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         Hinduism:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hinduism by Linda Johnsen, 2001-10-11
  2. An Introduction to Hinduism (Introduction to Religion) by Gavin D. Flood, 1996-07-13
  3. Hinduism : A Very Short Introduction by Kim Knott, 2000-06-15
  4. A Survey of Hinduism by Klaus K. Klostermaier, 2007-07-05
  5. Hinduism (Oxford Paperbacks) by R. C. Zaehner, 1983-04-14
  6. Hinduism, TM and Hare Krishna by Mr. J. Isamu Yamamoto, J. Isamu Yamamoto, 1998-03-01
  7. The Origins and Development of Classical Hinduism by A.L. Basham, 1991-12-05
  8. The Life of Hinduism (The Life of Religion)
  9. The Essentials of Hinduism: A Comprehensive Overview of the World's Oldest Religion by Swami Bhaskarananda, 2002-01-15
  10. Was Hinduism Invented?: Britons, Indians, and the Colonial Construction of Religion by Brian K. Pennington, 2007-10-01
  11. Hinduism: A Cultural Perspective (2nd Edition) by David R. Kinsley, 1993-02-17
  12. Introducing Hinduism (World Religions (Routledge (Firm)).) by Hillary Rodrigues, 2006-09-06
  13. Hinduism by Vasudha Narayanan, 2004-11-01
  14. Contemporary Hinduism: Ritual, Culture, and Practice by Robin Rinehart, 2004-07-21

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With more Hindus marrying outside the faith, creative interfaith weddings are on the rise. By Lavina Melwani
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Includes articles and resources on the religion pertaining to the Vedantas, spirituality, the soul, deities, and quotations from the scriptures.
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3. The Hindu Universe - Hindu Resource Center
Largest Hindu and hinduism site on the net. Contains comprehensive introduction to Hindu dharma, complete text of 85 books, several

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    Who is a Hindu? "Acceptance of the Vedas with reverence; recognition of the fact that the means or ways to salvation are diverse; and the realization of the truth that the number of gods to be worshiped is large, that indeed is the distinguishing feature of the Hindu religion." B.G. Tilak's definition of what makes one a basic Hindu, as quoted by India's Supreme Court. On July 2, 1995, the Court referred to it as an "adequate and satisfactory formula."
    Dedication is dedicated to Hindu solidarity, culture and the dissemination of the vast and timeless knowledge of our great Sanatana Dharma to all the people of the world. This is a public service of Himalayan Academy , publishers of Hinduism Today Magazine Goal
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hinduism Online is a vast resource of knowledge and experience on hinduism, one of the world s oldest living religions. Saiva Siddhanta
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6. An Introduction To Hinduism
Contains information about the birth of the religion, the Vedas, reform movements, major gurus, and intermingling with Buddhist philosophies.
A guide to various aspects of Indian religious thought
and inter-religious understanding and religious tolerance.
"Its chief mark consists in concentration on the spiritual aspect,
belief in the intimate relationship of philosophy and life,
the inseparability of theory and practice and the insistence
on intuition coexisting with the acceptance of authority."
Source: The Gazetteer of India, Volume 1: Country and people. Delhi,
Publications Division, Government of India, 1965. CHAPTER Vlll - Religion HINDUISM by Dr. C.P.Ramaswami Aiyar, Dr. Nalinaksha Dutt,
Prof. A.R.Wadia, Prof. M.Mujeeb,
Dr.Dharm Pal and Fr. Jerome D'Souza, S.J.

This text has been rearranged by Shri Arvind Kalia so that some of the material could more easily and logically fit into the sub-headings he had created, otherwise the original text remains unchanged except a few amendments I have made - Prakash Arumugam
THE MAIN INDEX Introduction to Hinduism Vedic Aryans and Zoroastrianism ... downdoad -Full Text version - PDF-file
An Introduction
It has been pointed out by Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee, in A Study of History, that the principal civilisations of the world lay different degrees of emphasis on specific lines of activity. Hellenic civilisation, for instance, displays a manifest tendency towards a prominently aesthetic outlook on life as a whole. Indian civilisation, on the other hand, shows an equally manifest tendency towards a predominantly religious outlook. Dr. Toynbee's remark sums up what has been observed by many other scholars. Indeed, the study of Hinduism has to be, in a large measure, a study of the general Hindu outlook on life.

