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1. Surfing The Net With Kids: Groundhog Day Concentration Puzzle
Earth day Wildlife. Space. More groundhog day Games groundhog day Jigsaw Puzzle teach your students the quick and easy way to create online games
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Groundhog Day Concentration Puzzle
Click the cards to find the matching hedgehogs.
When finished, click the photo to start again.

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More Concentration Games:

Earth Day Wildlife

More Groundhog Day Games:
Groundhog Day Jigsaw Puzzle


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Listen to a message from Barbara: Sponsored Links Teach your students the quick and easy way to create online games. What do kids love more than doing word searches, jigsaws, and crossword puzzles? They love authoring their own!

2. 'Groundhog Day'
And in his latest, "groundhog day " the shtick is still funny. He can teach himself piano. He can find out basic information from attractive local Marita Geraghty, for instance
Related Item ‘Groundhog Day’
By Desson Howe
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 12, 1993
Harold Ramis
Bill Murray

Andie MacDowell

Chris Elliott;
Stephen Tobolowsky Parental guidance suggested Compare prices for this movie Find local video stores More movie shopping Save money with NextCard Visa Y ou go to see Bill Murray not the movie he's in. No matter how mediocre the film, time spent with him is always rewarding. That absurdist deadpan has served him since the Carter-era "Saturday Night Live." And in his latest, "Groundhog Day," the shtick is still funny. For a time, the movie's pretty good too. "Groundhog" will never be designated a national film treasure by the Library of Congress. But, in terms of vehicle selection, this is one of the better ones Murray has hitched himself to. In fact, its "Twilight Zone"-type premise (scripted by Danny Rubin and director Harold Ramis) is initially intriguing. A people-hating weatherman on a Pittsburgh TV station, Murray's waiting for his real ship to come in. "For your information, Hairdo," he asserts to a well-coiffed colleague at WPBH, "there's a news channel interested in me." Until that questionable possibility, however, he must content himself with such hated aspects of his job as the annual trip on Groundhog Day. For this inane (to his mind) festival, he must join the reporting flocks at Punxsutawney, Pa., to catch the yearly appearance of the spring-determining rodent. If the divining "Punxsutawney Phil" sees his furry shadow, six more weeks of winter are due. If he doesn't, the thaw is on. Now back for his fourth Groundhog Day, Murray with producer Andie MacDowell and cameraman Chris Elliott waits impatiently for the day to end.

3. You Call It Groundhog Day, We Call It Imbolc
The Witches' Voice offers the latest (updated daily) in news and networking for the Modern Witch, Wiccan and Pagan Community. NOTE The Witches' Voice does not teach Witchcraft, Wicca or Paganism, nor do we believe in posting are taught the folklore of groundhog day, one of the last surviving
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Sep 21 Samhain Oct 31 Southern Hemisphere Yule Jun 21 Imbolc Aug 1 Ostara Sep 21 Beltaine Oct 31 Midsummer Dec 22 Lughnasadh Feb 2 Mabon Mar 21 Samhain May 1 Also Check out... Mike Nichols's Incredible... Witches' Sabbats NOTE: The Witches' Voice does not teach Witchcraft, Wicca or Paganism, nor do we believe in posting spells on the internet. On these pages we DO offer the basics of Neo-Paganism in an effort to give the general public a feel for this earth-based spiritual path. The words on these pages are those of the noted author and may or may note be reflected or endorsed by the Witches' Voice Inc. It is our policy to always post an email link to the author, feel free to contact them directly with any comments you may have. vox menus... Author: Peg Aloi Posted: Feb. 3, 2000 This Page Viewed: Imbolc Articles There have been pieces written for this Holiday Imbolc Essay (#1) Imbolc Essay (#2) Imbolc Essay (#3) You Call It Groundhog Day, We Call It Imbolc

4. Education World ® Holidays Center: February
What better time is there than St.Valentine's day to teach your students about how the human heart really works groundhog day. groundhog day (Punxsutawney) Phil Your day With Fun
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Host Department
Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Archives February Holidays FEBRUARY HOLIDAYS Join us as we celebrate Groundhog Day Valentine's Day Presidents' Day with activities, resources, and ideas! HOLIDAY IDEAS VALENTINE'S DAY Straight from the Heart! Valentine's Day means cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts, and paper hearts and a "hearty" collection of activities for children. If you haven't prepared, don't be brokenhearted… These lessons will put you in the loving spirit of the holiday! Celebrate Valentine's Day Across the Curriculum On Valentine's Day, as on most other in-school holidays, excited students can create a classroom atmosphere that wreaks havoc with the learning process. Don't fight it! Join in the spirit with activities that celebrate the day without sacrificing instruction. Web Sites to See: The Heart What better time is there than St.Valentine's Day to teach your students about how the human heart really works? Whether your students are preschoolers or high-schoolers, you're sure to find a site here that will unlock the mysteries of the heart. Included: A dozen great sites for Valentine's Day.

