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         Hungarian Culture:     more books (51)
  1. The Spirit of Hungary : A Panorama of Hungarian History and Culture (Third Edition) by Stephen Sisa, 1995-11
  2. Hungarian Culture - Universal Culture: Hungary's Cultural Diplomatic Endeavors 1945-1948 by Jozsef N. Szabo, Jozsef N. Szabo, 1999-10
  3. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture. (Book Reviews/Recensions). (book review): An article from: Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal by Carmela Patrias, 2000-06-22
  4. Ferenc Molnar and the Austro-Hungarian 'Fin De Siecle' (Austrian Culture, Vol 5) by Istvan Varkonyi, 1992-12
  5. Folk culture of the Hungarians by Attila Selmeczi Kovacs, 1997
  6. The German-Hungarian revision of textbooks.: An article from: East European Quarterly by Peter Molnar, 2001-12-22
  7. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity and Culture.(Review): An article from: The Modern Language Review by George Gomori, 1999-07-01
  8. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture by Richard Teleky, 1997-07
  9. Hungarian Culture by LL.D., M.S.L.S. Michael J. Horvath, 1998
  10. Hungarian culture by Flora Szilagyi, 1994
  11. A magyarsag torok osei =: The Turkic ancestors of the Magyars (A Sydneyi Arpad Munkakozosseg kiadvanyai = Publication - Arpad Association for Advancement of Hungarian Culture) by Denes Osetzky, 1977
  12. The forgotten cradle of the Hungarian culture by Sandor Nagy, 1973
  13. Censorship, ethnic discrimination, and the culture of the Hungarians in Romania (Helsinki Watch report) by G. M Tamas, 1985
  14. Hungarian Culture by LL.D., M.S.L.S. Michael J. Horvath, 1998

101. Hungarian Cultural Centre - Frames
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102. Hungary.ORG: Hungarian Cultural & Information Center
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103. International Theatre Institute
hungarian Cultural Institutions Abroad. Collegicum Hungaricum The hungarian Cultural Center in Bucharest Bucuresti, str. Batistei 37. Tel. 00
Presentation News Hungarian theatres Contemporary drama ... Main Hungarian Cultural Institutions Abroad
Collegicum Hungaricum, Vienna

Hollandstrasse 4. A-1200 Wien
Tel.: 00-43-1214-0581
Fax: 00-43-1216-2796-75
Director: dr.Károly Csúri
The Hungarian House in Berlin

5 Karl Liebknecht str.9. Berlin 10178
Tel.: 00-49-3024-23738
Fax: 00-49-3024-23447 Director: György Dalos E-Mail: The Hungarian Cultural Center in Bucharest Bucuresti, str. Batistei 37. Tel.: 00-40-1210-4884 (36-90, 08-33) Fax: 00-40-1210-4811 Director: Tibor Hergyán E-Mail: The Hungarian Information and Cultural Center in Delhi 1-A Jan Path New Delhi 1. Tel.: 00-91-1130-11152 Fax: 00-91-1137-93161 Director: Géza Bethlenfalvy (Embassy: 6114737) E-Mail: The Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Center in Helsinki Paasivuorenkatu 4-6. 00530 Helsinki 53.

104. NGO - Hungarian Cultural Society Munkaisy Mihaly
hungarian Cultural Society Munkaisy Mihaly. EUÜ. Munkaisy Mihaly nim. Eestimaa Ungarlaste Ühing. Main areas

105. HungarianAmerica Foundation, Inc. - Kossuth House Social Club
Sign up. Home hungarian Cultural Events in Washington. hungarian Cultural Events in Washington. May. Date time May 19, Wednesday, 630 pm.
var templatePathPrefix = ""; About Us Support Us Contact Us KHSC ... Home Hungarian Cultural Events in Washington Mission Membership Events Films ... Directions
Hungarian Cultural Events in Washington
June June 4, Friday, 6:30 pm Event: (Invitation only) Location: Kossuth House Further info: HungarianAmerica Foundation June 4, Friday, 9:00 pm Event: KHSC Nightout Location: Buffalo Billiards /Dupont Circle Further info: Kossuth House Social Club June 16, Wednesday, 6:30 pm Event: Hungarian Happy Hour (HHH) for Young Professionals Location: Cafe Citron (upstairs) Further info: HungarianAmerica Foundation June 18, Friday, 6:30 pm Event: Art Exhibit: "Credo - A Third Dimension" by Csaba Osvath Location: Kossuth House Further info: HungarianAmerica Foundation KHSC Hungarian Language Program Library ... Contact Us

