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         Human Rights Intl Civil Rights:     more books (52)
  3. Shame in the House of Saud: Contempt for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Minnesota Lawyers International Human Rights Committee, 1992-05
  4. Human Rights in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Albania by Minnesota Lawyers International Human Rights Committee, 1990-01
  5. Amazon oil offensive. (human rights violations in the Oriente, Ecuador) (Multinationals and Human Rights): An article from: Multinational Monitor by Chris Jochnick, 1995-01-01
  6. The Baha'i International Community expresses concern about the human rights of Iranian Baha'is.(Human Rights): An article from: One Country
  7. Nigeria's "drilling fields." (Shell Petroleum Development Co.'s support to the repressive regime in Nigeria) (Multinationals and Human Rights): An article from: Multinational Monitor by Steve Kretzmann, 1995-01-01
  8. The Optional Protocol on African Women's Human Rights does if protect our rights?: An article from: Femnet News by L. Muthoni Wanyeki, 2002-01-01
  9. At the UN, governments and civil society try a new mode of interaction: historic "Informal Interactive" hearings with civil society focus on core issues ... SOCIETY): An article from: One Country
  10. Human Rights in Soviet Society (New World paperback) by Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko, 1981-12
  11. Human Rights for Human Dignity: Injustice, Oil And Violence in Nigeria by Amnesty International, 2006-06
  12. Guatemala: The Human Rights Record
  13. Nongovernmental Organizations and the Ideas of Human Rights (World Order Studies Program Occasional Papers No 15) by Lowell W. Livezey, 1988-03
  14. Women in the Front Line: Human Rights Violations Against Women by Amnesty International, 1991-03

1. Business & Human Rights : Home
Business human rights Resource Centre is a charity promoting greater awareness and informed discussion of important policy issues. The aim of this 'online library' is to provide easy access ( norms on business human rightsPresident of US Council for intl on business human rightsUS Council for intl. Business "Status UN Norms by NGOs civil society representatives
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Site last updated: Wednesday 09 June
New feature: 1200 companies
Find information by company name - over 1200 company-specific sections have been added to this site. Simply click "Individual Companies". good link broken link
Highlights: daily highlights
So. Africa: Child labour reports lead to farm probe Pakistan: Sexual harassment continues to be major problem for working women FR “Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez” Déclaration de la Coalition des ONG - Sommet du G8 Rep. of Congo: Government says it is unable to stop trafficking of conflict diamonds US Court rejects Mexico trucks environmental study Water projects in Africa: World Economic Forum launches public-private partnerships, led by Alcan, RWE/Thames Water, Umgeni Water ... all latest items
Featured reports: top priority
[PDF] Opportunities for business in the fight against HIV/AIDS (refers to Standard Chartered, DaimlerChrysler, Eskom, Viacom, Heineken, BP, Anglo American, MAC Cosmetics) [PDF] full report: "Promoting International Worker Rights through Private Voluntary Initiatives: Public Relations or Public Policy?" - A Report to the U.S. Dept. of State (case studies of 4 industries: soccer ball, coffee, toy, chocolate/cocoa) Mary Robinson responds to US Council for Intl. Business, points to companies that are "road testing" the UN norms on business & human rights more featured reports

2. HRW: Additional Human Rights Resources American civil Liberties Union International Crisis Group http//www.intlcrisis-group hr.orgLawyers Committee for human rights http//www
Additional Human Rights Resources
The following are links to human rights resources from organizations other than Human Rights Watch.
AAAS Directory of Human Rights Sites on the Internet
American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International

Anti-Slavery International The Carter Center Center for Women's Global Leadership The Coalition for International Justice Committee to Protect Journalists CUSHRID Net Homepage The Canadian-U.S. Human Rights Information and Documentation Network

