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         Hungary Geography:     more books (85)
  1. Austria: Society and Regions by Elisabeth Lichtenberger, 2000-06
  2. Budapest: A Cultural History (Cityscapes) by Bob Dent, 2007-04-12
  3. Lands and Peoples (Europe, Volume 4)
  4. Holocaust City: The Making of a Jewish Ghetto by Tim Cole, 2003-05-16
  5. Leisure Migration: A Sociological Study on Tourism (Tourism Social Science Series) by J. Böröcz, 1996-11-01
  6. Tourism and Migration: New Relationships between Production and Consumption (GeoJournal Library)
  7. Holocaust City: The Making of a Jewish Ghetto by Tim Cole, 2003-05-23
  8. Animal Nation: The True Story of Animals And Australia by Adrian Franklin, 2006-07-30
  10. Administrative boundaries and the rationalisation of the public administration, (Economic geography publications:) by Gyula Hantos, 1932
  11. The dialect geography of Hungarian Yiddish by Paul L Garvin, 1965
  12. Vine and Wine Economy: Proceedings of the International Symposium Kecskemet, Hungary 25-29 June 1990 (Developments in Agricultural Economics, Vol 8)
  13. The Maros/Mures River Valley: A study of the geography, hydrobiology, and ecology of the river and its environment (TISCIA monograph series)
  14. American Geographical Society (Around the World Program) (Set includes: Poland, Nigeria, Hungary/Bulgaria/Rumania, The Philippine Islands, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Finland) by American Geographical Society, 1960

81. Research
Regional theory and regional management. Academic Staff Bartke István. Settlement geography of hungary. Academic Staff Kovács Zoltán.

Academic Ranks

Hungarian Names
INSTITUTE OF GEOGRAPHY Research The staff of the Institute comprises 33 full-time members of academic staff, three part-time staff and three secretaries. The research topics are listed by departments. Social and Economic Geography Regional theory and regional management Academic Staff: Bartke István Settlement geography of Hungary Academic Staff: Kovács Zoltán Problems of transition from a planned economy to a market economy in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe; Educational technology of economics Academic Staff: Kurtán Lajos Social and economic geography of Hungary; Natural resources, relationships between the economy and environment; Environmental management in Hungary Academic Staff: Perczel György Agriculture and food industry of Hungary; Economical and social relationships between Hungary and Italy, Energy economics Academic Staff: Vidéki Imre Physical Geography Karst morphogenetics: Material transportation processes and morphogenetics of karst regions; Karstic infiltration; Carbon dioxide production; Measuring and modelling the factors of hydrogen carbonate solution; Karst genetical soil-effect. (The Department has a Field Observation Station in the Aggtelek Karst Region supplied with a novel measuring technique and an automatic monitoring system.)

82. DinoData Geography Hungary
Ca No Rh He Si Pl To Aa Ba Ba Ca Ox Ki Ti Be Va Ha Ba Ap Al Ce Tu Co Sa Ca Ma . geography. hungary. Fossilsites in hungary. CRATAEOMUS

Europe Geography
Europe Dinosaurs Geography Timescale ... Ma Geography
Hungary Fossilsites in Hungary
CRATAEOMUS lepidophorus

CRATAEOMUS pawlowitschii

Ornithischian footprints
... DinoData

83. BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Hungary
europe Last checked 19990515 CIA World Factbook 2000 hungary Basic reference information about hungary, including details of geography, people, economy
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
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  • Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe Geographical Index
  • CIA World Factbook 2000: Hungary
  • Ethnologue Language Database: Hungary
  • Hungary Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1998 ...
  • World Travel Guide: Hungary Page last updated: 17 March 2003 Comments:
    Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe Geographical Index
    Extensive index to European archaeological resources, organised by country.
    Author: Sara Champion and Martijn van Leusen
    Subjects: albania, archaeology links, austria, belgium, bulgaria, croatia, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, estonia, finland, france, germany, greece, hungary, iceland, ireland, italian history, lithuania, luxembourg, former yugoslav republic of macedonia, malta, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, romania, russian history, slovakia, slovenia, spain, sweden, switzerland, turkey, vatican city, yugoslavia
    Location: netherlands, europe
    geography ECOLOGY. hungary (lightly larger than Portugal) occupies the Carpathian Basin in the very centre of Eastern Europe. The
    Tourist guide Rent a car Contact us Hotels ... About us Time in Budapest: 10:09:25 PM, Wednesday Home Spa hotels Apartments Pensions ... Hotel
    H ungary (lightly larger than Portugal) occupies the Carpathian Basin in the very centre of Eastern Europe. The 417-km long Hungarian 'portion' of the Danube River cuts though a southern extension of the Carpathian Mountains at the majestic Danube Bend north of Budapest. The Danube divides Hungary’s 93.030 sq. km into the Great Plain (Nagyalfold) on the east and Transdanubia (Dunantul) on the west. The 598-km-long Tisza River crosses the Great Pain about 100 km east of the Danube. Hungary’s ‘mountains’ are actually hills that seldom exceed an elevation of 1000 metres (mountains in Slovakia, Romania and Slovenia reach over 2000 metres). The highest peak is Kekes (1014 metres) in the Matra range north-east of Budapest.
    Regions of Hungary:
    1. West Transdanubia
    2. Central Transdanubia
    3. Balaton region
    4. South Transdanubia
    5. Budapest, Central Danube region