7. Hinduism - An Overview
hinduism, THE WORLD'S OLDEST RELIGION. A SIMPLE INTRODUCTION TO A COMPLEX RELIGION. Vote for this site "Top of the 'Net" Another site dedicated to hinduism. Introduction. hinduism is also known as "Sanatana Dharma" to Hindus. What is hinduism? Is it a religion or is it a culture
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Hinduism Topics Vote for this site "Top of the 'Net" Another site dedicated to Hinduism
Hinduism is also known as "Sanatana Dharma" to Hindus. In Sanskrit, the original language of India, 'Sanatana' means Everlasting and 'Dharma', by a crude translation, means Religion. The Everlasting Religion, Hinduism was founded, exists and flourishes in India. What is Hinduism? Is it a religion or is it a culture? The truth is - it is both a religion and a way of life. India gave to the world the original, oldest and most profound philosophy of life. The brilliant ancestors of present-day indians explored the Truth behind our existence and gave several philosophies and theories to define the Truth. At the same time, they created a set of rules for "good living" on this earth. The philosophical concepts that Indians gave to mankind are eternal and constitute no religion by themselves. However, the rules for good or "Dharmic" living that they laid down constitute the Hindu religion. This article will refer to "Hinduism" for both the philosophy and the religion, for purposes of simplicity. Sanatana Dharma does not have a starting point in history, does not have a founder, and has no Church. The sages who shaped the Hindu religion merely reiterated the teachings of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures (most of which is unwritten). The Vedas are believed to have no origin. In ancient India, the Vedas formed the educational system and broadly comprised all the different spheres of life, such as spiritual, scientific, medical and so on.

8. A Tribute To Hinduism
This site catalogs thoughts of intellectuals regarding hinduism, recommends books for further reading, and provides useful links for further research.
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9. BBC - Religion & Ethics - Hinduism
The essentials. hinduism originated over 3000 years ago. BBCi, Latest hinduism news. BBC London hinduism in London. BBC World Service - Hindu scriptures. Non-BBC.
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9th June 2004
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... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! The essentials Hinduism originated over 3000 years ago. It is not a single unified religion and has no founder, single teacher, nor prophets. Hindus believe in a universal soul or God called Brahman. The basics Introduction Customs Worship Features History Beliefs Holy days Features Hindu Weddings
Dr Prinja, spokesperson for the World Council of Hindus explains the significance of rituals performed in a Hindu wedding ceremony. Exploring India's Rivers of Belief Anita Sethi explores India's multi-faceted religious identity and writes about how she felt after visiting sacred Hindu places. The Hindu Kingdom of Nepal Nepal is the only officially Hindu state in the world ... but what does this mean? A-Z of world religions Choose Atheism Baha'i Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Islam Jainism Judaism Mormon Paganism Shinto Sikhism Unitarianism Have your say Newsletter Living Related Links BBCi Latest Hinduism news BBC London - Hinduism in London BBC World Service - Hindu scriptures Non-BBC The Hindu Universe Hinduism Today Hindu Resources Online The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites

10. All Around Hinduism
hinduism. Hindu related Pages directly connected to this site Bhajans Hindi Devotional Songs. hinduism. Introduction to Hindu Dharma. hinduism/Giri's pages

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    11. ABOUT HINDUISM - What You Need To Know
    The starting place to explore everything about hinduism and the various aspects of this unique and universal religion , with your About Guide Subhamoy Das.
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    10 Ways to Wake Up Laughing!