5. Holiday Lesson Plans
Celebration Learn about shadows, groundhogs, groundhog day, hibernation and day-Discusses the origins of Veterans day. teach-nology - The Art and Science of
Best Sites

Daily History

... Professional Development Enter your email address for
FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Holidays ... 100 Day - A handful of teacher submitted day 100 ideas. 100th Day Activities - More 100th day activities. 100th Day of School Activities - A page full of teacher submitted ideas for celebrating 100. Arbor Day Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and tree care. Founded by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska in 1872, National Arbor Day is celebrated each year on the last Friday in April. Chinese Celebrations, Holiday, and Customs Chinese New Year - Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade. Columbus Navigation - Examining the History, Navigation, and Landfall of Christopher Columbus.

6. Seduction Science Newsletter: "What A Groundhog Can Teach You"
What A groundhog Can teach You. article list. Seduction Science, Wellrent the movie groundhog s day starring Bill Murray and watch it.
"Science Reports": Seduction Science Newsletter Archive store bookmark this site now
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What A Groundhog Can Teach You
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information about this newsletter archive
If you find these Seduction Science newsletters useful in your life, consider purchasing the Seduction Science . There is a Review of Seduction Science available on this web site. A lot of guys tell me that they have trouble developing the right attitude around women... the playful, relaxed, charasmatic attitude that women really go for. Of course, being the kind of man that exudes that kind of attractive energy is easier said then done. You may have seen other guys with it, but somehow it eludes the rest of us. Well rent the movie "Groundhog's Day" starring Bill Murray and watch it. Murray is the typical anti-seducer who turns women off with his pessimistic, dreary attitude on life. He's pretty much given up on women and himself. And nobody likes him. Then one morning, on Groundhog's Day, he wakes up and day after day he experiences the same day over and over again. Every day is just like the last one. The only difference is HIM and what HE does. Very quickly realizes there are no consequences to his actions because no matter what he does that day, the next morning it's as if nothing ever happened.

7. Groundhog Day Canada - Lesson Plans Activities Crafts - Canadian Teachers
Weather Lesson Plans Canadian elementary school teachers can use groundhog Dayand Wiarton Willie as a jumpoff point to teach about the Canadian weather.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Canada Online Home Essentials ... Canadian Passports zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); About Canada Government Basics Government Organization Government Services ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Canada Online newsletter. Search Canada Online Groundhog Day
Guide picks Groundhog Day lesson plans, activities and crafts for Canadian teachers.
About Groundhog Day in Canada

The history of Groundhog Day and where to find Wiarton Willie in Canada. From Elke Mairs, About Canada for Visitors. The Groundhog
Background information on the groundhog or woodchuck in North America. From the Canadian Wildlife Service. Wiarton Willie
Canada's albino groundhog and leading weather prognosticator. Fellowship of the Carrot
A treaty between the animal kingdom and the human world and the ceremony performed when Wiarton Willie is transferred from one place to another. From the Wiarton Willie site. Weather Lesson Plans
Canadian elementary school teachers can use Groundhog Day and Wiarton Willie as a jump-off point to teach about the Canadian weather.

8. Holidays In Canada - Lesson Plans Worksheets For Canadian Holidays
groundhog day in Canada groundhog day lesson plans, activities Mothers day Mothersday resources, crafts and Lessons K8 Lessons to teach Canadian elementary
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Canada Online Home Essentials ... Canadian Passports zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); About Canada Government Basics Government Organization Government Services ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Canada Online newsletter. Search Canada Online Holidays in Canada
Guide picks Lesson plans, worksheets and resources for Canadian teachers to teach all grades about holidays in Canada.
Canada Day

Canada Day resources for teachers of all grades. Christmas in Canada
Resources to help celebrate Christmas in Canada. Earth Day
Earth Day activities, lessons and resources for Canadian teachers. Fathers Day
Fathers Day activities and crafts for elementary school teachers in Canada. Groundhog Day in Canada
Groundhog Day lesson plans, activities and crafts for Canadian teachers. Halloween in Canada
Resources to help celebrate Halloween in Canada - including lesson plans and worksheets, ideas for Halloween costumes and safety tips. Mothers Day
Mothers Day resources, crafts and activities for Canadian elementary school teachers.

