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         Hungarian Culture:     more books (51)
  1. The Spirit of Hungary : A Panorama of Hungarian History and Culture (Third Edition) by Stephen Sisa, 1995-11
  2. Hungarian Culture - Universal Culture: Hungary's Cultural Diplomatic Endeavors 1945-1948 by Jozsef N. Szabo, Jozsef N. Szabo, 1999-10
  3. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture. (Book Reviews/Recensions). (book review): An article from: Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal by Carmela Patrias, 2000-06-22
  4. Ferenc Molnar and the Austro-Hungarian 'Fin De Siecle' (Austrian Culture, Vol 5) by Istvan Varkonyi, 1992-12
  5. Folk culture of the Hungarians by Attila Selmeczi Kovacs, 1997
  6. The German-Hungarian revision of textbooks.: An article from: East European Quarterly by Peter Molnar, 2001-12-22
  7. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity and Culture.(Review): An article from: The Modern Language Review by George Gomori, 1999-07-01
  8. Hungarian Rhapsodies: Essays on Ethnicity, Identity, and Culture by Richard Teleky, 1997-07
  9. Hungarian Culture by LL.D., M.S.L.S. Michael J. Horvath, 1998
  10. Hungarian culture by Flora Szilagyi, 1994
  11. A magyarsag torok osei =: The Turkic ancestors of the Magyars (A Sydneyi Arpad Munkakozosseg kiadvanyai = Publication - Arpad Association for Advancement of Hungarian Culture) by Denes Osetzky, 1977
  12. The forgotten cradle of the Hungarian culture by Sandor Nagy, 1973
  13. Censorship, ethnic discrimination, and the culture of the Hungarians in Romania (Helsinki Watch report) by G. M Tamas, 1985
  14. Hungarian Culture by LL.D., M.S.L.S. Michael J. Horvath, 1998

1. Hungarian Culture Homepage
Please, use newer version from browsers! PORT Computer.
Please, use newer version from browsers! PORT Computer

2. Hungary Culture
hungarian culture TOURISM. Hungarian Ministry of Culture. hungarian culture Homepage. History Hungary s First 1000 Years.

3. Hungarian Culture Forum In Lund
Provides information for expatriates living in southern Sweden.
Katalin welcomes you. Copenhagen . I have also chosen a lovely building of the many there are in this city. It is Rundetaarn (The Round Tower), built in 1642 by the king Christian IV, the last Danish king reigning over Scania - Scandinavia in Latin). It is a rather high tower (34,8 m), nice to look at, but even to visit. It is open around the year, giving place to concerts, exhibitions and even contains an observatiorium. It will take you 30 minutes to the third biggest town in Sweden. The bridge was by the way opened on the 1 July 2000! Scania is a nice place to live in. I have been living there for almost 30 years now. I was born in Hungary, where I lived until 1972, when I moved to Sweden. I have been living in Sweden in a little town called Lund ever since. I am in contact with Hungarians through the Hungarian association that has been around since 1947 in Lund and even through my main interest: research. Lund used to be the capital of Denmark a thousand years ago....It is a rather old and very picturesque city By the way, the final battle was just outside Lund, in 1676, and in that Scania was finally lost and became inavitably Swedish. In order to Swedenize the inhabitants of Scania as soon as possible, the king of all Swedes, Karl XI gave order that a university should be built in Lund. (Knowledge is power, as we know it.) His order was hastily carried out, so as a result, now we have a big

4. Hungarian Online Resources (Magyar Online Forrás)
Offers news and resources Magyar (Hungarian) community. Provides a general medium for those interested in expressing, sharing, and exchanging their views, ideas, and feelings about Hungarians and hungarian culture.
Friss Hírek
HAL: List HIR: Info. Resource HIR: Discussion/Fórum 2004 Június 09 (Szerda) Félix névnapja
News about Hungary - Hírek

