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         Gymnastics History:     more books (80)
  1. Dr. Miroslav Tyrš, founder of the Gymnastic Organization Sokol: His underlying principles by Josef Čermák, 1966
  2. Health by exercise: The movement cure, embracing the history and philosophy of this system of medical treatment, with examples of single movements, the ... summary of the principles of general hygiene by Geo. H Taylor, 1888
  3. Lewanika: A study in political gymnastics (Seminar paper) by P Emmerson, 1964
  4. Health by exercise: Showing what exercises to take and how to take them to remove special physical weakness, embracing the history and philosophy of medical ... summary of the general principles of hygiene by Geo. H Taylor, 1894
  5. Health by exercise: Showing what exercises to take and how to take them to remove special weakness, embracing the history and philosophy of medical treatment ... summary of the general principles of hygiene by Geo. H Taylor, 1883
  6. A history of the development of Dalcroze eurhythmics in the United States and its influence on the public school music program by Arthur Francis Becknell, 1972
  7. An exposition of the Swedish movement-cure;: Embracing the history and philosophy of this system of medical treatment, with examples of single movements ... forming a complete manual of exercises; by Geo. H Taylor, 1874
  8. The effects of the bent arm hang exercise and concentrated rope climbing on the ability to climb a rope by Bruce B Trickel, 1967
  9. Geschichte der Gymnastik (Pan) by Ruth Hedinger, 1986
  10. Fifty years devoted to the cause of physical culture, 1864-1914 by George Brosius, 1914
  11. Gimnasia artistica: [Ma. Rosa Payes, Monica Puges] (Sereis campeones : guias de deportes olimpicos) by Ma. Rosa Payes, 1991
  12. Stručné dějiny sokolské župy "Ludevít Štúr" v Chicagu: Sedmdesát let slovenského sokolstva ve spojených státech 1892-1962 by Antonín Hřebík, 1962
  13. Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne "Sokol" na Pomorzu, 1893-1939 by Andrzej Bogucki, 1997
  14. Portrat einer Gymnastikschule: Entstehung und Entwicklung rhythmischer Gymnastik am Beispiel der Medau-Schule by Hildegard Erbgut, 1991

81. West View Trampolining Club - Trampoline History
President of the FIT (Trampoline) It is the first time in the history of the IOC Iam convinced that we shall feel good in the family of gymnastics and be as
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Gymnastics and Trampoline - A Historic Merger
The FIG, the International Gymnastics Federation, announced the completion of the merger between FIG and the FIT, the International Trampoline Federation. The FIT will disappear on the 31st December, 1998. From 1st January 1999, FIT's sports Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline will be part of the FIG. With this merger, Trampoline will become part of the Olympic Games 2000 programme as a discipline of the FIG, as decided by the International Olympic Committee. PRESIDENTS' COMMENTS Bruno Grandi, President of the FIG (Gymnastics):
"The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique is happy to welcome Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline to the Gymnastics Family. Those three sports are indeed gymnastic sports as are our other disciplines: Artistic Gymnastics; Rhythmic Gymnastics; Sports Aerobics and General Gymnastics. All our gymnasts train on the Trampoline - and trampoline athletes need gymnastics as basic training. The merger is natural and strengthens the Family of Gymnastics Worldwide." Ron Froehlich, President of the FIT (Trampoline):

82. RHOENRAD(wheel Gymnastics) History
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
History of RHOERAD
‚P‚X‚Q‚T”NAƒhƒCƒclƒIƒbƒg[Eƒtƒ@ƒCƒNiOtto Feickj‚É‚æ‚èlˆÄ‚³‚ꂽiRhoenrad j‚́A’N‚Å‚àŠÈ’P‚ɉñ“]‚Å‚«A‚Ü‚½‰ñ“]‚É‚æ‚èu‚ß‚Ü‚¢v‚ð—eˆÕ‚É‘ÌŒ±‚Å‚«‚é‰^“®Ší‹ï‚Å‚ ‚éB‚±‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚©‚çA•½tEg‘̈ʒuŠ´Šo‚̏K“¾‚âA‘̗͍ì‚èA‚ ‚é‚¢‚ÍŽp¨‹¸³‚É‚à—˜—p‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚éB

‘æ“ñŽŸ¢ŠE‘åíŒãAƒhƒCƒc‚Å‚Í’¼‚¿‚É ‚P‚X‚W‚W”N‚Ɂuƒ‰[ƒgv‚Æ‚¢‚¤–¼Ì‚ōĂяЉ‚ꂽB
a a a ƒhƒCƒc‚É‚¨‚¯‚銈“®iíŒãj a a

83. Gymnastics Links
Greatest Gymnasts Team Germany by Katja OutofBoundsNess gymnastics ARTISTIC ANDRHYTHMIC Sherwin s gymnastics USOC Online gymnastics history, general info
Gymnastics Links
"Quality, not quantity"

National Rhythmic Artistic ...
Federation Internationale De Gymnastique (FIG)

Gymn Forum
- a great resource of results, pictures, and reports from many events worldwide
Cetate World Gymnastics
- frequent news updates, results, pictures, and reports from many events worldwide
USA Gymnastics online

Gym Stars online
- the gymnastics magazine from Great Britain
International Gymnast online
- the gymnastics magazine based in the USA The Gymnastics Home Page NATIONAL SITES Australian Gymnastics Federation Gimnasia Argentina - in Spanish Federation Royale Belge de Gymnastique - in Flemish Confederação Brasileira de Ginástica British Amateur Gymnastics Association The Official Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Page Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique ... Fédération Française de Gymnastique - in French Deutscher Turner-Bund (DTB) - in German Israeli Gymnastics Federazione Ginnastica d'Italia (ITAGYM) - in Italian Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Bond - in Dutch The Official Romanian Gymnastics Website Romanian Gymnastics Live Real Federación Española de Gimnasia - in Spanish Svenska Gymnastikförbundet - in Swedish USA Gymnastics RHYTHMIC GYMN SITES Alex Kochann's RSG page - in-depth page Inger Marit's RSG page - also links Melissa's Rhythmic Gymnastics Priscilla's RSG World Scherba's Sports Center ... The Rhythmic Resource - photos, profiles

84. MSN Encarta : Online Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas, And Homework
Article from Encarta Encyclopedia introduces the sport and provides a brief history.

85. History Of Gymnastics - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Trace the history of gymnastics and various gymnastics events. historyof gymnastics Rhythmic gymnastics. history of gymnastics.
History of Gymnastics - Rhythmic Gymnastics

2004 Olympics

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History of Gymnastics - Rhythmic Gymnastics
History of Gymnastics Woman Gymnastics Man Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics ... USA Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport that harmonizes body movement to the lilting tunes of choreographed music. In fact, gymnastics can be likened to an art form. Gymnastics events test the strength, rhythm, balance, flexibility and agility of the gymnast. The history of gymnastics has seen many a popular gymnast who has mesmerized the world with awesome performances. History of Gymnastics
Gymnastics in its present form can be traced to Sweden. The history of gymnastics shows that Germany and Czechoslovakia developed gymnastics apparatus around the 1800s. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a German educator was known as the Father of gymnastics. He used pieces of stationery apparatus to inculcate and develop self-discipline and strength of body. The Swedish method on the other hand, developed by Pehr Henrik Ling, concentrated on rhythm and coordination with the use of hoops, clubs and small balls.
It was just a matter of time before gymnastics became an extremely popular sport in Europe. The history of gymnastics at a competitive level can be traced to the 1896 Olympics in Athens. The Gymnastics World Championships has its history in the 1903 international event held in Antwerp.

