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1. Thematic Classifications
history and culture the art of prehistory classical greece India, China Custom. tradition. folklore. 4 vacant 5 Science Popular culture Studies Psychology recreation and Leisure

2. NM's Creative Impulse..Greece
Lesvos Island History, culture and tradition*** the Island of Sappho page of Internet Resources for Ancient greece. Photo Index of artifacts and a recreation of the ancient Stoa
NM's Creative Impulse
The Development of Western Civilization
World History
Perseus Award - February 1998
From the tiny island of Crete throughout most of the known world ( via Alexander the Great ), the Greek standard of excellence spread. "All men by nature deserve to know" according to Aristotle and the Greek Scholars set out to learn about and put order to their universe. Their independent and individualistic character gave the world democracy. Scientists like Euclid, Pythagoras and Archimedes advanced the study of mathematics, while historians Herodotus and Thucydides brought accuracy, reason and even objectivity to the recording of events. The Greeks investigated the metaphysical as well as the physical worlds and in doing so broadened the base of human knowledge.
Greeks attained the same perfect harmony and proportion in their art that they believed existed in the natural world. Lifelike sculptures of ideal athletes, heroes and gods dominated the classical period while emotion took center stage during the Hellenistic era. The ruins of ancient temples give evidence of the proportion, balance and harmony of classical architecture. Drama was elevated to an art form. Greek art, architecture, drama, scientific achievements, philosophies and government have had a marked influenced on the modern world.
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Hist ory

3. Albania Web > Know The Albanians And Albanian Culture
and portions of Macedonia and northern greece. It was from terms of history, laws, tradition, and culture. The Ottoman for forest plants, and for recreation. Forest plants such
Albania and the Albanians
Van Christo 1. Introduction

The Albanians are the direct descendents of the ancient Illyrians whose territories in
1225 BC included all of former Yugoslavia, that is, Dalmatia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzogovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and portions of Macedonia and northern Greece. It was from one of the Illyrian tribes called the "Albanoi" located in central Albania, that the country derives its name. However, the Albanians call themselves " Shqipëtarë " and their country " Shqipëria" generally accepted to mean "landd of the eagles" because two of the Albanian words for eagle are "Shqipë" and "Shqiponjë." Shkodra, now one of the largest cities in Albania and located in the northern part of the country, was also the capital of Illyria so it has deep historic roots.
The Romans conquered Illyria in 227 BC for which they had to pay dearly by making frequent expeditions across the Adriatic Sea to quell the insurrections that had become chronic. During the civil war between Caesar and Pompeii, Albania served as the battlegound for the contest of the supremacy of Rome. The decisive battle between Octavius and Antony for the imperial throne of Rome was also fought on the Albanian seacoast, and in commemoration of his naval victory at Actium, the future Emperor Augustus built the new city of Nicopolos on the southernmost part of the Albanian seaboard whose ruins may be seen in the modern-day city of Preveza which was taken away from Albania and assigned to Greece by the Ambassadors Conference of London in 1913.

4. Lukol Directory - Society Folklore Death And Funeral Customs
http// Jana Shopkorn s essay on ritual and ceremonyin Ancient greece. Omens of Death http//

Lukol Directory -
Society Folklore Death and Funeral Customs ... Funeral Customs of the Northern Khants
Funerary practices of a West Siberian tribe in the last quarter of the 20th century.
History Of Funeral Customs

Good introduction from the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association site.
Death and Afterwards

Very interesting account of a Greek Catholic Baltic Finnic people's beliefs in death, omens of death and the afterlife.
Orkney Islands
Omens of Death Marriage and Funerals in Athens Jana Shopkorn's essay on ritual and ceremony in Ancient Greece. Funeral Customs in Yunnan Province, China Describes funerary practices in a Chinese village. Death Central on Monstrous Explores the faces of death across art, societies and rituals, science and medicine.

5. Death And Funeral Customs In Society > Folklore
essay on ritual and ceremony in Ancient greece. http// aboutfunerary customs in culture, photographs, and
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Witchcraft and superstitious record in the south-western district of Scotland : witchcraft, witch trials, fairy lore, brownie lore, wraiths, warnings, death customs, funeral ceremony, ghost lore, haunted houses
- by John Maxwell Wood
- by Lisa Rogak
Death in early America : the history and folklore of customs and superstitions of early medicine, funerals, burials, and mourning

6. Hellenism (Hellenic Ethnic Tradition) -
indigenous tradition born and evolved in Hellas (greece), is not sequential reabsorption and recreation of the Universe Kultura / Politismos / culture. Religija / Triskia / Religion

