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         Gymnastics Teach:     more detail
  1. Teach Yourself Men Gymnastics by Kunal Nagi, 2007-11-30
  2. Teach Yourself Men Gymnastics by Veena Jain, 2004-12-01
  3. Teach Yourself Women Gymnastics by Priyanka Narang, 2004-12-01
  4. Teach Yourself Women Gymnastics by A.K. Dr. Srivastava, 2007-11-30
  5. Using stories to teach flow in educational gymnastics: in this cross-disciplinary strategy, familiar words and concrete stories help students understand ... of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Natalie Doering, 2006-01-01
  6. Teaching skills and health-related fitness through a preservice gymnastics program: preservice students learn by doing, as they teach gymnastics to community ... of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Shae Donham-Foutch, 2007-05-01
  7. Why do we teach gymnastics? (Gymnastic papers) by Jakob Bolin, 1903
  8. With home trampoline injuries on the increase, should physical education programs teach trampoline skills and safety?: An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

1. Books And Videos
gymnastics teach control, discipline and self esteem for all ages. Thisvideo series is the best first step to Gymnastic Excellence!
Gymnastics or
Cheerleading Videos US Gyms is a free service to our visitors. To help make this resource available we are offering these videos. Many can be purchased at a discount off the listed prices through our links provided in association with and others. By selecting the title link, you will be taken to the vendor's website where additional book information is available along with information on how to purchase the book at discount. After examining or purchasing the book, be sure to use your back button on your browser to return to our site to further explore. Comprehensive Cheerleading Video Series
This comprehensive cheerleading 9 tape video series contains:
Cheerleading Strength and Conditioning (50 min.)
Beginning Tumbling and Spotting (35 min.)
Advanced Tumbling and Spotting (37 min.)
Jumps and Jump Conditioning (39 min.)
Mascot Training and Performing (23 min.)
Cheers and Chants (21 min.)
Dances and Quick Dances (41 min.)
(9 Videos)
Planning Effective Cheerleading Practices!
With Kevin Thompson, UMass Head Cheer Coach. Finally, a video created for any cheer coach looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their team's practices! Every cheer coach is time-crunched, and this video will help you set goals, organize, improve skills, stay motivated, and keep your squad focused on attaining their goals! Thompson has taken a typical practice and dissected it into a very modifiable model for coaches at any level. Time allotment is included for each phase of practice, which includes: how to structure practice, safety, warm ups, jumps, tumbling, partner stunts, cheering, motion technique drills, strength and conditioning, team building, and more! In addition, you will learn how to get your team to practice and perform like a team, and how to deal with problems in a positive and motivational way! (35 minutes, 1999) To order the UMass Cheerleading Series click here.

2. Gymnastic Excellence Series
from this excellent series. gymnastics teach control, discipline and self esteem for all ages terminology, body positions and fundamental skills of gymnastics. Easy to follow format
The Gymnastic Excellence Series
Finally a well produced comprehensive video instructional series that assists coaches, parents, and physical education teachers to instruct students in an easy step by step, hands-on process. Kids don't have to be the next Mary Lou Retton or Bart Conner to benefit from this excellent series. Gymnastics teach control, discipline and self esteem for all ages. This video series is the best first step to Gymnastic Excellence!
Vol. 1: Pad Drills
An introduction to the terminology, body positions and fundamental skills of gymnastics. Easy to follow format makes learning fun and easy. 43 min.
Vol. 2: Beginning Tumbling
Easy planned progressions that focus on pace, body posture, and increasing strength and flexibility. Tumbling is one of the most important foundation activities for success in gymnastics at all levels. 32 min.
Vol. 3: Intermediate Tumbling
Drills which help develop proper timing, kinesthetic awareness and correct orientation to space. This volume also assists coaches and instructors to know all the important "Spotting" positions. 60 min.
Vol. 4: Advanced Tumbling

3. Schedule Sum B 99
Group 1 Off / Group 2 Formal gymnastics teach. 14. 4/10 Group 2 Off / Group 1 Formal gymnastics teach. AAHPERD Conference
Dr. Debby Mitchell
Associate Professor
Office: Ed 310
Office Hours:

