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1. Staff Development Resources
The only USA exception is hawaii which has one The International Center for Leadershipin education. to analyze their own strengths using the NSDC staff dev. Site/StaffDev/StaffDevLinks.html
Organizations Supporting Staff Development
Written Materials on Staff Development
Video Tapes on Staff Development
Audio Tapes on Staff Development ...
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Organizations Supporting Staff Development:
Many of the United States provide some form of intermediate service centers to support educators who are working on state reform initiatives. In Illinois these are called Regional Offices of Education. In Michigan these are called Intermediate School Districts. In that case, ISDs have boundaries that overlap regular school districts and have their own taxing authority. In New York and Colorado these agencies are called BOCES which stands for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Texas has 20 Education Service Center Regions. If you don't know how to access assistance from these agencies, click here to link to the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) which can connect you to the state board of education in your state. You should be able to find out there if such agencies are in your state. The only USA exception is Hawaii which has one school district for the entire state and so, the state provides the assistance directly.
In some countries, like Canada, the assistance for school improvement comes from provincial "ministries" of education. In other countries, like Singapore and Great Britain, the Ministry of Education is for the whole nation.

2. Fern Ridge School District - Staff Profiles
detailed information about their education and qualifications the Exceptional Child" hawaii Dept. of Ed Computer workshops staff dev. Cultivating Mathematical Thinking - staff dev
Fern Ridge School District -
Staff Profiles
Superintendent School Board Human Resources Business Office ... Press Releases
Staff Profiles
Below you will find an index of all staff members that have contact with students. Their names are clickable links to detailed information about their education and qualifications. If you notice any omissions or errors, please contact ACNS at A-G H-M N-Z Abken, Kathleen Allen, Zachary Ames, Carol Ames, Peter ... Zemba, Mary
Hood, Sheila role Teacher
location Veneta
First Grade
certifications Oregon Standard 301, 016, 030
degrees High School, BA or BS, Masters
North Salem High School
University of Oregon, B.A.
Major English, Minor Spanish
Oregon State University Master of Arts in Teaching 4.0 GPA Balanced Reading and Writing, 2 Math, Opening Eyes, 3 ENVOY, 2 Goals 2000 Writing Project, 3 Action Research in Writing, 3 Assessment 1 Phonics, 2 Geometry, 1 Emotional Competency, 2 International Reading Conference, 3 Improving Student Reading/Writing, 2 TOXRAP science, 1 OR Standard All subjects K-5 Honors Outstanding Teacher Award, 1996

3. OSA Staff Directory: Co-Curricular Activities, Programs & Services
Activities, Programs Services. OSA staff Quicklinks Student Employment Cooperative education. Student Equity, Excellence DirectorLeadership dev. 956-9981.
OSA Staff Quicklinks: Administrative Services Board of Publications Career Services Children's Center ... Women's Center Campus Center, Room 408
Phone: FAX:
Click Here For Information About This Office

Arruda, Rosalita

Chambliss, Randolph
Coordinator-Leadership Development Programs
Cuesta, Quinten
DeAquino, Bruce
Duesterhaus, Bob
Assistant Director-Leadership Development Fountain, Blanche Fiscal Officer Furuta, Colleen Secretary Furitani, Carl Associate Director-Campus Center Operations Gono, Debra Custodian Guenther, Justin Custodian Javinar, Jan Director of CAPS Joseph, Charlene

4. OSA Staff Directory: Student Housing Services
Student Housing Services. OSA staff Quicklinks Student Employment Cooperative education. Student Equity, Excellence Diversity educational dev. Officer. 9564021.
Student Housing Services
OSA Staff Quicklinks: Administrative Services Board of Publications Career Services Children's Center ... Service Learning Program Student Housing Services University Health Services Vice President for Student Affiairs Women's Center Johnson Hall A Basement
2522 Dole Street
956-8177, FAX: 956-5995
Click Here For Information About This Office

