels are (roughly) a as in "car", e as in "bell", i as in "sit", o as in "or", and u as in "put". A circumflex accent (^) over a vowel indicates that it is pronounced twice as long as normal vowels.
Syllables are always of the form [consonant +] vowel [+ "n"] . No consonant clusters, no diphthongs or triphthongs. Very simple. If you're Japanese...
  • You're familiar with Tamori, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko, Sazaesan Doraemon Pokemon , the latest NHK morning drama series, Ueki Hitoshi, , Shimura Ken, Tetsuwan Atom
  • You know how baseball and wrestling are played. If you're male, you can argue intricate points about their rules. At school, you also learned how to play volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby (maybe), and either

49. - Culture Center
Learn the in and outs of japanese culture. Don t go to japan without learning the cultural basics. japanese culture. A Closer Look
var bunka = "culture"; Welcome to the YesJapan .com culture center. Browse through the varied culture sections and don't forget to find out more about our growing community of students learning Japanese @
Learn Japanese on the Internet!

screen shots
what's included FAQ's ...

Japanese Culture
A Closer Look
On this site we will introduce some of the unique traditions of Japan and hopefully clear up any questions you may have had about Japan. It is also important for us here at to help demystify Japan. Although the movies and mass media portray an image of Japan and Asia in general as very strict and it seems that one incorrect gesture or if you are off a few degrees in your bow that you will dishonor your family for generations to come. This is far from the truth.
Just like you and I

It is important to know that the Japanese are just like you and I. They are not the serious bound to protocol people that we are led to believe. And although there are certain DO and DON'TS in Japan nothing is so bad that you will be deported.

50. Cyber Japan TV
CJTV has been the number one Ezine in japan since 1995. CJTV features japanese models, sections on fashion (Diesel online and M.A.C. Cosmetics), FILA, Tokyo club information, and a culture-zone. japanese and English language version available.

51. Sharon Kinsella Publications
Essays on the manga industry and otaku culture in modernday japan by Sharon Kinsella.
Sharon Kinsella
Sharon Kinsella (Ph.D, University of Oxford, 1996) is a researcher and lecturer, currently based in the Department of Sociology, Yale University. During the 1990s she has been involved in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research looking at emergent social trends linking youth, the media, subculture, corporate culture and new modes of governance, based on Japanese case studies with global application. Areas of special application include cuteness, manga, the manga industry, otaku subculture, Japanese girls' culture, and high school girl subculture.
Adult Manga: Culture and Power in Contemporary Japanese Society
Adult Manga is now available. It can be ordered in the UK from , the book publisher , or directly from the distributor (ITPS) who receive email orders. (Double click on one of the blue underlined words to proceed.) It will be on sale in the UK in Heffers, Blackwells, Waterstones, the Japan Centre, and major University bookshops. In

52. Japanese Culture And Info
code search Nipponia magazine Magazine japanLink The japan of today A Guide To japan and its culture (English Version) Guide to
Japanese culture and info
What's new?
Japanese language learning tools on Web

For teachers of Japanese

Bookstores and publishers
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natsukashi no uta

Audio file and lyrics provided of numerous songs will create an instant karaoke party for you!
Totally subjective selection. I can eat ramen everyday! Japan Poem: The Relationship Manager
The title is rather misleading. It lets you send a greeting card with so much culture! Asahi Japan Collectibles Home Page
Japanese nicknacks sold on-line. Beautiful site. Ukiyo-e: The Pictures of the Floating World
Want to add ukiyoe on your desktop? Here you go! Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour Perfect virtual tour to 19th century Japan. OPEN KITCHEN An amazing site. Never wondered what Japaense bring in their lunch box? Origami USA Very nicely designed site. ePALS Classroom Exchange Finally, ePal to Japanese! It is a site that connects classrooms (mainly for language purposes). For European languages, this has been a long hit. JAPAN PENFRIEND JPA PenPal Homepage Japanese pen pals A Japanese penpal forum : Seek a Japanese penpal on the web ! -Japan:Info-Xchange-

53. NinJutsu School And Asian Culture Research Centert
Official branch of the Koka Ryu Ninjutsu School Shiga japan Asian culture Research Center
I talian Martial Arts and Asian Culture Research Center English

54. Culture Corner: Virtual Japanese Culture
Virtual Japanese culture. You ll need the Shockwave plugin before you can start. If you don t have it, you can download it HERE.
Virtual Japanese Culture
You'll need the Shockwave plugin before you can start. If you don't have it, you can download it HERE
  • Let's learn about KENDAMA a very popular game in Japan! Learn about ORIGAMI , the Japanese art of paper folding. If you'd like to actually make origami figures yourself, you can move on to the EXPLORING ORIGAMI chapter. Arrange cut flowers beautifully in IKEBANA If you're ready for a real challenge, try writing Japanese letters with a brush in SHODO (calligraphy). You can also try playing a traditional Japanese tune on a KOTO Or maybe you'd like to try shaping and caring for a BONSAI Want to have fun for the New Year? Then try this traditional Japanese toy: FUKU WARAI Take a shot at producing a beautiful UKIYO-E woodblock print. Try a game of mounted archery in Design your own beautiful KIMONO outfit. Try your hand at JUDO , a traditional Japanese sport. Pack your own Japanese lunch in a BENTO box.

