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         Hawaiian Cooking:     more books (100)
  1. Point and Click Packages.(Hawaiian food online)(Brief Article): An article from: Hawaii Business by Kelli Abe Trifonovitch, 2000-11-01
  2. Island cooking; favorite Hawaiian Islands recipes by Bonnie Tuell, 1971
  3. Island Cooking: Favorite Hawaiian Island Recipes by Bonnie Tuell, 1971
  4. How To Use Hawaiian Fruit by Agnes B. Alexander, 1999-01
  5. More Easy Cooking . . . the Island Way by Ann Kondo Corum, 1990-07
  6. On the Rise New Traditions Cooking With Russell Siu: New Traditions -- Cooking With Russell Siu by Russell W. J. Siu, Arnold Hiura, et all 1996-01
  7. Little Hawaiian Noodle Cookbook
  8. Little Hawaiian Cookbook by Jean Watanabe Hee, 2006-08-30
  9. Easy Cooking: The Island Way by Ann Kondo Corum, 1982-06
  10. Taste of Hawaii: New Cooking from the Crossroads of the Pacific by Jean-Marie Josselin, 1992-05-01
  11. Little Hawaiian Mango & Papaya Cookbook by Joanne Fujita, 2005-07
  12. Hawaii's Island Cooking by Bonnie Tuell, 1996-11
  13. Japanese Cooking Hawai'i Style by Muriel Miura, 2006-10-30
  14. Honolulu Hawaii-Cooking With Betty Evans by Betty Evans, 1991-11

21. ORIENTALIA | Guides | Oriental Kitchen | Gourmet's Encyclopedia Of Chinese-Hawai
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  • 22. Wine Lovers' Page/Randy's World
    1. New hawaiian cooking is often tilted towards chile and hot spices (shichimi, curries,salsas, Szechuan seasonings, et al.), as well as towards the saltiness
    Randys World
    from the Melting Pot of the Pacific
    Over-Done or Half-Baked?

    A few years ago a well-meaning consumer had the temerity to take some of Hawaii's new fusion chefs to task in one of our daily newspaper's editorial pages. "Pacific Rim food is over-done," he opined. "It is a ridiculous experiment gone awry... bizarre... complicated... frou frou!" And he wasn't so kind between the dots! Although I've worked with, and actively supported, pretty much the best of Hawaii's new chefs, I can't say that I found these comments particularly hurtful. For one thing, sometimes it's true the new island cooking can be bizarre. For another, if this is the kind of cooking that captures the fancy of island visitors and locals alike - not to mention the lion's share of international press - it would be foolish for even the least talented chefs and restaurateurs not to incorporate these new ideas. The ironic thing, as most food culturists observe, is that there is virtually no cuisine in this world that does not represent some kind of fusion. The Italian cooking that we know today has evolved at an incredible pace since the 19th century, influenced by foodstuffs and techniques borrowed from all over the Mediterranean, and from faraway as China and America. The various cuisines of India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and throughout Asia result from people utilizing everything at their disposal, including all they've absorbed from neighboring countries and cultures.

    23. The Gourmet's Encyclopedia Of Chinese-Hawaiian Cooking By Alyce Char, ISBN: 0682
    The gourmet s encyclopedia of Chinesehawaiian cooking by Alyce Char, - Direct TextbookPrice Comparison. The gourmet s encyclopedia of Chinese-hawaiian cooking.
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    The gourmet's encyclopedia of Chinese-Hawaiian cooking
    Alyce Char
    Release Date:

    Exposition Press
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    24. Hawaiian Cooking
    Some Great Hawaiian Foods and Recipes. If you love to cook and you love hawaiianfoods, you will absolutley love these recipes!! Guava Cake. Kalua Pig.
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    Some Great Hawaiian Foods and Recipes
    If you love to cook and you love hawaiian foods, you will absolutley love these recipes!! Guava Cake Kalua Pig Baked Tofu Lomi Salad ... Oriental Salad Dressing If you liked those, you'll love this site! Amy's Luau

