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1. Thirty Thousand Feet - Hang-Gliding
Links to hang gliding related sites. Offers the hang gliding and paragliding enthusiast recreational aircraft, trikes, training, paragliders, hang gliders, gallery. San Francisco hang gliding
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HG Clubs

HG Organizations

Hang Gliding Websites
  • Adventure Sports Offers the hang gliding and paragliding enthusiast Sierra tours, hang gliding and paragliding lessons, and advice on equipment. Adventure Productions Hang gliding, paragliding, and soaring videos and CD ROMs, streaming video. Aerolight International, LLC Located in Miami, Florida specializing in distributing hang gliding, paragliding, powered paragliding, kitesurfing equipment and general accessories. Air Bulle Harness manufacturer and Apco importator for France. French only. Air Junkies Home Hang gliding enthusiasts page with photos. Airsports Net Covers hang gliding and paragliding news, flight assisted weather pages, and over 100 pages of gliding information. Bible of hang gliders This data base seeks to count all the existing hang gliders with their features. Connecticut Hang Gliding Association Chapter 34 of the United States Hang Gliding Association. Schools, sites, amateur radio list, weather, piliot's log book, photos, links. Delta Dragger A stabilising fin designed for mounting on top of the keel, behind the bolt for the rear wires.

2. Hang Gliding, California
California Outdoors. California Outdoor recreational and Travel Information San Francisco hang gliding Center " Whether you're traveling to San Francisco or live here, get extreme
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HANG GLIDING High Adventure San Francisco Hang Gliding Center
"Whether you're traveling to San Francisco or live here, get extreme with an introductory tandem hang gliding, paragliding, or ultralight aqua-gliding lesson over the Bay Area. We launch our gliders from Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County, just 10 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. Introductory aqua-gliding lessons take place over the San Francisco Bay. Look down on Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge, from up to 3000 feet! This makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, or anniversary. Come have the adventure of your life! Windsports Soaring Center Visit our new state of the art training facility at Dockweiler State Beach Click here for more details. Check out our 3-D Interactive Glider Click here for great prices on new and used equipment. Learn to fly with a Discovery Tandem Flight...

3. All About Hang Gliding - FAQs About Getting Started Hang Gliding
Frequently asked questions about getting started in hang gliding and flying hang gliders. getting started hang gliding What is hang gliding, what is a hang glider? Is hang gliding the Average recreational pilots, utilizing thermal and ridge lift, routinely stay aloft for
A Pilot Resource > All About Hang Gliding > FAQs on getting started Hang Gliding Hang Gliding FAQs on Getting Started
Questions you may have about getting started Hang Gliding:
  • What is hang gliding, what is a hang glider? Is hang gliding the same as parasailing, parachuting? How is hang gliding different from paragliding? What can you do with a hang glider? ... What should you look for when signing up for a lesson?
  • What is hang gliding, what is a hang glider?
    Hang gliding is one of the simplest forms of human flight. A hang glider is a non-motorized, foot-launched wing. A Hang glider has a rigid frame maintaining the shape of the wing, with the pilot usually flying in a prone position. The hang glider wing is constructed of rip-stop nylon or mylar over an aluminum frame. Hang gliders are controlled by shifting the pilot's weight with respect to the glider. Pilots are suspended from a strap connected to the glider's frame (hence the name "hang" glider). By moving forward and backward and side to side at the end of this strap, the pilot alters the center of gravity of the glider. This then causes the glider to pitch or roll in the direction of the pilot's motion and thus allows both speed control and turning. With a hang glider, you can fly like a bird, soaring upwards on currents of air. Hang gliders routinely stay aloft for 3 hours or more, climb to elevations of 15,000', and go cross-country for vast distances.

