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         Guinea Culture Africa:     more detail
  1. Papua New Guinea (Cultures of the World) by Ingrid Gascoigne, 1998-04
  2. Journal of expeditions to the Soviet Union, Africa, the islands of Madagascar,: La Reunion and Mauritius, Indonesia and to East and West New Guinea, Australia ... New Guinea, June 1, 1969 to March 3, 1970 by D. Carleton Gajdusek, 1971
  3. An Annotated Word List of the Motuna Language (Bougainville, Papua New Guinea) Douglas L. Oliver's Materials (1) by Masayuki Onishi, 2002

1. Guinea -- Culture Overview
mosque represents the adaptability of Muslim institutions to the culture of WestAfrica. In Upper guinea, the Great Mosque in Kankan is a spiritual center
Guinea - Culture Overview The Republic of Guinea is located on the coast of West Africa, and its people have shared in the long, complex history of that region. By the 13th century, many local inhabitants had come under the influence of the Mali Empire, and as the Fula peoples migrated in from the north, they formed their own kingdom in the mountainous area of the country known as the Fouta Djallon. In spite of the stiff resistance put up by Guineans, France made the area an autonomous colony in the 1890s. Embittered by the Guinean desire for independence in 1958, the French withdrew all investment and any goods they could move. The hero of independence, Ahmed Sekou Toure, led the new nation into a political and economic isolation that preserved many cultural traditions, but at the expense of greater development. Since his death in 1984, people are more free to oppose the government but Guineans of different ethnic backgrounds have had difficulty sharing the national patrimony.
Guinea has several distinct regions. Some 20% of the population live in the coastal areas of the Baga and Sousou peoples, who have been a dominant force in the government during the 1990s. In the Fouta Djallon another 40% of the people are the Fula who have always been underrepresented in national affairs. In Upper Guinea, the region of Sekou Toure, some 21% of the people are Malinke, descendents of the Mali Empire. The remaining peoples live in Forested Guinea in several such small groups as the Kissi, Kono, Guerze, and Toma. There is also a small Lebanese population in the cities and several thousand refugees from the conflicts of neighboring countries. French is the official language, taught in the schools since the 1980s, but over 100 local languages are spoken. The vast majority of Guineans are Muslims. There are a handful of Christians in and around the capital, and most of the people in the forested southeast follow animist religions.

2. Equitorial Guinea -- Culture
principal mainland city, Bata, cultural centers house Sources Central africa A TravelSurvival Kit of the Sahara; World Bibliographic Series/Equatorial guinea.
Equitorial Guinea - Culture Overview
Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries in Africa, but its history is very complicated. The nation includes a mainland territory and five offshore islands. The island of Bioko (once called Fernando Po) has been most important to the unfolding of the colonial past and is therefore the site of the capital city, Malabo. The island is also the area of greater development. Equatorial Guinea is the only African country to have been colonized by the Spanish, though the Portuguese and the British played important roles in the development of colonialism there as in many other countries along Africa's west coast.
The best-known folklore of Equatorial Guinea is that of the Fang. Sometimes this folklore is referred to by the name of mvet, a guitar-like instrument that the Fang balladeers play as they recount the tales and history of their people. Often they use such other instruments as the xylophone, great drums, and a wooden trumpet. The mvet musicians play a vital role in religious and other ceremonial occasions and many of their songs have been copied by interested outsiders. Equatorial Guinea also possesses a Spanish language literature that is largely dedicated to autobiographical accounts of the country's ongoing political turmoil.
The residence for the Spanish colonial government was located in the city of Malabo, and many of the city's landmarks recall its presence. Most dramatic is the Gothic Cathedral with its stained glass rose windows, its high ceilings, and ornate sermon platform. The courthouse is an unusual three-story building. In the principal mainland city, Bata, cultural centers house the masks carved by local people. These masks have a reputation for being among the finest in Africa.

3. Guinea (West Africa) On The Internet
An annotated guide to internet resources on guinea (Conakry) for students, faculty, librarians, teachers, journalists, businesspeople and others. the discussion group soc.culture.guineaconakry
Countries : Guinea Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: Guinea News
3P - Plus (Parole-plume-papier) "le journal des arts et lettres"
In French. Published by 3P Plus Communication. Selected articles. E-mail:
African Connectivity Data - Guinea
The state of internet access in Guinea. Site maintained by African internet connectivity expert, Mike Jensen.
Afromix - Guinea
Promotes Afro-Caribbean music. Discographies of music by Artists, Countries, Styles, Instruments, Labels, Years. Links to related sites and sites selling CDs and videos. Site owned by Fabrice Gaillard of Paris, France.
Anglican Diocese of Guinea
Has a short history of the Anglican Church in Guinea.
Atevo Travel - Guinea,2508,1020,00.html
Bah, Boubacar - ... Frequently Asked Questions about the Republic of Guinea
Mr. Bah maintains an extensive site covering - news about Guinea in English and French, business practices, music, the economy, education, geography, the internet and Guinea, population, government, travel, books about Guinea, directory of web pages by Guineans with brief descriptions of the authors, etc. Mr. Bah help create the discussion group

