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         Grammar General:     more books (100)
  1. English Grammar (Cliffs Study Solver) by Jeff Coghill, Stacy Magedanz, 2003-06-27
  2. Essential Modern Greek Grammar by Douglas Q. Adams, 1987-09-01
  3. Troublesome Grammar (GP-019) by Nan DeVincent-Hayes, 2000-02-17
  4. English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods, 2001-07-15
  5. English Grammar and Punctuation (Quick Study) by Javier Salado, 2000-12
  6. A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic by Eckehard Schulz, 2005-05-23
  7. Grammar Lessons You'll Love to Teach: Highly Motivating Lessons-With Pizzazz-That Help Kids Become More Effective Readers, Writers, and Thinkers (Scholastic Teaching Strategies) by Ruth Townsend Story, Cathleen F. Greenwood, 2006-01-01
  8. Spanish Grammar
  9. Better Grammar in 30 Minutes a Day (Better English Series) by Constance Immel, Florence Sacks, 1995-08
  10. Easy Grammar Plus by Wanda C. Phillips, 1995-06-30
  11. Good Grammar Made Easy by Martin Steinmann, Michael Keller, 2000-01-04
  12. Chinese: An Essential Grammar (Essential Grammars) by Yip Po-Ching, 2006-06-13
  13. Transformational Grammar: A First Course (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Andrew Radford, 1988-05-27
  14. Grammar Gremlins by Don K. Ferguson, 1995-06

21. E. L. Easton - English - Grammar - Quizzes
Materials for Teaching and Learning English Word Find S. general grammar. EXERCISES, QUIZZES TESTS ^ This is a test of the emergency grammar system" Univ
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Teaching Grammar
Word Find -S
Test Your English
Grammar Reference Guides

Traditional Grammar: An Interactive Book
explanations, quizzes / Donald E. Hardy
Common Errors
Bruce Bennett
RHL School
"This is a test of the emergency grammar system"
Univ. of Oregonz Exercises Charles Darling Exercises Internet TESL Journal Exercises Workplace ESL Online Exercises Leo Jansegers Exercises Australia Exercises Ball State Univ. Exercises Brain Pop Exercises Exercises Kenneth Davis Exercises EFL Net Exercises English for Japanese Exercises Exercises esl blues Exercises English in Context Exercises English Club Exercises English Outlook Exercises Houghton Mifflin Exercises

22. Antrim Grammar School
Includes general information about the school, along with details of the various departments and subjects, clubs, and former pupils
Welcome to our Website NOTE TO ALL VISITORS A new website is currently under construction. It aims to provide greater ease of communication and the most up-to-date information to parents, pupils, staff and the wider community. We are hoping to be online by October 2005. th ANNIVERSARY BALL An invitation is extended from the Principal and Board of Governors to all past pupils, parents, colleagues and friends, to celebrate 30 years of Antrim Grammar School ANTRIM GRAMMAR SCHOOL 30 th ANNIVERSARY BALL will be held at the Dunadry Hotel on Thursday 11 th November 2004. By now you should have received your invitation to the reunion Ball via. Standard post. If you would like to go to the Ball or for further information, please contact Antrim Grammar School Tel.02894 464091. Look forward to hearing from you! The School
Founded in 1974 and the last purpose-built grammar school in the UK Antrim Grammar School celebrated its 25th Anniversary Year in 1999. Now a thriving and successful school with a strong emphasis on academic excellence, it is well over-subscribed and draws boys and girls from a wide area. With a present enrolment of just over 700 it is "small enough to care, large enough to provide"

23. Finnish Grammar - General Local Cases
general local cases, Partitive. The partitive indicates a part of something. Alongwith the accusative, the partitive also indicates the object of the action.
General local cases
The partitive indicates a part of something. Along with the accusative, the partitive also indicates the object of the action. Anyway, the main difference is that the accusative is used, when the action is directed at the whole object, and the partitive, when the action is directed only at a part of it. In English, this difference is sometimes expressed by omitting the article or by replacing it by the word some . The partitive suffix is - a ta tä in both the singular and in the plural. Finnish English talo a (a part of) a house taloj a (some) houses
The essive expresses the state of something. It often corresponds to the preposition as . The essive suffix is - na nä in both the singular and in the plural. Finnish English talo na as the house taloi na as the houses
The translative expresses the result of a process of change. The English verb become includes the meaning of this case, for example. The translative suffix is - ksi in both the singular and in the plural. Finnish English talo ksi becoming a house taloi ksi becoming houses
Finnish Grammar
Suomi English Deutsch ...
Palaute - Feedback