    4. Hang Gliding
    Inland Air Sportshang gliding School. hang gliding school in Spokane, WA, serving the greater roads, an abundance of other recreational activities and, If you visit during
    Hang Gliding and Paragliding Index Pacific Northwest


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    Pacific Northwest Northwest hang Gliding Links
    North American Paragliding

    Paragliding instruction, full service Paragliding shop, Paragliding tours, Paragliding equipment, Flight Design Paragliders, and the oldest paragliding school. Airplay Paragliding
    Inland Air SportsHang Gliding School

    Hang gliding school in Spokane, WA, serving the greater Washington and Idaho Pacific Northwest area since 1980. The most complete hang gliding training facility in the Northwest. Page Index Washington NW Logbook
    Excellent site with logbook of local pilot's flights, and other hangliding information. Page Index Oregon Oregon Hang Gliding
    The Oregon Hang Gliding School teaches flying on the beautiful Pacific coast. Discover Paragliding! Tandem and Solo Paragliding instruction throughout NW Oregon and SW Washington. We are a full service paragliding store and school. Discover Paragliding! Discover Paragliding on the scenic Oregon Coast! Lessons and Tandem flights available weekly at our Seaside location. Page Index Idaho Lost River Valley King Mountain Launch Site Page Index Montana Foot Launched Flight in Montana Page Index Northern California Northern California Hang Gliding Association SanFrancisco Hang Gliding Center San Francisco Area Paragliding Association Bay Area Paragliding Weather Page San Francisco Bay area paragliding, hang gliding and weather page.

    5. Hang Gliding
    hang gliding Clubs. Airwave Produces aerodynamic vehicles for leisure and recreational flying. Albatros Escola de Vol - Escola catalana d'ala delta i parapent. Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc. - hang gliding
    Hang Gliding

    6. Recreational - Hang Gliding Clipart - Clip Art Directory
    Clip Art Directory Sports, recreational, hang gliding previews. SuggestionCorrection DIR search Sports recreational hang gliding, page 1.
    Short Cuts
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    7. Wikipedia Hang Gliding
    Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia's article on 'hang gliding' hang gliding is a recreational activity and competitive sport closely related to gliding, but using much were performed using craft that would now be considered hang gliders

    8. Hang Gliding
    hang gliding is a recreational activity and competitive sport closely related togliding, but using much more minimalistic craft often consisting of a metal
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
    Hang gliding
    Hang gliding is a recreational activity and competitive sport closely related to gliding , but using much more minimalistic craft often consisting of a metal-framed fabric wing , with the pilot mounted on a harness hanging from the wing frame and exercising control by shifting body weight against a triangular bar also attached to the frame. Many early experiments with gliding flight throughout the late 19th century were performed using craft that would now be considered hang gliders, and interest in the sport continued throughout the 20th century Table of contents 1 History
    2 Gliders

    3 Safety

    4 Performance (2003)
    8 External links
    Hang gliding in the Austrian Alps,
    above Zell am See.
    Hang gliding was invented, or at least strongly influenced, by the NASA technician Francis Rogallo in the 1960s who had to develop a landing system for the Apollo astronauts return to earth. The major breakthrough was the famous flight of Mike Harker from the Zugspitze in Germany in . After that hang gliding became popular all over the world, with the peak in the 1980s. After that it was superseded by

    9. Recreational Activities At National Trust Properties Hang-gliding

    10. @LA Outdoor Recreational Products & Services In Southern California: Los Angeles
    Name Brand Outdoor and recreational Gear, Clothing Hiking, camping, Hunting and Footwearat heavily discounted prices. Advertise in @LA hang gliding. Hiking.
    whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County www. .la Adventure Travel Archery Badminton Balloon Flights ...
    Bungee/Bungy Jumping Clubs Bungee America
    Camping/Hiking Books Campground Information Camping Groups / Information Gear ... Trips / Tours / Excursions Gear/Equipment/Products
    Adventure 16
    , West LA, Tarzana, Costa Mesa
    Banyan Industries
    , Encino - portable toilet
    Camping World
    , Valencia, La Mirada, San Bernardino
    Campin' Stuff
    , La Mirada - Field Products
    , Placentia - MEI Research
    , Downey - female urinary director
    Grant Boys, The
    , Costa Mesa
    , Temecula - backpacks Kant Wate - portable toilet Pacific Motion , Laguna Hills and Pacific Motion , Laguna Hills Pelican Products , Torrance - lamps, lights, cases Sierra Crest Outfitters , Camarillo - backpacks Titan Mountain Sports , Fillmore Schools/Classes Clear Intentions - On The Edge , Big Bear City Earth Skills , Frazier Park School of Self-reliance Wilderness Travel Course - Sierra Club Books Day Hikes in Los Angeles - a book by Robert Stone Trips/Tours/Excursions Adventure Travel Camp GetAway , Laguna Hills - women only Camping Pros Index Extreme Sports Adventure Racing Bungee Jumping Hang Gliding Skiing ... Adventure Fitness Training , Big Bear Index Hang Gliding/Paragliding Centers Equipment Organizations Sailplanes ... Sky Diving Schools/Centers/Rentals Acme Flying Machines Adflyer/West Coast Paragliding , Westminster , San Bernardino Lake Elsinore Sports Paratoys , Thousand Oaks Sky'n Out Paragliding Centre , Moorpark