Bennet, Renee

Clerk Typist
Blakeley, Karen
Educational Dev. Officer
Boone, Beverly
Clerk Typist Butland, Marcia

5. The SID Goal #1
SBL1. Align and articulate department curriculum with hawaii Content and staff dev. RS-1.Address the issue of involving parents in their child’s education. website/dreamweaver pages/sid1.htm
Washington Middle School School Level Standards Implementation Action Plan School Years: 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006 Standards-Based Outcome Goal #1: Quality Producer Students at WMS will recognize and produce quality products, services, and performances. Students:
  • create quality products, services and performances that meet standards evaluate work and identify ways to improve know when the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards are met are self-directed learners who complete assignments on time and take pride in their work.
  • The trend in SAT reading comprehension data for the past 3-5 years shows that more WMS students score below average than those in the national norm. WMS did not achieve Adequate Yearly Progress for SY 2002-2003 because our ESLL (15%) and low-income (52%) populations did not meet the proficiency objective for Reading based on the statewide HCPS II test. In addition, only 91% of our ESLL population and not the requisite 95% participated in the test. WMS is still considered to be "In Good Standing", but if we fail to make AYP in SY 2003-2004, the school will be considered "In Need Of Improvement" and begin to face progressive consequences. Current best practice in assessment indicates that in order for students to achieve the standards they need to know: the expectations (benchmarks and indicators) the criteria by which they will be assessed (assessment tools)

6. Hawaii Pacific University
hawaii Pacific University is the largest independent, accredited, coeducational, nonsectarian, careeroriented, postsecondary university in Honolulu, hawaii offering undergraduate and graduate Natl Community Chg dev. National and acquisition, technology transfer, education, and creating new apporcahes level of education and service. Our faculty and staff are dedicated

7. Ag Ed State Staff Listing
hawaii Mr. Michael Barros VoTechnical education Specialist hawaii FFAAssociation Occupational dev. Sec. State Department of education

States M-Z

Mr. C. W. Reed
State Specialist, Agribusiness Ed.
Alabama FFA Association
State Department of Education
5227 Gordon Persons Building
50 North Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36130-3901
Mr. Troy D. Newton State FFA Executive Secretary Alabama FFA Association State Department of Education 5227 Gordon Persons Building 50 North Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130-3901 Alaska Mr. Jeff Werner State FFA Advisor Alaska FFA Association School of Agriculture and Land Resources University of Alaska, Fairbanks PO Box 757200 Fairbanks, AK 99775 Mr. Don Berberich State FFA Co-Advisor Alaska FFA Association Palmer High School 1170 West Arctic Avenue Palmer, AK 99645 Arizona Mr. Dennis Fiscus State Supervisor, Agri. Educ. Arizona FFA Association Arizona Department of Education 1535 W. Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ 85007-3209 Mr. Neil A. Schneider State FFA Executive Secretary Arizona FFA Association Arizona Dept. of Education

8. National Network For Educational Renewal
University of hawaii at Manoa, Our efforts remain focused on the a course or modulein both multicultural and special education knowledge Stewardship staff dev.



Building ...
Operational Goals
Working to implement the curriculum themes and their moral dimensions both in program for the pre-service preparation of teachers, and in partner schools. California
University School Staff Development Fund enables specific projects to be coordinated related to the moral dimensions. Our Well-Educated Teacher Initiative ensures that our students are exposed to and explore the four dimensions. Colorado
for Ed.
Renewal We have developed a Curriculum Reflection Process which will help each IHE site examine its curriculum in light of the themes. Every site is engaged in study groups and seminars to explore and incorporate them into their TEP. As a result, the themes are firmly embedded. University of Connecticut The four themes provide the framework and substance for three of our yearlong master's seminars for interns in urban settings and those focusing on students with disabilities and diverse learning needs. State and Fed. Grants have been awarded to us and our PDS that focus on students with disabilities and those at risk. University of Hawaii at Manoa Our efforts remain focused on the development of partner schools where we can engage with teachers in both informal conversations and more formal experiences directed at understanding and implementing the Curriculum Themes and their moral dimensions. The depth and nature of involvement is not institutionalized but relies on individuals who choose to engage in the work.