M 1-3, T 8-11
Meeting Day:
Wednesday -8- 10:50
On Campus:
Gym Off Campus: Broadway Gymnastics GYMNASTICS Course Content / Schedule (Spring 2002) Week Date Day Topic W Orientation, Expectations, Movement Exploration, Educational Gymnastics - UCF Campus W Educational Gymnastics Overview W Theme Teaches R,F,S Jekyll Island Conference W W Theme Teaches - Basic Positions - Review for Test W Test I W Group 1 Beginning Skills - Group 2 Teach out in Schools W Group 2 Beginning Skills - Group 1 Teach out in Schools W Intermediate Skills UCF Spring Break W Advanced Skills W Prepare Formal Gymnastics Teach W Group 1 Off / Group 2 Formal Gymnastics Teach W Group 2 -Off / Group 1 Formal Gymnastics Teach AAHPERD Conference W Test 2

4. YMCA Of Glendale - Y Programs For Youth, Gymnastics
better leaders and supports. Progressive gymnastics teach floor work,vault, bars, beams and trampoline. These classes are especially
Did you know? You can develop strength, flexibility, and coordination and have fun doing it. In gymnastics at the YMCA, classes last one hour, the benefits last a lifetime. Besides skills, gymnastics teaches us that commitme nt reaps reward. We learn to trust and appreciate each other. Our emphasis on caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in gymnastics help us to be better leaders and supports.
Progressive gymnastics teach floor work, vault, bars, beams and trampoline. These classes are especially designed for introductory skill development and graduating to more difficult team competition. Classes run twice a week or Saturdays only. Times vary depending on age and level of the child. For a complete gymnastics schedule, click here
About Us Contact Us ... Donations
YMCA of Glendale
140 North Louise Street
Glendale, CA 91206-4226

5. Gymnastics Discussion - How To Learn To Teach Gymnastics
Discussion boards gymnastics How to learn to teach gymnastics.Author, Message Body. Julie IL, Hi I was wondering if anyone could
var i = 0; Keyword Title Search: Home About Submission Discussion ... Gymnastics How to learn to teach Gymnastics Author Message Body Julie
IL Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on how to get some training to start my own gym club. I really would like some info thanks.
Oct 25, 2003, 01:33 Behnaz
Iran Hi Juile
you use some fun games with music for warm up.
after you can use animal walk for example:rabbit jump,frog jump and...
after you must teach them forward roll on wedge.
if you need any question you contact me.
Bye Oct 28, 2003, 15:34 liz isle of wight hey i use to teach a gym club and i used music to warm up and star jumps and using a bench to do bunny hops on and then gradually usin more equipment. but it might be easier teaching a persific age group like age 8-14 or soime think like that. just thought i would u some advise. Nov 10, 2003, 12:17 Stacy Marie Schwiger Carlsbad, NM

6. Teaching Dance - Home Page - Teaching Dance For How To Dance Lesson Plans
How to teach Ballet, Jazz, Tap and gymnastics to beginning students. A comprehensive step by step guide for the new and the experienced teacher.
Home page
Teaching Kits

Individual Lesson Plans

About Us

Contact Us
Monthly e-zine

var monName = new Array ("January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December") var now = new Date
Lesson Plan Kits:
Combination Classes
Lesson plans for teaching combination classes of ballet, jazz, gymnastics, and tap
Focus Classes

Lesson plans for teaching single-focus classes of ballet, jazz, or tap Subscribe to the: "Teaching Dance" Newsletter First Name: Last Name: E-mail Address: Subscribe today, and each month I'll send you valuable lesson plan tips , teaching strategies, and studio business management tricks. After 35 years as a Certified Dance Instructor, I decided that it was time to compile all of my time-tested and ... Lesson Plan Package - Teaching Kit #1: Combination Classes: If you're a dance teacher whose primary focus is teaching combination classes of ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics and you would like a detailed breakdown of exactly what's included in this 381-page lesson plan package

