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  1. Class Four's Wild Week (Young Hippo School S.) by Malcolm Yorke, 1995-09-22
  2. Wild Africa - Hippos (Wild Africa) by Melissa Cole, 2002-09-18
  3. Hippos (Wild Wild World) by Tanya Stone, 2004-07
  4. Hippos in the Wild (In the Wild) by Cliff Moon, 1985-06-30
  5. Hippos (In the Wild) by Patricia Kendell, 2004-05-13
  6. Hippo (Animals in the Wild) by Mary Hoffman, 1985-06
  7. Hippos (All About Wild Animals)
  8. RPM Tu Hippos Is (PM Animal Facts: Animals in the Wild) by Beverley Randell, Various, 1998-02
  9. Wild Islands (Horrible Geography) by Anita Ganeri, 2004-04-16

1. Wild Hippos
. Size. Special Adaptations. Habitat. Behavior and......Wild Hippos. Return to Hippo World Table of Contents. Outline. Disclaimer. Biological Classification. Physical Characteristics. General
Wild Hippos
Return to Hippo World - Table of Contents
T he information presented on this page was culled from several different sources, mostly textbooks and encyclopedias. As much as possible, I have tried to highlight those areas where my sources conflicted with one another. Here and there I felt compelled to insert my own opinion; these sentences are enclosed in square brackets. Outside of the occasional personal opinion, none of the information presented here is original. As Wilson Mizner once noted, "When you take stuff from one writer, it's plagiarism; but when you take it from many writers, it's research." Caveat emptor!
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Biological Classification
CLASS: Mammalia Mammals ORDER: Artiodactyla Artiodactyls (Even-toed Ungulates) FAMILY: Hippopotamidae Hippopotamuses GENUS: Hippopotamus Horse of the river SPECIES: amphibius Amphibious
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Physical Characteristics
General Description
T here is no doubt that the common hippopotamus is one of the world's largest land mammals, but exactly

2. Pigs, Peccaries And Hippos Specialist Group
of technical experts focusing on the conservation and management of wild pigs, peccaries and hippos term conservation of wild pigs, peccaries and hippos and, where possible, the
Species Survival Commission Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos Specialist Group Chairman: William R. L. Oliver About IUCN and SSC Conservation status The PPHSG is one of several Specialist Groups of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) developed by the IUCN to foster conservation, research and dissemination of information for species of conservation concern. It consists of a group of technical experts focusing on the conservation and management of wild pigs, peccaries and hippos. The broad aim of the PPHSG is to promote the long-term conservation of wild pigs, peccaries and hippos and, where possible, the recovery of their populations to viable levels. Subgroups: Peccary Subgroup Pigs, peccaries and hippopotamuses are non-ruminant ungulates belonging to the Suborder Suiformes of the Order Artiodactyla (the even-toed ungulates). Within the Suborder Suiformes, pigs belong to the Family Suidae, peccaries to the Family Tayassuidae and hippopotamuses to the Family Hippopotamidae. Asian Wild Pig Research and Conservation Group Species information: Pigs Peccaries Hippos Hippo Specialist Subgroup Action Plan: Summary of current projects: Pigs Peccaries Hippos Where to see Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos in Britain and Ireland

3. Hippo Hippos Hippopotamuse - Adventures Photos Safari Wild Animals Wildlife
Hippo hippos Hippopotamuse Adventures in Kenya and Tanzania, The most beautiful PhotosSafaris of the World ! wild animals Reports images in these magnificent
Created 03/03/97 and Updated document.write(DateModif);

Masai People
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Postcards E-cards Advice to travel to Africa My personal Advice About Countries All about Kenya Parks and Reserves All about Tanzania Parks and Reserves Your Photo Safari My advice about your photos Miscellaneous About the photographer Photographer's Gate The Hippo Hippopotamuses
The Hippos of the Mara river look nice !
Click on the pictures to enlarge them Clic to listen the Hippopotamuses Hippopotamus is considered to be the most dangerous animal in Africa ! If it crosses your path, it does not run away, it does not simulate, it sinks ! it sinks with 40 kilometers per hour with its 3500 kilos. Hippopotamus has a fragile skin and it returns in water towards 6 to 7heures in the morning on the daybreack. It leaves the water towards 6pm in the evening, as it grows cooler, to go eating