9. Truck Driving Career 30 Career In Digital Media Able Career Development In Eleme
um gifted talented career development - gifted education curriculum local job andflori da entertainment hawaii school to career staff dev elopment europe
document.write('Contact us'); career link brevard job link arvada job link c areer job search employment opportunity... : career link brevard job link arvada job link career job search employment opportunity resume work employee benefit plan - document imaging con sulting - choosing a career - part time job in c olorado - online career and education planning tool - job in trinidad and tobago - civi l service job in new jersey - start my own b usiness - career
work related injury job related injury c areer job search employment opportunity...
: work related injury job related injury ca reer job search employment opportunity resume work merrill - medical biller job - rockford consulti ng group - la county job - entry level j ob in radio - personality career developm ent profile - tag_branother career, job s earch, employment, opportunity , resume, w ork, salary - delloite consulting
pa teaching vacancy pa teaching job career jo b search employment opportunity resume...
: pa teaching vacancy pa teaching job career job s earch employment opportunity resume work call center cust - clark county school employ ee credit union - employment security com ission - job career employment education resume services pl - twin tier job - insuranc e claim job - job for new graduate - copy writing job - human resource
east bay job east coast job career middle east computer job middle career search...

education (NCATE) * National staff Development Council (NSDC) * The National Boardfor Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) * State of hawaii educational D04 134 Audit of Prof Dev Program.txt

11. Stephen Downes - 04/14/99 - What Happened At California Virtual University
is characteristic of CVU s approach that staff were left Real education and CommonCourse Numbering Alan Buckley, CVU 12, 1999 http//
What Happened at California Virtual University In mid-September of 1997 and with much fanfare, California Virtual University (CVU) opened its doors, launching a website which would feature "the online and distance education offerings of all California accredited colleges and universities." The following year, state governor Pete Wilson pushed for and won $16 million (all figures in US dollars) for online learning, and of that, six million for CVU in particular. "We'll have a global audience," said Diane Vines, vice president of academic development for the California State University Institute who served as CVU's chief academic officer for the design and planning phase. By April of 1999, the dream lay in ruins. All that will remain is a listing of online courses and programs offered by other California institutions. CVU's plans for an virtual library and online guidance counseling service were shelved. Staff were laid off. What happened? The L.A. Times provides the accident report: Last July, Wilson turned over the California Virtual University to a nonprofit foundation, saying there was "no need" to create a new state bureaucracy. He launched it with temporary funding from private donations, hoping it would soon be bringing in revenue from ads on its Web site at

12. Professional Dev.
and day treatment program for hawaii males ages of the online facilitator; and communicationwith support staff. s evaluations of distance education courses.
OVERVIEW: With the exception of sessions I and II (information about which may be found below), each professional development session runs either 3 or 6 hours (half day or full day) and offers participants the opportunity to explore, in depth, a new skill, concept, or idea related to evaluation. Professional Development sessions are offered independently of the regular sessions for the conference and require a separate fee in order to attend. FEES: Half day sessions for members are $75 and whole day sessions are $150. For students the fees are $40 and $80 respectively and for non-members the fees are $100 and $200. Register for these using the conference registration form. SESSION LIST: Professional Development Sessions are offered according to time period: Session Time Date Off-Site Opportunities various 30-31 Oct 00 Tuesday Full-Day Sessions 31 Oct 00 Wednesday Full-Day Sessions 1 Nov 00 Wednesday A.M. Sessions 1 Nov 00 Wednesday P.M. Sessions 1 Nov 00 Sunday A.M. Sessions 5 Nov 00 Off-Site Opportunities Various 30-31 Oct 00 Note: In order to register for Session 1 or 2, you must contact the session organizers directly rather than use your regular conference registration.

