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         Grenada Regional History:     more detail
  1. The Imperatives of Power: Political Change and the Social Basis of Regime Support in Grenada from 1951-1991 (American University Studies. Series Xxi, Regional Studies, Vol 15) by Pedro A. Noguera, 1997-04
  2. Ricky Singh and the Caribbean media by Ricky Singh, 1984

1. Grenada History
studying on grenada and were concerned about the regional impact of and how they have always been at the heart of grenada s postcolumbian history, even up
PO Box 3119, St. James, Barbados, W.I.
Tel: 1 (246) 434 3434 E-mail: To Navigation Bar The History of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique Grenada, like many of its island neighbours, owes is origins to violent volcanic activity - great fissures in the earth's crust were created when Caribbean Plate forced the oceanic Atlantic Plate to plunge towards the earth's hot mantle. There were small reminders of such activity in the volcanic disturbances of 1902 and 1920.
Humans were probably the last living organisms to appear and they arrived as long as 3 thousand years ago or more in the form of several different South American tribes - the Calvignoid, the Galibi, the Suazoids and finally, in around 1400, the warlike Caribs.
The Cannons at Fort George in the capital of Grenada have borne witness to much of the island's history over the last 250 years The Caribs were an aggressive lot and drove out many of their amerindian predecessors; it was a trait that was to stand them in good stead when the next wave of arrivals appeared - the Europeans.

2. The History Guy: The Invasion Of Grenada
can be seen as part of a greater regional conflict grenada 49 dead and several hundred wounded section is formed from the opinion of the history Guy regarding
The History Guy The Invasion of Grenada Home Military History Historical Personalities What's New ... Email The invasion of Grenada in late 1983 can be seen as a small part of the rivalry between the U.S. and Cuba during the Reagan years. A bloody coup in Grenada, along with a perceived threat to American students on the island provided the U.S. with an excellent excuse to eliminate a Marxist regime allied to Fidel Castro's Cuba. Page Menu Click on the menu bar below to navigate this page. Name of Conflict Belligerents Conflict Dates Conflict Type ... Links Links on Grenada NAME OF CONFLICT: The U.S. Invasion of Grenada ALTERNATE NAMES: Operation Urgent Fury (US) BELLIGERENTS: United States and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States vs. Grenada and Cuba Return To Page Menu DATES OF CONFLICT: BEGAN: October 25, 1983 ENDED: December, 1983 TYPE(S) OF CONFLICT: Inter-State (between nations) RELATED CONFLICTS: PREDECESSOR: CONCURRENT: The Cold War, U.S. Intervention in Lebanon (1982-1984), Nicaraguan "Contra" War (1982-1990) SUCCESSOR: Return To Page Menu CAUSES OF CONFLICT: The U.S. invasion of Grenada and the toppling of it's Marxist government can be seen as part of a greater regional conflict. This conflict involved the U.S. and it's Central American and Caribbean allies on one side and Fidel Castro's Cuba, the Sandinista government of Nicaragua and various Marxist guerrilla armies on the other. President Reagan and his administration were concerned that the Marxist government of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was allowing Cuba to gain undue influence in Grenada, specifically by constructing a military-grade airport with Cuban military engineers.

3. Regional, Caribbean, Grenada: Society And Culture
RegionalCaribbeanSociety and Culture. Background Notes grenada A profile and history of this island by the United States Department of State.
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4. Regional Genealogy And Local History Research
regional Genealogy and Local history research resources, providing a specialized family history roots gateway for international ancestry research. regional GENEALOGY LOCAL history RESEARCH. Genealogy and Family history Internet Web Directory Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti

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The basic ancestry and historical setting of most
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Farmers and the Land Farmhouses in the Heartland ... Handbooks for Foreign Genealogical Research and Country Studies and Area Handbooks Online. HISPANIC: Iberia, the Caribbean and Latin America - Portals Finding Your Hispanic Roots Hispanic Reading Room - Library of Congress and Resources Index to the Enciclopedia Heráldica Hispano-Americana H-LatAm International Forum of Latin American History Ibero-American Center: Internet services for Latin America ... Internet Resources For Latin America and Latin American Network Information Center and Organizations History in Latin America Ring of Hispanic Genealogy (

5. Regional : History
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6. Grenada Introduction - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resourc
BACK TO history CONTENTS grenada, Dominica, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines offered the most dramatic examples (see regional Security Threats, 197081, ch