    Laughter is a transformational tool that used wisely can bring not just physical healing, but emotional release, mental flexibility and spiritual perspective. Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda tells you how to wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.
    Wednesday June 09, 2004
    Rathyatra is on June 19
    Every year in mid-summer, Lord Jagannath goes out on vacation, traveling on a grand chariot or 'rath'. Here is a selection of Web sites on the summer festival of Jagannath Rathyatra... more
    Monday June 07, 2004

    Near-death Experiences

    In 1986, researchers Dr. Satwant Pasricha and Dr. Ian Stevenson documented 16 cases of near-death experiences in India... more
    Sunday June 06, 2004

    12. God In Hindu Dharma And Representation In Temples
    unholy. As a universal formulation hinduism accepts all formulations of Truth. levels. Or, Why Does hinduism Portray God as a Woman?
    God in Hindu Dharma and Representation in Temples Concept of God in Hindu Dharma All Major Deities on One Page The Hindu Trinity Forms of God ... God, Sages and Gurus Explore this topic in detail
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    Links Articles Online Books Hindu Web Discussion Book- store Related Sections Here we present extensive resources for understanding the concept of God in Hindu dharma. The Hindu Trinity , forms of Gods and Goddesses , the Avatars of Lord Vishnu, the Devatas Planet and Animal Deities are all presented with their image representation. If you have ever wondered, if Hindus worship one God or many Gods, why do Hindus worship images and icons, why does the God in Hindu dharma have multiple names and multiple forms of God, then this is the where, we hope, you will find answers. Dr. David Frawley has answered many of these commonly asked questions quite succinctly. For example, Why Do Hindus Worship Many Gods?

    13. Women In Hinduism
    Asserts that hinduism is the most oppressive system on record in its treatment of women.
    Women in Hinduism It is a shame that an attack against Islam is being waged by Hindus when for millenniums, Hinduism is the most oppressive system on record in its treatment of women. From conception to death, woman had to suffer in uncountable ways (details after the basic section) :
    • Child Marriage - Girls are to be married when 5 years old ! Dowry - Vedas prescribe this pracitice Bride-Burning - if the dowry is insufficient No Property Mass Wife-Burning (Jauhar) - Often 100s are burnt at a time. Widow-Burning (Sati) - Sanctioned by the Vedas, Puranas, practiced by Krishna’s wives, it still continues.
    Table of Contents
  • Girls Female Infanticide Child Marriage Women Burning of Women Bride-Burning Wife-Burning Jauhar Witch Burning Widow-Burning Punishments Restrictions No Property Dress and Veiling Dowry Staying Alone Going Out No Divorce No Remarriage Sati or Widows Sati (Widow-Burning) - Scriptural Sanction Aryan Sati Goddesses Ancient Travellers’ Accounts Bizarre Hypotheses Widows Religion and Women Aryan Vaishnavism Vedic Religion Buddhism and Jainism Vaishnavism Dravidian Saivism and Women Repression and Perversions History of Womens’ Status References Girls

    14. Sacred-Texts: Hinduism
    Sacred Texts of hinduism; complete translation of the RigVeda, transcribed Sanskrit Rig-Veda, Max Mullers' translation of the Upanishads, the Bhaghavad Gita, and other hinduism texts. The Vedas

    Age of Reason



    I Ching



    ... Buy books about Hinduism
    Vedas Upanishads Other Primary Texts Mahabharata ... Also of Interest
    The Vedas
    There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. They also had a vast influence on Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, was composed about 1500 B.C., and codified about 600 B.C. It is unknown when it was finally comitted to writing, but this probably was at some point after 300 B.C. The Vedas contain hymns, incantations, and rituals from ancient India. Along with the Book of the Dead , the Enuma Elish , the I Ching , and the Avesta , they are among the most ancient religious texts still in existence. Besides their spiritual value, they also give a unique view of everyday life in India four thousand years ago. The Vedas are also the most ancient extensive texts in an Indo-European language, and as such are invaluable in the study of comparative linguistics. RIG VEDA The Rig-Veda translated by Ralph Griffith [1896] This is a complete English translation of the Rig Veda.