4. Atlas - Equatorial Guinea Map
Including map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency.

People History Culture ... Disputes
Equatorial Guinea Introduction Back to Top Equatorial Guinea, independent republic, western Africa, consisting of a mainland section bordered on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by Gabon, and on the west by the Gulf of Guinea; and, in the Gulf of Guinea, the islets of Corisco, Elobey Grande, and Elobey Chico, and the islands of Bioko (formerly Macías Nguema Biyogo, and previously Fernando Póo), and Annobón (Pagalu from 1973-1979). Equatorial Guinea has a total area of 28,051 sq km (10,831 sq mi). The capital is Malabo on the island of Bioko. Official Name- Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Capital City- Malabo
Population- 456,000
Languages -Spanish (official), English and other dialects
Official Currency -CFA Franc
Religions- Christian, others
Land Area -28,050 sq km (10,830 sq miles)
Equatorial Guinea Provinces Back to Top
7 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia); Annobon, Bioko Norte, Bioko Sur, Centro Sur, Kie-Ntem, Litoral, Wele-Nzas. Equatorial Guinea People Back to Top The majority of the population is African, but its composition is complex for a political unit so small in size. The Fang people, who fought their way to the sea in the 19th and early 20th centuries by subjugating the weaker tribes in their path, form about 80 or 90 percent of the population of the mainland region. North of the Mbini River are the Ntumu Fang, and to the south of it are the Okak Fang. Holding political power on the mainland, the Fang tend to migrate to Bioko, where their leaders hold most of the levers of political control. Coastal tribes, such as the Kombe, Mabea, Lengi, Benga, and others, have been in contact with European traders much longer, and a limited amount of miscegenation has taken place, especially on the island of Corisco. Spanish ethnographers refer to these coastal tribes as playeros. Both the Fang majority and the playero minority are Bantu.

5. Africa South Of The Sahara - Culture And Society
An annotated guide to internet resources on african culture and society. Language and Popular culture in africa " The main aim of LPCA is to document and further the rites, divination and mankala board games in Botswana, guinea-Bissau, Zambia.
Topics Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: Individual Countries
Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. The symbolism of images is often provided. One can purchase textiles as well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of Oriental and African Studies) is on Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London.
Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact: [KF]
Africa: One Continent. Many Worlds
Extensive site for the traveling art exhibit from the Field Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

6. Equatorial Guinea Vacation Guide: Romantic Equatorial Guinea Vacations, Equatori
Equatorial guinea History Equatorial guinea culture Equatorial guinea Vacation PlannerEquatorial guinea Luxury Cruise Luxury Safari s and Tours of africa.

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Places in Africa

Equatorial Guinea: Culture
Population: 474,214 (July 2000 est.)
noun: Equatorial Guinean(s) or Equatoguinean(s)
adjective: Equatorial Guinean or Equatoguinean Religions: nominally Christian and predominantly Roman Catholic, pagan practices Languages: Spanish (official), French (official), pidgin English, Fang, Bubi, Ibo Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 78.5% male: 89.6% female: 68.1% (1995 est.) Equatorial Guinea Overview Equatorial Guinea History Equatorial Guinea Culture Equatorial Guinea Geography ... Africa Tour Vacation Packages Submit Free, Full Service Africa Vacation Planner Here Click here to save money, time and stress planning, making reservations, or booking your Africa vacation with our full service Virtuoso Travel Consultants We are recommended, authorized Virtuoso Africa Travel Consultants, and will arrange every little detail to make sure you have a wonderful, carefree vacation experience at no extra charge! You may call our Africa Travel Consultants, but first- we'd really appreciate it if you complete our

7. Guinea
guinea Overview guinea History guinea culture guinea Geography guinea Info guineaVacation Planner guinea Luxury Cruise Luxury Safari s and Tours of africa.