3. Researching International Human Rights Law
http// Women and International human rightsLaw (Askin and civil rightscountry or region civil rightsinternational

human rights human rights generally Human Rights Generally ... International Legal Research Tutorial HUMAN RIGHTS GENERALLY Bibliographies and Research Guides There are many research guides and bibliographies on human rights generally as well as on specific countries, regions, or groups. This is just a small sampling of the books and articles available. To locate other materials on GULLiver , use the subject search: human rights bibliography . Other more general bibliographies and research guides on international law may contain sections on human rights. Germain's Transnational Law Research: A Guide for Attorneys (Ardsley-on-Hudson, NY: Transnational Juris, 1991- ) [Int'l. Ref. K85.G471991]. Human Rights: A Bibliography (Arthur V. Carrington ed., Huntington, N.Y.: Nova Science Publishers, 2000) [Z7164.L6 H837 2000]. Human Rights Bibliography: United Nations Documents and Publications 1980-1990 (5 vols., New York: United Nations, 1993) [K3236.H85 1993]. See also CD-ROM version (

4. Human Rights Case Law - Researching International Human Rights Law
research guide http// . Other Systems. RelevantGULLiver subject headings are civil rightscases and human rightscases

human rights > case law Human Rights Generally IGOs and NGOs Country Reports Int'l Legal Instruments ... International Legal Research Tutorial HUMAN RIGHTS CASE LAW UN Treaty Bodies 1. Most UN committees (Human Rights Committee, Committee on the Rights of the Child, etc.) issue decisions, recommendations, views, annual reports, etc. to the General Assembly or ECOSOC. Not every committee issues all of these kinds of documents. Most of the documents listed below can be located by using the indexes to UN documents. For more detailed information about the types of documents issued by these bodies, see United Nations Documentation: Research Guide on Human Rights
Use the following tools to locate the UN document number and date of the document. Once you have the document number and the date, use the UN microfiche (arranged chronologically) to locate the appropriate fiche. a. UN Index on CD-ROM (1966-present) [International Media]. A good index for locating U.N. documents. Basically the same as AccessUN. Contains some full-text documents.

5. Rutgers Law: Faculty Directory
May 15, 1995 at S5 (intl Law Supplement), with M. Ratner Using Law and the FilartigaPrinciple in the Fight for human rights, 2 ACLU intl civil Liberties Rep.
Law Faculty

Law Students


Rutgers Law

Rutgers Web

NJ Court Opinions

OAL Opinions
Law Exams
Jump To: Admissions Career Services Clinical Programs Law Journal ... Comments?
Beth Stephens Professor Rutgers School of Law - Camden 217 North Fifth Street Camden, NJ 08102 V: (856) 225-6384 F: (856) 225-6516 Biography Professor Stephens has published a variety of articles on the relationship between international and domestic law, focusing on the enforcement of international human rights norms through domestic courts. She co-authored a book analyzing U.S. enforcement of human rights norms, International Human Rights Litigation in U.S. Courts (Transnational Publishers, Inc. 1996). From 1990-1995, she was in charge of the international human rights docket at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where she litigated a series of cases addressing human rights violations in countries around the world, including Bosnia, Guatemala, Haiti, East Timor and Ethiopia. In 1995, Prof. Stephens received the Trial Lawyers of the Year Award from Trial Lawyers for Public Justice in recognition of her work litigating international human rights claims. She was a finalist for the same award in 2001. As a cooperating attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights and a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Justice and Accountability, Prof. Stephens continues to litigate human rights cases, including cases filed against U.S.- based corporations alleging responsibility for human rights violations committed in the course of their activities abroad.

6. Political Science Resources/International Relations
material on America s wars, including Revolution, civil War, World Terror Info Bank(intl Association for on arms control, environment, human rights and trade;
Political Science Resources
International Relations
Frames Index No-Frames Version Comprehensive Listings Decolonization ... United States Foreign Policy Last updated on May 28, 2004
Comprehensive Sites
  • Foreign Affairs Online (University of Virginia)
    • Comprehensive annotated guide to foreign relations from a U.S. perspective
    • General reference sources, U.S., foreign, IGO and NGO web sites
    • One of the best lists of UN related organizations
    • History and focus of international relations think tanks
  • International and Area Studies (Larry Schankman)
    • Lists and annotates top regional studies web sites
    • International news sources
  • International Relations (U.Brit.Colum.)
    • Unique links from a Canadian perspective
    • Major subjects include peace/security/defense, national,ethnic or religious conflicts, and international economic development
  • International Relations Links
    • Links to discussion groups, journals, newspapers, and international law sites with a Canadian/U.S. focus
    • Maintained by the Canadian Institute of International Affairs
  • PRAXIS (UPenn)
    • Links to international governmental and non-governmental, regional, and social work organizations

