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41. Kindergarten Kafe - Feb/Mar 1998
We re counting on you! Little groundhog Down Below. teach primary/secondary colorsby painting one hand red and one blue. President s day. America s Past
Vol. II Feb/Mar 1998 Issue 4 This site is best viewed in widest format. Welcome to the new year! What are your goals for your classroom in 1998? I have several but, at the forefront is increasing the time spent on technology for my students. I don't want to teach computer but, I want to teach my curriculum more effectively by using the computer and multimedia tools on a daily basis. Are you accomplishing this? If so, drop me a note and tell me what strategies work for you!
In this issue: Groundhog Day - February 2 Valentine's Day - February 14 President's Day - February 16 St. Patrick's Day - March 17 ... Odds and Ends Groundhog Day Mr. Groundhog pops up to see what all the commotion could be. Wake up, wake up, stretch and rise? Throw back the covers and rub your eyes. Book List! Shadows Take the class outdoors and mark where each child's shadow falls. At noon, do it again. Then, at the end of the day, do it again. This activity shows how the sun moves.

42. Science Projects For Holidays Throughout The Year, Teach, Teaching, Resources, L
groundhog day—February 2, 183. groundhog day Shadows Part A Shadow PuppetsPart B Shadows and Time, 185. Valentine’s day—February 14, 197.
Shopping Cart Check Out Contact Us Go To Category> Integrated Science (Grades K - 6) Learning Science from A to Z Series Toy-Based Science (Grades K - 9) Real-World Science (Grades 5 - 12) Science in Our World Series High School and College Level Chemical Engineering Series Chemistry in Industry CD-ROMs Palette of Color Series Terrific Science at Home Kits (Ages 6 - 10) Instant Science Kits (Ages 6 - 16) Instant Science Kits (English) International Instant Science Kits Big Science for Little Hands (Grades 3 - 6) Home Integrated Science
Science Projects for Holidays Throughout the Year
Use holidays and other special days to engage students in fun hands-on science.
  • 23 complete lessons Includes historical and cultural background information Cross-curricular integration National Science Education Standards 374 pages
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Series Features:
  • Engaging, hands-on science lessons

43. Groundhog S Day
maybe just partner with a kindergarten or 1st grade class and teach it to;Everything A teacher Needs for groundhog s day http//www

7134/Shadow/groundhog.htm. *****. PRESIDENTSday. February 15th is President s day and is a great time to teach kids
**WELCOME TO THE SMARTPARENT.COM NEWSLETTER!*** is a resource dedicated to educating parents on the best ways to safeguard their children from the dangers presented by cyberspace. Information contained in this newsletter includes topics of interest for both parents and children as well as what's new at
In This Issue:
- In the News
- Groundhog Day
- Presidents Day
- Valentines Day
- Valentines Recipes
- Valentines e-cards
- New Additions to the Site *********************************************** IN THE NEWS: The Child Online Protection Act is being debated in court. Next week's decision will determine whether the act violates free speech guarantees or if it is a permissible way to keep tabs on potentially harmful material. The ACLU is challenging the act, which would require commercial Web sites to collect credit card numbers or some other access code as proof of age before allowing users to view material deemed harmful to minors. To read more go to,

45. Groundhog Day
was inspired in part by movies like groundhog day, said he audience doesn t know,why this day is repeating does not use the movie to teach spiritual values.
December 7, 2003
Groundhog Almighty
Photograph from the Everett Collection; illustration by Gary Hallgren. Enlarge this image NEW movie series from the Museum of Modern Art, "The Hidden God: Film and Faith," features some pretty brooding stuff. There's a 1955 Danish movie about a man who thinks he is Jesus Christ, an Ingmar Bergman pastiche about a tormented pastor, a Roberto Rossellini movie about monks. These are, of course, the "intellectual with a capital I" films that audiences might expect at a religious-theme retrospective organized by a major museum. Subtitles and all that fancy stuff. With one exception. On Thursday, the opening-night feature at the Gramercy Theater, where the series is being presented, was "Groundhog Day," the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray as a sarcastic television weatherman forced by a twist of fate and magic to relive one day of his life, Feb. 2, over and over. Since its debut a decade ago, the film has become a curious favorite of religious leaders of many faiths, who all see in "Groundhog Day" a reflection of their own spiritual messages. Curators of the series, polling some 35 critics in the literary, religious and film worlds to suggest films with religious interpretations, found that "Groundhog Day" came up so many times that there was actually a squabble over who would write about it in the retrospective's catalog.