4. African Wildlife Foundation: Wildlives
their bellies. In areas undisturbed by people, hippos lie on the shorein the morning sun. Order your copy of wild Lives Guidebook.
select animal Aardvark African Wild Dog Baboon Bat Bongo Bonobo Buffalo Bushbaby Bushbuck Cheetah Chimpanzee Colobus Monkey Dikdik Duiker Dwarf Mongoose Eland Elephant Elephant Shrew Genet Gerenuk Giraffe Grant's Gazelle Hartebeest Hedgehog Hippopotamus Hyena Hyrax Impala Jackal Kob Kudu Leopard Lion Mountain Gorilla Oryx Pangolin Porcupine Ratel Rhinoceros Sable Serval Sitatunga Spring Hare Thomson's Gazelle Topi Vervet Monkey Warthog Waterbuck Wildebeest Zebra
ANIMALS Wildlives Library Wildlife Wallpaper Wild Lives Guidebook Elephant Conservation ... Wildlife Wallpaper
Swahili Name: Kiboko Scientific Name: Hippopotamus amphibius Size: 13 feet long and 5 feet tall Weight: Up to 3 tons Lifespan: 50 years Habitat: Rivers, swamps and protected areas Diet: Herbivorous Gestation: About 240 days Predators: Humans, lions, crocodiles The hippopotamus, whose hide alone can weigh half a ton, is the third-largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos. It was considered a female deity of pregnancy in ancient Egypt, but in modern times has been wiped out of that country because of the damage it inflicts on crops. The hippo continues to thrive in other parts of Africa.
The hippo's proportions reflect its sedentary, amphibious existence. Its plump and bulky body is set on short, stumpy legs, with each foot having four toes. Although webbed, the toes splay enough to distribute the weight evenly over each toe and therefore adequately support the hippo on land.

5. Asian Wild Pig News
Pigs, Peccaries and hippos News (formerly Asian wild Pig News) is the is thenewsletter of the IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries, and hippos Specialist Group.
Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos News (formerly Asian Wild Pig News) is the is the newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist Group. The newsletter is sponsored by the Center for International Forestry Research ( CIFOR ), Bogor, Indonesia The Newsletter is published twice yearly. It contains papers and short communications on the wild pig, peccary and hippo species, including details on their taxonomy, distribution, conservation threats, and conservation management programs. Furthermore, the newsletter provides information on upcoming activties by the IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries, and Hippos Specialist Group. The newsletter can be viewed and printed by left-clicking on the AWPN links, or downloaded as a pdf-file by right-clicking on the link and selecting 'save target as'. For this Acrobat Reader software is required which can be downloaded cost free at the following address (click and follow links for download procedure): download Acrobat Reader Current Issue Vol 3(2) AWPN 2003 Vol 3(1) pdf version (1.39 Mb)

6. Asian Wild Pig Conservation
newsletter files, click on the link below and follow the instructions.Pigs, Peccaries and hippos News (formerly Asian wild Pig News).
IUCN/SSC Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos Specialist Group: Asian Section pig info PPHSG programs TAG membership and support news and announcements links contact details: Erik Meijaard. Coordinator of the Asian section of the IUCN/SSC PPHSG, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University, 0200 ACT Canberra, AUSTRALIA email me This website is under construction, and at present only offers a link to the Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos News pdf files. To download or print these newsletter files, click on the link below and follow the instructions. Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos News (formerly Asian Wild Pig News)

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8. Buy Hippos At
hippos in Library Binding. ISBN 0836841182. All about wild Animals is an entertaining, easyto-read series in which each book tells about a different wild animal, from

9. Hippos: Gentle Or Vicious?
The Hippopotamus Gentle Giant or Vicious Brute? Back Return to hippos inthe wild Back Return to Hippo World Table of Contents Introduction.
The Hippopotamus: Gentle Giant or Vicious Brute?
Return to Hippos in the Wild
Return to Hippo World - Table of Contents
A lmost every informational account of the hippopotamus makes some mention of the animal's violent temper. Various writers have described the hippo as "ill-tempered," "dangerous to man," and "wantonly malicious." But is this reputation deserved? There is no doubt that the hippopotamus is capable of serious damage and violence. Hippos will stand up to lions and have been known to bite full-grown crocodiles in half. Countless African natives have lost their lives when the boats they were traveling in were attacked by hippos. By some accounts, hippos cause more human deaths than any other wild creature in Africa, including lions and elephants. But the question remains: Is the hippo violent by nature or merely territorial? Dominant male hippos will defend their territories fiercely, and female hippos will attack any creature that threatens their young. In this regard, however, are they behaving any differently than numerous other wild species? Below is a list of quotes from various authors which address the issue of the hippo's innate temperament. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions.

