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         Greece Government:     more books (100)
  1. The Ancient City: A Study on the Religion, Laws and Institutions of Greece and Rome by Numa Denis, Fustel De Coulanges, 1956-01
  2. Report to the Government of Greece on reclamation of soils, irrigation practice, and recharge of groundwater (Report) by L. D Doneen, 1963
  3. The American system of government and Greece by John D Spanos, 1931
  4. History of the Greek revolution: Compiled from official documents of the Greek government ; sketches of the war in Greece, by Philip James Green, esq. ... traveller, and other authentic sources by J. L Comstock, 1829
  5. Report to the Greek government regarding United Nations Advisory Services to Greece: For the years 1947 and 1948 by Glen Leet, 1948
  6. Greece and military government: A thesis by C. Randy Wood, 1968
  7. Summary of the report: To the Greek government on Greece's current economic problems and possible remedies by Kyriakos Varvaressos, 1952
  8. Democracy and human rights: Proceedings of the colloquy organised by the government of Greece and the Council of Europe in co-operation with the Centre ... Law of Thessaloniki, 24-26 September, 1987
  9. An Act to Authorize the Transfer by Lease of 4 Naval Vessels to the Government of Greece (SuDoc AE 2.110:102-91) by U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 1991
  10. Greek medical care facilities: Report of a hospital survey conducted for the Government of Greece and for the Mutual Security Agency, Special Mission to Greece for Economic Cooperation by Robert L Cherry, 1953
  11. History of the Greek revolution: Compiled from official documents of the Greek government; sketches of the war in Greece by J. L Comstock, 1853
  12. History of the Greek revolution: Compiled from official documents of the Greek government ; sketches of the war in Greece, by Philip James Green, and other authentic sources by J. L Comstock, 1829
  13. Greece and the United Nations by Constantine Tsaldaris, 1947
  14. Greece: Battlefield of democracy by John P White, 1949

61. Pages Through The Ages: Building Blocks Of Civilization
Created by 5thgraders at Oak View Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia, this site explores the geography, government, daily life, religion and technology of ancient Egypt, greece and Rome.
Click on a block with an icon to go to a time period, or
use the text blocks below to visit different civilizations!
Welcome to our Internet page! We are Miss Harris' '96-'97 5th grade social studies class at Oak View Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia. This year, we have learned about the ancient civilizations that were the foundation or building blocks of later cultures. We began with a quick look at prehistoric times and finished with the Age of Discovery. We hope that you like our site. Comments or questions about our pages may be mailed to
Prehistoric Era Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece ... Meet our class

62. 84.02.08: The Athenian Court And The American Court System
(vs the American court system) government in ancient Athens, a citystate in ancient greece
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home
The Athenian Court and the American Court System
Henry A. Rhodes
Contents of Curriculum Unit 84.02.08:
To Guide Entry
This unit is intended for students in grades 8-12. There are three major objectives I wish to accomplish with the writing of this unit. They are: 1) to acquaint students with the Athenian court system 2) to give students an overview of the American court system 3) to have students realize that regardless of a court’s shortcomings and problems that these legal institutions are necessary to maintain a peaceful society. The Athenian courts discussed in this unit existed in the second half of the fifth century B.C. and the first half of the fourth century B.C. It should be stated that this is a controversial period in the sense that many facts of this era are still in dispute among historians. I have thus attempted to state only facts about courts in this period that can be substantiated.
In order to study the ancient Athenian court system it is essential to examine the two legal codes, the Draconian and the Solonian Codes of Law, which had a great influence on the courts in Athens. For the decisions handed down by these courts were based, at least in theory, on these written laws. It must be stated at this point that all the laws attributed to Dracon and Solon were not necessarily written by these individuals. Any laws that were written during the period of time in which the Athenian society was under the influence of the laws of either Dracon or Solon were attributed to them, whether or not they had actually written them.