7. Greece For Visitors Site Map - An A To Z Of Greece And Greek Travel
Rich in folkloric traditions, the wild beauty of Cyprus a haven of culture, folklore,recreation and great on enjoying the islands of greece, including Hydra
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Travel Greece for Visitors Home ... A to Z Site Map zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Accommodations Athens, Greece Greece Greek Islands ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Greece for Visitors newsletter. Search Greece for Visitors Greece for Visitors Site Map An A to Z of articles and information on Greece and Greek travel

8. Carrboro, North Carolina, Recreation & Parks Department
cuisine of countries like India, greece, Italy, Mexico of the curriculum in folklore,Professor Zug MAY Traditional culture and Heritage Tourism with Wayne

Carrboro Home

Other Departments


Special Events
Search Site

General Programs: Classes for Adults We are pleased to provide adults with arts, humanities, and natural history programming while offering opportunities for physical activity, cultural experiences, fellowship, creative expression, new skills, knowledge and adventure. To register please mail form with payment or register at the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department, 100 North Greensboro St, Carrboro NC 27510 at least 4 business days in advance. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Carrboro. Fees once submitted are non refundable. Table of Contents: BASKETRY This traditional craft class is known for its good company as well as the fine baskets it produces. A new studio format
now accommodates the lives of busy basket makers.

9. The Folklore Tradition Of Agiasos
There are close correlation between the carnival of Agiassos and thecultural creation and tradition of Ancient greece.
Folklore Tradition There is a particularly rich folklore tradition in Agiassos. The cultural lighthouse is the Reading Society “I ANAPTIXI” (Development) the influence of which goes far beyond the town itself. The island was still under Turkish Occupation, the Reading Society expressed the need of certain restless intellectuals for cultivation and information, through books and newspapers. Then in 1894 a night school, amateur theatre company, and choir which organised music – literary nights. It was a nucleus of national uplifting and offered significant support to the Macedonian Struggle. Its activity and presence in the cultural and artistic life of Agiassos is significant up to our days. The Reading Society which is housed in a private building complex, just outside the lower entrance to the town, includes : a Library with over 20.000 volumes of old and new books on all every fields of science, a large reading room, a theatre for theatrical performances and screening of films, a folklore museum and an exhibition room with a permanent collection of paintings.
The Arts department stages a large number of plays of both foreign and Greek playwrights (Infact many are from Agiassos). Since 1954 the Reading Society has staged more than 35 theatrical plays. Some of its performances have been staged in Mytilene and almost all other villages of Lesbos, in Athens, Pireus and even as far away as Australia, always with tremendous success.

10. A Brief History Of Western Culture
Links to Websites about Western culture, History, Art History, and an online book on Western culture History. unique history of Western culture, one that combines a history by the JudaeoChristian tradition, seep down into everyday values the school of Hellas (greece), and it would seem to
Increase the font size from the View menu of your browser. The following is an online book providing a brief but unique history of Western Culture, one that combines a history of literature with that of art. Opinions expressed in the book are the author's, although much of the general history follows the consensus. Translations are the author's, except the passage of Chuang Tse. No part or the entirety of this book may be sold or used for profit without the author's consent. BCE stands for "Before the Common Era", CE, "Common Era". The "Common Era" (the era common to or, in other words, including, our present) ranges from Year 1 to the present day. Year 1 is the supposed first year of Jesus' of Nazareth life. The time scale is equivalent to the Before Christ (BC)-Anno Domini (AD) chronology. The online book has been formatted for easy online reading; hence, paragraphs are separated by extra line spacing, sentences are indented further to the right every time additional detail is given to the topic. Payment by Honor System: If you proceed to read this book, please send check or money order worth either

11. FORTHnet Directory: Ionion
Containing beauties, tradition, customs, part of our civilization. situated on thewest side of greece. through it s people, sites, culture, accommodation and
var code = ''; document.write(code); var code = ''; document.write(code); Directory Contact Us Add URL Help Categories ... Travel Guides - Destinations Ionion Related Websites

  • Corfu information, accommodation, travel guide and business directory.
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  • Information about everything that concerns the island history, geography, culture, museums, music, tradition, food, commercial trade, hotels, shops, transportation.
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  • Á full travel guide for the Greek island of Corfu. It includes information as well as photos, about location, beaches, sights, recreation, online reservation and many more.
  • Corfu

  • Ôravel guide to the island of Corfu, Greece. We offer a virtual tour in Corfu island and tourist information such as accommodation.
  • Corfu Guide Visitor`s Manual

  • Corfu's travel guide. Information about Corfu, accommodation, food, entertainment, timetables, etc.
  • The resource centre for Corfu and Agios Stefanos.
  • CorfuToday
  • Corfu travel and holiday guide.
  • e - lefkas
  • Portal of Lefkas island. Local and touristic news and information about the island and the individual prefectures.
  • e-Zakynthos
  • A complete travel guide of Zakynthos island (Zante) in Greece. Accommoation, nightlife, information and resorts.

