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         Grammar General:     more books (100)
  1. Schaum's Outline of Chinese Grammar by Claudia Ross, 2004-02-13
  2. A Reference Grammar of Dutch: With Exercises and Key (Reference Grammars) by Carol Fehringer, 1999-07-28
  3. Assessing Grammar (Cambridge Language Assessment) by James Purpura, 2004-12-06
  4. Techniques and Resources in Teaching Grammar (Teaching Techniques in English As a Second Language) by Marianne Celce-Murcia, Sharon Hilles, 1988-05-19
  5. A Student's Grammar of the English Language by Sidney Greenbaum, Randolph Quirk, 1990
  6. Essential French Grammar by Seymour Resnick, 1961-06-01
  7. Things That Make Us (Sic): The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar Takes on Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the White House, and the World by Martha Brockenbrough, 2008-10-14
  8. A Spanish Grammar Workbook (Blackwell Reference Grammars) by Esther Santamaria Iglesias, 2002-12-10
  9. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies: A Guide to Language for Fun and Spite by June Casagrande, 2006-03-28
  10. Colloquial French Grammar: A Practical Guide (Blackwell Reference Grammars) by Rodney Ball, 2000-09-11
  11. Persian Grammar: Including Key by Ann K. S. Lambton, 1953-01-01
  12. A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (Subsidia Bilica) by Paul Jouon, T. Muraoka, 2006-01
  13. Mastering French Grammar (Barron's Foreign Language Guides) by Michael Deneux, 2007-05-25
  14. Grammar Success in 20 Minutes a Day (Skill Builders) by LLC LearningExpress, 2008-01-25

61. Grammar Exercises Index
These interactive Spanish grammar exercises were created using JavaScript and workbest object pronouns le or lo Subject and object pronouns general review 1
Spanish Grammar Exercises
In addition, these exercises require the use of accents. For information on using the built-in accents via the US-International keyboard in Windows 95 and 98, see the following page: For suggestions and comments, please contact Matthew D. Stroud , Department of Modern Languages, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas 78212
Comparatives and superlatives
Por o para: Exercise 1
Por o para: Exercise 2

A, de o en

A, con, de o en: 1
A, con, de, en, entre, hasta, para, or por
Reflexive pronouns
Indirect vs. direct object pronouns:
le or ...
Relative pronouns 3
Verb Forms
Present indicative verbs with irregular yo-forms
Present indicative stem changing verbs (all types)

Present indicative reflexive verbs

Present indicative (all) 1
Imperfect forms 1
(Regular verbs) Imperfect forms 2 (Irregular verbs) Imperfect forms 3 (All verbs) Formation of the preterit: Overview and explanation Preterit forms 1 (Regular verbs: beginning level) Preterit forms 2 (Verbs with spelling changes: beginning level) Preterit forms 3 (Unaccented and irregular verb forms: beginning level) Preterit forms 4 (Stem changing -ir verbs: beginning level) Preterit forms 5 (All verbs: beginning level) Preterit forms 7 (All verbs: intermediate level) Preterit forms 8 (All verbs: intermediate level) Preterit forms 6 (All verbs: beginning level) Past subjunctive 1 Past subjunctive 2
Verb Usage

62. Esl Blue(s) Main Index
progressive (1) Quick Quiz grammarbook style quiz (1) Vacation in the Sun WordsThe Day of My Birth Java quiz on prepositions (general, but especially
Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English
Last update:
  • (1) = pre-intermediate
  • (2) = intermediate
  • (3) = high intermediate
Need Flash? Get it here. Are you learning Spanish?
Check out Contigo , our
companion web site:
Requires Flash new Diagnostic Quizzes
and Tests
Tutorial: HTML Basics Adjectives, Articles,Adverbs ...
words, etc:
Grammar Troubleshooting A, an, some Adjectives Ending in -ed and ... at See also Animations (A)
and Examples (E): Doubling Final
Consonants (A)
Past Tense Negative Forms (A) ... [Top] Sub-indexes (more detailed indexes) Diagnostic Quiz Adjectives Animated ... Words Related Links Other ESL Sites Web Rings, Loops and Indexes ... Text and Photos Courtesy of Mike. Critchley Pedagogical content is © 1999-2002 Eifion Pritchard and cannot be reproduced without author's consent. Forward any suggestions, consultancy opportunities, or questions re content or programming code to this email address. Navigation Options
  • You know what you want!