9th June, 2004
The government wants to restore higher medicine prices (which means a more than 17,7 pc raise), that is why it has not agreed to decide this week about the freezing of the prices in parliament, Hír TV has been informed.
read more >>>
9th June, 2004
Candidates of the Hungarian Socialists and Free Democrats for seats in the European Parliament are willing to support gay rights in Brussels according to a survey which can be read on the internet, too. Same-sex marriage has been supported by all Free Democrat candidates. read more >>> British textile deal sewn up 9th June, 2004 Thread maker Kaposfil Kft has landed a major order from British-owned Coats Hungary read more >>> Sole proprietors shun EVA 9th June, 2004 Last year altogether 473,238 businesses were run by sole proprietors in Hungary , 8% of which have signed up so far to the simplified entrepreneurial tax (EVA), according to figures by the Central Statistic Office (KSH). Although 97% of these companies would be eligible to take part in the eva...

5. Hungarian Culture Homepage
Editorial Office of the hungarian culture Homepage Tel. (+36 1) 4859000, E-mail
Search culture institution:
W e carried the HCH out after winning a grant from the National Cultural Foundation. Our task was to create a database on the Internet to help establish cultural relations.
At this moment we have data from 2,500 cultural organisations in Hungary.
The data is updated regularly. Advanced search Useful websites of Hungarian cultural organisations Editorial Office of the H ungarian C ulture H omepage:
Tel.: (+36 1) 485-9000, E-mail:

6. Hungarotips - Hungary With Pictures And Sounds, Genealogy
Resource on Hungary and hungarian culture. Offers information on travel, language, genealogy, and culture.
Welcome to the world of Hungary and Hungarian culture. There are more than a 100 pictures here with travel guide. Learn Hungarian, list your genealogy research, read about traditions and famous Hungarians, or browse the link pages. Have fun! Featured pages: Christmas in Hungary All pages are in English, except graphics and mathematics Come and travel around Hungary! There are lots of pictures from all parts of the country with information and guide. Name days, holidays, folk traditions.. Learn about Hungarian customs, or submit your question for the faq page. Hungarian Genealogy information and listing. Read my database, and get listed here! Get help in your research. Learn Hungarian from these 'magyar' lessons with sound files, quizzes and self-tests. Sign up for the daily grammar newsletter. About me,
and about this website.
Hungarotips belongs to.
Do you plan a trip to Hungary? Please, read my travel page. I have collected lots of information there.
Puzzles and quizzes

about Hungary. Jigsaw puzzles and on-line quizzes about buildings, history, famous Hungarians and other facts. Quick translator
gives you a Hungarian sentence in a minute. Well, this is a game, but you can learn

Established by the Government of the Republic of Hungary, the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London acts as an envoy of hungarian culture, art and social sciences
Established by the Government of the Republic of Hungary, the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London acts as an envoy of Hungarian culture, art and social sciences, in a way similar to the British Council in Budapest. Based in Covent Garden, in an impressive wing of a theatre, the Centre operates alongside the Hungarian Embassy, but, unlike the Diplomatic Mission, it is governed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. It is this cultural heritage, unique and colourful, but still obscured by the legacy of the Iron Curtain, and, by a language barrier often insurmountable for foreigners, that the new Cultural Centre is endeavouring to open up for audiences in the United Kingdom. After four decades of Communist influence, Hungary has been striving to regain its long established European identity, in terms of both politics and culture. The Centre is representing the dynamic, creative and charming cultural image reflecting the new momentum that has been revitalising Hungary. As politicians are preparing the way for Hungary to join the European Union, the Cultural Centre is working on lifting the barriers cultural, financial, or often simply bureaucratic