    25. Hawaiian Recipe Books!
    special surcharge. Joys of hawaiian cooking by Martin Beeman Our Price$8.95 + $0.85 special surcharge. More Easy Cooking . . . the
    Hawaiian Dictionary Hawaiian Name Hawaiian Baby Names Hawaiian Pet Names ... How to have a Luau
    We are adding new books all the time! Check back often! Try these Hawaiian Recipe Books from!
    Choy of Cooking : Sam Choy's Island Cuisine

    by Sam Choy, Catherine Enomoto
    Our Price: $35.00 Alan Wong's New Wave Luau : Recipes from Honolulu's Award-Winning Chef
    Alan Wong, et al / Hardcover / Published 1999
    Our Price: $24.50 ~ You Save: $10.50 (30%) Sam Choy's Poke by Sam Choy, et al; Hardcover
    Our Price: $24.95 Sam Choy's Island Flavors by Sam Choy, et al; Hardcover
    Our Price: $19.57
    Sam Choy's Polynesian Kitchen
    : More Than 150 Authentic Dishes from One of the World's Most Delicious and Overlooked Cuisines by Sam Choy; Hardcover
    Our Price: $20.97 The Okazu Guide : Oh, 'Cause You Hungry! by Donovan M. Dela Cruz, et al (Paperback) Usually ships in 24 hours List Price: $8.95 Our Price: $8.95 The Food of Paradise : Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage by Rachel Laudan Our Price: $24.95

    26. Maui Cookbooks - Hawaiian Cookbooks. Everything Maui In One Place. Maui Cookbooks hawaiian cooking. Joysof hawaiian cooking $10.95 Favorite recipes of Big Island cooks.
    Everything Maui...In One Place
    Maui Cookbooks
    Hawaiian Cooking
    Maui / Hawaiian Cookbooks
    Joys of Hawaiian Cooking
    Favorite recipes of Big Island cooks. 133 pages, illustrations.
    Family favorites from some of the best cooks living on the Big Island. Hawaiis Island Cooking
    Favorite Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portuguese, and Hawaiian dishes.
    All have been thoroughly tested and are proven favorites. Hawaii Cooks from the Garden
    Recipes from aunties and tutus using ingredients
    from the island gardens that surround us.
    100 pages of good stuff... Scott's Favorite Magic Maui Cookbook Take your taste buds on a Tropical Vacation... Gourmet island cooking made easy! 104 pages. Very easy to read... Hawaii's Spam Cookbook 136 pages of Hawaiian favorites! Maui Onion Cookbook Cooking the sweetest of the sweet. 96 pages. Favorite recipes for this island favorite! Hawaiian Cookbook The Hawaii Kai Cookbook. 272+ pages. Professional, complete, a must-have. Hawaiian Country Tables Vintage Recipes for Today's Cook! A classy cookbook that leaves nothing out. 135 pages of pure Hawaii...

    27. Native Books Hawaii
    0912180412. Joys of hawaiian cooking 2nd ed. Click to enlarge. Joys ofhawaiian cooking 2nd ed. $10.95 Author Various Format Softcover.

    28. - Great Cuisine - Kalua Of Submitted Fruit Recipes. Hawaiian
    Feast . hawaiian cooking. Traditional the t price. Recipes in booksfor hawaiian cooking Sam. 9 titles matched your search. Salad

