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         Halitosis:     more books (16)
  1. Your breath and your health, by Louis Milton Pearlman, 1936
  2. Breath Malodor: A Step-by-step Approach by Daniel Van Steenberghe, 2004-05

21. Pulp!
An obese, greasy necrophilic hermaphrodite with halitosis and multiple STDs! (A Princeton Student.)

22. The Metro - Dallas/FtWorth
Lewisville, TX. Cosmetic dentistry. Information on halitosis (bad breath) and gum diseases.
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23. Halitosis
Health Problems halitosis What is halitosis? Bronchiectasis, an infection and enlargement of the bronchial tubes, and lung abscess can also cause halitosis.
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Health Problems Halitosis

24. Dental Tooth Whitening .com
Professional dental care, tooth whitening systems for teeth bleaching and remedies for bad breath and halitosis.
2819 Woodcliffe
San Antonio TX 78230 Phone:(210) 316-2864
Fax:(210) 349-7005 offers customized solutions for complete dental care. We have a staff of professionals that work closely with all the newest products available on the market as well as products only available through your dentist. All our recommendations for product usage are based on direct customer feedback and testing.
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25. Bad Breath, Halitosis, & Bad Breath Cures From TheraBreath & California Breath C
Cure bad breath, halitosis, dry mouth, and sour tastes with various oral treatments available from the leaders of bad breath cures Therabreath, a company of
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    Nancy from Mineral City Ohio
    What's New Next San Francisco Appt. Date Tuesday, June 1 TheraBreath Continues to Sponsor 6th International Conference on Breath Odor Happy Holidays! Use this coupon for free items and shipping! We've just lowered the price on the Hydrofloss by $15.00 to $84.99, AND we're including a free bottle of AktivOxigen Serum (a $19.95 value). New Article : Post Nasal Drip can turn bad breath into chronic halitosis! Read it now... Woman's World Magazine (8/05/03) says ZOX breath lozenges work nearly ALL DAY! New TheraBreath Nasal-Sinus Spray! Try it free with any online order over $30. Use Coupon Code ASpray . Coming to Eckerd/Genovese in August! Click Here to Read More about What's New! Home Shopping: Canada UK Featured Article NEW ARTICLE: February 3, 2004 "

    26. Home
    Specializes in restorations, porcelain crowns, dental implants, porcelain veneers, halitosis treatment, and nonsurgical gum treatment.
    Dazzle 'Em With Your SMILE Gregg Testerman, DDS and Dan Passidomo, DMD
    767 Columbus Ave.
    Lebanon, OH
    Providing Lebanon and the surrounding area with trusted, state-of-the-art dental care. About Us At Community Dental Care, Drs. Testerman and Passidomo have a purpose: to provide the Lebanon area with an ultra-modern, technically advanced dental facility where individuals and families know they'll receive expert and caring treatment. Dr. Testerman Dr. Passidomo What a Smile! Making it Happen To make this happen, Drs. Testerman and Passidomo each take many hours of advanced training each year on advanced dental techniques. This means that at Community Dental Care you are in exceptionally good hands and that you can enjoy total confidence in your doctors. This also means that you probably won't have to be referred to other doctors to receive expert care in a number of different areas: endodontics (root canals), dentures, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease, restoration of implants and more. Would you like a new smile that is beautiful and dazzling? Wouldn't just about everyone? At Community Dental Care, your teeth can be whitened until they're gleaming - and at a remarkably affordable price.

    27. Halitosis Horror Stories - You're Not Alone!
    17. halitosis Horror Stories You re Not Alone. 18. True Stories from those who have suffered with Bad Breath and halitosis - Is your story like this one?
    To order by phone... Call 1-800-97-FRESH
    M-F 8am-5pm PST
    To order now, online...
    Click Here.
    Articles Bad Breath: The Truth Post Nasal Drip and Nasal-Sinus Congestion - it WILL Cause Bad Breath! A Few Secrets About Teeth Whitening That Your Dentist Hopes I'll Never Tell You! Tonsil Stones and Tonsilloliths: Do You Have Them? ... Oral Products for Dogs
    True Stories from those who have suffered with
    Bad Breath and Halitosis - Is your story like this one?
    Dear Dr. Katz: I am having trouble getting rid of my bad breath. Is there any advice you can give me. I have had sinus surgery twice. My stomach has been checked. My dentist has cleared me, but still nothing has solved the problem. I have tried all solutions so far (except yours). I have tried Sino-Fresh products - No Help and Oxyfresh stuff - No Help. All kinds of products but nothing helps me. For eight years my life has been a living hell because people treat you like an animal. I am a Pastor and a salesman and I need your help. No one else is willing to listen.
    J.R.J. 12/30/2000