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Africa Luxury Vacations: Call 1-415-662-2683 to book. Open every day!
Places in Africa

Guinea: Culture
Population: 7,466,200 (July 2000 est.)
noun: Guinean(s)
adjective: Guinean Ethnic groups: Peuhl 40%, Malinke 30%, Soussou 20%, smaller ethnic groups 10% Religions: Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, indigenous beliefs 7% Languages: French (official), each ethnic group has its own language Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 35.9% male: 49.9% female: 21.9% (1995 est.) Guinea Overview Guinea History Guinea Culture Guinea Geography ... Africa Tour Vacation Packages Submit Free, Full Service Africa Vacation Planner Here Click here to save money, time and stress planning, making reservations, or booking your Africa vacation with our full service Virtuoso Travel Consultants We are recommended, authorized Virtuoso Africa Travel Consultants, and will arrange every little detail to make sure you have a wonderful, carefree vacation experience at no extra charge! You may call our Africa Travel Consultants, but first- we'd really appreciate it if you complete our

8. Culture
guinea, culture, Back to Top. Until 1984 artistic and literary expressions werelimited largely to African themes by the single political party and its leader.
Country Info Guinea Introduction Guinea General Data Guinea Maps Guinea Culture ... Guinea Time and Date Guinea Culture Back to Top Until 1984 artistic and literary expressions were limited largely to African themes by the single political party and its leader. As a result Guinean intellectuals exhibit a strong sense of nationalism and a decolonialized state of mind. As greater openness of expression returns, a distinctly Guinean literature is gradually emerging. A truly autonomous free press has yet to emerge as a major force in Guinean life. One French-language newspaper, Horoya, formerly controlled by the PDG, is published. A number of informal newsletters are also published in indigenous languages. A television service was begun in 1977, and transmissions continue on an irregular basis for short periods each day. The telephone network is limited and obsolescent; the few telephones in service are almost all in Conakry and other major urban centres. A program to upgrade the telecommunications system was implemented in the late 1980s. The professional National Guinean Ballet, which emerged after independence, has retained some of the dance and music of the distinct ethnic and regional groups. Creative accomplishments in modern dance and popular music have given Guinean musicians and singers an international reputation. Handicrafts in Guinea, as elsewhere in Africa, declined sharply during the colonial era with competition from manufactured consumer goods. The lack of tourism and creative marketing since independence has limited the amount of change and innovation in local crafts, so that the leatherwork, wood carving, and jewelry produced in Guinea tend to be more genuinely ethnic than elsewhere in western Africa.

9. Arts, Culture And Entertainment
allafrica african news and information for a global audience Djibouti. Egypt. Equatorial guinea. Eritrea. Ethiopia. Gabon. Gambia Sierra Leone. Somalia. South africa. Sudan. Swaziland. São

10. Culture
Eq guinea Maps. Eq guinea culture. Eq guinea History. Eq guinea Economy. Eq guineaProvinces. Eq guinea Time and Date. Equatorial guinea, culture, Back to Top.
Country Info Eq Guinea Introduction Eq Guinea General Data Eq Guinea Maps Eq Guinea Culture ... Eq Guinea Time and Date Equatorial Guinea Culture Back to Top Despite a veneer of Spanish culture and of Roman Catholic religion that is thicker in Bioko than on the mainland, Equatorial Guineans live largely according to ancient customs, which have undergone a revival since independence. Among the Fang of the mainland, witchcraft, traditional music (in which the Fang harp, the xylophone, the great drums, and the wooden trumpet are used), and storytelling survive. Spanish aid is much oriented to educational and health services. Among the Bubi farmers of Bioko, some ancient customs are still followed.
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11. Guinea Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
culture. music remains popular with most of the people in guinea, despite the and internationalstars have blended western instruments with African rhythms and
home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
Unlike the Bambara in Mali, to whom they are closely related, the Malink© produce very little art. Sculpted human figures are virtually non-existent, and if you find any wooden carvings, they are likely to be in the form of an antelope. Traditional music remains popular with most of the people in Guinea, despite the rise in popularity of more modern forms. National and international stars have blended western instruments with African rhythms and instruments, and the two types of music still exist side by side. Over 80 recordings have been made by Syliphone, the country's home-grown music label. They cover an enormous range of popular and traditional styles, and some of the big names are Bembeya Jazz, Keletigui et ses Tambourinis, and Camayenne Sofa. While French is the official language, many African languages are spoken: Malink©, especially in the north; Fula, mainly in the Fouta Djalon region; and Susu, mostly in the south around Conakry. You will get by if you speak some French, although people certainly appreciate attempts to speak their languages. Around 75% of Guineans are Muslims, less than 1% are Christians, and the remainder practise traditional religions. Virtually all believe in reincarnation and embrace the existence of a supreme being. In most towns, street food such as brochettes, grilled fish, peanuts and cakes is available, and there are usually one or two restaurants offering cheap meals of rice and sauce. Only the larger towns will have restaurants offering meat, chicken or chips. Conakry has several French-style p¢tisseries selling coffee and cakes, pizzas, hamburgers and other western-style food.

