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         Gymnastics Olympic History:     more detail
  1. Olympic Gymnastics: Gymnastics (Great Moments in Olympic History) by Adam B. Hofstetter, 2007-06-30
  2. An Olympian's oral history: Kenneth Griffin, 1936 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Kenneth Griffin, 1988
  3. An Olympian's oral history: Richard Bishop, 1932 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Richard Bishop, 1988
  4. Gymnastics (Olympic Sports) by Kate Haycock, 1991-10
  5. Gymnastics (The Summer Olympics) by David Smale, 1995-08
  6. The Olympics: From Athens to Athens (An Illustrated History of the Summer Games)
  7. An Olympian's oral history: Philip R. Erenberg, 1932 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Philip R Erenberg, 1988
  8. An Olympian's oral history: Dallas D. Bixler, 1932 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Dallas D Bixler, 1988
  9. An Olympian's oral history: Raymond "Ben" Bass, 1932 Olympic Games, gymnastics by Raymond Ben Bass, 1988
  10. Track and Field Championship (Great Moments in Sports) by Steve Potts, 1992-09
  11. Gymnastics (Composite Guide) by Richard M. Huff, 2000-12
  12. Romanian Gymnastics by Kurt W. Treptow, 1996-02

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2. What's New On BSSH Pages?
History of Trampoline Tumbling Gymnastics (Added 28/2/2003) History, Science, andLore of Gymnastics (Added 28/2/2003) gymnastics olympic history (Added 28/2
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A History of the Sport - Wakeboard (Added 1/5/2004)
ABC TV's Today in Sports History (Added 1/5/2004) American Soccer History Archives (Added 1/5/2004) Sports and Games in Ancient Rome (Added 1/5/2004) History of Inline Skating - Rollerblading (Added 1/5/2004) New England Basketball Hall of Fame (Added 1/5/2004) BBC History of the Olympics (Added 1/5/2004) A History of Horse Racing (Added 1/5/2004) Canadian Olympic Collection Collection McGill University (Added 1/5/2004) History of [Engish] Channel Swimming (Added 1/5/2004) Roman Chariot Racing (Added 1/5/2004) Current Biography Excerpts (Added 1/5/2004) Time Line of Sport Diving History (Added 1/5/2004) Drugs in Sport (Added 1/5/2004) History of Bobsleigh and Tobaganning (Added 1/5/2004) Gladiatorial Games (Added 1/5/2004) Greek Olympics (Added 1/5/2004) Haverford College - The C. C. Morris Cricket Library and Collection (Added 1/5/2004) History Canadian Inter-university Sport (Added 1/5/2004) History of Bowling (Added 1/5/2004) Magazine of History (Added 1/5/2004) History of the Michigan IAA (Added 1/5/2004) History of the Sport of Arm Wrestling (Added 1/5/2004) History Of Volleyball (Added 1/5/2004) History of Women in Sports Timeline - Part 1- to 1899 (Added 1/5/2004) History of Surfing (Added 1/5/2004) History Institute for International Sport - Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame International Institute for Sport and Olympic History - A Non-profit, Educational Corporation under 501c3, IISOH

3. Olympic Gymnastics Links
This site has links to information about gymnastics at the olympic Games CBS Sports olympic gymnastics history. Hickock Sports olympic gymnastics history. Other gymnastics
Olympic Gymnastic Links 1959 Copenhagen Olympic G... Buy From This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about Gymnastics at the Olympic Games Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Official Sites for Olympic Gymnastics British Olympic Association USA Gymnastics Team Official Site Olympic Gymnastics News and Guides BBC Olympics Gymnastics News CBS Sports Olympics Gymnastics Guide CNN/Sports Illustrated Olympics Gymnastics Guide ESPN Olympics Gymnastics Guide ... Washington Post Olympics Gymnastics Guide Olympic Gymnastics History CBS Sports Olympic Gymnastics History Hickock Sports Olympic Gymnastics History Other Gymnastics Sites Gymnastics Internet Search Olympic Gymnastic Stuff Athens Games Gymnastic Store Ebay - Olympic Gymnastics Gymnastics - Zeke's Olympic Pocket Guide Magnificent Seven Check out the other Summer Olympic themes: Baseball Basketball Boxing Cycling ... Volleyball and Winter Sports Biathlon Bobsled Cross Country Skiing Figure Skating ... Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear See Also 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Links 2002 Salt Lake Games Links Olympic Games Links Michael Johnson Links This site is not affiliated with NBC Network or any official Olympic Committee var site="s12sirlinksalot" Terms of Service

4. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
profit educational corporation, 501c3, IISOH, Library, Museum, olympic Games, Historyof Sport, Physical Education, Wrestling, Fencing, gymnastics, Sports
to the
International Institute for Sport
and Olympic History
Library and Museum
The IISOH is seeking $1 million (one million Dollars) from a benefactor in order to establish an endowment for the sport of GYMNASTICS. This is a naming opportunity for the benefactor to have a perpetual identification with the sport of GYMNASTICS . The endowment would be named by the benefactor with the approval of the IISOH Board of Directors. The endowment becomes a permanent trust fund invested by the Institute with only the quarterly earned interest being used for development of the GYMNASTICS collections in both the Library and Museum.
Cash donations IN ANY AMOUNT are always welcome, too.
For more details about the endowment program, please click here Endowment Program.
LIBRARY donations:
  • Material in ANY language, including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Latin, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Sanskrit and dozens of others.
    The scope of the collection is international and comprehensive.

5. Gymnastics – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic History, At
olympic history. gymnastics has been an olympic sport from ancienttimes and from the start of the modern Games in 1896. Until 1924
OLYMPIC HISTORY Gymnastics has been an Olympic sport from ancient times and from the start of the modern Games in 1896. Until 1924, when gymnastics settled into a format not unlike the one we know today for artistic gymnasts, the sport also featured rope climbing, tumbling, club swinging, pole vault and even swimming among its disciplines. At Paris in 1924, men competed in individual and team events on each gym apparatus. The women followed in Amsterdam in 1928. Since then, the dominant force has been the Soviet Union, while the former Soviet bloc countries posed the biggest threat. China, too, with its diminutive talent and aptitude for harsh regimes of discipline, is a force to be reckoned with in gymnastic pursuits, though its dominance on the diving boards is not replicated so rigidly in the gymnasium. Two of the most famous gymnasts in history are both Russian. Larysa Latynina remains the most medalled Olympian in history, with 18 medals between 1956 and 1964, including nine gold, five silver and four bronze. Olga Korbut, the diminutive star of the 1972 Games stole more hearts than she won gold medals but her love affair with the media was one of the highlights of the Munich Games.

6. The Decathlon In Olympic History - DECA, The Decathlon Association
history of the Decathlon as an olympic event, from Ancient Greece to the New Millenium. The Middle Ages. Early olympic history. The PostWar Era an all-around championship was held at the German gymnastics Championships. It included a stone throw, pole vault and
Sponsored by The Decathlon in Olympic History Table of Contents: The Jim Thorpe Story When King Gustav V of Sweden presented awards at the 1912 Olympic Games of Stockholm, he proclaimed to the decathlon winner, an American Indian named Jim Thorpe, as the world's top athlete. "You sir, are the world's greatest athlete." Incidentally, Jim is purported to have replied, "Thanks, King" to the Swedish monarch, a story, true or not, which itself has become part of the Thorpe saga. Ever since, the Olympic decathlon champion or world record holder has been dubbed "the World's Greatest Athlete." And rightly so, since the decathlon is the only objective test of all around athletic ability. Decathletes must contest ten separate events and have those performances tallied on a standard scoring table. The decathlon measures basic sporting ability like jumping, sprinting and throwing. Within the backdrop and rules of track and field, decathlon champions must exhibit, the 4 S's: speed, spring, strength and stamina. Since 1912 great decathlon champions like Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson, Bruce Jenner and Daley Thompson and others have become household names. But they all owe much to the legend of Thorpe.