106. HungarianAmerica Foundation, Inc. - Kossuth House Social Club
hungarian Cultural Institute in the US. We propose the envisioned to work. Response by the hungarian Ministry of National Cultural Heritage.
var templatePathPrefix = ""; About Us Support Us Contact Us KHSC ... Home Satellite Institute Mission Membership Events Films ... Directions
Hungarian Cultural Institute in the U.S.
"We propose the establishment of a Hungarian Cultural Institute in America envisioned as a cooperation of geographically dispersed, individually functioning satellite branches. "
"Instead of a central location, we propose the idea of a satellite system, thus, the institute would be based on the existing structure of Hungarian-American organizations, physically scattered in the country. "
"Each of the participating organizations at one particular location would have to coordinate their resources in order to come up with the best and most efficient solution to provide a branch, or a satellite of the Hungarian Cultural Institute."
"We believe that the Kossuth House Social Club could serve as a model for other branches around the country."
Read the full proposal
The idea for a cultural institute in the U.S. has been around for a long time. However, a new physical location for the institute has always proved to be a blocking factor in its realization. Such a one-location physical center burdens the centralized high start-up costs, staffing, and resources, not to mention limited accessibility.
In response to these problems, we have conceptualized a satellite-structured cultural institute that would build on the existing Hungarian-American organizations and their resources around the country. Communication and the sharing of information resources between the branches would occur on the Internet; thus, people could visit their closest physical location to gain access to the resources of the entire virtual institute. We hope that organizations from locations with traditionally high number of Hungarians - New York, Northern New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida - will increasingly participate.

107. Html Magyar
Search. Links, hungarian Government Portal, 12 February 2003, more, hungarian Equivalence and Information Center (HEIC) – recognition of certificates and degrees,
html magyar Search Links Szent-Gy¶rgyi Fellowship 2004 Hungarian Government Portal Ministry of Foreign Affairs Commissioner for Educational Rights ... Government Leaders Forum 2003, Rome 16 September 2003 more  Education in Hungary 11 February 2003 more  Higher Education 20 May 2004 more  Hungarian Equivalence and Information Center (HEIC) – recognition of certificates and degrees 19 February 2003 more  Research and Development 12 February 2003 more  Archives 07 March 2003 more 
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108. Magyar Marketing
Bátori Mária CD Opera by Erkel Ferenc This is the first hungarian Opera recently produced at the Kolozsvari Radio Studios in 2001 by the Kolozsvari Allami

On-Line Store Special/Sale Items New Items ... Contact Shop Hungarian Products Online
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Please contact Elizabeth Szabo at (800) 786-7851 or email us . Please check out our photo gallery. Silkscreening
Clearance Items Bátori Mária CD - Opera by Erkel Ferenc

This is the first Hungarian Opera recently produced at the Kolozsvari Radio Studios in 2001 by the Kolozsvari Allami Magyar Opera. Booklet contains words of opera in Hungarian, English , German, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese. There are 2 CD in the package.
Special/Sale Items Üsztürü Zenekar - Szárazfának muzsikája CD
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109. European Union Enlargement
Back, hungarian Cultural Week 25/03/2004. A week of celebrating all things hungarian. Events and activities will take place throughout

