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  1. Halitosis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by Health Publica Icon Health Publications, 2004-01-09
  2. Beating bad breath: Your complete guide to preventing and eliminating halitosis by Richard A Miller, 1997
  3. Beating Bad Breath: Your Complete Guide to Eliminating and Preventing Halitosis by Richard A. Miller, 1995-04
  4. Questions and answers about oragenital contacts: A compilation of data showing what oragenitalists, including fellatorists, cunnilinguists, and others, think of their critics with halitosis by David O Cauldwell, 1950
  5. Nothing like halitosis to come between friends.(Health): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2008-01-02
  6. The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse: Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and... Ned
  7. Optical bio-sniffer for methyl mercaptan in halitosis [An article from: Analytica Chimica Acta] by K. Mitsubayashi, T. Minamide, et all 2006-07-28
  8. Reader needs help for halitosis.(Medical Mailbox): An article from: Saturday Evening Post by Cory SerVaas, 2005-03-01
  9. Halitosis A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by Icon Health Publications, 1980
  10. The causes of halitosis or foul breath by William T Cathell, 1895
  11. Mechanical nut twisters:or, The hot air halitosis of change agents in the church of Christ as advocated by Lynn Anderson by Wayne Coats, 1996
  12. Avoiding halitosis of the mind: Helping professional ethics-- history, concepts, common rules by Harvey Henderson Hillin, 2002
  13. Estimation of association constants between oral malodor components and various native and derivatized cyclodextrins [An article from: Analytica Chimica Acta] by A.W. Lantz, M.A. Rodriguez, et all
  14. Bad Breath: Research Perspectives, 2nd edition

101. The Halitosis Clinic
..Back to the Experts Forum. The halitosis Clinic Mihael Sok, MD, Ph.D. Mihael Sok is the Director of The halitosis Clinic, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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The Halitosis Clinic
Mihael Sok, M.D., Ph.D. Mihael Sok is the Director of The Halitosis Clinic, Ljubljana, Slovenia Chronic bad breath, also referred to as halitosis or fetor oris , can be a major social handicap for the afflicted individual. Bad breath is considered a chronic condition if it occurs daily and is not relieved by toothbrushing. It has been estimated that one out of ten adults periodically suffers from bad breath of sufficient severity to seek medical help. Basic Causes Of Bad Breath
Bad breath may have an oral or extraoral etiology, but it usually originates in the patient's mouth. The strong, disagreeable odor arises from volatile sulfur compounds, mainly hydrogen sulfide (H S) and mercaptans, produced by the decomposition of proteins (amino acids containing the -SH group) under the influence of anaerobic, Gram-negative bacteria. Proteins are found in the remains of food, in shed and inflammatory cells, in blood and in postnasal drip. Protein decomposition generally takes place in areas where the presence of proteins and anaerobic bacteria is made possible by the normal anatomy ( e.g.

102. Halitosis/Chronic Bad Breath Information And Photos -
Learn more about halitosis/Chronic Bad Breath and how it can make you look and feel good. View before and after photos on halitosis/Chronic Bad Breath.

103. Causes Of BAD BREATH | BAD BREATH Treatment | HALITOSIS Remedy | Cure Bad Breath
Shop for Bad Breath (halitosis) treatments from Secondly, chronic bad breath (halitosis) does not come from the stomach.
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104. McSweeney's Internet Tendency: 'TIS THE SEASON FOR HALITOSIS
TIS THE SEASON FOR halitosis. I imagine that must be one of the first things dentists have to be trained for and screened for—ability to withstand halitosis.
J O N A T H A N A M E S . 'TIS THE SEASON FOR HALITOSIS BY JONATHAN AMES spirit of things I recently went to eight Christmas parties in seven days and I was assaulted with so much bad breath that I feel I've gone through four years' worth of dental school and I'm ready to hang a shingle. I imagine that must be one of the first things dentists have to be trained for and Clockwork Orange , but in reverse. You know, we always make fun of dentists, but have we ever put ourselves in their green smocks and crepe shoes? Just think of what they go through on a daily basis! Many of the medical professions are rough this way, though; proctologists are sort of the spiritual doppelgangers of dentists, but their lot may actually be more difficult. Outside of the medical profession, prostitutes also have it rough, but most of them smartly employ a no-kissing policy. So I've been told. But I didn't say any such thing. I just took a beating and applied the St. Francis prayer: Better to understand than to be understood, better to forgive than be forgiven

105. McDougall Articles - Halitosis Is More Than Bad Breath - Food, Health And Wellne
McDougall Articles halitosis Is More Than Bad Breath McDougall Wellness Center Fitness Retreats and Vacations Dr. Mc Dougal Health and Wellness Consultants
McDougall Articles - Halitosis Is More Than Bad Breath
McDougall Wellness Center Fitness Retreats and Vacations
Dr. Mc Dougal Health and Wellness Consultants
Experience the true essence of life- Learn how to Loose weight, get fit, and tune up your heart the healthy way

Health and Wellness Life changing information by Dr. McDougall: SARS Protection – More than a Face Mask Cure your "Beef Habit" Today with a little Mad Cow - Jun 2003 Dairy Products - 10 False Promises - Apr. 2003 Marketing Milk and Disease - May 2003 ... Newsletter Halitosis is More Than Bad Breath
This article begins a series exploring the health of your intestinal tract. Consider the strongest contact with the world around you is through your food, processed and absorbed by your intestine.
Halitosis, also known as oral malodor and bad breath, is a common and distressing condition in which objectionable odors are present in mouth air. Between 50% and 60% of the people in Western countries suffer from this chronic condition. It is usually due to bacteria decomposing proteins in the mouth and the large intestine, a process called microbial putrefaction, generating malodorous gaseous sulfur compounds , which contain dihydrogen sulphide (H S) and methyl mercaptan (CH SH). These sulfur compounds are major members of a family of gases known to be offensive in very low concentrations.