    28. Sheffield AL Alabama Dentist Dr Howard R Gamble TMJ TMD Cosmetic Dentistry
    Specializes in cosmetic dentistry and jaw joint problems. Includes professional biography and affiliations, dental technology, and articles on halitosis, snoring, and common procedures and conditions.
    Complete Dental Care For Children and Adults - Serving Sheffield, AL
    Cosmetic Dentistry * Bleaching/Whitening * Veneers * Crowns
    Cosmetic Dentistry * TMJ / TMD (Jaw Joint Problems) Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry Fellow, American College of Dentists Fellow, Academy of Dentistry Internationale American Dental Association Alabama Dental Association Eighth District Dental Society Dr. Howard R. Gamble
    click here for bio Cosmetic dentistry isn't just for the movie stars! New techniques allow us to reshape your smile with minimal changes to your natural teeth. See our Cosmetic Dentistry page to see how subtle changes can make a dramatic impact on the way you look and feel. Did you know that a healthy heart starts with a healthy mouth? Click here to learn about recent findings linking gum disease to heart disease. Would you like a whiter smile? ... Click here to find out about the most effective treatment available to brighten up your smile! Halitosis means Chronic Bad Breath.

    29. Halitosis ... Treating Bad Breath
    halitosis Treating Bad Breath. First of all, thorough brushing to remove food particles is a daily necessity. Regular check-ups
    Halitosis - Treating Bad Breath First of all, thorough brushing to remove food particles is a daily necessity. Regular check-ups to correct problem areas: gum disease, carious teeth, faulty restorations, overhanging fillings, leaking crowns, all of which cause food traps, is a must. For those over thirty, the odor of periodontal disease is a particularly common cause of halitosis and one which is easily treated. Having made certain that your physical oral condition is as pristine as possible by brushing and flossing and proper diet and all the other good things, your method of attack is as follows.
  • Chew sugarless gum or suck on sugarless lozenges to increase saliva flow. Saliva is the mouth’s natural mouthwash; it has antibiotic elements in it which reduce the numbers of bacteria in the mouth. Sugarless gum or candy is an absolute must. I’ve seen horrible cases of decay and gum disease arise from the habit of frequently eating sugar containing foods. Some people learn how to milk the salivary glands by sucking on the cheeks or tongue. When saliva production diminishes, keep the mouth wet with a liberal intake of water. Experts advise drinking eight glasses of water a day for basic metabolic function, and it seems that keeping the mouth moist is a good way of keeping the bacterial flora of the mouth under control. Hold the water in the mouth as long as possible-minimum of twenty seconds, and swish it around to loosen food particles and other bits of debris that bacteria feed upon. The longer the water remains in the mouth the better.
  • 30. Scott E West D.D.S.
    General dentistry, cosmetics, implants, halitosis prevention, dentures, bridges, crowns. 24 hour emergency treatment available.
    Hello, My name is Scott West, and I have been a dentist in this community since 1972. I hear from my patients all the time about how difficult it can be to find the right dentist. The average patient knows what makes them comfortable in a dental chair, or how they like to be treated by dental staff and doctor, but they don't always know what questions to ask when it comes to technical training, the various treatments available, and issues like sterilization. Many would like to see "before and after" pictures of cases the doctor has done. Others have specific dentistry questions that just never got answered. My goal is to take the mystery out of dentistry and the process of selecting your new dentist . I hope in perusing my web site you will find valuable information that can help you make the "right choice" when you pick your new dentist. And, if you're looking, I hope that choice will be me Sincerely, Scott E. West D.D.S., F.A.G.D.
    27800 Medical Center Road, Suite 308 - Mission Viejo, CA 92691
    Phone (949) 364-6110 Fax (949) 364-7237

    31. Halitosis ... Risk Factors For Bad Breath
    halitosis Risk Factors for Bad Breath. A person with bad breath is rarely aware of his offense. The halitosis promptly went away after a safe arrival.
    Halitosis - Risk Factors for Bad Breath
    A person with bad breath is rarely aware of his offense. He cannot detect his own mouth odor even when he exhales against his hand, or licks it to test the quality of the odorboth methods are unreliable. He usually only becomes aware that he has it when he notices (as in the example) that people are avoiding him or when someone tells him. All of us are more or less vulnerable at one time or another. Bad breath can come when you least expect it, and it tends to get worse and more frequent as you get older. The intensity of the odor is variable, but researchers usually record the aroma as mild, moderate, pungent, objectionable and very objectionable. I leave it to your imagination to select appropriate examples of this classification. Halitosis, the technical term for bad breath, or malodor or Fetor ex Oris, as dentists sometimes call it, can curse those which consume those foods or substances which often cause bad breath: garlic, raw onions, cabbage, horse radish, eggs, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fish, red meat, peppers, cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, but bad breath can occur even if your diet does not include the above named foods, for the basic causes are always present in the human mouth: when bacteria in your mouth decompose food, evil smelling putrefaction products result. Medical risks for bad breath include bronchial and lung infections, chronic sinusitis, post-nasal drip, tonsillitis. The mucous discharge which comes during cold or flu can create bad breath. Also implicated are untreated nasal polyps, diabetes, syphilis, diseases of the stomach and lungs, liver, kidneys, and there is a type of halitosis which is caused by a gallbladder dysfunction. Altering the diet to reduce the amount of fat intake will often eliminate this type of “pungent” heavy odor. There is a fetid and “fishy” odor associated with chronic renal or kidney failure. Some medications can cause or exacerbate bad breath. Various carcinomas can cause malodor. You should consult your physician if bad breath becomes chronic and the simple treatments detailed in this report don’t work. However, these problems taken altogether affect a very small percentage of people.

