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         Grenada Geography:     more detail
  1. Indiana. University. Dept. of geography. Technical report by Robert C Kingsbury, 1960
  2. A topographical description of the island of Grenada by Pinel, 1972
  3. Our Country - St Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean Social Studies) by Adrian Fraser, Keith Joseph, 1998-12-02
  4. Small farming in Grenada, West Indies (Manitoba geographical studies) by John S Brierley, 1974

81. Grenada Statistical Country Information
Get FREE (travel information, maps/map, flag, language / languages, news, stats, people, geography) on grenada via!
Welcome to grenada
grenada - statistics/statistical country information on grenada
Get FREE (travel information, maps/map, flag, language / languages, news, stats, people, geography) on grenada via!
grenada information Click Here

82. Grenada Vacations: Grenada Luxury Travel Arrangements - Grenada Luxury Resorts,
geography This small nation consists of three islands grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. grenada is by far the largest of
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83. NetInsert - Geography In Grenada
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84. National Geographic Magazine, November 1984 (Chocolate, Waterfowl, Grenada, Etc)
in Antarctica; Chocolate Food of the Gods; Marking Time in grenada; Keywords culture travel anthropology geography places exploration village photo photos
Title: National Geographic Magazine, November 1984 (Chocolate, Waterfowl, Grenada, etc) Topic: Main Catalog National Geographic Description: Volume 166, Number 5. Articles:
  • American Waterfowl: Troubles and Triumphs
  • Africa Adorned
  • Icebound in Antarctica
  • Chocolate: Food of the Gods
  • Marking Time in Grenada
  • No folded map was published with this issue.
Magazine back issue, published by National Geographic Society (Washington, DC). About 150pp. Size: 10x7 inches. Condition: Used - Very Good or better . No marks, defects or significant wear. Sent by Media Mail within USA (1-2 weeks). ( other shipping options Also see our Other National Geographic Back Issues . We stock most issues since 1960. Keywords: culture travel anthropology geography places exploration village photo photos photographic photograph color photography ethnic ethnography region regional mountains valley archaeology history cultures societies tourist tourism v030421 Cocoa Price: Shipping: Within USA: $2.95 (4th class mail - 1-2 weeks - unless indicated otherwise in description) Item#:
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85. Caribbean Islands - Geography
Caribbean Islands. geography. grenada and its largely uninhabited outlying territories are the most southerly of the Windward Islands (see fig.
Country Listing Caribbean Islands Table of Contents
Caribbean Islands
Part of the volcanic chain in the Lesser Antilles arc, Grenada and its possessions generally vary in elevation from under 300 meters to over 600 meters above sea level. Grenada is more rugged and densely foliated than its outlying possessions, but other geographical conditions are more similar. Grenada's landmass rises from a narrow, coastal plain in a generally north-south trending axis of ridges and narrow valleys. Mount St. Catherine is the highest peak at 840 meters. Although many of the rocks and soils are of volcanic origin, the volcanic cones dotting Grenada are long dormant. Some of the drainage features on Grenada remain from its volcanic past. There are a few crater lakes, the largest of which is Grand Etang. The swift upper reaches of rivers, which occasionally overflow and cause flooding and landslides, generally cut deeply into the conic slopes. By contrast, many of the water courses in the lowlands tend to be sluggish and meandering. Data as of November 1987

86. Grenada Web Map
geography note the administration of the islands of the Grenadines group is divided between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and grenada. © CIA 1999.

Map of Island


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Geographic coordinates: 12 07 N, 61 40 W Geographic coordinates: 12 07 N, 61 40 W Location:
Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago Area:
total: 340 sq km
land: 340 sq km
water: sq km Land boundaries: km Coastline: 121 km Maritime claims:
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm territorial sea: 12 nm Climate: tropical; tempered by northeast trade winds Terrain: volcanic in origin with central mountains Elevation extremes: lowest point: Caribbean Sea m highest point: Mount Saint Catherine 840 m Natural resources: timber, tropical fruit, deepwater harbors Land use: arable land: permanent crops: permanent pastures: forests and woodland: other: 55% (1993 est.) Irrigated land: NA sq km Natural hazards: lies on edge of hurricane belt; hurricane season lasts from June to November Environment current issues: NA Environment international agreements: party to: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification, Law of the Sea, Ozone Layer Protection, Whaling

87. WWW.ADVENTUREFORUM.NET™ - GRENADA - World Facts For World Travel And Advent
grenada. Background. Flag. geography top. Location. Geographic coordinates. Map references. Area. Area comparative. Land boundaries. Coastline.