8. The Hungary Page - Hungarian News, Culture, Business, And Information Resources
The Hungary Page's News, Culture, Information Resources! The hungarian culture Homepage is a very well designed site with searchable database of exhibit and cultivate hungarian culture in
C opyright ©199
Shortcuts for this page: News, Magazines and Analyses
  • For excellent news and analysis from Hungary every week in English visit the ISYS Hungary Network or...
    For daily news from Hungary in the Hungarian language , see Sajtó
    or the new and well designed site of the Hungarian newspaper, Népszava The Magyar Narancs a weekly political magazine is an excellent site in Hungarian. The HVG or World Economic Weekly is on-line. In Hungarian with link to English mirror. See what's being covered in Hungary from the US in The Washington Post Hungary Section. Site includes currency exchange, on-line news resources, weather and links. Hudir has an excellent page listing numerous on-line magazines for a wide variety of interests including youth resources (Diák Ujságok). In Hungarian. This site is located in Pozsony, Felvidék (Slovakia) and has a list of Hungarian on-line resources: Napilapok és Ujságok
On-line Information Resources
  • Destination Hungary is a great site with a wealth of information on Hungary, including photos, travel info., and many resources.

9. Links
Hungarian Cultural Homepage. The Hungarian House of New York contains a calendar of events related to hungarian culture in the New York area.
Hungarian Cultural Association
Links to Hungarian-American Web Sites
[Home] [General Info] [Events] [Members] ... [Links]
Links to other Hungarian-American sites:
The Hungarian Human Rights Foundation is an organization actively involved in Hungarian-related political issues. Hungarian American Coalition Organizational Members of the Hungarian American Coalition Big list of Clubs and Organizations. Hungarian Medical Association of America Hungarian American Association from the University of Maryland. Hungarian maps, books, and information on geneology can be found at the Hungarian-American Friendship Society. The Tisza Ensemble is a good place for information on Hungarian folk music and traditions. American-Hungarian Folklore Center Hungarian Yellow Pages Balkanarama-Hungary Hungarian Cultural Homepage Planning a trip to New York? Before you go, visit the NYC Hungarian Resource Guide Homepage for the Department of Hungarian Studies at Rutgers University.

10. New Page 1
One of the prime academic departments devoted to the study of the Hungarian language and of hungarian culture outside Hungary.
"We regret the IU Institute of Hungarian Studies has been closed. Information from this website will be transferred to IU Central Eurasian Studies Department website . CEUS administered the Institute and continues to offer graduate degrees in Hungarian Studies. Books from the Institute library have been integrated into the main Indiana University Library collection. The Hungarian Chair Collection is now located in the CEUS Hungarian Chair office. Duplicate books were given to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of History and to other universities outside and inside the US, depending on topic." The old site can be viewed here . Once it has been added to the CEUS website a link will be added on this page.

11. Hungarian Culture
Training Sample for internationals living and working in Hungary A menu of topics use it to order a tailor-made hungarian culture Seminar for your team.
"When you stare through a window and think that there is only one world,
then it is the window that you're looking at."
Cross-Cultural Training Sample
for internationals living and working in Hungary
A menu of topics - use it to order a
tailor-made Hungarian Culture Seminar for your team.
Outlines and Articles:
What Culture?

Introduction to the FiloLog
Hungarian Culture Seminars
Everyday Issues Appetizer to the H istory of Hungary Mileposts of Hungarian History ... Communication and Relationships Worldview Conversational Habits in the Hungarian Culture Relationships - Expectations and Pitfalls Europe - an overview of major differences in attitudes to Authority, Uncertainty, Self and Others
I use Hofstede 's cultural dimensions to illustrate the diversity between the countries in Europe. Values, Behavior and Thinking - Key Differences of the American and Hungarian Mind The Distinct Features of Hungarians ... Formality, status and hierarchy Religious affiliation The importance of personal relationships Meeting people Forms of address ... Feedback and self-esteem I'm making a living as a Realtor. Check out my Real Estate website here Articles for personal use only!