10. Drawn To Be Wild: From Marching Brooms To Dancing Hippos
From marching brooms to dancing hippos. logo british film institute,Why 1940 was a great year for Walt Disney. Walt Disney s first
From marching brooms to dancing hippos
Why 1940 was a great year for Walt Disney Walt Disney's first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), was rapturously received. In the following years, Walt worked on several more animated projects simultaneously and moved to larger studios at Burbank, California, where the Disney company is still based. Now, on the occasion of Walt's centenary, we take a look at one amazing year in his life - Within nine months of 1940, two full-length Disney animation films were released in cinemas. Pinocchio , based on the story by Carlo Collodi, led the way. The designers based the film characters on clay and wooden models, and were also inspired by actors photographed in costumes. In the finished film, kindly old Geppetto is joined by Jiminy ('When You Wish Upon A Star') Cricket and Monstro the whale, as well as Pinocchio, the little puppet who dreams of being a real boy. Then came Fantasia , even more bold and original. This was first conceived as a short film - of which Walt had already produced many examples - with Mickey Mouse acting out

11. Home Page
crunch on celery. hippos make their own sunscreen. Fun facts like these run wild in wild Safari, a Sing Lucky, Lucky Snake. What If hippos Danced Ballet? The Elephant's Face

12. Care For The Wild - Elephants, Tigers, Monkeys, Endangered Species, Wild Animals
Care for the wild International (CFTWI) is committed to rescuing the17 hippos by supporting the work of the Sanwild wildlife Trust.

13. Hippos_enviorment
In the wild hippos live in open water such as lakes, rivers, streams, and swamps with banks drained daily as in the wild hippos often defecate frequently in the water
Habitat In the wild Hippos live in open water: such as lakes, rivers, streams, and swamps with banks. They must submerge underwater because their thin skin is vulnerable to overheating and dehydration. They tend to avoid rapids and perfer to live near good grazing ground. They will however walk 2 to 3 miles nightly to graze. The common hippos' habitats usualy exist south of the Sahara desert and other parts of Africa where there is adequate water and grazing (Skinner 234). In ancient times the hippo has been recorded as living as far north as the Nile Delta and appear quite often in Egyptian Art. Now most of the population lies in Southern Central and Eastern Africa.
Being so dependent on water, lack of rainfall is detrimental to the hippos well being. In October 2000 in Rawanda, nearly 2000 hippos were affected by a drought in that area and at least 10 hippopotami died. Water tankers were moved to the area to soften the mud allowing the hippos to move. ( Too much water isn't all that good for hippos either. Not being able to float the hippo thrives better in water deep enough to cover them, but not too much deeper. They also perfer a firm bottom to rest on and not get stuck in the mud.
Hippos create a large impact on the enviorment around them. The only animal with greater impact on the enviorment is the elephant. The hippo's grazing habits can often destroy much of the land around it. It eats about 88lbs of grass a night and with herds from 40 to 200 hippos this nightly eating can hurt the local enviorment. In fact in a place called Cameroon in Africa hippos have caused a food crisis for the people living there. 20 acres of food needed for the people was consumed by a herd of hippos, when grass became scarce near the local watering hole. (

14. Care For The Wild - Elephants, Tigers, Monkeys, Endangered Species, Wild Animals
Care for the wild International has moved offices. hippos High And Dry CFTWI is toassist with the rescue of 17 hippos, stranded by drought in South Africa s

About Us Appeals News ... Link to Us
Click a link for full story
Current News - 20/11/2000 Maui's Dolphin Mayday Appeal
CFTWI to aid protection of New Zealand's critically endangered Maui's dolphin
2004 Calendar - Reduced
Featuring stunning wildlife pictures - the CFTWI 2004 calendar is a new year essential.
Rhino Mayday Symposium 2004
Thursday 20th May
promises to be a day to remember for rhino lovers as The UK Rhino Group hosts the annual Rhino Mayday Symposium at the Zoological Society of London.
Tuli elephant case verdict: Guilty
The animal trader involved with the Tuli elephant case has been found guilty of contravening South Africa's Animal Protection Act. more... New ranger station in the Chyulu Hills On 8th June 2002 CFTWI opened a new ranger station in the Chyulu Hills, Kenya more... CFTWI has moved! Care for the Wild International has moved offices. Our new telephone number is 01306 627900 more... Snow Leopard Rescue Two highly endangered snow leopards were rescued from a Russian travelling circus in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. more...