    29. Health & Cooking
    SC, $6.95 Hawaii’s Spam Cookbook, Corum, SC, $9.95 How To Use Hawaiian Fruit,Alexander, SC, $7.95 Joys of hawaiian cooking, Beeman, SC, $10.95 Ohana Style
    Book Subject List Petroglyph Press Catalog Explore Hilo New Books ... Home Page
    Hawaii Lomilomi, Big Island Massage, Kahalewai , SC, $19.95
    Kahuna Laau Lapa'au, Gutmanis , S/C, $11.95
    Native Plants Used as Medicine in Hawaii, Kraus , SC, $4.50
    Practical Folk Medicine of Hawaii, McBride , SC, $8.95 COOKING
    Ethnic Foods of Hawaii, Corum , SC, $11.95
    Entertaining Hawaiian Style, Fry , HC, $7.99
    Fresh Catch of the Day, Rizzuto , SC, $19.95
    Hawaii Cooks from the Garden, Yardley , SC, $7.95
    Hawaii's Island Cooking, Tuell , SC, $6.95 Corum , SC, $9.95 How To Use Hawaiian Fruit, Alexander , SC, $7.95 Joys of Hawaiian Cooking, Beeman , SC, $10.95 Ohana Style Cookbook, HC, $9.99 Pupus, An Island Tradition, Fukuda , SC, $12.95 Remembering Diamond Head Cookbook, Parola/Gaynier , SC, $15.95 Choy , SC, $12.95 Savour the Pacific, SC, $19.95 Tropical Fruit Cookbook, Harris/Smoyer, HC, $19.95 We, the Women of Hawaii Cookbook, Junior League SC, $9.95
    Until we have E-Commerce, please E-Mail your items of interests and we will respond with prices and payment options!

    30. The Hawai'i Store - Hawaiian Cookbooks, Polynesian Cookbooks, Asian Cookbooks
    Joys of hawaiian cooking by Martin Beeman Price $12.95 Item 0912180412 Softcover,5.2x8.2, 133pp. Pub. Date 1999 Pub. University of Hawai i Press.
    A Little Hawaiian Cookbook
    Price: $8.95
    Item #: 0862814529
    Hardcover, 6.1x4.37, 60pp.
    Pub. Date: 2000
    Pub.: Appletree Press
    A Little Hawaiian Cookbook is a concise sampling of Hawaii's favorite local recipes. This small volume contains variations of classic Hawaiian dishes such as Lomi Salmon in Cherry Tomatoes, Oven Kalua Pig and Poi. Other popular standbys of today include Shave Ice in tropical cocktails as well as the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese recipes which showcase Hawaii's lively mix of cultures. The delightful full-color illustrations provide a visual counterpoint to the recipes.
    Another Taste of Aloha
    by The Junior League of Honolulu Price: $22.95
    Item #: 0961248432 Hardcover, 350pp. Pub. Date: 1993 Pub.: Junior League of Honolulu The perfect companion to the award-winning classic, A Taste of Aloha, with over 280 triple-tested recipes. Best-Tested Recipes of Hawaii by Margaret Kapeka Stone Price: $13.95

    31. Culture
    the Hawaiian Steel Guitar page. hawaiian cooking. The islands ethnicdiversity makes eating out a real treat. You can find every

    About us
    Send me a Brochure Tripbuilder (Shopping Cart) Send me a Quotation ... Pacific News member of Hawaii Islands Hawaiian Culture Traditional Hawaiian culture and the customs of Hawaii's ethnically diverse immigrants are an integral part of the social fabric. This is not simply a place where East meets West, but a place where the cultures merge in a manner which seems to bring out the best in all of them. The revival of traditional Hawaiian culture has seen an explosion of Hula halaus (schools) and many Hawaiian artists and craftspeople are returning to traditional mediums and themes such a tapa weaving, quilt making and the creation of colorful Flower Leis Aloha Aina Aloha aina means love of the land. It is the profound respect we have for Hawaii and the care we take to protect our Islands. Aina means that the land is the source of our food. In that sense, then, the land is what gives us sustenance; it is Hawaii that sustains us. We who live in the Islands walk upon its earth, breathe its air, drink its water, and eat the food it provides. Hawaii is within us, a part of us. If we defile Hawaii, it is as if we defile ourselves. Aloha Aina is shared with visitors so they, too, will respect Hawaii and treat the islands with care.