12. Hungarian Culture - Distinct Features Of Hungarians
this is the Hungarian way of giving a sporting chance in life to other Europeans.” (Ardó Zsuzsa in Love Blues). hungarian culture. FiloLog. CROSSCULTURAL.
The Distinct Features of Hungarians
- outline -
Hungarians are all different, and each one claims to be more different than the others.
(Consequences: perfectionism, ambition, hard-striving, competitive character)
The pre-Christian religion of the Magyars was a monotheistic, monogamous, family-centered, ancestor-worshipping creed.
The Child Jesus is the little prince of the shepherds, the Holy Virgin is the "mother of all Magyars".
No mysticism: secrets of the afterlife do not interest the typical Hungarian. Intellectual interests, such as literature, art, music, chess, mathematics, science and discussion Inventors, Nobel-prize winners Hungarian Culture FiloLog CROSS-CULTURAL Features

13. Hungarian Online Resources (Magyar Online Forrás)
Established to preserve, exhibit, and cultivate hungarian culture in one of the largest Hungarian communities in the United States. The Museum specializes in the collection of memorabilia from the community and valuable folk art treasures. (English/Hungarian)
Friss Hírek
HAL: List HIR: Info. Resource HIR: Discussion/Fórum 2004 Június 09 (Szerda) Félix névnapja
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The requested URL was not found on this server Page you have requested can be found at a new location: at HIR HAL HAN or under Projects
Fotóink, írásaink és grafikáink szerzôi jogvédelem alatt állnak © 1993 Amerikai Magyar Szôvetség: Magyar Online Forrás
Visitor no. 1282084 látogató
American Hungarian Information Technology - AHIT -

Division of American Hungarian Educator's Association - AHEA -

14. Ministry Of Cultural Heritage
Paris office of France 2001, year of the hungarian culture (in the Hungarian Institute Paris) Phone (00 33) 1 43 26 06 44, (00 33) 1 43 26 12 06, (00 33

Central European Cultural Institute

1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 15
Phone: 327-0004, 327-0005, 483-1836
Director: Módos Péter
web: Hungarian House Berlin
Haus Ungarn
Karl Liebknecht str. 9 Berlin 10178
Phone: 00-49-30-24-23-738
Fax: 00-49-30-24-23-447
E-mail: Director: Dr. Masát András (since 1999) web: Hungarian Society Berlin Members Berlin-Brandenburg German-Hungarian Association Cultural Institute of the Republic of Hungary, Bratislava 81106 Bratislava, Palisády 54. Phone: 00-421-7-52-44-29-61 Fax: 00-421-7-352-960 Director: Czimbalmosné Molnár Éva web: e-mail: kimrpozs@mkm.x400 Hungarian Cultural Centre Bucarest 70206 Bucuresti, str. Batistei 39. Phone: 00-40-1-210-48-84 Fax: 00-40-1-210-4811 Director: Hergyán Tibor (since 1998) e-mail: Cultural Counsellor's Office Cairo Kairó 13, Gawad Hosny str. Abdin, Cairo Phone: 00-20-2-392-66-92 Fax: 00-20-2-393-53-04 Director: Dr. Lázár Imre (since 1997) e-mall: Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre Delhi 1-A Jan Path New-Delhi 1.

15. Hungarica.Net
a site regarding hungarian culture, music, history, cuisine and tourism it features detailed information, links and an interactive forum.

16. The Movieportal -
Interview with Henk Camping. The Netherlands Welcomes hungarian culture. February 03. 2004. 1227; interview. The Netherlands hosts




Kereső r©szletes kereső June 09. 2004. more articles
Foreign feedbacks of the Film Week
After the Day Before and Control ...

Interview with Henk Camping The Netherlands Welcomes Hungarian Culture February 03. 2004. 12:27;  interview The Netherlands hosts in 2004 a Hungarian Cultural Season, in the course of which a selection of Hungarian films will also be presented. For this reason a larger-than-usual group of Dutch film professionals was invited including Henk Camping, director of the Hoogt cinema and the head of selection for the Cultural Season’s film program. Past, present and future came up in our conversation.
SEND PRINT FONT Hank Camping:  In the eighties I organized a Hungarian film week every two years therefore Hungarofilm invited me every year for private screenings but I’ve only been to the Hungarian Film Week once before – says Camping. – And now following a gap of a couple of years I was invited again as I was asked to organize a Hungarian film week once again at the end of this year as part of the Hungarian Cultural Season in the Netherlands. 
filmhu: Which film(s) of the current Hungarian Film Week made your list of chosen films?