    11. SE Wales Hang Gliding & Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions
    A No, I‘m afraid not. recreational clubs, like the SE Wales hang gliding Paragliding Club, are only able to offer coaching to qualified pilots.
    Please select one of the following frequently asked questions (FAQ), or click on the appropriate link to view the next 10 questions. The FAQ database can also be searched using the box provided.
    Frequently asked questions
    Displaying page 1 out of 4
    Are hang gliding and paragliding safe?

    Can I teach myself to fly a hang glider or paraglider?

    Can SE Wales Club members borrow equipment from the club?

    Can visiting pilots fly SE Wales sites, or do they have to be Club members?
    ... Bottom
    Search the FAQ database
    Q: Are hang gliding and paragliding safe? A: Like most adventure sports, there is an element of risk, but in general the sport is as safe or as dangerous as you make it.
    Correct instruction from a BHPA registered school, learning to "read" the prevailing conditions, and flying a wing appropriate for your own level of experience all help to reduce the risks, and maximise your enjoyment.
    Never be afraid to seek advice from more experience pilots, and never be tempted to show off in front of your mates. Hitting the ground hard does nothing for your "street cred", or your health.
    [ Return to the list of FAQ ]

    Q: Can I teach myself to fly a hang glider or paraglider?

    12. SE Wales Hang Gliding & Paragliding Frequently Asked Questions
    To be able fly a hang glider or paraglider within a recreational club you must firstbe able to show that you have successfully completed a Club Pilot course

    13. Modoc National Forest - Recreational Activities - Hang Gliding
    Modoc National Forest. hang gliding.
    @import url(/global-websites/styles/screen.css); [Jump to the main content of this page]
    Forest Service National Links Forest Service Home Employment Fire and Aviation International Forestry Just for Kids Maps and Brochures Passes and Permits Photo and Video Gallery Publications Recreational Activities Research and Development State and Private Forestry
    Modoc National Forest
    Modoc National Forest Home About Us Contact Us Current Conditions ... Send A Comment to the Modoc NF Modoc National Forest
    800 West 12th Street
    Alturas, CA 96101
    (530) 233-8708 TTY
    Hang Gliding
    The demand for hang gliding opportunities is increasing on the forest. Use has been on the rise. Lakeview, Oregon hosts the National Hang Gliding and Para Sailing Championships and Sugar Hill, a mountain on the Modoc National Forest, is one of the major launch sites. The road to the top of Sugar Hill is unimproved and poses a safety hazard and there is a shortage of parking areas. There are no sanitary facilities available at the launch site, and potable water is also not available. Landing areas have not been identified resulting in landowner conflicts. So please check with landowners and drive safely to the site prior to starting your hang gliding adventure. Please do not construct unauthorized launch facilities

    14. Kitty Hawk Kites, Hang Gliding Lessons, Beginners To Advanced
    The World's Largest hang gliding School. Lessons for beginners to advanced. World's Largest hang gliding School. Largest Kite Store In The East. recreational Sports, Kites, Windsocks, Toys, Gifts
    World's Largest Hang Gliding School
    Largest Kite Store In The East
    Recreational Sports, Kites, Windsocks, Toys, Gifts, Outdoor Clothing and More...
    **Catalog** General Info Complete Listing Catalog Request Stunt Kites Delta Kites Diamond Kites Box Kites Cellular Kites Parafoil Kites Power Kites Kite Surfing Kite Buggies Kite Accessories Cool Toys Great Gifts Yo-Yos Boomerangs Apparel Windsocks Etc... OBX **Recreation** Hang Gliding Tandem HG Kayak Eco-Tours Skydiving Paragliding Wall Climbing Boat Rentals Boat Sales What To Bring **About Us** Home Page Who Are We Where Are We Contact Us Letters Employment Local Events Local Weather Links Dune Hang Gliding Lessons, Camps and Packages The Kitty Hawk Kites Flight School employs as many as 35 instructors during the summer months and is the oldest hang gliding school on the east coast of the USA and the largest school of its kind in the world. It provides beginning, intermediate, and advanced instruction to students as well as instructors in foot-launched and tandem hang gliding. Since its inception, the Flight School has provided instruction to well over 240,000 students and continues to instruct over 10,000 students per year. The Flight School provides rating certification to students meeting United States Hang Gliding Association (USHGA) published standards. We've taught students from ages 8 to 90 how to fly. Many families spend a week earning their wings together.