7. Privacy And Human Rights - Overview
GLOBAL INTERNET LIBERTY CAMPAIGN. PRIVACY AND human rights. An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Practice. Acknowledgments. This report was written by Privacy International with a grant provided by the Open Society Institute. of human rights, the International Convenant on civil and Political rights US and intl. Judicial Protection of Indvidual rights A
An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Practice Acknowledgments
This report was written by Privacy International with a grant provided by the Open Society Institute. The primary authors of this report are David Banisar of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Simon Davies of Privacy International. Additional research was provided by Wayne Madsen, Michael Kassner, Ronnie Breckheimer, and Shauna Van Dongen. Knowledgeable individuals from academia, government, human rights groups and other fields were asked to submit reports and information. Their reports were supplemented with information gathered from Constitutions, laws, international and national government documents, news reports, human rights reports and other sources. A list of contributors is located at Appendix D.
OVERVIEW Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. It has become one of the most important human rights issues of the modern age. The publication of this report reflects the growing importance, diversity and complexity of this fundamental right. This report provides details of the state of privacy in fifty countries from around the world. It outlines the constitutional and legal conditions of privacy protection, and summarizes important issues and events relating to privacy and surveillance.

8. U.S. Civil Rights And Community Action
Women for Women, intl. American civil Liberties Union ACLU; MIT Student Associationfor Freedom of Expression human rights Interactive Network Consumer Alert!
U.S. Civil Rights and Community Action
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  • G eneral Listings and Other Directories
  • Natural F oods and Farming
  • Resources for W omen's
  • Ethnic and C ultural Interests
  • Civil L iberties
  • P olitics and Consumer Rights
    General Listings and Other Directories
  • 9. Human / Legal / Civil Rights
    Write Me. Go to This means human rights applies to you too, Sport. human rights are for all of Commission on human rights / http//
    Go to: write to site webmaster Human Rights Write Me
    Go to:
    mental patients' rights
    dis/ability resources prison systems gommit / bureaucracies / non-profits ... References
    webmaster: Will Brady
    updated: 11 jan 2000
    We’re not talking fuzzy-headed do-gooder stuff now. This means human rights applies to you too, Sport. Human rights are for all of us on Earth, regardless of what some power brokers, megalomaniacs and bigots would have us believe. Forthwith, some important starting points in this journey towards equity and justice.
    Amnesty International – USA /
    Amnesty International /
    Commission on Human Rights Electronic Frontier Foundation / Human Rights Web / rights of the elderly Administration on Aging / USA Obvioulsy, this site discusses things that affect more people than seniors.

    10. Homepage>{intl-partnerdirectory}>Leadership Conference On Civil Rights/Leadershi
    Conference on civil rights, which has issued a Special Report on the topic. Storylink Related topics/regions United States Image © human rights First.
    Browse our partner content
    Learning News Success stories Analysis Archives Indepth Full coverage: topics Full coverage: country/region Guide Get involved Campaigns Discussion forum Events Donate ... Email digest Views Editorial Guest column Archives Partnership Learning partners Join us About us Our mission Contact us Site map
    09 June 2004 Homepage Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Leadership Conference Education Fund
    Leadership Conference on Civil Rights/Leadership Conference Education Fund is a project of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a coalition of 180 organizations working side by side in the fight for equality and justice.
    Primary web addresses Email Main Address 1629 K St. NW, Suite 1000
    Washington, DC Washington, DC 20006 Country United States Main Telephone Joined OneWorld Features Congress to Consider Bills to End Racial Profiling Two alternative pieces of legislation to end racial profiling are currently before the Congress. Civil rights organizations support the original End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA) on the grounds that the second bill does not call for the compilation of data on racial profiling or include enforcement mechanisms. Story link
    Related topics/regions: [United States] Bush Support for Gay Marriage Ban Angers Rights Groups "Unamerican, shameful, and divisive." These strong words characterize Pres. Bush's support for a Constitutional ban on gay marriage, according to a rights group defending sexual freedom of choice. The U.S. branch of Amnesty International has compiled a chilling

