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         Huntingtons Disease:     more books (100)
  1. Faces of Huntington's by Carmen Leal, 1998-05-01
  2. Huntington's Disease: The Facts by Oliver Quarrell, 1999-11-15
  3. Huntington's Disease: A Disorder of Families (Johns Hopkins Series in Contemporary Medicine and Public Health) by Susan E. Folstein, 1989-11-01
  4. Learning to Live With Huntington's Disease: One Family's Story by Sandy Sulaiman, 2007-05-15
  5. The Test: Living in the Shadow of Huntington's Disease by Jean Barema, 2005-08-30
  6. Huntington's Disease (Genetic Diseases) by Johanna Knowles, 2006-08-31
  7. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Huntington's Disease: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by Icon Health Publications, 2002-09-25
  8. Huntington Disease - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers by Philip M. Parker, 2007-07-17
  9. Huntington's Disease (The Facts) by Oliver W J Quarrell, 2008-05-12
  10. Portraits of Huntington's by Carmen Leal, 2001-07
  11. Huntington's Disease (Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics, 45)
  12. Metabolon collaborates on biomarker study for Huntington's Disease.(High Q Foundation): An article from: BIOTECH Patent News
  13. Living With Huntington's Disease: A Book for Patients and Families by Dennis Phillips, 1982-05
  14. Sirna granted patent covering siRNAs targeting Huntington's Disease.: An article from: BIOTECH Patent News

1. Huntingtons Disease
huntingtons disease Menu. This is a webforum to discuss and comment on huntingtons disease. Click here to Enter a new Neurology WebForum article Click Here to Read our Forum Disclaimer and Statement of Purpose
Huntingtons Disease Menu
This is a webforum to discuss and comment on Huntingtons Disease. Click here to Enter a new Neurology WebForum article...
This Web Forum is not moderated in any sense. Anyone on the Internet can post articles or reply to previously posted articles, and they may do so anonymously. Therefore, the opinions and statements made in all articles and replies do not represent the official opinions of MGH and MGH Neurology. Neither is MGH or MGH Neurology responsible for the content of any articles or replies. No messages are screened for content. - Very Important Message! - Please Click Here to Read Current Posts: Oct 10, 1997 to Present Useful Websites can be found and posted here! IMPORTANT: If this page seems to be missing recently added documents, click the "Reload Page" button on your Web Browser to update the menu. Return to the main Neurology WebForum Page. These forums are maintained by the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital
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2. Huntingtons Disease Association Online
HDA Online provides news of fund raising events, health care information and details of research into curing huntingtons disease.
Click on the topics listed above to find your way around the site
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3. Huntingtons Disease Menu
huntingtons disease 3/18/95 to 1/27/97. huntingtons disease Menu - 1/27/97 to present. These are articles related to huntingtons disease issues. Please feel free to browse
Huntingtons Disease - 3/18/95 to 1/27/97
Huntingtons Disease Menu - 1/27/97 to present
These are articles related to Huntingtons Disease issues. Please feel free to browse...
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Lists general information, branch meetings, local and national contacts, young carers, photographs and diary dates.
North West Lancashire Branch
Dedicated to the Care and Support of Huntington's Families
General Information Branch Meetings Local and National Contacts Young Carers ...
The whole world owes a debt of gratitude to this community without which the Human Genome Project would not be where it is today!

Fact Sheets from the Huntington's Disease Association Fact Sheet 1 All about the Huntington's Disease Association Fact Sheet 2 General Information about Huntington's Disease ...
EMail Webmaster - John Griffiths
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[Join] ... [Skip Next] This webring is hosted by: HACKERSONS E-Mail: Ringmaster

5. Electronic Resources On Huntington's Disease, 1990-1999
Electronic Resources on Huntington s Disease, 19901999. Compiled by Renette Davis. Wilson, Wanda. My huntingtons disease Family (Peters).
Electronic Resources on Huntington's Disease, 1990-1999
Compiled by Renette Davis This document is no longer being maintained in terms of adding new resources. However, information on existing resources will be maintained if possible. If you discover a link on this page which doesn't work, please notify Renette Davis at , giving the new address if you know it. "2nd Annual Jay Peddy Memorial Raffle." "10 Easy Ways to Help an HD Family." "10 Facts About Family Caregivers." Available on the Internet at: 17th International Meeting of the World Federation of Neurology Research Group on Huntington's Disease. Mode of access: Internet and World Wide Web. Address: "20 Steps to Help Caregivers." Mode of access: Internet and World Wide Web. Address: Adams, Sue. The Life and Times of a Person With Huntington's Disease.

