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         Grammar General:     more books (100)
  1. Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional (Villemaire,Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional) by Lorraine Villemaire, Doreen Villemaire, 2005-11-29
  2. Focus on Grammar, Second Edition (Split Student Book Vol. B, High Intermediate Course) by Marjorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner, 2000-01-07
  3. Checking Your Grammar: Scholastic Guides by Marvin Terban, 1994-08-01
  4. Making Sense of Japanese Grammar (Paper) by Zelijko Cipris, 2002-05-01
  5. Hungarian: An Essential Grammar (Routledge Grammars) by Carol H. Rounds, 2001-08-08
  6. Grammar Smart Junior w/DVD (Smart Juniors Grades 6 to 8) by Princeton Review, 2003-05-20
  7. The Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips to Clean Up Your Writing by Mignon Fogarty, 2007-07-24
  8. SAT & College Level English Grammar & Usage (General Aptitude and Abilities Series, Cs-56) by Jack Rudman, 2004-01-01
  9. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: The Mysteries of Grammar and Punctuation Revealed (New, Expanded Eighth Edition) by Jane Straus, 2004-08-01
  10. Grammar for Smart People by Barry Tarshis, 1993-09
  11. Grammar Plus: A Basic Skills Course, Student Book, Second Edition by Judy DeFilippo, Daphne Mackey, 1994-06
  12. Chartbook: A Reference Grammar : Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar, 1999-03
  13. Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook (Modern Grammars) by Claudia Ross, 2006-08-17
  14. Essential Russian Grammar by Brian Kemple, 1993-02-26

1. Commens Peirce Dictionary: Grammar: General
grammar general ( Teleological Logic , W 1304, 1865). The science ofthe general laws of relations of symbols to logoi is general grammar.
Grammar: General (cf. Grammar: Speculative Grammar: Universal Grammar: Formal Stecheotic ... Analytic ; see also Logic [in the narrow sense] Rhetoric: General
"The science of the general conditions to which every symbol is subjected in so far as it is related
General Grammar
to < a language is General Rhetoric
The science of the general laws of relations of symbols to logoi is general grammar The science of the general laws of their relations to objects is logic. And the science of the general laws of their relations to other systems of symbols is general rhetoric." (Harvard Lectures on the Logic of Science, W 1:258, 1865)
The concept in question (or a related form) is highlighted with a brown font
Selected definition-like characterizations are highlighted with a light grey background
Quotes are presented in reverse chronological order.
Abbreviations (CP, EP, etc.) and sources; see here
Front Page of the Dictionary

2. Frisian Reference Grammar
General and ordering information on the major reference grammar of Frisian available in English, by the author (Pieter Meijes Tiersma, a California law professor) himself. Extensive downloadable sound files illustrating the language.
Frisian Reference Grammar (Second Edition, 1999) BOOK DESCRIPTION Pieter Meijes Tiersma's Frisian Reference Grammar, originally published in 1985, is again available in a second edition. It is the only grammar of West Frisian currently available in English. This most recent version of the book was published by the Fryske Akademy (Frisian Academy). It is hoped thatalong with a Frisian-English dictionary, which the Fryske Akademy will also publish in the near futurethe book will provide a useful source of information for those interested in the Frisian language. Frisian Reference Grammar begins with an introduction that places West Frisian in its historical and geographical context, briefly discussing its relationship to closely related Germanic languages like English, as well as dialectal variation within Frisian itself and the current sociolinguistic status of the language. Chapter 2 introduces the sounds of Frisian and the phonetic and phonological rules that govern its pronunciation, including the well-known phenomenon of breaking. Chapter 3 explains the Frisian spelling system. The topic of chapter 4 is morphology, which covers areas like the creation of noun plurals and diminutives, the forms of adjectives and pronouns, and the conjugation of verbs. Chapter 5 explores Frisian syntax. The book concludes with a selection of Frisian texts (accompanied by English translations), a bibliography, and an index. Major changes in the second edition are an updated bibliography that includes references to all major recent work on Frisian, as well as revised textual notes, which also have been modified to reflect research on Frisian since the publication of the original grammar. Most updating was done by Jarich Hoekstra, formerly of the Fryske Akademy and now professor of Frisian at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. Only minor changes, such as the elimination of typographical and other errors, were made to the original text and examples.