    11. Human / Legal / Civil Rights
    Write Me. Go to mental patients' rights gommit / bureaucracies / nonprofits Legal Links Web Essayists References Will Brady's Main Page. Were not talking fuzzy-headed do-gooder stuff now. This means human rights applies to you too, Sport. Commission on human rights / http//

    12. Homepage>{intl-full_coverage_by_topic}>Human Rights
    04.02.2002 In documenting human rights abuses, human rights Watch has traditionallyfocused its efforts on monitoring state compliance with civil and political
    Browse our partner content
    Learning Topics Adult literacy AIDS Children Conflict ... Higher education
    Human rights ICT (Information and communication technology) Innovations Media Non-formal education ... Youth
    09 June 2004 Homepage Human rights
    Full coverage: Human rights
    If you wish to look further into some topics fill out the search criteria below or select from the menu on the left. keyword topic select Adult literacy AIDS Children Conflict Continuing education Debt Development education Distance education Early childhood care Educational resources Environment Funding Further education Gender Health Higher education Human rights ICT (Information and communication technology) Innovations Media Non-formal education Population Poverty Primary education Secondary education Special education Value education Vocational education Youth region select Senegal Africa Central Africa East Africa North Africa Southern Africa West Africa Asia and the Pacific East Asia Middle East Oceania South Asia South East Asia South West Asia Europe Eastern Europe Northern Europe South East Europe Southern Europe Western Europe Caribbean Central America South America North America Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada CapeVerde Cayman Islands

    13. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
    vehicles. civil aviation 6.3 bil pass.mi Major intl. Open, well-watered ruthless and cruel authoritarianism and human rights violations.

    14. Researching Int'l Human Rights Law
    http// Research by searching MNCAT underthe subject human rights. under the subject civil rights.) Periodicals are
    Law Library
    Researching International Human Rights Law
    B. BACKGROUND INFORMATION (or Places to Start) C. DOCUMENTS (Treaties, Country Reports, Cases)

    1. Treaties and other instruments
    ... G. LEXIS AND WESTLAW INTRODUCTION This guide provides starting points for international human rights research on the internet and at the U of M Law Library. Other Law Library guides that may help are Researching Women's Human Rights Issues Researching Treaty Sources ), and Researching the United Nations The Law Library has a large collection of works on human rights, including monographs (books), periodicals, country reports, and government documents. Other useful works on human rights are located at the Wilson Library and the Bio-Med Library. Use MNCAT, the library catalog, to find relevant books and documents. To find periodicals and UN documents, however, you will need to use specialized indexes such as the Index to Legal Periodicals, LegalTrac, and AccessUN. Many human rights works are shelved on the third floor of the Law Library around the call numbers K3240. You will also find other human rights materials in the Human Rights Library, which is located in the back of the third floor, in the corner farthest from the Library entrance.

    15. Behind The Kashmir Conflict - The Applicable International Law (Human Rights Wat
    human rights law prohibits the arbitrary deprivation of life under any circumstances.The government of India is a party to the International Covenant on civil


    Table of Contents
    HRW Home
    The Applicable International Law
    Human Rights Law International human rights law prohibits the arbitrary deprivation of life under any circumstances. The government of India is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 6 of the ICCPR expressly prohibits derogation from the right to life. Thus, even during time of emergency, "[n]o one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life." The ICCPR also prohibits torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Articles 4 and 7 of the ICCPR explicitly ban torture, even in times of national emergency or when the security of the state is threatened. The Indian army, Special Task Force, Border Security Force, and state-sponsored paramilitary groups and village defence committees-the principal government forces operating in Jammu and Kashmir -have systematically violated these fundamental norms of international human rights law. Under international law, India's state-sponsored militias are state agents and therefore must abide by international human rights and humanitarian law. The government of India is ultimately responsible for their actions. International Humanitarian Law International humanitarian law, also known as the laws of war, apply when there is a situation of international and internal "armed conflict." Although Human Rights Watch has maintained that the struggle in Kashmir in the early 1990s did meet this threshhold, it is less clear that international humanitarian law applies to the conflict given the dimunition of fighting throughout much of Kashmir apart from the Kargil region, and the decreased capacity of the militant groups to conduct effective military operations. However, the fact that in Doda and in other border regions militant forces regularly engage Indian army troops, and the size of the armed forces deployed on both sides, suggests that international humanitarian law may still apply.