63. Esl Blue(s) Double Quizzes: Trivia And Grammar Combined
trivia question. You receive two scores at the end one for your masteryof the grammar, another for your general knowledge. (easy
Double Quizzes: Trivia and Grammar Comments in parentheses indicate difficulty of trivia questions
  • Past Tense Regular and Irregular Verbs and Trivia (pre-intermediate) A DHTML (dynamic feedback no frames) quiz on past tense affirmative forms in a fill-the-blank format. The correct answer presents you with the trivia question. An incorrect answer presents you with feedback and an opportunity to answer the trivia question. You receive two scores at the end: one for your mastery of the grammar, another for your general knowledge. (easy)
  • Present Simple Forms and Trivia (pre-intermediate) A DHTML (dynamic feedback no frames) quiz on present simple forms in a multiple-choice format. The correct answer presents you with the trivia question. An incorrect answer presents you with feedback and an opportunity to answer the trivia question. You receive two scores at the end: one for your mastery of the grammar, another for your general knowledge. (easy)
  • Present Simple Forms and Trivia (pre-intermediate) A DHTML (dynamic feedback no frames) quiz on present simple question forms in a multiple-choice format. The correct answer presents you with the trivia question. An incorrect answer presents you with feedback and an opportunity to answer the trivia question. You receive two scores at the end: one for your mastery of the grammar, another for your general knowledge.

64. Learn English Vocabulary And Grammar With Free Online English Language Tests, Ex
Fill in the missing words. general vocabulary law and order, Put the verb inbrackets into Past Simple or Past Perfect. (did or had done), grammar past,
Teachers wanted to write exercises! Click here to learn how you can make some extra cash.
You can practise your English grammar and vocabulary skills with interactive tests on this free website. You can receive free interactive email tests. If you register and login you can see which tests you have done and how successfully. Learning English with these free online tests is really motivating. New tests are added every week. Exercise level beginner elementary pre-intermediate lower intermediate upper intermediate advanced proficiency unspecified level The motivating email exercises will be selected for your level. Task definition Level Quiz Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous. (do vs. is doing) grammar : present Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple (do) or Present Continuous (is doing). grammar : present Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Future Simple. (do vs. will do) grammar : conditional Put the verbs in brackets into the Future (will or going to). Enter the verb too.

65. Writing, Assignments & Referencing - General Grammar
Writing, Assignments and Referencing grammar,Spelling and Punctuation. general grammar Tips.
Home SLC OWLL All Massey OWLL LIBRARY NEWS EVENTS Future Students ... Research
Writing, Assignments and Referencing - Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
General Grammar Tips
Agreement of Subject and Verb
The subject and the verb of a sentence must agree in number. If the subject is a singular noun, it must have a singular verb. If the subject is a plural noun, it requires a plural verb. Example of singular noun and verb No one know the answer. (Incorrect)
No one knows the answer. (Correct) Example of plural noun and verb Profits of the business was not up to expectations. (Incorrect)
Profits of the business were not up to expectations. (Correct) Return to top
Incomplete Sentences
This involves a group of words which does not make complete sense. Something is missing . Often, the writer has created the incomplete sentence by using a full stop or period instead of a comma. Knowing that you are interested in buying additional computer equipment I have asked our sales representative to call. (Incorrect)

66. Index Of Topics, Geistesgeschichte To Gynocriticism (Showalter), Guide To Litera
Geistesgeschichte German 4; Goethe; Historical; general nature French 1; Johnson;generative grammar see transformationalgenerative grammar and grammar
Geistesgeschichte to gynocriticism (Showalter) The indices include names and topics that have received substantial discussion (a full paragraph or the equivalent) within one or more entries. Names and topics that are discussed so often that the list of appearances would be unwieldy and not very meaningful are not included. The indices direct readers to entries but not to specific paragraphs in the entries.
B C D ... Z , or
go to full Topic Index

A B C ... Z , or
go to full Topic Index

. No copies of this work may be distributed electronically outside of the subscribed institution, in whole or in part, without written permission from the JHU Press