6. HDSA For HD
Rehab for Lowell. huntingtons disease Society of America untingtonsDisease? huntingtons disease (HD) is an patients with huntingtons disease and to their families
THE NEW ENGLAND HDSA CENTER OF EXCELLENCE FOR HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE Massachusetts General Hospital Tewksbury Hospital Boston University Medical Center
Huntington’s Disease Society of America
What is Huntington’s Disease?

The Genetics of Huntington’s Disease

The New England HDSA Center of Excellence

Clinical Evaluations

W hat i s H untington’s Disease? Huntington’s disease (HD) is an inherited neurologic disorder that causes involuntary movements, emotional symptoms, and loss of cognitive abilities. The involuntary movements may first appear as restlessness, and later include random movements of the limbs and face. In addition, many patients also develop stiffness, difficulty with walking, reduced control of fine movements, and problems with speech and swallowing. Emotional symptoms may include depression, reduced control over feelings and impulses, or irritability. Cognitive symptoms may include problems with memory, concentration, motivation, and planning. Weight loss is an important complication.
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The Genetics of Huntington’s Disease.

7. Huntington's Disease - Treatment - Neurologychannel
There is no cure for huntingtons disease. Treatment focuses Treatment There is no cure for Huntington s disease. Treatment focuses
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ALS Alzheimer's Disease Autism ... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cephalic Disorders Cerebral Palsy Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Chronic Pain Dementia Encephalitis Epilepsy ... Guillain-Barre Syndrome Headache Huntington's Disease Hydrocephalus Lou Gehrig's Disease ... Traumatic Brain Injury Vertigo TREATMENT OPTIONS
Botulinum Toxin Therapy Epidural Injection Trigger Point Injection Vagus Nerve Stimulation RESOURCES neurologychannelMD Clinical Trials Links MDLocator ... What Is a Neurologist? Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials print this ... email this Treatment There is no cure for Huntington's disease. Treatment focuses on reducing symptoms, preventing complications, and providing support and assistance to the patient and those close to him or her. Medication Physicians often prescribe various medications to help control emotional and movement problems.
  • Antipsychotics (hallucinations, delusions, violent outbursts): haloperidol, chlorpromazine, olanzapine (contraindicated if patient has dystonia)
  • Antidepressants (depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior): fluoxetine, sertraline hydrochloride, nortriptyline

8. Huntington's Disease Hub
huntingtons disease Menu webforum to discuss and comment on Huntington s Disease by the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Huntington's disease hub
Huntington's disease results from genetically programmed degeneration of nerve cells, called neurons, in certain areas of the brain. Huntington's disease is a familial disease, passed from parent to child through a mutation in the normal gene.
Allergy Antibiotics Antioxidants ... Wedding Overviews - Clinical trials - Case reports - Diagnosis - Treatment - Research programs Huntington's Disease — Hope Through Research - an information booklet on Huntington's disease compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Huntington's disease - from Macalester College. Baltimore Huntington's Disease Center - research center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Huntington's Disease - an overview by Christy Taylor. Huntington's disease by NCBI The Huntington's Disease Program of the University of Connecticut Health Center Huntington's Disease Programs and Services - by University of Virginia Health System. Parkinsons Chorea and Huntington's Disease Clinical features of Huntington's Disease - by Rush Neuroscience Institute. Huntington's Disease Center at Columbia University Fact Sheet: Huntington's Disease - by Family Caregiver Alliance.