3. David Crystal, Rediscover Grammar General Educational Books Reviews
David Crystal, Rediscover Grammar in General EducationalBooks / Book Reviews reviews at Review Centre.
David Crystal, Rediscover Grammar Login/Register List Your Site Tell a Friend Bookmark ... Cookery Books Search All Items Activity Holidays America Attractions Beauty Book Reviews Buying a car Car Accessories Car Reviews Caravans Careers Caribbean Catalogues City Breaks Computer Game Reviews Computer Hardware Computer Software Cruises Digital Camera Reviews DIY Drink Reviews DVD Players and Televisions Education Electrical Appliances Entertainment Reviews Far East and Asia Fashion Film Cameras Film Reviews Finance Reviews Food Reviews Gadgets Gardening Golf HiFi Reviews High Street Shop Reviews Holiday Reviews Insurance Internet Magazine Reviews Mobile Phone Reviews Motorcycles Motoring Music Reviews Musical Instrument Reviews Office Equipment Online Shop Reviews Parenting Pets Recreation Reference Restaurant Reviews Shooting Skiing Holidays Sports Equipment Reviews Toy Reviews Travel Services Utility Companies Water Sports
Book Reviews
Magazine Reviews You are here : Welcome Books Book Reviews Educational Books Compare General Educational Books David Crystal, Rediscover Grammar

4. Limavady Grammar: General Information 1997
Limavady Grammar School. GENERAL INFORMATION 1997. Headmaster Mr.RB Matier, BA, DASE. Chairman of Governors Mrs. FFM Sloan, MHCIMC.
Limavady Grammar School
Mr. R.B. Matier, B.A., D.A.S.E. Chairman of Governors Mrs. F.F.M. Sloan, M.H.C.I.M.C.
Open Night Monday, 10 th February, 1997, at 7.15 p.m.
School Hours Classes commence at 9.00 a.m. and finish at 3.30 p.m. There are 9 teaching periods of 35 minutes in the day with 15 minutes each for Assembly and mid-morning break and 45 minutes for lunch.
The dates of terms and holidays 1997-98:
Autumn Term
Monday 1 st September - Friday 19 th December Half Term Monday 27 th October - Friday 31 st October inclusive Christmas Monday, 22 nd December - Friday 2 nd January inclusive
Spring Term Monday 5 th January - Friday 3 rd April St. Patrick's Day Tuesday 17 th March Easter Monday 6 th April - Friday 17 th April
Summer Term Monday 20 th April - Tuesday 30 th June Bank Holiday Monday 4 th May
Admissions and Enrolment
The maximum enrolment of the school is 910 consisting of approximately 130 pupils in each of Years 8 to 12 and approximately 250 pupils in the sixth form. The Admissions Number for Year 8 has been set at 130 by the Department of Education.
Main Menu


GENERAL POINTS OF GRAMMAR. ADJECTIVES. Use of short forms of adjective.When adjectives are preceded by ?, ?, ?
Use of short forms of adjective
Short forms of adjectives are commonly used in the following cases: In common speech such as proverbs
Use of long forms of adjective
Declension of proper nouns and foreign names and surnames
Names and surnames of men ending in a consonant (William the Conqueror), Most names and surnames ending in a vowel do not decline, unless they end in unstressed or Names of women ending in a feminine noun ending decline like as standard second declension feminine nouns. Surnames of women are not declined, whatever the ending. With the exception of surnames mentioned in If the Russian surname denotes an animal or thing, the surname is frequently not declined and a title precedes it: - this usage is typical of official speech; otherwise such proper nouns are mostly declined according to the same pattern as the object/animal denoted: BUT In Russian double-barelled surnames both elements are declined:
Nouns which can be used in plural only
Q ualitative nouns describing natural phenomena but unusually large in quantity:
Nouns which have no plural
collective nouns: Nouns describing sensations or character qualities: Some vegetables and fruits: The names of some anima l and plant species: etc. But some of these can be used in the plural if describing different species belonging to a certain category: so