    32. Filson Gentle Dentistry
    Cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry. Tips on dry mouth for seniors, poorly fitting dentures and halitosis (bad breath). Free monthly email newsletter.
    277 N. Third Street
    Bayport, Minnesota 55003 Toll Free:
    Fax: (877) 21-SLEEP (877-217-5337)
    What We Do Providing Healthy Smiles with a Gentle Touch Dr. Bruce F. Filson's team of dedicated Doctors and Professionals provides the personalized attention you deserve. He will listen to your needs and answer all your questions. Plus, you'll enjoy our friendly, caring staff.
    And, you'll appreciate our use of the latest materials, modern treatment techniques and our pleasant relaxed environment. Your Comfort Is Our First Concern Our team of friendly, caring professionals is specially trained in the latest techniques in virtually "pain-free" care. Site Map Contact Us
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    33. Bad Breath (halitosis)
    Bad breath (halitosis). Reviewed by Ms Lisa Taylor, dentist. What causes bad breath? Most people suffer from bad breath occasionally. Home News and features News Newsletter Features Encyclopaedia Diseases Examinations Medicines Premium services SMS services StayQuit thediet Health centres Allergy and asthma Children's health Depression Eczema ... All health centres Discussion and support Discussion forums Support groups Services Ask the doctor Find a hospital Search Medline Test yourself Information About NetDoctor Commercial opportunities Bad breath (halitosis) Ms Lisa Taylor , dentist
    What causes bad breath?
    Most people suffer from bad breath occasionally. However, if it becomes permanent you should consult your dentist. Most adults suffer from bad breath occasionally, although it may affect up to a quarter of adults on a regular basis. Bad breath is usually brought on by the breakdown of proteins by bacteria somewhere in the mouth. However, there are several other possible causes that affect the airways, oesphagus and stomach that can also lead to bad breath.
      Factors that affect the mouth and cause bad breath

    34. Chicago Illinois Dentist: Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Care
    North loop. General, restorative and cosmetic services, also halitosis, sleep apnea, TMJ treatment. Fact sheets, virtual tour, office hours, map.
    919 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 610 Chicago, Illinois 60610 (312) 951-5230
    Quick Contact
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    The services we offer include:
    • General Care
      Preventive Care Restorative Care Cosmetic Dentistry
      • Bleaching Composite (white) Fillings Porcelain Veneers All Porcelain Crowns
      Prosthetics (Bridges, Partials, Dentures) Implant Dentistry Periodontal Maintenance TMJ Splint Therapy / Athletic Sport Devices Sleep Apnea / Anti-Snoring Appliances

    About Dr. Fiss Welcome New Patients Infection Control ... Site Map

    35. Bad Breath (halitosis)
    Yet halitosis is a common and universal problem that can lead to a significant amount of social disharmony and embarrassment. Bad breath (halitosis). Home News and features News Newsletter Features Encyclopaedia Diseases Examinations Medicines Premium services SMS services StayQuit thediet Health centres Allergy and asthma Children's health Depression Eczema ... All health centres Discussion and support Discussion forums Support groups Services Ask the doctor Find a hospital Search Medline Test yourself Information About NetDoctor Commercial opportunities Bad breath (halitosis) Dr Hilary Jones
    Bad breath
    , as they say, is better than no breath at all. And as George Orwell said in 'The Road to Wigan Pier', 'You can have affection for a murderer, but you cannot have an affection for a man whose breath stinks.' Nor a woman either, I hasten to add, in these sexually egalitarian times. Yet halitosis is a common and universal problem that can lead to a significant amount of social disharmony and embarrassment.
    Morning breath
    Occasional bad breath
    The commonest causes of occasional halitosis include smoking cigarettes or cigars, drinking alcohol or eating certain foods. Culprits that are often blamed include onions, garlic, curries, cured foods like salamis and cooked foods such as kippers. In addition to making the breath smell 'like an ashtray', smoking also reduces the flow of saliva in its own right and therefore further exacerbates the problem.