9. Australian Huntingtons Disease Association
Australian, Huntingtons, Disease, Association, Australian huntingtons disease Association, Australia, huntingtons disease, Resources, Support, Huntingtons
About Us What is HD? Community Support Education ... Contact Us This page was sponsored by Bovis Lend Lease Website Design by Spin Technologies

10. Huntingtons Disease Scotland
ASK Service. ASK Service If you are a family member or professional with a question about Huntington s disease try our on line advice service.
Home Whats On Branches Advisory Services ... Or support us by visiting our shop
This site was last updated on 24 May 2004 Registered Office: Thistle House, 61 Main Road, Elderslie, PA5 9BA, Scotland - T: +44 01505 322245 - e:
"The Scottish Huntington's Association" is a Charity No 121496

11. HD Information Page Moved
previously available at this site has been replaced by the new pages published by the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the huntingtons disease Society of America
Pages moved
The information page previously available at this site has been replaced by the new pages published by the Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the Huntingtons Disease Society of America . Please update you bookmark files to refer to the new locations. I am still involved with these organizations, so feel free to email me with any questions. mike

12. Hardin MD : Huntingtons Disease
From the University of Iowa, the *best* lists of Internet sources in huntingtons disease Huntington s Chorea. huntingtons disease.
Huntingtons Disease
"We list the best sites that list the sites"
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13. Huntington's Scene In  New Zealand Website Huntingtons Disease New Zealand
The Huntington s Disease Scene In. New Zealand. Site Maintained by Graham Taylor Graham Taylor. This site last updated. 04/04/04.
The Huntington's Disease Scene In New Zealand Site Maintained by
Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor

This site last updated
Canadian Resources

14. CMGS-Huntingtons Disease/14.12.99
MRCPath Self Help 1999 Meeting4 / Session2 Genevieve Creed. huntingtons disease (HD). Clinical HD. HD is a progressive fatal neurodegenerative disease.
MRCPath Self Help 1999
Genevieve Creed Huntingtons Disease (HD) Clinical HD Incidence HD HD gene
  • spans ~185 kb of genomic DNA contains 67 exons. (CAG repeat in exon 1) 2 major mRNA transcripts (13.5 and 10.5 kb) encodes ~350 kDa "huntingtin" protein.
CAG repeat size ranges
Majority (95%) of adult onset cases = 40-55 repeats. Genotype / Phenotype correlations : repeat length / age of onset
For low repeat numbers ( and older ages at onset) the correlation is weaker. This implies that CAG repeat length is the major determinant of age of onset in juvenile HD. But in HD which only develops at an elderly age other factors are involved in determining the age of onset. Intergenerational Instability of the CAG repeat Instability occurs during gametogenesis, showing a greater instability in male transmissions. This could be influenced by the continual mitotic divisions during spermatogenesis. For example,a sperm gaining an extra 20 CAG repeats could be due to:
  • one mutation event at one cell division multiple smaller expansions at several different divisions (a cumulative effect) a history of several expansions and contractions
  • shows mutation spectra of sperm samples from donors with different somatic CAG repeat lengths (Ref 1). The larger the somatic allele, the greater the average allele length of the mutant sperm.

    huntingtons disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant untreatable neurodegenerative disorder associated with expansions of the CAG repeat found in the Huntingtin
    Huntingtons Disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant untreatable neurodegenerative disorder associated with expansions of the CAG repeat found in the Huntingtin gene. HD occurs equally in both sexes and is found in all races but most frequently in West Europeans where it affects 1 in 10,000 individuals.
    Clinical Symptoms
    Huntington's Disease is characterised by :
    • Progressive chorea
    • Psychiactric changes
    • Intellectual decline
    'Chorea' refers to the characteristic peculiar movement disorder which begins subtly and progresses to exaggerated dance like motions that involves the entire body.
    The clinical progression of HD is paralleled by neuronal degeneration in the brain:
    • The hallmark in HD is loss of the medium spiny neurons of the striatum which begins in the caudate nucleus and spreads to the putamen and deep layers of the cerebral cortex (Fig.1).
    • Recurved dendritic endings and changes in spine density, shape and size are associated with loss of function and ultimately neuronal cell death.
    • The extensive neuronal loss may reduce the overall brain weight by 25% or more.