    15. Flying - Go Milpitas!
    Flying recreational. hang gliding at Ed Levin Park Ed Levin County Park, in theeastern foothills above Milpitas, is at the physical and cultural center of

    ESPN The Magazine
    is giving you 26 issues for 26 bucks c and a FREE fleece. Act Now. Go Milpitas! Your Community Website I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web. Search This Site The Web for Home Shopping Events Community Forum ... Newsletter Site Index: A B C D ... Z Flying
    Air Travel
    Aviation History
    Adventure Clubs ...
    Youth Sports
    Go Milpitas! About Milpitas
    Community Matters

    Dining and Food

    Health Services
    Public Resources

    Flying - Recreational
    Sponsored Links
    Bay Area Soaring Associates
    BASA is an organization of Pilots who love to fly in high performance sailplanes. Meetings are held at the Omega Restaurant. Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park
    Ed Levin County Park, in the eastern foothills above Milpitas, is at the physical and cultural center of hang gliding in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gliders have been flying over these gentle, grassy hills since the 1970's. Mission Soaring Center We think hang gliding is the flyingest flying ever invented, and we are ready to share the fun!

    16. Recreation: Aviation: Extreme: Hang_Gliding - Open Site
    History (5); Terminology (38). Introduction. hang gliding is a form of aviation thatis enjoyed by many around the world as a competitive and recreational sport.
    Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project home submit content become an editor the entire directory only in Extreme/Hang_Gliding Top Recreation Aviation Extreme : Hang Gliding Introduction Hang gliding is a form of aviation that is enjoyed by many around the world as a competitive and recreational sport. The history of hang gliding has origins in the birth of aviation itself.
    There are two basic types of hang gliders, rigid wings and flex wings. As the name implies, rigid wing gliders are stiff and offer better aerodynamics than the flex wing glider. Along with the increased aerodynamics is an increase in price. Gliders of this type are classified by the FAI as a class 5 or a class 2. The main difference in class 5 and class 2 glider is that the class 2 glider utilzes a fairing to decrease drag.
    Most students learn on flex wings because they offer better flight control and have a predictable landing characteristic. Flex wings are generally less expensive than rigid wings and are more common amongst the recreational pilots. Flex wing hang gliders are classified as class 1 gliders by the FAI.
    Launching a Hang Glider A hang glider is launched primarily in one in three methods, a slope launch, a cliff launch, or a tow launch. Although not as common, a hang glider is capable of being launched from the back of a moving vehicle or by being pulled by a horse.

    17. LookSmart - Directory - Gliding Schools And Directories
    High Adventure Air Park hanggliding and para-gliding recreational center in NewSouth Wales offers training courses and tours. Check the reservation form.
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
    IN the directory this category
    YOU ARE HERE Home Sports All Sports Sports A-Z ... Paragliding
    Gliding Schools and Directories - Aspiring paragliders, hang gliders, and ultralight pilots can find schools around the world.
    Directory Listings About
  • Aerial Adventures
    Full time Aerotowing flight park provides professional instruction, sales, rentals, repairs, and maintenance. Includes photos and news.

    UK service provides equipment and training for hang gliding, para-gliding, and para-motoring in the Peak district.
    Alpine Flying Centre

    English operated lodge specializes in para-gliding and hang gliding courses and holidays in the French Alps. Conduct bookings, or order a video.
    Canadian Paragliding, Ltd.

