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         Japan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Japan - Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette (Culture Smart!) by Paul Norbury, 2006-09-05
  2. Hands-on Culture of Japan: Grades 4-6 (Hands-on Culture) by Kate OHalloran, 1997-01
  3. Illness and Culture in Contemporary Japan: An Anthropological View by Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, 1984-06-29
  4. Japan: Its History and Culture by W. Scott Morton, J. Kenneth Olenik, et all 2004-06-01
  5. Overcome by Modernity: History, Culture, and Community in Interwar Japan by Harry D. Harootunian, 2001-12-26
  6. Japan - Culture of Wood: Buildings, Objects, Techniques by Christoph Henrichsen, 2004-10-01
  7. Japan's Competing Modernities: Issues in Culture and Democracy, 1900-1930 by Sharon A. Minichiello, 1998-10-01
  8. Discoveries: Art and Culture of Japan (Discoveries (Abrams)) by Nelly Delay, 1999-09-01
  9. China, Japan, Korea: Culture and Customs by Ju Brown PhD., John Brown, 2006-10-09
  10. Culture Shock! Japan: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Culture Shock! Guides) by P. Sean Bramble, 2005-11-30
  11. Culture and Customs of Japan (Culture and Customs of Asia) by Noriko Kamachi, 1999-11-30
  12. When the Bamboo Bends: Christ and Culture in Japan by Masao Takenaka, 2002-01
  13. Japan Pop!: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture
  14. Preschool in Three Cultures: Japan, China and the United States by Joseph J. Tobin, David Y.H. Wu, et all 1991-01-23

1. Japan Culture Club Home Page
japan culture ClubA mail order of various Japanese culture related items, such as kimono, dolls, ukiyoe woodblock prints, Buddha and much more Buy Kimono Directly From Japan. Kimono Consignment Free Information about Japan or Japanese Culture. Japan Slide Show
Japan Culture Club
Enter Online Catalog
Thank you very much for visiting our web site. Japan Culture Club is a company that provides customers all over the world with high quality Japanese culture related goods , such as kimono Ukiyo-e art Japanese dolls and so on via mail, and we are always looking for new items that are suitable for our customers' interests. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We are looking forward to accommodating you.
Japan Culture Club: E-mail: Fax: 1-617-812-5575

2. Gateway Japan - Creating Japanese Culture And Community
Japanese Community USJapan organizations in the Washington DC area. Find Japanese bilingual employment, services, links using the internet. US-japan culture Information from Gateway Japan Publications and others Japan Post. A Japan-related classified -Updated weekly Useful links to Japan-Related Job sites

AXXES Travel Info
Washington DC metro area information in Japanese
AXXES Living Info
Washington DC metro area information in Japanese
Japanese Media
Primarily Japanese Newspapers in USA
US-Japan Culture Information
from Gateway Japan Publications and others
US-Japan Business and Commerce Resources
Washington DC directory
US-Japan Policy

US Government Resources and Gateway Japan Policy Sites NIH-International Women's Group
A Japanese Living Guide (In Japanese) for the Maryland Area
Japan Post
A Japan-related classified -Updated weekly Useful links to Japan-Related Job sites. Listings of jobs indexed to "Japan" and "Asia" for the local Washington DC Metro Area and local states. Gateway Japan's JASW Yellow Pages
An on-line resource of directories related to US-Japan "Gateway Japan's JASW Yellow Pages" Gateway Japan