    16. Huntington's Disease
    To find help or more information about huntingtons disease, there is a nonprofit national voluntary heath organization dedicated to the disorder
    Huntington's disease
    Symptoms,diagnostic tests, treatment and resourses for Huntington's Disease.
    In 1872 an American doctor, George Huntington, wrote about his observations concerning a strange, hereditary illness that made its victims squirm, twist and writhe uncontrollably. Although he was not the first to describe this nervous disorder, he is the one whose name was attached. Before Dr. Huntington the disease was known as Chorea. As stated, Huntington's Disease (HD) is a hereditary problem that seems to run in successive generations of a family. It destroys the ability to feel, think or move. It wasnt until 1993, when the gene (located on chromosome 4) that causes Huntington's Disease was found in a laboratory headed by molecular geneticist James Gusella at Massachusetts General Hospital, that researchers began to have a better understanding of the disorder. Because of this discovery a test has now been developed to allow family members of patients with Huntington's Disease to find out if they too carry the disease. Knowing the results either way can cause severe emotional stress and testing is only done after the person has undergone psychological counseling. Regardless of the results, it is recommended these people come in for follow-up counseling as well. bodyOffer(31560) There is an estimated one person in every ten thousand that has Huntington's Disease. At that ratio there are approximately thirty thousand with the disease in the United States alone. Each child of a Huntington's Disease patient has a fifty percent chance of inheriting the disease, which means approximately 150,000 people are said to be at risk.

    17. WebRing: Hub
    About this Ring. This Webring is for all people who are connected in some way with huntingtons disease. For carers and caregivers

    18. Research Projects - Huntington's Disease - Genetic Testing
    More Facts About Finding the HD Gene, DNA Banking and Genetic Testing for huntingtons disease WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? In the _testing2.h
    More Facts About Finding the HD Gene, DNA Banking and Genetic Testing for Huntingtons Disease WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? In the immediate future, there will be no changes. The methods for diagnosing and treating HD will remain the same. However, with continued investigation, many new possibilities will arise. Finding the gene is expected to simplify the testing process. Until now, many blood specimens from specific family members were necessary in order for an at-risk person to undergo presymptomatic testing. Now that the gene has been located, a two step testing process has been proposed. First, an affected family member's sample will be tested for the presence of the HD gene. Second, if, in fact, the gene is present (meaning HD was the correct family diagnosis), then the at-risk person who desires to know whether or not he too has inherited the gene, could be tested for its presence. Thus, it is our recommendation that families continue to store DNA on persons who are presumed to have HD. Of course, genetic testing for Huntingtons Disease remains a personal decision which should be considered very carefully. Although the test may be technically less complex, the personal implications remain the same and are substantial. Our recommendation is that anyone seeking genetic testing do so only through programs in which protocols for testing have been submitted to the Huntingtons Disease Society of America and which are known to have reputable pre-test and post-test counseling programs.

    19. UK Psychiatrists Huntington's Disease Group
    huntingtons disease the UK Psychiatrists huntingtons disease Group - with links, information and contacts. UK Psychiatrists Huntington s Disease Group.
    UK Psychiatrists Huntington's Disease Group UK Psychiatrists Huntington's Disease Group

    20. - Health - Illnesses And Conditions Huntington's Disease
    Trust 51 Lisburn Road Belfast BT9 7AB Tel 028 9026 3555 Provides support and advice to those affected by huntingtons disease, living in Northern Ireland.
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    Huntington's Disease by Dr Trisha Macnair and Dr Rob Hicks A significant step forward in science A progressive brain disease Genetic testing brings problems ... Related links Nearly 150 years ago American family doctor George Huntington went out riding, joining his father (also a doctor) on his rounds. They came across 'two women, mother and daughter, both tall, thin, almost cadaverous, both bowing, twisting, grimacing...'. Huntington was amazed and almost fearful, and the encounter triggered his lifelong interest in the disease now named after him. First called Huntington's chorea (a term which describes strange dancing movements) it's now known as Huntington's disease. A significant step forward in science How Huntington's Disease progresses
    • Early symptoms include mood swings, depression, irritability, memory problems, difficulty learning new things or making decisions

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