    12. Society Directory With Link Exchange
    folklore Society Dedicated to the study, preservation, and instruction of the traditionsof Hellenic folk culture and folk arts from all regions of greece and
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  • American Folklore Society- Founded in 1888, the AFS publishes the prestigious quartlerly Journal of American Folklore and works to further the discipline of folklore studies, to improve the professional well-being of its members, and to increase the respect given to diverse cultures and their tradit...
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  • Palouse Folklore Society- Volunteer non-profit organization in the Moscow, Idaho / Pullman, Washington area dedicated to preserving and celebrating cultural traditions of folk music, dance and traditional arts and crafts.
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  • Giants Carriers Association- A federation of the groups supporting the people carrying giants in the public festivals in Catalonia and abroad; the Association publishes a magazine called Gegants (Giants) and maintains a library and files of dances and music for giant carriers.
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  • Folklore Society, London, England- Founded in 1878, the Folklore Society maintains offices at the Warburg Institute and archives in the DMS Watson Science Library at University College London, with reference and lending facilities; publishes low-cost library booklets, academic works, and the peer-re...
    HISTORICAL ATHLETICS LEISURE - recreation - SPORT. PART in North American history and culture. Westport, Connecticut Greenwood Tutankhamun and the sporting tradition. New York P
    DEPARTMENT OF NUTRITION UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS OLYMPIC CENTENNIAL ATHLETIC, SPORT, RECREATION BIBLIOGRAPHY PROJECT HISTORICAL: ATHLETICS - LEISURE - RECREATION - SPORT PART 2 AUTHORS: E - L Compiler L. Grivetti Professor of Nutrition Department of Nutrition University of California Davis, CA 95616 FAX: (916) 752-8966) e-mail: Graduate Research Assistant Susan Harvey Department of Nutrition Eales, R.G. 1985. Chess, the history of a game . New York: Facts on File Publications. Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire. 1911. . Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. Easy Introduction. 1824. An easy introduction to the game of chess: containing one hundred examples of games and a great variety of critical situations and conclusions; including the whole of Philidor's analysis with copious selections Ebert, J. 1963. Zum Pentathlon der Antike; Untersuchungen uber das System der Siegeremittlung und die Ausfuhrung des Halterensprunges . Abhandlungen der Sachsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Philologisch-Historische Klasse. Band. 56, Heft 1. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. Edelman, R. 1993.

    14. SurfWax -- News And Articles On Mexican Culture
    Articles on Mexican culture from newspapers and magazines around the world. Travel recreation Breaking News) People culture Apr the diversity of culture and tradition within
      News and Articles on Mexican Culture
      Last update: Jun 08, 2004
      Houston Day Trip Planner
      Jun 08, 2004
      The site marks the first armed confrontation between Mexican troops and Anglo-Texans in June 1832 ... Tee up at Stephen F. Austin State Historical Park near San Felipe, at the site where Stephen F. Austin brought 297 families to the Western frontier under a contract with the Mexican government. (Houston Chronicle Travel)
      'Moon of Red Ponies' a Splendid Novel
      Jun 08, 2004
      There's Jeff Barker, a child molester who did some hits for the Mexican Mafia during his stretch in Soledad ... As in "Bitterroot," the last book starring Billy Bob, the character is haunted by waking dreams of his best friend, L. Q. Navarro, who he accidentally shot down years earlier when a gunfight with Mexican drug runners went bad. (Yahoo News Entertainment)
      full story...
      Jun 08, 2004
      Four guys of Latino heritage (Cuban, Mexican, Dominican and Puerto Rican) find themselves living in Nebraska, of all places ... Graciano Nunez (Jos Mexicano) grew up in Texas in a home where his family spoke Spanish. (Ashland Daily Tidings, OR)
      full report archive
      Jun 08, 2004

    15. Society, Folklore, Organizations
    folklore Society. Dedicated to the study, preservation, and instruction of the traditionsof Hellenic folk culture and folk arts from all regions of greece and
    Top Society Folklore Organizations
    Web Directory: Society, Folklore, Organizations
    Web Directory Daily News PHP Manuals mySQL Manuals ... Svenska Browsing Society, Folklore, Organizations Category
      American Folklore Society
      Founded in 1888, the AFS publishes the prestigious quartlerly Journal of American Folklore and works to further the discipline of folklore studies, to improve the professional well-being of its members, and to increase the respect given to diverse cultures and their traditions..
      Australian Folklore
      Journal of studies in the field of Australian folklore as well as theoretical and field studies by scholars from around the world..
      Bozeman Folklore Society - Montana
      An all- volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of traditional cultures, with a special focus on country and square dancing and fiddle music..
      British Columbia Folklore Society
      Dedicated to the collection and preservation of the traditional and contemporary folk culture, folklife, ad folklore of the people of British Columbia, Canada..
      Center for Folklore and Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania

    16. Dugi Rat :: Culture & Entertaiment
    preserve the Croatian cultural folk tradition, particularly in The Dalmacija Culturaland Art Society has festivals in Portugal, England, greece, France, etc
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    • about us how to reach us accommodation history culture - entertiment gastronomy sport - recreation excursions climate companies photo gallery info
    The municipality has a cultural and art group "Dalmacija" that gather young people from the municipality and foster cultural and folklore traditionsof this region. Both of these societies have had notable results in the country and abroad. The "DALMACIJA" Cultural and Art Society from Dugi Rat has a thirty year-old tradition and its members make it one of the largest societies in Dalmatia.
    The Society was founded in 1967 and since then has been gathering young people wishing to preserve the Croatian cultural folk tradition, particularly in Dalmatia.
    The "Dalmacija" Cultural and Art Society has several sections:
    • Folklore Section Music Section Rhythm Section Section of Dalmatian Folk Singing Art Section

    The Folklore Section whose repertoire consists of dances and songs from entire Croatia stands out by its importance.

    17. Mazeikiai Culture Centre
    Promotion of ethnic and cultural traditions Organisation of 2001 internationalnon-traditional folklore festival held in Czechia, Poland or greece - it is
    List of Culture Centres A-Z centres all centres


    LFCC CONTACT Lietuvos Liaudies
    Kultûros Centras
    B.Radvilaitës St. 8,
    2600 Vilnius,
    tel. (370 5) 261 47 63
    fax. (370 5) 261 26 07 LINK anthology lithuanian roots [menu] Maþeikiai culture house was established in 1946. At that time it did not have an auditorium of its own, so it had to be hired. A music circle, a drama group, and a mixed choir functioned a the culture house. In 1996 it was moved to a new building. Maþeikiai Culture Centre Ventos Street 8a, LT- 5500, Maþeikiai

    18. Home = Travel Tourism = Heritage Tourism
    landscape along with relevant cultural, heritage, tourism the landscape, climate,history, tradition, folklore and place from Italy, through greece and Turkey
    low graphics Any Resource Type Articles / papers / reports - collections Articles / papers / reports - individual Audio-visual / multimedia resources Books Database Event / conference announcements Journal - Contents and abstracts Journal - Full text Learning material Mailing list / discussion group News / media Organisation Web Site - Companies Organisation Web Site - FE/HE depts. Organisation Web Site - Governmental Organisation Web site - Recruitment/employment Organisation Web Site - Non-profit Organisation Web Site - Professional bodies Reference materials Research Projects / Centres Resource guide / directories Software Statistics Worksheets/Activity sheets
    Home Heritage tourism
    Heritage tourism
    No. of records: 31 page: New Lanark : World Heritage Site This World Heritage Site in Scotland is run by a Conservation Trust. Its Web site gives information on the trust, the historical background and Robert Owen, who transformed life in the village in the early 1800s. Information on visitor attractions, educational visits, booking and events is also included. Adobe Acrobat software is necessary to download some of the files, including teachers notes. Video clips require Windows Media Player or RealPlayer software. history conservation Scotland heritage tourism ... Organization of World Heritage Cities The OWHC supports the management and development of cities noted on the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. Guidance on managing such cities is provided, along with case studies and links to related organisations. In addition, for each city, a database provides some key facts, a brief history, a description of the structure or form of the urban landscape along with relevant cultural, heritage, tourism and climate links. To access some documentation, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

    19. American Hungarian Folklore Centrum (AHFC) - Amerikai Magyar Folklórközpont
    the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, greece, Spain, Portugal the group teach the musicaltraditions they know sessions, teaching circles and culture hours will

    20. Yves Moreau
    in the United States, France, greece, Italy, and for his work popularizing Bulgarianfolk culture in North to share his love for traditional folklore and music
    Yves Moreau Status: Active Specialty: Bulgarian Range: Bulgarian, Brittany (France), and French-Canadian CLICK TO ENLARGE Dennis Boxell Michel Cartier , and Dick Crum . After finishing high school, he spent the summer of 1966 travelling throughout Europe and ended up taking the Orient Express train from Paris, France, to Sofia, Bulgaria. He attended the big folklore gathering in Haskovo, Thrace, and there met Filip Kutev, Stojan Djudjev, Rajna, Katzarova, Maria Veleva, and others of the "Who's who" in Bulgarian folklore. By the time Yves (pronounced EEV) met Pece Atanasovski in Skopje, he was "hooked." He has traveled to Bulgaria almost annually between 1966 and 1986 to research dance and to record music in all regions of the country. He has also lectured and conducted workshops throughout North America as well as on numerous occasions in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Japan, Slovenia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia. Feux-Follets

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