46. National Groundhog Job Shadow Day - Ways To Get Involved
Through National groundhog Job Shadow day (NGJSD), students they will shadow throughoutthe day to experience A shadow representative can teach them about
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National Groundhog Job Shadow Day
OPPORTUNITIES FOR HOTELIER INVOLVEMENT On February 2, 2004, students across the country will get an up-close look at the different careers and opportunities available to them in today’s workforce. Through National Groundhog Job Shadow Day (NGJSD), students are paired with a mentor who they will "shadow" throughout the day to experience how the skills they learn in the classroom can be applied to the real world. Here’s what you can do to show your support:
  • Have students shadow a general manager or executive staff member. Students will get a chance to learn a great deal about the lodging industry by following and assisting an experience hotel professional with their daily activities and duties. A shadow representative can teach them about the skills that are needed to succeed in the hospitality business. The students may assist with reservations, customer service, meeting and conventions, daily staff agenda, etc.
    By letting them “shadow” directly in a lodging association environment, students will get a prime understanding of how individual lodging state associations handle their legislative, regulatory, and operating practices. The state executive can have the students attend state and in-office meetings, assist with daily duties, etc.

47. The Groundhog Equation
also known as woodchucks (Marmota monax), can teach us has By the way, groundhogsdon t usually emerge from burrows until March, well after their day in the
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The Groundhog Equation
A Brief History
If the groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow, that's an omen for six more weeks of winter, and the groundhog returns underground. However, if the groundhog emerges from its burrow and doesn't see its shadow, it's a sign of spring, and the groundhog stays above ground. What's the story behind Groundhog's Day? According to an old Scottish rhyme, "If Candlemas is fair and clear, There'll be two winters in the year." Candlemas, a holy day dating back to the early Christians, was celebrated on February 2, 40 days after Christmas, and midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. On this day it was customary for priests to distribute candles that had been blessed to the people. The Romans carried Candlemas to the lands they conquered, and eventually the tradition made its way across Europe. The Germans added a hedgehog seeing its shadow which is more in keeping with present day tradition. If the animal sees its shadow (on a day that is "fair and clear"), it portends bad weather (thus "two winters"). Six weeks was thought to be the duration of the second winter.

48. Groundhog Misc
Name Kay EMail Date 4-18-99. I teach kindergarten deafchildren and the concept of groundhog s day is hard for them to understand.
Date: 2-7-00
After explaining and discussing shadows, use a projector to create the child's silhouette on a piece of black paper. Trace it with a white crayon or chalk. Cut out and mount on contrasting paper. This makes a nice keepsake for parents. Children love to see what they look like in profile!! Can also use this as a introduction to President's Day, since Lincoln and Washington are frequently seen in silhouette.
Date: 1-31-00
Date: 1-31-00
A potato groundhog Precut cardboard circles....Have the children add sand to the circle (or if the snow makes it difficult to do this substitute it with brown sugar) Precut a potato in half.. Add olive eyes and marshmallow teeth to the potato by using glue or toothpicks. Once the groundhog is dry you can glue gun onto the circle. The gluing of the potato is done after all this because it will drip if standing up.

49. Career Programs: National Groundhog Job Shadow Day
How to Have a Successful groundhog Job Shadow org or is available by calling theJob Shadow day Coalition at teach brushing/flossing on manikin/model and then
Licensure Discussion Forum Member Directory Contact Us ... TESTING SERVICES
Career Programs Introduction Career Mentoring Careers in Dentistry Career Mentoring Web Resources ... National Groundhog Job Shadow Day
National Groundhog Job Shadow Day You're invited to kick off the first-ever February dental careers month by participating in the Annual National Groundhog Job Shadow Day beginning on February 2, 2004, and continuing throughout the spring of 2004. Job shadowing enables young people to "shadow" a workplace mentor as he or she goes through a normal day on the job, providing an up-close look at how the skills learned in school are put in action in the workplace. It is an excellent opportunity to expose students to dental careers, specifically, dentistry, dental assisting, dental hygiene and dental laboratory technology. The U.S. Department of Labor, Junior Achievement and America's Promise make up the coalition of sponsoring agencies for this year's event. "How to Have a Successful Groundhog Job Shadow Day,"

50. Monster-Hardware
My favorite Bill Murray film was groundhog day. net Give a man a fish and he willeat for a day. teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink

51. Learning Technology And Groundhog Day
that there are different ways of conceptualising the topics we want to teach. oflearning technology, and for our protagonist in the groundhog day finally to
Learning Technology and Groundhog Day
J Terence Mayes
Learning technology has been through several previous cycles involving high expectation of a revolution in educational practice, followed by complete disappointment. This time there are new reasons for optimism, yet the expectation will again be unfulfilled unless the technology meets real learner needs. To understand what these needs are a theory of learning in educational settings is required. Such a theory should then guide the further development of learning technology. Here, an account of learning as a continuous cycle of refining concepts is described, providing a framework for understanding educational need, and indicating where technology might best meet that need. Stages of learning are mapped onto types of courseware, and a new kind of support for the crucial role of dialogue is proposed.
In Groundhog Day the hero escapes from the loop by finally recognising his true nature. Are we now at the point of breaking free in education? Expectations are again high (MacFarlane Report, 1993). It is very widely believed that this time is different, and the educational systems of the near-future will be radically different from those that have long characterised organised teaching and learning. Let us first consider why this might or might not be true in the context of UK higher education.
What's different now?