63. Pages Through The Ages: Ancient Greece, Government
government in greece. Ancient greece was divided into areas called citystates. There were many city-states and each one had it s own government.
Government in Greece Written by Jenny S., Doug K., Stephen S.; Column by Jenny S. Ancient Greece was divided into areas called city-states. There were many city-states and each one had it's own government. Athens and Sparta were two of the most powerful city-states. Sparta was ruled by the military. In earliest times, Athens was governed by a monarchy. A monarchy is a Greek work meaning "ruled by one." Soldiers hand-picked their new leader and put him into power. Monarchy did not last long in Athens. In 800 B.C., the Athenians build a new government called an oligarchy, which means "ruled by the few." In 600 and 500 B.C., some leaders were known as tyrants. A tyranny is an unjust government led by someone who has taken power. By 508 B.C. democracy started in Athens. Greece had one of the first democracies ever! In Greece, democracy meant "Power of the people," although women couldn't vote or run for office. Citizens who were 18 and male could be council members, judges or government officials. All three jobs last only one year and not one single person got paid for their services! The assembly would meet at the Acropolis four days every month. Democracy is important because it gives everyone a say in the government, so everyone is treated fairly. In a democracy, anyone can run the country, but in a monarchy, sometimes a bad person rules and will do bad things. Democracy was the Greek's best idea of all. It is common in the modern world.

64. Greece 2001 - Introduction Geography People Government Economy Communications Tr
greece 2001 Introduction Geography Population government Economy Communications Transportation Military Issues Maps Flags. Support our Sponsor.

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    Greece 2001
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  • 65. Portal - LinksDossier - Greece - Government Composition
    Czech Invest Erec Bonn CEPS new publication. Elections Section Startpage. EP Elections 2004. Date 07/07/2003, back Homepage. greece government Composition.

    66. Portal - LinksDossier - Greece - Government
    greece government. government. greece is a parliamentary republic since 1974 when the country ended a seven-year period of military dictatorship.

    67. GeographyIQ - World Atlas - Europe - Greece - Government Facts And Figures
    greece government (Facts). Country name conventional long form Hellenic Republic conventional short form greece local short
    Home World Map Rankings Currency Converter
    from A to Z
    B C D ... Greece (Facts) Greece - Government (Facts) Country name: conventional long form: Hellenic Republic
    conventional short form: Greece
    local short form: Ellas or Ellada
    former: Kingdom of Greece
    local long form: Elliniki Dhimokratia Government type: parliamentary republic; monarchy rejected by referendum 8 December 1974 Capital: Athens Administrative divisions: 51 prefectures (nomoi, singular - nomos)and 1 autonomous region*; Agion Oros* (Mt. Athos), Achaia, Aitolia kai Akarmania, Argolis, Arkadia, Arta, Attiki, Chalkidiki, Chanion, Chios, Dodekanisos, Drama, Evros, Evrytania, Evvoia, Florina, Fokidos, Fthiotis, Grevena, Ileia, Imathia, Ioannina, Irakleion, Karditsa, Kastoria, Kavala, Kefallinia, Kerkyra, Kilkis, Korinthia, Kozani, Kyklades, Lakonia, Larisa, Lasithi, Lefkas, Lesvos, Magnisia, Messinia, Pella, Pieria, Preveza, Rethynnis, Rodopi, Samos, Serrai, Thesprotia, Thessaloniki, Trikala, Voiotia, Xanthi, Zakynthos Independence: 1829 (from the Ottoman Empire) National holiday: Independence Day, 25 March (1821)

    68. GeographyIQ - World Atlas - Europe - Greece - Government And Political Condition
    Click Here. World Europe greece government and Political Conditions (Notes). greece government and Political Conditions (Notes).
    Home World Map Rankings Currency Converter
    from A to Z
    B C D ... Greece (Notes) Greece - Government and Political Conditions (Notes)
    Greece is aparliamentary republic whose constitution was last amended inApril 2001. There are three branches of government.The executive includes the president, who is head of state, and the prime minister, who is head of government. There is a 300-seat unicameral Vouli (legislature). The judicial branch includes a Supreme Court. Administrative subdivisions include13 peripheries (regional districts) and51 nomi (prefectures). Suffrage isuniversal at 18.
    Principal Government Officials
    PresidentConstandinos Stephanopoulos
    Prime MinisterKonstantinos Karamanlis
    Foreign MinisterPetros Molyviatis
    Ambassador to the United StatesGeorgios Savvaidis Ambassador to the United NationsAdamandios Vasilakis 2004 Olympic Games The Summer Olympic Games will return to Greece in 2004, and will be held in Athens from August 13 to 29. They will be followed by the Paralympics, which will take place from September 17 to 28. Preparations for the 2004 Games continue, and are overseen by Yianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki, who was appointed president of the Athens Olympic Organizing Committee (ATHOC) by Prime Minister Simitis. Olympic security, infrastructure projects, accommodations, and volunteer involvement are the focus of Games organizers and government officials' efforts. This is a crucial year for Olympics preparations, and the city remains under the scrutiny of International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials to ensure that the 29 venues and crucial transportation and other infrastructure projects are completed on time.

