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         Grammar General:     more books (100)
  1. French Grammar: A Complete Reference Guide by Daniel Calvez, 2004-10-18
  2. A Student's Introduction to English Grammar by Rodney Huddleston, Geoffrey K. Pullum, 2005-03-28
  3. A Comprehensive French Grammar (Blackwell Reference Grammars) by Glanville Price, 2002-12-30
  4. Grammar for Grownups by Val Dumond, 1994-01-12
  5. Understanding and Using English Grammar (Azar English Grammar) by Betty Schrampfer Azar, 1989-02
  6. Grammar: A Student's Guide by James R. Hurford, 1995-01-27
  7. Advanced English Grammar by Helen Hoyt Schmidt, 1995-03-29
  8. A Latin Grammar by James Morwood, 2000-07-27
  9. Grammar to Enrich and Enhance Writing by Constance Weaver, Jonathan Bush, 2008-01-10
  10. A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic: An Annotated Answer Key to Alger Johns's by James N. Jumper, 2003-11
  11. Functional English Grammar: An Introduction for Second Language Teachers (Cambridge Language Education) by Graham Lock, 1995-10-27
  12. Random House Webster's Handy Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation, 2nd. Ed. (Handy Reference Series) by Random House, 2003-06-10
  13. Mastering Italian Grammar (Barron's Foreign Language Guides) by Beatrice Rovere-Fenati, 2007-05-25
  14. A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (Reference Grammars) by Karin C. Ryding, 2005-09-19

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42. Aboriginal English
A general description of Australian Aboriginal English, including examples of vocabulary, grammar, and phonology.
home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references
Aboriginal English (written by Diana Eades)
This page includes information on: BACKGROUND Introduction Aboriginal English is the name given to the various kinds of English spoken by Aboriginal people throughout Australia. Technically, the language varieties are dialects of English. They have much in common with other varieties of Australian English, but there are distinctive features of accent, grammar, words and meanings, as well as language use. These Aboriginal English features often show continuities with the traditional Aboriginal languages. In many subtle ways Aboriginal English is a powerful vehicle for the expression of Aboriginal identity. History Before the British invasion of Australia at the end of the eighteenth century, there were approximately 250 different indigenous languages spoken throughout the country, with approximately 600 dialects. The languages were very complex, and the differences between neighbouring languages were often as complicated as the differences between English and Spanish, for example.

43. Marathi Language
general information about the Marathi language, including its script, grammar, and dialects.
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Marathi Language
This section is written by Nilesh Savargaonkar(
Origins of Marathi Language

Marathi Script
Word Formation
Origins of Marathi Language
Marathi is the language spoken by the native people of Maharashtra. Marathi belongs to the group of Indo-Aryan languages which are a part of the larger of group of Indo-European languages, all of which can be traced back to a common root. Among the Indo-Aryan languages, Marathi is the southern-most language. All of the Indo-Aryan languages originated from Sanskrit . Three Prakrit languages, simpler in structure, emerged from Sanskrit. These were Saurseni Magadhi and Maharashtri. Marathi is said to be a descendent of Maharashtri which was the Prakrit spoken by people residing in the region of Maharashtra. The odyssey of written Marathi begins from 11th century AD from stone inscriptions and copper plates. Long before this, Marathi must have been spoken by the people living in the region. The earliest reference to spoken Marathi is found in the 8th century poem "kuvalaymAlA" of Udyotansuri. Marathi was the court language during the reign of the Yadava Kings. There are various stone inscriptions in Marathi found at Akshi in Raigad (former Colaba) district, Patan, Pandharpur, Dive-Agra etc. The most famous among these is the one found at the bottom of the statue of Gomateshwar (Bahubali) at SravaN BeLgoLa in Karnataka. This inscription goes like