7. Golden Bear Gymnastics
Our popular gymnastics classes teach children to flip and tumble, walk across thebalance beam maneuver artfully on the bars, bounce on trampolines, and more.
Experience the Fun!
Golden Bear Gymnastics Summer Camps
Partial(Half) Day
and Full Day camps

Our half-day camps for Bear Cubs aged 5-6, and Beginners aged 6-18, encourage and introduce gymnastics to boys and girls. Our full-day gymnastic camps, for ages 6-18, are designed for boys and girls who want to improve and learn new skills and have a great gymnastics experience. Team Camps
and Team Camps

Work on and perfect basic compulsory, skills and routines in the Pre-Team and Team camps. Come join us for an exciting week that takes your skills to the next level. Year Round Program
Our popular gymnastics classes teach children to flip and tumble, walk across the balance beam maneuver artfully on the bars, bounce on trampolines, and more. Classes are available for boys and girls age 18 months through 16 years and are categorized according to the skill levels that have been outlines by USA Gymnastics. Check out our other offerings!

8. Hunterdon County YMCA
Modeled after the National YMCA gymnastics Program, instructional classes teach boys and girls a progressive development of skills in gymnastics and tumbling. Classes ranging from parentchild and preschool to advanced. Two locations Deer Path Family YMCA in Flemington and Round Valley YMCA in Annandale.
We build strong kids
strong families
strong communities
Deer Path Branch
Round Valley Branch




... -Home
REGISTER NOW! The Hunterdon County YMCA Gymnastics program is modeled after the National YMCA Gymnastics Program. Instructional classes are designed to teach boys and girls a progressive development of skills in gymnastics and tumbling. We offer a variety of classes ranging from parent-child and preschool to advanced.
Parent/Child Classes
Classes require parent participation. Siblings are NOT allowed into the classroom unless enrolled in the class. Parents with more than one child must have a parent/adult for each child. STEPPERS
18-24 months CLIMBERS 2-3 years Preschool / Kinder Gymnastics Children are independent (no parent participation).

9. Interactive Academy Gymnastics - Where Gymnastics Is Fun
teach the sport of gymnastics in a safe, positive and professional environment Enhance self esteem, confidence and life skills through physical challenges

What's New
Meet our Staff See the Gym Upcoming Events ... Boy's Gymnastics Camp Welcome to Interactive Academy Gymnastics! Interactive Academy Gymnastics is a great place for children of all ages to learn new skills, meet new friends, and have lots of fun! Click here to learn about all the great camps and special events at Interactive Academy Gymnastics!! Some of our goals are to: - Teach the sport of gymnastics in a safe, positive and professional environment
- Enhance self esteem, confidence and life skills through physical challenges
- Teach correct basic techniques which will allow your child to further develop his or her potential One Hot Summer at IAG: This summer several Olympic and all-star gymnasts including Blaine Wilson, Morgan Hamm, Paul Hamm, Raj Bhavsar, and Jason Fur will be coaching in our Boy's Gymnastics Summer Camp and participating in a Gymnastics Demonstration at our facility. This demonstration is open to the public. We are also offering a variety of

10. InterActive Academy Gymnastics Boys Classes
Mission Help build self-confidence and self-esteem in children through participationin gymnastics - teach gymnastics in a safe environment - Our coaching

Preschool Classes
Girls Classes Boys Classes Cheerleading
Tumbling Classes


Tae Kwon Do
Registration Form

Boys Recreational Classes
Class Schedule
- Help build self-confidence and self-esteem in children through participation in gymnastics
- Teach gymnastics in a safe environment
- Our coaching goal is to teach children within a framework of positive reinforcement, encouragement and FUN! Class Levels Boys 1 This is the beginning class for boys with little or no experience in gymnastics. Students learn about gym safety, body positions, and gymnastic terminology. Each athlete has an individual progression chart, listing skills on all events. Boys 2 This class is designed for boys who are familiar with the six Olympic events and who have demonstrated the ability to perform basic gymnastic skills. The volume and degree of difficulty is slightly higher than Boys 1 and students progress at their own pace before advancing to the next level. Boys 3 Boys learn more advanced skills at this level. The quality of execution of basic gymnastics skills are emphasized and monitored as part of the on-going evaluation process for every athlete.