88. Grenada
Help Out. Volunteers Welcome Student Internships Sponsors Donations Tell A Friend. grenada. Search only this geographic category, including subcategories

89. Welcome To The Caribbean Geography And Geographical Features
geography and Geographical Features. Reportedly, the physical Martinique, St. Lucia, the Grenadines, parts of grenada, Tobago and Barbados. The
Welcome to the Caribbean Home Page Welcome WTTC News Business ... Vegetation Geography and Geographical Features Reportedly, the physical beauty of the region fascinated the first Europeans who traveled to the Caribbean. These Spaniards in Columbus' ships described the Caribbean as green and fertile, cooled by the trade winds, with a climate of `perpetual spring'. The lush vegetation, types of fruits and the flora and fauna were portrayed with great enthusiasm. The Caribbean region, located in the tropics, extends in a broad arc of over 4000 km from the Bahamas in the north to Guyana and Suriname in the south. The region also includes, based on historical factors, Belize which is in Central America bordering Mexico and Guatemala. The countries are widely different in physical and population size as well as landforms and geology.
It is to be noted that Dominica, St. Vincent and most of St. Kitts have no white sand beaches. The volcanic ash that characterizes these islands is extremely fertile. Historically, St. Kitts has produced sugar cane with yields comparable to those of high yield sugar-producing countries, like Australia and Cuba. The verdant green of the valleys in St. Vincent is an indication of the fertility of the soil in that island.

90. Geography - Grenada
Geographic coordinates, 12 07 N, 61 40 W. administration of the islands of the Grenadines group is divided between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and grenada.
Grenada Location Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago Geographic coordinates 12 07 N, 61 40 W Map references: Central America and the Caribbean Area total : 340 sq km
land: 340 sq km
water: sq km Land boundaries km Coastline 121 km Maritime claims exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
territorial sea: 12 nm Climate tropical; tempered by northeast trade winds Terrain volcanic in origin with central mountains Elevation extremes lowest point: Caribbean Sea m
highest point : Mount Saint Catherine 840 m Natural resources timber, tropical fruit, deepwater harbors Land use arable land : 15%
permanent crops: 18%
permanent pastures: 3%
forests and woodland: 9%
other: 55% (1993 est.)

91. Geography - Dictionary Definition
geography of Gibraltar. geography of Greece. geography of Greenland. geography of grenada. geography of Guadeloupe. geography of Guam. geography of Guatemala.
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The noun "Geography" has 1 senses. geography geographics study of the earth's surface; includes people's responses to topography and climate and soil and vegetation
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  • 92. Women Economic Participation And Their Contribution To SED: Grenada
    Total Project Cost 45000.0 Project Code 689 geography Keywords grenada LACRO/BRALA Funding Amount CAD45,000.00 Funding Fiscal Year 0 Project Project
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    Catherine Shearer
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    Women Economic Participation and their Contribution to SED: Grenada (93-0809) Project 56 of 232 Rosina Wiltshire
    Post Project Abstract
    Grenada LACRO/BRALA Closed Research Project Rosina Wiltshire LAC Region Geographic Area Under Study Regional Office Grenada LACRO/BRALA 12 months 0 months NO CAI/IAI guest (Read)(Ottawa) Login Important Notices

    93. 1999 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    and Ecosystem grenada School District grenada, Mississippi $20,000 grenada Middle School Project participants will learn how to use geography to interpret the
    1999 Mississippi Geography Education Fund Grants
    In 1999, the Mississippi Geography Education Fund made five grants totalling $55,575.
    Choctaw Village and Ecosystem

    Grenada School District
    Grenada, Mississippi
    Grenada Middle School will develop a model Choctaw village to provide a teaching tool for cultures and ecosystems on school grounds. The "village" will be used to demonstrate the human interaction of a specific historical culture with their environment. Project participants will learn how to use geography to interpret the past and to make decisions in their community. Bringing Cultures to Life
    Jesse Yancy Memorial Library
    Bruce, Mississippi
    This project is intended to foster use of local libraries as geography learning sites for local teachers and parents by developing a collection of geographic materials and activities and providing training and outreach. The Library will assemble "culture packages," including books, realia, suggested classroom activities and additional resources on a variety of other cultures. Through on-site training and in-service programs at the county school system, teachers and parents of preschoolers and 1st through 6th graders will be provided with training sessions on the use of culture packages. The "Web of Life" Map Learning Component