44. Computational Syntax And Semantics At NYU
me to develop the graphics for a hypertext introduction to generative grammar andProlog In general, the best idea for a student is to do all the course work
Computational Syntax and Semantics
at New York University
Prof. Ray C. Dougherty
New York University
Linguistics Department
If you have any comments about these pages, please let us know. Should we place more of these pages on line? Do you benefit from these pages? If you are a student at NYU, you may help in developing these pages, see the HTML Gesellschaft . Your ideas and comments will lead to modifications and improvements.
The New York University Linguistics Department offers both undergraduate and graduate courses . For research and course offerings by other department members, look under their home pages. If you know absolutely nothing about Noam Chomsky, generative grammar, and Prolog start at the first dot . This site is heavily graphics oriented and contains animations . If you cannot see the following pictures, you may have some troubles. If you click on them, they should get bigger.
1. Research opportunities in computational syntax and semantics.
Most of the pages here describe how to implement the generative grammar theories of Noam Chomsky into a logical constraint based system (like Prolog) using computer languages oriented towards symbolic processing, like LISP and Prolog. The basic methodology and conceptual underpinnings of the implementations derive from the philosophical concepts of Charles Sanders Peirce, in particular, his ideas of pragmatism and failability (or fallability).

45. Tok Pisin
A general description of Tok Pisin, including examples of vocabulary, grammar, and phonology.
home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references
Tok Pisin written by Jeff Siegel
This page includes information on: BACKGROUND History When the recruiting (and in some cases kidnapping) of islands labourers for plantations in Queensland began in 1863, many Melanesians found themselves literally in the same boat. The only common language they had was the simplified English they had learned, so they used that to communicate with each other on the ships and later on the plantations. With continued use, norms began to emerge and a stable pidgin language started to develop early Melanesian Pidgin. The earliest Queensland labourers were mainly from the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) and the Solomon Islands. Labourers from German-controlled New Guinea only went to Queensland in 1883-84. Many more went to plantations in Samoa, from 1879-1912. Labourers from the other countries had also started going to Samoa in 1878, and many of these had already worked in Queensland. So early Melanesian Pidgin was transported to Samoa. However, after 1885, no more labourers from the New Hebrides or Solomons went to Samoa, and early Melanesian pidgin began to diverge into two slightly different varieties one spoken in Queensland and one in Samoa.

46. Grammar Matters
Bonus. halfhour Try an interactive general grammar package. When Goto general grammar package (University of Queensland). checklist
A set of interactive exercises covering
Grammar Matters
Packet 1. [1.5 hours] Do just these exercises at "Writer's Workshop" in this order:
    "Punctuation I"
    "Punctuation II"
    "Subject-Verb Agreement" [Hint: the number is singular; a number is plural.]
    "Antecedent Agreement"
This list will stay in this window. Return here using the taskbar at the very bottom.
Go to Writer's Workshop (Ball State University) . [Enlarge the window if necessary.]
Review. [15 minutes] Try the "Test of the Emergency Grammar System."
    The first eight questions should be familiar. But the last two have surprising twists.
Go to "Test of the Emergency Grammar System" (University of Oregon,
which you'll see is the home of the Ducks)
. Return here using the bottom taskbar.
Packet 2. [2.5 hours] Do just these exercises at "Guide to Grammar" in this order:
    31. Subject-Verb Agreement

47. African American Vernacular English
A general description of African American English (Ebonics), including examples of vocabulary, grammar, and phonology.
home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references
African American Vernacular English
(Ebonics) written by Jack Sidnell
This page includes information on: BACKGROUND African American Vernacular English (AAVE) is the variety formerly known as Black English Vernacular or Vernacular Black English among sociolinguists, and commonly called Ebonics outside the academic community. While some features of AAVE are apparently unique to this variety, in its structure it also shows many commonalties with other varieties including a number of standard and nonstandard English varieties spoken in the US and the Caribbean. AAVE has been at the heart of several public debates and the analysis of this variety has also sparked and sustained debates among sociolinguists. The history of AAVE and its genetic affiliation, by which we mean what language varieties it is related to, are also a matter of controversy. Some scholars contend that AAVE developed out of the contact between speakers of West African languages and speakers of vernacular English varieties. According to such a view, West Africans learnt English on plantations in the southern Coastal States (Georgia, South Carolina, etc.) from a very small number of native speakers (the indentured laborers). Some suggest that this led to the development of a rudimentary pidgin which was later expanded through a process of creolization.