67. VRML97, ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997 -- Annex A, Grammar
Table A.1 contains the complete list of lexical elements for the grammar in thispart of ISO/IEC 14772. Table A.1 VRML lexical elements. A.2 general.
The Virtual Reality Modeling Language
Annex A
Grammar definition
A.1 Table of contents and introduction
A.1.1 Table of contents
This annex provides a detailed description of the grammar for each syntactic element in this part of ISO/IEC 14772. The following table of contents lists the topics in this clause: A.1 Table of contents and introduction
A.1.1 Table of contents

A.1.2 Introduction

A.2 General
A.4 Fields
A.1.2 Introduction
It is not possible to parse VRML files using a context-free grammar. Semantic knowledge of the names and types of fields, eventIns, and eventOuts for each node type (either built-in or user-defined using PROTO or EXTERNPROTO ) shall be used during parsing so that the parser knows which field type is being parsed. The '#' (0x23) character begins a comment wherever it appears outside of the first line of the VRML file or quoted SFString or MFString fields. The '#' character and all characters until the next line terminator comprise the comment and are treated as whitespace. The carriage return (0x0d), linefeed (0x0a), space (0x20), tab (0x09), and comma (0x2c) characters are whitespace characters wherever they appear outside of quoted SFString or MFString fields. Any number of whitespace characters and comments may be used to separate the syntactic entities of a VRML file. All reserved keywords are displayed in boldface type.

68. TestMagic Forum - General English Grammar Forum

69. Grammar Check
general Review 1. general Review. top. . Interactive Sites. Practice Quizzes. Othergrammar Sites http// English grammar 101. .
Grammar Check Present Tense Articles Adjective Clauses Past Tense ... Connectors (Adverbials) Modals Gerunds Connectors (Comparisons) Conditional Tense ... Course Text Info
Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Review Present Tenses 1 Present Tenses 2 Present Tenses 3 ... Troublesome Verbs Permanent vs. Temporary Events Stative Verbs vs. Active Verbs Permanent vs. Temporary Events Present tense in place of future after certain adverbs Troublesome Verbs - make/do, say/tell, lie/lay, rise/raise, sit/set top Singular Plural Agreement Exercise one Exercise two Exercise three audio
Exercise seven
... Practice Review
Adding Final -s / -es Plural Forms - spelling Pronouncing Final -s Irregular Plurals - spelling Possessive Nouns - spelling / punc Nouns as Modifiers Countable and Noncountable Nouns Expressions of Quantity Editing for -s / Expressions of Quantity Editing for -s / Expressions of Quantity Sentence Agreement with Quantifiers and Pronouns Review of Count vs. Non count Nouns Sentence Agreement (News Article) Sentence Correction top Articles Articles 1 Articles 2 Articles 3 Articles 4 ... Articles 9 Any example / Member of a class First / Second Mention Ways a Noun Can Be Identified Special Uses of "the" Superlatives and "the"
Superlatives: listening for "the" Review: Known or New?

70. Stevenson Language Skills | General Description
above. Bonuses. Writing We link grammar to composition. Students building.Fun - Students enjoy succeeding. general Information. If
SLS Programs: Stevenson Reading Semple Math Cursive Writing Essential Grammar Other Programs Latest News Stevenson Forums FAQs ... Teaching Resources
Grrrrrrrrrrrammar!!!!!!!! Contents: Overview List of Materials Order Form (PDF) Don't growl over grammar.
Try our new approach and both you and your students will be smiling! Do your students think that grammar class is torture? Can they tell a pronoun from a preposition, an indirect object from a direct object? Do they forget grammar rules as soon as they learn them? And even if they remember, can they apply them? Stevenson's Essential Grammar is a different method which uses mnemonic clues to improve memory and draw on the strengths of the right side of the brain. We have used our years of experience solving the toughest educational problems to simplify the teaching of grammar. You no longer need to listen to half your class groan in confusion while the others groan in boredom. Everyone will enjoy the lessons and those who usually lag behind will shine.
Stevenson Students will:
- We make the abstract concrete. We use special techniques (mnemonics) so students do not have to memorize strange technical terms by rote. They will know grammar a year later as well as the week they learned it.

71. Boggle's World :: View Forum - ESL In General-Activities/Grammar/Function
ESL in generalActivities/grammar/Function Moderator YodaUsers browsing this forum None, Goto page 1, 2, 3 Next.