13. JTAP Tutorials - The Tutorial Website
SED590 Computers in education SED613 Current educational Issues EAD 624 project atthe Univer; Date 2000, Oct 01 From staff dev Update 10

14. Discussion Groups For Developmental Education
the Community College level, HEPROCL, Higher EducationProcesses List accrediation, teaching practices, staff development, restructuring
Welcome to the Constructivist
College Reading Discussion Groups page
Preview How to subscribe Discussion Groups
This page describes how to subscribe to various electronic discussion groups that discuss developmental education. Then, it provides a listing of the discussion groups . If you find others that are not listed here or if the address is incorrect, please e-mail the webmaster and he/she will correct this listing. Enjoy.
E-mail Discussion Groups
This is a list of useful discussion groups for developmental educators. To join these discussion groups, you send a message to a computer program (either Majordomo or Listserv). To join a group that uses the LISTSERV server, follow these directions. Note this first example is to subscribe to the LRNASST discussion group, an excellent discussion group on learning assistance at the college level.
To join you send an e-mail message to the LISTSERV program (which also happens to be the name of the computer at the University of Arizona). In the Subject: line, leave it blank, since the computer program doesn't recognize a message anyway. Then, in the body of the message, simply enter the SUBSCRIBE command (upper or lower case) followed by your first name and your last name. The computer program recognizes your e-mail address from the header in your message. In a few hours or a few days, you will receive a message that you are subscribed and directions for using the discussion group. Keep these for future reference. Especially the

15. Agriculture & Rural Dev. Comte. - Tentative Fall Forum Agenda
Rod PAIGE, US Secretary of education. crisis during 2002; and (3) what do state legislatorsand legislative staff want from the Senator Carol FUKUNAGA, hawaii.

Contact Us Press Room Site Overview ... Register Search:
Advanced Search
About NCSL
  • Services Overview ... State-Federal Relations var doctitle=document.title document.write(doctitle) Add to My NCSL
    Agriculture and Rural Development Committee
    Tentative Agenda for the Fall Forum
    Agriculture and Rural Development Committee December 11 - 13, 2002
    Washington, D.C.
    Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
    NCSL's 2002 Fall Forum will be critical and exciting in several respects. It will mark the transition from the old to the new committee structure-and will give participants plenty of opportunity to learn more about the new committees and help shape their planning for the coming year. The meeting also will occur just weeks before the beginning of most state legislative sessions and of the new 108 th Congress. The Fall Forum will look ahead to the issues that will dominate the agendas for state legislatures and Congress in 2003. It will also give legislators and staff the latest information on recently passed federal initiatives that they will need to implement in the coming months. Wednesday, December 11

16. FY2000-01 Compacts
has been requested and taught in Nebraska, hawaii, Oregon and to Cooperative StateResearch, Extension, and education Service (CSREES Comprehensive staff dev.
Compact Addendum for the Minnesota Extension Service, FY2000-01
1999-2000 Compact Progress Report
The University of Minnesota Extension Service Compact for 1999-2000 defined the continual commitment and implementation of key strategies to position the organization for change (see Strategic Direction Document March 1999).
  • In 1999-2000 the strategy has focused on strengthening program development. To date the following initiatives have been completed:
    • Established "Think Tanks" in February: An opportunity for field and campus faculty to begin the formative work of identifying critical issues for shaping each of the capacity areas.
    • Named four capacity areas for building and sustaining long-term program impact: Agriculture, Food and Environment; Community Vitality; Natural Resources and Environment; and Youth and Family Development.
    • Established criteria for focusing programs of the 4 capacity areas, and process for selection by field and campus faculty.
    • Identified Capacity Area Leaders:
      • Agriculture, Food and Environment – Jerry Miller till 6/30/00, Mike Schmitt
  • 17. Education World® : School Administrators : Hawaii Strike Deadline Nears
    Walk out could shut down schools and colleges. Prof dev Oppty hawaii Department of education will close schools today and Friday. During that time, administrators plan to review their school
    EdWorld Internet Topics
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    Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Lyrics Related Reviews Related Categories Related Sections School Administrators Center Archives: VIEW ALL ARTICLES Funding ... Staffing School Administrators Article S C H O O L A D M I N I S T R A T O R S A R T I C L E
    Hawaii Strike Deadline Nears
    About 13,000 teachers and 3,000 university faculty in Hawaii are prepared to strike today if teachers organizations and the state do not reach a contract agreement. Low pay and the high cost of living in the islands have forced the dispute, according to union officials. Included: Information about salary levels and negotiations.
    Hawaii is bracing for a possible teachers strike today. If teachers walk off the job, it will be the first time in the nation's history that a state's entire public education system, from kindergarten to graduate school, shuts down. Negotiators for the state and the teachers unions must reach a settlement by April 5. If efforts fail, members of the