Group. Our site offers a variety of cultural and historical information about Hungary and the Hungarian people. Besides information

TURAN FOLK ARTS ARTIFACTS ... LINKS Welcome to the website of the Ottawa Hungarian Folkdance Chamber Group. Our site offers a variety of cultural and historical information about Hungary and the Hungarian people. Besides information about our folkdance group, there are pages on the folk costumes and crafts of the various Hungarian regions, ancient Hungarian archeological artifacts, Hungarian history, and links to other Hungarian websites. Optimal viewing with Internet Explorer (min. 800x600 res.)
Javascript required to view images

18. Hungarian Words And Phrases
Some basic Hungarian vocabulary and phrases, with corresponding downloadable sound files. Various materials about hungarian culture.
By visiting this sponsor, you will help to further expand this site! Advertising Info
Click Here to become a ValueClick Member Site

Find out what other sites I have created...

Hello and welcome! I hope you find this page both informative and useful. Please use the wav. files . . . they are there for you to download! The original language page was getting far too cluttered, so I moved over some of the information on to this new page. It has the pronuncation info on Numbers Days of the Week Months of the Year , as well as Words and Phrases . Please enjoy, and feel free to download any of these wav. files! Note: All files are less than 50 Kb unless there is a beside it.
Please Sign The Guest Book in one of the following languages: English, Magyar (Hungarian), Français (French), or Deutsch (German)
Here are the pronunciation of Hungarian Numbers nulla (noo-loh) egy (aed-gy) kettõ (kett-eu) (ha-rom) négy (naed-gy) (urt) hat (hot) (hayt) nyolc (ny-olts) kilenc (kee-lents) (teez)
After learing the numbers 1-10, Hungarian numbers become quite simple. Just learn the prefix to the number and add on th extra (e.g., In English Twenty + Three = Twentythree). Given is an example number for each multiple of ten - it's easy, you'll catch on! If there are any irregularities, I will give them.
(teez-en-edgy) húsz (hoos) huszonegy (hoos-awn-edgy) harmincegy (hohr-meen-ts-edgy) negyvenegy (nedgy-ven-edgy) ötvenegy (urt-ven-edgy) hatvanegy (hot-von-edgy) hetvenegy (het-ven-edgy) nyolcvanegy (nyol-ts-von-edgy) kilencvenegy (keel-ents-ven-edgy)

19. Hungarian Culture
Hungarian, Cultural, Resources.
Hungarian Cultural Resources
Hungarian Literature Fine Arts Films Music Folk Arts ... Foundations
Hungarian literature

20. Culture Briefing Hungary - Your Guide To Hungarian Culture And Customs
Culture Briefing Hungary Your guide to hungarian culture and customs. Culture Briefing Hungary contains special features that increase its usefulness

Culture Briefing: Hungary
Your guide to Hungarian culture and customs Culture Briefing Hungary gives you current, in-depth information found in no other single publiction to help you understand the culture, customs, values and beliefs of the Hungarian people.
Whether traveling to Hungary, working on a class paper or doing business with the Hungarians, you'll find Culture Briefing: Hungary an invaluable resource.
Culture Briefing: Hungary can aid you in gaining that expertise by providing insight into the Hungarian people's way of life.
If you're visiting the country, Culture Briefing: Hungary
With Culture Briefing: Hungary
Special features improve usefulness Culture Briefing: Hungary contains special features that increase its usefulness:
  • A complete table of contents lets you find information quickly.
How to order Culture Briefing: Hungary To read or print Culture Briefing: Hungary,
Culture Briefing: Hungary.
Buy and Get Now
Contents of Culture Briefing: Hungary INTRODUCTION Fast Facts HISTORY THE HUNGARIAN PEOPLE Customs and Ways Do's and Don'ts Conducting Business Subcultures Class Distinctions Language HOME AND FAMILY Marriage Family Size The Role of Women Names Health and Welfare Dress Food and Dining EDUCATING THE CHILDREN RELIGIOUS PRACTICES MAKING A LIVING PASSING LEISURE TIME Festivals Sports THE ARTS Literature Music POLITICAL WAYS

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