    Paragliding school in Ontario, Canada offers year-round courses and trips, new and used paragliders, and pilots' accessories.
    Central Florida Flyers
    Orlando outfit offers instruction, aerotowing, sales, and service for hobby enthusiasts. Includes comprehensive price and package list. Fly Above All Santa Barbara clinic providing para-gliding and hang gliding instruction, tandem flights, and equipment. Check weather, or see what's for sale.
  • 18. ATC: Appalachian Trail Hang Gliding Policy
    hang gliding may be appropriate in parks and forests that were established to providea wide variety of recreational activities, such as the Delaware Water Gap
    Appalachian Trail Conference
    Contact Us
    Technical questions or
    comments about the site?
    E-mail the webmaster
    Trail Stewardship
    Regional Planning ...
    Local Management Planning Guide
    (LMPG) Hang Gliding ATC Policy
    More Information
    Hang gliding is defined by the U.S. Hang Gliding Association as "low-speed, light-weight, unpowered, human flight in devices which are capable of being footlaunched and are capable of gliding and soaring flight." Hang gliding may be appropriate in parks and forests that were established to provide a wide variety of recreational activities, such as the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, but in most circumstances it is inappropriate in a park unit established for hiking and backpacking, such as the A.T. Concerns include the potential for congregation of large groups of people at launch sites (which usually coincide with A.T. overlooks), conflicts with hikers seeking solitude, and vehicular access. However, hang gliding usually is a low-impact, individual form of recreation and under the right circumstances these potential impacts can be fully mitigated. The question of the appropriateness of hang gliding along the Appalachian Trail was first discussed in 1981, when several unorganized groups of hang gliders requested permission from the NPS A.T. Park Office (ATPO) to use various launch sites along the Trail in the mid-Atlantic region. At the time, no clear policy or direction pertaining to this relatively new sport existed within the Trail community. Individuals within ATPO, ATC, and the affected Trail clubs debated the issue for some time before a decision finally was made to issue a permit to the Harlem Valley Hang Gliding Club for a launch site at Hosner Mountain in Dutchess County, New York. Shortly thereafter, the National Park Service Washington Office issued new direction requiring parks to seek a special regulation to allow hang gliding, and the ATPO terminated the permit.

    19. Recreational Sports Web Sites In Metro Detroit
    down in front of your computer to check out these recreational Web sites in Norm Lesnau sFlying Adventures If you re interested in hang gliding and ultralight
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Metro Detroit Home Essentials ... All Subjects on This Site zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Arts Entertainment Food Drink Home Living Hotels Tourism ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Metro Detroit newsletter. Search Metro Detroit Recreational Sports in Metro Detroit
    Guide picks Web Sites for recreational sports in the metropolitan Detroit area.
    Web sites related to hunting and fishing in the state of Michigan. Outdoor Activities in Metro Detroit
    Get up off your butt and sit down in front of your computer to check out these recreational Web sites in metro Detroit.
    SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE LINKS Winter Fun in SE Michigan
    Things to do for skaters, snowboarders, and skiers, as well as something for those who prefer to hibernate all winter! Bike Clubs in Michigan
    A listing of bicycling clubs in the state of Michigan, from the Bicycling Guide, Kevin Weiss. Bowling
    Links to bowling centers and organizations in the suburban Detroit area, plus tips to improve your game.

    20. Lake Chelan Tourism, Events, Rentals, Hotels, Information, And Cabins
    Now known as the recreational hang gliding Capital of the World Chelan drawspilots every summer from around the world to fly the rising thermals of North
    Chelan gained an international reputation in 1994 when 46 women from around the world competed in the most successful Women's World Hang Gliding Championships ever held. Now known as the "Recreational Hang Gliding Capital of the World" - Chelan draws pilots every summer from around the world to fly the rising thermals of North Central Washington. This is an extreme sport which requires extensive training, but for the interested visitor, a trip to the Chelan Sky Park on top of the Butte is well worth the drive. Visitors to the top of the Butte are often amazed to learn these pilots have flown all the way into Canada from Chelan and that 100-mile flights are not uncommon over the flat wheat fields of eastern Washington. This past July, one pilot flew 155 miles before landing. How to get there
    Drive out of downtown Chelan towards Wenatchee to Lakeside. Turn left onto Chelan Butte Road just west of EZ's Burger Deluxe. Follow the road to the top of Chelan Butte. Drive very carefully... the road is primitive and rough and there can be lots of traffic. NO SMOKING PLEASE.

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