    85. Some Data On Geography Of The Tisza River Basin
    km), and province population (not reliable). The obtained geographical database afforded simple spatial analysis. Romania. 71,723. 47. hungary. 45,015. 29. Slovakia.
    Some Data on Geography of the Tisza River Basin
    Ivan Kruhlov Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Figure 1. Physical map of the Tisza Basin The map is generated with the help of ArcInfo and ArcView GIS software from free data resources available on the Internet ( and ). Although the declared accuracy of the data sets is of a 1:1000,000 map, it would be more realistic to assume the accuracy of a 1:2000,000 map. The layers used are: Digital elevation model 1000x1000m. Original US DMA DTED Level data with a 30-second resolution in 1x1-degree tiles were merged, projected into UTM co-ordinates, and filled to eliminate spurious sinks. Basin boundary vector layer was manually digitised using digital elevation data and hydrological network. Hydrological network vector layer was clipped out from the nation-wide data sets using the basin boundary coverage. Attribute data were supplemented with the names of the main rivers. Only principal watercourses are shown on the map Political / administrative units vector layer was clipped out of the larger data set. It has a network topology and contains data on boundary type (political/administrative), country name, province name, province area (sq. km), and province population (not reliable).

    86. Collegium Hungaricum Juventutis Occidentalis ®
    The goal of this course is to give participants an overview of hungary s geography, ecology, economic geography and demography.

    87. The Official Hungarian Jet Li Fan Site - Jet Li Hivatalos Magyar Honlapja
    geography, The map of hungary. hungary occupies the lowlying areas of the Carpathian basin. Two-thirds of the territory consist of plains below 200 metres.

    88. Sheila A-Stray's Redheaded Ramblings: Hungary - Part I - Geography As Destiny
    January 13, 2004. hungary Part I - geography as Destiny. More essays from the come up. hungary - PART I - geography AS DESTINY. There is
    Sheila A-Stray's Redheaded Ramblings
    "This race and this country and this life produced me, he said. I shall express myself as I am." James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Main
    January 13, 2004
    Hungary - Part I - Geography as Destiny
    More essays from the "Country of the Week" thing I did on my old blog. Here are the other essays , for those of you new to me, or for anyone who is interested. I had done a bunch of them, focusing on Turkmenistan, Macedonia - and I got a random email from someone: "Could you do Hungary?" Uh ... Could I "do" Hungary? In what way, might I ask? But anyway, I took on the challenge. All errors of facts or interpretation are my fault, if any come up.
    There is an enormous field on the eastern side of Hungary which is called "The Great Plain". I suppose "Field" is a ridiculous word choice, but if you can imagine a field which takes up an entire half of a country, then you will know what I am talking about. Like the western plains in America. An unbroken field, stretching for hundreds of miles. As has been described in this blog before, only in regards to other places, this plain was a crossing-ground, a land-bridge, a connector of peoples way back into antiquity. This is a long way of saying geography is destiny.

    89. Geography Of And Travel In Europe Related Information At - Suite101
    Slovak Republic, its history, culture and geography for tourists. Disc Topic hungary, in the...... Slovak Republic Editor Stuart Buchanan MacWatt

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    Browse Topics Home History and geography Geography and travel Geography of and travel in Europe Geography of and travel in Europe Topic: Bavaria and Southern Germany
    Editor: Katherine Anselmo-Henke
    Description: Bavaria may conjure up images of Sleeping Beauty's castle nestled amon...
    Topic: Editor: Vickie Ferguson Description: Topic: Travelsleuth's Europe and North Africa Editor: Stuart Buchanan MacWatt Description: Travel tips, information and recommendations for visitors to Europe. I... British Isles Topic: Royal Britain Editor: Stuart Buchanan MacWatt Description: Travelsleuth's insider tips on travel in historic Royal Britain. Descr...