15. Hippos
Stuffed hippos, Puppets, Books and Hundreds of Stuffed Animals from Becca's Workshop Complete Listing of wild Animals by Species A Collection of Stuffed hippos. Hippopotamus means "river horse". He is most at home in the water, running on the bottom
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16. Rhinos Hippos Photos - In The Wild
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17. Facts About Hippos
Facts about hippos he s the behemoth of the wild the mighty hippopotamus. Factsabout hippos he s the behemoth of the wild - the mighty hippopotamus.
Facts about hippos
Facts about hippos: he's the behemoth of the wild - the mighty hippopotamus. Learn all about awesome hippo here.
3,500 years ago the Bible referred to him simply as Behemoth. What modern day creature fits such an imposing description? It is none other than that thick skinned herbivore the hippopotamus. The Bible gives us an interesting insight into the hippo. In Job Chapter 40 we learn that the hippo eats grass just as the bull, that its strong bones are like wrought iron rods, that it resides in swampy places and that it is not easily startled. All of these facts can be by studying the modern day hippo. What else do we know about this enormous creature? bodyOffer(16415) The hippo is, indeed an eater of vegetation. In a year, in fact, around 200 pounds of soft water plants, grass, reeds, and other greenery pass between its jaws every year. All of this food keeps the animal growing and a full grown hippo can reach up to 14 feet in length. They are also extremely heavy, reaching fully grown weights of about 3 or 4 thousand pounds. The heaviest recorded was 8,960 pounds. The weight of the hippo is supported on four rather stubby legs. These legs, however, contain extremely bones. They can also move quite rapidly, with the hippo easily being capable of outdistancing a human. The hippo has an extremely thick hide, allowing it to scrape alongside rocks and stones in the water without discomfort. The skin is equipped with special pores that secrete a thick, oily substance to keep the skin moist while out of the water. They spend the majority of their time in the water and can usually be spotted in herds of twenty or thirty. Spending their days submerged, allows the hippo to avoid the potentially damaging effects of the suns rays on its skin. At night, though, he comes onto dry land to graze for his food.

18. Hippopotamus: WhoZoo
. a01, Special Adaptations. a01, Personal Observations. a01,Vocalizations. a01, hippos in the wild. a01, Sources of Information. General Information....... Physical
This is a webpage with information on the River Hippopotamus. The real color photos on the pages connected to this webpage are of the hippos in captivity at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas.
General Information Physical Description Special Adaptations Personal Observations Vocalizations Hippos in the Wild Sources of Information General Information
  • Name: Hippopotamus Scientific name: Hippopotamus amphibius Range: Africa, below the Sahara to above the southernmost section Habitat: Large to small bodies of water with flat banks bordering rich grass plains Status: Not threatened Diet in the wild: Soft short grass, and other plants, and fruits that have fallen Diet in the zoo: Herbivore diet Location in the Zoo: African Savannah

Physical Description and What the Hippo Eats
The Hippopotamus is an extremely fat animal, with a round body, short, stocky legs, and a large head. Female Hippos are usually slightly smaller than the male Hippos. The male Hippo can grow up to twelve feet long and five feet high, and can weigh up to 8,000 pounds. The female Hippo, however, is slightly smaller. The Hippo's body is a brownish-gray color on top, and paler on the underside, with pink areas on the face
In the wild the Hippopotamus eats soft grasses and other low lying plants, aquatic and reed plants, leaves, and fallen fruits. While in the zoo, however, the hippopotamus eat a herbivorous diet. The hippopotamus will occasionally eat cultivated crops such as corn and sugar cane.

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20. Pilot Selous Game Reserve
Where Tanzania, East Africa Top species Elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos,wild dogs, birds, eland, zebra Best sight Elephants bathing in the lagoons
You are here: Home Destination Guide Africa Tanzania And Zanzibar : Selous Game Reserve BUY ONLINE Globe Trekker Video: East Africa: Tanzania and Zanzibar - Order now from the Pilot Shop
Selous Game Reserve
Where: Tanzania, East Africa
Top species: Elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, wild dogs, birds, eland, zebra
Best sight: Elephants bathing in the lagoons
Watch out for: Hippos and crocs while cruising on the river
Stick in the mud: cruising around the Selous reserve
Where it's at
At 30,000 square miles, Selous Frederick Courtney Selous, a best selling novelist of Victorian England whose grave lies inside the reserve. What wildlife live here?
elephants, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos
and wild dogs . Other species to keep a watchful eye on include lion, giraffe, baboon, zebra and the greater kudu. Over three quarters of a million animals inhabit this great wilderness, and no humans are allowed to settle there.
The park is split into two contrasting grounds, the Selous and the Mikumi

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