24. Main Index Page For Alcester Grammar School
general information, prospectus, subject links, local history, old scholars, news, pupils work, AGS web resources, gap year, parents' association, vacancies, inspection report.
The School Prospectus Subject Links Local History Old Scholars Spring Reading News Pupils Work AGS Web Resources Gap Year Parents' Association Vacancies Latest Inspection Report - February 2000

25. General Grammar Reference - CUNY WriteSite
grammar resources for CUNY writers, from the CUNY WriteSite CUNY WriteSite. grammar and Style ». general Reference. For each of the grammar topics listed, we will provide a quick
CUNY WriteSite
Grammar and Style
General Reference
For each of the grammar topics listed, we will provide a quick definition, plus additional materials, exercises, and links. Many of the most common grammatical problems are also covered by one of our Hot Spots interactive exercises
Categories used by the Error Analyzer program ( EA ) are listed alongside their corresponding grammar topics. Most Error Analyzer categories are listed more than once; browse through each of the appropriate topics to get an overview, or ask your instructor to help you decide which one best addresses the particular problem you need to work on.
A, an

Adverbial conjunctions (linking words)


Antecedent (of pronouns)
(EA: ORTHO) Articles (EA: ART) Auxiliary (helping) verbs (EA: VERBFORM) Bad, worse, worst (comparatives) Capitalization Clauses (dependent vs. independent) Collective nouns ... Comma (EA: PUNC) Comma splice (EA: SENT) Comparative forms Concrete/specific language Conjunctions Conjunctive adverbs ... Fragments (EA: SENT) Have, has, had

26. List Of Interactive Quizzes
grammar s Misfits (js) general grammar QUIZZES. Diction (js). generalgrammar Review (js). general grammar Review II (js). general
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Select from . . . * Guide (Home Page) * * Index * * Princ. of Comp * (Home Page) * Quizzes * * Sentence Parts / Functions * adjectives adverbs conjunctions determiners interjections nouns objects prepositions pronouns subjects verbs.htm Abbreviations Articles / Determiners B/w 2 Independent Clauses Capitalization Clauses: Essential Bldg Blocks Composition Concise Sentences Confusable Words Diagramming Sentences Essay (types, etc.) Fragments Frequently Asked Questions Grammarlogs (answers) GrammarPoll Italics and Underlining Modifier Placement Paragraph Development Parallel Structures Phrases Plurals Possessives Primer Language Pronouns / Antecedent Agrmnt * PUNCTUATION * apostrophes brackets colons commas dashes ellipses exclamation marks hyphens parentheses periods question marks quotation marks semicolons slashes Powerpoint Presentations Run-on Sentences Search Engine Sentence Combining Spelling Rules / Quizzes Subject-Verb Agreement Tense Sequence Transitions, Coherence Unbiased Language Using Numbers, Making Lists

27. Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
A mixed grammar school for pupils aged 1118. Lists prospectus, general details and contact information.
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28. Sutton Grammar School
Curriculum, facilities, admissions, academic results, and general information.

29. LINGUIST List 14.709: Generative Grammar/General Linguistics
LINGUIST List 14.709. Tue Mar 11 2003. Calls Generative grammar/general Linguistics.Editor for this issue Marie Klopfenstein .
LINGUIST List 14.709
Tue Mar 11 2003
Calls: Generative Grammar/General Linguistics
Editor for this issue: FUND DRIVE 2003 Please help us reach our total of $50,000 by making a donation at: The LINGUIST List depends on the generous contributions from subscribers like you; we would not be able to operate without your help. The moderators, staff, and student editors at LINGUIST would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support. As a matter of policy, LINGUIST discourages the use of abbreviations or acronyms in conference announcements unless they are explained in the text. To post to LINGUIST, use our convenient web form at
  • cgg, 13th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
  • fr.mouret, 8th Doctoral Meeting in Linguistics
    Message 1: 13th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
    Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 08:58:19 +0000
    Subject: 13th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
    13th Colloquium on Generative Grammar Short Title: XIII CGG Date: 02-APR-03 - 04-APR-03 Location: Ciudad Real, Spain Contact: Norberto Moreno-Quibén Contact Email:
  • 30. Welcome To AGSB
    Provides a welcome, offers information on admissions, pupils, sixth form, curriculum, careers and general information.