106. Halitosis - General Health Information - Eliminate Bad Breath.
Information. halitosis General Health Information. Eliminate bad breath. There is a variety of products and treatments for halitosis.
Halitosis - General Health Information
Halitosis - General Health Information
Eliminate bad breath.
There is a variety of products and treatments for halitosis.
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107. - Subscribers - Oral Health Wellness
Oral Health Wellness, halitosis Pew! Bad breath (halitosis) is overwhelmingly the result of problems that develop in the mouth.

108. Ross, Nager, & Pierce - Warwick & Narragansett, RI -- Halitosis
halitosis It Seems the Answer Often Lies at the Back of the Tongue. Plagued by chronic bad breath? Chances are you can blame it
Halitosis It Seems the Answer Often Lies at the Back of the Tongue Plagued by chronic bad breath? Chances are you can blame it, not on your diet, teeth or gums, but on your tongue. And the solution may be as simple as adding a daily tongue cleaning to your regular brushing and flossing routine. Depending on who is counting, 25 million to 85 million Americans have halitosis, an unpleasant, even repugnant odor emanating from their mouths that may cause others to recoil upon close contact or to stand at a distance during conversations. "Dragon mouth", or the fear of it, has Americans spending about $1 billion a year on mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays, drops, gums, and other products that they hope will mask an obnoxious mouth odor. But experts say most of these expenditures are a waste, at best reducing bad breath for an hour. Everything from the foods people eat to the diseases they have can cause bad breath. Use of tobacco products commonly results in lingering mouth odor. But most cases of bad breath are temporary. After a person dines on garlic or raw onion, for example, volatile oils from these foods get into the blood and are exhaled through the lungs. And nearly everyone has unpleasant breath upon awakening in the morning. Other transient causes include a cold, sinus or bronchial infection, a respiratory allergy or use of a medication (for example, an antihistamine or decongestant) that dries the mouth. A small percentage of cases have a medical cause, like diabetes, chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, postnasal drip, a liver or kidney ailment, emphysema or Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that causes dry mouth.

109. Salon Health & Body | Delusional Halitosis
May 7, 1999 When the key words for a journal article include halitosis, odor judge and psychopathology, you know you re in for a diverting read.

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Stop that damned ringing
How tinnitus can drive you crazy, and how it can be cured. By Mike Perry Everything she had Against the backdrop of an AIDS conference, one public health expert decides to accept a dangerous gift of love. By Virginia Vitzthum Cloning conundrums Who gets the money if Bill Gates decides to reproduce himself? By Dawn MacKeen How much wood? Jack makes his porn debut and discovers the pleasures and pressures of on-the-clock knocking. By Susie Bright Cruel blows Can medical technology save boxers from brain death? By Arthur Allen by e-mail Unsubscribe Delusional halitosis You think you have bad breath but you don't. Or do you? By Mary Roach May 7, 1999 W hen the key words for a journal article include "halitosis," "odor judge" and "psychopathology," you know you're in for a diverting read. You especially know this when a fast skim reveals the sentence "...To assess the subjects' scoring of a given foul odor, chicken-dung based fertilizer in aqueous suspension was presented ... in an opaque sniff bottle." The author, one M. Rosenberg, ran an "oral malodor clinic" in Tel Aviv at the time, which was 1995. The aim of his research and a fine aim it is was to find out, in a scholarly, clinical, published-

110. Halitosis
Doctor Hazenfield s halitosis web page describes the causes, evaluation, and treatment of bad breath or halitosis. Dr halitosis. halitosis
Dr. Hazenfield Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor in Hawaii H alitosis Halitosis (bad breath) is an obvious social problem with many potential consequences, including job security, friendships, and even effects on love life. If you suffer from halitosis, even your best friends or spouse may be hesitant to tell you. Once the cause is found, it is usually treatable!
  • Causes of halitosis: Potential causes of halitosis include the following in approximate descending order of frequency:
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (See my webpage " Reflux Disease " on the navigation menu below for further information.) Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease Hiatal hernia Chronic cryptic tonsillitis (foul-smelling food debris and bacteria in the tonsils) Chronic sinusitis Infected Tornwaldt's bursa (infected pocket in throat behind the nose) Dental and periodontal disease Chronic lung disease (usually in elderly individuals) Cancers of the nose, throat, and voice box Evaluation: The evaluation of halitosis is usually first by an otolaryngologist and possibly a dentist. Further evaluation may require a pulmonary medicine physician and/or a gastroenterologist.

111. New Scientist
They found that those suffering from halitosis tend to lack the three bacterial strains most common in sweetsmelling mouths and instead harbour a host of

112. Life Enhancement:: Halitosis May Be Linked To Dyspepsia - Apr. 2003
ByeLori ™ and MASTICgum ™ Elma Put Mastic to Work for You halitosis May Be Linked to Dyspepsia Killer breath is likely to disappear, however, when mastic

113. Health
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