12. African Studies - History And Cultures
UNESCO Projects in africa, culture Sector = Projets en Afrique, Secteur de la culture especially for areas now known as Cape Verde, guinea Bissau, guinea, and Sierra Leone
History and Cultures of Africa
A B C D ... Sights and Sounds of a Continent (University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries and African Studies Program, Madison, Wisconsin)
    This web site offers dwnloadable images, sound files, and other materials on Africa. "This online collection ... contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

  • Africa Forum (H-Africa, H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.)
    • The full text article reprinted from History in Africa. 22 (1995): 369-408.
  • "History facing the present: an interview with Jan Vansina" (November 2001) and Reply by Jean-Luc Vellut
  • "Photography and colonial vision," by Paul S. Landau (May 19, 1999, Dept. of History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut)
      Excerpt from "The visual image in Africa: an introduction" in Images and empires: visuality in colonial and post-colonial Africa, ed. by Paul S. Landau and Deborah Kaspin.
  • H-Africa Africa Forum Home Page
  • H-Africa Network Home Page
  • Africa's 100 Best Books (Zimbabwe International Book Fair, Harare; via Columbia University)
  • 13. Equatorial Guinea Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
    Equatorial guinea culture. The Fang people on the mainland have held strong to theirtraditions, which means you re in for a treat if black magic is your thing.
    home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
    Equatorial Guinea
    The Fang people on the mainland have held strong to their traditions, which means you're in for a treat if black magic is your thing. Sorcerers are still among the most important community members. As with nearly all cultures, song and dance are important rituals, and there are several Fang dances that you might be fortunate enough to stumble across. Among the most fascinating celebrations is the abira , a ceremony that helps cleanse the community of evil. You might also see the passionate bal©l© dance and, along the coast, the extremely suggestive ibanga . On Bioko, a version of the bal©l© is also performed on holidays and at Christmas time. Typically, dances in Equatorial Guinea are performed to music provided by an orchestra of three or four men. The instruments played are drums, wooden xylophones, sanzas (a small thumb piano made from bamboo), bow harps and even zithers. If you happen upon any of these celebrations, count yourself fortunate. Most Equatorial Guineans live in grinding poverty and, on the whole, have little money to be festive.
    back to top

    : We've tried to make the information on this web site as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. You should verify critical information like visas, health and safety, customs, and transportation) with the relevant authorities before you travel.

    14. West Africa
    org Djembél A discussion list and web site on the musical culture of West africa.Emphasis is upon the countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, guinea, and Côte d
    Countries : West Africa Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Niger See also: Burkina Faso Guinea
    Cape Verde ...
    African Odyssey InterActive - Kennnedy Center for the Performing Arts
    Site for a festival in New York of music, dance, and theater from Africa and the African Diaspora. Describes events At the Kennedy Center In the Washington, DC Area Around the World . Has interviews with African scholars and artists, a directory of web sites about Dance, Music, Literary Arts/Storytelling, Theater/Performance, K-12 teaching resources . [KF]
    Afrique Francophone
    Much information on Francophone Africa-related web sites and discussion lists. Has a bibliography by Thomas C. Spear of Francophone literature . Maintained by Thomas C. Spear, Associate Prof. of French, Lehman College, City Univ. of New York.
    Bibliography: gopher://gopher.litteratures.UMontreal.CA:7070/11/fra/20e/franc
    Main site:

    15. Les Percussions De Guinee, Djembe Drum Ensemble And African Dancers
    preserve, spread, and promote the culture of africa around the world. In 1998, theDepartment of Arts and culture of the Republic of guinea appointed Mamoudou
    Photo Gallery

    2003 Tour Dates

    Promotional Material
    Official Website Sanctioned By
    The Department Of Culture Of The Republic Of Guinee
    Founded in 1987 by the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism of the Republic of Guinea, this national ballet is the most accomplished and respected. The government of Guinea has supported and encouraged the artists of their nation since 1958, recognizing their rich cultural heritage and the natural predisposition of their peoples to the arts. The government has been largely responsible for the advancement of their visual and performing arts worldwide.
    Les Percussions de Guinee is a government sponsored group of the finest percussionists, musicians, and dancers fro Guinea, West Africa. They are selected from the most distinguished masters in their field. They present a truly electrifying performance deeply enriched by the musical tradition of Guinea. Seven percussionists are chosen among the best soloists of Guinea's national companies.
    Guinea percussionists are universally respected throughout Africa and the rest of the world. They present a performance inspired by traditional music resolutely modern in its scenic presentation. The group is naturally oriented toward the music of the Guinean highland and the coastal region known as the paradise of the djembe drum, but their influences are also drawn from the Guinea midland and the forest regions as well. Les Percussion de Guinee possess their own unique identity and personality, and have created an authentic musical experience.