3. Japan Culture Club
Meet other Japan Enthusiasts! Meet Japanese people for romance/marriage! Free Information about Japan or Japanese Culture. Cultural ConflictsJapan VS. USA.
Catalog on the Web
Contact JCC Kimonos Wataire HantenJapanese Bed Jacket Vintage Kimono and Obi List (Clearance Sale: Everything 50% OFF) Buy Kimono Directly From Japan Kimono Consignment ... Kimono Garage Sale Samurai Items TengaiSamurai Straw Hat EnzaSamurai Cusion Sword Replica Sword Replica2 ... Higher Class Samurai Armor Buddhism Related Items Incense Burner Great Buddha on your Windows Wallpaper (FREE) Shintoism Related Items Kamidana Shinto Altar Inari Fox Statues ... Shinto Lamp Ukiyo-e Products Tokai-do 53 Stations Katsushika Hokusai's Master Pieces Hokusai's ... Looking for more woodblock prints? Furoshiki Noren Tenugui Ukiyo-e Furoshiki6 Noren (A piece of cloth hang at a door) Noren ... (Japanese Traditional Towel) Japanese Dolls Nihon Dolls Ichimatsu Dolls Saiga Dolls Warabe Dolls ... Doll Electronic Greeting Card Series (FREE) Gandalf Gallery (Dedicated to Rick, the late founder of Asahi Japan Collectibles) Funny Japanese English Virtual Onsen (Hot Spring) Japanese Mountains ... Greeting Card with Japanese Message! T-shirts and Sweatshirts Japan T-shirt Collection1 Japan T-shirt Collection2 Japan T-shirt Collection3 Japan T-shirt Collection4 ... Japan T-shirt Collection6 Paper Products Meishiire Business Card Holder Katakana Hiragana ... Washi Coaster Name in Kanji Nishijin Silk Necktie with Embroidery of Your Name in Kanji Hana MeishiBusiness Cards for Geisha and Maiko Kanji Pendant Sense Fan with Your Name in Kanji ... Stamp!

4. Japan Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
japan culture. Until the 19th century, the main influences on Japanese art came from China and Korea, but a distinct Japanese aesthetic
home search help worldguide ... Postcards
Until the 19th century, the main influences on Japanese art came from China and Korea, but a distinct Japanese aesthetic was present from early on. There is a fascination with the ephemeral (such as in ikebana, the art of flower arrangement ), with the unadorned, and with forms that echo the randomness of nature. A gift for caricature is also present, from early Zen ink paintings right up to the manga (comics) of contemporary Japan. There is a wildness and passion and an interest in the grotesque or the bizarre visible in many works, from Buddhist scrolls depicting the horrors of hell to the highly stylised renderings of body parts in the wood-block prints of the Edo period. The Japanese aesthetic is writ large in its architecture, from graceful Shintō shrines and Buddhist temples , to elaborate castles and practical gossamer-thin houses (built to keep cool in summer and to crumple lightly in earthquakes). Precise physical composition is also evident in Japanese gardens , meticulously planned no matter how haphazard they may look. The two most famous Japanese performance traditions are

5. KIDS WEB JAPAN: Culture Corner
Japan has a rich cultural tradition, and many pastimes have been handed down from one generation to the next. Some of the most popular
Japan has a rich cultural tradition, and many pastimes have been handed down from one generation to the next. Some of the most popular ones are introduced here, and they are set up so that you can actually "try them out" on the Web. Read the stories from "once upon a time in Japan" that every Japanese kid grows up listening to. FOLK LEGENDS OF JAPAN takes you on a journey to a fairy-tale world of boy heroes, terrible ogres, animal antics, and more. What are the biggest fads among Japanese middle school students these days? Who are some of their favorite stars? You can keep up with all the hottest trends in Japan by clicking to these links. Previous articles This section features children who are preserving cultural and artistic traditions for the sake of the generations to come. It spotlights both the technical training they undergo and their personal sides as a boy or girl growing up in modern society.

6. Learn JapaneseJapanese Education
japan culture STUDY GROUP. (Japanese education and Japanese culture). For more information /// japan culture STUDY GROUP ///.
ƒz[ƒ€ƒy[ƒWˆø‰z‚µ‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B‚à‚µ‚T•bˆÈ“à‚ɃWƒƒƒ“ƒv‚µ‚È‚¢ê‡‚͉º‹L‚̃AƒhƒŒƒX‚ð ƒNƒŠƒbƒN‚µ‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B
(Japanese education and Japanese culture)
* JAPANESE HOME PAGE IS HERE We are Japanese teachers. We have been teaching Japanese for more than ten years. We always try to teach students Japanese so that they can acquire a good command of it . We are prepared to teach from elementary to advanced including Japanese proficiency test preparation. Supplementary Japanese lessons for junior and senior high school students are also avilable. Would you like to study with us ?
Our activities are not only teaching Japanese but introducing Japanese culture and making our original Japanese textbooks. Please click the items below for further information.
WHAT'S NEW ! 1 Introduction of the book
New lesson
(Japanese Lesson)
2003 September== taishite and totte
2003 April== suru
2002 November== tameni/yooni