86. Camberwell Gymnastics Club
The history. Camberwell gymnastics Club started as Russ Gym Kids byRussell Haynes in 1993. It ran one day a week on a Friday for
The History
Camberwell Gymnastics Club started as Russ Gym Kids by Russell Haynes in 1993. It ran one day a week on a Friday for anyone who wanted to learn gymnastics. I was coaching at Rotherhithe gym club and also coaching at Crystal Palace when I was asked to run a session on behalf of Southwark council at Camberwell Leisure Centre. The first class started with just 5 kids. Over the next few months the class grew and another day was added. Today with a name change we have around 250 kids and adults a week who uses Camberwell Gymnastics Club and we are now open every day. We have six different classes and have produced regional champions. One of our goals is to have our own gym and produced a national squad gymnast. Camberwell Gymnastics club employ 9 coaches and 10 volunteers, with classes running throughout the day and projects with schools and other clubs, workshops and coaching courses, Camberwell Gymnastics Club has become a full time working club. The aim of the club is to provide gymnastics for all. To advance the knowledge of gymnastics to all who attend the classes and to better their skills because of coming to the club. We accept gymnasts of all abilities and backgrounds and will not exclude anyone willing to learn gymnastics.

87. Lynx Gymnastics Club History
. JavaScript is disabled on your browser! history. Photographs of previoussquads, events, gymnasts, coaches even Lynx gymnastics Guard Dogs!
JavaScript is disabled on your browser!
Photographs of previous squads, events, gymnasts, coaches even Lynx Gymnastics Guard Dogs! To use: rest your mouse pointer on an image for a description and left-click once to enlarge.
Guard Dogs!
This page was updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2004. Any questions or comments about this web-site? Please try our feedback form . Sign our Guestbook
Registered Office: 70 Rabans Close Aylesbury Bucks HP19 8RS Tel 01296 488888 Fax 01296 488899
E-Mail: . Registered Charity Lynx Gymnastics Club Updated 3rd May 2004. Clare Thompson wins a Team Gold medal at National Finals for Level 3. British Gymnastics Child Protection Course - 20th June 2004 at LYNX. Tony Horne is now awarded Senior Tutor Examiner status. Special Needs has started its classes on Sundays at Lynx. Superb! New party invitations are in. Book your party EARLY! LYNX Home Directions Map Fundraising History ... Management News Archives Sponsors WHAT'S ON Adult's Gym Birthday Parties Booking General Gym Gymkins Hirings Lynx Squads Calendar Judging Results Playgym ... Waiting List MEDIA Floor Music Forum Guestbook Photo Galleries ... Webcam EXTRA Members Area Search Links UK Gymnastics ... F.A.Q.

88. Gymnastics --  Encyclopædia Britannica
They were invented in the , history from gymnastics The term gymnastics, derivedfrom a Greek word meaning “to exercise naked,” applied in ancient

89. Acrobatics
Top. history. Acrobatics goes back all the way to the time of the ancient Greeks. TheUSSA is a member of IFSA, USA gymnastics, and the US Olympic Committee.
This part of the site no longer update please visit our new pages
Brief Description "Sometimes called Acrogymnastics, or just plain Acro, it is one of
the most exciting forms of gymnastics."
There are two parts to the competition, you can participate in either one
of them or both. The 2 types are Tumbling and Pair/Group. (Basic Idea - Tumbling)
There is men's and women's tumbling. A tumbler has to perform three
series of jumps: a series of somersaults, a series of twists, and a
combination of the two. (Basic Idea - Pair/Group)
These are partner exercises that include balance and tempo. The balance
part focusing on agility, flexibility, plus balancing skills performed
on a partner. The tempo part focuses on synchronous and dynamic
performances by partners, one enabling the other to perform somersaults and twists while being tossed into the air. There are 5 divisions included in pair/group category. Men's Four (men's group), Men's Pair, Mixed Pair, Women's Pair, and Women's Trio (women's group)...

90. History
The history of gymnastics. 1976 gymnastics legends Nadia Comaneci and NelliKim became the first perfect 10s in history at Montreal Olympics.
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The history of gymnastics
2000 BC
Egyptians artefacts first depicted gymnastics 800 BC
Greece, China, Persia and India used gymnastics for military training. 18th Century
Germany popularised gymnastics for physical fitness 18th Century
Gustmuths wrote first gymnastics book
Federation International de Gymnastique (FIG) founded 19th Century
Curative 'medical gymnastics' develops in Sweden Gymnastic events debut in the Olympics Japan's Masao Takemoto won Olympic gold at age 40 First World Gymnastics Championships The USSR's Olga Korbut takes three golds at the Munich Olympics Gymnastics legends Nadia Comaneci and Nelli Kim became the first perfect 10s in history at Montreal Olympics Gymnastics debuts at the XI Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada The Soviet Union took men's gymnastics by storm Bela Karolyi retired. He flamboyantly created champions like Nadia Comaneci The FIG recorded 124 affiliations worldwide World Championships first held in Japan, Asia