110. Magyarorszá - Countryinfo
hungarian treasures included in the World Heritage list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) In Budapest, the
choose please: House of the Nation The Hungarian Parliament The Government of the Republic of Hungary The Hungarian Prime Minister's Office Ministry of Health, Social and Family Affairs Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Economy and Transport Ministry of Defence Ministry of Informatics and Communications Ministry of Environment and Water Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Cultural Heritage Ministry of Education Ministry of Finance Wednesday, 9 June 2004 - Magyar Deutsch Key Data The System of State ... Countryinfo Republic of Hungary
Area :93,030 square kilometres
Total length of the state borders: 2,216.8 km
Highest peak:
Lowest point:
Main rivers:
Largest lakes:
Geographic regions: Population
(1 February 2001) 10,197,119 persons
Density of population (31 January 2001) 109.6 residents/square kilometre
Main national and ethnic groups: Hungarian, Croatian, German, Roma, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Slovene.
Official language: Hungarian Capital: Budapest State form: republic Administration structure: 19 counties and the capital city Urban population: 64.6 per cent

111. =- Balassi Bálint Intézet -= Címoldal
Haza, a magasban / Magyar nemzetismeret I. II. tankönyv. Részletek a kiadványból (pdf) A magyar nemzetismereti tankönyv, amely,8&cikk_id=145

112. Hungary History, Budapest History
parliaments. This age of dualism sparked an economic, cultural and intellectual rebirth in Hungary. The second golden age had begun.
Hungary's first 1000 years
Y ellow trams rattling down grand boulevards, faded neo-Baroque interiors, facades marked with signs of revolution, streets of cobblestone, grand turn of the century apartment blocks. Like the bathers lingering in the steam of Budapest's famous baths, this is a country infused with memories and history.
H ungary celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian State at the end of the last century. During the tumultuous thousand year history of Hungary and the Central European Region, rulers came and went and empires rose and fell, but Hungary's distinctive charms have never waned nor its welcome ever been less than genuine.
T he foundation was laid in the ninth century by the great Magyar chief, Árpád, who after having settled in the carpathian basin lead the people from paganism toward Christianity. On Christmas Day, 1000, Árpád's great grandson, Stephen ascended to the throne with a crown sent from Rome by Pope Sylvester II. The kingdom and nation of Hungary was born.
T he three hundred year reign of the House of Árpád saw the country become increasingly westward-looking and the succeeding House of Anjou brought expansion - into Poland, towards Dalmatia - and a great flowering of art and architecture. The first Golden Age had begun. Under King Matthias, lauded for his fairness and justice, Hungary flourished, but his passing eventually led to decimation under the Ottomans for 150 years during the 16th and l7th-century. However, the Habsburgs helped oust the Turkish, heralding a more stable time of reconstruction.

113. Kultúrpont Iroda
Tisztelt látogatónk! Örömmel üdvözöljük a KultúrPont Iroda honlapján! Honlapunkat folyamatosan frissítjük, bovítjük
A KultúrPont Iroda Az Iroda feladata Ügyfélszolgálat Bõvebb információ ... Culture 2000: CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR 2004
Tisztelt látogatónk! Örömmel üdvözöljük a KultúrPont Iroda honlapján!
Honlapunkat folyamatosan frissítjük, bõvítjük, ezért érdemes rendszeresen visszalátogatnia hozzánk.
Ilyen újdonság az az oldal, ahol a 2004. június 13-i EU parlamenti választáson induló magyar pártok kultúráról alkotott véleményét gyûjtöttük össze.
Amennyiben megjegyzése, észrevétele van honlapunkkal kapcsolatban, kérjük, írjon nekünk a címre.
Kellemes böngészést kívánunk!
A KultúrPont Iroda munkatársai Az oldal megtekintéséhez legalább 800x600-as felbontás és 16 bites színmélység, illetve IE5, NS6 böngészõk és ezek magasabb verziószámú változatai ajánlottak.
A KultúrPont Iroda az Európai Unió "Kultúra 2000" keretprogramjának hivatalos magyarországi koordinátora,
mûködésének fõ támogatója az Európai Unió Bizottsága és a Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztériuma.

114. TITLE
Üdvözöljük Önt az NKA Igazgatósága honlapján! Kérjük válassza ki, milyen módon szeretné megtekinteni oldalunkat! Flash nélküli változat.
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