2001 February== "te and de " used to connect the sentences
2000 October== The sentence final particles 2000 May == o 2000 January == teiru 99 September == mono and no 99 July == koto and no 99 April == Wa to Ga To Ba Tara Nara September, October==

7. Culture Of Japan
Culture of Japan. is this server s data. Language. Japanese Language Nature. Mt. Fuji (Japanese only) 24Hours Mt. FUJI Live History.
Culture of Japan
is this server's data.
Japanese Language
Mt. Fuji (Japanese only)
24Hours Mt. FUJI Live
Castle of Japan
Temple of Japan
Matumoto Castle
Butsuzou (Image of Buddha)
Local Festival
Festival in Aizu , Aizu
Nagaoka Festival , Niigata (Japanese only)
Ebisu-kou Fireworks , Nagano
Hamamatsu Festival , Shizuoka (Japanese only)
Awa Dance , Tokushima
Festival of Fukuoka , Fukuoka (Japanese only)
Japanese food custom
Rolling Your Own Sushi
Making of Rice Cake
Japanese Rice Wine (Sake, Nihonsyu)

8. Japanese Culture Recommended Links
Interesting information on Japanese culture and behavior. Virtual Shrine Share your wishes via Japanese shrine postcards; sponsored by the japan culture Club. Recommended Links
Useful Japan Links
Japan Information
Accommodating Asia - Japan
Well-designed and nicely organized guide to travel in Japan.
An Analysis of Rational Japanese Behavior
With case studies. In English. Interesting information on Japanese culture and behavior.
Asiaco Asia Search Engine
Asia directory search engine on 30 Asian countries.
Basic Terms of Shinto
A comprehensive glossary to terms related to Shinto.
Best Of Orient Giftstore
Gifts and arts from China, Japan, Asia.
Bonsai Dallas Bonsai Garden
Tools and supplies for the Japanese art of bonsai.
Bonsai Web
A bonsai site featuring bonsai, seeds, tools, books and more.
CareerCross Japan
A bilingual recruitment resource for jobs in Japan.
Currency Converter
Convert between any two currencies on any date.
English Teachers and Teaching English in Japan
The web site for English teachers in Japan.
For Readers
A news portal and online store for books about Japan and Japanese culture.
The Grand Shrine at Ise
Part of a series of essays on how and why places become sacred.
Guide to Jobs in Japan
Beware the many ads. A guide to living and working in Japan.

9. The Japan Culture And Language Program
The japan culture and Language Program The program is full for 2004. See you next year! Why come to the japan culture and Language Program?

The Japan Culture and Language Program
The program is full for 2004. See you next year! Why come to the Japan Culture and Language Program?
There are many programs available for learning Japanese and studying about Japanese culture, but the Japan Culture and Language Program at Keiwa College is unique. We offer more than just language study, but a well-rounded cultural experience in a part of Japan that most tourists never get to see. We hope that you will compare the JCLP to other programs of this type. We are confident that if you do, you will come to the JCLP in 2005. Shibata Castle turret and wall
The Japan Culture and Language Program at Keiwa College offers
Japanese language classes and presentations in English about Japanese life, as well as field trips with an English-speaking staff member. It is not necessary to be fluent in Japanese to get the most out of the entire program.
a location in a part of Japan away from the tourist track clean air and pleasant, safe surroundings. Of the many foreigners who come to Japan to tour or study, only a very few get the chance to experience the "back country" of Japan. Rural Niigata retains the traditional charm that has been lost in the major urban areas.