    16. West Africa: Conakry Hosts Festival De Guinée, 1st International Heritage And C
    the USA. Leader of the Memorable africa Oye tour in Japan, the USA, Europe. TopicInvestment Opportunities in guinea s Tourism and culture.
    Cora Instrumental Festival
    News Release

    Order forms

    Land of Contrasts
    Kindia, Mamou,
    Labe, Mali Ville

    Slave Route.

    world class ballet festivities arts and crafts ethnic culture music and dance Festival of Guinea: 1st Annual International Heritage and Culture Festival, Conakry, Guinea, April 24-30 Y OUR EIGHT DAY INCLUSIVE PACKAGE INCLUDES: SEVEN NIGHTS HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS IN CONAKRY, GUINEA HOTEL TAX THREE MEALS DAILY AIRPORT TRANSFERS AND TRANSFERS TO ALL FESTIVAL VENUES ADMISSIONS TO ALL "OFFICIAL" ACTIVITIES, TRADE FAIRS,
    Not included: airfare, special workshops, optional tours, travel insurance, visa, inoculations, beverages and all other items of a personal nature

    17. Guinea: The Switzerland Of Africa Is A Land Of Contrasts
    the ATA Congress theme of Nature, culture and Hospitality even Les Ballets africains, guinea s musical goodwill to the world and africa s foremost touring
    April 24-30
    Guinea Story
    Land of Contrasts

    Kindia, Mamou,

    3. Labe, Mali Ville

    4. Slave Route.
    Opposite: Atlantic from the patio and pool at the Novotel in Conakry (top).
    La Dame du Mali (below right,

    la Mode

    Ballets Africains
    Media-Francais ... USA Trade The Guinea Story: Land of contrasts by Muguette Goufrani T he story of my journey from the Gulf of Guinea on Africa's Atlantic Coast to historic Mali Ville in the northern highlands appears in our bilingual Africa Travel Magazine. With that in mind, please consider this online version as an hors d'oeuvre - the full course banquet will come when you visit Guinea. I guarantee that your travel experience will be a feast - and like one of Nat King Cole' s most famous songs ... Unforgettable! Or as the immortal Maurice Chevalier would say ... C'est Magnifique Slave Route N photos , see the gallery pages, where I had many opportunities to capture the spirit and flavor of the country, its people, history, culture, cuisine, colorful costumes, lifestyles and breathtaking scenery. To follow the route we took,click and view the

    18. NetIdentity - Personalized Email Addresses And Web Sites!
    culture. Travel. Searches Email Home. Equatorial guinea Archive. culture Archeology/Anthopology.Arts and Life in africa Fang People. Ethnologue Equatorial guinea.
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    19. Newsgroups Available Under Soc.culture
    soc.culture.guineaconakry guinea (ne French guinea, in West africa);soc.culture.haiti Haiti specific development and cultural issues.
    Newsgroups available under soc.culture
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    20. Guinea Travel Guide @
    Nimba Range, you will pass through some of the most traditional of African villagesconstructed in small groups of round houses. Religion and culture in guinea.
    The Online Guide to Travel Car Hire Cruises Flights Hotels ... Oceania Guinea African Villages Conakry Getting Around Guinea Guinea's Tribes ... From USA
    Flag of Guinea The Republic of Guinea , a former French colony, gained independence on October 2, 1958. Local Currency
    Convert your currency into Guinea francs.
    Maps and Travel Books
    Countries neighbouring Guinea are: Guinea Bissau Senegal , Mali, Côte d'Ivoire Liberia and Sierra Leone National Anthem
    of Guinea. Food Travel Fiction Health Kids Bios Humor Mags Software Gifts Tech Business Other News Headlines World News
    Directory of newspapers and news sources from around the world. Getting Around Guinea By Road The journey from Ivory Coast is one of the most interesting in West Africa. By Rail The major rail route is between Conakry and Kankan in the east. By Boat From Conakry, an interesting way to visit Sierra Leone is by boat to Freetown. Most African of West Africa Coming from Ivory Coast , across the Nimba Range, you will pass through some of the most traditional of African villages constructed in small groups of round houses.

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