    15. HINDUISM
    hinduism. A general introduction. Early history of hinduism Beliefs about the early development of hinduism are currently in a state of flux
    A general introduction
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    Name of the religion:
    This religion is called: Sanatana Dharma , " eternal religion ," and Vaidika Dharma , " religion of the Vedas ," and Hinduism the most commonly used name in North America. Various origins for the word " Hinduism " have been suggested: It may be derived from an ancient inscription translated as: " The country lying between the Himalayan mountain and Bindu Sarovara is known as Hindusthan by combination of the first letter 'hi' of 'Himalaya' and the last compound letter 'ndu' of the word `Bindu. '" Bindu Sarovara is called the Cape Comorin sea in modern times. It may be derived from the Persian word for Indian. It may be a Persian corruption of the word Sindhu (the river Indus) It was a name invented by the British administration in India during colonial times.
    Early history of Hinduism:
    Beliefs about the early development of Hinduism are currently in a state of flux: The classical theory of the origins of Hinduism traces the religion's roots to the Indus valley civilization circa 4000 to 2200 BCE . The development of Hinduism was influenced by many invasions over thousands of years. The major influences occurred when light-skinned, nomadic "Aryan" Indo-European tribes invaded Northern India (circa 1500 BCE) from the steppes of Russia and Central Asia. They brought with them their religion of

    16. Programme
    Brief introductions to the religion prepared for primary and secondary students.
    Hinduism for Schools For meanings of difficult words Click this Glossary button: Topics - Click Relevant Green buttons (S econdary schools should click on both levels) Primary School Secondary School Hinduism / Symbols / Founders / Scriptures God: With form / Without form / Beyond Cycle of rebirth / Karma / Ways to God Worship: Temples / Ashramas / Sacraments Yoga / Festivals / Philosophy / Resources Other links to Hinduism Quotes from Hinduism Hindu Festival Dates for years 2003 to 2007 Prayers including the Gayatri Bhagavad Gita for Schools GCSE Hinduism GCSE Hinduism classes are being set up at 15 locations in the UK. All these classes are run on a non-commercial, non-sectarian basis. If you wish to join a class, please email us. We are happy to help any school / RE teacher looking for resources on Hinduism or require help with the assembly on Hinduism. Vivekananda Centre London Hinduism GCSE and A/S level results for 2003 We have had a chance to analyse the results of GCSE and A/S level Hinduism. Without a filtration process in place, without homework or use of mock exams, and after attending only 15 sessions of about 40 minutes each, our candidates have done quite well.

    17. Hinduism And Belief In Reincarnation Of Soul
    The concept of reincarnation of soul is central to the traditions of hinduism.
    Home Hinduism Bhagavad gita Upanishads ... Link Resources Consider this Please  use our shopping center for your online purchases to help the website grow.
    Hinduism and the belief in rebirth
    According to Hinduism a soul reincarnates again and again on earth till it becomes perfect and reunites with it Source. During this process the soul enters into many bodies, assumes many forms and passes through many births and deaths. This concept is summarily described in the following verse of the Bhagavad gita: "Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones." (2.22) According to Hinduism a being has to live many lives and under go many experiences before it attains perfection and becomes one with the Divine. The Hindu theory of creation suggests that creation begins when the individual souls becomes separated from the undifferentiated One. It continues as the evolution of life and consciousness in matter progresses. During this process some of souls journey back to God through the transformation of matter or prakriti in which they were hidden. The remaining souls continue their existence and rejoin Him in the end, not through transformation but through a process of great destruction. Thus the great cycle of creation, stretching over millions of years, comes to its logical end. Once the creative process is switched on, the individual soul hides behind the false personality called jiva, the subtle body and an outer personality called the mind and the body or the ego. The is made up of the subtle body, the subtle mind and a little bit of discretionary intelligence called buddhi. The ego is made up of the gross physical body, the surface consciousness consisting of innumerable desires and impulses. Since the Jiva and the ego have no idea of Truth or reality, they suffers from ignorance and illusion. They succumbs to illusion and suffer from the delusion of the outer mind. They behave selfishly as if they are different from the rest of creation and end up with suffering, indulging in acts of self perpetuation.