48. ESL Quizzes - Online Quizzes For English Learners
grammar. Try a grammar ESL quiz now. Pronunciation ESL Quizzes. A topics.Try a drag and drop ESL quiz now. general Knowledge Quizzes. general
Learners Welcome to ESL Quizzes, where you can test your knowledge of English with a quiz and have fun at the same time! There are quizzes for all levels on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Go ahead! Check your level, and see if you can beat the Quiz Master!
ESL Quizzes
Vocabulary ESL Quizzes
A collection of ESL quizzes to help you test and improve your English vocabulary. Grammar ESL Quizzes
These ESL quizzes will help you test and improve your English grammar. Pronunciation ESL Quizzes
A set of ESL quizzes to help you test and improve your English pronunciation. General Knowledge Quizzes
General knowledge quizzes organized by level, on the subjects of science, geography, sports and music. Drag and Drop ESL Quizzes
These are dynamic ESL quizzes on a variety of topics. Quick Quizzes
  • English Adjectives Punctuation Marks Past Tense International Phonetic Alphabet ... A bar of...
  • Product Tip:
    is an excellent way to learn English fast ! It's a special ESL board game that's fun to play at home with friends or at school with other students. Word Up is a quiz-style game that

    49. Singlish
    A general description of Singlish, including examples of vocabulary, grammar, and phonology.
    home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references
    Singapore Colloquial English (Singlish) written by Anthea Fraser Gupta
    This section includes information on: BACKGROUND
    Modern Singapore Over the nineteenth century the East India Company extended its influence, and gradually the British colonial government took over the areas which had been controlled by the East India Company, including Singapore. Singapore (with Penang and Malacca) was one of the Straits Settlements. For many years ruled from Calcutta, the capital of British India, it later was directly ruled from London. Nearly everyone in Singapore speaks more than one language, with many people speaking three or four. Most children grow up bilingual from infancy and learn more languages as they grow up. Naturally the presence of other languages (especially various varieties of Malay and of Chinese) has influenced the English of Singapore. The influence is especially apparent in the kind of English that is used informally, which is popularly called Singlish, but which is called Singapore Colloquial English or Colloquial Singapore English in most academic writing. Singlish is a badge of identity for many Singaporeans, and, as you can see from

    50. Search - Find It Now!
    KET DL Latin II grammar Front Page grammar in general. Reading Inscriptions; WinLatin, a Latin trainingprogram (opens new window); Latin II The Year In Review (a grammar
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Search Exact Match Search: "latin"
    On the About network: latin
    Displaying results 1 to 10 of 7,177 Latin Pages on Ancient / Classical History Latin grammar, texts, authors, and other Latin pages on About's Ancient / Classical History site. ( About Ancient / Classical History Latin Literature Poetry and prose, from classical, and medieval authors of Latin literature. and information on classical literature. ( About Ancient / Classical History Latin Language - Learning Latin -LATIN The history of the Latin language, Latin dictionary resources and review, learning Latin on the Internet, collections of Latin poetry, Latin grammars, handbooks, maxims and sayings, and more. ( About Ancient / Classical History Latin Dictionary - Dictionaries for students of Latin Selection of a Latin dictionary depends on three things: how knowledgeable you are about Latin, how much you have to spend, and what Latin you plan to read or translate. Those who must look up every word, should buy a thumb-indexed medium sized dicti (

    51. Hawai`i Creole English
    general description of Hawai`i Creole English including examples of vocabulary, grammar and phonology.
    home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references written by Ermile Hargrove, Kent Sakoda and Jeff Siegel
    This page includes information on: BACKGROUND History Attitudes and use Hawai'i Creole English (HCE) is usually called "Pidgin" in Hawai'i. It has a rich linguistic history based on the need for a common language among a diverse group of people who spoke different languages. It also has a dark side based on plantation domination and American English hegemony. HCE speakers have mixed feelings about the creole. HCE has often been denigrated as a sub-standard form of English. But with the efforts of local linguists and writers, people are now beginning to realize that the creole is a language separate from, but similar in appearance to, English. HCE can be heard on the playgrounds and in neighborhood conversations. It can also be heard on a few radio programs and in some advertising. On rare occasions, HCE is heard in more formalized situations, such as on the legislative floor and in the classroom. However, English and Hawaiian are the official languages of the legislature and standardized English is the official medium of instruction in the school system.