    69. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Greece : Government, Greece (Greek Political Geography) reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete information on greece government, Greek Political Geography.
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 09, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Greek Political Geography ... Greece
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z G
    Greece, Greek Political Geography
    Related Category: Greek Political Geography Greece has a presidential parliamentary system and is governed under the constitution of 1975. There is a 300-member unicameral parliament, which elects a president for a five-year term. The executive branch also includes a premier and a cabinet. The country is divided into 13 administrative regions, subdivided into 52 departments or nomoi, which are responsible for most local government. Sections in this article:
    Topics that might be of interest to you: Achaean League

    Adrianople, Treaty of

    Aegean civilization
    ... com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics. Related Categories: Places Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and the Balkans
    More articles from AllRefer Reference on Greece
  • Encyclopedia U com Check out around 175,000 brief encyclopedia articles on almost all topics.
  • 70. Greece - Government - Flag Description
    IndexMundi Home. Flag of greece greece Flag description.
    Greece - Flag description
    Home Greece Government nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white; there is a blue square in the upper hoist-side corner bearing a white cross; the cross symbolizes Greek Orthodoxy, the established religion of the country Source: CIA World Factbook
    Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2003 Home About Search

    71. Greece - Government - Government Type
    IndexMundi Home. Flag of greece greece government type.
    Greece - Government type
    Home Greece Government parliamentary republic; monarchy rejected by referendum 8 December 1974 Source: CIA World Factbook
    Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2003 Home About Search

    72. | Greece's Government
    greece s government A big cleanup is promised Jul 10th 2003 From The Economist print edition. The prime minister, Costas Simitis

    73. Ancient Greece: Sparta
    The Spartans, in fact, had the most stable government in the history of ancient greece (some historians call this stability, political stagnation ).

    , a bitter enemy and rival of Sparta. The two represent diametrically opposed concepts of the Greek polis and its relations with other city-states; they also represent diametrically opposed concepts of the individual's relationship to the state. Despite all the rhetoric in Athens and in the European historical tradition, we should keep in mind that the Spartans believed they lived in the best of all Greek worlds, and many of their Greek neighbors agreed with them. The rivalry, then, between Sparta and Athens, which would erupt into a disastrous war for Athens, was also an ideological and cultural rivalry.
    ten to one , it was only a matter of time before this subject population would overrun their conquerors. So the Spartans invented a new political system as dramatically revolutionary as Athenian democracy in the north: they turned their state into what amounts to a military state.
    helots . We describe their lives as the life of a "serf," for they worked small plots of land on estates owned by Spartans; part of their produce went to the master of the estate, and the remainder went to the helot farmer and his family. There's no question that the life of the helots was a miserable life. Labor was long and hard and the helots always lived right on the border of subsistence.
    perioeci , or "dwellers around or about." These were foreign people who served as a kind of buffer population between the Spartans and the helots. Because of this vital function, they were accorded a great deal of freedom. Most of the trade and commerce carried out in Sparta were performed by the

    74. Ancient Greece: Athens
    As their wealth increased, the nobles of the Areopagus slowly stripped the king of power until Athenian government imperceptibly became an oligarchy.
    The Areopagus
    basileus , or "king." Unlike Sparta, however, Athens' history was not dominated by invasion of a neighbor, for the land around Athens was agriculturally rich and the city had a harbor so that it could trade easily with city-states around the Aegean. The power of the basileus slowly faded; underneath the basileus was a council of nobles, which were called the Areopagus , from the name of the hill on which they met. In the eighth century BC, these nobles gradually became very wealthy, particularly off of the cash crops of wine and olive oil, both of which require great wealth to get started. As their wealth increased, the nobles of the Areopagus slowly stripped the king of power until Athenian government imperceptibly became an oligarchy. The Areopagus consisted of a varying number of members, and it elected nine archons , or "rulers," to run the state. The archons, however, always had to submit to the approval or veto of the Areopagus, and they also became members of the Areopagus when their term in office expired, so, in reality, the Areopagus ruled the country.
    The Reforms of Solon
    Peisistratus and the Tyranny
    Sparta to assist them in the overthrow of Hippias. Under the Spartan king, Cleomenes I, Athens was overcome in 510 BC and Hippias ran to exile in Persia

    75. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > Europe > Greece > Government
    Best Selling Products in government. Most Popular In government The 5 most visited sites in all government categories, updated daily!