72. General Grammar For Description Files (MaxDB: Development Environment)
Files. debug_opt = debug d. digit = 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. letter = A B C......general grammar for
General Grammar for Description Files explicit line break tab all other printable characters Line For more details, see Grammar for Link Descriptions Grammar for Compilation Descriptions , or Grammar for Processing Lists General Rules
  • can contain a maximum of 512 characters must not contain a If contains the string must contain the character string If the expression starts with [x , it must end with x] In must start with or
  • 73. TheForce.Net's Fan Fiction Archive
    general Star Wars (Expanded Universe) Knowledge general Star Wars (Movies)Knowlege grammar Pacing and Narrative Plot Proofreading
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    Features Articles Plot Bunnies Writing Tips Writing Challenges ... Mailing Lists Get Archived Register a Free Account Guidelines Style Guide The People The Editors The Reviewers The Authors The Beta-Readers ... Click here to discuss these stories in our Jedi Council forums. List of Beta-Readers NOTE : If a reviewer beta-reads a fan fiction, that reviewer cannot review that fan fiction if it ever gets submitted. NOTE : If you are looking for a beta-reader for your fan fiction, you can simply e-mail the Beta-Readers Email List ), and it will be sent to 50+ beta-readers, who can contact you about the possibility of doing a beta-reading (if they are interested in doing it). One does not have to be registered or subscribed to the mailing list in order to send mail to it. The beta reader mailing list is for requests only. DO NOT use it to distribute your story. Viewing Beta-Readers to of Beta-Readers Beta-Reading Services Characterization General Star Wars (Expanded Universe) Knowledge General Star Wars (Movies) Knowlege Grammar ... Writing Style Preferred Characters Preferred Genres Adventure; Humour; Missing Scene; Romance; Spoiler Episode II; Spoiler Episode III; X-Wing (Rogues)

    74. Real | French Grammar Exercises | Perfect Tenses | General | General
    Translate this page 6. Perfect tenses ? 6.1 general ? a. general perfect tense Help. Write the verbs in brackets in the perfect tense. Example.

    75. Real | French Grammar Exercises | Error Correction | General | Genera
    Translate this page 3. Error correction ? 3.3 general ? a. general Help. Instructions. Correctthe grammar, usage or spelling mistakes. There is one in each sentence. Example.

    76. LEO Write Place Catalogue
    Gender Bias Avoiding Gender Bias in Pronouns. grammar Overview grammar Condensedand Simplified. Negatives Cover Letters general Cover Letter Tips Format
    LEO: Literacy Education Online The Write Place Catalogue To find a handout on a particular subject area, browse through the alphabetical list below. Clicking on one of the highlighted items will take you to a more detailed list of handouts on that subject.

    77. Otfried Lieberknecht's Homepage For Dante Studies: Grammar And History Of Langua
    general Resources grammar and History of Language.
    General Resources: Grammar and History of Language General Latin French Occitan ... German

    78. Writing911 Message Board - General Writing And Grammar Questions
    Writing911 Message Board New Topic Forums - general Writing and grammar Questions. Search.

    79. Kings Baptist Grammar School Online
    Home Site Map Achievements Caring Contacts Links Enrolments general GovernanceLearning Language other than English News Old Scholars Open Day Parents
    Terry Dorney Photography UNIFORM SHOP
    General Information, Uniform Rules and Guidelines

    Junior School

    Middle School
    ... Canteen After School Care Bus Time Table to and from
    Houghton, Inglewood, Paracombe
    School Walkthrough (347k gif)
    Year 10 (2003) Japanese class with Naomi -
    Japanese Language Assistant

    80. Stockport Grammar School > Sixth Form > General Studies
    general Studies, Aims. To develop students’ understanding of science and its rolein society. To achieve good grades in the final general Studies examination.
    Admissions Subjects General Studies UCAS ... Extra Responsibilities Facilities Car Parking Common Rooms Events Sixth Form Ball Yearbook Social Enterprises Community Service Millennium Volunteers Model United Nations Development Be Part of Our Future General Studies Aims To promote the value of a broad based education among young people. To develop communication skills and facilitate the exchange of views and experiences between students from different subject areas. To continue the development of numerical and literacy skills as a service course alongside other A Levels. To achieve good grades in the final General Studies examination.

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