    18. Information On Physicians In Hawaii
    Examiners State Medical Board hawaii http//www have hundreds of qualified physicianson staff. address, phone number, specialty, education background and
    Hawaii Introduction: This site is an educational service of that is free for both consumers and providers. It is intended to provide people with educational links to help them: to find a physician in Hawaii (find a doctor in Hawaii), including information about physician practice locations and credentials: and to find which physicians are on the medical staff at which hospitals in Hawaii. While these resources are available elsewhere on the internet, the goal of is to provide them all for Hawaii through one website. For answers to your health insurance questions, you may wish to visit . Some of the links listed below are specific to Hawaii. Other links are general databases that allow consumers to narrow their search to Hawaii. This site is for educational purposes only. If you use this site, you agree to do so at your own risk. You should contact providers directly and get information before making any decisions. We do not recommend any specific providers. As is the case with search engine results, the quality of the websites to which the following links go varies considerably. We are not responsible for the accuracy of information on any linked websites. Links:

    19. Faculty & Staff - Christ The King Lutheran School & King's Kids Child Dev Center
    education. She has ten years teaching experience, 3 years in Minnesota and 7 years at Sonshine Christian School in Santa Cruz, California before joining the staff including hawaii), Canada
    Visit the Christ the King Lutheran Church Web site
    Faculty and Staff
    CTK Lutheran School CTKLS Childcare
    Christ the King Lutheran School
    Pastoral Staff
    • Senior Pastor Rev. John Schmidt Assistant Pastor Rev. Tige Culbertson
    Administrative Faculty
    • Principal - Terry Christianson, BA, Certified 6-12 School Secretary - Charlene Kunka
    Teaching Faculty
    • Third Grade M - F Katie Snow , BA Second Grade M – F Debbie Fisher , BA First Grade M – F Ranotta Schmidt , BA First Grade M - F Alissa Nyholm , BA Kindergarten M – F Holly McNee , MA Pre-Kindergarten Room 4 M – F Rachel Peppin Pre-Kindergarten Room 8 M - F Katy Klein, CDA Preschool Room 6 M – F Tara Hearing Preschool Room 1 M - F Candice Reed
    Katie Snow
    Mrs. Snow is a graduate of Arizona State University with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She was raised in Scottsdale, AZ where she met and married her husband, Matt, in 1987. They have two daughters; Michelle, 10 and Jennifer, 8. Mrs. Snow has actively volunteered in her daughters' school. She has taught Fourth Grade and has worked in the Title I reading program in the Coeur d'Alene School District. She has also taught Third Grade in the Lakeland School District before coming to Christ the King Lutheran School. Mrs. Snow is very excited about being a part of our school. She is also looking forward to meeting all of her future students.

    20. - Search Results For Housekeeping Jobs
    two ways to find Housekeeping jobs in hawaii (BiddedListing) Housekeeping Supervisor for patients, visitors and staff at Wausau Jobs

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