91. Gymnastics
Encyclopedia entry offers a history and a description of artistic and rhythmicgymnastics.
var nEditorialCatId = 316; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Gymnastics What's New Join Now Home Page Message Boards ... Tools Olympic Games Education 2004 Gymnastics, as an activity sport, has been around for over 2000 years but as an competitive sport it is a little more than 100 years old. Mass and individual exhibitions were conducted by various clubs and ethnic groups such as the Turvereins and Sok ols. While it was slow-growing in the club area, it was fast-growing sport in the Turvereins and Sokols. In 1830s, the sport of gymnastics was introduced to United States and its school systems by such immigrants as Charles Beck, Charles Follen and Franci s Lieber. In 1881 the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) was formed, later was renamed to Bureau of the European Gymnastics Federation. This organization pioneered the international competition. The Amature Athletic Union (AAU) was formed in United Sta tes in 1883. Along with other amature spotts in United States, this organization took over the control of the gymnastics in U.S. Various "championships" started to develop by various clubs and organizations at about the same time during 1880s. The first large-scale competition was the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece. There Germany have been the dominant team by almost sweeping every medal. Five countries have participapted in this event. Men's competitions included horizontal bar, parall el bars, pommel horse, rings, and vault.

92. Croydon School Of Gymnastics - Club History
Eventually Mike encouraged Jackie to further her gymnastics at Croydon gymnasticsClub. The club was then renamed Croydon gymnastics Club for Boy s.

The Bare Beginnings
More Recently Past Successes
The Bare Beginnings
Inevitably it became necessary for the two sections to go their own ways with separate committees. The club was then renamed Croydon Gymnastics Club for Boy's. Despite lack of funds, the club prided itself on its ability to grow and develop. In 1991 the club started structured gymnastics classes for pre-school children under 5 years, becoming the first to do so in Croydon.
Back to top
More Recently
Croydon School of Gymnastics celebrated its 25th Anniversary in June of 1992. Then, in 1993, the club opened its doors to girls, and for the 3rd time the club's name was changed to Croydon School of Gymnastics . Croydon School of Gymnastics is now acknowledged as one of the top clubs in South West London with considerable success in both regional and national competitions. Competition success is obviously important and the club is rightly proud of the achievements of its top performers. However, the club has built its reputation of being a popular and thriving London club, building a firm foundation by catering for various disciplines for all ages, and abilities and now boasts a membership of approximately 200. The club runs classes six days a week including classes for:-
  • Pre-School structured Classes for under 5's
  • Recreational Classes for age 6-14
  • Work with performers in Theatre, TV and Films

93. Gymnastics
Brief history. “gymnastics has evolved into one of the most avidly followed Olympicevents and a popular conditioning activity for all ages” (Gianoulis 2002
A LOOK INSIDE THE WORLD OF GYMNASTICS Home Brief History and About the Sport The Negative Side Interview with a Former Gymnast Gymnasts and Home Schooling Injuries The Positive Side Positive Experiences Successful Stories Career Opportunities References Created by Taylor Westphal Brief History About the Sport TOP

94. International Institute For Sport And Olympic History
profit educational corporation, 501c3, IISOH, Library, Museum, Olympic Games, Historyof Sport, Physical Education, Wrestling, Fencing, gymnastics, Sports
to the
International Institute for Sport
and Olympic History
Library and Museum
The IISOH is seeking $1 million (one million Dollars) from a benefactor in order to establish an endowment for the sport of GYMNASTICS. This is a naming opportunity for the benefactor to have a perpetual identification with the sport of GYMNASTICS . The endowment would be named by the benefactor with the approval of the IISOH Board of Directors. The endowment becomes a permanent trust fund invested by the Institute with only the quarterly earned interest being used for development of the GYMNASTICS collections in both the Library and Museum.
Cash donations IN ANY AMOUNT are always welcome, too.
For more details about the endowment program, please click here Endowment Program.
LIBRARY donations:
  • Material in ANY language, including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Latin, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Sanskrit and dozens of others.
    The scope of the collection is international and comprehensive.