    31. LINGUIST List 11.1236: Cognitive Grammar, General Theoretical Ling
    LINGUIST List 11.1236. Fri Jun 2 2000. Books Cognitive grammar, general TheoreticalLing. Editor for this issue Scott Fults .
    LINGUIST List 11.1236
    Fri Jun 2 2000
    Books: Cognitive Grammar, General Theoretical Ling
    Editor for this issue: Links to the websites of all LINGUIST's supporting publishers are available at the end of this issue.
  • Kim Lewis Brown, Cognitive Grammar: Parameters of Slavic Aspect, S. Dickey
  • Kim Lewis Brown, General Theoretical Ling: Strong Generative Capacity, P. Miller
    Message 1: Cognitive Grammar: Parameters of Slavic Aspect, S. Dickey
    Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 08:53:32 -0700
    From: kim@csli.Stanford.EDU
    Subject: Cognitive Grammar: Parameters of Slavic Aspect, S. Dickey
    Dickey, Stephen (University of Virginia); PARAMETERS OF SLAVIC ASPECT; ISBN: 1-57586-236-0 (paper), 1-57586-235-2 (cloth) 328 pages. CSLI Publications 2000: email: Mail to author Respond to list ... Top of issue
    Message 2: General Theoretical Ling: Strong Generative Capacity, P. Miller
    Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 08:57:03 -0700
    From: kim@csli.Stanford.EDU
  • 32. Bury Grammar School
    Provides a prospectus, resource page, careers help, physical activities, art exhibitions and general information about the school.
    Privacy Statement Privacy Statement

    33. Geraldton Grammar School V2
    Curriculum, enrolment, news and general information.
    Striving for excellence with your child. Since our inception in 1996, Geraldton Grammar School has built a reputation for striving for excellence in everything we do. At Geraldton Grammar School, we see learning as a life long adventure with our experienced and enthusiastic staff as the coaches and facilitators. We’d like to take your child on this learning adventure, extend their creativity, encourage them in their academic pursuits and lead them in positive thinking to foster their individuality. Throughout our website, discover how we do this through a curriculum from kindergarten to year 12 that encourages academic achievement and a pastoral care system devoted to the spiritual, moral and social development of your child. When you’ve learnt all you can on-line, please ring Principal Susan Shaw on 9965 7800 for an appointment to view the school for yourself. A Prospectus is also available by calling 9965 7800.
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    34. Indispensable Writing Resources: General Writing/Grammar Resources Sites
    Need writing help? This site contains the names and descriptions of keygeneral writing and grammar resources Internet sites. Indispensable
    Indispensable Writing Resources
    A Complete Collection of Writing Essentials Where writers and job-seekers have all the tools needed to improve your writing and editing skills! About QuintCareers Free Newsletter Career Resources Job Sites ... Employer Resources Writing Resources:
  • Indispensable Writing Resources
  • Reference Material
  • Web Search Engines
  • Internet Reference Resources ...
  • Web Writing Reference Sites Writing Library:
  • General Writing Style Guides
  • Subject-Specific Style Guides Writing Workshop:
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Awards, Honors, and Reviews
    A Guide to Writing/Grammar Resources Sites All the Web sites in this section are highly recommended for your use, but if we had to choose a few "must use" sites from the collection below, we would include Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes ; and John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center
  • 35. Global English
    Offers general and business English with listening, grammar and vocabulary components. Requires paid fee. Free sample available.