    94. Phrasebase™ - Grenada Facts And Information, Grenada Statistics, Grenada Facts,
    Notes on grenada s geography the administration of the islands of the Grenadines group is divided between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and grenada.
    Home Chat Forum Translations Countries Language Links
    Grenada Information

    Detailed Facts and Statistics about Grenada
    Grenada Flag Image

    Grenada Background:
    One of the smallest independent countries in the western hemisphere, Grenada was seized by a Marxist military council on 19 October 1983. Six days later the island was invaded by US forces and those of six other Caribbean nations, which quickly captured the ringleaders and their hundreds of Cuban advisers. Free elections were reinstituted the following year.
    Short Form
    Grenada Local Short Form Grenada Long Form Grenada Local Long Form Grenada Script Form Grenada Abbreviated Form Grenada Former Name Grenada Territory of NA Grenada Head of State Queen ELIZABETH II
    Grenada Government Type
    constitutional monarchy with Westminster-style parliament
    Grenada Independence
    1974 February 7 (from UK)
    Grenada Constitution
    1973 December 19
    Grenada National Holiday
    Independence Day, 7 February

    95. Grenada - Country Background And Profile At - The Colossal Education Me
    Countries geography, Map, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military - Students, Teachers and Parents Click Here - Your
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    96. PolitInfo US: Country Information On Grenada (Profile)
    OFFICIAL NAME grenada. geography Area 344 sq. km. (133 sq. mi.); about twice the size of Washington, DC. Cities CapitalSt. George s (est. pop. 33,734).
    You are here:
    PolitInfo US
    Information Country Profiles
    Last update/revision: March 2003
    Country Profile: Grenada

    History Government Political Conditions ... Country Profiles A-Z
    Grenada Geography
    Area: 344 sq. km. (133 sq. mi.); about twice the size of Washington, DC.
    Cities: Capital St. George's (est. pop. 33,734).
    Terrain: Volcanic island with mountainous rainforest.
    Climate: Tropical. People Nationality: Noun and adjective Grenadian(s). Population (1999 est.): 100,700. Annual growth rate (1999): 8.2%. Ethnic groups: African descent (82%), some South Asians (East Indians) and Europeans, trace Arawak/Carib Indian. Religions: Roman Catholic, Anglican, various Protestant denominations. Languages: English (official). Education: Years compulsory Literacy 95% of adult population. Health: Infant mortality rate Life expectancy 72 yrs. Work force (1999 , 41,017): Services/tourism industry agriculture other unemployment Government Type: Constitutional monarchy with Westminster-style Parliament. Independence: February 7, 1974.

    97. Economy Of Grenada
    facts, maps, flags and pictures from countries around the world. The Economy of grenada. Economy overview In this island economy

    98. GEsource World Guide - Grenada
    Links, grenada.
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    99. Caribbean CHOICE - One Love. One People. All Caribbean !
    grenada Flag grenada. Walk along The Carenage, the grenada s 45 beaches. About grenada, Short Name grenada Long Name grenada. grenada a

    100. Grenada History & Grenada Culture | IExplore
    grenada Travel.
    dateString = 1090542686; Home Site Index Customer Service Shop MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer GUIDES: Adventure and Animals and History and Maps and News Photography Travel For Kids For Students For Teachers Complete Site Complete Site Index Subscribe Shop Call 1-800-iExplore
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    Grenada History
    The Carib Indians were in possession of Grenada when Columbus arrived in 1498, but their fierce resistance to European settlement kept the island uncolonized for another 150 years. It was the French who finally defeated the Caribs, some of whom jumped to their deaths rather than surrender. (The cliff in the town of Sauteurs is now known as Caribs Leap.) The French established plantations that used slave labor to grow tobacco, sugar, cotton and other crops. The British wrested control of the island from the French in 1783 and though they abolished slavery 50 years later, plantations remained the island's economic mainstay.

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