    18. Hindu Basics
    A collaboration between the editors of hinduism Today and the editors of Christianity Today (who wrote every word of the Christian beliefs), this comparison

    Hindu/Christian Point-Counter-Point
    Are all religions really one? Read this point-counter-point and decide for yourself! This is a list of nine parallel aspects of theology from both faiths, e.g. the concept of Hindu "liberation" is compared with the Christian concept of "salvation". A collaboration between the editors of Hinduism Today and the editors of Christianity Today (who wrote every word of the Christian beliefs), this comparison was printed in Christianity Today to give readers a better understanding of Hinduism. How to Become Hindu : The entire text of the history making work by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami on voluntary. ethical conversion to Hinduism, including chapters on "What is Hinduism?", "What Most Hindus Believe," and Questions and Answers with Gurudeva on Entering Hinduism and the Ethics of Conversion. Nine Beliefs of Hinduism: The nine most prominent beliefs of Hinduism. Ten Questions: The ten most commonly asked questions about Hinduism and their answers. Four Facts: The four facts of Hinduism.

    Collection of posts from forums related to homosexuality from Hindu perspectives.
    by Shaivite
    Message # 30538 dated 06/11/03 04:34 AM
    In reply to: God and Nature did not prescribe this mode of SEX therefore it is always unnatural. I don't know why Men has opted this route when no other creature of Nature believe into Homosexuality.
    You seem to be misguided here. I'm not aware of any Hindu texts having anything to say about homosexuality, are you? I know that ideally sex would be done just for procreation but in the real world how many Hindus or human beings do sex just for that? Not many.
    In reply to:
    In reply to: No not yet. But there is some erotic descriptions of such effects in Indian literatures. During Islamic rule it was a noble tradition to have boys also for sex. It is still more popular among Muslims than in Hindus. But Homosexuality in males exists in India in unexposed manner. Who so ever indulge in it carries a great risk of reputation loss by getting exposed. In females it is virtually non-existent.
    Here in America, there are just as many female homosexuals as male ones. 100 years ago people thought that homosexuality basically didn't exist. The only reason is that it was all kept secret. Homosexuals here according to studies haven't increased in numbers or percentage but have simply become more visible by not being as secretive. Education and tolerance is the key. There's something wrong when a society treats homosexuality as something worse than murder or another violent crime which some societies today and in the past have looked on homosexuality as. Hitler also murdered thousands of homosexuals so that alone tells you that it is very important to have tolerance to all human beings. If someone does no harm to anyone, there is no reason to persecute them.

    20. Hinduism And Polygamy
    This page presents the attitude of hinduism towards polygamy.
    Home Self- Devt. Spiritualism Web Zone ... Link Resources Consider this Please  use our shopping center for your online purchases to help the website grow.
    Hinduism FAQ
    Polygamy Polygamy and polyandry were prevalent In ancient India, but it is doubtful whether they were ever popular in the public opinion. It was practiced mostly by the warrior castes and rich merchants. Many Hindu gods are also depicted as polygamous, with two or more wives. The goddesses are not actually wives in the physical sense but pure universal energies who assist their gods to maintain dharma (good order) in the universe. They do not possess physical bodies, though they can appear in human form if they want to. Present day Hindus consider both polygamy and polyandry primitive and archaic, remnants of an old society that still haunt the lives of a few unfortunate victims. In India Hindus acknowledge polygamy as both illegal and immoral. If we study the history of ancient India, we realize that polygamy and polyandry were practiced by the rich and the powerful, while the sages and seers were strictly monogamous or completely celibate. We also notice that whether it was in the past or in the present, polygamy was never a popular practice in the public opinion. Hinduism does not favor Polygamy Hindu scriptures describe the family as a social institution, and at the same time as an integral part of this illusory world. In the ultimate sense the institution family is meant to keep each individual chained to the world of illusion. The relationships in the family are meant to develop attachment, selfishness and desires. In the end these relationships really do not last and each individual in it is left to himself.

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