7. Lynch, Guide To Grammar And Style
Guide to grammar and Style Elements of grammar. Not bad if you're looking for very specific rules, but not highly recommended as a general guide
My edition of Johnson's
Guide to Grammar and Style
By Jack Lynch
Last revised 3 August 2001
Note: I've been working on a new guide that might help some readers of this one, called " Getting an A on an English Paper ." It's far from finished, but it may still be useful. Jump directly to:

b c ...
I've also been experimenting with a new search engine . It's very rudimentary, but may be useful.
These notes are a miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style , and suggestions on usage I put together for my classes. Nothing here is carved in stone, and many comments are matters of personal preference . Anyone who can resist turning my own preferences into dogma is welcome to use this HTML edition. Comments are always welcome. I should be clear up front: I'm not a linguist, nor a scholar of the history of the language. Linguists are wary of " prescriptive
Why, then, have I spent so much time on a prescriptive and fairly traditional usage guide? Because these notes may be useful in making your writing clearer and more effective . I'm not out to make definitive statements about what's right and what's wrong , and Lord knows I wouldn't be qualified even if I tried. I can, however, make suggestions on things that are likely to

8. General Grammar Exam
general grammar Exam. Click within the small circle to the left of your choice for each answer If you choose the wrong door, the wicked grammar teacher will get you
General Grammar Exam Click within the small circle to the left of your choice for each answer. A javascript box will appear to tell you that your choice is correct or incorrect. After clicking "OK" within the javascript alert, you may try another answer or proceed to the next question if your first choice was correct. The phrase "prescriptively correct" means that other possibilities might be acceptable in informal writing or speech, but the prescriptively correct option would be most recommended for formal, academic writing. 1. In the sentence "The dog bit her finger," the underlined pronoun has which of the following combinations of person, number, and case:
A. third person, plural, possessive
B. third person, plural, accusative
C. third person, singular, possessive
D. third person, plural, subjective
E. none of the above 2. The sentence "No one was happy with the results of the test; thus, we rechecked the data" contains which of the following parts of speech:
A. coordinating conjunction

9. Allexperts General Writing And Grammar Help Q&A
Category general Writing and grammar Help. Sort By schoolrelated questions including study skills, time management, grammar questions, and other school success questions

10. Bison - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
A generalpurpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR context-free grammar into a C program to parse that grammar. Open source, GPL
Table of Contents
Introduction to Bison
Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR context-free grammar into a C program to parse that grammar. Once you are proficient with Bison, you can use it to develop a wide range of language parsers, from those used in simple desk calculators to complex programming languages. Bison is upward compatible with Yacc: all properly-written Yacc grammars ought to work with Bison with no change. Anyone familiar with Yacc should be able to use Bison with little trouble. You need to be fluent in C programming in order to use Bison. The manual is available at or you can order a copy.
Downloading Bison
GNU Bison release can be found on . You can also order a CD-ROM from the FSF or use other methods to obtain a copy. Alpha/beta releases of Bison can be found in , and the latest in-development sources for Bison can always be fetched through CVS from

11. Commens Peirce Dictionary: Grammar: Speculative, Grammatica Speculativa
It has three branches (1) Speculative grammar, or the general theory of the natureand meanings of signs, whether they be icons, indices, or symbols; (2
Grammar: Speculative, Grammatica Speculativa (cf. Grammar: General Grammar: Universal Grammar: Formal Stecheotic ... Analytic ; see also Critic Methodeutic Rhetoric: Speculative
"... I extend logic to embrace all the necessary principles of semeiotic, and I recognize a logic of icons, and a logic of indices, as well as a logic of symbols; and in this last I recognize three divisions: Stecheotic (or stoicheiology), which I formerly called Speculative Grammar Critic , which I formerly called Logic; and Methodeutic , which I formerly called Speculative Rhetoric." ('Phaneroscopy', CP 4.9, c. 1906)
"... a speculative rhetoric , the science of the essential conditions under which a sign may determine an interpretant sign of itself and of whatever it signifies, or may, as a sign, bring about a physical result. [-]
In the Roman schools, grammar, logic, and rhetoric were felt to be akin and to make up a rounded whole called the trivium . This feeling was just; for the three essential branches of semeiotics, of which the first, called speculative grammar by Duns Scotus, studies the ways in which an object can be a sign