7. Cartersville Twisters - Gymnastics Links
the mother of all gymnastics link page olympic gymnastics. history of olympic gymnastics. General gymnastics Links. 2000 NCAA National Women's gymnastics
What we have here is the mother of all gymnastics link page. If you have suggestions for links we don't have or if you find links that are broken and no longer work, we would appreciate you sending email to Cathy at to let her know. You will notice that the links are rated based on visual content and approximate grade level. We hope that you will find these links interesting and useful to your studies of this wonderful sport. - CONTENTS -
General Gymnastic Links
Olympic Gymnastics

History of Olympic Gymnastics
General Gymnastics Links
2000 NCAA National Women's Gymnastics Championship
Find out the results of the 2000 NCAA National Women's Gymnastics Championship as well as view photos and read up on the gymnasts.
Boise State University
[Visual Content:
2000 US Classic National Gymfest Tulsa

Explore the Gymfest in Tulsa! Find local information, competition events, and current news.

8. Gymnastics – News Reports, Sydney Results, Ancient Origins, Olympic History, At
The International gymnastics Federation set the vaulting horse 5cm too low It wasperhaps the most beautiful failure in the history of the olympic Games but
GYMNASTICS REPORT Thursday, September 21 Falling star
From Simon Barnes in Sydney It was a bad day for divas. Marie-Jose Perec, the tempestuous French runner, has done a runner, while Svetlana Khorkina, the even more tempestuous Russian gymnast, wishes she had done one as well. For by staying, she completed a week of total personal disaster. She came into the gymnastics competition as the star of highest magnitude, and left it in tears: Queen of the Great Olympic Twitch. She has had not one of those days, but two of them, in which everything she touched turned into ordure. In the team competition, it was her fall from the uneven bars - her best exercise - that cost Russia the team gold medal. But gymnastics is a multi-medal sport, and she had an immediate chance for personal redemption. On to the women’s individual all-around championship, the blue riband event in which the best go against the best on all four pieces of apparatus. And I was there, for I couldn’t bear to miss a minute of Khorkina. I wanted a story about the Russian phoenix rising from the ashes of despair, etc etc. But instead, she went from despair to even deeper despair. For some extraordinary reason, the multi-channel screens in the press box - you can zap from apparatus to apparatus - seemed always to be full of Khorkina's face.

9. Gymnastics History Olympic
artistic gymnastics. olympic games. olympic gymnastics. olympic history. rhythmic gymnastics. usa gymnastics gymnastics history olympic. gymnastics history
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  • gymnastics history olympic
    gymnastics history olympic
  • 10. Olympic History
    the first medal in modern olympic history); American flag wins 3 gold medals in gymnastics,Soviet Union Nadia Comanici becomes first olympic gymnast to score

    11. Amateur Athletic Foundation
    The AAF is a private nonprofit foundation dedicated to the development of youth sport. It also operates North America's largest sports library, possessing an exceptional collection of olympic will take you directly to the subjects you want to research. II. history OF THE olympic GAMES The sport of gymnastics, for example, is governed in the United States

    12. Olympic Preview: Artistic Gymnastics
    In 1976, Romania s Nadia Comaneci recorded the first perfect score in Olympicgymnastics history, then proceeded to record six more for good measure.
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      Olympics Olympic Events
      First Appeared: 1896 (men); 1928 (women)
      by Mike Morrison Always one of the most popular summer Olympic sports, gymnastics has given us some of our most memorable moments and personalities in recent Olympic history.
      In , Russia's Olga Korbut helped take our minds of the horrors going on in Munich and in Vietnam. In , Romania's Nadia Comaneci recorded the first perfect score in Olympic gymnastics history, then proceeded to record six more for good measure. In , American Mary Lou Retton dazzled us with her smile and spunk, and in , it was the "Magnificent Seven" and Kerri Strug's gutsy vault that ensured the gold for the United States.
      Did You Know?
      The word gymnastics comes from the Greek word gymnos , meaning naked, and referring to the dress code (or lack thereof) of the athletes back in ancient Greece.