11. Non-Traditional Gymnastics
Call it educational, developmental, creative, informal or any other kind of gymnastics you want to to whether you would like to teach nontraditional, traditional or a combination
Call it educational, developmental, creative, informal or any other kind of gymnastics you want to. But, whatever you call it there is very little non-traditional gymnastics literature on the Web or otherwise . This will be my attempt with, the help of some of my colleagues, to help rectify that situation. Hopefully you will be able to garner enough information here to make an educated decision as to whether you would like to teach non-traditional, traditional or a combination of both. John Williams Table of Contents " Movement gives children the feeling of being alive and provides the means by which they are able to participate in life. " ( Garland O'Quinn, Jr.) Please Sign my Guestbook View Guestbook #1 View Guestbook #2
View Guestbook #3
... Lessons If you have comments or suggestions, email me at
Unauthorized publication of any of the ideas or artwork contained on Non-Traditional Gymnastics is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by John Williams. Publication extends to all electronic formats (e.g., World Wide Web Sites, etc.) as well. If you wish to contact me regarding gaining permission to use material contained in Non-Traditional Gymnastics send e-mail to :

12. Region 7 Positions
3/2/04. ALL Star Cheer Coach New competitive Allstar Cheer gym is seeking coacheswho can teach tumbling, gymnastics, motions and techniques, jumps, etc .
Positions Available
in Region 7 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia Applicants
- you may contact these companies independently of US Gyms.
This is a free service. Gym Owner needed
Own your own gym. 12000 SF facility with pit. Fully equipped, Southeastern PA, lease equipment, no purchase necessary. Takeover Fall 2004 program. Only financial requirements are security deposit and first two months rent. Also includes dance studio. Email:
New College Cheer Squad
Cabrini College, located 20 min outside of Phila, in Radnor, PA is starting a cheerleading squad. We're looking for someone with some past coaching experience, a willingness to grow and expand the cheerleading program, patience, and a great attitude! We're still determining whether this will be a volunteer position or if the coach will receive a stipend. This is a great opportunity to build your resume. Please send resumes to 610-902-8111 ATTN: Amy Hecht
If you have any questions please email

13. Ege University Instýtute Of Medical Sciences
General information of general gymnastics. teach how to use the devices thatused in this sport. And teaching methods. HANDBALL EDUCATION 1 (M).

GENERAL gymnastics. General information about general gymnastics. teach howto use the devices that used in this sport. And teaching methods. HYGIENE.

15. Untitled Document
Welcome to the website of San Francisco gymnastics. SFG is a new gymnastics facility in the Presidio, offering gymnastics classes for children ages 1 through adult. program goals include To teach fundamental gymnastics skills to preschool children Our developmental gymnastics program will teach, within the structure of gymnastics, children how

16. Gymnastics Videos Tumbling Videos
Balance beam is the “make it or break it” event in gymnastics competition. Learningto teach and/or do these “stay on” techniques and drills will have
Learn the basics of acrobatics and tumbling from gymnastics instructional videos.
Introduction to Basic Tumbling Video $29.95
Enter Qty:
Understanding the basic body positions is a requirement to learning good quality tumbling elements. These introductory elements and shapes are the “cookie batter” of gymnastics and must be taught to gymnasts with exact technique. Kelly brings you to these exacting techniques through instruction, demonstrations with young gymnasts, and drills designed to assist with the teaching of these skills. Body control and form enables a gymnast to perform safe and correct skills, which will determine the future elements a gymnast will be able to learn. Any new gymnastics coaches and instructors should have complete understanding of the techniques provided on this video. Kelly Garrison is a 1988 Olympic Gymnast, the 1988 Olympic Gymnastic Team Captain, 3 time National Balance Beam Champion, Professional World Balance Beam Champion, and USA Gymnastic Hall of Fame Member. 36 mins. (2002)
"Stay On!" Secrets for Staying on the Balance Beam Video $29.95