52. Groundhog Day
Howard Dean, speaking today at the Digital Democracy teachIn, and as reported byDr to repeat myself again, in the finest tradition of groundhog day, does not
Groundhog Day "Don't drive angry. Don't drive angry."
29 Feb 2004

10:52 AM A few of the most illuminating insights I've had in the last several years were not really new to me, I had in fact heard some of them before. In fact, I even thought I believed them. In reality, I didn't believe them. I may have agreed with them, but I didn't believe them. If you read something I write, you're reading the thoughts and words I own. You don't own them, and they're not yours. Chances are, you'll either agree with them, or disagree with them. If it's something you agree with, you might go so far as to say that it is "true." But none of that means that it is true for you, that it is true in your life. It's just true in this mental construct you have in your head of things that are true that may or may not have anything to do with how you run your life. Those are things we seldom look at. Those are the things you own , and given the fact that they pretty much shape your life, it's probably worth your while to take an inventory of those things. Chances are you're a pretty busy person, and while you agree that it's probably a good idea, you won't do it. And that's okay I guess. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A lot of people, maybe even most people, get through life just fine that way. Life's like that sometimes. But if you really want to own some of these ideas, then you have to

53. Groundhog Day - Your Take
So really groundhog day is a film about Love and tells us what it is and what itisn t it time and again is so rewarding because each time it can teach where we
Don't forget to reload this page to see your entry.
Don Barnett
02 Feb 2001
Your faith is obviously incredibly strong. Your use of a comdedic movie to attempt to demonstrate your mythology is merely pitiful. That's just sad. One day I do hope you use your intellect for something that could possibly benefit your fellow man or planet. Or even yourself! Good Luck!
sung-keun choi
Date: Time:
8:10:34 PM
nice to meet you! I'm sung-keun. I'm korean. yesterday I saw this movie. It's great. so I want to see this movie script. Have a nice day.
Date: Time:
5:42:19 AM
For crying out loud, guys, it's only a movie! Have any of you considered the fact that God created us as creative beings, and that as a consequence of that we are given the ability to create art for arts sake, without any biblical requirements of Christian meaning, slogans, and no need for ambiguous references to God, Jesus and the Bible. The link between the Israelites and Groundhog day is really stretching the bounds of what is considered to be a normal Christian life and crosses over into religious fanaticism. Next you'll be comparing the Simpsons with the Book of Revelation. Lighten up and enjoy the movie the way it was written- as a piece of entertainment. MovieName: Groundhog day

54. Groundhog
groundhog day started out cloudy and our principal announced there would be 6 moreweeks of I teach a Grade 2 class of 15 students and we all went out for the

55. Groundhog
My Clay Diorama. I’m going to teach you how to make a groundhog diorama. Thisis what you need. . 14. Diorama. My project is a diorama of groundhog day.
My Clay Diorama
1. Make your groundhog and his hole in brown clay on the paper towel.
2. Make the background out of clay. (Only on the bottom of the shoe box.)
3. Put the groundhog and his hole in the shoe box.
4. Make his shadow out of black clay.
Now you have a groundhog diorama.
My Groundhog Project
My groundhog project is made out of Play-Do, cotton balls, construction paper, and Easter grass. The Play-Do is my groundhog. The cotton balls are the snow and clouds. The Easter grass is the grass sticking out. The construction paper is yellow. The construction paper is also the sun. Try to do this project at home. Diorama My project is a diorama of groundhog day. I got a shoebox from my mom. I cut paper into a sun and clouds. I molded clay into a groundhog. I glued a picture on. Now it is done. Groundhogs My Sweet Groundhog A Groundhog That Saw His Shadow My Diorama Groundhogs I made a project about groundhogs. My mom took me to the store to buy supplies, felt, clay, and glue. I had to use a shoebox to put my groundhogs in it. We started by molding groundhogs out of clay. Then we glued the felt onto the box. We used super glue to make the groundhogs stay. I had fun making this diorama with my mom.