    76. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > ... > Greece > Government > Military
    Information on military services both in Cyprus and greece. Hellenic Naval Academy Military university cultivating officers for the navy of greece.

    77. The Government Of Greece Is A Parliamentary Democracy Headed By A President.
    Map of greece. Copyright The government of greece Tourist Information. Travel to greece to with
    The government of Greece -
    Tourist Information Travel to Greece to with: Triton Holidays The Hellenic Republic :
    Greece, also known as Hellas, is the birthplace of politics and democracy. Its democratic ideals inspired, among others, the framers of the US constitution. The present Greek Constitution, voted in 1975 and amended in 1986, defines the country's political system as a Parliamentary Democracy headed by a President. Legislative powers are exercised by a single Chamber Parliament (the "Vouli") and executive powers are vested in the Government and the President. The Prime Minister, whose Government must enjoy the confidence of the Parliament, has extensive powers. The judiciary is independent. Civil, political and human rights are constitutionally guaranteed. General elections for the 300 parliamentary seats are held every four years. The President of the Republic is elected by the members of Parliament for a five-year term, renewable only once. Mr. C. Stefanopoulos is the President of the Hellenic Republic and Mr. K. Simitis is the Prime Minister. The Flag:
    The National Flag of Greece consists of four white and five blue alternating horizontal stripes, with a white cross on the upper inner corner. Blue and white are the national colours of Greece.

    78. WorldLII - Categories - Countries - Greece - Government
    greece Hellenic Data Protection Authority Search Only in Greek; Hellenic government Search Official site of the Greek government;
    Recent Additions Translate Add a Link ... Greece Find any of these words all of these words this phrase this document title this Boolean query World Law Help Boolean Operators Search: All WorldLII Catalog All WorldLII Databases Law on Google WorldLII: Feedback URL:

    79. XGR: Your Internet Portal To Greece ... Government And Education
    Institutes and Foundations (23) Libraries and Research (17) Local government (63) Military deals with the various periods of history in Ancient greece, the arts
    Add your site Edit your listing Advertise Your online directory to Greece Home New sites Top 25 What's cool ... Home Government and Education Embassies
    Government Agencies

    Institutes and Foundations

    Libraries and Research

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  • Greek History and Mythology
    Greek Mythology and Greek History - A large collection of information regarding Greek mythology and ancient Greek History. The mythology section includes information on heroes, gods, and mythical creatures. The history sections deals with the various periods of history in Ancient Greece, the arts, architecture, Greek wars, and famous figures in Ancient Greek history.
    AUAP American Universities Admission Program

    #1 Organization in the world that helps foreign students to enter American universities Favism-from the A historical review of favism, by Prof. John Meletis Greek National Tourist Organization The official website of the national tourist organization.
  • 80. XGR: Your Internet Portal To Greece ... Government And Education:Government Agen
    Home government and Education government Agencies, National Statistical Service of greece; Public Transportation of Thessaloniki The official website for the
    Add your site Edit your listing Advertise Your online directory to Greece Home New sites Top 25 What's cool ... Government and Education Government Agencies Public Corporations
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    The official website fo the public transportation agncy of Athens.
    Athens International Airport S.A.

    Website of the new "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport at Spata.
    EETAA Home Page - ÅÅÔÁÁ ÁÅ

    Official website of the Hellenic Agency for local development and administration.
    EKT - Eèíéêï Êåíôñï Ôåêìçñéùóçò

    The website of the National Documentation Center HSO The official website of the Hellenic Standardization Organization. ISAP-ÇÓÁÐ - ÇËÅÊÔÑÉÊÏÉ ÓÉÄÇÑÏÄÑÏÌÏÉ ÁÈÇÍÙÍ-ÐÅÉÑÁÉÙÓ Á.Å. Piraeus Electric Railways S.A., is a subsidiary company of O.A.S.A. (Athens Urban Transportation Organization) as per Law 2669/1998. Informatics Dpt Main Page The purpose of the Directorate of Informatics is the development of the suitable infrastructure needed for the efficient performance of the duty of the Services of the Ministry of Public Order.
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