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         Greece Culture General:     more books (100)
  1. The culture of ancient Greece and Rome: A general sketch, by Franz Poland, 1926
  2. The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, A General Sketch by F. Poland E. And R. Wagner; transl. By John Henry Freese Reisinger, 1926
  3. THE CULTURE OF ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME: A GENERAL SKETCH. by F. & E. Reisinger & R. Wagner (trans John Henry Freese). Poland, 1926
  4. The Culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, A General Sketch by F. Poland E. Reisinger and R. Wagner; Authorized Translation from the Second German Edition By John Henry Freese, 1926
  5. Classical Art and the Cultures of Greece and Rome by John Onians, 1999-08-25
  6. Ancient Greece In Film And Popular Culture (Bristol Phoenix Press - Greece and Rome Live) by Gideon Nisbet, 2006-11-01
  7. Sexual Culture in Ancient Greece (Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture) (Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture) by Daniel H. Garrison, 2001-01
  8. The Culture of Classicism: Ancient Greece and Rome in American Intellectual Life, 1780-1910 by Caroline Winterer, 2004-03-05
  9. Culture Shock! Greece: A Guide to Customs & Etiquette by Clive Rawlins, 2001-06
  10. Greece, the Culture (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Sierra Adare, 2008-02-28
  11. Greece (Cultures of the World) by Jill Dubois, Xenia Skoura, et all 2003-03
  12. The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C. by Jeffrey M. Hurwit, 1985-12
  13. Greece - Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette (Culture Smart!) by Constantine Buhayer, 2006-09-05
  14. Stencils Ancient Greece (Ancient and Living Cultures Stencils) by Mira Bartok, Karen Alexander, 1996-11-08

1. NM's Creative Impulse..Greece
Hellenic Ministry of culture list of links to get you started researching greece. Historical Overview of 201 class syllabus) Unfortunately the general public can't click to enlarge
NM's Creative Impulse
The Development of Western Civilization
World History
Perseus Award - February 1998
From the tiny island of Crete throughout most of the known world ( via Alexander the Great ), the Greek standard of excellence spread. "All men by nature deserve to know" according to Aristotle and the Greek Scholars set out to learn about and put order to their universe. Their independent and individualistic character gave the world democracy. Scientists like Euclid, Pythagoras and Archimedes advanced the study of mathematics, while historians Herodotus and Thucydides brought accuracy, reason and even objectivity to the recording of events. The Greeks investigated the metaphysical as well as the physical worlds and in doing so broadened the base of human knowledge.
Greeks attained the same perfect harmony and proportion in their art that they believed existed in the natural world. Lifelike sculptures of ideal athletes, heroes and gods dominated the classical period while emotion took center stage during the Hellenistic era. The ruins of ancient temples give evidence of the proportion, balance and harmony of classical architecture. Drama was elevated to an art form. Greek art, architecture, drama, scientific achievements, philosophies and government have had a marked influenced on the modern world.
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Hist ory

2. Consulate General - New York NY
The Embassy of greece in the United States of America Washington, DC culture and better awareness for Europe among New Yorkers and the wider American public, I wish to bring to your kind attention that the Consulate general of greece
location.reload(false); home embassy main bookmark contact ... admin Consulate General
New York, NY 09 June, 2004
Relations of cooperation between Greece and the United States have been reaffirmed

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, speaking after a working lunch and his meeting with US President George W. Bush on Thursday, said the very good climate and the relations of cooperation between Greece and the United States have been reaffirmed.
Referring to the Athens Olympic Games, Karamanlis said he is convinced that the country will organise good and safe Games and noted that "unprecedented funds and energy have been invested. We are preparing to hold very good Olympic Games with success." The prime minister further said no issue was raised of armed American agents coming to Athens to ensure the security of American athletes.
Focusing on the issue of Cyprus, Karamanlis said the will of the two countries must be respected and regardless of latest developments, with the result of the referenda, the target of the island's reunification must remain firm. Press Releases 21 May, 2004