    52. Kamtok
    A general description of Cameroon Pidgin English (Kamtok) by Loreto Todd, including examples of vocabulary, grammar and phonology.
    home definitions other descriptions classroom tips ... references
    Kamtok (Cameroon Pidgin) written by Loreto Todd
    (with help from Martin Jumbam and Herbert Wamey)
    This page includes information on: BACKGROUND Introduction Kamtok is the pidginised English of Cameroon. This English-related language has been a lingua franca in the country since at least the 1880s. The 35-year period since 1966 has seen dramatic changes in the attitude of speakers towards the language. Speakers have always recognised the usefulness of the language but, in early writings, it was frequently referred to as "Bad English", "Broken English" and "Bush English". Today, due mainly to its extended use in Churches and on Radio and Television, it is becoming known as Kamtok from Cameroon Talk, and is taking its place as a recognised medium of interaction. Geography Education is prized and at least 60% of the population is literate. The percentage is much higher in urban areas and lower among older rural women. All education is through the medium of either English or French and all young people are expected to be bilingual in the countries official languages. Approximately 50% of the population continues to follow their animist traditional religions, while 33% are Christian and 17% Muslim.

    53. Handouts: Main Index
    general Writing Concerns. Scratching your head and sharpening your pencil? grammar,Punctuation, and Spelling. Just what is a comma splice, anyhow?
    Main Indexes OWL Home Page Writing Lab and OWL Info Handouts and Materials Workshops and Presentations Internet Resources owl home writing lab and owl handouts workshops and presentations ... internet resources
    Handouts and Materials for Students and Teachers
    See our fair use policy for more information. If you would like information about reprinting OWL handouts, please visit our contact page If you would like printer-friendly versions of these handouts, please visit our printer-friendly handouts index. If you are a teacher, we also have an entire section on using our Writing Lab and our OWL in various courses. Handouts are grouped into categories, and each category has a separate index. Click on any category to go to that index.We also have a complete scroll-down list of our handouts General Writing Concerns Scratching your head and sharpening your pencil? Want some quick brainstorming activities? Handouts in this category cover planning, starting to write, pre-writing, revising, and genres of writing. English as a Second Language Wondering how writing for an American audience might be different? Handouts in this category are aimed at people who are learning English as a second language.

    54. Tahitian Academy
    Information on the organization responsible for safeguarding and enriching the Tahitian language, normalizing vocabulary, grammar and spelling, promoting publication of books in Tahitian and general education in the language.
    THE TAHITIAN ACADEMY The Tahitian Academy was created by a vote of the Territorial Assembly on August 2, 1972. It was inaugurated on July 2, 1974 by the Governor Daniel Videau and its statutes were approved by the Territorial Assembly on December 5, 1974. The Academy is aimed at safeguarding and enriching the Tahitian language, normalislng the vocabulary, the grammar and the spelling, promoting the publication of books in Tahitian as well as the generalized teaching of the language. Since its foundation, the Academy has written, in collaboration with the Territorial Education Service, the books used for teaching Tahitian in the primary schools. In 1987 it wrote and published a huge grammar (T: tarame) of the Tahitian language (500 ex. in bond version and 2,500 ex. in paperback version) aimed at enacting precise official grammatical and orthographical rules. It searches for the translation of words related to specialized fields of activity (navigation, medicine, meteorology, etc) for which it has until now published two vocabularies. The Academy has also published two volumes of words of contemporary Tahitian which were not listed in the usual dictionaries. Each year, it organizes literary competitions aimed at finding the best works from which abstracts are thereafter published in anthologies by the Academy. Until now two such anthologies have been printed.