    36. About The Grammar Pages
    Learning grammar. ESL grammar and vocabulary quizzes, plus advice to teachers,parents and students on learning English as a second language.
    Learning grammar
    ESL grammar and vocabulary quizzes, plus advice to teachers, parents and students on learning English as a second language. Click to go to the no frames version of this page.

    37. St.Charles
    Parochial coed school for pre-kindergarten through grade 8, in Oakwood Heights. Includes educational philosophy, general description and contact information.
    Pastor Rev.Msgr.Thomas J. Gaffney
    Sr.Jeanine Conlon, O.P. St.Charles School
    200 Penn Avenue
    Oakwood Heights
    Staten Island N.Y.
    Welcome to St. Charles Site 1.Welcome page 4. Swim Team 5.Enjoy your Visit. Any comments ? Please E-Mail St.Charles
    From Out of Town ?
    Here is a map to St. Charles
    St.Charles School is a fully accredited parochial Catholic elementary school for boys and girls which strives to promote the religious and moral development of each student as well as foster his or her intellectual, physical, emotional and aesthetic growth. This means that we emphasize the principles embodied in the teaching of the church and the living-out, on a day-to-day basis of the knowledge gained in formal religion classes.         Our school serves approximately 856 students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and grades one through eight. The student body consists of boys and girls. There are two classes in each grade level. Each student is afforded the best educational environment by our excellent teaching staff. St.Charles School is governed by the rules of the Archdiocese of New York and is staffed by the Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt, New York and a lay faculty.         We have developed this home page to inform and assist the parents of our School Children. In this way they may be better prepared to reach "our" common goals, which are the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and aesthetic growth in our children.

    38. Frenchvita - General Grammar Home Page
    Frenchvita. general grammar. Lessons. grammar. Resources. What is grammar? Welcometo general grammar. This section is divided into two parts
    General Grammar
    Lessons Grammar Resources What is Grammar? ... Grammar Section Home
    Welcome to General Grammar. This section is divided into two parts:
    Elements of Speech Describes the different elements in a sentence.
    Speech in Action
    Describes how these elements interact with one another. Many people who understand grammar may not have learnt or be aware of grammatical terminology. This specific knowledge is necessary when learning a foreign language. The General Grammar section has been designed to give this kind of information and is designed for all levels of language competence. It starts with very simple concepts, for example what is a verb or a noun, and then progresses to more complex grammatical notions. To understand grammar you need to first look at the elements of a sentence. This is explained in the section called 'Elements of Speech'. Then you need to look at the grammar structures. The elements have their own nature and a role or a function to play so that the structure can be formed and can function adequately. 'Speech in Action' takes a look at how the elements of the sentence interact with one another to create a structure and a meaning within the sentence. If you are already knowledgeable in the terminology and concepts of general grammar go directly to French grammar If not let's start with a simple question: 'What is Grammar?'

    39. Frenchvita - General Grammar Section
    Frenchvita. general grammar. Home Elements of Speech Speech in Action French grammargeneral grammar. Location Home/grammar/general/grammar/Speech in Action.
    General Grammar
    Lessons Grammar Resources Speech in Action Contents Sentence Composition Subject Verb Verb - Tenses ... Verb - Voice Object Other Functions in the Simple Sentence The Complex Sentence Links to Site Upper Levels Home Elements of Speech Speech in Action French Grammar ... General Grammar Location: Home/Grammar/General/Grammar/Speech in Action Things to remember:
    • There are two types of object: direct and indirect objects The direct object answers the question: Who or What and is not responsible for the doing of an action. The indirect object answers the question: To whom or to what Verbs which describe a state or a transformation, such as to be, do not use an object but an attribute. They qualify the subject with an attribute not an action.
    Print friendly page What is the object? The famous tenor sang the national anthem. The tenor is the subject, the verb is to sing and the object which is receiving the action is the national anthem. Its role of object in the sentence is obviously from a grammatical point of view, nothing to do with whether it is an object or a person. I am mentioning this because some of you mistake animated and unanimated objects for the grammatical object. In grammar, the object is a function and not the nature of a word.

    40. The Chinese Outpost
    Resources on pronunciation, grammar and characters with general information aimed at demystifying Chinese language.

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