17. USA Gymnastics Online: Men's Program - General Information
at the 2003 NCAA Men's gymnastics Championships that will be hosted the "How to teach a boy's class" contest. The winner is Greg Schram of Richardson gymnastics in Richardson, Texas


Men's Home
Program Directory
Age Group Comm.
General Information
2002 Postings
  • 03-Oct-02 Calling All Former Male Collegiate Competitors - A reunion of men who competed in US colleges will be held at the 2003 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships that will be hosted by Temple University April 11-13. A ticket and housing package has been arranged. To get information on this event, contact Fred Turoff via e-mail at or by phone at 215-204-7452.
  • 03-Oct-02 2003 Men's J.O. Nationals Qualifying Scores - Results from a Men's J.O. Program Committee email vote from tabled motion in Cleveland.
  • 01-Oct-02 - Sections of the Men's book have been updated.
  • 24-Sept-02 Men's Rules Update #7 for 2001-2004 - In order to provide the men's community with Rules Update information on a more regular schedule, there will now be monthly updates beginning with this document. Each month there will be a new Rules Update with a progressive letter designation. The next Rules Update will be published on November 1, 2002. The last Rules Update for the 2002-2003 competitive season will be published on March 1, 2003... This update supersedes all previous updates.
  • 28-Aug-02 2002 Future Stars National Championships Information , USOTC, November 14-17, 2002.

18. Jason James Hun S Photos
Martial Arts is also great for teachiing/learning Honor Respect how to help appreciate others) teach Flips/gymnastics (teach tumbling/gymnastics to

19. Non-Traditional Gymnastics
found this material! I teach gymnastics at a dance studio and the responseto my methods are overwhelming! The studio has recently
Thank you for filling out my Guest Book. I hope my Non-Traditional Gymnastics page has helped you in some way. If you have any ideas, lessons and activities you would like to contribute, please e-mail them directly to me or fill out the lesson plan submission form. Thank you again. Joanne Williams
My Email:
Are you a teacher?: former mid and high school
I have been trying to contact John Williams re: Award for his web site and keep getting the e-mail bounced back. The address on the web site: appears to be incorrect. Does anyone know how to contact John Williams?
My Email:
Are you a teacher?: Yes - A Deputy Head One!
If yes, Where?: Leicester, England
Kristen Kinneen My Email: Are you a teacher?: yes - elementary PE If yes, Where?: Florence Roche Elementary School, Groton, MA Comments: Jessica Moore My Email: Are you a teacher?: almost If yes, Where?: Virginia Comments: Your page helped me greatly with a project in school. I'm currently in my last year. Thank you soooo much. Jessica

20. Tutor! Teach Dance Or Gymnastics! No Rhythm Required!
Tutor! teach Dance or gymnastics! No Rhythm required!
Tutor! Teach Dance or Gymnastics! No Rhythm required!
Welcome Michael Training Support Logout Home ... About Us
Last updated on December 1, 2003 The Homework Center (HC)is our main priority in finding volunteers for right now. The HC is held for gymnastics or dance team members ranging in age from 5-17 and is an opportunity for the students to get their homework done before their class begins at 4pm. We're looking for people who enjoy working with kids and would be willing to spend as many days a week as they can give to hang out with the kids and help them with their homework. It is held Monday-Friday from 2-4pm in a few different locations, all of which are within walking distance of either a t-stop or bus stop. There is also the possibility of helping the kids with the dance or gymnastics class that follows the homework center. In addition, there are many classes - both weekdays and on weekends that can always use volunteers who have experience with dance or gymnastics. We also offer classes for children with special needs. If you find yourself unable to commit to any of these things, but would still like to volunteer for the organization, JAM'NASTICS can always use more volunteers to do things like help with special events, assist at the office and help with computer skills.

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