3. The Ancient World Web: General_Resources/Greece
The Ancient World Web general Greek Resources Index The general Resources greece Index. The Links Ingreece. A general resource to greece, it's culture, and history
@import "";
The General Resources : Greece Index
The Links Ancient Greek Resources
A suggested reading program and resource list for a basic education on Ancient Greece. URL updated May 17, 2001.[English]
[Last Site Update: 2-Sep-2000 Hits: 2343 Rating: 5.33 Votes: 3] Rate It Ancient Greek World
The virtual version of the UPenn Museum's Ancient Greek World Exhibit. [English]
[Last Site Update: 26-Mar-2004 Hits: 3148 Rating: 7.50 Votes: 2] Rate It
This site dedicated to Ancient Greece mines the fields of art, archaeology, and history. A significant portion of the site deals with the Minoans. [English]
[Last Site Update: 14-Apr-2004 Hits: 84 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1] Rate It endoglossiki metafrasi
The site supports the teachers in Greek High Schools who teach Ancient Greek language and literature through translation (from Ancient to Modern Greek) [Greek]
[Last Site Update: 9-Dec-2000 Hits: 235 Rating: 5.00 Votes: 1] Rate It Greece by HistoryLink 101
HistoryLink 101's Link Collection for Ancient Greece: Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures and Research.
[Last Site Update: 20-Jul-2000 Hits: 2573 Rating: 8.75 Votes: 4]

4. Leros Island Greece Dodecanese General Information/culture
Leros Geography and maps,greece,dodecanese,Greek islands general information about the island s travel,geography,history,culture,attractions,accommodation
LEROS ISLAND GREECE CULTURE AND TRADITION The culture and traditions of Leros island are in general similar to the Greek Islands and the Greek mainland traditions. From the old times the ceremonies which used to gather Greeks together were the religious celebrations and marriages. This is the same in Leros with the two main religious celebrations being Easter and the Assumption of Maria on August 15th. Easter The Assumption of Maria (August 15th) Another big celebration of Leros, like all over Greece, is the Assumption of Mary. On the 14th August the whole Island goes up to the castle of Leros, where the Church of Mary is sited, to pay its respects and follow the liturgy. Afterwards they will be gathered in restaurants or houses with huge dinners and dancing through the night. Other Cultural Activities During the summer the Lerians organise athletic competitions known as the Alindia and the Bulafentia. The naval week also take place in summertime and is dedicated to the Greek navy. This week involves free entrance to the public to various war ships which are visiting the Island. Leros also takes part in the Aegean Regatta during the month of August. The Educational Cultural Association of Youth of Leros Artemis has, in recent years, become the centre of cultural activities in Leros, organizing theatrical, musical, traditional dancing, art exhibitions and lots of other cultural events in the Island and abroad throughout the year.

5. Major Cultural Events Under The Auspices Of The Consul General Of Greece In New
To promote European culture and better awareness for Europe among New Yorkers bring to your kind attention that the Consulate general of greece, acting in

6. Greece Culture: Information And Descriptions Of The Culture Of Greece
This site proposes much general information about greece history, mythology, geography, greece culture, museums, churches, archaeological sites, festivals
Greece Culture
Greece Culture: Information about the culture of Greece
Greece is a country of a great and diverse culture influenced by its place at the junction between the East and the West and by the many occupations endured by the Greek people throughout history.
Greeks are particularly proud of Greece culture and stick to it with particular passion, feeling that their culture is a definition of their national and ethnic belonging.
Traditions, religion, music, language, food and wines are the major composants of Greece Culture and constitute the base to know for those who wish to visit the beautiful country of Greece.
Choose your destination
Greece is one of Europe's favourite destination.
Read more
Greece Traditions
Traditions in Greece are either of a religious character or coming from paganism. Furthermore, most of the traditions and festivals still followed and celebrated today, are religious.
Many Greeks are very superstitious people and believe a lot in religion as well as in supernatural or paranormal phenomenon.

7. Ancient Greece
More on the evolution of writing on my general Ancient History Daily Life Ancient greece Women in Classical Greek culture Ancient greece Women The
Apollo and the Greek Muses
Ancient Greece
Updated 6/3/04 A Brief Comparison of Greek and Roman Sculpture by Teacher Oz (me):
When comparing Greek and Roman sculpture you need to know about the three distinct periods of Greek sculpture. The Greek Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic styles each represent different ideals. Archaic, best represented by the Kouros, evolved from Egyptian sculpture. Kouros characteristics were: rigidity, one foot forward stance, formal hair treatment, bilateral symmetry (same on left and right), and its frontality (block like). It differed from the Egyptian in that the sculpture was nude, there was no webbing between the arms and body, and there was attention to anatomical detail. The Archaic Kouros was the composite of the athletic ideal through mathematical formula(1:8). It was not realistic, but idealistic.
During Classical period, the change in sculpture was embodied by one word: controposto . The most significant change in sculpture to that date, controposto was the counterbalance, or s-curve of the body. One foot came forward and the weight distribution became more naturalistic. Besides conroposto, the other characteristics of Classical sculpture were: head turned on different plain from body (aloof, representing reason controlled) and less formal hair treatment. Archaic was carving "stone into body", while Classical was carving a "body out of stone". "The Canon", by Polyclitus, is the archetype of classical sculpture. The goal of classical sculpture was to portray a perfect balance and harmony through art. This mirrored Greek philosophy.