12. Welcome To BGSBC - Rowing & Sculling For BGS Pupils
News, training information, results, contact details and general information about the club and sport.
Home Training Racing Fundraising ... Contact Introduction News Forums BGS Site Forum Login Username Password Welcome Welcome to - the website of the Bradford Grammar School Boat Club.
Throughout this website you'll find useful information about the club and its activites. We also have a growing collection of rowing related articles which may interest you. Please ensure you take a look at our forums and feel free to get involved in it all, regardless of who you are or how long you've been coming to the site - if you are an ex-member, why not post in there, perhaps you'll be able to catch-up with old friends? Also don't forget about the Old Bradfordians site . Please take time to look at some photos in our new photo gallery. Latest News Tees Regatta... May 19 2004, 08:52 PM 50th Anniversary Ball... Apr 4 2004, 02:24 PM National Schools Hor-london... Mar 7 2004, 09:47 PM Forum Stats. Total Posts: 793
Registered Members: 44
Welcome to Moderator , our newest forum member. Forthcoming Calendar Events Durham Regatta (13th June 2004) One of the best.

13. General Grammar Reference - CUNY WriteSite
CUNY WriteSite, grammar and Style » general Reference. For each ofthe grammar topics listed, we will provide a quick definition, plus
CUNY WriteSite
Grammar and Style
General Reference
For each of the grammar topics listed, we will provide a quick definition, plus additional materials, exercises, and links. Many of the most common grammatical problems are also covered by one of our Hot Spots interactive exercises
Categories used by the Error Analyzer program ( EA ) are listed alongside their corresponding grammar topics. Most Error Analyzer categories are listed more than once; browse through each of the appropriate topics to get an overview, or ask your instructor to help you decide which one best addresses the particular problem you need to work on.
A, an

Adverbial conjunctions (linking words)


Antecedent (of pronouns)
(EA: ORTHO) Articles (EA: ART) Auxiliary (helping) verbs (EA: VERBFORM) Bad, worse, worst (comparatives) Capitalization Clauses (dependent vs. independent) Collective nouns ... Comma (EA: PUNC) Comma splice (EA: SENT) Comparative forms Concrete/specific language Conjunctions Conjunctive adverbs ... Fragments (EA: SENT) Have, has, had

14. Intelligent Systems
Makes DreamMaker, general purpose computer language based on natural language; uses English vocabularies for computer instructions, English grammar and punctuation for programming syntax.
Dream Maker The Intelligent Programming Language
The intelligent programming language is the next generation general-purpose computer programming language based on natural language and human intelligence. It uses English vocabularies for programming instructions and English grammars and punctuation for programming syntax. Features and Capabilities
encapsulates computer programming functionality and capabilities into a powerful yet easy to use next generation programming language. DreamMaker can fulfill the programming functions of today's popular computer languages like C/C++, Visual Basic, and Java in many cases. Language Comparisons
Listed in the following two tables are the comparisons of features and performance between DreamMaker and other popular programming languages. We tried to select the features and performance criteria for the comparisons that best indicate the capability, efficiency and productivity of the programming languages.

15. An On-line Russian Reference Grammar
online interactive Russian reference grammar Cyrillic Fonts and Keyboards. general Instructions. The Cyrillic Alphabet
Robert Beard
Bucknell University
Table of Contents
Now with exercises!
Preliminaries Cyrillic Fonts and Keyboards
General Instructions

The Cyrillic Alphabet

Rules of Pronunciation
The Parts of Speech

The Russian Verb Verb Stems and Endings
Rules of Combination

Verbal Accent Patterns

Mutant Consonants
... Participles The Russian Noun What are Nouns? Nouns and the Gender Gap Gender and Agreement The Noun Case System ... Noun Irregularities The Russian Adjective The Adjective Declensions Adjective Comparison Adverbs The Russian Pronoun The Personal Pronouns The Possessive Pronouns The Demonstrative Pronouns The Interrogative and Relative Pronouns ... The Reflexive and Reciprocal Pronouns The Russian Preposition Introduction Russian Prepositions with the Nominative Case Russian Prepositions with the Accusative Case Russian Prepositions with the Genitive Case ... Time Expressions in Russian The Russian Conjunction Coordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions Other Conjunctions Conjunction Modifiers Language Learning Support Russian Dictionaries Russian Verbal Paradigms from Russky filolog Russian Word Form Analyzer from Russky filolog 'Speaking Mouse' Speech Synthesizer Intermediate Reading Texts by Irene Thompson Beginning Dialogs by Lora Paperno Best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.0