9. Punxsutawney Phil .com: A Tribute To Groundhog Day And Our Favorite Town!
on a spy movie called Spy Wheel set in Berlin… and a Martian movie called MartianTime the second in my time trilogy after groundhog day. I teach at the
A Chat With Danny Rubin
Groundhog Day Screenwriter
By Alan Freed, Webmaster If we could attribute the increased interest in Punxsutawney's Groundhog Day festivities over the past decade to one individual, it would be Danny Rubin. After all, it was Rubin who came up with the idea of sticking someone in our town for many, many, many, many Groundhog Days for the entertainment of millions of people around the world. Rubin spent many years in professional theater companies, children's television and as a teacher of screenwriting. He is currently a member of the faculty at The College of Santa Fe (New Mexico). Groundhog Day was released in 1993, and claimed the top spot in the box office for two weeks. Worldwide the movie brought in more than $100 million, and it earned a British Academy Award for Best Screenplay. I first had a chance to meet with Rubin when he visited Punxsutawney with Bill Murray on Groundhog Day, 1992. I recently caught up with him by phone at his home in New Mexico to talk about the film, which is still making lasting impressions on people seven years later. During that conversation I got answers to some of the questions I have been asked about the film by e-mail from people over the past several years:
Why Groundhog Day ? Could the movie have just as easily been " Arbor Day
Yes, it could have just as easily been Arbor Day, and the events of the movie would have been dictated by that choice. There were many reasons that Groundhog Day was a good arbitrary choice. It was a good choice because it's in the dead of winter. That made good sense for the story since the main character was stuck in his darkest day.

10. Punxsutawney Phil .com: A Tribute To Groundhog Day And Our Favorite Town!
Jan 29 122043 2004 From, Vero Beach, Florida I teach at St outyour web site to get ideas since I would like to talk about groundhog day.
Phil's Guestbook
Send a greeting to Phil! This is the spot for Phil Fans from around the world to say hello to Phil! Please keep your message brief, and bear in mind that we reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments. Also... if you're a teacher with a class of students who would like to sign the book, please sign the guestbook as a class with a single message, rather than having each student sign the book with the same message. This will help us keep the guestbook at a managable size. Thank you! Your Name: Where are you from? Message to Phil: Sat May 29 23:13:04 2004
From: Rita Ioselovich, Moscow

Love you, Phil, especially your teeth and your hairy body. Sat May 29 23:12:07 2004
From: Rita Ioselovich, Moscow

Love you, Phil, especially your teeth and your hairy body. Fri May 21 14:39:32 2004
From: marti reimer, yakima

hi Wed May 19 15:31:42 2004
From: Elijah, washington

your great!!! Wed May 19 15:30:29 2004
From: Elijah, Naches

your great!!! Tue May 18 11:14:01 2004 From: sarah, washington what up?

11. Groundhog Day Canada - Lesson Plans Activities Crafts - Canadian Teachers
groundhog day lesson plans, activities and crafts for Canadian teachers. About groundhog day in Canada. The history of groundhog day and where teachers can use groundhog day and Wiarton Willie as a jumpoff point to teach about the Canadian canada

12. Fabulous February Favorites
Everything a teacher Needs for groundhog day Lesson ideas, activities, and more.February Theme - From ABC teach includes activities for Ground Hog day
Fabulous February Favorites Ground Hog Day Valentine's Day Abraham Lincoln George Washington ... A Complete Groundhog Day Celebration - Many great activities to use in the classroom here at this site. A Special Shadow Day New Come to the Groundhog Day Party - Lesson planning article from Education World Day of the Shadow - Learn about groundhogs, shadows, and
sundials through illustrated fact sheets, nursery rhymes, quizzes, and projects. Education World Celebrates Groundhog's Day - Celebrate
February 2 with a burrow full of activities and Internet sites. Everything a Teacher Needs for Groundhog Day - Lesson ideas, activities, and more. February Theme - From ABC Teach...includes activities for Ground Hog Day, President's Day, and Valentine's Day. New Groundhog Day - A student/teacher guide. Groundhog Day - A great resource! Groundhog Day - Activities from the Child Fun pages.