10. Japan Culture Tatami
UNIT Homepage? Myshop japan culture page“?”.
ôƒAƒhƒoƒCƒU[A rˆäŒ[²Žii‚¯‚³‚¶j¤“X ‚ª‚¨‹³‚¦‚µ‚Ü‚·B
ô‚p•‚`‚Q ...
ô,Z‘îŠÖ˜A‘Ð ƒ‚¨’m‚点„
‚QŒŽ‚P“ú”­”„@2,450‰~ iŠî‘b‚©‚çŠw‚ÔŒšÞEŒšÞƒnƒ“ƒhƒuƒbƒNj@@@@ •KŒ©‚Å‚·B u‘fÞ•Òv
ƒJƒrCƒ_ƒj‚ÉŠÖ‚·‚éŽQlŽ‘—¿ œZ‚Ü‚¢‚Ì•¡‡‰˜õ iƒAƒgƒs[CƒAƒŒƒ‹ƒM[‚©‚ç”­ƒKƒ“‚܂Łj
“d˜bF03-3872-1849 ‚e‚`‚wF03-3873-3148
e-mail ˆ¶æ

UNIT Homepage‚Ö
Myshop Japan Culture pagegôh

11. BUG 'zine, Korean & Japanese Culture
Korean and japan culture report from a westerner s view point. Written in English. BUG Vol. 3. BUG Vol. 3 Korea japan culture Report
Explore Asian Culture with BUG
Pusan Express : The 5th Pusan International Film Festival

BUG Vol. 4 : Australia Issue
Interviews with legendary pop star JIMMY LITTLE, actress SACHA HORLER, writer JOHN BIRMINGHAM, drag-racing queen RACHELLE SPLATT, techno producer HONEYSMACK, cyber-artist STELARC, jazz kings THE NECKS, plus original articles by Stereolab¡¯s Mary Hansen, novelist Naomi Foyle, artist Richard Butler-Bowden, as well as fresh, funky features on Earthdream 2000, the Nimbin Mardi Grass, Australian pulp fiction and tons more¡¦
Maximum Korea : Korea Culture Report
Intro, Landing, Instant Coffee, Millions of KIMS, ONDOL, Rooms, Closing the Circle, The Floating Markets oOf Seoul, TONGDAE-MUN Night Market, Virtual Skinship, KIM JONG-IL'S HAIR, Low City, High City, Northern Seoul, South Seoul, Eating Makkoli and more....
A Brief Chat with the Author
with Singer YI PAKSA, Filmmaker SUZUKI SEIJUN, Tokyo Host CHIBA, Filmmaker HONG SANG-SOO, Shaman YI SANG-SOON, DROOP, UH UH BOO PROJECT SOUND, plus original articles by David " Public Bath" Hopkins, Matt "Exile Osaka" Kaufman and tons more ...
Added! one

12. Explore Japanese Gardens, Art, Culture And Food
Explore beautiful japanese gardens, zen gardens, learn about japanese culture and art, get a taste of japanese food while listening to lovely japanese music. that capture the essence of japan from culture, shopping to recipes just a moment the art, lifestyle and culture that make japan a neverending romance of fascination and delight

About Japan

The land and People

Pictures that capture the richness of Japanese Culture Experience ....
Japanese Life
Feel ....
the textures of Japan
... Sign our Guest book
Explore Japanese Gardens,
Explore beautiful japanese gardens, zen gardens, learn about japanese culture and art, get a taste of japanese food while listening to lovely japanese music. Links and information for japanese recipes, dishes and gardens that captures the richness and diversity of japanese culture and life. We hope you enjoy our site, learn a little about japanese culture and find the music and pictures enlightening! Turn on your speakers to hear beautiful japanese music through out our site! Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience! Scroll to the bottom of each page and hit the arrow for the best experience. Explore and experience Japanese Culture through.... ...the colorful city streets of Japan. From japanese lifestyle to tranquil japanese gardens and zen gardens. ...ancient japanese art and folk crafts to stunning japanese food and dishes

13. Japan Links
Comprehensive collection of japan links covering culture, history, society, economy, arts, and religion.
Culture at Work
Japanese Culture
Our Services
Culture at Work
Japan pages on the Culture-at-Work website:
Core Cultural Concepts

Same or Different?

Polite Fiction

Kanji: Japanese Characters
US Training Issues
Sites about Japanese Culture
Most recent check of all links:May 28, 2004 This page lists English-language websites that provide substantive non-commercial information about specific aspects of Japanese culture and society. We try to sift through the huge volume of Japan-related sites to select pages that are particularly informed and engaging, with a few intriguing or unusual topics thrown in for seasoning. Can't find what you're looking for? The Launch Points section lists websites which provide extensive Japan linksenough to keep you surfing for a year and then some.