55. Tetsuji Oguchi - A Universal Contributor In Semiconductor Industry)
Summary of Tetsuji Oguchi in English japanese. Introducing culture difference between japan and USA, topics such as development of desktop calculator LSI, video game LSI.

56. Japan Travel Books
Free electronic and PDF editions of four Japanese culture books by Boye Lafayette De Mente.
Go to Amazon.Com, select Books and type in "Japan Travel Books" To see over 600 titles. J apan travel books published in PDF (Portable Document Format) for reading on screen, copying to your hard drive, or downloading to your Book Reader. Adobe's Acrobat Reader required. Exotic Japan How to meet and greet people, how to avoid being an "ugly foreigner," how to use and not use chopsticks, how to flag down a cruising taxi, etc. Japanese Secrets of Graceful Living A provocative explanation of the elements in Japan's traditional lifestyle that were based on the epitome of beauty and gracefulness. Japan Unmasked! Understanding the Japanese Mind-Set Why Japanese businessmen and politicians think and behave the way they do, and how to cope and cooperate with them.

57. Japanese Culture: Religion (English)
A little light, but covers the essentials. Also has some thumbnail summaries of the various religions practiced in japan. Religion in japan and Aum Shinrikyo.
Japanese Views of Religion
A fascinating article written by Eido Tai Shimano that contrasts Western and Japanese views of religion from the Japanese perspective. This thoughtful acticle will certainly give you a new perspective.
Inspiring: Shrines
An introduction to Japanese shrines by Hideomi Nihira . A little light, but covers the essentials. Also has some thumbnail summaries of the various religions practiced in Japan.
Japanese Shrines and Temples
A good quick overview of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism, with an orientation towards Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples.
Encylopedia Mythica: Japanese Mythology
Thumbnail summaries of the gods, demons and legends of Japan. Not a lot of depth, but covers hundreds of items of Japanese Mythology. Frame and non-frame versions are both available.
Religion in Japan and Aum Shinrikyo
News piece on the sycretic nature of religion in Japan, with links to some interesting statistics.
J-World's Religion Area
Links to information regarding Japanese religions. Text only - which makes it quite fast. A little light overall though.

58. Japan Intro.
A visit to japan in 2001 by the parents of a girl teaching English in Chiba.
Back Home Contact Me
Our Discovery of Japan
And Its Culture
Our daughter was teaching English in Japan during 2001-2002, so my wife and I took advantage of this to visit her from Dec.22nd to Jan.2nd and stay in her home (in Katsutadai neighbourhood, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture to be more precise). Since Jackie had become quite fluent in Japanese, and had adopted a Japanese lifestyle, this was a unique opportunity to really start to understand a people very different from the European backgrounds with which we are familiar.
I've divided our observations, with accompaning pictures, into the following sections: Enjoy!
Back to Home Page

59. Japan, My Japan!
Useful links on culture, society, mass media, travel, literature and language.
Japan, my Japan! A Guide to Japan
Map of Japan Last updated 15 March 2003. Mount Fuji rising from the midst of pine trees.
Click here
for a real-(local-)time view of Mt. Fuji. [ 24Hours Mt. FUJI Live Mt. Fuji Mt. Fuji or Fujiyama . It is the highest mountain (3,776m or 12,285ft) in Japan and is world-famous for its superb conical form. This symbol of the beautiful land is located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures. Although it has been dormant, it is classified by geologists as an active volcano. To the Japanese mind, Fujisan is much more than a single volcano. It is regarded as a sacred object, and the climbing of Mt. Fuji has long been a religious practice. It has exerted a great influence upon Japanese culture. Throughout the history of Japanese art and literature, this holy mountain has been the subject of uncountable poems and pictures. The yearning for greatness and beauty symbolized by Fujisan led the ancients to name many local mountains and towns after this beautiful mountain. Some sumo wrestlers and popular stars also have ring names or stage names associated with Fujisan . (Bates Hoffer

60. Japanese Culture And Daily Live
This page is the digital version of A Day in the Life series and japanese culture Now series published in The japan Forum Newsletter, wich focuses on
Site Map b Browsers and Plug-Ins b Contact This page is the digital version of "A Day in the Life" series and "Japanese Culture Now" series published in The Japan Forum Newsletter , wich focuses on familiar aspects of everyday Japanese culture. One of our aims is to foster ideas and material for Japanese language classes by providing a window on Japanese culture and people. Depending on the computer equipment you have, you can print the PDF files as they are or copy and paste text data from them as needed for worksheets or other purposes. While most of the original newsletters were printed in two colors, for the HTML-fomat pages, we have added the original color photos wherever possible. These full-color resources will help teachers create materials of higher quality.

TJF Newsletter No.32


TJF Newsletter No.31

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