95. Sports - Gymnastics - Olympian Hoping To Make History
May 12, 2004 Vol. 29 No. 41, Back to Sports, gymnastics Olympianhoping to make history. By John Barlow Editor. He is one of Canada
May 12, 2004 Vol. 29 No. 41 Back to Sports
Gymnastics - Olympian hoping to make history By John Barlow
However, few people would recognize gymnast Kyle Shewfelt if they bumped into him on the street.
Even fewer elementary school students would know anything about Shewfelt let alone his sport. But last Wednesday the Grade 6 class at Dr. Morris Gibson School had the opportunity to meet Shewfelt and not only learn about the sport of gymnastics, but also the commitment and sacrifice it takes to be an Olympian.
After a few years in gymnastics the Calgarian began competing and advanced to the 1993 Western Canadian Championships and winning his age category.
He watched the gymnastics events at the 1996 Summer Olympics on television and felt that he could, someday, be an Olympian.
I guess? Shewfelt bounced his way to the top 10 in the world rankings and earned a spot in the 2002 Summer Olympics.
Flying high upon learning he would represent Canada at the Olympics, Shewfelt came crashing back to earth in Sydney.

96. Untitled Document
As she was coaching one of her sixyear-old swimmers, Kelli Marimpetri discoveredthat in the small town of The Plains, OH, a gymnastics center called Global
History Meet the Gymnasts Officers Upcoming Events ... Home As she was coaching one of her six-year-old swimmers, Kelli Marimpetri discovered that in the small town of The Plains, OH, a gymnastics center called Global Gymnastics existed. Marimpetri, a freshman at Ohio University, had competed in gymnastics throughout high school and middle school and found herself missing the sport since her arrival at college. Motivation, perseverance, enthusiasm and a little help from Ohio University put Marimpetri's dream of beginning an OU club gymnastics team into action. During the winter quarter of 2000-2001, the OU Gymnastics Club was created by a small, hardworking group of girls led by Marimpetri. Before the team even had the chance to celebrate its first birthday, they swept away the competition by winning their first meet at Virginia Tech University. Success followed the young team during their innaugural season, as they went undefeated in regular competition. The 2001-2002 National Competition was hosted by Ohio State University, where the girls earned a 6th place finish among 30+ competing teams. Having established themselves as a team, the 2002-2003 season brought team unity, excitement and also success to the OU Gymnastics Club. Winter storms in February and March made travel an adventure, but the team always found a safe way to arrive at their competitions, which included Virginia Tech's "Heroes & Villians" meet, Purdue's "Golden Grips" competion, Miami's "Miami Cup", and Indiana University's "Big Red" Invitational.

97. Gymnastics QLD - History
The Queensland Gymnastic Association Inc., trading as gymnastics Queenslandsince April 1997, was founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1984.
Your browser does not support script The Queensland Gymnastic Association Inc., trading as Gymnastics Queensland since April 1997, was founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1984. Gymnastics Queensland (GQ) is the peak body for Gymnastics in Queensland and is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia the controlling body for the sport of Gymnastics in Australia. The Association also maintains affiliation with relevant State Sporting Governing bodies such as the Queensland Olympic Council, Queensland Commonwealth Games Association and the Queensland Sports Federation. Gymnastics Queensland is a not-for-profit, tax paying Association incorporated under the 1981 Associations Incorporations Act. of Queensland, comprising of affiliated clubs, life members, registered athletes and technical members (coaches and judges). Gymnastics Queensland embraces the seven official Gymsports of gymnastics, which are:-
Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)
General Gymnastics (GG)
Sport Aerobics (AER)
Trampoline Sports (TRP)
Sports Acrobatics (ACR) The primary objectives of Gymnastics Queensland in accordance with its Constitution is to:-