  • Country Ranks
    Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies
      < BACK TO HISTORY CONTENTS THE COMMONWEALTH CARIBBEAN is the term applied to the English- speaking islands in the Carribbean and the mainland nations of Belize (formerly British Honduras) and Guyana (formerly British Guiana) that once constituted the Caribbean portion of the British Empire. This volume examines only the islands of the Commonwealth Caribbean, which are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Windward Islands (Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada), Barbados, the Leeward Islands (Antigua and Barbuda, St. Christopher [hereafter, St. Kitts] and Nevis, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Montserrat), and the so-called Northern Islands (the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands). To the casual observer, these islands might appear to be too disparate to allow for a common discussion. Consider, for instance, the differences in population, size, income, ethnic composition, and political status among the various islands. Anguilla's 7,000 residents live on an island totaling 91 square kilometers, whereas Jamaica has a population of 2.3 million and a territory of nearly 11,000 square kilometers. The per capita gross domestic product (GDPsee Glossary) of the Cayman Islands is nearly fourteen times as large as that of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Trinidad and Tobago's population is evenly divided between blacks and East Indians, a pattern quite different from that on the other islands, on which blacks constitute an overwhelming majority. Although most of the islands are independent nations, five (the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands) remain British dependencies.
  • 7. Regional Caribbean Grenada
    regional Caribbean grenada. Business and Economy. Travel Services. Carriacou. Government. Maps and Views. News and Media. Petite Martinique. Recreation and Sports. Society and Culture. history, Organizations. Transportation. Travel and Tourism
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    Press Ctrl-D or Click Here to bookmark this site. Revolution and Intervention in Grenada: The New Jewel Movement, the United States, and the Caribbean (Westview Special Studies on Latin America and) Revolution and Intervention in Grenada: The New Jewel Movement, the United States, and the Caribbean (Westview Special Studies on Latin America and) by Kai P. Schoenhals
    Released: July, 1986

    Cost: $42.95
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    8. - Tobago In History 1790's Regional Hotspots
    for islands taking place in the Caribbean region. part of the 20th century, grenada again experienced Perhaps history repeats itself because of unresolved
    Trinicenter Pantrinbago RaceandHistory Hotep.Bigstep ...
    Caribbean Links

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    From Columbus to Castro
    A Brief History of the Caribbean
    The Black Jacobins
    1790's Regional Hotspots
    When the British captured Trinidad in 1797 there where many battles for islands taking place in the Caribbean region.
    The European wars for territories in the Caribbean reached a high point in the 1790s. The French Revolution of 1789 added a civil war to the equation. Revolt reigned in the islands, in St. Lucia, Grenada, Dominica, among the maroons - former slaves who had taken to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica’s central range -, and most violent of all, in Haiti.
    There was heavy fighting in the Eastern Caribbean. British troops took Martinique in 1794. A month or two later, they landed in Guadeloupe. There, the British came up against Victor Hugues, leader of the French Revolution in the Caribbean. He had sailed from Marseilles, France, the year before.
    His squadron attacked the British in 1795 in Basseterre and forced them out of Guadeloupe by the end of that year.
    Victor Hugues set to work to drive the British out of these islands and to convert people to the cause of the revolution of republican France. Agents were sent to St. Vincent. Troops were sent in after the agents, and before long the English were hard pressed to keep Kingstown, while the French, made up of black and coloured troops, and the Caribs held the rest of the island.

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    Top Society history War regional. Afghanistan. Africa@ Algeria. Argentina Ethiopia. France. Germany. Greece. grenada. Hungary. India. Iran. Iraq$/Society/History/War/Regional

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    Society History War : Regional Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth - Comprehensive catalog of web resources pertaining to military history, with emphasis on the British Empire and Commonwealth. North American Fortifications Guide - Information and photos about historic military forts in the United States and Canada, and most large naval vessels at various museums and historic shipyards in the U.S.
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    10. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > Caribbean > Grenada
    Background Notes grenada A profile and history of this

    11. Grenada - LANIC
    Caribbean regional Negotiating Machinery. Commonwealth Secretariat. Constitution. grenada Consulate office Toronto Political Parties. General. Government. history. Health. News/Media
    Academic Research Resources

    12. Grenada, MS, City Profile - Mississippi Hotels, Festivals, Genealogy, Newspapers
    history. Maps. Census map of grenada Historic maps of MS cities grenada regional map grenada street map Order a printed map Topographic map of grenada. Media.

    13. Wauu.DE: Regional: Caribbean: Grenada: Society And Culture: History
    URL hinzufügen. grenada history Travelfacts features an overview about grenada s history, starting from 1498 Christopher Columbus to 1983 grenada Invasion.
    Home Regional Caribbean Grenada ... Society and Culture : History Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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    • Grenada History
      Travelfacts features an overview about Grenada's history, starting from 1498 Christopher Columbus to 1983 Grenada Invasion.
    • Grenada Isle of Spice
      A brief history of Grenada, the small Caribbean island the United States invaded in 1983
    • Invasion of Grenada
      Features an overview about Operation Fury 1983 in Grenada and a couple of links to other related resource sites.
    • The History Guy: The Invasion of Grenada Provides an explanation of the causes of this conflict along with an overview of consequences and casualties.
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    14. Wauu.DE: Regional: Caribbean: Grenada: Carriacou
    Site includes local history area attractions and links to hotels, restaurants and and restaurant with seaviews on the island of Carriacou, grenada, West Indies
    Home Regional Caribbean Grenada : Carriacou Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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    • Belair Gardens Cottage
    • Caribbean Real Estate
      Lists property for sale in the Grenadines and real estate in Carriacou.
    • Carriacou Island
      Information on this tiny island surrounded by white beaches. Site includes local history area attractions and links to hotels, restaurants and dive shops.
    • Carriacou Silver Diving Ltd.
      Scuba dive shop in Hillsborough, Carriacou. Site includes information in English and German on dive sites, services and rates and equipment.
    • Carriacou's Arawak Divers Experienced dive instructors.
    • Down Island Ltd Provides vacation villa rentals and management on the Caribbean island Carriacou.
    • Driftwood Villa An island villa is on Carriacou. Information about the accommodations, the island and bookings.