    16. UN Intl Covenant On Civil And Political Rights CCPR/C/79/Add.102
    available for investigating violations of human rights and for and that they respectthe rights of individuals of the view that the civil Liberties Commission United Nations
    International covenant on civil and political rights
    Distr. GENERAL
    19 November 1998
    Original: õENGLISH
    Emphases in red boldface added by website author
    Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee Japan 1. The Committee considered the fourth periodic report of Japan (CCPR/C/115/Add.13 and Corr. 1) at its 1714th to 1717th meetings (CCPR/SR.1714-1717), held on 28 and 29 October 1998, and adopted the following concluding observations at its 1726th and 1727th meetings (CCPR/C/SR.1726-1727), held on 5 November 1998. A. Introduction 2. The Committee expresses its appreciation for the frank and forthright replies given by the delegation to the issues raised by the Committee and the clarifications and explanations given in answer to the oral questions put by the members of the Committee. The Committee is also appreciative of the presence of the large delegation representing various branches of the Government, which demonstrates the seriousness of the State party in meeting its obligations under the Covenant. The Committee also commends the State party for having given wide publicity to its report and to the work of the Committee. It welcomes the large number of lawyers and non-governmental organizations present during the discussion of the report.

    17. Foreign And International Law
    Hague Convention on the civil Aspects of International human rights Brief (AmericanUniversity, Washington College of Law
    catalog worldcat using the library electronic resources ...
    D'Angelo Law Library
    Foreign and International Law
    Constitutions and Constutitional Courts
    Comparative Law Laws of Foreign Countries Treaties ... Legal Research on International Law Issues Using the Internet by Lyonette Louis-Jacques , Foreign and International Law Librarian and Lecturer in Law, University of Chicago Law School. Outline to accompany a Teleseminar of the State Bar of California, International Law Section, held January 27, 1997.
    Constitutions and Constitutional Courts
    Comparative Laws and Country Reports

    18. Programs & Activities, International Human Rights Advocacy Center
    at no cost to indigent citizens seeking to remediate human rights abuses, or to challengelaws or practices that infringe on recognized human or civil rights.
    About Us
    English Language Center

    Study Abroad

    Intl Service Learning
    ... Development of Clinical Programs Abroad Clinical Legal Aid Initiatives Human Rights Internships Abroad
    Legal Advocacy and Research
    Students working with the Advocacy Center assist human rights attorneys and organizations and advocates in other countries with factual and legal research. The research is organized in the form of "litigation reports" setting out a complete factual background of the issues identifying the pertinent domestic and international law, and making recommendations for remedial action.
    Some of the work is available on line, both in formal Reports by the Center and in a series of Student Advocacy Papers produced under the auspices of the Center or its Director. Recent work of the Center has included: Selected reports of the Center can be accessed through the Advocacy Papers page.

    19. Links, International Human Rights Advocacy Center
    intl Calendar. human rights Documents. Universal Declaration; Economicand Social Covenant Ratifications. civil and Political Covenant
    About Us
    English Language Center

    Study Abroad

    Intl Service Learning
    ... Intl Calendar
    Clearinghouses and Resource Centers
    Action-Oriented Sites
    Research-Oriented Sites

    20. International - Row Erupts In Britain Over Ensuring Civil Rights
    Row Erupts in Britain Over Ensuring civil rights. turn its back on a key aspect ofits own 300year-old legal tradition and embrace a human rights system that

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