14. Japan Reference - Your Guide To Japanese Online Resources
Guide to japan related online resources with links to art, popular and traditional culture, and language 24 May 2004 japan's Educational System. 23 May 2004 japanese national the liveliest japanrelated communities and join discussions about japanese culture, traditions, language
Advanced Search Help
Life in Japan

Flights Tokyo Guide Transportation ... Japanese Prime Ministers since 1885
Have you been to Japan ? I have always lived in Japan
I have lived or currently live in Japan I have been several times to Japan I have been once or twice to Japan I have never been to Japan, but intend to I have never been to Japan and don't plan to. Start date: May 26, 2004 Click here for more polls
Search the largest Japan-related link database (currently holding 9821 links)
  • Education
  • Gastronomy
  • Language
  • Personal Homepages ...
  • Religion
  • Share your pictures of Japan with the world. Sign up free now ! (by Frank D. White) Tomioka Hachimangu, Fukagawa, Edo (by Maciamo)
    Sign up
    to one of the liveliest Japan-related communities and join discussions about Japanese culture, traditions, language, politics, or engage in friendly chit-chat.
  • 15. Library Of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handboo
    Overview of Japanese life, history, and culture by the US Library of Congress.
    JAPAN - A Country Study
    Search Japan
    Include word variants Use only words as entered.

    16. Plurality
    The Plurality of japanese culture. Despite the smallness of japan s territory, the culture of the archipelago was for long highly plural in nature.
    The Plurality of Japanese Culture
    Geographical Conditions Let us take a look first at those special geographical features of the Japanese archipelago that would seem to relate to the special features of Japanese culture and society. First of all, there is the great difference of latitude between north and the south. To take only the four main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, the islands range from N 45 degrees 33 minutes at their northern extremity to latitude N 23 degrees at their southern extremity, covering a distance of 2,000 kilometers, which increases to 4,500 kilometers if one takes in all the islands from those still farther to the north to the remotest of the Okinawan group in the southwest. Where climate is concerned, the waters of the Okhotsk Sea coast in the very north are visited every winter by drifting ice carried in from the north, while Okinawa in the far south has abundant tropical fish in its coral reefs and similarly abundant plant life, also of a tropical nature. Whereas the cherry blossom in Okinawa begins to bloom in January, in Hokkaido it is delayed until May. Again, areas on the Japan Sea side are swept in winter by moist seasonal winds from the northwest, and since they are backed by mountains, there is heavy snowfall, which even on the plains reaches a depth of one meter in many places, while in the mountainous areas it occasionally reaches two meters. As a result, getting rid of the snow and other similar measures constitute a serious problem in these areas and a major financial burden on local governing bodies. The handcraft goods produced in the home during winter have traditionally formed one of the bases of local industry. On the Pacific coast, on the other hand, snowfalls are far lighter, and the dry seasonal winds experienced in some areas such as the Kantô region, including Tokyo, make fires a major hazard, especially in the cities.

    17. Japan And Beyond: Letters Home
    Tom and Marie Grant share a personal account of life in japan, japanese society, culture and travel, and tours of Vietnam, China, Thailand, Seoul, Australia, and Hong Kong.
    Japan and Beyond: Letters Home
    Marie and Tom Grant Table of Contents

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

    New Home
    in Kofu
    Chapter 3

    Hong Kong
    China, Korea Chapter 4 Yamanashi Chapter 5 Society Chapter 6 Hospital Chapter 7 Nikko Chapter 8 Holiday Greetings Chapter 9 Culture Chapter 10 Holiday Trip: Kansai Kyushu Chapter 11 Mores Chapter 12 Hankos writing Friends Chapter 14 Festivities Chapter 15 Okinawa Nagasaki Chapter 16 Hong Kong Australia Chapter 17 Special People Events Chapter 18 Coming to Japan Chapter 19 Letter to Editor Chapter 20 Teaching English Chapter 21 Hamamatsu Chapter 22 Women's Relation- ships Chapter 23 Reflections on Education Chapter 24 Nephews' Visit Chapter 25 Thailand, Korea Home Chapter 26 Taking Stock email us "If your soul is no stranger to you, the whole world is your home." Kabir Welcome to our labor of love. We want to share our year in Japan and our travels through Asia with you. If you are interested in learning more about the background of our trip and our long relationship with Japan please read the Introduction below. If you are interested in Japanese culture, customs, travel, or other specific topics, please check the chapter topics to the left and click whatever appeals to you. There is nothing we like more than sharing our passion for travel and the people we meet with you. We hope you enjoy!