13. Groundhog Day (1993) - Review
It Needs To be watched by Jim Carrey it could teach him a thing or 9/10 Reviewby Gary Panton Picture Gallery For groundhog day External Links groundhog day
Groundhog Day (1993)
Starring: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brian Doyle-Murray, Marita Geraghty, Angela Paton, Rick Ducommun, Rick Overton, Robin Duke, Carol Bivins, Ken Hudson Campbell, Les Podewell
Director: Harold Ramis
Running Time: 97 minutes
Certificate: PG
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
If you were to combine a Frank Capra-esque feel-good tale with some sharp, sarcastic and at times cruel humour, it's hard to imagine the result being too far different from Harold Ramis' delightful 'Groundhog Day'.
Bill Murray, in probably the most memorable role of his career outwith the Ghostbusting arena, shines as Phil Connors, the super-cynical TV weatherman forced to repeat the same day time and time again. It's February 2nd which, to the people of the small town of Punxsutawney, means Groundhog Day - an annual opportunity to watch an over-sized squirrel predict the weather. For Phil, though, it means waking every morning to Sonny and Cher, endlessly trying to explain his situation to his bemused workmates (Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott), generally living through the world's most critical case of déjà vu.
This movie contains some remarkably dark moments, most notably when Phil loses all hope and begins daily making his way through all number of fruitless suicide attempts. What shows through, however, is the transformation in his character whilst all around him remain exactly the same, and of course his eventual romance with the bubbly but distrusting Rita (MacDowell). Murray's never exactly been one for playing the most lovey-dovey of characters, but the relationship between him and McDowell works surprisingly well.

14. A Hotlist On Groundhog Day
A Hotlist on groundhog day. An Internet Hotlist on groundhog day will tell you something about their names, play fun and educational games with you and teach you about weather
A Hotlist on Groundhog Day
An Internet Hotlist on Groundhog Day created by Katy I.S.D. Instr. Technology
Katy I.S.D.
Introduction K-2 Kids 3-5 Students ... Teachers
The Internet Resources
K-2 Kids
  • Groundhog Poetry - Read a very old poem about 'Candlemas Day'. Then read some great poetry written by 1st and 2nd graders. Can you write your own Groundhog's Day poem?
  • Count Phils Eggs - If you are in Kindergarten or 1st grade, travel here to count how many eggs Punxsutawney Phil collected. If a bunny took 3 of Phil's eggs, How many would he have left?
  • Phil's Math Message - If you are in 1st or 2nd grade, print and solve these addition problems to receive a secret message from Phil. You might want to use Math Keys, Whole Numbers Vol. I if you need some help.
  • Groundhog's Day Songs - Scroll to the bottom of this page. Sing the 3 songs with your friends. Can you write your own Groundhog's Day song?
  • Groundhog Poems and Rhymes - Here are more examples for you. Can you write your own?
  • Groundhog Songs and Poems - more and more examples. Can you write your own?
3-5 Students
  • Groundhog's Day from Ona Elementary - How about some 4th grade questions...When was the first Groundhog Day? How many years ago was that? Click on 'How Accurate are the Groundhog's Predictions'. What is a prognosticator? What are the differneces between 'weather' and 'wheather? Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the past 10 years, what fraction has Phil seen his shadow? Return to Groundhog's Homepage. Click on 'I want to find out about the real...'

15. Teach R Kids: Problem Solving
0 1 2 3; When is groundhog day? 31st December 2nd February 14th February17th March; How many full weeks are there in August? 3 3 4 6;

16. Teach R Kids: Problem Solving
day, Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 2 groundhog day 12-Lincoln s Birthday 14-St.

17. Groundhog Day Links
unit for celebrating groundhog day! New! teaching is a Work of Heart, A groundhogUnit songs, writing ideas, literature, crafts and more! New! ABC teach, A few
Groundhog Day Links General Sites Lesson plans Poems/Songs Arts/Crafts ... Clip Art This page was updated on Monday, January 05, 2004 General Sites These first sites are more general, with facts, history and other information about Groundhog Day. A Positive Light A look primarily at Punxsutawney Phil and the history behind Groundhog's Day. Stormfax Weather Almanac A wonderful site full of history and facts. Talks about the history of Punxsutawney Phil and Candlemas. Also listed is all the years that Phil has made his predictions from 1887 onwards. The Loyal Order of Groundhogs What can I say? A most unique site! However it is also one that has not been updated recently. Top ten reasons to celebrate Groundhog Day Title speaks for itself - Groundhog Day A list of links for groundhog day, many I have already listed here, but there are a couple of new ones too. This is somewhat of a commercial site featuring books and characters about Punxsutawney Phil and his "family". There are some neat areas on the site and some may find the books and resources also useful. Groundhog Day - Is it Spring Yet?