    15. Grenada (03/03)
    history Before the arrival of Europeans, grenada was inhabited by Carib grenada also is a member of the Eastern Caribbean s regional Security System (RSS).
    [Print Friendly Version]
    Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
    March 2003
    Background Note: Grenada

    Area: 344 sq. km. (133 sq. mi.); about twice the size of Washington, DC.
    Cities: Capital St. George's (est. pop. 33,734).
    Terrain: Volcanic island with mountainous rainforest.
    Climate: Tropical. People
    Nationality: Noun and adjective Grenadian(s). Population (1999 est.): 100,700. Annual growth rate (1999): 8.2%. Ethnic groups: African descent (82%), some South Asians (East Indians) and Europeans, trace Arawak/Carib Indian. Religions: Roman Catholic, Anglican, various Protestant denominations. Languages: English (official). Education: Years compulsory Literacy 95% of adult population. Health: Infant mortality rate Life expectancy 72 yrs. Work force (1999 , 41,017): Services/tourism industry agriculture other unemployment Government Type: Constitutional monarchy with Westminster-style Parliament. Independence: February 7, 1974. Constitution: December 19, 1975. Branches: Executive governor general (appointed by and represents British monarch, head of state); prime minister (head of government, leader of majority party) and Cabinet direct an apolitical career civil service in the administration of the government. IParliament composed of 15 directly elected members in the House of Representatives and a 13-seat Senate appointed by the governor general on the advice of the majority party and opposition.

    16. History Of The CCA
    history. concluded its deliberations by recommending the establishment of a regional body to was subsequently formed in 1967 at an inaugural meeting in grenada.
    The Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados. Tel: (246) 426-5373  Fax: 429-8483
    In the 1960s at a time when the impact of development activities on Caribbean environments was beginning to be visible, intrusive and troublesome, a number of groups and individuals concerned with the conservation of the region's natural resources and cultural heritage, conceived the idea for the formation of a conservation group for the Caribbean region. With support from Laurence Rockefeller, who in the 1950's had purchased two-thirds of St. John (to the US Virgin Islands) and donated it for establishment of a National Park, a regional survey on conservation problems was carried out by Dr Carl Carlozzi of the University of Massachusetts. One of the first organizations to take concrete action to address on a regional basis the environmental problems brought by development, was the research wing of the then College of the Virgin Islands the Caribbean Research Institute. Established in October 1965, one of the CRI's first significant projects was the joint sponsorship of the Eastern Caribbean Conservation Conference on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands along with the American Conservation Association, headed by Mr Rockefeller, and the Government of the U.S.V.I. The conference focused on the Carlozzi findings and was titled "Conservation in the Eastern Caribbean." It generated a sequence of activities throughout the region relating to conservation programmes and environmental activities. Particularly it recognized the need for international planning and cooperation in meeting the conservation requirements of the region and concluded its deliberations by recommending the establishment of a regional body to help meet these needs.

    17. History Of Grenada, Grenadines And Carriacou
    borne witness to much of the island s history over the the American medical students studying on grenada and were concerned about the regional impact of
    Hotel Guides History Interact Pictures Animations Links Various new ypSlideOutMenu("menu1", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu2", "down", 4,133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu3", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu4", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu5", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu6", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu7", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) new ypSlideOutMenu("menu8", "down", 4, 133, 300, 800) Animations with Java Sunsets slides Diving slides Underwater slides Sunset Reflect ... Tom's pics Carriacou Description Guide Culture History ... Hillsborough Tides Grenadines Diving Fishing Sailing Environment, Nature ... National Parks Interact Guestbook Forum Contact Us Blog ... Chat Postcards Sandy Island Scenery Paradise Inn Hotel Homepage About Paradise Inn Rooms and Rates Restaurant and bar ... Our weblog ( diary ) Caribbean History The Arawaks The Caribs The Amerindians The Slavetrade ... Grenada Revolution Links Our Selected Links Reciprocal Links Caribbean Hotelring Cooking Cooking Recipies Rumpunch Games Backgammon Checkers Red Bugs Carriacou Quiz ... Xylophone Various News, Humour etc.

    18. :: Ez2Find :: Grenada
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    Guide : Grenada Global Metasearch
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    Guides Grenada
    ez2Find Home Directory Society History ... Caribbean : Grenada Related Categories Regional: Caribbean: Grenada
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    19. Information Gateway Links List Display Page
    Investment Promotion Agencies grenada Industrial Development Chambers Business Promotion Local / regional Chambers. Govt Political history Govt Political®ion=lac

    20. Fablis Directory For /Regional/Caribbean/Grenada/Society_and_Culture
    Top/regional/Caribbean/Society and Culture. Background Notes grenada A profile and history of this island by the United States Department of State.
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