    18. MSN Encarta - Japan
    Overview to Japanese land, society, culture, economy, government, and history.

    19. Japan Travel Guide, Japanese Popular Culture, History And Japanese Etiquette
    japan travel guide, offering information on japanese popular culture, the history of japanese culture, etiquette and relocation information it's all here at the japan-Zone. japan travel guide
    Japan travel guide, information on Japan and Japanese culture.
    Japan Store
    Books, CDs, DVDs, VHS
    Geisha Fans Folding Screens Japanese Design ... Baseball Goods Cultural Japan
    Noh Bunraku Instruments
    Tea Ceremony
    Ukiyoe Ikebana Bonsai ... Modern Literature
    Imperial Family

    Annual Events Four Seasons Costume Kimono Footwear Basics Dishes ... Alcohol Modern Japan Entertainment Movies Movie Posters TV Comedy Yoshimoto ... Pachinko Famous people Directors Actors TV Stars Comedians ... Politicians Japan Inc Economy Global 500 A - F G - L ... T - Z New to Japan General Visas Accommodation Welfare Transport ... Meeting People Language Alphabets Kanji Useful Expressions New Japanese Employment Working Teaching Find a Job Japan Omnibus Geography Climate Sightseeing Tokyo Kyoto Hokkaido Tohoku ... Okinawa Sports Baseball Soccer Sumo Martial Arts ... Others History Early Medieval Modern Religion Shinto Buddhism Others Shrines ... Zen Gardens Politics Government Parties Prime Ministers Japan Gallery Landmark Nature People Scenery ... Miscellaneous JapanBloggers Webring Ring Home Search this site Features: News Headlines Japanese Newspapers Latest Weather Currency Converter ... Sign up for the FREE Japan Zone Newsletter The time in: Hawaii Los Angeles Chicago New York Brasilia London Berlin Paris Milano Israel New Delhi Bangkok Beijing Hong Kong Singapore Tokyo Seoul Canberra Guam Thursday, 10th June 2004

    20. Japan
    An American teacher who spent three weeks in japan writes about her experiences. Site includes information on the country's system of education, its people, and culture and traditions.
    My Trip to Japan: a 3 week never-to-be-forgotten adventure... by Helen DeWitt I spent 18 days in Japan as a guest of the Japanese Government thanks to the Fullbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program . Part of the time, I was in Tokyo attending seminars about Japan's educational system and its culture. Part of the time, I was in Utsunomiya City where I visited a variety of schools and experienced Japanese hospitality first hand. While in Japan, I was able to learn a great deal about the Japanese educational system and about some of Japan's culture and traditions. I was able to experience the warmth and genuine friendliness of the people who live across the ocean from me. I want to share a few of my experiences with you..... Click on the Underlined Topic that interests you....[pictures and text will follow] Be sure to click Back Button to return to this page for more choices. Japan... Japan [Map Info] Japanese Garden with carp [ New Otani Hotel] Sightseeing in Tokyo Supreme Court Diet Imperial Palace Asakusa-Sensoji Temple Subway system ... Welcome Reception for FMF teachers [Tokyo] Traditional Music [ the Koto and the Shakuhachi] Play Koto Online Sports Day at Jiyu Gakuen School Street scenes [nearJiyu Gakuen School] Sightseeing near Nikko: 5 story Pagoda Kegon Falls Mayor [ Utsunomiya City Hall] School Board [ Utsunomiya City] Welcome Reception for FMF teachers [ Utsunomiya City] Utsunomiya University Utsunomiya City Toyosato-Chuo Elementary School : Welcome Ceremony Typical Day Calligraphy Class Japanese Numbers ... OtherClass Pictures Utsunomiya City Toyosato Junior High School:

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