    36. Bad Breath Treatment, Assessment, Research -- Fresh Breath Clinic®
    A clinic dedicated to the treatment of halitosis, dry mouth, and other bad breath problems.
    @import "fb.css"; @import "fbnav.css"; home clinic n e w s research publications ... FAQ
    Welcome to the premier clinic for
    Safe, Professional, Confidential, Successful
    halitosis and bad breath treatment
    The Fresh Breath Clinic is a unique facility totally devoted to the treatment of oral malodor (also called bad breath or halitosis ) and its related problems.  We provide that is both confidential and uniquely successful, in a world of quick 'n' easy fixes that don't work for you.  If you have halitosis or think you might have persistent dry mouth or bad breath, or just know someone that does, this website was made for you. If you have chronic bad breath and are serious about wanting to eliminate the problem, we have a solution for you.  Our assessments and time-tested treatments have been developed over many years of careful research and study, and best of all they really work What causes halitosis and other forms of bad breath?

    37. Halitosis
    halitosis (bad breath) may be caused by medications, diseases, food, gum disease, liver disease, gastric disorders. Search. Men s Health halitosis.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Men's Health Home Essentials ... Men's Health Quiz zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Diseases Embarrassments Ethnic Health Gallery ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Men's Health newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Men's Health Halitosis Back to Last Page Full Glossary Information: Halitosis is offensive to others and embarrassing for the sufferer - it is also very common. Most people experience some degree of halitosis at some point and this is usually as a result of food and drink, particularly after consuming strong foods like onions, spicy foods or rich foods. If food is trapped between the teeth it begins to rot and this also applies to people who wear dentures. Smoking is a major culprit and is not covered up by mouth wash or breath-fresh agents for more than a few moments. However, with good oral hygiene and regular flossing most people's experience of bad breath should be short-lived. Ongoing halitosis may be a sign of gum disease or some other medical condition such as diabetes, liver disease, respiratory tract infection. Some medications may also cause bad breath.

    38. Bad Breath Treatment Center - Bad Breath, Halitosis, Sonicare
    Our bad breath treament can rid you of bad breath, halitosis for life. We also carry sonicare products. Common Questions. halitosis and Causes.
    Clinic Office:
    141 Camino Alto
    Suite #3
    Mill Valley, CA 94941
    (just 10 minutes north of San Francisco)
    Main Business Office:
    P.O. Box 1512
    Mill Valley, CA 94942
    For international calls:
    Bad Breath Treatment
    Bad breath is a problem that is shared by millions of people across the country. Until recently, there really has not been a methodical and scientific approach to treating bad breath (halitosis) conditions, and most treatments in the past have been generally unsuccessful. Some common treatments for bad breath have been through the use of mouthwashes, mints, and gums to cover up odors, but they have not been effective in treating halitosis. Some of these remedies can actually worsen a bad breath condition.
    Welcome to the Center For Breath Treatment Web Site. CBT is located in Mill Valley, California which is just 10 minutes north of downtown San Francisco with ample free parking. The CBT has gained both national and international recognition for the treatment of halitosis (bad breath). After having successfully practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area as a general dentist for 23 years, Dr. Dailley

    39. Halitosis
    halitosis. me about collection. This document focuses on bad breath (halitosis) and is in a Q A format. Issues covered include
    low graphics
    other: Abdominal Pain Aerophagy Anorexia Constipation ... Mouth and teeth : how to keep them healthy A patient education leaflet providing information on the mouth and teeth. Topics covered include children's teeth, dental care for adolescents and adults, taking care of bad breath, how to stop smoking smokeless tobacco, and how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Published by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Patient Education Handout [Publication Type] Oral Health Mouth Diseases Halitosis ... Halitosis
    Last modified: 03 Jun 2004

    40. Halitosis
    Translate this page halitosis. INTRODUCCION. halitosis, o mal aliento, es una afección de la que se da cuenta muy a menudo. Sea en forma
    Acerca de Geosalud Aviso Legal Pregunte a Geosalud Acerca de Geosalud ... Pregunte a GeoSalud Temas de Actualidad GeoNoticias Tema del mes Cursos y Congresos Secciones Medicina Natural Diabetes Mellitus Salud Dental VIH/SIDA ... Leyes y Decretos Directorios Profesionales s Nutricionistas Farmacias
    Halitosis, o mal aliento, es una afección de la que se da cuenta muy a menudo. Sea en forma de mal aliento ocasional que siente casi todo adulto sano al levantarse en la mañana, o sea en forma de problemas más serios o graves, desde trastornos metabólicos hasta tumores pulmonares, se dice que l a halitosis afecta a casi 50 % de una población A juzgar por la magnitud del mercado de ventas de colutorios y otros productos contra el mal aliento (de casi un billón de dólares según las últimas estadísticas), la halitosis es un problema personal que preocupa a mucha gente. ETIOLOGIA



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