    32. Hawaiian Activities – Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Maui
    The imu ceremony showcases a traditional hawaiian cooking method using the groundfor an oven, which imparts both steaming and smoking for a uniquely
    Visit our sister property, The Plantation Inn . Located in the heart of historic Lahaina Town, our Maui bed and breakfast will surely delight you with its romantic charm and modern comforts. Click here to find out more. Home Recreation
    You've probably heard, and appreciated, some classical Hawaiian music. Did you know Maui's Most Hawaiian Hotel boasts one of our state's most accomplished Hawaiian Chorales? You've probably seen and heard some of Hawaii's cherished entertainers. Did you know you can experience a musical and dramatic presentation on the history of Maui that would be right at home on the Broadway stage? You've probably been mesmerized by the scenery in some of the many feature films with Hawaii locales. Did you know you can view mainstream and limited release Hollywood films here on Maui on the biggest movie screen in the Pacific?
    Chances are most of these Maui entertainment facts are news to you. However, the fact is that Maui's entertainment choices are varied and sophisticated.
    Traditional Hawaiian Luau
    In early Hawaii, it was the custom to celebrate auspicious occasions with a feast. Whether it was the birth of a child, a victorious war, a successful harvest, or the completion of a new home or canoe, the Hawaiians took time to honor their traditions and to share their bounty with friends and family.

    33. AlohaWorld Hawaiian Kine Market Place
    Hawaiian Cookbook by Roana and Gene Schindler. Joys of hawaiian cookingby Martin Beeman (Editor), Judy Beeman (Editor). Remembering
    hawaiian market place COOKBOOKS Literature/Fiction Keiki Non-Fiction ... MARKET PLACE HOME SHOPPING CENTRAL Search: All Products Books Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD Baby Electronics Software Outdoor Living Wireless Phones Computers Outlet Keywords:
    Accessories Store
    The largest collection of top clothing brands in the industry available in a single shopping cart. Besides over 400 brands like Eddie Bauer, Spiegel, Lands' End, Foot Locker, Target, Marshall Field's, eLuxury, Guess, and OshKosh B'Gosh , we also have special categories and departments. The Mainland Luau : How to Capture the Flavor of Hawaii in Your Own Backyard
    by Patricia L Fry
    A Taste of Hawaii : New Cooking from the Crossroads of the Pacific
    by Jean-Marie Josselin, Martin Jacobs, Coco Masuda A Taste of Hawaii : New Cooking from the Crossroads of the Pacific (Hardcover)
    by Jean-Marie Josselin, Martin Jacobs, Coco Masuda Alan Wong's New Wave Luau
    by Alan Wong, John Harrisson, Danna Martel Complete Oahu Cookbook
    David Russ Dr. Shintani's Hawaii Diet

    34. International Recipes OnLine: View Recipe: Hawaiian Chicken 2
    HAWAIIAN MADARIN CHICKEN from Simple hawaiian cooking 1/2 cup barbecue sauce 1/2cup orange juice 1/4 cup brown sugar, packed 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons

    35. Bananas - No Summary
    characteristics. 20 . $25.00. 601. Kaualau. hawaiian cooking bananawith large bunches of excellent quality fruit. 16 . $25.00. 601. Klue
    Banana List Description Max Height Price Ae Ae Leaves are varigated, white and green, the plant produces large bunches of variagated fruit, very beautiful plant Brazilian Lady Finger Strong growing plant with very sweet fruit Cardaba Large fruit with a blue coloration good for cooking Carolina King Variety thaat we have plants available of but have not evaluated the fruit yet. Possibly another Cavendish variety Cuban Lady finger type of fruit Cocos Beautiful plant similar to bluefields but smaller Colorado blanco Resembles Jamacian red with a yellow skinned fruit, ornamental Double banana 2 to 4 heads of sweat fruit resembling the cavendish in taste and size. First generation may only send out one head Dwarf Brazilian Dwarf size of the earlier described Brazilian Dwarf Chinese Cavendish Beautiful plant that is very stout and has wide leaves, the fruit is exceptionally sweet. This is the most popular banana in the world Dwarf Colorado Blanco Dwarf size of the earlier described Colorado Blanco Dwarf Orinoco Hardy burro type, large angular fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked Dwarf Jamaican Red Very beautiful plant with red pseudostem and green leaves. Maroon colored fruit with orange flesh and good flavor