16. Parts Of Speech - General Grammar Reference - CUNY WriteSite
CUNY WriteSite, grammar and Style » general Reference » Parts of Speech.Original materials on this topic are in development. Meanwhile
CUNY WriteSite
Grammar and Style
General Reference Parts of Speech
Original materials on this topic are in development. Meanwhile, please check out the links below to other grammar resources on the Web. If you'd like to recommend a site for this page's listings, please use the feedback form
Parts of Speech Review
- From Gallaudet University The Parts of Speech - Explanation and overview, from the University of Ottawa
CUNY WriteSite
Search Index Guide ...
2000 The City University of New York

17. The Xtag Project
Aims to develop a widecoverage grammar of the English language, using a lexicalized tree adjoining grammar formalism. The current version of Xtag, as well as general resources for tree adjoining grammars.
The XTAG Project
XTAG is an on-going project to develop a wide-coverage grammar for English using a lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism. XTAG also serves as an system for the development of TAGs and consists of a parser, an X-windows grammar development interface and a morphological analyzer. CONTENTS English Grammar
The most recent release of the XTAG English grammar. Download XTAG Tools
Distributions of various XTAG tools for parsing, grammar development, etc. SuperTags
Introduction, list of papers and demos related to SuperTagging. Synchronous TAGs
Documentation of the development version of the STAG implementation. Mailing List
Instructions on how to subscribe to the tagplus and xtag-meeting mailing list. Korean XTAG Project
Information about the Korean grammar and MT project. LOCAL
XTAG at Penn

XTAG Meetings

Tutorial Handout

Tutorial Slides
... Mug Shot 7.95 LINKS IRCS CIS Dept LDC Ling Dept ... RLT WORKSHOPS TAG+6 TAG+5 TAG+4

18. Gramspel
general review of English grammar and style.
@import url(;
68 Achilles, Paleo Phalerum 17562, Greece
Use simple words.
Thus write,
to be or not to be
Use parallel construction.
Thus write,
Formerly, church was a place of prayer; recently, it's a place of awe.
Verb and subject have the same number.
Thus write, He sings and they play music. The action of a phrase before a sentence refers to the subject of the sentence. Thus write, Without a broker to bother him, George made more profits. Subjects joined by and take a plural verb. Thus write, George and John live in New York. Pairs of singular subjects joined by as well as except in addition to no less than and with are considered singular. Thus write, Her appearance as well as her character is attractive. Pairs of singular subjects joined by or or nor are considered singular. Thus write, Neither George nor John has visited Greece. A plural subject connected to a singular subject by or or nor should be placed second and agree in number with the verb. Thus write

19. The Grammar Aquarium
I ve just opened a selfstudy page where you can take free online courses with listeningsand readings, grammar and vocabulary. Print-out. general. Language Area.
Home Books Idioms Links ... Vocab SITE EXPLORER The Grammar Aquarium MENU BASICS GENERAL MODAL VERBS PREPOSITIONS ... TRICKY WORDS CONTACT FORUM JOKE BOOK Grammar notes, online and handout exercises for EFL and ESL News Jun 2004. Just added exercises on gerund or infinitive after the verb for secondary school level. WELCOME Search the categories on the menu to find the grammar you want. Read the notes, do the online exercise or print out the handout directly off the screen. The background does not print. All the handouts are written by me (Rob Wilson) and most of the interactive exercises, which are made using HOT POTATOES . All exercises are free for non-commercial use. There are also lots of external links to excellent sites. Explore them well.

20. Rouanet Gymnasium
general information and historical background of this linguisticallyorientated secondary school. A short introduction of teachers and the student exchange programs is given.
Please select your language

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