8. Greece's Culture Walk
Information on greece fitness vacations including greece walking tours, greece walking vacations, and greece walking trips. A Message From CCI. general Information. Terms Conditions. Request Brochure greece's culture Walk. This walk is through the central part of the southern Peloponnese, keeping to less

9. SFAKIA, CRETE, GREECE: Culture Of Crete
special spirit transcends the limits of culture; we have to Russia in 1919, acting as general Manager of In 1923, Venizelos represented greece at the Treaty of

Sfakia - Intro
Picture Galleries Accommodations About us ... What's New?
Culture of Crete
We, Cretans, are permanently in love with our island and what it stands for. We are in love with its spirit which evolved from vivacious Minoan times through perpetual and eventful contacts with different races and civilizations, the Dorians, the Egyptians, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Venetians, the Turks... This very special spirit transcends the limits of culture; we have learnt to distinguish it in all aspects of our life. It runs through the "rizitika" folk songs; it resides in plant motifs of ancient earthenware; it characterizes the way a shepherd drives its flock of sheep to the slopes of the Sfakian mountains; it is diffused in the aroma of "diktamos" herb and adds fire to the eyes of a solitary priest saying mass at a small country church, a handgun passed in it's belt...
NIKOLAOS KAZANTZAKIS One of the most significant Greek novelists, poets, drama writers and scholars. He was born in Heraklio, in 1833 and studied Law in Athens and Philosophy in Paris. He was influenced by the theories of Ion Dragoumis and Eleftherios Venizelos. His trip to Russia in 1919, acting as General Manager of the Ministry of Welfare, was the introduction of his exciting odyssey: Vienna, Berlin, Italy, Crete, Russia, Cyprus, Spain, Egypt, mount Sinah, Goethesgub (Tsechoslovakia), Nice (France). He died in Germany, in 1957. His first novel was "The Snake and the Lilly", in 1906, followed by "Foreman", "Ascetic Life", the translation of Dante's "Divina Comedy". His prime was evident by the works "Life of Alexis Zorbas", "Christ is crossed again", "Captain Michael", "The Last Temptation", "God's Poor Man" and "Reference to Greco".

10. Greece Now: The Contemporary Greek E-zine And Online Resource
last month to negotiate on the basis of UN Secretary general Kofi Annan s Userfriendly culture. Until recently, most state-run museums in greece were Spartan.
About Greece Country Profile Maps Useful Info ... US mirror site Events Calendar Exhibition
12 February- 5 April
Hola Grecia! Greek Contemporary Art and Architecture in Madrid's ARCO
24 February-28 March
The Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles at the Athens Concert Hall
Painting Exhibition
22 December-31 March "In the Light of the Apollo " Comedy
16 February-8 March 2004
"Men in Coats" at Coronet Theatre
More events New Democracy claims victory Provisional results from Sunday's electoral contest indicate that voters overwhelmingly opted for a removal of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), which had ruled Greece since 1993. With nearly 99% of votes accounted for, New Democracy's lead over PASOK stood at around 4.81%, a clear victory in what was expected to be a very close election. The new government under Costas Karamanlis will be sworn in on Wednesday. Read more With March 7th looming large, Greek political parties, big and small, try to claim their stake

11. Greece And Greek Links By Katerina Sarri
by Harry A City under the City by greece org Here are some general helpful links on Athens Athens Area) by the Ministry of culture ATHENS Museums
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MY PAGES: HOMEPAGE ReferenceLINKS MUSIC GreekLanguageAlphabet ... RECITE it!!!
through greek eyes