    90. SEELRC : Language Resources
    hungary A Country Study - Information about hungary s geography, history, culture, politics, etc. from it s early history to the present.

    91. HUNGARY - Introduction
    With regard to hungary s location, world languages generally define it as Eastern Europe. That the Hungarian statehood is 1,000 years old?
    Do extra-terrestrial beings exist? - the Nobel Prize winning Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, was once asked by his disciples in California. Of course, Fermi answered - they are already here among us, they are called Hungarians...
    You are welcome here, in the homeland of the extra-terrestrial beings. Why did Fermi think this about us? Because Hollywood's dream factories were partly built by Hungarian producers, directors, writers and cameramen? Or because - as the saying goes - Hungarians were created by God to sit on horseback? Perhaps because Bela Bartok's music in his own time was considered extra-terrestrial by many? Or because of the Hungarian language, which does not resemble any world language and sounds so strange? So, who are these Hungarians? It is not (yet) known quite precisely. It seems certain they arrived somewhere from Asia. Their nearest kinship is with distant "small" peoples. With regard to Hungary's location, world languages generally define it as: Eastern Europe. In fact, our country is situated in the centre of the continent, in

    92. Volunteer In Hungary: Teach English To Youth
    Volunteer in hungary Teach English to Youth. materials online! See our internet discount. hungary Service Program Fee. (USD). Three weeks
    Volunteer Abroad
    Volunteer in the USA

    How To Apply

    Request Information

    Volunteer in Hungary
    Teach English to Youth
    Send this page to a friend! Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Choose an exciting new teaching opportunity in Eastern Europe! Hungary's leaders view English education as a requirement for becoming fully integrated into the economic and cultural arenas of the West.
    To that end, English instruction is now mandatory in Hungary's schools, starting with the seventh grade. Today, most Hungarian students begin their English studies as early as the third or fourth grade. But, this rapid turn toward English has simulatneously created a rapid dearth of qualified English teachers in the country. That's where Global Volunteers can lend a hand providing conversational English instruction as classroom resources to Hungary's future leaders!
    Hungary Program Dates

    Hungary Volunteer Work Projects

    Volunteers will spend four to five lesson hours each day in public-school classrooms teaching conversational English to elementary, high school, and adult students, and assisting the host teachers with their exercises. Two or three hours each afternoon is set aside for preparing for the next day's classes. Volunteers will teach conversational English in Hodmezovasarhely, (pronounced hod-mesha-varshavey-hoy or just varshavey-hoy) in southern Hungary. All volunteers teach under the direction of Hungarian English teachers, using student texts and established lesson plans. But, you will also have opportunities to depart from the formal lessons. For example, you can serve as a resource on topics of North American culture, including discussions on history, daily lifestyle, sports, and school systems. American songs, games, dialogues, letter writing, plays, flash cards, and discussions are the primary techniques used depending on the ages and proficiency of the students.

    93. Hungary Vacation Guide: Romantic Hungary Cruises, Hungary Honeymoons, Getaways,
    hungary Overview. hungary vacations, hungary centuries in hungary. Medicinal Bath and Spas hungary is extremely rich in thermal springs.
    European Luxury Tours, Luxury Vacations, Luxury Cruises 
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    European Vacation Guide: Romantic European Vacations 
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    European Vacations, call 1-415-662-2683 to book. Open every day!  Other Places in Europe

    ... Mediterranean Guide Hungary: Overview Hungary vacations, Hungary cultural tours and excursions, travel arrangements, Hungary bicycling tours, vinyard tours and romantic European honeymoons getaways.
    As much as 50 % of the country's territory is flat: the Great Hungarian Plain occupies the entire eastern part of the country and the Small Plain lies along the north-west border.
    The two most important rivers, the Danube (Hungarian stretch: 417 km) and the Tisza (598 km) cut across the country from north to south.
    The REGION BETWEEN THE DANUBE AND TISZA RIVERS is flat, while the region called TRANSDANUBIA west of the Danube is undulating terrain featuring central Europe's warmest lake, the BALATON.
    A range of mountains of medium height stretches across the country. West of the Danube, the TRANSDANUBIAN RANGE is 400-700 metres high, divided into the Keszthely Hills, the Bakony, Vértes, Gerecse, Pilis and Visegrád mountains. East of the Danube the NORTHERN MOUNTAIN RANGE rises to heights of 500-1000 meters, divided into the Börzsöny, Cserhát, Mátra, Bükk, Cserehát and Zemplén mountains. The highest point is Kékes (1,014 m) in the Mátra Mountains.