98. Women's Gymnastics - University Of Arizona :: Official Athletic Site
04 Arizona gymnastics 2004 SeasonIn-Review The 2004 Arizona women s gymnastics teamjust record books as one of the best teams in program history, making 2004


M Basketball

W Basketball

M Cross Country
Arizona Gymnastics 2004 Season-In-Review

The 2004 Arizona women's gymnastics team just might have raised the bar of success for every future Arizona team to follow. Arizona was successful in 2004 at performing consistently at one of the highest levels in the nation, something no other Arizona squad has ever done before. The Arizona Wildcats of 2004 etched their names in the school record books as one of the best teams in program history, making 2004 a season in which the success of future Arizona teams will be judged upon for many years to come. (More)
Monica Bisordi Earns Second-Team All-America Honors

Bisordi earns All-America honors for the first time in her career, and becomes the 15th Arizona gymnast in school history to garner All-America accolades.
Arizona Gymnastics Meet Notes
Bisordi (All-Around) and McCabe (Floor) will represent Arizona at the 2004 NCAA Championships in Los Angeles, April 15-17 No. 18 Arizona Gymnastics Finishes Third at NCAA South Central Regional Championships Arizona's 196.375 is the highest score in school history in a Regional Championship meet Monica Bisordi Named to Pac-10 All-Conference Gymnastics Team Bisordi earns Pac-10 all-around honors for second time in her career Arizona Gymnastics Meet Notes Arizona will make its 18th consecutive postseason appearance on Saturday CAT SCRATCHES Season Statistics Team Records Media Guide 2004 Poster ... Happy Holidays ARIZONA EXTRAS 2004 Media Guide Women's Gymnastics

99. History Of Sunburst Gymnastics
A short history of Sunburst gymnastics, how we havegrown and prospered and the places we ve been.
Sunburst Gymnastics was established in 1979 in a small garage in Oregon City, Oregon with enough room for a balance beam, vaulting horse and a small tumbling area. After moving to larger location on Monroe Street in Oregon City, In 1982, Roethe Road in Milwaukie became Sunburst's next home for 21 years. On November 3rd, 2003, we began operations in a brand new 17,000 sq ft building located at 9889 SE Mather Road #102, Clackamas, OR 97015 Many coaches have worked at Sunburst, some venturing off to teach gymnastics in foreign countries, coach at the collegiate level, become judges, and some have started their own gyms in the United States. Former students have grown-up, gotten married, started their own families, even became gymnastic meet judges and now bring their children to Sunburst. Talk about repeat business! Our first location-Oregon City Our 2nd home in Oregon City-Monroe St Our home in Milwaukie-21 years Nov, 2003 - 9889 SE Mather Road #102 Clackamas, OR 97015

100. Hurstpierpoint Gymnastics Club - History
history. There was a gymnastics club in Hurstpierpoint as early as the 1920 s, basedin the Parish Room, which ceased to operate at some time in the thirties.
There was a gymnastics club in Hurstpierpoint as early as the 1920's, based in the Parish Room, which ceased to operate at some time in the thirties.
The current club was formed in January 1980 in the school hall with an initial membership of forty junior and infant aged girls. Since 1980 it has expanded in numbers, developed a wider range of equipment and now caters for over three hundred gymnasts, both boys and girls, from 3 to 16 years olds, with both qualified coaches and teachers.
During the past twenty years the club has:-
  • trained over two thousand gymnasts
  • gained over five thousand awards
  • had members represent their schools and the county at National level in three disciplines:-
Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Sports Acrobatics
  • trained twenty coaches
  • coached over one thousand seven hundred and fifty competition entries and
  • helped over twenty local schools and charities with displays and fund-raising events.

In 1983 the club adopted the royal blue and white of its host school as club colours and mounted its first annual competition. In every year since, the first Saturday in July has seen gymnasts competing for honours in floor solos, vaulting and acrobatic pairs. The competition has always been open to those who are school year three and above and not attending other clubs. A range of trophies have been presented by various groups and individuals, including the Sussex Clubs for Young People.
Amongst our ex-gymnasts the club knows of at least nine teachers, two fitness trainers, a physiotherapist and numerous others whose careers have been positively affected by their membership of the club.

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