By Katerina Sarri, C.E. 2001
Last Update



all over Greece
Maps Gateways News ... TOP of PAGE
Greece lies at the meeting point of Asia, Africa and Europe. Today, it has c. 11 million inhabitants. 4 million are living in the capital area, Athens . Greeks of the Diaspora are estimated to some millions. Greek language is also spoken in Cyprus by its c.500.000 greek citizens. Coming to greece? Here are some links and my own tips about Athens and other places in Greece, books, museums, news and gateways. Best month to come to Greece is September: July and August can be too hot for you (occasional heat waves), and islands are packed (all 4 million Athenians spend their summer vacation there in August). Most greeks understand a bit of english, all you need in greek is:

html Hellenic culture Ulysses Gateway for greek culture Ministry of culture greece / A / B BR B * / B B general ARTLINKS and
Greek Literature, Music and Arts by Katerina Sarri //Popup info box III (By Brian Gosselin, //Script featured on //For full source, TOS, and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit GREECE: PAGE 1 <A HREF="javascript:openWindow('navigator.html')" ONMOUSEOVER="writetxt(' for my pages and links. From this window you may visit all topics in my webpages.')" ONMOUSEOUT="writetxt(0)"> HOMEPAGE Greek Culture By Katerina Sarri, UNDER CONSTRUCTION TILL NEXT YEAR <A HREF="javascript:openWindow('update.html')" ONMOUSEOVER="writetxt('Here is a record of

13. FORTHnet Directory: Private Schools
Valsamidou History, studies programs, art and culture, general information, news Platon Institute general information, school life, library, facilities greece.
var code = ''; document.write(code); var code = ''; document.write(code); Directory Contact Us Add URL Help Categories ... Education Private Schools Related Websites
  • Adamantios - Hellenic-French School 'Kalamari'

  • Web page presentation of the nursary and primary school 'Adamantios' and the Hellenic-French school 'Kalamari' (gymnasium - lyceum).
  • Campion School

  • Web page of the British-style international school in Athens.
    Branch of the Ziridis educational organisation with activities in primary and secondary private education in Greece.
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi

  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi is a private school covering all stages of education from primary to upper secondary.
  • Erasmios

  • Greek - German school. Nursary, primary school, gymnasioum, lyceum, foreign languages.
  • Filippos-Alexandros

  • Nursary and primary school. Information about the educational organization, administration, activities, school news, contact, registrations.
  • German School of Athens
  • Web page with information about the school, registrations, projects, links, guest book, contact.
  • Hellenic American Educational Foundation
  • Athens college - Psychico college, special programs, athletics program, Athens college theatre, libraries, adult education program, international baccalaureate.

    14. FORTHnet Directory: Prefectures
    Prefecture of Halkidiki general information, history, architecture sightseing, tourism, entertainment, economy, culture, maps, etc. of the West Coast Of greece.
    var code = ''; document.write(code); var code = ''; document.write(code); Directory Contact Us Add URL Help Categories ... Local Authorities Prefectures Related Websites
  • Prefecture of Piraeus

  • Information about the Prefecture
  • Development Enterprise of Achaia Prefecture

  • News and announcements,, objectives, board of directions, personnel,projects, activities, co-operations, products, links, contact
  • Lassithi Prefecture

  • Information about Lassithi, how to get there, towns, accommodation, transportation, culture, history, general information
  • Lesvos Prefecture

  • News about the prefecture's activities, announcements, press releases, general information about Lesvos, Lemnos and Agios Efstratios.
  • Prefectoral Self-Government of Achaia

  • Information, services, communication, news, statements, the Municipalities of Achaia, useful contacts in the Prefecture.
  • Prefectorial Development Enterprise of Corfu
  • The A.E.N.A.K. foundation accrued from the need of an co-ordinative, flexible and effectual plan to develop the Prefecture of Kerkyra.
  • Prefectorial Local Government of Korinthia
  • Services, press releases, prefecture news, events, works, electronic magazine

    15. Greece: Cultural Exchange With Asia. CulturE-ASEF
    Cultural exchange in general Institutions. publications exploring contemporary art and culture, promotes the dialog and exchange between greece and other
    deutsch Home Europe Greece Asia in Greece Greece in Asia Cultural exchange in general: Institutions Tips, Sponsor Links Deste Foundation - Center For Contemporary Art Established in Athens and Geneva in 1983 by the art collector Dakis Joannou. Organizes exhibitions, sponsors publications exploring contemporary art and culture, promotes the dialog and exchange between Greece and other countries. Address in Athens: 8 Omirou Street, Neo Psyhiko. [el, en] Hellenic Ministry of Culture: Directorate of Cultural Relations Departments with addresses, among others: International Organizations, Foreign Cultural Institutes in Greece, Cultural Information. Press releases. [en] ODYSSEUS - WWW server of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture Comprehensive information on art and culture in Greece, including summaries on archaeology and the arts, organizations, events, press releases. Also includes some references for international cultural exchange. [en, el] Would you like to see your link here? More about... Home Europe Link suggestions ... Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe site search email imprint updated: June 2004

    16. Greece Calendar Of Culture Events General Event
    Operated by ABL Tours Travel Ltd. Powered by Access Bali Online. Event By Category general Event greece.