    36. The Austin Chronicle Cuisines
    You re probably wondering, What will Texans find appealing about hawaiian cooking? If you haven t visited Hawaii recently, you may still think Hawaiian food
    The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook: Home Cooking From Maui
    February 2, 2001:
    The Hali'imaile General Store Cookbook: Home Cooking From Maui
    by Beverly Gannon with Bonnie Friedman photographs by Laurie Smith Ten Speed Press, 240 pp., $35
    The scenery of Hawaii has gone through a dazzling transformation over the past decade and a Texas gal is behind it all. No, she didn't wave a magic wand over the landscape. Hawaii remains a tropical Eden, rimmed by miles of ivory beaches and crystal blue waters, and dotted with towering volcanos. She helped give birth to the country's hot new food scene: Hawaiian regional cuisine. Hers is a love story. Gannon followed the love of her life from Dallas to Maui in the 1980s and her beloved catering business blossomed in this garden paradise. Her heartfelt cooking found a home at the Hali'imaile General Store, a historic company store in the middle of a thousand-acre pineapple plantation on the slopes of Mount Haleakala. There, she envisioned setting up headquarters for her catering business with a simple specialty takeout deli counter, but her fans had other ideas. Soon hordes of customers were jamming their way inside wanting to be fed, and the general store evolved into one of Hawaii's most lauded restaurants. With her husband and oldest daughter now managing the business and running the bar, and her second daughter (now one of the island's top pastry chefs) creating the desserts, the restaurant has grown into a family affair.

    37. Cooking With Poi 
    Some recipes using poi, the staple of the hawaiian diet
    Cooking With Poi
    The earliest written record of Hawaii's cooking techniques is found in the journals of late 18th century travelers and the missionaries and traders who followed.
    They recorded how taro was steamed in earth ovens lined with the leaves of banana and ti, then pounded into poi in troughs made from hollowed-out logs. Poi pounders often worked in pairs, at opposite ends of the canoe-shaped trough, falling into a steady rhythm with their heavy, flat-bottomed pounders carved from stone, using a wet hand to turn the gooey mass while the other slapped the pounder up and down. The resulting thick paste, ranging in color from purplish red to light grays, would be served in treasured wooden bowls or hollowed out coconut shells.
    Later, in the early years of this century, the first recipe collections of modern times began to issue from the wives of the plantation aristocracy, from earnest nutritionists and from churches, clubs and other organizations intent on fund raising. These books reflect their times: the mixed plate created by the half dozen or so ethnicities brought to the islands by the sugar and pineapple industries, and the way that Hawaiian foods were already losing pride of place. Poi purists eat it straight from the bag and there’s no doubt that’s a healthy thing to do. Nutrition experts say replacing all the carbohydrates in your current diet with poi will help you lose weight. Sugar or artificial sweeteners can make poi more palatable for those who have not “acquired a taste” for it. The following recipes are a collection of poi favorites, not necessarily healthy (because of all the other ingredients), but proven delicious—poi can easily be incorporated into your favorite recipes, replacing such ingredients like sour cream or yogurt. Add it to pancake batter or to thicken stews and soups. Be bold and experiment for yourself!

    38. Electric Kitchen
    hawaiian Electric Company's cooking program featuring recipes from seasonal to ethnic to healthy cooking.,1999,TCID%3D4%26EmbedCID%3D0%26CCID%3D0%26LCID
    2004 Recipes 2003 Recipes 2002 Recipes 2001 Recipes 2000 Recipes 1999 Recipes 1998 Recipes 1997 Recipes 1996 Recipes 1995 Recipes Electric Kitchen HIstory Home E-Bill Online Service Search HECO Contact Us Create Profile Log In Careers
    Electric Kitchen
    "Kamuela Provision Company at Hilton Waikoloa Village Encore" (Rebroadcast of February 22, 2004 program)
    Guest Demonstrator: Chef Daniel Bobo
    Hosted by Alison Zecha
    "The Electric Kitchen" is Hawaiian Electric Company's cooking program featuring tasty recipes, energy efficiency, and other helpful tips for our customers. This program features a variety of recipes from seasonal (Thanksgiving, Christmas), to ethnic culinary cooking (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, etc.), to quick and healthy, or just basic, ono (delicious) dishes prepared by HECO employees and guest demonstrators. Tune in for great recipes, energy efficiency, safety tips, and more!
    Sundays @ 4:30 p.m. Times are subject to change...check " Electric " in local TV guide