18. Teach The Children Well-Other Topics
Elwood City Celebrates the Holidays Family Culture Festivals Fireworks The FirstThanksgiving Goosebumps Ghoulish Gathering groundhog day Halloween Hauntings
To view a category, click on the shell to the left Home Animals The Arts Early Learning Language Arts Math and Science Social Studies Other Topics Links for Parents and Teachers
To locate a particular topic, click on the shell to the left 100th Day of School Career Exploration Circus Clubs and Organizations Gingerbread Holidays Just for Fun Magazines Monsters News Online Safety People Reach Out Send Greetings to Friends Sports Vehicles and Transportation Web Design
100th Day of School
100 Jelly Beans
100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know

100th Day

100th Day Ideas
Let's Count to 100
Career Exploration
Animal Career Resources
Animal Careers

BLS Career Information

Career Information
When I Grow Up...
Alfy's Alphabet Circus
Barnum Museum
Big Apple Circus The Big Top ... Make a Clown Face
Clubs and Organizations
4-H Boys and Girls Clubs of America Boy Scouts of America Camp Fire U.S.A. ... Girl Scouts of the USA
Build a Gingerbread House Connect the Dots Felt Ornaments Dough Ornaments and Gingerbread Playdough ... Squigly's Picture Match
1492: An Ongoing Voyage An American Thanksgiving All About Earth Day Animated Halloween ... North Pole: Myth and Magic!

19. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Groundhog Day At
Judging by the reviews, groundhog day is viewed in the US as a romantic comedy based Whatall these replayings of the same day teach Phil is that he can t fake

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Movies All Categories Home Media
Groundhog Day
Overall rating:
Reviewed by 48 Epinions users - Write a review Action Factor: Special Effects: Suspense: Compare Prices View Details Read Reviews Subscribe to reviews on this product
Read Review of Groundhog Day Review Summary About the Author
'Is this what you do with eternity?'
Feb 24 '02
Author's Product Rating
Bill Murray, no exposition, emotion.
Cons Andie MacDowell. Why does he fall in love with her? Why? The Bottom Line Time never changes, we merely change through time. Full Review Groundhog Day gave brief but much-needed boosts to the careers of both funny-but-undiscerning comedian Bill Murray and pretty-but-rubbish actress Andie MacDowell. Its plot is well-known, but mis-quoted. A jaded weather reporter is forced to re-live Groundhog Day over and over again. Most reviews will mention something about 'until he gets it right' - but interestingly that's not something that's ever actually mentioned in the film itself. A review of this film by a non-American is always going to be of particular importance, as I realised when I looked at the other Epinions entries. I knew nothing about the whole Groundhog ritual thing until I saw the film, and I had no idea that the tradition was actually genuine until I read the reviews. And this puts me in a better position to appreciate the film. So many reviews here compare the film's setting to the real Punksatawney (or wherever), and fail to truly come to terms with the material. Judging by the reviews

20. Groundhog Day - A Sample Lesson Plan
groundhog day sample lesson plan for teaching English with movies LinellDavis, May 22, 1999. Nanjing University English department.
TEFLChina Teahouse Teaching General
Groundhog Day sample lesson plan for teaching English with movies Linell Davis, May 22, 1999. Nanjing University English department.
  • University English majors 4 hours (two 2-hour lessons) Pre-viewing activities/ viewing/ after viewing
The repetition in this film makes it relatively easy to understand. Many jokes are physical. Students will laugh, which is always a good thing.
Pre-viewing activities For culture, ask about traditional methods of forecasting the weather in China. Talk about attitudes of city people toward those who live in countryside.
  • Groundhog Day is a folk belief (if the groundhog sees his shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter) given new life in the television culture which dictates that the TV weatherman be a public relations agent and entertainer. Often required to appear at community events. He should be lovable. Phil means "love" in Greek, but this TV weatherman is anything but lovable.
    Town and city: Urbanites consider small towns boring, unsophisticated, backward, etc. while rural residents consider city dwellers to be selfish, insincere, unfeeling
  • For language

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