    17. Greece - Thessaloniki Calendar Of Culture Events General Event
    Access Bali Online. All rights reserved. general Inquiries, comments or suggestions about the site, please click Ask Question or browse our FAQ.

    18. General Data
    greece Introduction. greece general Data. greece Maps. greece culture. greece History. greece Economy. greece Currency. greece Education. greece Animal Plants.
    Country Info Greece Introduction Greece General Data Greece Maps Greece Culture ... Greece Time and Date Greece : Geographic coordinates 39 00 N, 22 00 E Greece : Population growth rate Greece : Birth rate 9.83 births/1,000 population Greece : Death rate 9.73 deaths/1,000 population Greece : People living with HIV/AIDS Greece : Independence Greece : National holiday Independence Day, 25 March Greece : Constitution 11 June 1975 Greece : GDP purchasing power parity - $181.9 billion Greece : GDP - per capita purchasing power parity - $17,200 Greece : Electricity - consumption 43.343 billion kWh Greece : Exports $15.8 billion manufactured goods, food and beverages, petroleum products Greece : Imports $33.9 billion manufactured goods, foodstuffs, fuels, chemicals Greece : Telephones 5.431 million Greece : Mobile cellular Greece : Radio broadcast stations AM 26, FM 88, shortwave 4 Greece : Radios 5.02 million Greece : Television broadcast stations Greece : Televisions 2.54 million Greece : Internet country code .gr

    19. UNF Core I: Section 7: Greece: Classical Culture
    In general, older 19th and 20th century historians an anthropological view of Greek culture, but sometimes With greece, one common way to conceptualize these
    University of North Florida History Dept Freshman Core Page Halsall Homepage Section Contents Readings Discussion Search ... Movies UNF Core I:
    Western Civilization to 1648 Section 7: Greece: Classical Culture Introduction: This Section's Goals By the end of this section students should be able:
    • To distinguish between the artistic and anthropological meanings of "culture," and give examples to illustrate each meaning from ancient Greek civilization. To explain the difference between Apollonian and Dionysian modes of Greek thought and behavior. To identify "archaic" and "classical" styles in sculpture. To explain where and why Greek drama was performed. To discuss the nature of tragedy in the light of Aristotle's comments.. To contrast the claims of nomos and themis on the main characters in Antigone To understand why Socrates thought it was a good thing to be in s a state of confusion!
    • Sherman 50-53, 61-62, 65-69, 70-77.

    20. The General Consulate Of The Uzbekistan In Greece
    The general Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in greece. Since ancient times, the better life. ARTS AND culture. The Uzbek
    The General Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Greece
    Since ancient times, the geopolitical location of Uzbekistan has been where the main caravan roads traversed to link Asia and Europe, predicating the historical richness of the land. The country is situated in the middle of Central Asia between the Amu-Darya and Syr- Darya rivers and was named "maa-waraa-nahr" by Arabs, meaning "a place between two rivers". From ancient times, the wealth of the land attracted foreign conquerors. In the third and fourth centuries B.C., Central Asia was conquered by the Macedonians. Conquest by Alexander the Great had a great effect on the economic and cultural development of the peoples of the East, West and Central Asia. In the middle of the third century B.C., the conquered regions became independent and local dynasties came to power. Bactria, which included the southern parts of Uzbekistan and Tadjikistan, became the hub of the Greek- Bactrian empire and later came under control of the Kushan empire. After the conquest of Central Asia by Alexander the Great, studies of the subsequent period depict development and the heyday of architecture, painting, handcrafts, and music. During the seventh and eighth centuries, Central Asia was conquered by the Arab Khalifat. The Arabs took over these countries under the mission of spreading the new religion of Islam. As a result, their conquest entirely changed the region's way of life. Building construction, art and science declined under the pressures of war and continued only in the middle of the nineth century. This was connected with the creation of independent empires ruled by the dynasties of the local aristocracy: the Tahirids and Samanids. In the l0th century, the Arabs were forced to withdraw their troops and the Samanids rose to power.

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