    13. Little Nadia Vaults To Olympic History - That Was Then - CBC
    the shy, ponytailed teenager make history at the bronze (floor exercise) at the 1976Montreal Olympics. a generation of youngsters to sign up for gymnastics.
    It is a world first.
    Standing 4 feet 11 1/2" tall, weighing 86 pounds, a 14-year-old Romanian vaults in to history books on July 18, 1976.
    It's just before noon at the Olympic Games in Montreal when Nadia Elena Comaneci becomes the first gymnast ever to score a perfect 10.
    It happens on the uneven parallel bars. And "Little Nadia" would go on to score six more perfect 10s before the end of the Olympics. Next Printer-friendly page Send this page to a friend She becomes an immediate media darling. In this clip, CBC's Peter Gzowski, recounts watching the shy, pony-tailed teenager make history at the Montreal Forum.
    Comaneci receives a total of seven perfect 10s; three gold medals (uneven bars, balance beam, all-around), one silver (team) and one bronze (floor exercise) at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Her accomplishments would inspire a generation of youngsters to sign up for gymnastics. Previous Did You Know? Printer-friendly page Send this page to a friend • Nadia Comaneci was born in 1961 in Onesti, Romania.
    • Comaneci was hand-picked by renowned Romanian gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi.

    14. - Olympic Sports - Gymnastics - Hamms Become First Twin Gymnasts In U.
    olympic history. There were gymnast brothers who competed in the 1956 olympics but never twins, said Courtney Caress, communications manager for USA gymnastics Boston olympic trials


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    Hamms become first twin gymnasts in U.S. history
    Click here for more on this story Latest: Saturday September 02, 2000 12:26 AM Matthew Stockman/Allsport MILWAKEE (AP) Morgan and Paul Hamm will be the first twin gymnasts to compete in the Olympics for the United States when they take part in the Sydney Games. And the 17-year-old fraternal twins from Waukesha, Wisc., don't anticipate any sibling rivalry. "Our main goal is for the team. Everyone wants a team medal," Morgan Hamm said. "I really don't think they are thinking, 'I am trying to beat my brother on this event,'" said Stacy Maloney, their coach of 10 years. "It's more like those two versus everyone else." Their selection already has made U.S. Olympic history. There were gymnast brothers who competed in the 1956 Olympics but never twins, said Courtney Caress, communications manager for USA Gymnastics. The twins' mother, Cecily Hamm, said they were especially supportive of each other at the Boston Olympic trials that ended Aug. 19.

    15. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic History Guides And Directories
    historians commenting upon olympic history, covering such and descriptions of theolympic rings, oath USA gymnastics olympics 1960 - 1976 Spotlights American

    16. Go Gymnastics - Olympic Gymnastics
    Paint series 262) Augusta Georgia, olympic gymnastics News, olympic gymnasticsCalendar, Masters96.Com, Augusta history, olympic gymnastics Augusta olympic
    Clip Art Directory - olympic gymnastics Gymnastics, Pommel Horse olympic gymnastics Really cool, creative, cartoons, illustrations, photos, webart in many subjects and styles.
    gymnastics, instruction, training, clubs, rhythmic, classes, metropolitan, Washington, Seattle
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    17. LookSmart - Directory - Olympic Gymnastics gymnastics Comprehensive outline of every team and individualchampion there has ever been in olympic gymnastics history.
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    YOU ARE HERE Home Sports Olympics Summer Events
    Olympic Gymnastics - Find Olympic gymnastics information covering both the artistic and rhythmic disciplines.
    Directory Listings About
  • International Gymnastics Federation
    Federation Internationale de Gymnastique official page includes news and a variety of resources for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics.
    Ananova - Olympic Gymnastics

    Explore an evocative overview of Olympic gymnastics, including the rules and a concise history of the version of the event played at the Games.
    Biggest Gymnastics Links Page, The