56. Traditions And Celebrations
The Holiday Page, 1,2. This page contains many holiday choices even groundhog day! MulticulturalGames, 1. Students will learn, appreciate, and teach the history

57. What A Groundhog Can Teach You
What A groundhog Can teach You. By Derek Vitalio. A lot us. Well rent themovie groundhog s day starring Bill Murray and watch it. Murray
What A Groundhog Can Teach You SEDUCTION SCIENCE CONFIDENCE MAX LEGENDARY LOVER PALM READING What A Groundhog Can Teach You By Derek Vitalio A lot of guys tell me that they have trouble developing the right attitude around women... the playful, relaxed, charasmatic attitude that women really go for. Of course, being the kind of man that exudes that kind of attractive energy is easier said then done. You may have seen other guys with it, but somehow it eludes the rest of us. Well rent the movie "Groundhog's Day" starring Bill Murray and watch it. Murray is the typical anti-seducer who turns women off with his pessimistic, dreary attitude on life. He's pretty much given up on women and himself. And nobody likes him. Then one morning, on Groundhog's Day, he wakes up and day after day he experiences the same day over and over again. Every day is just like the last one. The only difference is HIM and what HE does. Very quickly realizes there are no consequences to his actions because no matter what he does that day, the next morning it's as if nothing ever happened.

58. "Best Screenwriting Magazine" -- LA Times
groundhog day Special Edition Columbia/TriStar Studios Rated PG; 101 min. A miniseminareach week from the people who write the books and teach the classes.

CS Daily Archive
DVD of the Day Worth Watching Again and Again and... BY LINDA COWGILL A funny and poignant tale of real transformation, Groundhog Day is a true original. It provides Bill Murray with his perfect role: the egotistical TV weatherman who discovers his humanity after a spin in his own private Twilight Zone . Critics laud Murray's performance in 2003's Lost in Translation , but this is the movie that proved he was more than just a comedian and a real movie star. Groundhog Day: Special Edition Screenplay by Danny Rubin and Harold Ramis Phil Connors, an unbearably smug TV weatherman in Philadelphia goes on the annual assignment to Punxsutaweny for the Groundhog Day festivities. With him are cheery producer Rita and sidekick cameraman Larry. Phil detests the silly tradition and the small-town schmaltz, and insists they leave after filing their report. But a blizzard (that Phil has failed to predict) turns them back. Phil's stuck in his own private hell, Punxsutaweny, PA, and now his nightmare really begins. He wakes up the next morning, and it's Groundhog Day all over again.

59. TB Stumper Answers: 5 February 1999
Apostles would not yield to pagan customs or false doctrines, we also should notyield to churches today that teach these doctrines. . groundhog day and Chinese
Treebeard's Homepage Stumpers
Treebeard's Stumper Answer
5 February 1999
Groundhog Day
Tuesday was Groundhog Day. Traditions don't have to make good sense, but they often do. What's so special about February 2? We don't have groundhogs in California, but if any gopher stuck his head out of the ground this week, I'm sure he saw his shadow because it's been sunny and clear. By tradition, this means we'll have six more weeks of winter. But isn't this backwards? Is there any reasonable way to explain why sunshine means more winter, while clouds mean that spring is here? Shouldn't it be just the opposite? Groundhog Day on February 2 is exactly midway between solstice and equinox, as are May Day and Halloween. It's also Candlemas Day when candles are blessed and the Christmas season is finally over. It's part of this ancient European tradition that clear skies foretell six more weeks of winter until the equinox. This makes some weather sense. Clear nights are usually the coldest, because heat can radiate back into the sky. Cloud cover holds the heat in like a blanket, which might melt snow and give seedlings an early start. Notes: The official groundhog is Punxsutawney Phil , who didn't see his shadow this year. So spring is just around the corner. Phil's only been right about 40% of the time. I'm not impressed.

60. Jan 29 2004 Newsletter
teach ~ teach your child responsibility by giving him/her chores at home. 30 No School - teacher Workshop day. February 2 - groundhog day. .htm
We continue our work here at Sunrise to motivate students, to encourage them to work hard, and to help them take responsibility for their learning. You might want to consider the following "Three T's" to help foster and support your child's learning... Time ~ Take time to read with your child every day. Visit the library and help your child select high-interest books that he/she can read independently. Read aloud to your child. Listen to your child read. And read non-fiction to encourage your child's natural interests and curiosity. Talk ~ Talk with your child about school. Ask open ended questions, rather than "What did you do at school today?" Talk about your child's accomplishments and offer assistance with work that is difficult. Talk to your child about his/her role in the learning process. Adults can teach and support, but children have to do the actual work of learning. Teach ~ Teach your child responsibility by giving him/her chores at home. When children recognize their contributions to the
family, the value of teamwork, and the importance of being accountable, they transfer that sense of accountability to their schoolwork.

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