    39. Cooking With Roy
    DVD of Hawaii Chef Roy Yamaguchi preparing some of his signature hawaiian Fusion items.
    Cooking with Roy
    Welcome to Cooking with Roy. The only place you can find the creative culinary style of Chef Roy Yamaguchi on DVD.
    "He's handsome,
    he's charismatic,
    and he can cook!
    Roy Yamaguchi is
    the best Hawaiian
    export since the
    -Merrill Shindler,CBS RADIO
    "Roy Yamaguchi is one of the foremost chefs of Pacific Rim cuisine and is offering you the inside scoop on how you can create this unique and tasty cuisine at home. A must have for the true gourmet!" -Ming Tsai, Host of East Meets West With Ming Tsai and Ming's Quest "I've worked with Roy and I've eaten at Roy's and this is a perfect example of why I do both." -William Shatner Host of Iron Chef USA
    This is the first chance fans of Roy Yamaguchi have to take a part of his Aloha Spirit home with them. This exclusive look at Euro-Asian Fusion cuisine includes Roy's take on two of the signature items available in his over 30 restaurants worldwide. In addition to Roy's demonstrations, you will also get a chance to see some of the behind the scenes comments of those who have known and worked with Chef Yamaguchi for years. Please email any purchasing questions to

    40. Local Kine Recipes V2.0
    MORE RECIPES FROM. Sure Save Supermarkets ( includes recipes from local TV cooking shows Hari's Kitchen, Sam Choy, and Hawaii's Kitchen) Spam is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corp. This page has been visited by hungry people. CHICKEN. Basic Adobo. Chicken Breast hawaiian. Chicken Enchilada Casserole
    Compiled By: Art Pollard Webified By: Jay and Jo-c General notes and other fun stuff... B EEF
    Chili and Rice

    Chop Chae

    Korean Style Beef Cubes

    Korean Bulgogi
    B READ
    Mango Bread

    Portuguese Sweet Bread

    Zucchini Bread
    Basic Adobo

    Chicken Breast Hawaiian
    Chicken Enchilada Casserole Ginger Chicken ... Torikatsu (Chicken cutlets w/ Hot Sauce) D ESSERT Almond Float Banana Guava Pie Banana Pie Bibingka (Coconut Rice Dessert) ... Turnip Kim Chee M ISCELLANEOUS Pan Sushi Spam Musubi Sweet and Sour Sauce over Rice Teppo Zushi N OODLES Gon Lo Mein Family Style Pansit (Noodles with Pork and Shrimp) Vegetable Fettucine P ORK Achiote Fat Oven Kalua Pork Konbu Maki (Seaweed Wrapped Pork Rolls) Laulaus ... Vinha D'alhos P UNCHES African Fruit Slush Kahaluu Punch Mele Kalikimaka Punch Pali Punch R IBS Khal Bi Pupu-style Spareribs Sweet Sour Spareribs S ALADS Almond Velvet Kamaboko Salad Papaya Seed Dressing Cold Somen Salad S EAFOOD Baked Fish Curry Dungeness Crab Scampi ... Tempura S NACKS Char Siu Bao Char Siu Fill Chinese Pretzel Clam Dip ... Stuffed Lychee V EGGIES Ginger Carrots Pickled Onions Pickled Vegetables M ORE RECIPES FROM Sure Save Supermarkets (includes recipes from local TV cooking shows: Hari's Kitchen, Sam Choy, and Hawaii's Kitchen)

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