    55. LookSmart - Directory - General Grammar And Punctuation Guides And Introductions
    general grammar and Punctuation Guides and Introductions Learn about the basicsyntax of the English language, including parts of speech and punctuation.
    @import url(/css/us/style.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); Home
    IN the directory this category
    YOU ARE HERE Home Lifestyle Books Writing
    General Grammar and Punctuation Guides and Introductions - Learn about the basic syntax of the English language, including parts of speech and punctuation.
    Directory Listings About
  • About - ESL Grammar Help
    Specific English grammar instruction for ESL students and teachers, including quizzes, tense usage, grammar guides, and charts. - The King's English

    Peruse H.W. Fowler's classic reference guide to vocabulary, syntax, punctuation, grammar and style.
    Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

    Jane Straus provides this version of her grammar guide. Browse the rules, test your skills or order the book.
    California State Univ, Chico - Writing Style Guide

    Look through the school's own basic style guide, based on the "The Chicago Manual of Style" and "The Elements of Style."
    Helpful hints on run-on sentences, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviation, use of numbers and other basic grammar rules. Chicago Manual of Style FAQ Publisher University of Chicago answers some frequently, and not so frequently, asked questions about writing style.
  • 56. LLgen - An ELL(1) Parser Generator
    A tool for generating an efficient recursive descent parser from an ELL(1) grammar. The grammar may be ambiguous or more general than ELL(1) there are both static and dynamic facilities to resolve the ambiguities.
    LLgen - an ELL(1) parser generator
    LLgen is a tool for generating an efficient recursive descent parser from an ELL(1) grammar. The grammar may be ambiguous or more general than ELL(1): there are both static and dynamic facilities to resolve the ambiguities. LLgen is described in the following papers:
    C.J.H. Jacobs, "Some Topics in Parser Generation," IR- 105, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, October 1985. D. Grune and C.J.H. Jacobs, "A Programmer-friendly LL(1) Parser Generator," Software - Practice and Experience, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 29-38, January 1988.

    LLgen is available by ftp from, pub/ceriel, as LLgen.tar.gz. Nederlands phonebook comp.sci. FEW VU site map search webmaster If you spot a mistake, please e-mail the maintainer of this page. Your browser does not fully support CSS. This may result in visual artifacts.

    57. General English Grammar Questions (EFL / ESL)
    Home Search Login Register Member List. Free English grammar help and word games, general English grammar questions (EFL / ESL), Help Search this forum

    58. Austin English Academy -- ESL, TOEFL, Language School In Austin, Texas
    Offers small classes for multiple levels for general English, TOEFL preparation, conversation and grammar.
    Austin English Academy is an ESL School which offers small classes in a home-like environment. This English language school is intended for adults and has a very flexible program. Classes are available in grammar, conversation, pronunciation, idioms, TOEFL, reading and listening. Contents Austin English Academy is an ESL School which offers small classes in a home-like environment. This English language school is intended for adults and has a very flexible program. Classes are available in grammar, conversation, pronunciation, idioms, TOEFL, reading and listening. Contents

    59. English Grammar Help
    julie81. general English grammar questions (EFL / ESL) We answer lotsof different types of general English questions here. Moderated
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    60. Spanish Grammar
    grammar Explanations. Repasogeneral I, Pretérito I. Repaso general II, Pretérito II.
    Foreign Languages Detwiler Home Grammar Links Characters: ¿ ¡ ñ á é ...
    Grammar Explanations Basic Spanish for the virtual student Gramática y ortografía La "a" personal Pretérito vs Imperfecto ... Verbos como Gustar Study Spanish Tutor La "a" personal: Explicación Presente (Regular): Explicación La "a" personal: Oral Presente (Regular): Oral ... Plural: Prueba Self-checking exercises
    Repaso General I
    Pretérito I Repaso General II Pretérito II ... Traducción: Frases y Preposiciones II (Advanced)
    Exercises to print.
    (Answers are also included) Acentos Subjuntivo: Oraciones Adjetivos Posesivos: Párrafos Subjuntivo/Indicativo; Por/Para ...
    Exercises to e-mail your instructor

    (Remember to type in your e-mail address as well as that of your instructor.) Colores Complementos Directos e Indirectos I Comparaciones Complementos Directos e Indirectos II ... Pretérito vs. Imperfecto

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