    94. Department Of Economic And Social Geography
    2. Ethnic and political geographical studies — Ethnic geography of Hungarian national minorities — Complex geographical
    Department of
    Economic and Social Geography Tel./fax: (36-1)3325-996 Main research topics: 1. Urban geographical studies — Socio-economic effects of privatisation in Budapest and on the different levels of urban hierarchy in Hungary. — Problems of transformation of the housing market in different type localities, studies on ghetto formation and gentrification. — The role of tourism in transformation of the functional structure of Budapest and its agglomeration
    (hungarian version)
    — Multi-disciplinary, complex geographical studies on "Budapest-Euroregion" with the involvement of foreign institutions. 2. Ethnic and political geographical studies
    — Ethnic geography of Hungarian national minorities
    — Complex geographical investigations into the background of ethnic conflicts in the Carpathian Basin.
    — Spatial and temporal dynamics of the ethnic composition of population in the Carpathian Basin.
    — Complex geographical studies on the political geographical pattern of the Carpathian Basin. 3. Social geographical studies on fields of tension

    95. Hungary
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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    96. Budapest Pocket Guide - Geography Of Budapest
    year and 26 with snow. There are between 2000 and 2300 hours of sunshine each year. Compiled by the Hungarian Geographical Society.
    Budapest the capital of Hungary (93 030 sq km 10.1 million inhabitants) -a land-locked country lying in the Carpathian Basin - is with about 2 million residents the largest metropolis of East-Central Europe. Hungary is bordered by Slovakia to the north by Ukraine to the northeast by Romania to the east by Yugoslavia to the south by Croatia and Slovenia to the southwest by Austria to the west. Hungary is situated in a basin with mostly lowland-relief while the hills - with altitudes from 700 to 1000 metres -are situated mainly in the northeast of the country. Lake Balaton (598 sq km) the largest lake in Central Europe is located in the western part of Hungary. With its beautiful setting and marvellous panoramic views Budapest is one of the most attractive European capitals. It was much admired in the Middle Ages as the following mediaeval saying shows "the most beautiful towns of Europe are Florence on the lowland Venice on the water and Buda on the hills." In modern times Budapest's outstanding qualities were recognised by UNESCO in 1987 when this agency of the United Nations inscribed Budapest including the banks of the Danube and the Buda Castle district on the World Heritage List.

    97. MUSEUM.HU - Hungarian Geographical Museum - Home Page
    of Hungarian Geographical MuseumThe main task of the museum is to search for and exhibit relics and manuscripts connected to geography and Hungarian travellere

    98. Hungarian Intro Page
    List Other Hungarian Pages Family History Links (1) Archives and Libraries (2) Research and Advice (3) Personal Home Pages (4) geography (5) Villages and
    Alex Glendinning's Award Winning Hungarian Pages
    visitors since the counter reset itself on March 30 1998!
    Revised Contents
    New at Hungarian Sites
    Family History in Hungary, Beginning Your Research from America, Bibliography Magyar My Hungarian Family History Common Surnames in Hungary The Hungarian Mailing List Other Hungarian Pages: Family History Links (1) Archives and Libraries (2) Research and Advice (3) Personal Home Pages (4) Geography (5) Villages and Towns (6) Churches (7) The Jewish Community (8) Ships and Passenger Lists (9) Societies (10) Photographs and Postcards (1) History and Politics (2) Language and Tourism (3) Miscellaneous Background Sites Slovakian Pages Other Eastern European Pages Awards and Reviews
    Family History in Hungary (and Slovakia)
    A Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Two Parts
    Hungarian Ancestry: Beginning Your Research From America
    Bibliography Magyar : Hungarian Books in English
    My Hungarian Family History (of Budapest, Hungary and Vajk, Slovakia)
    (of Pestujhely, Hungary)
    Grand Mama Came From
    The story of my uncle Sanji , who died in Russian captivity in 1945
    The Hungarian Reformed Church in Paris
    Hungarian Mailing Lists
    If you are interested in joing this list, just send the command "subscribe" to

    99. 3rd ICGG

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