    Fan page features a list of links to individual gymnasts, fan pages, forums, competition results, photos, and general resources.
    CBS - Olympics 2000, Gymnastics

    Find details of the US Olympic team in gymnastics for the Sydney games. Includes latest news and schedules.
    eBay - Gymnastics Memorabilia
    Peruse a plethora of vintage and Olympic collectibles relating to gymnastics.
  • 18. History Of Gymnastics
    history of the Sport of gymnastics. In gymnastics, men started to competefor individual olympic titles in each gymnastic event.
    History of the Sport of Gymnastics
    Gymanstics, as an activity sport, has been around for over 2000 years but as an competitive sport it is a little more than 100 years old. Mass and individual exhibitions were conducted by various clubs and ethnic groups such as the Turvereins and Sok ols. While it was slow-growing in the club area, it was fast-growing sport in the Turvereins and Sokols. In 1830s, the sport of gymnastics was introduced to United States and its school systems by such immigrants as Charles Beck, Charles Follen and Franci s Lieber. In 1881 the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) was formed, later was renamed to Bureau of the European Gymnastics Federation. This organization pioneered the international competition. The Amature Athletic Union (AAU) was formed in United Sta tes in 1883. Along with other amature spotts in United States, this organization took over the control of the gymnastics in U.S. Various "championships" started to develop by various clubs and organizations at about the same time during 1880s. The first large-scale competition was the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece. There Germany have been the dominant team by almost sweeping every medal. Five countries have participapted in this event. Men's competitions included horizontal bar, parall el bars, pommel horse, rings, and vault.

    19. USA Gymnastics Online: 2000 Olympic Games: History
    TO SYDNEY. Fun Information. General. history. The olympics is like no other competition, offering some of the greatest moments of unscripted drama. anyone could try out for the U.S. olympic team
    Fun Information
    The Olympics is like no other competition, offering some of the greatest moments of unscripted drama. We have documented here some of the outstanding achievements, with an emphasis on the progress of American gymnastics. Rather than provide a boring history lesson, we hope that you will see a great deal of FUN within these pages! For instance, did you know that...
    • gymnastics competitions used to be held outdoors?
    • the gymnasts would usually bring their own apparatus to compete on?
    • until 1960, anyone could try out for the U.S. Olympic team in gymnastics; you merely had to show up at the Trials competition to enter!
    My, how things have changed! Sources
  • Harless, R. and Poe, D. Gymn's FAQ for Artistic Gymnastics . May 5, 1996.
  • Simons II, Minot. Women's Gymnastics: a history . Volume 1, 1966 to 1974. Welwyn Publishing Company, Carmel, CA. 1995.
  • Conversation with Fred Turoff. July 7, 1996.
  • 20. - History - Olympic Gymnastics Medalists
    This document lists all olympic gymnastics medalists. It is a page in the Historysection of, the largest collection of sports information on
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Olympic Gymnastics Medalists
    Table of Contents
    Men's All-Around
    Year Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score Gustave Sandras, FRA Anton Heida, USA George Eyser, USA William Merz, USA Alberto Braglia, ITA Georges Charmoille, FRA Alberto Braglia, ITA Georges Charmoille, FRA Alberto Braglia, ITA Walter Tysal, GBR Alberto Braglia, ITA Adolfo Tunesi, ITA Giorgio Zampori, ITA Jean Gounot, FRA Georges Miez, SUI Romeo Neri, ITA Heikki Savolainen, FIN Alfred Schwarzmann, GER Eugen Mack, SUI Konrad Frey, GER Veikko Huhtanen, FIN Walter Lehmann, SUI Paavo Aaltonen, FIN Viktor Chukarin, URS Grant Shaginyan, URS Josef Stalder, SUI Viktor Chukarin, URS Takashi Ono, JPN Yuriy Titov, URS Boris Shakhlin, URS Takashi Ono, JPN Yuriy Titov, URS Yukio Endo, JPN Sawao Kato, JPN Mikhail Voronin, URS Akinori Nakayama, JPN

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